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Pregnancy - who's the father?

I want to know if twin boys have the same blood group? A baby has been born and the baby’s mother says one twin is the father then later on her own father said she told him that she had sex with the other twin. If she had sex with more than one boy and got pregnant is it difficult to ascertain whom the father is? The parents of the twin boys are in bits. Would DNA testing help to unravel this?

If the twins are non-identical twins they can have different blood groups and if they are identical twins they share the identical genetic material and consequently have the same blood group. The scenario you describe is fraught with difficulty. The mother of the young baby has told two different stories as to which of the twins could be the father. Whatever about DNA testing only one of the twins can be the father of the child. If the mother has had sex with both twins and is confused as to which of them could be the father then you may have to proceed to paternity testing. If on the other hand the twins both deny fatherhood we are now into a very messy situation where a third family is going to get involved. It would be far better if the parties currently involved took responsibility for their actions and tell what they know. If manipulation is taking place here there could be several casualties. The only clear information I can give you is that non-identical twins can have different blood groups. Proceeding to paternity testing raises a whole raft of legal issues and may raise the current emotional temperature even higher. DNA testing is not a panacea for such cases.