McDonald's sued by obese children

By Deborah Condon

Fast-food restaurant McDonald's is at the centre of another obesity lawsuit in America.

A law suit has been filed against the restaurant on behalf of eight obese children in New York. The children have suffered a number of health problems related to their condition, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

In court, a lawyer representing the children has alleged that McDonald's has created a national epidemic of obese children.

However lawyers representing the restaurant have insisted that the case should be thrown out, as 'people don't go to sleep thin and wake up obese'.

"The understanding and comprehension of what hamburgers and french fries do has been with us for a long, long time", the lawyer said.

Earlier this year, a group of obese adults in America began legal proceedings against four fast food restaurants, including McDonald's and Burger King, for serving food that causes obesity and disease.

In Ireland, over 20% of men and 16% of women are now obese, according to the Food Safety Promotion Board.


Guy(guyrussell) - 23/11/2002 12:10

This is ridiculous. If the childrens obesity is so advanced as a result of poor diet, particularly at Mcdonalds, then the parents should be charged with child negligence and abuse. This is the lawyers ploy to extract - money at any cost to others.

sally(sallyw) - 26/11/2002 13:10

Everyone knows that eating too much fatty foods makes you fat even kids these days know this. McDonalds serve fatty fast food if you dont want your kids to be overweight dont bring them to McDonalds for dinner every day. Instead give them a balanced and healthy diet. We all know that kids would certainly prefer to eat there every day but their parents should know that what a kid wants and what is good for them are sometimes very different.

Anonymous - 27/11/2002 09:15

Will people sue for anything now? This is not Mc Donald's fault but that of the parents who now more than likly have to shell out hundred of dollars each year for their previous lax attitude. Earrly education in hralthy eating would ber more benificial to these children instead of idea of a quick money scam

Anonymous - 27/11/2002 12:45

bloody ridiculous. i would never live in america because of the way they sue for everything and anything it is so stupid!! england and ireland though are starting to follow in their foot-steps i hope this is stopped before it gets anywhere near the state of the USA!!

joe(lowry) - 11/12/2002 13:27

as an obese child myself I am in favour of suing McDonalds as they tricked me with clever advertising and a cutsey clown into becoming a burger-eating obsessive -- a pound of flesh and all that .... JoJo

Anonymous - 26/04/2004 01:45

This is stupid! Whats wrong with you people who want to sue your way to a better health? Yes McDonalds serves fatty foods but did they force you to eat it? If you don't want to get fat don't eat fatty foods! McDonald's food is obviously unhealthy so don't eat there!!!

Anonymous - 26/04/2004 10:46

To the person who said a 'cutesy clown' turned them into a burger eating obsessive....get a life. You have a brain in your head, it is fattening food, eat too much and you'll get fat, end of story. Only yourself to blame.

sddf(HHF25883) - 14/03/2005 22:22

Its really your fault for falling for a man in a clown suit. I mean really McDonalds practillacly spells out obese for u

Jenny(NAT26643) - 01/04/2005 09:17

hi i m meant to be doen a persuasive speech at skool about a controversial topic and i have come along to this website because i have chosen to do obesity. i will be talking about whether mc donalds and other fast food chains are to blame for obesity. i think not.personally i blame the ppl they should have more self controlif n e one has n e useful information or useful points for this topic plz reply

Kristin(RTQ28108) - 03/05/2005 18:29

Hello. My name is Kristin, and I live on Long Island. I heard about this website from my school teacher because I am doing a debate in class about the McDonalds lawsuite. I for one, am totally against this, because it is rediculous. I'm an American, and even I am aware of how much people sue for, just to gain some cash. It is the persons own choice to eat what they want, and if they eat McDonalds, they have to expect to gain weight. In this debate I'm a part of, me and another girl were placed in the Pro side of this argument...and I can honselty say we have found nothing to back up why people should be able to sue fast food for thier obesity.

fifi - 09/01/2006 17:04

No McDonalds should not be sued. America is such a claim hungry country. Everyone nowadays have a good basic knowledge of what foods are good and what are bad for you. Yes, its hard to resist temptation, but you know, like anything else, if you want something bad enough (good health) you will take the steps needed to succeed

Anonymous - 10/01/2006 01:22

I think they should be sued. Tobacco companies have been sued and that is a people's choice as well. The same should go for addictive eating.

Anonymous - 23/03/2006 01:13

Of course McDonald's should be sued! There are millions of McDonald's customers worldwide daily. They have used television advertisements and cartoons to lure kids into their restaurants. Fast food works like a drug on the brain; you can become addicted to fast food from childhood, and where does that leave you for the rest of your life if you've grown up eating those fatty foods? McDonald's has failed to let the public know just what is in their foods. Even their salads have sugar in them.

Anonymous(ZQA44034) - 23/03/2006 01:17

"To the person who said a 'cutesy clown' turned them into a burger eating obsessive....get a life. You have a brain in your head, it is fattening food, eat too much and you'll get fat, end of story. Only yourself to blame." Excuse me, but I think it is important to point out that the McDonald's characters and toys are one of the main things that draw children to the restaurants to begin with. Death to obesity is a serious issue in America, and is only second to smoking-related disease. So, I really believe you shouldn't take it so lightly.

gurli - 22/04/2006 16:20

What is wrong with you guys??? You have a brain... use IT!! Its not like McDonalds forced you to eat their food. You should have noticed it's effect before it turned you overweight. And its not like sueing McDonalds will make you thin!If you want to be regular weight again, you will have to workout for maybe a year or so. If McDonalds closes you will be taking away a treat for the healthy kids who go their after Horseback riding,lacrosse,cheerleading ect. So dont sue cause it wont help any thing, and you will still have your bad habbits and you will gain more weight.

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