Laser eye surgery - pros and cons

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For those of us who have to fiddle with contact lenses or grope for glasses first thing every morning, the prospect of 20/20 vision is an unimaginable dream. The little inconveniences of suffering from imperfect sight mount up over time and many people have at some time wondered about the benefits of having surgery to correct their sight. Since the advent of laser surgery, it has been possible to resculpt the eye in order to change how it sees the world.

The original laser eye procedure, PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), involved the complete removal of the cornea's outer layer before sculpting and allowing it to grow back on its own after some days. However, the development of Lasik (laser in situ keratomileusis) surgery now means that in suitable cases ophthalmologists can carefully peel back the cornea surface to operate underneath and then return it to its original place.

Potential side effects

While the procedure remains expensive, and there can be serious complications, for some people the benefit of throwing away their spectacles and lenses is cheap at any price. However, there are risks to the procedure of which even many eye experts are unaware. A small minority of the people who have undergone Lasik surgery have found their vision not improved, but seriously damaged by the surgery.

A patient undergoes a Lasik operation.

Lasik surgery permanently changes the physiology and optics of the eye. When considering any form of non-urgent surgery, patients should always bear in mind the risk-benefit ratio. The benefits are obvious - no more glasses or contact lenses. However, the risk of permanent damage to vision can be greater than even many ophthamologists know.

According to the 'Review of Optometry' journal, up to one in six people who undergo laser surgery end up with complications that affect their eyesight. These include distortions of vision, such as irregular astigmatism, which cannot be corrected by glasses. Other patients simply experience a deterioration in their quality of vision or serious 'dry-eye' syndrome.

Multiple vision is something most of us associate with crossing our eyes, but a small minority of patients have found that one eye can see double and even triple vision as a result of Lasik surgery.

Mr William Power is an eye surgeon at the Blackrock Clinic in County Dublin. He believes that when common sense is applied by patients and correct surgical assessments are made by doctors, surgery with a laser produces immediate and tangible benefits to vision.

"The excimer laser has been used here since 1993, and the Lasik procedure has been available since 1997", he said. "During the past three years Lasik surgery has become particularly popular. We use a microkeratome which makes a superficial flap in the patient's cornea. We then use the laser to reshape the deeper surface before replacing the flap. The laser, contrary to popular belief, does not actually burn the eye, but breaks down some of the molecular bonds".

Different experiences

For those who suffer no side-effects, laser surgery undoubtedly is a positive and life changing experience. Richard Branson, the entrepreneur, is a huge fan of the procedure after Lasik surgery transformed him from being 'blind as a bat' to having 20:15 vision in one day. He has since recommended the surgery to many of his employees.

However, Margaret Dolan is an Irish victim of the procedure. Following her surgery, her eyes developed a particularly cruel condition known as Post-Lasik Dry Eye. She needs to add artificial tears to her eyes a number of times a day and even throughout the night. Patients who suffer from dry eye usually have the symptoms for around two months following surgery. However, for some people like Margaret Dolan the condition does not improve and they need to take artificial tears for the rest of their lives.

Margaret Dolan now represents the pressure group Surgical Eyes, which was originally set up in America by fireman Ron Link. When Ron Link discovered that he was not the only person to have experienced negative consequences as a result of eye surgery, he set up the Surgical Eyes organisation to promote awareness of the potential dangers of Lasik.

The little girl crossing the road is barely visible due to a lack of colour contrast. People who experience this side effect of Lasik are no longer allowed to drive, for obvious reasons.

"We have heard from thousands of people with complications after Lasik", Ron Link told "Predominantly, the complaints are about dry eye and loss of night vision. The problem is that remedial technologies do not exist to fix us. Also, many of the bad cases could have been prevented. The screening process is not standardised and people are being needlessly harmed. It's just been a tidal wave of misery - jobs lost, marriages broken, people on antidepressants, attempted suicides, all over an elective procedure, something which is medically unnecessary".

Full assessment

At Blackrock, Mr Power has performed Lasik surgery many times and is careful to ensure that people at risk of developing post-operative complications are excluded from receiving surgery. He emphasises that all patients are carefully assessed to ensure that people for whom the procedure is not suitable do not receive it.

"Every patient who comes to our clinic has an assessment appointment where we check the degree of vision in their eyes", he explained. "At the assessment it is very important also to check the general health of the eyes. If we detect any medical reason, such as a tendency towards dry eye or a predisposition to glaucoma, we will not go ahead with the surgery".

The Lasik procedure is not recommended for anyone who:

•   is under 18

•   is pregnant

•   has a history of eye disease including optic nerve damage, cataracts or problems with the cornea such as corneal thinning

•   has extremely large pupils (bigger than 7mm can cause problems with Lasik)

•   has very thin corneas

•   has very strong prescriptions

On the left, a road at night as seen through normal eyes. On the right, the 'starburst' effect some people experience following Lasik surgery.

Around 70% of patients in Ireland have both eyes treated simultaneously. Most patients can expect to see an improvement in their vision within 24 hours. Patients are advised that between 75% and 85% of their vision improvement will be evident within a day. This means that those who have both eyes done at once can expect to be free from glasses and contact lenses from day one.

Claim tax relief on surgery

Lasik surgery costs around 4,000 Euro for both eyes and is not available under the public health service nor is it covered by the main health insurers in Ireland. The one exception is the Garda Medical Aid Fund. For others, the best way of reducing the cost of Lasik is to declare it against income tax. This can be done by obtaining a receipt from the clinic at which the procedure is performed and submitting this with a Med 1 form to the Revenue Commissioners at the end of the tax year.

Anyone considering undergoing Lasik surgery should discuss it carefully with their family doctor or optician first. They can recommend a reliable clinic and surgeon, and will also be able to advise whether there is any reason why Lasik might provoke a complication in any case.

"After surgery, I suggest that patients use their common sense", advised Mr William Power. "Their eyes have been operated on and need extra protection in the short term. I tell my patients to avoid contact sports for a couple of months at least to allow the eyes to heal properly. You can imagine what might happen if a boxer had Lasik and went back into the ring six weeks later. It is a common sense thing".

Anyone who has experienced a bad reaction to laser eye surgery may wish to contact Surgical Eyes to discover more about their symptoms and how they can be alleviated. Margaret Dolan and Ron Link can be contacted via the organisation's website at

The final piece of advice is to consider the full implications of laser eye surgery before you decide whether to proceed or not - look before you leap as they say.


Anonymous - 09/09/2002 14:21

Interesting. There are many pros and cons. Has anyone had a really bad experience?

margaret(maggie2003) - 09/09/2002 15:04

Three years later i still suffer from severe dry eye and night blindness.I was deemed a perfect candidate for the surgery. I set up the iIrish support group for sufferers here in Ireland and have travelled to the USA to meet Ron Link of the which has sufferers posting on a daily basis from all over the world. Please read your pre-op information and make sure you ask to have your eyes checked for any tear film abnormality or dryness.Ensure all complication including dry eye are on the consent form. Irish support group..0868261801 or email check out

Ron(SurgicalEyes) - 09/09/2002 15:08

Dear Reader, I suggest a visit to Therein you will find doctors and patients from around the world intereacting on a variety of topics regarding improper screening and the paucity of long-term solutions for those who have problems after surgery. It's all in the numbers. Even with a 1% complication rate, in the US alone that adds up to over 10,000 people per year. The bottom line is that this surgery - plain and simple. It is being marketed as a commodity which is the root cause of many of the problems my constituency is faced with. Improper screening, i.e., lack of accurate portrayal of individual risk and not enough attention being given to how to fix problems once they've been created. You can't bring back your eyes and exchange them for another pair, getting your money back does not give you back you eyes before surgery and the effects are for a lifetime. Again, bottom line is that this surgery involving the most precious gift of sight. It is NOT a commodity. We maintain contact and involvement of many patients from the UK and Ireland who are looking for solutions to longer-term problems created by LASIK and other refractive surgeries. Many have posted on our bulletin board in search of answers. Sincerely, Ron Link Executive Director The Surgical Eyes Foundation

Sandy(sandykeller) - 09/09/2002 15:25

I have had a very bad outcome. Please see my website at

Rebecca(rebeccap) - 09/09/2002 15:59

I have had serious vision problems ever since my July 2001 LASIK surgery, which was performed by a reputable surgeon in San Francisco (we now live in the UK near London). The problems include double vision and a number of other distortions as a result of which I cannot drive, cannot read signs past about 10ft and struggle with reading, among other things. My new vision is not correctable with spectacles nor with soft contact lenses. Further, due to dry eye induced by the surgery itself, I can't wear rigid contacts - the only kind of lens that can help me see reasonably well. My bitterest feelings about the process are that they failed to warn me that an unsuccessful surgery might be more than just being longsighted or shortsighted afterwards but rather that I might never again be able to see properly through glasses. "High myopes" (those with, say, prescription of 8 diopters or more) are particularly at risk for the kind of complications I have had.

saps123 - 09/09/2002 16:06

I had a very bad lasik outcome. My vision and life have been virtually destroyed by it. How I long for the days were I could just put on my glasses and see clearly.

Mary Kenny(gloomsburg) - 09/09/2002 16:07

I was not warned before having Lasik surgery two years ago that my previously diagnosed "dry eyes" would be made much worse by the operation. I have spent over $40(US) per month, every month, for more than two years just trying to restore some health to my damaged eyes. And although my pupils were measured as relatively small and my degree of nearsightedness was considered moderate, my post-Lasik night vision problems make driving a difficult challenge (starbursts at night, like the ones depicted emanating from car headlights in the above article). I had no idea before having the Lasik operation that activities such as night driving might be difficult or even impossible if the surgery ends up -- no one quite knows why in my case --creating problems in how one's eye processes light. Please, think very, very, carefully about how much you risk when you risk your two precious eyes to such an operation. (USA)

Glenn(ghagele) - 09/09/2002 16:35

While the occurrence of long-term refractive surgery induced complications can be devastating for those who are affected, an informed patient can take many steps that will reduce the possibility of problems from LASIK, PRK, LASEK, and other forms of surgery to reduce the need for contacts or spectacles. An important point is what the patient requires to be satisfied. The most you can expect from refractive surgery is the convenience of a reduced need for corrective lenses. To attain that convenience, a patient must accept some risk. Depending upon your individual circumstances, that risk may be acceptable or too great. Our organization believes success can most likely be found with the combination of an informed patient and an excellent surgeon. Our website contains hundreds of pages of objective factual information about refractive surgery. We also provide a list of 50 Tough Questions For Your Doctor that will help a patient screen their potential surgeon. Refractive surgery is not for everybody, but for the millions worldwide who no longer require glasses or contacts for daily needs, it has been very beneficial. Glenn Hagele Council for Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance

Cindy(CindyB) - 09/09/2002 17:33

I had my lasik surgery 5/10/01 and have suffered severe dry eye ever since. In my case, dry eye has caused painful corneal erosions and fluctuating vision. Lasik gave me irregular astigmatism which is not correctable at this time. I miss my crisp, clear vision I used to have with my glasses. My glasses were nowhere near the bother my lased eyes are. I had an experienced surgeon, had no pro-operative conditions that would indicate I would have problems. It wasn't until the first flap was cut that the surgeon discovered I have loose epithelium which became very flimsy and would not lay down properly. Because of this, I have wrinkles in my flaps right in my field of vision. Why the doctor went on to do my left eye, I will never know. I have to purchase special artificial tears (called Dakrina) from a pharmacist. OTC drops do not work. Cindy(Tron)

Miles(BlkIrsh) - 09/09/2002 18:15

I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1984 and though the techniques have changed the risk assessment and risk appear to have changed very little. If you are a perfect candidate and the operation is with out error then you are in the high percentage bracket for having a successful refractive surgery experience. If not there is a high probability that your problems will not have a medical solution and they are permanent. If you have a job that requires twelve hour shifts at night then your risk assessment should be different than someone who works an eight hour a day job in an office somewhere downtown. A quote from a person after an examination " "I doubt very much that many people really are capable of making decisions based on "failure rates". I know that I'm not, and I think the numbers game is a very peculiar way of achieving "informed consent". When making a decision there's much greater value, in my opinion, to be had by skimming the experiences of others and letting all that extra grey matter do its job. If you let numbers convince you to go against your instinct your misery is all the greater should the situation turn bad." The writer after his second pre op examination further stated "The most unsettling item, however, is the observation that the doc I've been working with doesn't seem to see ANYTHING I say as a contraindication. Rather, my concerns are merely things which need to be patched up before we do the procedure. As many other messages on this board indicate, the LASIK practitioner's idea of "Informed Consent" seems not to be informing the patient of her/his specific risks and issues, but rather simply saying, "LASIK is really great and will solve almost everyone's vision problems, but really anything could happen up to and including total loss of vision and there's really no guarantee or way of predicting that it won't happen to you. So anyway, I've got an opening next thursday afternoon; is thursday good for you?" Sarcasm aside you should trust your feelings when making your final commitment. Remember if the surgery is unsuccessful it is not just a matter of requiring glasses but the sickening feeling of one who sees their visual acuity fading. Miles Mulloy

Barbara(artistwoman) - 09/09/2002 18:23

I, also, had a very negative outcome from Lasik surgery in July 2001. Side effects include loss of night vision; loss of contrast sensitivity; foggy, ghosted, "vaseline" indoor vision; huge haloes, starbursts and arcing; regression and uncorrectable visual acuity; dry eye and associated corneal/epithelial erosions; corneal scarring (Sands of the Sahara) in the right eye, correctible only through corneal transplant; multiple vision; significant fluctiation in vision from day to day, sometimes hour to hour; frequent eyestrain and headaches; and a never-ending tic in the left eye. I've been an artist my whole life, it's who I am. I'm now investigating possibilities for a new career, as my ability to work as an artist is so seriously compromised. The vast majority of activities I once enjoyed are no longer availalbe to me, since they required good close-up vision. I have no decent close vision, and wearing glasses doesn't help. I am not able to wear traditional contact lenses, and by the circumstances of my Lasik-reduced income, cannot afford to pursue RGP lenses, the last possible solution open to me. A corneal transplant is very high risk due to autoimmune problems. I was a miserable candidate for this surgery, with a number of contraindications, including a long history of dry eye, large pupils, an autoimmune disorder, a very high degree of myopia, a very large number of floaters, and very poor healing response, all of which were known to the surgeon. I had no idea, until I found the Surgical Eyes web site, that I was such a poor risk. Three surgeons told me a was a great candidate (my check would clear the bank). I was the recipient of miserably inadequate post-operative care, overseen by an OD who knew nothing about post-lasik complications. The corneal scarring that appears as a milky film in my right eye was a result of stage 4 diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK) which went untreated. The surgeon was completely disinterested, and pronounced me a success. Fortunately, I found Surgical Eyes, where I was able, at least, to discover what was wrong. I also found an outpouring of caring and support there—nowhere else does anyone seem to want to acknowledge that we, the refractive surgery disasters, do exist. Would I recommend this surgery to anyone? Oh yeah, just about as quickly as I'd recommend skydiving without a parachute...

C.(CAeyes) - 09/09/2002 18:53

Having Lasik Surgery was the worst thing I could have ever done. I thought I was giving myself a wonderful gift, instead it stole my quality of life. I have many complications which I will not get into. I would rather share with you what I can no longer do or can only do in a limited way because of starbursting, glare, haloes, flaring etc. -Going out to dinner in restaurants -Night Driving -Swiming in pools -enjoying any sort of night activity like enjoying the moon and stars, fireworks, camping, city lights, bars, sunsets. -Cannot light candles anymore. -difficulty reading. -difficulty with computer screens. -annoyed by indoor halogen lighting and bright incandecants. -Cannot read to my little girls in their dimly lit bedroom at night anymore. --Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, agraphobia due to my poor vision. -Fear of flying, making decisions, change of enviroment, new things, travelling for pleasure, the future. -Fear of being hit in the eye. -Fear that my job could be at risk. -Lack of desire to advance my career (which will mean more travel. -cannot participate in extra curricular activity after work because of driving at night. -overall decrease quality of life. -dry eye pain. -irritated, red eyes -I have had to put tape over all the LED displays on my Stero system and clocks. -have my house lit up like a lighthouse all the time (day or night). -More sunglases than the "Sunglass Outlet" stores. -eye socket pain that radiates back to my ear. -Floaters that interfear with my ability to enjoy a beautiful landscape. Did I mention that I was considered a good candiate.

Sheree - 09/09/2002 19:10

Educate yourself before taking this great risk with your eyes. The complication rates have been quoted as low as 1% and as high as 15%. Evidence that the risk of complication is not fully known or studied. One having refractive surgery must not only be a gambler, but someone strong who can accept the loss of their present lifestyle if a complication occurs. That lifestyle change will be very unpleasant both emotionally and physically. The 'fixes' for known complications result in traveling/communications across countries. The majority of complications can not be fixed. Ask yourself if you are willing to take this risk? Would you risk destroying your most precious sense - your eyes ?? I wish someone asked me these questions and didn't instill a dream of seeing 20/20 without glasses and contacts. Today, three years later I have no solutions for my complications, have searched to exhaustion for help and have accepted that my poor decision made three years ago will live with me until I die. Think of the NIKE slogan in reverse when tempted with refractive surgery.....JUST DON'T DO IT!!

margaret(maggie2003) - 09/09/2002 19:37

While Richard Branson underwent the surgery and had a good outcome, in a major tabloid interview last year he refused to allow his daughter to undergo lasik due to the complications that were published in the USA.

