Medical Q&As

Nebuliser for asthma - necessary?

My daughter is 6-years-old and is asthmatic. At the moment she has a chest infection and is suffering badly. We had her at the doctor and he put her on a nebuliser. He also said it would help if we got one for home use. Could you tell me where to get one and the cost?

Your local pharmacy should be able to assist you in the purchase of a nebuliser. They are also available through retailers of medical appliances. Prices vary but you should be able to get a reliable appliance for less than £150. I donít wish to counter the advice that you have been given by your own GP but would question if such a device were really necessary. Perhaps a modification of your childís ongoing treatment plan would be more appropriate. Nebulisers are rarely needed in the day-to-day management of childhood asthma. If you have to rely on the use of a nebuliser on a regular basis that would indicate that the childís asthma control is not good. There are significant cost implications with the use of nebulisers. They certainly are very effective in administering medication and give speedy relief but their use tends to be restricted to the more brittle or unstable cases of childhood asthma.