Women 'addicted' to housework

Many women say they are addicted to cleaning their house and admit that their cleaning habits are out of control, according to a new study.

A study of women in Wales showed that nearly 50% of those surveyed classified themselves as a 'cleanaholic'and 38% say they are no longer in control of their cleaning habits.

Results from the National Housework Survey of Great Britain show that the average woman spends two h ours and 23 minutes a day cleaning, compared to 52 minutes on personal appearance.

This adds up to 9 years of cleaning during an entire lifetime.

Fifty eight per cent of those surveyed said they feel depressed if their house is untidy and 59% say clutter makes them feel tense.

The survey, perhaps not surprisingly, found that men are at the root of the problem as they create most of the mess around the house, with 73% leaving their clothes lying around and 58% rarely washing their own clothes.

In addition, 56% of men make a general mess around the house.

It was also found that many women actually employ a cleaner but clean up before the cleaner arrives!


Dee - 26/04/2006 15:12

I am the same. I don't like to see my house very untidy. I wanted the house clean all the time. I get very mad if the house is untidy or very clutter to live. Hate having to see clothes on the floor etc..hate toys all over my sitting room all i wanted the house sparkling and clean and then i am happy. Is that cleanaholic?

JAM - 26/04/2006 16:20

I am one of the few women not addicted to housework, my house is reasonably tidy but I have five children under 10 so I will not attempt the impossible. My mother freaks out if she thinks I am going to have visitors, she feels that the floors should be polished and everything absolutely immaculate. Maybe I'm lazy!

Anonymous - 26/04/2006 17:50

Housework is a great way to workout, it burns more calories than 30 minutes in the Gym, cheaper too. I have often thought whether I'm addicted to cleaning but when I see tea drips all over the counter, floor, finger marks on doors, sink full of unwashed dishes, dirty laundry scattered around bedroom, someone has to be at least aware that a home needs to be somewhat tidy and reasonably clean. My partner does not see dirt, if visitors are arriving he stuff's everything in a press out of way

Elizabeth - 26/04/2006 22:11

I think that we women clean constantly as a way of keeping our children well. We know deep down that it is dangerous to have dirty dishes ect. that could have germs flying around them. The majority of mothers respond to instincts and this area is one of them.

Mary - 27/04/2006 15:56

Oh if only I could catch this 'clanaholic' virus. My home is small and I do not like it to be untidy. I dislike clutter but if a child is sitting on the floor playing the floor must be clean - for safety sake. If I have a clean floor, 101 toys scattered all over it and happy child then that's good enouh for me. I keep the kitchen clean, the floors clean and the sitting room tidy. Thankfully my husband does most of the actual cleanin and leaves the bathroom sparlking and sweeps & polishes the surfaces.

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