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General anaesthetic - fearful?

I have been told I need a skin graft for a burn on my arm that is approx. 14cm x 14cm. I'm terrified of hospitals and general anaesthetics and wonder if it's possible to have a skin graft done under a local anaesthetic. Also how long would I have to stay in hospital?

A 14cm x 14 cm skin graft is a reasonably large area of skin to be grafted and I donít think it would be possible to do this without a general anaesthetic. Presumably the graft will be taken from another part of your body and I cannot see how it would be possible to administer a local anaesthetic to two separate areas of the body and achieve a satisfactory level of anaesthesia. I think the procedure could be sore and it might not be possible for you to co-operate sufficiently with the surgeon for the procedure to go smoothly. Many people are afraid of general anaesthetics and I would suggest that you mention your fear to the anaesthetist prior to undergoing the procedure. Your hospital stay would be short and should not last longer than a few days.