Medical Q&As

Chest pain - stress related?

I have a pain in the right side just under my breast. What could it be? I was under a great deal of stress yesterday. Could this be associated with it?

If you were under a great deal of stress your muscles could be in a state of physical tension, which in turn could give rise to the pain you describe. There are other possibilities that ought to be considered if the pain were to persist. If you were to experience pain on taking a deep breath this raises the possibility of lung infection. Sometimes shingles presents with chest pain prior to the appearance of the rash on the chest wall. Maybe you experienced a recent rib or muscle injury that has flared up following recent physical exertion. In other words there are many diverse causes of chest pain. If the pain persists or increases in severity it would be advisable to visit your GP to have the matter assessed. Other circumstances that would merit such assessment would be any difficulty with your breathing or any additional symptoms that are unusual to you. In the meantime if the pain does not unduly trouble you it would be reasonable to adopt a wait and see policy.