Autism breakthrough announced

Doctors believe they have taken a step towards identifying the cause of autism. A study of brain tissue from affected patients has revealed that an immune system reaction leading to swelling of the brain could lie behind the condition.

If this is confirmed, doctors believe that they could develop a test for autism and possibly a treatment to prevent the swelling of the brain. At present, autism cannot be diagnosed until the first signs of problems in communication appear, normally in the second year of life.

Prof Carlos Pardo-Villamizar of Johns Hopkins University in the USA, who led the study, said the new findings opened possibilities for understanding the dynamic changes in the brain. He said although the discovery may lend itself to the development of new medical treatments for autism, much more research was needed.

The rate of autism has been increasing in the past decade. The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was at one stage suggested as a cause, but extensive studies have failed to demonstrate a link.

Environmental factors, birth complications, toxins, diet and viruses have also been blamed for the increase in autism rates.

The study was published in the journal, Annals of Neurology.


Peter(PeterBrennan) - 17/11/2004 18:49

Whats an immune system reaction? Could it be a vaccination?? Is it possible after all that our vaccines MMR/Hepatitis B is a cause for autism

Anonymous - 18/11/2004 10:18

As the article states "The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine was at one stage suggested as a cause, but extensive studies have failed to demonstrate a link."

Rachel(Rachel1) - 18/11/2004 15:43

Doesn't mean there isn't a link though does it? After all vaccinations work because they trigger and 'immune system' reponse.

Catherine(BMY16048) - 18/11/2004 18:21

I still think it is some reaction to MMR too many vaccines at the same time .They should be graduated,at least two weeks apart

Anonymous - 19/11/2004 08:59

Single vaccines do exist but GP's are unwillign to make it available - why?

Anonymous - 21/11/2004 19:14

Swelling of the brain is also caused by trauma. Have they checked for trauma during birth or perhaps falls by the mother in late term? Or by difficulties during birth where forceps are used? etc.

Jim(seawolf36) - 21/11/2004 23:28

We are closing in on the neurotoxin [or maybe many of them!] that causes this horrible problem. Candidates are methyl mercury contained in thimerosal, which is used to sterilize the serum. There is also significant powdered aluminum in most sera. Probably the worst part is that none of the sera presently in use have been properly tested for safety and efficacy. The many vaccines marketed during the past 50 years seem to have had no real positive effect on health outcomes, but many severe negatives.

nancy - 17/12/2005 18:04

my baby had a horrid birth. misuse of vaccum extractor. he had fetal distress 5 times during my labor. they did give me an aminio infusion. well, during pushig the baby went into severe distress. he applied vacuum and forcefully pulled him out. he was born blue and not breathing. 3 minutes later he was trying to gasp for air. they took him to intensive care. well, we found out he had CERBRAL EDEMA, SEIZURES, SUBDURAL HEMATOMAS IN TEMPORAL LOBES, INTUBATED, and transported out to another hospital for 7 days. i thought he would have cerebral palsy. but the white and gray matter was hardly touched. he has AUTISM!!

nancy - 18/12/2005 02:26

one more thing i forgot to add to my sons birth injuries, was he had a massive SUBGALEAL HEMATOMAS also from the misuse of the vaccum. thank you so much for posting this.

Chana - 19/12/2005 09:52

Nancy, do you associate the autism with the tremendous truama the poor little guy suffered during birth? When you feel able to to I would go back to the hosptial and insist on investigating why yuou were not offered a c-section when he went into distress the first time. To my mind, this should have been the first thing they considered.

nancy(BOP39176) - 20/12/2005 15:52

hi chana, thank you so much for resopnding. it is the hardest thing i am going through is the effects this has on my son. yes we are severely investigating his horrid and tragic birth. we currently are litigating with the institution who delivered my baby. most of it regards not offering me a c-section. you are right. thank you for writing in! nancy!

Chana - 20/12/2005 17:05

I know you can't supply the name of the hopital but I would be intersted to know, if it were me, - the hospitals ethos, it's rate of c-section, the number of c-section performed by your attneding obs/gyn. Also, I'm intersted to know, myself, how long ago this occured. The poor little fellow. It sounds like something out of the 19th century. Did you request a c-section? If it were me, I would be very interested to know if my requests were notd on my chart / file.

Pez - 17/04/2006 12:38

C-Section was not an available option in the small S/West Australian town called Donnybrook. My wife Georga and I Saw issues almost immediatly with our son Louis and the doctor apologised for having half womb and half child's head in the vacume as he pulled on it with a chain. Louis was diagnosed fully Autistic and he was the last child to be delivered in that hospital.

Chana - 18/04/2006 09:57

Pez, of course I don't know how long ago that was or what transport difficulties there were (air-ambulance etc.) but if a women goes into emergency labour anfd gets into difficulty at a small hospiutal, she is immediaely transferred to a regional or bigger hospital. That said, the vast majority of maternity hospitals here MUST have the facilities for basics like a c-section, even if it has to be done under general aneasthetic.

Rochelle(UVQ74790) - 05/09/2008 05:07

No Peter and Jim, autism is in no way caused by a vaccine, and please stop spreading propaganda. There are already mass breakouts of measles in developed countries across the world, and kids have died, all because this stupid rumor is floating about. The truth is that the ethyl-mercury found in some vaccines is harmless, look at the test by the University of Rochester if you don't believe me. They proved that ethyl-mercury is expelled from the body entirely in just four days. Considering that Methyl-mercury ((Found in fish, and dangerous)) and Elemental-Mercury ((What people usually think of when they hear mercury)) both work by accumulating to cause long-term damage, there just isn't enough time for that kind of neurological damage to occur. Now please, haven't enough kids died over this myth? Can we let it go already? ((Just do, I have a mountain of research on my side.))

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