Medical Q&As

Wrist strain - keyboard related?

I have been working as an accounts administrator for the past four years. My day-to-day job involves data entry using the numerical pad of the keyboard. My fingers are constantly on the go. Recently I have been suffering pain from the right wrist to my fingertips. Would this be associated with my job and is there anything I can do to stop the pain?

It is quite possible that your symptoms are related to your work. It is important that your wrists should be straight and relaxed while you are working at the keyboard. Place your fingers on the keyboard as if you were typing and observe the position of your wrists. If your wrists are not straight and relaxed you should adjust the height of the keyboard either up or down until your wrists are in the correct position on the keyboard i.e. straight and relaxed. It might also be helpful to place a padded wrist support along the edge of the keyboard. If your wrists are still not in the correct position on the keyboard you should adjust the height of your seat up or down in order to achieve the desired result. It is also extremely important to take breaks from the keyboard and do other tasks around the office. You should also take several short work breaks during which you can literally shake your hands down by your sides and relieve any muscle tension that may have built up in your hands and wrists. People really ought to pay more attention to work related posture especially when so many of us nowadays are spending many hours working away on a keyboard in front of a VDU screen.