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Urinary tract infection - resisitant bacteria?

I am a 36-year-old female. One-month ago I started to feel unwell. I got very bad headaches, tiredness and a feeling of total detachment. After about a week, I went to my GP, who thought I might have a viral infection. Then a week later I returned to see a different GP as I had an uncomfortable feeling when passing urine and felt I needed to go all the time. I was told I had a urine infection and given antibiotics, which I took for 4 days, but still felt dreadful. I got a call from my GP to say that the results from hospital tests showed I had a bug and not an infection as previously thought. I was given a second lot of antibiotics to take which did not make any difference either. I am again waiting results from hospital tests, but wondered if you could shed any light on this please?

I am a little confused at the information you’ve been given especially when you were told that you had a bug and not an infection. Most doctors would use these terms interchangeably. The term bug is often used instead of the more specific term bacteria. It sounds to me as if you have a urinary tract infection that has failed to respond to antibiotic treatment. There is an increasing problem with antibiotic resistance and it would appear that your recent tests are for the purpose of identifying the bacteria causing your infection. These bacteria can then be exposed to various antibiotics to establish which medication is most effective in eliminating them. This information then guides the doctor in his choice of antibiotic. It is customary in such cases to have the urine re-examined when all symptoms have been relieved. This establishes if the bug or bacteria has finally been eliminated.