VHI reviewing MRI scan cover

The VHI pays out over 10 million euro per year for MRI scans, according to the Department of Health.

Health Minister Mary Harney, in a recent Dail reply, said VHI is the largest private healthcare benefit provider for this type of scanning at present.

The Minister said VHI is currently reviewing the issue of insurance cover for MRI scans, including the issue of referral by GPs for MRI.

At present, insurance cover for MRI is only available if a consultant refers a patient for a scan and not if a GP refers a patient for MRI to a radiology unit.


advance - 21/03/2006 12:46

The big price for health care is creeping up on us fast - pay for your MRI if you can afford it or do without; pay the 150% increases in VHI cover over the decade; pay more for a public hospital bed even though you are entitled to a free one; pay more to the GP for a visit; pay more to the consultant for a 5 minute consultation; pay the excess for treatment as your insurance will only pay a portion; pay up or you wait years for treatment unless you are lucky to get treated under the NTPS; pay your taxes; pay to the voluntary collections to run voluntary organisations which provide health services to special groups; and dont FORGET TO PAY THE WAGES OF A MINIOSTER FOR HEALTH, WHO SITS BACK AND LETS THE hse SQUANDER THE MONEY. How long are we going to stand idly by - not much longer Bertie.

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