Sexual habits of Irish men

By Deborah Condon

Almost two-thirds of Irish men over the age of 40 prefer their sexual activity to be spontaneous, rather than planned, the results of a new survey have found.

Just 4% of men like to plan when they will have sexual intercourse, while the majority (85%) believe that romance and sexual intimacy are both very important.

The TNS MRBI survey, What Men Want, looked specifically at the sexual habits of Irish men over the age of 40. When asked, when do they get in the mood, 23% said 'every weekend', while 21% said when they are alone with someone 'and away from the kids'.

Meanwhile when asked what they look for in a partner, 20% said they look for a good homemaker, 18% look for financial security, while just 12% want a long-term commitment.

According to those surveyed, the ideal date is a quiet weekend away - 36% opted for that, while 24% favoured a romantic dinner.

Almost one in four men think that it is appropriate to become intimate in a relationship after four months. Just 4% felt it was appropriate to become intimate immediately.

The survey of 252 men throughout the country was sponsored by Eli Lilly.



Anonymous - 07/04/2004 15:38

don't believe that only 4% of men think it's appropriate to become intimate immediately from my experience it's alot more like mayb 99%

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