Judge may be impeached

By Deborah Condon

The government is expected to take the first steps in initiating impeachment proceedings against Circuit Court Judge, Brian Curtin, later today.

Judge Curtain was acquitted on charges of possessing child pornography last month, after the trial judge ruled that the search warrant which had been used to search the judge's home in Tralee, was out of date.

He was then asked by the government to offer an explanation surrounding the circumstances which led to him being charged. However in his letter of explanation to the government, which was received last week, Judge Curtain said he had no case to answer to, as he had been found not guilty.

The Cabinet is to discuss the matter today, with the most likely option being impeachment proceedings. If successful, this would mark the first time a sitting judge has been removed from office.

The Taoiseach, who is expected to address the Dail on the issue later, has insisted that no compensation will be paid to the judge.

Judge Curtain meanwhile may still face a charge of drink driving, after being arrested earlier this month in Tralee. A urine sample which he provided at the time of his arrest is being analysed by the State Medical Bureau of Road Safety. The Director of Public Prosecutions will decide whether charges are to be brought.


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