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Conception - stopping the pill?

My fiancée and I are getting married soon and I intend to stop taking the pill in order to conceive shortly afterwards. Can you tell me when is the best time to come off the pill and how long we should then wait to try and conceive?

Once you stop taking the pill all traces of the pill will have cleared from your system within a week. It is perfectly safe to begin unprotected intercourse as soon as you stop taking your pill. However, it might take many months before you resume ovulating. It is important that you know this so that you donít become frustrated at not conceiving quickly. Since you are planning for conception you should go to your pharmacist and obtain a supply of folic acid supplements. This has an important role to play in the prevention of neural tube defects such as spina bifida. You should also refrain from smoking and be moderate in your consumption of alcohol. If you have any ongoing dental problems now would be a good time to have them attended to. As a general rule you should adopt a healthy lifestyle and ensure that you are in the best of mental and physical health before you become pregnant.