Medical Q&As

Prolapse - ignore it?

I have noticed recently that I have a bulge at the entrance of my vagina. It doesn’t really bother me unless I have a cough and then I am very aware of it. I just wondered if this is normal after having had two children?

The bulge you describe sounds very much like a prolapse and is probably related to your previous pregnancies. During the course of pregnancy and the subsequent labour a great deal of force and pressure is applied to the muscles, ligaments and other tissues within the pelvis. In some cases these structures may become weakened and this creates the condition we call prolapse. Most people are familiar with the condition of prolapse of the womb however there are other forms of prolapse that may involve the bladder, urethra or the rectum. It would be important for you to visit your doctor in order for your condition to be properly diagnosed. Sometimes it is necessary for the prolapse to be repaired and this will require referral to a gynaecologist. If a repair is necessary I would not be unduly worried at that prospect if I were you. Such surgery is relatively straightforward and only requires a short hospital stay. Surgery for repairing the various types of prolapse is very successful. I would advise that you have this bulge assessed because it could get much bigger over time if it were neglected. I hasten to add that this problem does not preclude the possibility of having more children should you desire to do so.