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Headache - post concussion?

My boyfriend got a knock to the head 3 months ago and has started getting prolonged headaches about two weeks ago. He has been buying tablets over the counter from the chemist but he doesnít seem to be getting any relief. He was only back from Cyprus when he started getting them. Any need for a check up?

I think your boyfriend should visit his GP for a check up. The pain appears to be quite uncomfortable and is not being relieved by painkillers, which indicates a significant degree of pain. Protracted headache of significant degree is not a suitable case for ongoing self-medication. The head injury of 3 months ago may be significant although the time interval between the injury and the onset of headache 10 weeks later raises a question mark about the linkage. On the other hand perhaps he has been experiencing some lesser degree of pain up to 2 weeks ago that he hadnít reported to you because it was less severe and he found it to be tolerable. It is possible that he experienced mild concussion 3 months ago and if that were the case it would not be unusual to experience recurrent headache for some months after the event. Post concussion headache is common and usually resolves over a number of months. I think your instincts are correct. He should have a check up.