Bryce(lonewolf) - 09/09/2002 21:21

Hi lads and lassies from all of us here in America. And thanks to the SurgicalEyes bulletin board for making me aware of this discussion. LASIK surgery is truly a miracle of modern technology. With the right candidate, the right technology, and the right doctor it routinely produces excellent results, and many people are able to throw away their glasses or contacts forever (except for reading glasses in those over 45, or so). However, even under the best of circumstances there are risks -- and some of them can be serious -- so no one should consider LASIK without first doing their own due diligence so as to fully understand all the possible risks as well as all the potential benefits. My advice is to avoid slick sales and marketing pitches, and evaluate surgeons based on a thorough review of positive patient referrals, extensive experience performing LASIK, a very high success/satisfaction rate, and a very low complication rate. Price should not be the deciding factor. LASIK can be a wonderful blessing, but it is not for everyone, and remember, this is delicate micro-surgey on your EYES we're talkin' about here, so proceed, if at all, with great care and caution. lone wolf

geri(gerielkins) - 10/09/2002 00:48

lasik done 6/2001. since then, i have had trouble doing my job as a nurse, and cannot do direct patient care in many cases. i have lost my ability to drive at night due to visual aberrations caused by lasik. i cannot be corrected with glasses, and am trying to see with rigid contacts, which are uncomfortable and do not give me the vision i used to have,either with glasses or soft contacts. the informed consent was a joke! if my doctor had told me what the statistics really were, i would have run......and there are hundreds or thousands of "good candidates" for this surgery who have had bad results. is this procedure worth risking your precious eyes? use the web to research this procedure, and realize that any bad thing that happens to anyone can happen to you, and that the odds of that indeed happening, are much greater than your lasik doctor will ever tell you. please think very hard. if you can live with the risk of not being able to see your child across a room, or don't mind being trapped at home at night, or can bear the pain of dry eyes, then maybe lasik IS for you. if you value the smalls joys of life, then reconsider.

Phyllis(pknapp) - 10/09/2002 02:06

I had lasik in Jan 00. I was -8.75 and -9.50. I had always worn glasses. Tried contacts twice. Once in my 30's and again a few years before lasik. Never did very well and did not pursue matters. I was probably not a good candidate for Lasik. However, the docs minimize your risk. Lasik caused me to have dry eye syndrome, corneal erosions, EBMD (surface of the eye becomes slushy and prone to problems) starburt, glare, photophobia and most of all pain. Painful dry eyes that hurt 24/7. Eyes that hurt so bad that you cannot keep your eyes open at times. I've had to use drops as often as every 20 minutes during the day for months on end. I've been to six or seven "second opinion" doctors. No one has any "fixes." Enough of my droning on. If you don't get the point, keep reading SE until you do get the point.!! I was afforded a bit of relief the past few months with Aqueous Pharma drops. These are from Texas and you can only obtain them one place. Not really what I had in mind from Lasik. OH, and for good measure, I was diagnosed with cataracts about 20 months post op. There are quite a few people on the bb who have suffered cataracts after Lasik. Personally, I think the surgery brought the cataracts on, or possible earlier than they would have naturally. The doctors do not buy this. I cannot drive at night. My best corrected vision is 20/50 with my glasses. Glasses, oh yes. I've had a bunch of glasses since my surgery. It has been proven that higher myopes have more post lasik problems. I fit into that category as do many on SE. With new info available that was not 'in the open' 2 or 3 years ago, people must take precautions to not jump into something they will regret. Most of us did not have the opportunity to hear of anyone with bad outcomes. Let me tell you, we are here and we are many. Don't add to the pot. Get some good contact lens and save yourself lots of money, trouble and most of all your eyesight!

Anonymous - 10/09/2002 13:15

Does anybody know the number of serious complications that have been experienced in Ireland due to lasik surgery

S(RainyDay) - 11/09/2002 09:28

I wonder about the long-term effects. As Lasik came to Ireland in 1997, there is no-one here who has the treatment more than five years ago. Therefore, we can't have any real visibility (no pun intended) to the long term effects.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 09:32

I am sorry guys, but even with some side effects like dry eye - which can be considerably helped using eye drops or gel tears - this procedure is the biggest miracle that I have been lucky enough to "suffer" in my life! I had lasik done a year and a half ago and words cannot explain how amazing and almost immediate the results are. They have certainly changed my life for the better. I know , as with any procedure, there can be the percentage that it doesn't suit but, and pardon the pun, let's not lose sight of what is a fabulous technological development.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 09:32

Does anyone have a good story? Anyone Irish? And of course people realise its a surgical procedure and that there are inherent risks. Thats why I havent had it done yet!

Philomena(psmythe) - 11/09/2002 09:38

Thank you for providing this very informative information.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 09:40

I have had LASIK surgery in the last six months and have never looked back. I had constant problems wearing lenses and would never be able to wear them for a week - the freedom I now have. Also I play alot of sports and swim so the benefits there are huge

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 10:01

I had lasik eye surgery one year ago and it is the best thing I ever had done. I would have no hesitation in recommending it. Many of my work colleagues have also had lasik surgery carried out having witnessed the success of my surgery, and they too are extremely happy. Often its only the bad experiences that get publicity. I had my surgery carried out in Dublin.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 13:54

I too had laser surgery this year and have had no problems, in fact, I think its one of the best things I have ever done and has improved my quality of life. I also had surgery in Dublin.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 14:30

I feel like a success story - myself and 2 other colleagues have had the surgery carried out by the surgeon in the above article. I found him & his team to be so professional they really put me at ease. As for results, I agree sports especially swimming are so much easier now.

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 14:46

I had lasik eye surgery last November, one of my friends had it done in January and my sister had hers done in March. All in Dublin. Thankfully none of us have experienced anything like the horror stories written about here. We all think it's a miracle, We're all swimming, driving and playing sports and none of us are experiencing the dry eye phenomenon. It's the best thing I ever did!!! Lasik is not all doom and gloom.

margaret(maggie2003) - 11/09/2002 15:37

Some of these people with complcations are Irish but still need treatment and hence the reluctance to post.I notice not one person with a apositive result in Ireland has posted their names.If its so good an outcome unfortunately unlike my own and i did have it in a top DUBLIN CLINIC are so many Irish Refractive Surgeons in Nice(FRANCE) THIS WEEK DISCUSSING FORUMS ON HOW TO ALLEVIATE THE COMPLICATIONS WHICH CANNOT BE CURED.yOU ONLY HAVE ONE SET OF CORNEAS ONCE THEY ARE LASERED YOU CAN NEVER GET THEM BACK.Some sufferers here in Ireland are still unable to use their computers and like myself have a specially adapted screen and programme.We do have complications here and would love to see the Medical Community come on board to help us with their expertise just as they are now doing in the USA and The United Kingdom. The Irish support group can be contacted at or

margaret(maggie2003) - 11/09/2002 15:53

Shane(rainy day),Yes Lasik was introduced here in 1997 and unlike the USA where i have done most of my reserch for the long term side-effects and complications did not have to be passed by the FDA.If we look to the USA where it was approved they are now documenting the serious complications from Lasik and have had Representatives from the WWW.SURGICALEYEES .ORG SPEAK BEFORE ITS PANEL. Considering we use the same lasers and now the new wavefront technology,we too are now experiencing a percentage of serious and minor complications here in Ireland,hence the set-up of the support group for sufferers here.Refractive Surgeons in the USA are now actively helping these sufferers from Lasik and PRK and have invited speakers such as Ron Link Administrater and interviewee of this feature to speak on the complications of PRK and Lasik and use their expertise to help these victims. I wish for that help now here in IRELAND for our sufferers,many who are deeply depressed and overwhelmed by the losss of their vision.I travel to the USA and London to gleam more information from fellow sufferers and have now set up a support group here in Ireland. 0868261801(9-5pm)Any person with any queries or complications please contact me on email

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 15:54

Are there further considerations for someone of 50 years of age?

Anonymous - 11/09/2002 15:55

Are there further considerations for someone of 50 years of age?I understand that because of normal deterioration in sight, ssurgery on both eyes is not recommended for someone of 50? Any views?

edward(edgrainger) - 12/09/2002 08:23

I had my Lasik surgery done on one eye only in January 2001. I had serious thoughts as I always beleived that the eyes are the windows to the soul and felt that interference in this manner woulkd in some how disconnet me from my spirit. The operation was a sucess and I have achieved great freedom and been involved in many sporting activities that I would not have taken up prior to this.However I would not recommend the operation as I beleive that eye is not just merely an optical nerve and lense but our vision is how we navigate and experience the world. I would recommend a book called Take Off Your Glasses and See by Dr Jacob Libberman to anyone considering Lasik. The best of luck to anyone who proceeds. Regards Edward

Anonymous - 12/09/2002 12:26

What an eye-opening article [no pun intended] as you can see from the last few comments a lot of people in Dublin seem to have had good experiences and as someone who is (was) considering LASIK I was only hearing good reports, I never heard any down-sides. I wonder if this is because it is only done in relatively few places still in Ireland and the people carrying it out are highly-specialised compared to the UK and USA where LASIK clinics seem to be getting more frequent...maybe the people operating these clinics aren't as specialised. Although it may bring the costs down the qulaity of surgeons may be reduced? We should ensure that high standards are maintained in Ireland and the Government should set strict criteria before letting just anyone opening a clinic.

Anonymous - 12/09/2002 13:13

I had Lasik surgey carried out at the Blackrock Clinic in September, 2000. Both eyes were -5.5 and I was advised that I was a suitable candidate. I was fully informed of a long list of potential risks and I discussed them with the surgeon beforehand. Three of my brothers had the Lasik procedure carried out before me and my fourth brother had PRK. The brother who had PRK had no problems and now has normal eyesight. Of the three who had Lasik, one is still very slightly short-sighted in one eye, another is still short-sighted in both eyes and still requires glasses but he is pleased because there has been a significant improvement in his vision; and the third is pleased because he has normal vision with no complications. Since the treatment, I have found that my eyes are drier than they used to be and I now suffer from poor night vision. I cannot drive on unlit country roads at nights and drive extra slowly at night on lit City roads due to difficylty seeing. I also find that I have to work in natural light because if I read or use the computer under artificial light my eyes feel very strained. Also, if I am in a poorly lit pub or restaurant, I have difficulty seeing the edge of steps and have to be extra careful so as not to fall. Overall, I'm glad I had Lasik treatment. I no longer have to wear glasses or contact lenses. I enjoy playing sports, swimming and cycling and it is great to be able to engage in these activities without wearing glasses or lenses.The side effects which have occurred are a nuisance but, on balance, I feel that I am happy to put up with them in return for the benefit of normal vision in natural light.

Anonymous - 13/09/2002 10:59

Two replies to the above comments and i wish to clarify i am not a medical Doctor or Refractive Surgeon.(1) If you are over 50years of age ,you are most certainly long sighted.Lasik is done in certain cases.Make sure that you ask for a complete tear film test and dry eye testing as the eyes tend to dry out after the age of 40yrs. (2)After three years searching for a cure to my complicatios i intend to lobby the government here to set up a National data base for reported complications and safety of excimer lasers,some of which have been recalled in the USA. (3)The loss of night vision and ghosting descibed by Annom. above although considered a sucess with his/her daytime vision are causing much discussion in the USA and LONDON at confereneces.I refer to an article in TIME magazine 2000 by a Renowed Refractive Surgeon,Dr. William Jory who gave up lasik because of the serious night time vision loss.He also featured on the Watch dog programme BBC 1.His email is,website If you continue to have peoblems with ghosting and night vision there are contacts that may help.They need to be fitted by an expert in this field.Hope this helps.Nearer to home there is a doctor in Waterford is also an lasik expert and has taken the time to do reserch on Taxi drivers and night vision reserch post-lasik.He also attends most of the conferences world-wide as He also carries out all the pre-op checks for dry eyes.

patrick(gustra) - 13/09/2002 23:17

I've heard people talk on laser corrective surgery and although expensiveit seems to carry little risk. I Wonder if normal healthy people should fear anything, other than the competance of the Surgeon P.C.thornton Dublin 6.w

LabRat - 14/09/2002 00:42

I am so envious of people who have had good lasik results! I wanted to see like a normal person, not be afraid of something like a wilderness trip, breaking or loosing my glasses - being nearly blind without them. My eye doctor for over 22 years was thrilled about lasik for me. When I talked to him after watching a video about the frightening complications, he said, "Do you think I'd let that happen to you? In the medical & teaching community he is highly respected, considered an eminently qualified refractive surgeon. All this led me to believe that any complications were doctor related; such as skill, training, pre-op screening, knowing patient history, equipment, caring, and so on. I now believe (too late) that there are things over which the doctor has no control. here are a few post lasik challenges: I have a wrinkled flap = distorted vision; 3 years post lasik non-correctable. two flap lifts, unsuccessful attempt at removing wrinkles. The right eye should be retreated (enhancement) but there are too many things that could go wrong and it is the one eye that can be improved with glasses. I have heard lasik is not physically painful. Wrong. plus muscle pain & spasms. Difficulty focusing/ 7 months of double vision with severe headaches, nausea. Unable to get a reading lens = restricted reading. Difficult; house hold chores, shopping in a store, reading price tags/labels, declining interest in many things, such as how I look, since there is so much I am unable to see. Many activities I used to enjoy have been dropped. Glasses for my right eye have permit me to drive again - daylight only. Fluctuating vision - goes from regular blurry to really disturbing drive you crazy diminished vision! can brings on reoccurring episodes of double vision w/accompanying symptoms. Low Light problems = going into dim space it seems as if one eye is "seeing grey" (ex. restaurant impossible to read menus or see faces; or falling down stair missing a step.) PVD posterior vitreous detachment; little specks (tiny flies, cobwebs, smudges) floating across field of vision. And/Or like mine - a larger dislodged glob of gel that looks like a dirty film covered contact, a cloud of fog, or a gauzy grey curtain that floats in and out of -or- is suspended in, my line of vision. It is very distressing, and I wonder if I will slowly loose my vision. Believed to be caused by the suction ring that is applied before making the cut through the cornea during the lasik procedure. Trying to discover what was wrong, was a journey of hope being knocked down at just about every doctors appointment ( 22 in first 5 months). Eyes are the first thought in the morning, last at night! wake, open eyes, then remember, stomach drops and starts rolling! want to close eyes, have it all disappear! Why/how did this happen, what did happen, and how am I going to get through this. what is my future? the true health of my lasik restructured eye? My vision after all the pain, suffering and money, is worse that it ever was with my thick glasses. I have no idea why I was not one of the lucky ones. Like so many, I would pay double the money to not have ever had it done

Anonymous - 15/09/2002 20:11

I am 60 yrs of age and I need glasses for reading. I used to have 20/20 in my left eye. My right eye always had poor sight and I could never see clearly with it, neither short distance or long distance. Everthing was alway a blur. It has been like this since early childhood. Is it possible that laser surgery could improve my right eye. I am also on medication for angina.

margaret(maggie2003) - 16/09/2002 11:29

Patrick(gustra),I was a very healthy individual no medical problems,active in sports and running my own company.Although the risk of complications are reduced,looking at the statistics per head of population in Ireland,they are on par with the USA.Read Jim Clarkes article in six will have a complication with lasik.

margaret(maggie2003) - 16/09/2002 11:36

Labrat,sorry to hear about your post-op complications.On the website a few people have had vision helped post- flap wrinkle with a cornea transplant,use the search engine or email me. With regard to the promised enhancement i feel the REFRACTIVE SURGEON clarify pre-op the inability to use this second surgical proceedure if severe dry eye,flap wrinkles or erosion develops.Vision with flap wrinkles post-lasik is like looking through cling film roll,most distressing.Do not suffer alone there are support groups available to help you gain information and medical assistance. support group) and most countries)

Anonymous - 16/09/2002 11:47

60yr old annom. Ask your optician to check your prescription and any changes over the past year especially.Talk to he/she about your ?on laser eye surgery for the eye,make sure to inform them of all medical problems and medications and go to a major hospital Refractive Surgeon for an appointment.

