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High blood pressure and pregnancy?

My daughter, who is 31 yrs old, is expecting her second baby after 12 years. She is 12-13 weeks pregnant at this point. She has high blood pressure with a reading of 190/110. Her GP is placing a BP monitor on her next week. She has given notice to quit her employment in 3 weeks time. I feel under the circumstances that she should quit immediately, given the fact she has high BP so early in her pregnancy. She had high BP on her first baby towards the end, and had to be hospitalised until baby was born. Please give me your opinion, as I am very concerned for her and her baby?

Your daughter’s blood pressure is quite high and it is clear that her GP is concerned about it. I wonder why is your daughter quitting her job. By using the term quitting I assume that you mean she is leaving it permanently. In my opinion she is not fit for work and is entitled to be certified as being medically unfit to do her work. As such she can be given a medical certificate, which she can give to her employer and she can also receive payment from the Department of Social Welfare on submitting a disability certificate. Her doctor can also issue this certificate. Maybe there are other issues informing her decision to quit but she does have an entitlement to be paid for absence from work due to complications of pregnancy. So perhaps she doesn’t have to take the drastic step of quitting. I would suggest that it would be reasonable to defer that question for another day. In the meantime I would suggest that she discuss with her the doctor the subject of certified leave. That decision can be made now and does not have to wait for three weeks.