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Heart surgery and colds?

My two and a half year old son had open-heart surgery in 1998. He has colds all the time. They happen at least once every 3 months. Also, he has been experiencing convulsions each time he has these colds. Does this have any connection with his heart condition?

I donít think that the scenario you have described is connected with your sonís heart condition. The convulsions are most likely febrile convulsions, which means they are triggered because of the rise in body temperature resulting from the respiratory infection. The frequency of infections is not excessive for a child of his age and many perfectly healthy children experience respiratory infections on a more frequent basis. The most important matter for you to deal with is preventing febrile convulsions when your son has a temperature. You might discuss this matter further with your doctor because there are special suppositories available for use in children who suffer from frequent febrile convulsions.