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Penis - bleeding during intercourse?

My husband and I were just beginning to have sex yesterday when he started bleeding in the penis area. We stopped immediately. What could this have been caused from?

It is difficult to give you a proper answer to your question because the site of origin of the blood is not clear. You say it came from the “penis area”, which could mean from the tip of the penis, under the foreskin, from the surface of the scrotum or possibly from the groin area immediately adjacent to the genitals. I suspect that you both got a serious fright when you saw the blood and abandoned intercourse in a state of apprehension thus preventing you from proper identification of the source of the blood. Such bleeding is not normal and your husband should attend his GP for physical examination. Hopefully things are a bit calmer for both of you today and your husband may be more clearly able to identify the area that the blood came from. He should point out this area to his doctor who can then advise him further.