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Form E 111 - where do I get it?

I travel to Europe regularly. Do I need private travel insurance as well as form E111 and where can I get an E111? Does E111 cover me outside of Europe? Mike

Form E111 entitles you to the same level of emergency care that a citizen of your host country would also be entitled to. Therefore the level of service will vary from country to country. It is a basic level of emergency cover and it would generally be advisable that you take out additional private travel insurance cover. Since you do travel regularly to Europe it would be worth considering taking out an annual travel insurance policy to cover all of your foreign trips in the year rather than purchasing individual cover each time you travel. Form E 111 applies to travel within the European Union and also to Iceland and Liechtenstein. You can obtain form E111 from your local health board office or you can obtain it through through the following link: This link explains Form E111 in greater detail and contains a link within the article through which you can download the form.