Tracking of sex offenders improved

The Irish and UK governments are to increase their co-operation in relation to the tracking of sex offenders who travel between the two jurisdictions.

Both governments are set to sign a 'memorandum of understanding' in the coming weeks, to formalise a bilateral agreement on this issue. This will allow authorities in Ireland and the UK to share information on sex offenders.

The move has been welcomed by the ISPCC. According to the society, there is evidence that sex offenders are moving from the UK to Ireland, with some attempting to access and even abduct children.

"This agreement will mean that the UK, PSNI and Irish police forces will now formally inform each other and share information regarding the movement of sex offenders across the jurisdictions", it said.

The ISPCC also pointed out that this move will place significant pressure on the Irish authorities to bring tracking, monitoring and information systems into line with those systems currently in place in the UK.

"In particular, such an agreement will place significant pressure on the Irish authorities to speed up the roll out of the vetting process and to introduce systems to collate and share 'soft' information", it said.

An example of soft information is when a person has not been convicted of an offence, but has been under suspicion or investigation for child abuse offences, or has even been suspended from working with children.

"In recent months, difficulties have arisen between Irish and UK authorities regarding the vetting of staff moving from Britain to work in Ireland, with UK authorities looking for information which Irish authorities cannot provide. The ISPCC is hopeful that this agreement will resolve this difficulty", the society said.


Anonymous - 10/11/2006 18:49

Where can I access the sex offenders register for Ireland?

deb - 28/11/2006 13:08

i too am looking to view the sex offenders list in ireland, but to no avail. does anybody know where you can view it?

John(AGO62073) - 21/05/2007 07:20

I am looking to view the register of sex offenders in Ireland. Anybody any idea where to get it?

John(AGO62073) - 22/05/2007 13:12

I found the sex offenders register but you need to enter a name to find out if that person is on the register. I need to know if there are people on the register living in a certain area. Anybody any idea how to do this?

Anonymous - 12/06/2007 14:21

Can someone please enlighten me as to how to check to see if someone's name is on the sex offenders register

nic - 22/06/2007 16:02

where can i access the sex offenders register

josh - 11/09/2007 18:02

How can i access the sex offenders list in Ireland.

Moi - 17/11/2007 17:55

You cannot access the register of sex offenders in Ireland. It is not a public document. But since 90% of sex crimes are committed by persons with no prior convictions why would you need to?

Anonymous - 17/04/2008 18:07

How do i find out if there are sex offenders in my area ? Surely this should not remain confidential, I wish we protected the victims as much as we protect the assailant

florry - 20/04/2008 00:39

I totally agree that its not fair that sex offenders identity should be hidden. their names should be pasted up with their picture for all to see. my daughter had been a passanger along with other girls of a coach,who has since been jailed for 10 years for repeated sex crimes.i feel sick to think she had to go in his car and not knowing what he done in the past or could have done to my daughter or the other girls.if it had come to light sooner there is no way i would av let her near the pitch nevermind the car.sicko.why hide their identity?

David(HXY70991) - 01/05/2008 18:53

Does anyone know how to access the sex offenders register to see if someone has registered, i know of a sex offender in my area and want to find out if he is registered with the garda

kathy(KBV70033) - 02/05/2008 01:03

i agree its stepped up a little.but what about those that have not had the whistle blown on them?because the law is so twisted one would be affraid of going to report what they are aware of due to being held therefore alot get away with repeatitive offending and what if they dont ever get caught?its the victim or victims that have to live in fear and silence of the exposure and possibly blamed on the wrong,as we heard recently the 21 yr old who claimed he didnt know the girl was under age,sure isnt that an open door for any sex offender?and a bolted door for any how much can tracking sex offenders have improved when victims,or others report in confidence what they may have noticed?

Damien - 07/05/2008 16:48

Regardless of what you may think. They also have rights as well. The reason it is not public is because of people like a lot of you here. We are all so quick to jump on a bandwagon when it comes to this issue. But what about a drugs register a murder register or a thief register. We don't have one of them. They all get a second chance in life so why shouldn't sex offenders. I'm sure you lot wouldn't be so quick to judge if you or one of your kids or family members were in this situation. So let's see how quick you all are to shout out if your rights to privacy are invaded. Once you have been sentenced and served your sentence you are a free person and all your rights are restored and you rejoin society as a free person and besides even if you did know you wouldn't be allowed use the information because you would end up in prison and if a Garda gives you the information then his job is gone. We don't need vigilante scum here and i am speaking as a father of two children

Anonymous - 09/05/2008 01:09

damian, what would you feel if it was to happen to some one close to you?and whats not to say these sex offenders wont reoffend on release?i have heard some fellas laughing about facing a term in prison, or on holidays as they put it.and as a parent i would have concerns for the safety of mine.not only this but another point you say they have rights as well. well do they have the right to take advantage of another person?they may get out of prison and be a free person to rejoin society as a free person but what about the victim can they be free of the haunting memories the daily fact that their life has been turned upside down especially when they have to see their attacker about?i know cause a member of my family is a victim of this horible act and its the family thats left to pick up the pieces.these sex offenders may even get out earlier, well for them.if there was a sex offenders list it may prevent more potential sex offenders.the sentence is to short,if not a list than maybe a 10 to15 year sentence without early release,than they might have enouhg time to think about the damage they caused to some inocent person.

lucy - 10/09/2008 16:56

Please help. I need to find out about a sex offender (I think). My child plays with their children and some horrific things has been said lately by them. Where do I go to report such things?

mary(TPR78139) - 17/11/2008 20:45

The difference between child sex offenders and murderers is that sex offenders re-offending is 4 times more likely than a murderer or other criminal. That is why parents have a right to know who in their area is a child sex offender - the same way it is in many civilized countries around the world without vigilantes calling them out as the father of two claims would happen. I applaud his attempt at the "freedom for all" argument but it falls on deaf ears when I think that I could be living next door to a pedophile and not be aware of the need for extra care when they are playing in the back garden. Get real. If you love your children, you want all tools available to protect them. Ignorance is not a tool.

mykids,mylife - 18/04/2009 23:49

the discussion on whether or not the register of sex offenders should be released to the public or not needs to be reopened.i personally think that paedos and pervs give up their right to privacy/protection when they destroy a childs life.lock them up and throw away the key or at least let us know if we are living next door to one of them. our childrens safety is what matters not theirs!

lolli007 - 29/01/2010 13:14

this comment is totally aimed at DAMIEN. these people in my opinion give up their "RIGHTS" as soon as they leave the tips of their fingers on an innocent child. we as parents should have the right to know where these sort of people are residing,so we can at least warn our children to have no contact with them. any1 stupid enough to give them a 2nd chance is only asking for trouble. i say build an island and put them all there together and let them get on with things away from the innocent.

puddy - 18/08/2011 00:12

Hi can anyone help, i know of a sex offender and i need to know if he is on the list. please tell me the site to put in his name so i can check to make sure he is on the list.

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