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Bartholin's abscess?

I had surgery for a Bartholinís abscess in April of this year. It took quite a while to heal. I have scar tissue growing from the wound. It has grown a lot over the past few months. It has now started to bleed. It isn't sore to the touch. I have been to my doctor about a month ago and took some antibiotics. She said that the scar tissue should fall off, but since then it has become a lot larger nearly 50% and has started to bleed. What would you suggest that I do?

A Bartholinís abscess is an infection in Bartholinís glands, which are located on either side at the lower end of the introitus or entrance into the vagina. They are very close to the surface and are not normally palpable or visible in the healthy state. However if they become infected they are palpable and can be the size of a large pea. They are relatively common. The scar tissue you describe sounds like granulation tissue or to give it its colloquial name, proud flesh. You say that this has been present since April so it is unlikely at this stage to go away itself. Your GP may need to refer you back to the gynaecologist to have the granulation tissue removed. This may not require further surgery and in some cases it can be removed by cryotherapy, which literally freezes and eliminates it. This procedure can be performed in the outpatients department when appropriate. I am not concerned about the slight bleeding because this is a feature of granulation tissue.