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Genital lump - what to do?

About 3 months ago I found a small lump out side my vagina on the anal side. I picked at it and I thought it went away but it came back. Another one appeared about 2 weeks ago. They don't hurt or itch and I have no abnormal discharge. Iíve never had full intercourse although I have been quite intimate with a few guys. What are these lumps? They are very small with a white head.

It is not possible for me to give you a diagnosis on the basis of your description of these lumps however, they do sound as if they are infectious in origin. They appear to be quite persistent and I would advise that you see your doctor so that they can be properly diagnosed. They may simply be pimple-like lesions similar to the small pimples that we sometimes develop on the face. You may have caused some minor spread of the condition by scratching the original lesion. It is also possible that they are little vesicles, which would raise the possibility of viral infection. You mention that you have been intimate with several men but did not have full intercourse. If your partner was not wearing a condom this raises the possibility of sexually acquired infection. It is not necessary to have full penetrative contact in order to develop an infection. Genital contact without penetration may be all that is required. Your condition needs to be properly diagnosed and only then will you have a clear path to follow.