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Tender breast - mammogram?

My left breast is constantly tender. I have asked three doctors about it who have examined me and said that there are no lumps. I have been treated for mastitis. Initially I was told it could be bruising which can take some time to heal but that was 6 months ago and I am still sore. The breast feels lightly bruised and also feels as if the nipple is tender and cold. The bruised feeling is more on the inside than the outside. I am getting very anxious, as no doctor wants to send me for a mammogram. I am 30 years old.

Clearly you are worried that you may have a sinister condition of the breast. A mammogram may show that you donít have a growth in your breast but that still wonít get rid of your symptoms. Rather than requesting mammograms and seeking multiple medical opinions have you considered the option of making an appointment to be measured and fitted for a good quality bra? I am not being insensitive in posing that question because an ill-fitting bra is one of the commonest causes of breast pain that we see in general practice. Most women simply buy bras without being fitted. This could be a simple remedy for you that would disentangle you from an ongoing series of medical consultations.