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Weight reduction and beer?

I have decided to stay off the drink as well as going to the gym in order to try and lose the beer gut. While out the other night with friends I ordered a soft drink. I have heard that these soft drinks have just as many calories as beer and that I would have been better off ordering a pint of beer. Any truth to this?

There is some truth in the statement that soft drinks can have a similar calorie count to beer. Most popular beers have a calorie content averaging between 40 to 50 calories per 100ml. Some beers contain far more calories but I am speaking here of the popular brands consumed in Ireland. A large can of beer contains 500mls, which means it contains between 200 to 250 calories. Some soft drinks of similar volume would contain the same amount of calories. Low calorie beers on average contain a third less calories than regular beers. If you were to drink 4 pints of regular beer (2,272mls) you would have consumed at least 900 calories, which represents half the total daily calorie requirement of the average man. A better option for you for the future would be to drink a diet soft drink, bottled water or regular tap water. Most diet drinks contain less than 10 calories per 500 mls and unflavoured bottled water contains no calories at all.