Anonymous - 17/09/2002 10:13

For those of still considering this miracle surgery,go to the www.surgicaleyes website,clik on the BB on the open forum ,to a posting of "I want my life back" AND SEE FIRST HAND THE HUMAN TORTURE a bad lasik outcome does to your life.

margaret(maggie2003) - 17/09/2002 10:35

A further point to consider about lasik eye surgery,it is not covered under VHI or BUPA and if you are unfortunate enough to end up with complications of any sort you will have to fund them privately. So when you go to your Refractive Surgeon for your pre-op visit ask HE/She free of cahrge if you experience any complications and receive same in writing.I advise this point because even a minor complication such as dry eye can leave you with a lifetime symptom,and a weely cost for eye drops for a very long time. Other major complications will require intensive treatments which are very exspensive and you may have to travel abroad to alleviate some complications. Also ask your surgeon his complication rate for this proceedure and if he has none get a second opinion. Bring a member of the family with you for the pre-op visit as you will not take in all the medical information during one appointment. Ask for a copy of the informed consent and take it home with you prior to yor surgery,dont leave it until the morning of the surgery. This is elective surgery so ask your local optician to do an eyecheck as they will know your history and discuss all aspects of the surgery.They will be able to check your prescription. Ask the Surgeon during your pre-op visit for a detailed printout of your prescription,topographs and if they intend to induce monovision(i.e. making one eye over-corrected)if you are under is a risk,and you may experience spasm if the eye regresses. Ask your Surgeon to test your pupils for dim/darkness with the pupilometer(not always accurate as witnessed by the posts of night time blindness). Do your research,checkout and click on the pre and post-op list of questions. This surgery can be a miracle when the outcome is good but it can also change your life beyond imagination with even the most minor of complications. And finally report any complications and seek support if you are overwhelmed by a bad outcome .SOLO(sufferers of lasik support group,email margaret

Anonymous - 30/09/2002 16:06

WOW - I have mildly short sighted, and have often considered going for laser treatment to 'fix' my eyesight - however, I think I will leave well enough alone. I've managed with lenses and glasses now for 17 years - and think I will continue to manage fine. I have relatively few problems and take good care of my eyes and eyewear, with regular trips to my eyecare specialist. I can think of more usefullthings to spend my few thousand euros on. As has been mentioned so much in this discussion, you only get one pair of eyes - and its too much of a risk to meddle with them.

Anonymous - 30/09/2002 19:46

Would any medical personnel know a specialist who treats dry eyes here in Ireland?

Anonymous - 20/11/2002 09:41

I had Lazer Surgery a couple of months ago and it was the best thing ever! i did have a complication after it though - some cells started growing under the flap in my left eye so i had to have it lifter again and the cells removed. no damage was done as my vision went blurry as soon as the cells appeared so i had it dealt with straigh away. but even with that, i'm so glad i had it done. my eye sight was within the'ideal' range for the best outcome, i was about -4 to -4.50. I used to wear contacts but usually only if i was going out for the night as otherwise i found it too much hassle, one of them was bound to come out before the end of the night. i hated wearing glasses - i felt very frumpy and unattractive, i couldnt see when it rained, or if i went into a warm room from outside they would steam up, i couldnt go swimming without contact lenses or i wouldnt be able to see anything, and the worst was the fact that when i woke up in the morning the first thing i had to do was reach for my glasses. BUT NOW i can see as clear as a bell. i feel like walkiing up to people i see on the street wearing glasses and telling them to get this done. People who dont wear glasses cant understand, i hear ' its an awful lot of money to spend when you can just wear glasses instead' but the difference is amazing and i'm so glad i got it done.

sarah(twoblue) - 20/11/2002 12:29

Have always wanted to get the surgery done as i have really bad vision. Will think twice now had no idea that so many people have had such bad experiences! Is there anywhere that i could get the numbers of successful and unsuccessful operations?

margaret(maggie2003) - 21/11/2002 23:41

Sarah(twoblue)the statistics are one in five approx will have some sort of complication here in Ireland,always ask your surgeon his statistics and get a full pre-op checkup.

Joyce(rowntree77) - 30/11/2002 04:44

My eyesight is fairly bad. My vision is -6.2 -7.5. Am 25 yrs old and have been wearing glasses since I was 9yrs old. I consider things like being out in the rain a real nuisance as I can't see properly. I don't enjoy swimming because I can't see without my glasses and feel totally lost and vulnerable!! However, 99% of the time I am perfectly content, although to wake up in the morning, open one's eyes and see, would be brilliant. Laser treatment often crossed my mind, especially since I know 2 people who have had it done with great success. However, I would prefer to use glasses/contacts and have small annoying problems like I mentioned above, than have any of the terrible complications that are very possible with this treatment. I may be very fortunate and have a very successful outcome, but most definetly am not going to risk jeoprodising my future just so I can see clearly when I'm walking in the rain. The risk is far too great. It could be worse. Thousands of people wear glasses and/or contacts and are perfectly content. Why rock the boat? Be happy that there's not something more seriously and disabling wrong with you.

Anonymous - 08/12/2002 16:43

What is the cost of laser eye surgery in Ireland?

margaret(maggie2003) - 09/12/2002 11:06

Joyce some very good points.As i stated the complication rate is about one in five even in Ireland,so you must weigh up that decision.As head of the Irish support group i am travelling to the Surgical Eyes organization headquaters next april 2003 and will meet up with doctors and medical personnel who are helping those suffering from lasik complications.New drops have come on the market that have changed many of the sufferers livi am the first here to avail of thnew treatment and will publish my findings in the near future as i have been suffering for three and a half years with severe dry eyes post-lasik,so this will offer some hope to people with that painful complication here. polease do not hesitate if you suffer from severe dry eyes to contact me via the editor..or email

Ado(ado_t) - 09/12/2002 14:42

over the past week ive noticed a sifnificant change in my eyesight,i.e. it has gotten worse.normally i am only slightly shortsighted,something around -0.75 or -0.50 im not sure at the mo. im still not sure though whether or not to go ahead with the surgery as i am currently applying to the Gardai. im 21, what should i do???any suggestions?or an any advice from guards out there who have had this done?im trying to decide if the risk is worth taking even though ill be ver very very very disappointed if i cant get into the Gardai because of my eyesigtht.HELP!

Anonymous - 12/12/2002 09:45

I'd just like to ask for advice on normal post-surgery standards in Ireland. 4 years ago I had laser surgery performed on my eyes in a hospital. I was told my short-sightness was cured for life. In the past 6 months I noticed that one of the eyes(the then stronger one) is again going short-sighted. I set up an appointment with the surgeon. He did nothing other than prescribe eye-drops and confirm the weakening-suggesting another appointment. I refused to pay euro100 to his secretary for this. Now she is insisting by letter that I will have to pay this at the next appointment. I find it hard to accept that I should have to pay anything, given that I paid £2,000 for a life-long operation-and that includes even any corrective surgery that I may have to undertake. Can you give any idea of norms in such a situatiion and how best I should proceed?

margaret(maggie2003) - 12/12/2002 11:11

Dear Annom, you have not stated your age which would be a big factor if you are now over forty years of age.As you know by my outcome nothing is 100% in the outcome of this surgery and you sign this on your consent form pre-operatively.You can only have retreatment frre of charge during the first year if the eye regresses i.e besomes short sighted again.As i am currently trying to lobby the medical board for this information to be published you must understand lasik eye surgery is considered cosmetic and no matter what complicvations you get,your private medical insurance will not cover any of your costs. I run a support group here in Ireland and now EUROPE and we are having a full conference with some of the top people from the USA and London to discuss all these issues,remedial ttretament for those with complications,help and support for those with major complicatios from this surgey and hopefull some insight into our rights as people who continue to suffer and bear the cost of trying to get our sight and quality of life back.Unfortunately the numbers are growing as the year now heads into the 5 year mark and more and more cases are beimg reported and now documented. editor of this site has my contact email and cell number if i can help you with anymore information. I advise you also browse through the website,which will give you afull understnding of the magnitude of the post-lasik complications now comming to light worldwide.They sre currently attending a conference through to Saturday in order to get help for these people suffreing post-lasik complications. hope this helps. p.s. i am not a dotor,just a surviver of this surgery who has set up a support network here for the many emails i now get on a dail basis.

Anonymous - 10/01/2003 09:24

does having conjunctivitis affect eye laser surgery?

margaret(maggie2003) - 10/01/2003 09:36

conjunctivitis is an inflamation in the eye.If you still are considering lasik eye surgery make sure you fill this out in your pre-op check list and also inform the surgeon as this may be an indication of melobian gland dysfunction which may lead to increased dry eye problems post-lasik as is a counter indication for lasik eye surgery. please discuss with your gp and surgeon and local optician.

margaret(maggie2003) - 10/01/2003 09:41

Irish sufferer from post-lasik complications of three years duration of severe dry eyes and spasm goes on trial eye drops from top research programme in Dallas.All the baseline checks are documented and the first twelve weeks have radically changed her life again.This will be the first positve remedial trial here and will keep you posted of results. any further information contact maragaret @jacurranda .ie

Ado(ado_t) - 10/01/2003 12:23

maggie2003 i was just wondering if you or anybody else would have any comments,suggestions,advice or opinions on my previous posting from the 9/12/2002?????

margaret(maggie2003) - 10/01/2003 16:43

reply to ADO... ADO you say you have had significant eye prescription changes in a short period of time.I would strongly advise you to go to your optician and record the findings of each visit and eye changes. If you read carefully the pre-op contra-indications they state you must not experience significant prescription readings and they must be stable for at least 6 months on the same prescription,prior to lasik surgery. You intend to apply to the GARDA and therefore must have no night-time driving problems with glare,halos etc.Unfortunately one of the most common complications and this is considered minor is night-time glare and halos.The surgeons now use a pupilometer which measures the pupil in dark light pre-op but this has not always proved to work 100% and it is only post-operatively that these complications can be seen regardless of pupiul size pre-op. I would strongly urge you to read all the data and check out numerous sites and even post your question to a wider audience of post-refractives and lasik surgeons now treating these complications. check out www.asklasikdocs london centre of refractive surgery who conducted the time magazine nightime survey in 2000, talk to the GARDA RECRUITING OFFICER to make sure they now accept lasik surgery. OR you may email me directly and i will give you more contacts who can answer your question.

margaret(maggie2003) - 10/02/2003 16:45

FYI..plese see february 2003 edition of Which article on health"your sight in their hands"..just how safe is laser eye surgery?by journalist Colin Meek.Excellent article on all the pros and cons on this surgery DR Dan Reinstein leading usa now Harley street refractive eye consultant was asked to develop new guidelines to ensure safety standards are met by its members.We need a similar body now in Ireland. For further information please contact me by email

margaret(maggie2003) - 11/02/2003 09:05

This morning,Feb 11 2003, on the bbc breakfast programme the above Dr Dan Reinstein was interviewed with a patient suffering severe visual complications following lasik eye surgery two years ago.He stressed the need for experts in this field to do more than weekend workshops in lasik, and promotes that they have at least a year in this speciality.He himself is the leading USA expert with over two years and developed the ultrasound to detect abnomalities in the epithelium prior to lasik surgery.Many now travel to London where he sees major complications from this surgery,this will include myself in early march 2003. If you are suffering major/minor complications or are considering this lasik surgery i urge you to watch on BB1 tonight at the "watchdog programme" that is doing a special feature on lasik complications and their life-long effect! any queries on Irish support, please feel free to email me on or mobile 0868261801..

Anonymous - 19/02/2003 16:34

I'm happy to tell you that I had LASIK surgery on both eyes 3 years ago. My only regret was that I had the eyes done seperately. Because I had them done one at a time I suffered wobbly vision for a few weeks. The surgeon I consultet was very professional and frank and explained all the pro's and con's. I felt very comfortable in his care and I was happy to recommednd him to friends.For sports and driving my vision had improved to a very acceptable level and I no longer have to fiddle with contacts or worry about breaking glasses. The procedure itself is very quick and completely painless. Please do not be put off by other comments but consult a reputable surgeon yourself to assess your suitabllity - and good luck!

margaret(maggie2003) - 20/02/2003 09:35

Dear Annom 19/02/2003, i am glad you had a good outcome.I would like to clarify that even the best of surgeons still document complications after screening the patient.The ability of the tear film to compensate cannot be measured prior to lasik eye surgery and hence some patients suffer long term dry eye complications,Although this is not considered serious it will affect your ability to do some sports such as golf,swimming etc. With reagard to bilateral lasik eye surgery,it is still advised to have one eye done within 24hrs to eliminate and access the surgery, a few weeks of wobbly vision is better than a corneal transplant. irsih support group for bad lasik outcomes...SOLO.

naomi(naomismith) - 23/02/2003 16:01

I had Lasik Surgery just under 2 years ago in Blackrock Clinic, and like everyone else was extremely worried about the outcome, however I have to say I can't believe it took me so long to get my eyes done, I have had no problems, both my eyes are now -0.25, before surgery one was -5.5 and the other was -6, I can drive and swim fine, I used to be afraid of swimming because I couldn't see. My eyes will never be 20/20 vision, that's ok because I haven't had that since I was about 5 years old (am now 25), and couldn't wear contacts found them too uncomfortable, and glasses stopped me doing a lot of things. Good luck to anyone who is going for the surgery.

Siobhan(siflynn) - 24/02/2003 16:17

I read recently that the worse your vision is the better the outcome...Is this true? I have -3.25/-3.75 vision and have an appointment in the next 3 weeks to have Lasix surgery done!!

margaret(maggie2003) - 27/02/2003 10:54

Siobhan(siflynn)that information is not accurate.The more shortsighted you are the more cornea needs to,if you were -6.5-8.5 you would need more of the cornea to be lasered! You are considered only minor with a prescription of -3.5.The higher the prescription the greater the risks of night time glare and halos although this can also happen with minor prescriptions. Ask your surgeon to do the dry eye test,tear film test and to measure your pupils in dim light. I had -2.5 scripts prior to lasik surgery and the eye regressed to this post lasik surgery.If YOU ARE UNDER 38YRS MAKE SURE TO ASK THEM ABOUT MONOVISION,which some clinics here are still doing on clients,this is permanent and needs to be discussed in detail as it may lead to accomadative spasm in younger clients which is very painful and life-long. see for independent information and 10 questions to ask your surgeon prior to surgery. or email the Irish support group for bad lasik outcomes here and in the United Kingdom. do your research and good luck.

fi(minny_fi) - 02/03/2003 20:16

I'm considering getting this surgery done soon. I'm only 20, but have had glasses and contacts since I was 7 years old, and I hate them (to say the least)!! This site is a great help- but does anybody recommend anywere to get the surgery done? Or does anybody know somewere I shouldn't go? (Somewere in Dublin would be great!)

margaret(maggie2003) - 03/03/2003 09:21

fi(minny-fi).If you are wearing glasses since 7 years of age and also contacts you may have a very high presciption so the only thing i can add is to go to a reputable surgeon who will give you his statistics,get him/her to check for tear film considering the use of contacts,make sure they test your pupils pre-op for night-time vision,also now ask if Lasek or Lasik is more suitable for your prescription and eye as there are now two options. This surgery as with all surgery is not fool-proof so almost all surgeons will have documented complications and if they dont move on and get a second opinion. Ask them how long they have personally preformed the surgery,their type of laser? and most important their post-operartive care if complications should arise. checkout the 10 questions to ask your surgeon pre-op on checkout the latest\" which\" healthcare article of march 2003 and make sure the clinic you choose offers all of the above. In brief do your research on surgeon,clinic,statistics. best of luck, the mater,blackrock clinic and terenure laser clinic provide information and all clinics have qualified surgeons some using the latest wavefront lasers..All clinics can be viewed on the web. Ask as many people as you can about these clinics and their outcomes and make your decision based on your own evaluation of your pre-op findings.

gavinc - 23/03/2003 12:48

I notice that the above posts mainly relate to Lasik surgery. I was wondering if anyone has experience (good or bad) from having PRK done? Having read the feedback on Lasik, which seems to be more negative, I am considering this other option. I have worn contacts for about 7 years but am starting to react to solutions (maybe even lenses), so my optician suggested laser as a possibility. My eyes are both -2, so are in the low region and my research indicates that PRK might be more suitable in this case. Would people consider this surgery to be as risky as Lasik, or more so? Any comments appreciated!

margaret(maggie2003) - 31/03/2003 13:37

Gavinc,just a quick reply to your question.Firstly i am not a doctor,just a consumer of this lasik industry and a person with c omplications following lasik surgery over three years ago,here in Ireland. My knowledge is not as good on PRK and the main difference in surgery is the lack of a flap creation.The healing may be slower and i do know first hand of people with long term night vision complications directly related to this surgery.I run the Irsih support group for these people with lasik and refractive complications,Ron Link is the founder of the www.surgicaleyes website for in depth information ,and i know for a fact having visited him in the USA, that he set up that site following his vision problems after prk. I would strongly advise you to email him on to get more information before your surgery,your low prescription does not omit complications.Please tell him Maggie from the Irish support group gave you his email. best of luck. email if you need any more information.

margaret(maggie2003) - 25/04/2003 01:02

The ASCRS 2003 conference which almost all Irish lasik doctors are certified with, issued a 53 page document of seesions relating to Prevention,Recognition,and treatment of PRK,Lasik,and Lasek Complications.It also wrote two paragraphs of Malpractice Prevention Guidelins as the casualties are rising over the globe. It States the Patient should take home the consent form and review it several times before the surgery.Another important point is to explain off label use of lasers on consent i.e lasers that are not approved by The FDA and still under trial,ask your surgeon which laser he uses as some of these are used for hyperopics(longsightedness) and the guidelines for such treatment are now+4.Under consummer protection laws,eg,deceptive trade practices,treble damages are allowed. Anymore information or pre-lasik questions email or if you need support following a bad lasik outcome.

margaret(maggie2003) - 28/05/2003 12:34

Due to the increasing number of complications from lasik eye surgery, and the quest for information for candidates and people with long term vision complications ,a new support and information website has been designed by volunteers and will assist those sufferers and potential candidates in the United Kingdom,Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The new infromation website is

Anonymous - 30/05/2003 09:55

My sister is about to go ahead with corrective surgery next week in a Dublin hospital. I have major concerns and am trying to discourage her. Would like to hear from anyone who has had surgery, both good and bad.

margaret(maggie2003) - 16/06/2003 13:36

All of the above messages and some on another thread here list the positive outcomes of this laser surgery and also unfortunately the complications still suffered by others who continue to need rehabilitation and visual recovery. There is now a volutary website dedicated to helping candidates and casualties here and in the United Kingdom You will find all the necessary questions to ask your surgeon prior to surgery and make sure your sister takes home the consent form at least one week pre-op and discusses it with a family member. There is also a n email address if she should require any more details to ask her surgeon or what should be available to her if she needs help after laser eye surgery. best of luck. of Irish support group).

christine(kentucky46) - 23/07/2003 18:23

both my sons had laser. one 10 yrs ago .he has slight stigmatism in one eye. the other 6 months ago he is perfect no problems he is very happy with his.they were both done in dublin. the only problem is the tax man. my son had to travel from limerick and pay hotel and taxis to and from hospital. he got tax refund on laser bill but not expences. can anyone advise on that.

