Medical Q&As

The pill - time zones?

I normally take the pill at 8:00 am every day however I'll be on holidays in USA, which is 5 hours behind. Is there anyway I can avoid having to wake at 3am to take the pill? I'll be in the middle of a pack when I go.

There is no need to set your alarm clock for 3:00 am in order to take your pill. Take it at 8:00 am local time as you always do. Even though you will be taking the pill 5 hours after your usual time you will still be taking it before 8:00 pm (Irish time), which ensures that there is no lapse in contraceptive protection. If you were taking the progesterone only pill or mini pill then timing is extremely important. The 5-hour time zone difference could be critical and the level of contraceptive protection could drop. In that instance you would continue to take the pill at the local time of 8:00 am but would need to take additional contraceptive precautions for 48 hours.