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Intertrigo - treatment?

I have a very severe rash under one of my breasts. It looks very angry and looks as if the skin could break down. What measures apart from washing could I take to prevent this happening?

This sounds very much like intertrigo, which is a form of inflammation of the skin that occurs on opposing areas of skin in various body flexures such as the groin, armpit and under the breasts. The inflammation is usually due to infection from candida albicans, which is the fungus that causes thrush. Given the current level of inflammation you are experiencing I would suggest that you visit your GP who will most likely prescribe an antifungal cream containing cortisone. The cream will eliminate the candida from your breast fold and the cortisone will help to clear up the inflammation. Candida thrives in moist warm conditions therefore careful attention to personal hygiene, as you have suggested in your question, is very important. If you are overweight that could be a factor in developing the intertrigo. Losing some weight could certainly help in reducing the chance of further episodes. If you are very prone to intertrigo you might bring a urine sample to your GP in order to have it tested for glucose.