Anonymous - 24/07/2003 21:05


karlflan - 25/07/2003 15:32

I had PRK laser treatment a number of years ago in London which has been a great success. It costs about 500 Stg per eye at Optimax clinics. I would highly recommend it.

Patrick(emtpat) - 11/08/2003 20:38

I am thinking of having LASIK treatment as an alternative to wearing Glasses, Some of my friends have had it carried out at the Blachrock Clinic and the Mater Private Hospital and are verry happy with the result. My question is is it better to have the two eys operated on at the same time or seperatly. Is there other places that carry out this operation that I can contact in the dublin area.

Anonymous - 09/09/2003 14:38

Has anyone had this surgery in Cork? I am considering LASIK and currently researching into pros and cons.

margaret(maggie2003) - 11/09/2003 00:23

To my knowledge there is no lasik clinic in Cork.Plese feel free to visit our voluntasry website for pros and cons of this surgery from fellow patients.

paul(gymrun) - 28/12/2003 17:48

Why is it that very often when you see eye surgeons interviewed,including senior eye surgeons who,for example, take stints on a converted airliner which now acts as a mobile eye hospital in many third world countries exclusively for the removal of cataracts and other simple procedures like that,nearly all,if not all the Doctors/Surgeons are still wearing spectacles/Glasses?...Obviously,If laser eye surgery was so good and reliable and they are the experts,....Yes! You've guessed it,Why have'nt they had it done?...remember, they are the top eye surgeons of the world!

Anonymous - 05/01/2004 10:23

i need to have my vision corrected before I join the gardai as this is the only thing stopping me at the moment. is there anyone who has had a similar experience, and what did they do?

Anonymous - 14/01/2004 12:59

Three of my family members have undergone Lasik surgery in the last year(in Ireland). One in her 70s and two in their 30s and in all cases with great success and no complications. Two were done in the Wellington Eye clinic and one in the Blackrock clinic.

margaret(maggie2003) - 09/02/2004 18:02

In London tomorrow a delegation of eight consultants involved directly with laser eye surgery and One independant Patient Advocate, are meeting before Parliament to discuss legislation to safeguard and regulate laser eye surgery in the United Kinkdom.Each Representative will have an eight minute time frame to take the floor on their speciality and this will be a landmark to help bring in these safeguards and regulate the Irish laser eye industry.We have sought this legislation for the past four years due to the rising number of casualties from this cosmetic surgery. BBC will broadcast this on February 11 2004. The website nominated is lasermyeye as it is totally independant and was established by Rebecca Petris (in London) and Margaret Dolan (Ireland) to help casualties and inform potential patients about all aspects of this surgery. Will give update, Margaret Dolan,head of irish support 0868261801

Anonymous - 02/03/2004 10:59

I had lasik treatment done on both my eyes in the Wellington Clinic in October last year. It's the best thing I have ever spent my money on. It hurt at first, but my eyes felt great after a few weeks. I'd recommend it to anyone. No more wiping glasses after rain... No more steaming up when you walk inside... No more getting in the way if you're reading in bed... No more getting in the way of your day to day life! It's great!

Anonymous - 29/03/2004 09:38

Hello I was wondering if there is any way to find out the risk statistics for a particular surgeon who performs laser eye surgery. I have booked in to get the treatment done next week and am becoming increasingly nervous the more I read about it. Kind regards

Anonymous - 05/04/2004 00:12

to christine(kentucky)46 I have a daughter of nine years who has a squint in one eye (her lazy eye).I am considering laser surgery at some stage to correct this.However an eye specialist has said that because she has 3D vision in this eye she would'nt recommend it.Any thoughts from anyone.Did your son have something similair and is it very traumatic for a child to have it done.I am also from Limerick so I would have the same expenses.Incidentally how much does it cost and why is it not covered by health insurance.Any advice appreciated. Yours MM

niamh(nosinator) - 07/04/2004 08:59

I underwent laser eye surgery in an eye clinic last year and it\'s the best thing I have ever done. I found the staff very professional and there were many tests performed (including test for dry-eyes) on my eyes and I was warned of possible complications beforehand, and I know of one person who was rejected for the treatment in this clinic because of dry-eye who got the laser surgery in London. The clinics that don\'t warn poeple of the possible side-effects, or who don\'t carry out proper tests should be shut down by the health authorities as they are a danger to the public.

Ann(annmkavanagh) - 07/04/2004 18:55

I had it done on rt eye 5 yrs ago for myopia + astigmatism - I was -7. I had to have it repeated a yr later as my sight had gone cloudy. The same thing happened again so no more repeats. It HAS improved in so far as I'm now only -1.5, but have a bit of difficulty in dusk or darkness. Driving at night is out as it's haloes round lights. But I don't regret having it done as I knew there was a slight risk 'cos of the astigmatism: my eye kept going back to it's original shape. I wish anyone luck gettting it done - not painful but a big decision and hope it's more successful now.

Anonymous - 25/04/2004 13:50

I am due to have lasik surgery in a few weeks in the Mater Private in Dublin. Has anyone been treated by Dr. Susan Fitzsimons ? If so how did it go? I'm extremely nervous about the operation and would appreciate some feedback about the Mater Private and this Surgeon. Cheers

Anonymous - 30/05/2004 11:45

Has anyone had laser surgery in Kilkenny and if so with what results.

Helen(HelenCC) - 31/05/2004 09:44

Had lasik in Cork at start of March. Had mild dry-eye but nothing too uncomfortable. Otherwise delighted with the outcome.

margaret(maggie2003) - 31/05/2004 14:40

Reading some of the above posts i am taking this format to reply to some of the above.I have received numerous phonecalls mainly from clients asking me details of lasik surgeons.I myself still have major complications from my lasik surgery of sept 1999 here in Ireland, and set up an Irish support group.However 5 years on due to the growing demand for information of potential lasik clients set up a helpful website with my American colleague , also a casuality of lasik in the USA ,for UK and Irish candidates and casualties.Over the past few months we have been invited to speak at major conferences recently the British opthalmic conference and in june 2004 Greece to inform not only potential candidates but also to speak alongside concerned Lasik surgeons to help prevent complications that we suffered either through the technology or error. Our website is totally non-profit and has now become a corner stone of information for both clients and casualties.Neither of the two directors undertook legal action and have in fact especially in Britain and Europe ,offered to work with surgeons to help prevent casualties and offer support. I therefore never comment on any of the lasik surgeons or promote any one clinic in the Republic of Ireland but will advise you to view or if you need further support contact Margaret on 0868261801 if you do not have the ten point questionnaire to ask your surgeon pre-op lasik or information on type of laser to be used - as some have now been recalled in the past few weeks in the USA. hope this helps;..

Anonymous - 06/06/2004 12:33

Hey there, I wrote message recently asking for info on the Mater Private . I was extremely nervous about having the lasik operation. Well I have since had the operation and am a new person. The operation was slightly uncomfortable but in no way painful. The result was immediate. The second eye stung a bit during procedure but apparently this is common as one eye is more sensitive than the other. The staff at the Mater Private were excellant and examined my eyes three or four times to be really sure I was suitable. The doctor was also excellant( not just because I had a good outcome!), she has a calmness about her and she takes time out to chat and make you feel well cared for. I have a bit of dryness that is all the time improving and thats it. I see like I did when I was 8 years old. Good luck !

Anonymous - 04/07/2004 19:49

Hi, anyone been to the Waterford Clinic?

Michelle(FZE15421) - 06/07/2004 08:14

I'm thinking of getting laser done on my eyes and was wondering if anyone had it done in Waterford or Limerick.

John(osullj) - 07/07/2004 17:03

I had PRK in Dublin way back in 1992. No problem with it ..apart for the initial pain...however in 2002 my sight had regressed to the stage where I again needed glasses to pick up road signs when driving. I got contacts this year and my sight has continued to regress. Before the initial op I was -3.0 and -4.5 ...this went to 0 and -0.5 after PRK. in 2002 it was -1.0 and -1.5 and now its -1.25 and -1.75. What is also curious is that although my sight is -1.25 and -1.75, and I can see pefrectly with glasses of this prescription, I need a stronger prescription in lenses by 0.5 It almost as though they don't sit quite right. They are comfortable to wear however so I have no issue with it. Anyway...I'm still happy I had it done..I play a lot of sport and it was great to have the freedom to ditch the lens and glasses for a while. I was 34 when I got the initial surgery. John

margaret(marber) - 08/07/2004 00:08

Does anyone have any info on ADD,my daughter of 12 yrs has been diagnosed with it,regards

Ronan(ronanoc) - 12/07/2004 21:20

I had laser surgery 10 years ago now when the Wellington clinic were the only people doing it. Had a check up recently and everything perfect - amazing liberation from lenses,infections and glasses. Brilliant

Anonymous - 12/08/2004 07:46

I had lasik through the waterford eye clinc recently and it was the best decision I ever made the staff are extremely thorough, professional and efficient and I now have brilliant vision in both eyes - anyone thinking about Lasik just go for an assessment and all your concerns will be answered - best decision I ever made

emma(ECK16782) - 13/08/2004 22:47

just wonderin where in cork can u get lasik done. I really want to get it done. anyone recommend a doctor?? I also recently had a baby. would that of effected my eyesight??

Anonymous - 16/08/2004 07:08

the nearest laser clinic to Cork is Waterford and you need to wait 6 months after having a baby

emma(ECK16782) - 20/08/2004 21:23

thanks can u recommend someone in Waterford. Has anyone had it done in Waterford? How much does it cost?

Anonymous - 21/08/2004 17:56

cost is 1950 per eye for Lasik plus 100 euro laser assessment prior to surgery. Contact Waterford Eye Clinic on 051 874135 or have a look at their website they will send you an information pack. Mr Jim O'Reilly did lasik on me and he was brilliant from start to finish. Good Luck

emma(ECK16782) - 23/08/2004 21:08

Thanks a million. you have been a great help

Michelle(FZE15421) - 24/08/2004 08:15

I\'ve been to the Waterford Eye Clinic for my assessment and found the staff to be really nice and made me feel really at ease. However, I\'m now after finding out that there is a new clinic after opening in Limerick. Now I can\'t decide which to go to because Limerick is more convenient to me but I felt so comfortable and at ease with the staff in Waterford that I think I\'d still like to go there.

margaret(maggie2003) - 26/08/2004 12:08

New Support feature on lasermyeye website for potential candidates and people with problems following laser eye surgery... Margaret Dolan Irish Director.

margaret(maggie2003) - 28/08/2004 09:47

English Times article today Saturday 28 August by Sam Lister and Colin Meek ."Eye surgery fears as laser makers sued for millions". Our patient support website wwwlasermyeye is featured in this article and any Irish individuals treated with these lasers and have experienced problems should contact our support email and help-line.Email article can be found on the internet,front page of English times.Media hot-line has also been set up. Margaret Dolan,Irish director of 0868261801.

Michelle(FZE15421) - 30/08/2004 09:59

The name of the clinic in Limerick is Wavefront, contact directory enquiries. Its is Harvey\'s Quay. I haven\'t been there yet myself so can\'t pass any comment on it.

Helen(HelenCC) - 06/09/2004 10:49

I had Lasik done in Cork. Detailed checks before and after. Had both eyes done in March and am absolutely delighted with outcome. Thought about it for years and read everything I could about it first.

Martina(YKU17851) - 14/09/2004 12:32

I had LASIK in the Advanced Laser Eye Clinic in Belfast on 17th March 2004 and my eyesight is now better than 20/20. Would recommend it to anyone who meets the suitability requirements.

georgina(VYP18141) - 21/09/2004 15:55

Hello everyone. My name is Georgina Heffernan, I am doing a feature on eye surgery for Ireland On Sunday (issue 29th September) and I would love to interview someone who has had the proceedure. I'd love if you could share your experiences whether they be good or bad. Please drop me a line on or call me at 01 6375843. I look forward to hearing from you Regards

Irene(VLD18138) - 07/10/2004 09:13

How expensive is the prodceedure here, and what hospitals/clinics are carrying the surgery. I have been thinking about Laser for awhile and I would like to know how to go about organisig a consultation.

Anonymous - 12/10/2004 05:28

I wanted to get it done bt then some article in new paper told me that in INDIA we do have 99% people suffering from the post- operation symptoms.... like the loss of vision.....

rashmeet(NGE19016) - 12/10/2004 05:31

All the operations are not only very expaensive but even risky ... as a patient may even have the loss of vision after undergoing the surgery... dry eye, and even night blindness..... I wish there was something that could be done for a patient like me...

Thomas(KYM19446) - 20/10/2004 08:53

Looking through the blogs on this website, it would seem that most of the posts are either negative or informational - very little positive. It maybe because the (hopefully) majority of people who've had eye surgery that had positive outcomes, are less inclined to visit the website. I've recently had my eyes done in Istanbul for a fraction of the cost of the same operation here (complete rip-off Ireland) and to dae the results have been all positive (3 months & counting). But like previous posters, I would advise that you do the research. The technology had advanced so much that I was amazed at what currently can be one with eye surgery. Personally, I had astigmatism, and the procedure used was termed 'custom ablation' where the topology the both eyes was determined, and the laser surgery customised accordingly. Apparently, most complications that occur at the time of the surgery involve the microkeratome used to cut the 'flap', but I also had the option of having this flap 'cut' using the laser itself, which further reduces any complications. In summary I'd definitely recommend the surgery for anyone thinking of ditching their glasses or contact lenses, but as previous posts have highlighted - your mileage may vary

Anonymous - 20/10/2004 13:54

I read half way down and it is all negative. I had LASIK surgery done 4 years ago in Dublin and it has been a life altering experience in a completely positive way. Go to a specialist, talk, listen, learn, try to look past the eurphoria of returned sight and decide if its the right thing for you to do - and if that surgeon is the right person. At least now you know that the risks associated with every surgery are not just words - some people have negative experiences. Some, thank God, don't!

Maeve(mayoabu) - 24/11/2004 16:16

\0\05{\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0ise on having the procedure done in Northern Ireland. I would like to have surgery but its very expensive, has anyone any experience of travelling to North/UK to have the procedure done?

Anonymous - 28/12/2004 14:28

I want to get lasik done in ireland. could anybody recommend the best place to go to or who to go to please!

Maria(PWO22363) - 07/01/2005 11:27

I am very interested in interviewing someone who has undergone Lasik eye surgery - Personal viewpoint (positive and negative outcomes) I can be contacted at The Irish Examiner 021-4802205.

margaret(maggie2003) - 07/01/2005 21:07

There are many clinics in the south of Ireland that do lasik eye surgery.HOW DO YOU SAY WHICH IS THE BEST?I would advise all prospective candidates or those with lasik induced complications to check out the website check out the NICE report from the UK which has now warned of the longterm effects of lasik eye surgery. Anyone here in Ireland can contact this site annom,if they need support following complications from lasik or for independant candidate advive. Margaret Dolan,head of support group in Ireland for laasik complications. 0868261801

margaret(maggie2003) - 07/01/2005 21:53

Rashmeet, there si help here for you. please call me in confidence on 0868261801. Margaret Dolan,head of support group for lasik eye complications in Ireland(SOLO)

Anonymous - 14/01/2005 10:38

I got Lasek done in England last October. I am very happy with the outcome. Lasek differs from Lasik in that the flap is not cut, and is usually recommended for people with a low perscription (mine was -1.5). I have to admit that I experienced severe pain when the anesthetic wore off, and had no choice but to keep my eyes closed for most of the following 48 hours. Any discomfort had gone after a week or so. I have had no problems since, apart from using eye drops occassionally because I work at a computer every day. My vision is better that 20/20. I chose to have the procedure done in England as it was more than half the price it is in Ireland, and I can have all my aftercare in Northern Ireland. I had decided against having laser eye surgery over a year ago after reading this discussion board, but I am very glad I changed my mind. Make and informed choice, and good luck!

