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Urinary tract infection - incontinence?

I regularly suffer from urinary tract infections and for the past two weeks Iíve been suffering from urinary incontinence. Are these related and what can I do?

Urinary tract infections can trigger urinary incontinence. If the bladder becomes inflamed as a result of infection it can become unstable and this can lead to automatic emptying of the bladder. It can also lead to bed wetting at night, which is a very common manifestation of urinary tract infection in children. If the urinary incontinence only happens when you have an infection then it would not need to be dealt with separately. In that instance the bladder should become stable again once the infection has cleared up. However you do say that you suffer from infections on a regular basis and this raises the question if you should be taking a low dose antibiotic on a continuing basis in order to prevent further infection? Perhaps you might discuss this issue with your GP. Your GP would be familiar with your medical history and would be in a better position to judge if such treatment would be appropriate for you.