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Pilonidal sinus

Recently I have been prone to some type of cyst around my anal area. They last for two or three days and then burst. I have previously had an ingrowing hair around the coccyx area and these new swellings seem very similar to that. What I'm wondering is, are they just cysts or maybe piles or something else?

I think you should visit your doctor to have this matter assessed properly. This sounds like a pilonidal sinus, which is located in the region of the coccyx. It superficially resembles a small pore in the skin and can have a hair growing from it. Occasionally the “pore” can become blocked and this results in swelling which in turn can develop into a painful abscess. Surgery is the treatment of choice and this involves the removal of the “pore” or sinus as it is more correctly described. Such surgery is usually very successful and only requires a short stay in hospital.