Anonymous - 15/01/2005 00:28

Hi,I am interested in getting laser tratment for my ten year old who has a squint in one eye and weak eyesight in that eye,anyone any experience on getting one eye done,on a child and more to correct her squint than her eyesight

margaret(maggie2003) - 16/01/2005 16:06

Hi Annom, lasik is not carried out on anyone under 18yrs of age-21YRS AND WITH STABLE PRESCRIPTION. You need to go to your GP who will refer you to an opthalmic surgeon here.They are the only persons qualified to answer this question,and are very highly qualified in this area. Margaret Dolan

- 28/02/2005 13:27

\"RTE\'s \'Primetime\' is producing a report on laser eye surgery. We would like to hear people\'s experiences of this procedure. Please contact: or

Aisling(NBW25878) - 14/03/2005 21:48

Hi there, i am seriously considering having either Lasik or PRK, my prescription is -2.5 in both eyes and i'm 23 years old-one of my main fears is the pain factor, could someone be honest and let me know what the procedure entails (pain) consultation in Belfast (alot cheaper)in two weeks so i would be very gretful of any response.

margaret(maggie2003) - 15/03/2005 15:07

For alll those who are emailing me privately i have just received information that primetime are doing a programme on laser eye surgery on march 15 tuesday.9.20pm Margaret Dolan,head of Irish support group,S.O.L.O..0868261801

Anonymous - 16/03/2005 08:43

Hi Aisling (14/03), I had Lasek in a clinic in England, but my pre and post consultations were in Belfast. Being honest, for me it was very painful. My eyes swelled and watered a lot, and I had to keep them closed most of the time for the first 48 hours. The pain then changed to discomfort or gritiness for about 5 days after that. The mistake I made was that I only had over-the-counter painkillers. If was to do it again I'd visit my GP before it to see if he/she could give me perscription painkillers or even a mild sleeping tablet. The surgery was painful, but for me it was definitely worth it. Best of luck!

Anonymous - 24/03/2005 10:29

Can anyone tell me if you can get laser treatment in cork and if they had sucess with the operation. Thanks

Conor(QPI26640) - 01/04/2005 08:21

Hey, i\'m seriosuly considering getting the treatment done when i finnish my finals in may..i\'m a 22 year old male and have been wearing contact lenses since i was 14.I have to say that the thought of wearing contacts for the rest of my life makes me prescription is -4.5 , -3.75 and has seemed to have stabilised. I know a lot of people who have got it done and all results seem very positive! However reading through numerous bulltein boards and articles all i can see is negativity, which is making me reconsider my plans.. Does anybody have any advice on their experience. Any help would be great and much appreciated!!

Anonymous - 01/04/2005 13:02

Hi Conor, I'm in the exact same situation, been wearing contacts since i was 14, -4.50 in both eyes and they havent changed since i was about 12. my mom had the surgery done in 1993 and it has been nothing short of brilliant for her. I know there are risks involved but I am 100% going ahead with it in the next 2 months.

Conor(QPI26640) - 02/04/2005 21:22

where are you planning on getting it done?? Have you been recommended any doctors?

Aisling(NBW25878) - 09/04/2005 14:37

Hi guys im just after coming from my consultation in a clinic in Belfast, i\'m not a suitable candidate for this surgery as my pupils measure 8mm and their cuut off point is 7.5?? however i have another consultation another clinic in Sat next 16th April and i know they go as far as 8mm and are only charging €1714 for both eyes for lasik treatment. I was very disappointed today and am definately going ahead with it once i get the go ahead. Does anyone know the normal cut off point for surgeries re: measure of pupil??

Anonymous - 11/04/2005 14:36

Conor, I had lasik done 11 days ago.I have been a glasses wearer for the past 18 years with a prescription of -3.25 & an astigmatism in both eyes. My vision is now 20/20 (even slightly better in one eye!)I had a thorough consultation at which all the pros & cons were fully explained.I went ahead with the surgery 2 days later & have been amazed by the results. My eyes can be a bit dry at times (I work in an air conditioned office)& there is a little glare with very bright lights,but this should pass after a couple of weeks.Based on my own experience I would recommend anyone to go for this procedure, my only regret is that I didnt do it years ago!!

Andrea(HWT27215) - 13/04/2005 19:06

Martina(YKU17851) I have made an initial consultation appt with the clinic you suggested and I\'m glad you recommend them (although after reading all the negative comments I\'m not so sure I should go ahead, although, to be fair, I had no idea so many things could go wrong!!)But can I ask you what your prescription was & how much it cost please? I\'m myopic -3.50 in both eyes. Thks

Anonymous - 19/04/2005 18:47

I,ve had my intial consultation and I'm not suitable for LASIK as although everything else is ok I have a mild form of dry eyes (which I didn't even know I suffered from!!)therefore the clinic are recommending LASEK instead at a cost of £1650 for both eyes. Does LASEK carry the same sort of complications as LASIK? I know the recovery time is slower and it is more painful. But I hope I'm doing the right thing !!

Aisling(NBW25878) - 24/04/2005 21:40

Hi guys after been rejected for the second time due to a problem in relation to the thickness of my cornea i am so so down hearted. If anyone can shed any light for me please please do

Anonymous - 09/05/2005 16:31

nobody is really commenting on LASEK treatment, i would like to know of people who have lasek in ireland and if it is riskier than lasik. i know loads of people who have got lasik done and everyone has a success story, why has noone really had lasek done?? i do know it is more painful and longer recovery period....which suggests to me risker!! help! as it is LASEK i'm suitable for!

Anonymous - 10/05/2005 15:03

Going for my assessment for Lazer surgery to Blackrock next week - will they test or can they test for dry eye. Kate

Anonymous - 15/05/2005 13:38

hi i had laser eye surgey last week in a clinic called optilase which is city centre of dublin. i have to say i was very nervous getting the operation done but the surgeon made me feel so comforting. i definately recommend this place to anyone plus i only paid 995 per eye.

phillip(EXE28551) - 16/05/2005 20:42

where exactly is optilase laser eye clinic?been hearing very good comments about it.U only paid 995 per eye.Dats a bit of a bargain.anychance i could get the number if you have thanks phillip

Anonymous - 19/05/2005 14:24

I was severley short sighted so i opted for Epi-Lasik treatment.I'm delighted with the results.My eyes are a little bit dry but its great not having to torture my eyes with contact lenses anymore. I can go on holidays and enjoy swimming and being on the beach. No more afraid of the sand getting on my lenses or water in my eyes. I'm a new person.

Anonymous - 20/05/2005 10:51

I wouldn't take chances with my eyes. If you were going to jump out of a plane with a parachute, would you buy the cheapest or the best parachute? I don't know how people can think of their eyes any differently. Go with the best. I had mine at the Wellington Clinic and have never looked back. They're the most experienced in Ireland and I have only ever heard good reports about them. Cannot fault the care and service before and after - absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous - 20/05/2005 13:29

I find it hard to believe people would have surgery without checking out the side affects/pros/cons properly. I had lazer eye surgery and my consultant went through everything with me, i spoke with people and checked out websites before i went ahead. I recommend going to a well known clinic and DONT look for the cheapest offer availabe. My surgeon was great and a year and a half later i still have check ups to make sure all is still ok.

Anonymous - 20/05/2005 15:36

I had lasik Surgery 4 weeks ago. I have been wearing glasses & contact lenses for nearly 20 years and I have very bad eyesight -7.25, my eyes are alittle dry but the vision is very good. My left eye is alittle better than my right eye and the clinic said it shall take afew weeks to settle down before the final result is achieved. Has anyone else had this, I feel that I may need an enhancement in my right eye to bring it up to match my left eye, i might be jumping the gun here and it might balance out. Would love to hear anyone else\'s experiences.

Anonymous - 20/05/2005 17:28

I had Bi-Lateral LASEK done 5th May at the Advanced Laser Eye Clinic Lisburn Rd Belfast. It was the weirdest feeling but total painless until the local had worn off then my eyes were sore for a couple of hours after but I took a sleeping tablet and went to bed, when I woke up the pain had gone. I was only left with dryness which eases each day and the drops that are provided help. I could not work or drive for at least 12 days and only went back to work on 12th May 14 days after surgery. It took at least 10-12 days before my vision started to settle. Now my vision is almost perfect and it keeps getting better each day. Yes LASEK is more painful and the recovery tome is a lot longer but I can honestly say that I would do it again as the risks seem less than with LASIK. I read up on everything I could lay my hands on prior to surgery and was aware that recovery and full clear vision can take anyware between 3 days to 5 weeks!! Even so I didn't think I would need the full two weeks off work. So be prepared if you're going for LASEK that you may not be ok after 5 days! The Clinic was fantastic and reassured me each time I rang for support!!

Anonymous - 21/05/2005 01:00

having read the vast majority of the letters concerning the problem associated with , (dry eye,), i would recommend that vitamin, C, buffered with calcium,. is taken orally, 2GRAMS 4TIMES, daily,(eg over 24 hours)and adjust as necessary on an ongoing basis, and would like any feed back on the recommdation,

Anonymous - 21/05/2005 01:17

dry eye, seems to be a problem , i would recommend VITMAIN C, 2GRAMS , 4 TIMES DAILY, (EG, OVER 24 HOURS, ), any feed back, please,

Maeve(mayoabu) - 23/05/2005 16:24

Its almost 6 weeks since I completed the Lasik treatment in the Mater and I have to say that the pro's and cons were very clearly explained to me, I was told that I was most likely going to suffer from Dry eye as my eyes weren't particularly lubricated, but I made the informed decision to proceed with it, and I am absolutely delighted with the results, I did suffer from dry eye initially but now I don't need any drops at all and am so happy with my 20/20 vision. I would say that it is extremely important to nvestigate all aspects of the surgery before proceeding, but for the most part it seems to have a very high success rate

Anonymous - 24/05/2005 12:49

going for a check in optilase eye clinic to see if i can get the operation done.seemingly they have be 100%sure or they wont do the surgery.hopefully i will be approved. sick and tired of wearing glasses.

Yvonne(LSD28924) - 24/05/2005 14:52

Could the person who got the laser eye treatment done in optilase eye clinic ely place let me know how they are getting on my e mail address is, please email me directly, I would be grateful for any information as I have an appointment on sat to see if I am suitable for the treatment. thanks a million

Anonymous - 24/05/2005 16:04

hey phillip sry only wb now optilase is on ely place in dublin city centre.

Mary(DEB28903) - 26/05/2005 21:22

I just found out that I am one month pregant and I am due to have the Lasik on june 17th. I will be roughly 1 and a half months by then can I still go ahead as I really want to. Also I have been approved for Lasik and Lasak which would anyone recommend?. I am having the surgery in the mater private any experiences from there? Thanks Mary

Anonymous - 27/05/2005 12:08

Mary, Congradulations on your pregnancy. I was told by the Wellington Clinic that if I was pregnant I could not have surgery as your eyes are not as stable (?) if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Maybe leave it till after the birth.

Ceire(SVM28418) - 27/05/2005 15:37

I would just like to say that i would love to have the surgery done i have been told by my optician many time i have the perfect eyes to get this done unfortunatley i dont have almost 5,000euro to spend i am a medical card holder im only 26 i could never afford it. Does anyone know if they do any sort of schemes for people who are not as well off?

Anonymous - 28/05/2005 22:25

hey ceire if u dont have have the money seemingly u can pay installments over a year plus in some places .i dont think there there is any sort of schemes for people eho are less well off but i defo think there should be

Ceire(SVM28418) - 30/05/2005 13:12

i must look into it thanks very much. If i find out i will post it on the site to let other people know!

Anonymous - 02/06/2005 15:23

Thank you Margaret&all for the info/stories.I was looking for info on the ely clinic. My brother has an appointment with them so I said i\\\'d research a bit for him..I can\\\'t find anything about them online, either a website of their own or any references to its existence except perhaps this page. If ppl have had surgery here, pls let us all know how you got on. I\\\'m a candidate myself with very strong near-sightedness (-10.75/-9.75 astygmatic) although in recent times I\\\'ve been lucky enough to be able to use contacts with no problems - god how i hate glasses now!! I had previously looked up info on eye surgery when I had only glasses and found the wellington clinic which seems very open,very experienced&has the latest technology. I would say I/my brother will consult with them as we would both be high-risk enough (going by the info posted here) without picking an unknown surgeon from an unknown clinic.

Lee(YGY29657) - 03/06/2005 14:47

hi i recently saw an eye surgeon who recommended that i get epi-lasek instead of lasik due to my dry eyes. Has anyone ever had that done?? feeling a bit apprehensive!

Anonymous - 03/06/2005 19:47

hey to the person looking for info on the ely clinic wud certintly recommend it like yourself i did my research about the surgeons are well qualified with one of them who has operated on 4000 eyes

Anonymous - 03/06/2005 20:26

i been looking to get laser eye surgery for the last few weeks iv done my research on all places doing the surgery and from my research optilase on ely place and the wellington clinic seem the business. i just have to decide which one?my friend is getting it done in optilase so i will see how she gets on and then hopefully i decide. will let u know where i will go and how will i get on.

phillip(EXE28551) - 05/06/2005 10:35

hi i went for a consultation in optilase eye clinic in the city centre of dublin. To my satisfaction i got approved and getting the operation in one month. they clearly explained all the pros and cons of the surgery.wud recommend this place from wat i see but will see how the surgery goes.

jean(PTS29775) - 07/06/2005 15:58

I've weighed up the pros and cons and am going to the Blackrock clinic in a few weeks for an assessment to see if I'm a suitable candidate.I was told not to wear my contact lenses 1 week before this consultation. I'm aware this is necessary before the actual surgery but was anyone else told this for the assessment and is it really necessary?(I never wear glasses if possible)Also I'm so nervous about the whole surgery,do they offer a sedative, valium etc..before the surgery?

Anonymous - 08/06/2005 09:09

Thanks for the replies about ely clinic! jean - You're not supposed to wear contact lenses for a week, preferably two weeks, before your consultation. The reason is that contact lenses impact the shape of your cornea / the musculature of your eye, from what I understand. So to ensure that your eyes are in their "natural state" you are requested not to wear contacts - you do not want any incorrect eye measurements at your consultation/surgery! I don't know about dosing patients with valium, I don't think it's done??

Anonymous - 08/06/2005 13:03

Hi Jean, I\'m going to Blackrock next week for my laser consultation, I\'ll ask about the sedatives etc and let you know! Do they do anything scary at the consultation?

Anonymous - 08/06/2005 14:36

Hi Jean, Im getting lazer on monday next in the Blackrock. Very thorough assessment. They do give you a valium to help you . Can't say Im not concerned but I have wanted to have it done for years and its now or never as Im getting to the stage of needing two pairs of glasses.

Anonymous - 08/06/2005 16:02

I had laser eye surgery 7 weeks ago in the Wellington Clinic and they gave me Valuim - you take 1 the night before surgery, take 1 morning of surgery and 1 just before operation. I was given sleeping tablets so when I went home after the surgery I would get a good restful nights sleep (to help the flaps heal). The surgery is not as bad as you think and it is over really quickly. I was so drained for a few days afterwards and all i wanted to do was sleep (which i did!!)

Anonymous - 09/06/2005 15:07

It is recommended to take Flax seed Oil capsules twice a day and drink 2 litres of water daily to help relieve dry eyes.

Emma(LFK29929) - 10/06/2005 23:15

I went for laser eye consultation today and found out due to large pupils and thin cornea i am only suitable for lasek(epi-laser) does anyone have info on this?

Anonymous - 13/06/2005 22:05

I had Lasek done at the Wellington Laser Clinic. I did my homework and came to the conclusion that this was the place for me. They are one of the most experienced clinics in Europe and do all forms of refractive surgery. This gave me the confidence that they would do what I am most suitable for.After the evaluation thay suggested Lasek and even though it hurt a bit for a couple of days it is the best thing I have EVER had!! I am delighted with the result and cannot recommend it or them highly enough

Emma(LFK29929) - 14/06/2005 13:57

I have concerns that lasek procedure has not been FDA approved. Would you mind disclosing how much the surgery cost, i know it varies from person to person, but a ball park figure would be great?

Anonymous - 14/06/2005 16:37

hey there all, I’ve been thinking about having eye surgery for some time and would have to recommend to others that you do a lot of research beforehand and find out about the different procedures that are on offer. There seem to be so many around and some of the clinics that i checked out seem to be still offering procedures that in other clinics have been superseded by more advanced procedures. I did a lot of background reading and visited a number before settling on the Wellington Eye Clinic. I was nervous about the "high-street" type of clinics that I saw in England and the North, where it was almost like "get-your-eyes-done-over your-lunch-break" type of thing, and I felt more reassured that it is owned and run by a group of surgeons. I had read about people going to get cosmetic and eye surgery for cut price rates in far-away places, but again i had to ask myself about aftercare and potentially having to go back for check-ups and the like if anything goes wrong. You also have to bear in mind that you get what you pay for and nowhere is that more important that for surgical procedures that you are going to have carried out on yourself so it was thanks but no thanks for that option as well. Also you’re able to claim the tax back at the end of the year so it's not as steep as it may appear at first, especially when I think of all I’ve spent on contacts and glasses over the years. So, I’ve had an assessment for surgery at the Wellington and will be having my surgery in the coming weeks. The assessment was very thorough, all the risks and complications were explained and I feel confidant that all going well, I’ll get a good result. Three friends and some acquaintances have had it done also and everyone one of them has had a good result, so here’s hoping I’ll be another. i'd stress again though to be sure that you've checked everything out beforehand so that you decision is as informed as it can be.

