Medical Q&As

Erosion of the cervix

Hi Doctor, I was in my local doctors for a smear test a few days ago. During this procedure I was informed that I had erosion of my cervix. He told me that it was nothing to worry about. Can you explain it a little more as I was in shock when he told me? I am 25 years old and only have one sexual partner. .

Erosions of the cervix are very common and most women are not even aware that the erosion is present because they are often symptomless. I note your comment about having only one sexual partner. There are absolutely no sexual disease implications with cervical erosions. They often arise for no apparent reason and can subside spontaneously. They are simply due to a small extrusion of cells out from the neck of the cervix onto the surface of the cervix. The presence of the erosion will not affect the result of your smear test.