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Bone cyst - what do I do?

Recently I had some horrible pain in my left hip joint, which sometimes would not allow me to walk. My doctor sent me for an x-ray. The results came back saying I had a cavity in my hip joint, which my doctor says is a bone cyst. I have to have further x rays in 6 months time and see a bone specialist but the appointment is a long time away. Is this dangerous? I am really worried.

Bone cysts are usually painless and only come to notice when a person undergoes x ray examination. Very often they are chance coincidental findings that do not relate to the patientís symptoms. Once they are noted it is standard practice to keep the person under periodic observation. In the case of a simple bone cyst there is no need to repeat the x ray examination within six months because if change was to occur within the cyst it would not be visible on the x ray film within a lesser time frame. Since you are really worried about the bone cyst I would suggest that you go back and discuss your fears with your GP.