Anonymous - 15/06/2005 21:45

Lasek costs 2050 Euro per eye. It is tax detuctable so it works out less. Dr Cummings told me that Lasek was simply a modern variation of PRK and that PRK has been around for many years - more than 10 as far as I know

Anonymous - 16/06/2005 18:06

I would like to check out the obtilase eye clinic myself. However, the directory inquiry could not provide me with a phone number and there seems to be no website available. I'd be grateful for any information about the clinic and your experience. Please email directly to

Anonymous - 17/06/2005 10:11

I think Optilase is listed as The Ely Clinic. Could someone who\'s had the surgery let us know how they got on?

Anonymous - 18/06/2005 13:26

hi i got it done in optilase in the ely clinic. i got it done last week and have to say was very impressed by the place and the surgeon. the operation was a great success and i am already reaping the benifits

Anonymous - 20/06/2005 12:11

In doing a detailed investigation of one clinic I was considering, I wasn\'t comfortable meeting the surgeon on the day of the procedure. I understand an optometrist performs the initial evaluation and the surgeon has a chat with you before the procedure. If they are only available on the day of the procedure who\'s going to address any complications; might they occur. And after reading through this discussion it looks like they do occur and can be quite serious.

Anonymous - 20/06/2005 15:19

My experience is as follows: I went to a clinic for an evaluation, and was told that I would qualify for Lasik treatment. Their 995 per eye went up to 1500 per eye if you went with a particular type of Lasik treatment, which increased the chances of getting 100% success rate, as it is customised for your eyes. I felt that they weren\'t experienced enough, didn\'t have the history, and that if I was spending 3k, I mights as well spend 4k, with a company with more experience. I made an appointment with a more established clinic, and they picked up on a tear in my retina, which would need to be operated on, before I could proceed with Lasik. The clinic will organise the complete treatment of this tear for me. I felt that this should have been picked up by the people at the first clinic. I will go ahead with the Lasik, after the retina issue has been resloved, but I will be going with someone other than the first clinic I tried. \"If you buy cheap, you buy twice.\"

Anonymous - 21/06/2005 13:35

Just wondered how long it generally takes to get an appointment with the Wellington Clinic? Once you have your initial consultation, do you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can have Lasik? Also on website, cost is stated as €2050 to €2200 per eye - is this with excimer laser or wavefront? Does wavefront cost extra? I presume with Med 1 form you can claim back tax at the highest rate you pay, i.e. 42%? Thanks

Anonymous - 26/06/2005 15:17

hey i dont know how lomg it takes to get an appoitment at the Wellington but you will be paying more to get wavefront done. as far as I know wavefront is a safer procedure.

kathryn(PTF28425) - 28/06/2005 13:09

Hi all, had my laser surgery on June 13 at a private hospital in South Dublin All went great can see clearly without glasses for the first time in 30 plus years. Very close vision (signing visa receipts etc) is not great this may improve over time but as I had to wear glasses for reading im not overly bothered - I went from minus 7 to plus 1.25. I was very worried but the valium helped also the surgon talked to me throughout the procedure and that also helps to keep you calm. For me it was worth the risk (which I minimised by doing my research, talking to my optician and selecting an experienced and well known surgeon.) Money cannot be a factor in dealing with something as precious as your sight. I followed the after care procedures my surgeon specified and to date (2 wks) I have no problems. Good luck to anyone going for it.

Andrea(HWT27215) - 30/06/2005 15:54

I had LASEK done 8 weeks ago, and went from -3.75 to almost perfect vision. I then went for a check up yesterday as I felt my eyes were regressing and I have been told I am now -0.75 and need glasses for driving in low light/dusk & nightime!! According to my surgeon this can happen. I'm to be reviewed in another 8 weeks as they may re-do the LASEK in one eye if it dosen't get better. Has this happened to anyone else and is this normal??

Anonymous - 01/07/2005 11:29

I am due to go to Wellington Clinic for initial consultation. Is it better to have surgery done separately or on both eyes on the same day?

carmel(XGB31096) - 06/07/2005 14:03

hi, im interested in laser surgery but want to know if im a good candidate, could anyone advise me? im 21 with -6.5-7 prescription, and wear daily contacts.

Emma(LFK29929) - 06/07/2005 22:59

Carmel, my advice is to go to a clinic for a formal assesment, everybody is different and candidate criteria vary with the different surgeries. Also you should wear only glasses a few days prior to the appointment-but they will tell you that when you make it.

Anonymous - 07/07/2005 13:42

As Emma said, they can only tell if you are a good candidate for surgery after you go for initial consultation. Aside from your prescription, size of pupils and corneal thickness are very important in determining whether you are suitable.

Anonymous - 11/07/2005 13:15

I had a consultation and was told that based on my precription and corneal thickness, I'm not suitable for LASIK but am for LASEK. The procedure sounds better in so far as less things can go wrong, but am not too keen on being able to see what's happening as it happens and the longer recovery time. I was told that after 5 days, I should have 80% vision and after a month it should be as near perfect as it will get (although there's a small chance an enhancement might be needed). What worried me was the glare aspect i.e. with laser as a common rule of thumb, per diopter it takes a month for the glare to reduce to pre-op state. Can you still drive at night? Anyone any experience of LASEK?

Andrea(HWT27215) - 11/07/2005 18:39

Hi Anonymous. I had Lasek done over 9 weeks ago (see my previous post 30/6 @ 15.54 and there is another one on 20/5 @ 17.28). It doesn't matter whether you opt for LASIK or LASEK you will have to be awake. It can be a bit disconcerting but it is only for a short time (I had taken a Valium and it helps relax you!!). On your other concern, Glare during the day was a problem for the first month but I got a good pair of sunglasses and wore these even when it was raining!! But I don't have that problem now, just when there's bright sunshine and the sunglasses take care of that. I haven't driven in total darkness yet as the nights are so light but I do need glasses again now even in low light and glare doesn't seem to be a problem. Although I will need an enhancement in Sept I'm still glad I went through with LASEK. Hope this helps you.

Anonymous - 12/07/2005 12:24

Thanks Andrea! From what I understood, with Lasik your vision can go when the suction goes on, so I liked the idea of not seeing it all happen! This doesn't apply with Lasek. Thanks for the info, my prescription is similar to yours and just to be able to get up and not reach for glasses sounds so appealing. I drive a lot so I was worried that it might make it very difficult at have reassured me though. I'll be going for one eye at a time, as I can't afford to take too long off work and as I'm on PCs all day I need reasonable vision (even if only through one eye for a week or two). Thanks again!

Shauna(XZH31335) - 12/07/2005 12:43

I am considering getting laser surgery on my eyes. Does any one know if there is a clinic in Mullingar that performs this surgery and if so has anyone had the procedure there? Also could anyone give me their opinion on the Optilase Clinic in Dublin?

Anonymous - 12/07/2005 16:39

Haven't heard of anywhere in Mullingar, there are clinics in Dublin (Wellington Clinic, Beacon, Mater Private, Blackrock Clinic, Optilase), Belfast (All Clear and Advanced Laser) and clinics related to All Clear in Waterford and Cork. It seems that the cheaper clinics tend to treat a narrower range of clients. Go on reputation, transparency and quality not price. It is tax deductable. Also bear in mind that you will probably need glasses after age 40, so if approaching this age they may suggest monovision. Read up on it before getting a consultation if you can.

Yvonne(LSD28924) - 13/07/2005 10:59

Hi got laser eye treatment doen in optilase eye clinic last wednesday 06.07.05, and I must say I am delighted with my decision. the treatment was not painful but it was uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards, one week on I am back at work and driving with no problems, thank god, good luck to anyone thinking of getting this done.

Anonymous - 16/07/2005 11:12

hi Yvonne i am justing wondering was the operaion painful. am going for a consultation at optilase on tuesday.

Yvonne(LSD28924) - 19/07/2005 11:57

Hi, No the operation itself was painless, it was a bit uncomfortable for a few days afterwards. I am nearly two weeks over the operation and it is great. good luck if you get it done

Anonymous - 19/07/2005 13:26

I know this sounds like a strange question, but did anyone get certified sick leave when they went for laser? Would surgeon give a doctors note to get out of work for a couple of days or do people take holidays? I know that some people reckon its a cosmetic procedure and for that reason I don't know whether it's worth trying to get time off certified sick leave. I think it's more a quality of life thing.

David(PBF31870) - 23/07/2005 11:50

Im going for a consultation in the Mater Private in Dublin next week? Does anyone know which clinic performs eye surgery using the new wavefront technology as it seems a really good option? Which clinic/surgeon would anyone strongly recommend? Your reply would be really appreciated as i'm a bit aprehensive about eye surgery. Thanks, David

Anonymous - 26/07/2005 09:32

David, the Wellington Clinic has wavefront (Mater accredited doctors) but it's not suitable for all people. It's often used as an enhancement so they go for regular Lasik first. In the end I wasn't suitable for Lasik, so am going to have Lasek.

Anonymous - 04/08/2005 20:49

Recently had 2 friends who has Lasik at Ely place, Dublin...fantastic result with superb aftercare and they were charged half (less than 1000 Euro per eye) what they would have paid at so called 'better' established clinics/hospitals in convinced these clinics/hospitals deliberately try to persuade people that they have the only reputable lasik surgeons in Ireland....what a rip-off...astounded that nobody has yet cottened on to their blatant abuse of patients fears stating that by only paying double the price will U get success....

Paul(CLM32558) - 08/08/2005 12:05

Warning to future patients: problems, cataract, light diffraction, night vision, reading I had my laser corrective surgery in 1995. The first five years were great, no problems, near perfect vision. Over the next five years I had more and more diffractions in night situations, particularly problematic when driving at night. Also at this time I found I started to have to use reading glasses, previously I never had any problems with short distance vision. In 2004, i.e. nine years after my surgery, I develop a cataract. My doctor tells me that I am far too young to have a cataract and that the cataract is particularly fast growing one. Beware of the promises! They will not get your eyesight back when it goes wrong only a few short years later.

Anonymous - 12/08/2005 12:44

has anyone got the surgery done in Waterford,if so what was it like

Anonymous - 12/08/2005 15:14

I got my eyes done 4 weeks ago in the Blackrock Clinic, absolutely delighted with the results. The surgeon will give you a sick note for up to 3 days. I was back driving the day after getting the surgery. It is worth every penny.

Anne(ristina) - 16/08/2005 13:28

I had both my eyes done in July 2003 and was delighted with them How ever Three weeks ago i notice I was under presure when reading and my eyes were quite dry. On a return visit to a well known dublin clinic I am now told i will need enchachment on both eyes. At a extra cost of 2000.00 euros I feel cheated. I was made aware that I would need reading glasses at the age of 43 and above I am now only 40 years of age. 6200.00 in two years for my eyes Any Sugessition Ristina

Anonymous - 17/08/2005 20:20

Know what U mean Anne....bit of a nightmare spending 6.2k in just 2 years & still maybe have probs...must say I agree with that person above who feels that some of the self-appointed 'best' clinics in dublin feel they can get away with charging crazy fees...also heard from a person about that ely clinic who was there & perfect result at less than 1/2 the cost...

colin(FCO33223) - 20/08/2005 07:55

Is there a type of insurance one can take out on eye surgery if god forbid your eye sight was worse and you got dry eye or starburst etc you ccould end up losing your driving licence Thanks Colin

Anonymous - 20/08/2005 20:52

i recently had laser eye surgery in optilase laser eye clinic in Dublin and have to say i wud highly recommend this place.Not only did i pay 995euro per eye but the surgeons were truely professional.

Anonymous - 30/08/2005 20:22

I have just undergone Lasik on both eyes and, although for the first few days everything seemed fine, I now have sore, gritty eyes and not great vision - although if I was asked I could probably read a chart quite well. Is this just the settling down of my eyes after the surgery - does it take several weeks to finalise - or if I am suffering this now, is it permanent? Is there anyone who can advise me? I signed the consent form and have no legal comeback, but that is not what is worrying me. If I have voluntarily thrown away my vision, I will be devastated.

Anonymous - 01/09/2005 18:07

I see the Wellington Eye Clinic is providing a lifetime warranty for their laser surgery. I don't know of any other clinic that offers this. I also heard of patients who had their eyes treated by the cheap clinics and when they went back for their follow-up visits, found the clinic had shut down. Makes you think..

phillip(EXE28551) - 03/09/2005 20:55

i got laser eye surgery in optilase laser eye clinic in Dublin and they also give a lifetime warranty and i paid 995 per eye. wud recommend laser eye surgery to anyone

Anne(ristina) - 05/09/2005 15:46

I had my eyes done 2 Years ago I now need futher enchachment on both eyes It will now cost 1000.00 and then i will have a life time warranty.What is the defiction of a life time warranaty, Because once you reach 43 years of age natutral detration ocours and we will need glass for reading at this point. as we all singed the paper work for this . I do not see yhis as a life time warranty. by the end of september I will have paid a total of 5200.00 for my eyes. I think i will just go back to wearing glasses as contacts for me at this stage with dry eye will not be of much comfort.

Anonymous - 06/09/2005 12:08

Hi. Am considering having eye surgery. -6 in both eyes and wearing glasses since 13. Now 33. Am really struggling to make the decision as I have read so much on this site that has made me think twice. Not really bothered with wearing glasses, more of a hassle then anything else with swimming, rain, and I suppose a cosmetic thing to be honest. Anyway, my 3 year old son recently had eye surgery the in Mater Private and I\\\'m contemplating going to his doctor. Have to say he was brilliant in correcting my son\\\'s eye problem and feel very confident with him. Optilase in Ely Place also seem excellent but just not around that long and wondering if the older and more experienced people would be better. Would appreciate any assistance. Thanks. Anita.

Anonymous - 06/09/2005 18:19

Think very seriously. Once done, it cannot be undone. Get two opinions. Spend what it takes. This is your eyesight. I had it done two weeks ago and found it very traumatic, although not particularly painful. My vision is still not perfect although I am assured it will be.

Anonymous - 07/09/2005 13:21

I had laser eye surgery in 2004. I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. I work in a air conditioned environment which can be drying on the skin and eyes however I have not had any problems with dry eyes. One year on and my vision is almost perfect with no starbust effect at night. If I had one suggestion it would be that patients should be given their prescription before the surgery so that they could get all of the drops required before the procedure or provide them as part of the overall service. Imagine trying to fill a prescription with two patches over your eyes?

Anonymous - 07/09/2005 14:18

hey annita i got my eyes done in optilase laser eye surgery and like yourself i wasnt sure where to go so i did some research.i end up choosing optilase because not only were they half the price but the surgeons were well qualified with one of the surgeons operated on 4000 eyes. any way best of luck with the surgery

Anonymous - 07/09/2005 21:16

am thinking of getting eye surgery by end of year, a few of my friends have got it done over the years and they have nothing but high praise (Various clinics and locations) am a bit concerned though as i am 4.75 in both eyes, but i have several floaters in both eyes, left eye in particular has more and tends to be dry, especially when i wear contacts for a long period my optician recommended that i wear contacts for max 8 hrs on alternative days am a bit nervous after reading stories of dry eyes and worse - anyone enlighten me further? many thanks

Anonymous - 08/09/2005 10:33

My friend got hers done in the Blackrock Clinic and it was a great success. Not cheap but what price would you put on you eyesight. The first eye went very well - took a week to heal. Second I was slightly painful and took a little longer to heal but she\'s delighted wiht the result. She was myopic -8 in both eyes. I however am squemish and would not consider it. I\'m -4 and wear contacts most of the time.

Anonymous - 08/09/2005 13:57

What the posts on this board show is that the vast majority of people have good results from Lasik. A small minority don't, however. The question that poses for every person considering surgery is, "Do I feel lucky?". When the "stake" at risk is your eyesight, you really need nerves of steel to go ahead. That and the best possible medical advice.

Geoff(MQI34265) - 08/09/2005 21:41

I just had Lasek Wavefront surgery at Optilase/Ely Clinic in Dublin. So far so good - very painful for the first 3 days after surgery then the pain subsides a little. Immediately after surgery I would guess my vision went from a -3 to a -1. My vision is now improving every day so would expect to be 20/20 in a week or so which is pretty much what they predict. Found the staff at Optilase to be very professional and looked after me well so I would have no problems recommending them to anyone.

Anonymous - 14/09/2005 00:20

Hi all, I am thinking of travelling to France to have Lasik done. Has anyone been to Clinique de Lambersart in Belguim to have this procedure done ?

Anonymous - 14/09/2005 12:12

why are you travelling to france to get lasik done?

Anonymous - 14/09/2005 17:11

It is a lot cheaper to go to France. I get both eyes done for E2550.

