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Hydrocoele - do nothing?

Dear doctor. I had a hernia operation 4 months ago. I was told at the time that I would also have to have another operation on my testicle because there is excess water surrounding it. At this stage, one testicle is 4 times the size of the other. However it doesn't bother me at all! The doctors forgot about it at the time and I was just wondering if I should go and get something done about it?

The condition you describe sounds very much like a hydrocoele. This means that the scrotum or sac that contains the testicle has filled up with fluid. This is usually painless and may not give rise to any symptoms other than general pressure around the genital area due to large volume of fluid. However, hydrocoeles can become quite large and over time the skin of the scrotum can become overstretched. I would suggest that you should return to your doctor. Sometimes it is possible to deal with the problem by draining fluid from the scrotum under local anaesthesia. You may not require further surgery. I donít think it would be very acceptable to you in the long term to have a gradually enlarging hydrocoele even though it is not causing you any great physical bother.