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Unprotected intercourse - morning after pill failure?

I did a stupid thing and had unprotected sex. I took the morning after pill on Saturday night and Sunday morning. My period was actually due on Saturday but hasnít come yet. Is this an effect from the emergency pill? My period is now 3 days late and I am very worried.

The scenario you describe of having intercourse at the end of your cycle is less likely to result in pregnancy since ovulation usually takes place earlier in the cycle. However, you were sensible to take the precaution of using the morning after pill in order to lessen the odds of becoming pregnant. The morning after pill does not usually have any effect in relation to menstruation so I donít think it is appropriate to read any significance one way or the other into the delayed period. On the balance of probability it is unlikely that you have conceived however, some small risk of that still exists. I would anticipate that your period should commence within the coming days. If your period has not commenced within the next week you should have a pregnancy test performed in order to establish if you are pregnant.