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Urination - embarrassing problem?

I have a problem that when I'm urinating in the company of other men I can't go. I thought I'd get over it but I still suffer. Its being going on now for at least 6 or 7 years. I find myself now getting deeper and deeper in depression. Any advice?

I think that many of our male readers will identify with your difficulty in urinating in the presence of other men. Many men feel tense in such situations and the resulting muscular tension inhibits the ability to relax and void with ease. You donít give your age but if you are middle aged perhaps you have some age-related enlargement of your prostate gland. Iím very struck by your statement that this difficulty is pushing you deeper into depression. I cannot see how this problem alone would be sufficient to trigger an episode of prolonged depression. I accept without reservation the veracity of what you have put to me in your question but there must be other significant things happening in your life. Perhaps you are anxious and depressed and one of the symptoms that causes you embarrassment is not being able to urinate in a public toilet. If you are middle aged then maybe you should attend your GP for a check on your prostate gland. However, I cannot ignore my strong professional instinct that there is a bigger picture here and the urinary difficulty is only a part of that picture. The doctor patient relationship works best when doctor and patient address the bigger picture.