Medical Q&As

Blood test - do I need one?

I have been feeling dizzy for the past few days often with headache and a feeling of having a heavy head. I also feel nausea and generally lethargic. Should I go for a blood test?

The symptoms you describe could be related to a variety of conditions but on the basis of probability they are most likely due to a self-limiting viral illness. If you are not too uncomfortable with these symptoms and if you are not unduly worried by them it would be reasonable to see if nature takes its course over the coming few days. On the other hand if you are feeling uncertain about your situation and are anxious then donít delay and go visit your doctor. A blood test might be helpful if you appeared anaemic or exhibited some signs that required further testing. Sometimes a blood test can be reassuring to people however, I donít see a blood test as a panacea for the symptoms you describe. It can certainly be done if it is relevant to your symptoms and signs. I think a wait and see policy is a reasonable policy for the next few days because your symptoms may resolve spontaneously.