Medical Q&As

Eye strain

For the last 3 years I have been working on a computer for 8 hours a day. My eyes feel dry and itchy and they are also very sensitive to light. Over the last year I have developed almost permanent pain and pressure above and below my eyes. What could be wrong?

The symptoms you describe are becoming increasingly common as more workers are now working at VDU screens throughout the day. You should have your eyes examined by an optician and do specifically mention that your work involves the use of a computer. You might have a slight visual defect, which would make it necessary for you to wear glasses while working with the computer. Also make sure that your screen is free of glare from sunlight or overhead lighting in the office. Glare can give rise to strain in the small muscles around the eyes giving rise to pain and tension in those muscles. It might be worth using some artificial tears to moisten your eyes because they can dry out when you are working at a screen for long periods of time. Try to vary your office routine so that you are away from the screen periodically during the day.