New joint injection therapy

A new joint injection therapy can treat pain and improve function in osteoarthritis and sports injuries for up to six months, it has been claimed.

Synovial fluid replacement therapy, a recent meeting of GPs and specialists in Dublin was told, can be used in patients in all type of osteoarthritis and can offer a new option in sports medicine.

The therapy involves a series of injections into the knee and can, it is claimed, relieve pain for up to six months. It is now available on the medical card scheme.

The meeting, chaired by Dublin consultant rheumatologist Dr Douglas Veale, was told that the therapy was an addition to current treatments, especially in light of recent prescribing limitations for the prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Canadian researcher Dr Robert J Petrella gave details to the meeting of research carried out on the therapy outlined the benefits of the treatment.

A study he carried out on the use of joint injections with the hyaluronic acid therapy on the condition known as 'Golfer’s Toe' showed improved pain tolerance at rest and with activity.

It was reported that no local or systemic adverse events were reported in the study, other than local injection site pain.


Anonymous - 08/07/2005 14:28

any possibility of this for systemic arthritis?

May(WMR21892) - 11/07/2005 00:08

I have had steriod injections & steriods by intravien method Is this harmful

Anonymous - 11/07/2005 14:31

does this procedure only relieve pain in the knee or can it help other areas such as the hip or hands?

Anonymous - 24/10/2005 23:06

Currently there is a lot of information available on this new therapy. I have found this on the the following web. site.

May(WMR21892) - 25/10/2005 23:35

I have since posting that message 11/7/05 had both my knees injected & got great relief from this awful ongoing pain.

Grace - 03/11/2005 12:15

My father of 62 years old has had dreadful pain in his right knee for may years and found no relief until discovering Suplasyn which is synovial fluid replacement thearpy available on Medical Card. He has has great relief from this treatment and would without doubt recommend it.

May(WMR21892) - 12/11/2005 21:00

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Emma(LTI44553) - 31/03/2006 11:21

If there is no none cause to the knee pain would this synovial fluid replacement treatment be successful?

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