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Circumcision - anaesthetic safe?

Is a general anaesthetic completely safe for a healthy baby of four months who is due to undergo circumcision?

There is no such thing as a risk free procedure in medicine. All medical interventions are conducted on the basis of probability therefore a doctor can never give a 100% guarantee of outcome. However, in the case of your healthy baby I think we can say that the probability of a good safe outcome is 99.99% certain. In other words the risk of harm is minuscule and not worth contemplating. Modern anaesthetics are very effective and safe and are a considerable improvement on the drugs that were available to us in the past. Modern anaesthetics tend to be short acting, which means that the baby recovers from the effects of the drug very rapidly and is usually able to go home several hours after the procedure. I understand your concerns for the welfare of your baby but I would have no hesitation as a doctor in recommending the procedure on the basis of safety.