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Hernia or arthritis?

Would you be kind enough to inform me if a hernia could be misdiagnosed? I suffer from hip and knee pain, and get severe spasms at times. I have been informed by my GP that this is a form of arthritis, but I can relate to many of the symptoms of hernia. I am in my 7Os and a very active person. What do you think?

You ask if a hernia could be misdiagnosed, to which the simple answer is yes. Doctors are fallible and it is possible to make a wrong diagnosis in virtually any condition you care to mention. It is clear that you believe that you have a hernia yet your doctor has diagnosed arthritis. There is a clear gulf of understanding between your concerns about the possible diagnosis and the actual diagnosis given by your GP. Go back to your GP and tell him that you think you may have a hernia. I am sure that your doctor would be happy to review the situation with you and fill in the gaps between your understanding of the situation and his diagnosis.