State appeals autism award

The State is to appeal a High Court decision in which it was found to have breached its constitutional obligation to provide free primary education to a 23-year-old profoundly autistic man.

Earlier this month, Jamie Sinnott and his mother Kathryn were awarded over 220,000, after the High Court ruled that the provision of a free primary education to severely mentally disabled people should not necessarily stop when that person reaches 18 years of age. It should be based on need rather than age.

This week, Mr Justice Barr awarded costs of the 29-day action by the Sinnotts against the State. They are estimated to be in the region of 1 million.

He then granted a stay on the costs and the award of damages to the Sinnotts, pending the outcome of the State's appeal to the Supreme Court.

The State is to apply to the Supreme Court for an early date for the appeal within 28 days.





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