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Multiple sclerosis - pain relief?

I want to know if I can get relief from pain due to multiple sclerosis?

Chronic pain can be a significant problem for some people with multiple sclerosis. Sometimes pain arises from muscle spasms and this pain can be relieved with medication that reduces the spasms. However, in other cases the pain is due to the altered perception that results from the damage to the nerves. The essential pathological feature of multiple sclerosis is that the myelin or sheath that envelopes each strand of nerve is damaged by the body’s own immune system. Scar tissue develops at those sites where the myelin is damaged and this further alters signal transmission through the nerves. This pain can be more problematic and may require the attention of a pain specialist. There are several trials in progress investigating the medical use of cannabis in relieving such pain. Hopefully this research will bear fruit and be of benefit to those suffering chronic pain from multiple sclerosis.