Anonymous - 16/09/2005 15:15

there is a place in Dublin called optilase which does it for 995euro per eye. maybe you should look into dat will save you from travelling to france

Glenn(QKN34827) - 20/09/2005 17:46

I like to think myself as safe sane but I\'d rob a bank before gettin eye laser surgery done. Even if I wanted it done I still would have to rob a bank! You can\'t really get just the 1 eye done if they\'re both bad. Would they not do a 2 for 1 offer? }=) I Had to wear glasses since an early teenager through the years I had to wear glasses... I spent from the startin age of 11 to 17, being a vain little twerp goin round blind as a pink-eyed bat with shades on coz I didn\'t wanna look like a \'nerd\'. It has bound to have some slight negative impact on my eyes over that time. When I was 18 I discovered contact lenses. The type you clean with solution every day take them out put in a case. Then at 20 I got my hands on 30 Day Disposables which you can leave in constantly obviously for 30 days then dispose.. you cd even sleep with these guys in not to mention the better hygiene-safety factor of the latter. The age of 22 introduced me to Daily Disposables. I haven\'t looked back since (pun there).. for me these give me security knowledge that I won\'t get an eye infection or blindness due to it. They are the safest & cleanest method of contact lenses in my view.. (pun there). They have come down greatly in price because my eyes are the same strength I can pick up a monthly box for 17 Euro. I still wear my glasses from time to time I\'ve been told they do more for my face with them on... not that I\'m ugly! Back to the surgery though.. end of the day, it\'s your eyes they are the most precious irreplaceable gift that your body can acquire. LOOK into the crystal ball for YOUR Laser outcome... if you dare! (Glenn, 25 Dublin).

Anonymous - 20/09/2005 17:54

Glenn, I ahve to agree with you. too waer lenses - daily disp. I would go to jail quicker than let someone burn a hole in my cornea with a laser. That said, a friend of mine goit it done oin the blackrock clinic and it cost £3,000 but she is absolutely delighted wiht the outcome

Anonymous - 20/09/2005 18:16

What a ridiculous, pointless and not even slightly amusing post. Who cares about your eye sight history? What's that got to do with having or not having Laser surgery??!!

Anonymous - 21/09/2005 11:42

18.16, it is you who is being ridiculous in your post, I'm afraid. Eyesight history is EXTREMELY relevant to whether or not you are suitable for laser surgery.

Glenn(QKN34827) - 21/09/2005 12:45

Cheers 11:42... to answer your question 18:16, the point Im getting across with my eyesight history is that no matter what my hardships of changing form glasses & lenses over the years & going around partially blind in my younger past, would still not persude me in getting the 'Hit & Miss Procedure' that is called Laser Eye Surgery done. I don't see how that's made my post ridiculous & pointless. My humour was includin in parts to follow the same humour left by other posts before me. So what's your story? Is it inSIGHTful like mine??

Anonymous - 21/09/2005 14:01

To 20:22 I had my eyes done in a well-known Dublin private clinic and as part of the after care service I can contact them as often as i like for free for the first year. I dont understand why you have not been back to your surgeon for a check up on your sysmtons. In saying this my surgeon said to expect changes to ocur for up to 6 months after surgery. It may be part of the healing process but would advise you to have a check up asap. On lifetime gurantees - over a certain age eyes change and reading glasses may be required - Im not aware of any eye surgery today that can prevent this natural physical change to our eyes.

Suzanne(PPQ30680) - 26/09/2005 16:49

I had laser surgery - lasik done 2 years ago in the Wellington Eye Clinic. They were absolutely fantastic - my eyesight was -4.5 and it is better than 20/20 now. I was given valium before the procedure which helped and sleeping tablets to take afterwards. My boyfriend is thinking about getting it done in Optilase, Ely Place - would anyone recommend it - or not?!

Anonymous - 27/09/2005 23:17

hi suzannei had surgery in optilase 2 months ago wud recommend the place.found the staff really helpful and the operation was a huge sucesss.hope all goes well with hin

Anonymous - 28/09/2005 10:03

hey suzanne i had laser eye surgery in optilase one month ago.would definately recommend it.found the staff very professional and the operation was a great sucess.anyway hope all goes well with your boyfriend

Suzanne(PPQ30680) - 28/09/2005 11:43

Thats brilliant thanks a million. I feel more confident about it now, il tell him to go ahead!!

Anonymous - 28/09/2005 12:21

11:42 - Your statement about eyesight history being important to having Laser Surgery is an obvious one. I dont appreciate our 'friend' Glenn coming on here and slagging off laser surgery. I had it done recently and had great results. I'm sure there are loads of people been put off just by this guy's comments alone - so to go back to my original post his boring story has no real benefit to people who are trying to make a decison on having the procedure. And Glenn if your reading this - laser surgery is not 'hit n' miss' by any means - in fact 90% of all surgerys go off without any hitches at all or side effects. Get your facts straight before coming on here and scare monging.

Anonymous - 28/09/2005 12:37

12.21, I don't believe Glenn was slaggign off laser surgery just giving an opinion. And I think his story was of great benefit for those making a decison. Afterall, if only 90% of surgery goes of without hitches - that means one in 10 have problems. Would you not call this hit and miss - I cetainly would. Would you get on a plane if every 10th one encountered problems when flying

Anonymous - 28/09/2005 13:59

To sum up all of these posts we can ascertain the following:If your having Lasik surgery then there is a chance you could have some sort of problem whether its a vision problem or simply dry eye however if your having Lasek surgery then chances are you may not have a problem and in a week you will be right as rain. Botton line is the more invasive the procedure the riskier it becomes. For the record I had Lasek surgery and now have 20/20 vision with no side effects.

Anonymous - 29/09/2005 13:36

I had lasek just over a month ago (eyes done separately). Having been a glasses wearer for 15 years and contacts wearer for 11, I was finding that my eyes wouln't tolerate lenses every day anymore. Decided that with the cost being tax deductable, not having to worry about steamed up glasses and uncomfortable dailies that I would go for surgery (eventhough it scared the hell out of me). A month on, one eye still recovering (the last one), slight problems with the first...but I would still do it again eventhough I may have to go for follow up procedure depending on how the next couple of months play out. There is never a lifetime guarantee as your eye ball changes and you become presbyopic the older you get (42-45). In the end I went to a clinic that cost over €4k for two eyes, but was more comfortable doing it where I knew they'd a great reputation than risking it on someone that had only come on to the market in the past 6 months. The clinic I went to ran tests on me for two hours (I felt like some guinea pig) before agreeing I was definitely a candidate and I've had no problem with dry eye since. Glare is often a problem initially (depending on how high your prescription is) but I'm finding that it lessens and I'm fine to drive at night. I'd recommend it highly but no procedure is without risk and reputation of the surgeons is important.

Anonymous - 30/09/2005 17:41

The funny thing is, I have heard of the exact opposite experience; I have 4 friends who had lasik with 2 going to a clinic that charged in excess of 4K with the other 2 going to one that charged less than half that....guess what; both of the former experienced severe side-effects with the latter zero problems! - I (& my friends) really think it's a complete rip-off by the so-called 'better' clinics....& in this case, even worse by playing on people's health fears that unless they pay double, they will end up with an amateurish job...pathetic....even worse I suppose that people believe them...

Glenn(QKN34827) - 04/10/2005 19:21

11:42... as I've pointed out in my other post my sight history was relevant in conjuction with the tolerance level I have felt in still not feeling comfortable with having eye surgery performed on me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great invention/procedure & I'd have it done at the blink of an eye IF results were 100% positive.. & risks were at 0%... it's your eyes afterall. We're not talkin bout hair removal.

Anonymous - 05/10/2005 13:47

30/03 at 17.41. I posted immediately before you. I don't think it pathetic that people go and pay extra to go with a reputable firm. In my case, I looked up the only cheap Dublin clinic and they didn't even have a website, let alone a phone number in the book earlier this summer...maybe now they have a reputation but they certainly didn't then as earlier posts here will support. I know of one person that went cheap up North to find that they are still midly short sighted but can't have procedure again as their corneas are too thin (so should've had lasek). While happy with the improvement, their vision is still not 100%. I know of another person that had cheap surgery in the UK and wound up with severe infection, still needing glasses. It's up to you who you choose to go with, but given your sight is so precious, would you risk it? Cost isn't really a factor, reputation is. Obviously, you know 4'd go where you have heard the surgery works. But were their situations all the same? The likelihood of the procedure not being 100% is increased by higher prescription and astigmatism. Also, I had Lasek which is a different procedure to Lasik and it tends to be safer...but more painful and slower recovery.

Anonymous - 05/10/2005 14:09

I\'m 13.36 on 30/10....VIVAS health is now covering laser eye at optilase on their medical plans. Hopefully others will follow suit...too late for me!

Anonymous - 05/10/2005 14:40

Why do VIVAS health not cover the operation at other centres or hosptals. Surely this is favouritism and anti-competitive.

Anonymous - 05/10/2005 15:20

It's hardly favouritism - maybe they just struck the best deal with Optilase. All insurers have certain procedures that they will only allow to be carried out in a few select places.

phillip(EXE28551) - 05/10/2005 21:27

I think that it is brilliant that Vivas health is insuring people who get laser eye surgery at optilase. it means people can get laser eye surgery as little as 1100euro for two eyes which is a bit of a bargain considering it costs 4000 at other clinics

Anonymous - 06/10/2005 10:45

I cannot see why thay would not cover it at other hospital. There are other clinics with excellent reputations too.

Anonymous - 06/10/2005 15:33

I have a slight turn in one of my eyes (or lazy eye), it gets really bad when i'm tired or sitting in front of my computer all day, plus i get desperate red eyes too, my optician told me i have 20/20 vision but i don't think so myself. Does anyone know would i qualify for laser surgery or is the damage irreversible? i'm 30!!

Anonymous - 06/10/2005 16:58

15:33 - a squint (or turn in the eye) can be correct by surgery or glassess bit htis needs ot be started well before 30, unfortunately,

Anonymous - 09/10/2005 12:53

I had eye laser surgery at on of the established clinics in dublin.i'm delighted.i only have on pair of eyes,i'm not planning on taking undue risks with them.the clinic i went to had a promo for their 20 000 laser this summer and has never had an infection.not so in the cheap clinics.a friend of mine that works at one of the general dublin eye clinics told me about a really serious infection in someone after having cheap surgery.the doctor wasn't around to take care of the problem and she had to find help herself.okay,so i paid more.i'm 4 grand is tax deductable and with a payment plan suddenly the difference in costisn't so much.the cheap clinic turn out actually charges a lot more for wavefront and my clinic does wavefront something on everybody.price was the least of my about reputation and experience.20 000 is a lot of experience.

colm(WRD35987) - 13/10/2005 11:32

i had laser eye surgey at optilase on 29/09/05 found the the staf 100% focused and proficonal, totaly painless,no problem seeing after the procuder. the following morning had my check up, my vision is better than 20/20, i have checked out lots of surgens ,Dr Jain is one of the best in the busness. don't be fooled by the fat cat's scaremongering and highprices. i cant thank optilase and staf enough

Anonymous - 13/10/2005 20:56

The least experienced dr at the clinic I went to is more experienced than the most experienced dr at the cheapies. I hope you don't find out one day that cheap may work out expensive and what seems expensive at the time may work out to be a bit of a bargain long term. It's still early days..

Anonymous - 14/10/2005 10:44

i do not agree with that statement 20:56 made ar all i know a dr in the so called cheaper clinics and he has been performing laser eye sugery for over 8 years plus the expensive laser clinic are ripping off the irish people the going rate in europe is under1000 euro per eye you can even get laser eye surgery as little as 395 dollers per eye in america.i think it is a disgrace that the expensive clinics have been getting away with this and glad to see clinics offering the surgery at a lower price.

Anonymous - 14/10/2005 16:26

My feeling is that it is exactly these discount clinics that give eye laser surgery a bad name,their problems end up in the Eye and Ear for other doctors to sort out.You may be lucky and all goes fine -but i wouldn't leave it to luck.Rather go to an long established clinic where you are assessed by the doctor who sees you through from start to finish - it's your eyes after all.I think you get what you pay for.

Anonymous - 15/10/2005 01:24

I fully agree with the previous contributor. However there are 2 clearly different groups of people seeking laser surgery - the one for quality & safety and the other for price and they're not going to see each others points of view anytime soon. Go and see any doctor that's respected by his colleagues and with a good reputation and he / she is going to be found in a bona-fide clinic, not a discount centre. The clincs that 10:44 is referring to are all discounters. How many eye surgeons themselves have surgery at the discounters I wonder. Thank goodness there are proper clinics out there that can fix up some of these discounted eyes

Anonymous - 18/10/2005 12:15

Think it's really amazing that still people in this day & age, probably because they believe Lasik surgery to be a massively complex procedure, are continually conned into paying double at self-appointed 'reputable' clinics when the exact same procedure is carried out, by equally experienced surgeons, at half the sum at other clinics, with the published success rates practically identical to all!....the old adage of the fool & his/her money easily parted springs to mind...

E(HCR36178) - 18/10/2005 12:32

Is there any qualitative difference between the "cheaper" clinics and the more expensive ones? I'm planning on having LASIK done and not sure whether to go for price or reputation.

phillip(EXE28551) - 19/10/2005 08:21

hey E i got it done in Optilase over month ago and was delighted with the results.Found everyone in the clinic very helpful.Wud recommend this clinic from my own experience plus i paid a better price than other clinics

Anonymous - 19/10/2005 11:01

For all the talk of the rip-off expensive clinics, they still insist U sign a disclaimer before undergoing Lasik; this disclaimer is identical to that utilised by the realistically priced clinics; U get absolutely no more assurance from the vastly more expensive crowd so go figure! - much prefer to have a fab holiday with the spare cash than hand it over like an idiot for zero additional benefit....

Anonymous - 19/10/2005 12:32

E, go for reputation. You have the additional nbenefit of knowing your surgeon has yeas of experience and expertise. A disclaimer would be of little our if something went wrong and you lost your eyesight

E(HCR36178) - 19/10/2005 13:04

Thanks Phillip, I've booked an appointment there for next month and found the staff very good on the phone - they seem to be very busy as there were no appointments available for some weeks! What is the time gap between having your first consultation and actually having the surgery done? I hope to have it done before christmas in time for the party season! How did you find the recovery period? I am a little worried that it will be painful! I hope I don't get any side effects like glare or dry eyes; are these symptoms common?

Anonymous - 19/10/2005 15:55

Be sure to ask your doctor about glare and dry eye. Few people have any long lasting problems, but for those that do, it's a tragedy. Think seriously about it. I was told by so many people that the effects were instant and painless. Two months after the op I am still really worried and getting used to my new eyesight. You have to be really determined and informed before embarking on what is, after all, irreversible surgery on one of your body's most important organs.

Anonymous - 19/10/2005 23:16

would you ever consider having your heart bypass surgery at a discount centre, would you ever consider your gall bladder removed by a discounter. Would you ever consider having a surgical procedure by a doctor who flies in an out of the country and is not around when you run into trouble. Why then even dream of taking your perfectly healthy eyes to a discount centre. Its a pity but it is going to take a few more complications to prove to people that price is the least important criteria.

Anonymous - 20/10/2005 12:22

i so agree with the previous contributor.and the other thing to bear in mind,is that these discount centres rely on volume to make money.i'm not sure i would want to go to a place where that was the most important criterion for judging whether someone was a candidate for laser surgery!

E(HCR36178) - 20/10/2005 14:22

At the end of the day, when you are a suitable candidate, I assume the risks are the same whether you visit an expensive or a (relatively) cheap clinic. Is that a fair assumption?

Anonymous - 21/10/2005 08:47

No, e, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. so much depends on the skill of the surgeon and his team and the acuracy of the assessment. A colleague of mine wen tto a certain discount clinic, where he was assessment and deemed suitable. I advised him to get a seconf opinion. He went to a reputable hospital where he was reassessed. Turned out he a had a low grad eye infection which the discount clinic never picked up. The operation could have left him blind!! He had treatment to cleat up the infection but he nver went near the discount clinic aain. If they could make one mistake who's to say they couldn't make another.

phillip(EXE28551) - 21/10/2005 09:24

hey E sorry only getting bk to you now!i had my surgery just over two weeks after my consultation.Dr jain was a brilliant surgeon and has years of experience so you will be in safe hands! couldnt thank him more he will talk to you before the surgery and answer all your questions . i didnt have any side affects. i wish you all the best with the surgery!

Anonymous - 21/10/2005 09:32

Absolutely not. The proper eye clinics with proven track records offer more than just LASIK. They offer 24/7 cover. They have full time surgeons, not surgeons who fly in and out of the country to do surgery here, there and everywhere. They do other procedures too, so if you're more suitable for a lens implant, that's what will be recommended. When all you offer is LASIK, there is a danger that everyone becomes a LASIK candidate

Anonymous - 21/10/2005 13:55

this price that is being referred to as "cheap" is standard throughout the uk and northern ireland. i think it is even cheaper in other countries in europe. i think it is great to see a realistic price being offered for laser surgery..makes it affordable and accessible to more....good on them....if only houses were cheaper in dublin too....

