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Multiple symptoms - what do I do?

I don't eat meat but do eat lots of fish and other healthy foods. I'm very conscious of my diet. I get severe stomach cramps and bloating every now and again. I have discovered that I cannot eat citrus. I've got very bad dark circles under my eyes and my sense of smell is almost non-existent. I've been told by various homeopaths and natural medical people that there must be something missing from my diet or there could be something wrong with my kidneys. My doctor did a blood test for anaemia and I was fine. Any ideas as I'm getting married and sick of looking tired all the time.

You have circles under your eyes, have lost your sense of smell, have multiple digestive symptoms and are about to get married. You have sought the help of several homeopaths and natural medicine people. In addition you have been to your GP and had a blood test for anaemia, which was fine. You have been told that there must be something missing from your diet or you could have a kidney problem. I donít think that any of the people you have met so far has adequately defined your problem. Furthermore I donít think you have any faith in any of the people you have consulted because you have moved on and sought multiple opinions. You are clearly confused by the meaning of your symptoms and are probably even more confused by the various opinions you have received. I donít think that you can see the wood from the trees at this stage. One question that is uppermost in my mind is whether your diverse range of symptoms could in any way be related to your impending marriage? Perhaps you need to select the one person from the several you have already seen who appeared to listen to you best of all. Go back to that person and try to ditch the various analyses you have been given and start again. Effective treatment has to be preceded by a proper definition of the problem. Nobody has yet given you a proper diagnosis that takes account of the whole you. Only parts of you have been addressed such as your kidneys and your blood. I donít think your problem has been defined yet.