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X-rays - risky during pregnancy?

I have just found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant and while shocked am delighted. Unfortunately, I have a sick baby of 10months and have brought him for about 3 x-rays during these 7 weeks, (not knowing I was pregnant of course). I am now really worried about the damage I may have caused my unborn baby. Please can you let me know the extent of the damage of being in the x-ray room with a leaded coat on while having someone else x-rayed?

X-rays cannot penetrate through a lead apron. Once you were wearing the apron while the x-ray examination was being performed on your 10-month-old baby there was no risk to your unborn baby. It is sometimes necessary to perform x-rays on an expectant mother and this can also be done quite safely by covering the abdomen with a lead apron thereby shielding the unborn child. The doses of radiation now being used during x-ray examinations have been significantly reduced. This has been possible due to improvements in the sensitivity of the film being used, which does not require as high a dose of radiation in order to achieve a satisfactory x-ray picture.