Medical Q&As

Breast lumps

I feel a small lump on my breast. I am 53 and have asked my GP about it. I did have a hysterectomy 9 years ago but I still have my ovaries. I am on HRT and my GP said that the lump is hormonal. Is this normal as it bothers me and I wonder should I insist on having a mammogram?

Sorry to appear pedantic but you say that the lump is on your breast rather than in your breast. If it is on the breast it is most likely that it is located within the skin and therefore is of lesser significance. Such lumps can be due to blocked pores or cysts within the skin. If the lump is in your breast then you should go back and talk to your doctor. You appear not to have been reassured by your previous consultation. A mammogram could provide you with the additional reassurance that you require.