Computers cause eye problems

The incidence of eye complaints is likely to increase substantially due to the widespread use of computers, according to the Association of Optometrists Ireland.

Despite the fact that there is currently no scientific evidence to prove that computer use causes any damage to eyes, the AOI has stated that nonetheless, a large number of computer users experience some form of eye complaint at one time or another.

According to the Irish Examiner, AOI President, Mary Eustace, said, "it's a difficult area because there is no technical, clinical term for problems created by extended periods of staring at computers".

She added that a few simple steps can reduce strain on the eyes when working with computers. They include:

The AOI have also expressed concern that schoolchildren will suffer increased eye problems because of the increasing amount of time they are spending on computers, both at school and in the home.

Meanwhile Monday marks the beginning of National Eye Week. As part of the week, approximately 250 optometrists around the country will offer free VDU vision checks to members of the public.


Anonymous - 07/05/2001 22:09

My problem is that I have a nervous tic on the bottom eyelid. How is that caused and can it be stopped?

Anonymous - 13/06/2001 13:21

I get that too or rather a jumping of the eyelid. I doesn't happen all the time. I have been told that it can occur for a number of reasons; tiredness, stress, emotional distress. It can be really anoying and for me only rest or a slow down in what I have on makes it go away.

Noreen(NoreenG) - 07/07/2001 22:20

I have pain in one eye and blurred vision at times

Anonymous - 10/10/2001 12:01

I also get a popping sensation in my left eye. If I look in the mirror I can actually see my bottom lid move in a spasm. It is not constant but is an annoyance - especially if you are talking to someone and it begins to jump. What will over come this ?

ray(rdonn56) - 20/11/2001 02:27

I have developed a small twitch to my left eye what ? causes this. I am male 45 yrs.

Anonymous - 09/09/2004 07:48

My left eye is bloodshot this morning. My work collegues say it is very bad. What is the cause of this?

Anonymous - 22/11/2004 23:43

anyone answer these questions?

Anonymous - 22/04/2005 09:37

I have developed a twitch in my lower eyelid in my left eye. I noticed it about 4 days ago and it is starting to annoy me now. I work in front of a PC 8 hours a day and some people say that this will cause it. However, I have been working in this way for the last 6 years with no ill effect. Other causes I have read about are stress or tiredness, but I am not tired or stressed. The only change in my environment I can think of, is that I have moved desks to under an air-conditioner which constantly blows down cold air on my head. Could this be doing something to my eye???

Anonymous - 26/05/2005 21:03

I am finding it more and more difficult to work on screen. I only had an eye exam a year ago, so I hope my astigmatism hasn't got worse. I also find it difficult to look at the screen, it doesn't hurt as such, but the glare is very uncomfortable.

Anonymous - 28/05/2005 15:06

I get blurred vision on both eyes followed by lots of lines criss-crossing this will last about anything from about 15 minutes to 30 minutes I wear specs for the best part of my life I am now 53 years old and this problem has been with me for most of that time anyone having the same problem or can anyone give me a clue as to what it may be? thank you.

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