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Flu vaccine - egg allergy?

I have an allergy to eggs and I am prone to developing bronchitis. I believe that I should protect myself against the flu. Is there a flu vaccine that is safe for me to take?

Hypersensitivity to egg protein is a contraindication to vaccination against influenza. The vaccine is cultivated in a chick embryo culture and some of the chicken related protein may be contained within the vaccine. Hence the need to avoid any vaccine that is developed within a chick embryo culture. There are a number of antiviral drugs available that would be appropriate for you to take. They include zanamivir and amantadine. The former is taken by inhalation through a special diskhaler and the latter is a capsule that is taken by mouth. Both medications are taken in the early stages of the infection. They can halt the progress of the infection and lessen the probability of complications.