Medical Q&As

Smear test

Doctor, I am 41 years old. About 20 years ago I had my one and only smear test. The doctor frightened the daylights out of me. I found it to be a dreadful experience. Since then I have been too scared (terrified) to have another. I know this sound foolish, but what can I do? I'm scared of cancer and I'm scared of the test.

It is not clear why you were so frightened by the experience. Perhaps the doctor didnít explain the procedure sufficiently or perhaps the examination was very uncomfortable for you. If either is the case then go and see another doctor and tell that doctor that you are nervous of the procedure and that you had a bad experience with it in the past. A smear test can cause a feeling of pressure in the vagina as the procedure is performed. However, it should not be painful. Most doctors perform the procedure with great gentleness because the genital area is an extremely sensitive part of the body.