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Conception - am I too old?

I am 38-years-old. Am I too old to have a child? I have one child and would love another.

I do not consider 38 to be too old for having a baby. Some of the most joyous pregnancies that I have been professionally associated with have been with mothers in their late thirties and early forties. You should not be discouraged from having another child on the basis of your age. The experience could be an occasion of great fulfilment for you and present your only child with the gift of a sibling. There is an increased risk of Down’s syndrome in children born to older mothers however, that risk is not high enough to caution a mother of your age not to become pregnant. That risk does rise further after the age of forty and the risk climbs more sharply as you proceed further into the forties. Given the fact that you already have one healthy child the likely odds of producing a second healthy child are in your favour. At 38 years of age I would not be put off trying for a second child.