Bryan(RPO19943) - 21/10/2005 23:32

I had LASIK on both eyes yesterday morning - the surgery went off without a hitch and after 3-4 hours of eye soreness they felt fine (although I still feel somewhat drained of energy). By that nighttime most of the vision I enjoyed with glasses was back, and it's getting progressively better. I had my surgery done at the Wellington eye clinic - more expensive than most places, but I wouldn't compromise on cost when the gift of sight is concerned. They operated in a highly professional and competent manner from start to finish, and if you're considering having the procedure I'd recommend them without a moment's second thought.

Anonymous - 23/10/2005 18:52

Think it's fab that optilase are in Dublin; U have these people issuing scare stories that if you don't go to an expensive clinic, be very afraid! - what a load of rubbish; have 2 colleagues who went to Ely place & had perfect results via Lasik & one friend who went to the so-called 'expert' clinic & she has had problems for the last 4 months (but thanks vey much for charging more than double!)...amazing so many people in Ireland are still accepting this rip-off...

E(HCR36178) - 24/10/2005 17:11

One thing I am worried about is this. Only during the last couple of months, my eyes have felt dry in the mornings. I have stopped wearing Soft Monthlies and have been advised by my optician to leave them out in preparation for LASIK. Will LASIK make my dry eyes even dryer? Has anyone been in the same situation?

Anonymous - 24/10/2005 19:51

LASIK will definately make your eyes drier long term. creating a flap in the cornea interrupts the nerve supply. The nerves regenerate but never to 100%. This will result in your eyes remaining slightly drier...Would be better with LASEK no cutting into the cornea, dryness with LASEK should only be temporary

Anonymous - 25/10/2005 10:15

I agree with the last post re dry eyes & LASEK. I had LASEK done in May as recommended by the surgeon (the tests showed I was prone to dry eyes and I wasn't even aware of it!!). My eyes were drier for the first 2-3 months after LASEK, which is totally normal, but now, 5 months later, I hardly use the eye drops. Read previous posts re LASIK & Dry eyes. I would go down the road of LASEK as it does seem to have fewer risks, I'm glad I did.

Joanne - 27/10/2005 00:25

Going for lasik on Friday 28th,Has anybody got any advice or tips? When I got my consultation I didn\'t have my contact lenses out for the previous week, I told them this but it didn\'t seem to matter much! Also, I got a new prescription in January and since then my vision has changed slightly since then, found that out at the consultation. Has anybody any views on this?

cath - 27/10/2005 13:57

who exactly are u calling discounted clinics,

Anonymous - 27/10/2005 14:36

Joanne, take it easy, you have plenty of time. Don't rush into it. Find out if your eyes are still changing and keep your contacts out for longer. This is a major step you are taking. It's not a magic bullet. There can be complications. Go ahead but read more about it first is my advice.

Joanne - 27/10/2005 16:49

Thanks anomymous, I am due to have surgery on one eye tomorrow. I have read so much, pro\'s and con\'s. I still feel that I want to get it done more than not wanting to get it done, if you know what I mean. Question is - do I feel lucky???....

Suzanne(PPQ30680) - 27/10/2005 17:36

Hi Joanne, its probably a bit late saying this now- but where are you getting it done?? It is vital that you leave your contacts out a week before - they can\'t get a correct reading of your eyes otherwise. Also your eyesight isn\'t meant to have changed in a year before you can get it done. I hate to be scaremongering because I have had Lasik done and got fantastic results, had it done 2 years ago and don\'t know myself since! Im even persuading my boyfriend to get it done.

Joanne - 27/10/2005 22:28

Getting it done in the Mater Private and they are supposed to have a really good reputation. I rang them today and explained my worries, the girl said that they take another measurement tomorrow just like the one they did at consultation and that if anything was different then they wouldn't go ahead with surgery on the day. What do you think?

Suzanne(PPQ30680) - 28/10/2005 10:31

Sorry only getting back to you now, you are probably gone to the hospital! As long as you are sure that you feel comfortable that they have an accurate reading of your eyes. I got it done in the Wellington Eye Clinic and they tested my eyes two different days before the surgery to make sure they had an accurate reading and when i went in to have the surgery the program designed to laser my eyes was already loaded on the computer. As long as they are checking them again today it should be fine. The Mater Private has a good reputation. Best of luck!

Anonymous - 28/10/2005 12:06

Good luck Joanne. It sounds like you took the right course. You shouldn't force your eyes onto the computer for a while, but when you do, let us know how you got on.

Joanne - 28/10/2005 13:19

Thanks for the advice Suzanne, I'll let you know how I get on. I'll make sure to voice my concerns again before I go ahead with it.

Bryan(RPO19943) - 29/10/2005 15:56

With regard to the posts about leaving out contact lenses prior to the consultation/surgery: I was told to leave out my lenses for at least 3 weeks prior to both the consultation and the surgery, but this is because I wore toric lenses (for astigmatism correction). If you're not wearing toric lenses then that hiatus period shortens to 2 weeks. But do check with the clinic in all cases.

Joanne - 01/11/2005 11:40

Hi all, I got my first eye done in a Dublin private hospital on Friday and everything went perfect. Thought the whole procedure would have been much worse. I can see perfectly out of the operated eye and now I just have to see how I get on tomorrow, getting the second eye done then. Looking forward to it. Thumbs up so far.

Anne - 01/11/2005 12:06

I have a problem post Lasik and wonder if anyone can help. My eyesight is now 20-20 distance. My 'dominant' (right-hand) eye has slightly weaker vision but this should even up, long-term. Close up, I use new reading glasses. The problem is my mid-distance vision. Out and about, looking at landscapes, driving etc is fine. Reading newspapers close up ditto. But doing things like cooking, shopping and other activities when you need mid-distance vision is a real problem. I had the op ten weeks ago. Anyone have any answers?

Richie(RichieC) - 03/11/2005 12:28

Has anyone used any of the books that claim to correct your eyesight using exercises such as Vision for Life or one of those. I was going to try one before i opt for surgery?

Joanne - 06/11/2005 10:07

Hi all, got my second eye done last Wednesday. It was a bit more uncomfortable than the first procedure. I can see grand but I do find that my left eye is not as clear as the vision in my right eye. Still thumbs up though so far.

eyeswideopen - 07/11/2005 15:45

I have a friend who had the surgery in the Wellington and was very happy but from reading all the pros and cons I intend to get the pre op test in 2 clinics before making a eye altering lifelong decision, also in the meantime my optician has also told me about a new hard lense available which you wear at night while you sleep, this alters the shape of your eye slightly and means you do not have to wear lenses or glasses during the daytime(he uses them so I believe they work), this I intend to try first at least if it works I will have the perfect sight I want allowing me to play sports and swim without surgery and the possible late future side effects, if it doesnt work at least I still have the option of surgery

Anonymous - 08/11/2005 11:55

yes wide open, I wpould be extremely careful with the hard lenses if I were you. They are not gas permeable a so deproive the eye of oxygen. Also they need to vcleaned and stored absolutely scrupulously so as not risk infection. Also anything hard which promosises ot chang ehte saplew of the eye must by it bnature put some sort of pressure on an extremely sensitive area. Remember, you can now get 30 day waer soft contact lenses. Maybe you should think about tryign these before commiting to somethign as serious as surgery.

ANNEX - 19/11/2005 23:32


Anonymous - 21/11/2005 20:03

hi annex i had my eyes done in Optilase. Found them very and the aftercare is brilliant. its the best feeling waking up and knowing that you dont need your glasses. Anyway, best of luck where ever you go

ANNEX - 22/11/2005 23:08

Thanks for that . have an appointment with Wellington Eye Clinic on Dec. 9th and one with Optilase on JAN 5th. Will make my decision then depending on the quality of the assessment. Will go with the one I feel does the most thorough assessment....even if it is the less expensive one. I have spent the last few nights trawling the internet to educate myself before deciding what to do . Read , Read, Read and make an informed decision.....its for life after all.....

alan - 04/12/2005 11:28

I only use glasses for reading but they are still a pain to use, find and replace. Has anyone had laser surgery for this (I guess minor)condition? How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Can it have the same side effects as for really poor eye corrective condition?

badbidbod - 06/12/2005 11:50

Hi. I was just looking into it today. i am with vivas health (not VHI or BUPA) as they pay money towards every medical visit. Did a general search this morning and they are now giving 1000 towards procedure with optilase which more than pays back what they charge per year. im not selling insurance by the way. Will probably look into it after the new year. Anyone dealt with optilase?

Anonymous - 06/12/2005 13:26

I'm with VHI.Was just checking out their website this morning.They are also offering their members €1000 off eye laser surgery at the Wellington Eye Clinic.

Anonymous - 08/12/2005 19:47

hi i had laser eye surgery in optilase in september. found them brilliant and would recommend them to anyone

Anonymous - 04/01/2006 15:28

Hi all I had LASIK done a few months ago. I found the doctor explained everything very well, the op itself wasn't too bad, and the follow up care excellent. Well worth the high price, as I was nervous about it beforehand. My advice would be for anyone considering this to weigh up the pros and cons carefully before getting this done. Don’t rush into it this is elective surgery after all. Read the literature carefully and make your choice. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the surgeon either. Everyone is different and so may experience different results. I did have some eye dryness (which can be common soon after surgery) but it has almost completely disappeared now (and my eyes were very dry when I wore contact lenses). This is expensive surgery but was worth every cent for me.

Anon - 14/01/2006 14:24

I had an assessment in Optilase last week and found it quite thorough although I've nothing to compare it to, think I will pay the €100 to get another assessment in a private clinic. Do the clinics publish or disclose their results, success rates? I would rather make my decision based on facts rather than a vague "you get what you pay for" - don't want to pay more if there is no difference in the quality of the results. Seems to be same number of good and bad comments about private clinics and optilase. Any advice welcome...

Ian(KUX40330) - 16/01/2006 11:59

I have an assessment this Wednesday in the Wellington Eye Clinic.3 people I work with have all had it done there and they're all delighted.I've read some negative press about the cheaper clinics which is enough to put me off.VHI members get €1000 off at the Wellington clinic up until the end of Feb so it's not that much more expensive and I want to go somewhere where I know people who've had it done so it's worth it for me.It's Lasik I'm going for, probably both eyes at once, I'v never had an infection or similar problem with my eyes so I'm hopeful that I'll be eligible and all will go well.

not sure about lasik - 16/01/2006 22:51

I had lasik for high Myopia in 1999 and was very happy with result. Had a retreatment in 2003 to correct a small astigmatism which had not been corrected in the original treatment, and the eye was never as good after. Moral: If you are happy with result leave well enough alone. I am now BACK to not recognising people at the other side of the street despite being thrilled with my new eye for 4 years! If its not broken dont fix it. I think retreatments are particularly risky. I wouldnt dream of getting the second eye done now and am pinning my hopes on an implant for that eye.

phillip(EXE28551) - 19/01/2006 11:11

got laser eye surgery in Optilase last week.Was reaping the benefits of surgery the day after surgery!would recommend optilase to any one thinking of getting their eyes done!they are very professional plus aftercare seems brilliant son far

ANNEX - 27/01/2006 20:36

Hi I had bilateral lasik eye surgery on Jan 25th and I can`t believe how fantastic my eyesight now is. I was -7.25 mt right eye and - 6.75 in my left eye . After a few hours sleep after the surgery ( which was no way as bad as I imagined) I had perfect vision in my left eye and a slight blur in the right. I have had NO pain at all and am thrilled silly with the result. To have such a huge improvement in my eyesight after 25 years wearing glasses is indescribable. My post surgery check up shows I have perfect vision in my left eye and - 1.00 in the right. This may settle over the next six weeks of recovery but a slight enhancement may be needed to get 20/20 in both eyes. I cannot reccommend the Wellington Eye clinic enough for their professional and absolute care . ....HERES TO LIFE WITHOUT SPECS OR LENSES....My only regret is that I didn`t do this years ago. Do your aware of all the risks....ask questions no matter how daft they seem and trust your instincts. What a difference laser surgery has made to me already.

paulac - 30/01/2006 13:57

i have just been for a consultation at optilase, found them great and v professional.i think i will still go to wellington for a consulation as well as it's not a matter of money really when it comes to your eyes.anyone had any problems with optilase? all feedback above looks great...but it's a big decision!

finbarr - 30/01/2006 18:20

does anybody know anything about EYE LASER IRELAND recently opened in Cork. They may have a place in Limerick and Dublin as well

Michelle - 02/02/2006 22:27

Has anyone else noticed how many 'rave reviews' there are for Optilase and Wellington Clinic? (just search using these words). All are typed in a similar manner down to the double exclamation marks!!. I noticed this when doing research on where to go to get my laser surgery done. It just seems a little bit fishy. Personally, I would much prefer the security of going to an established hospital clinic run by Irish surgeons with recognised qualifications in corneal surgery, that also does other kinds of eye surgery.

Ian(KUX40330) - 03/02/2006 11:43

Hi Michelle, I know 4 people who've been to the Wellington and all give it rave reviews and I went for the consultation there myself last week (getting it done next week)and I've been incredibly impressed so far, and none of us are affiliated in any way with this place believe me! They just are this good Michelle trust me!!! (3 exclamation marks)

abby - 05/02/2006 17:22

Hi i am going for a consultation to the mater private for laser eye surgery and then to optilase on another day for a follow up opinion if i am suitable. Has anyone gone to the mater private for laser eye sugery or is the wellington clinic the most recommended clinic for laser. Many thanks for your replies.

Emma - 09/02/2006 12:33

Hi Abbey, (note posted on 05/02/06) I was thinking of doing the same as you. I have heard of the surgery being available in both the Mater Private & Optilase. The Blackrock Clinic also offer this surgery too & I have just found out about the Wellington clinic too online. Let us know how you get on with your consultation & which clinic you are going to get it done in.

Mary - 10/02/2006 08:52

Emma, my friend went to the Blackrock clinic 3 years ago for her laser surgery and found tem absolutely excellent. She was delighted with them.

Rose - 10/02/2006 17:54

I attended the cork clinic eye laser ireland this week for a preliminary consultation. 3 surgeons only doing 1 daya a week each, apx 200 operations performed since they opened last May, Its 2500 per eye. Most worrying thing was the optician? who met me for the prelim consultation was wearing glasses! Also I thought I'd be meeting the doctor but he wasn't available -only meet him on 2nd visit. anyone got their ees done there?

abby - 10/02/2006 19:51

Hi emma i have been for my consultation to the mater private and found the consultant excellent. I was told i am a suitable candidate however because i have a fairly strong precription -6.5 and -6.00 with astigmatism the consultant recommended lasex instead of lasix because if i needed enchancement surgery she could not guarantee there would be enough tissue left for this with lasix. So i could end up still wearing glasses with a lower precription. To be honest all the possible side effects post surgery turned me off having laser. I'm having second thoughts about it.I wonder why people still have it done or is side effects very rare? I would recommend the mater private for a consultation and the wellington clinic is recommended as well.Good luck with your decision.

daRobby - 12/02/2006 23:01

Hi everyone! The idea of not needing glasses is thrilling. I have been interested since first hearing of it, but also afraid. It is helpful to hear everyone's interactions. I have had monovision contacts for 3 years and am still quite aware of one eye seeing far and the other close. Never got used to it as I had hoped. Also, have worn contacts for 30 years with some discomfort from dry eyes. I took note of one Anonymous on 04/01/2006 who posted that their dry eyes (especially when wearing contacts)had almost completely disappeared. Does anyone have experience to tell about results of monovision correction surgery? Also, this is very interesting for me to post with you, it is a privilege. I am from the U.S. and am a student (at age 52). We are studying online community. My heritage is Irish however, and I have always felt identity there. I hope for the chance to visit your country someday. I am not aware of selecting my favorite color because of my heritage, but incidently, it's green. Thanks for listening.

Emma(VBX41763) - 14/02/2006 11:29

Has anyone heard of ORBIT Laser Eye Clinic based in Dublin? They do not have a website that I know of, but they have a contact number which I called and got a brochure sent out. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about them or anyone who had the procedure done here?

duckie - 14/02/2006 17:15

My friend had laser surgery on both eyes less than two weeks ago, and has an infection in one eye. It is extremely serious, not to mention painful, and she described it like having a knife in your eye. It apparently is a rare occurrence, but that is no comfort to her now. At worst, she is at risk of losing sight in one eye, and at best six months of agony and possible further surgery. Laser eye surgery is a lucrative form of cosmetic surgery, nothing more, nothing less. Be very sure you are aware of all the risks before going ahead with it. The website is excellent, and very open to all views. Regarding infection, make sure your doctor is doing ABSOLUTELY everything possible to minimize the risk - God knows he's getting paid enough for it. See this link for more information: Two last thoughts: - Is your current method of vision correction so horrible that you are willing to risk never seeing as well again? 85% of what we experience is through the eyes. Laser surgery is permanent, you cannot undo the problems it *may* create. - Don't be ignorant or uninformed about ALL aspects of laser surgery, if you do decide to go ahead with it. Ask lots of questions. Then ask some more. Read. Learn. If it goes wrong, it is you that pays the ultimate price. "True science teaches us to doubt and, in ignorance, to refrain." Claude Bernard (1813 -1878), French physiologist

cir - 14/02/2006 19:24

hi. im -1.5 and thinking of goin to optilase soon. has anyone similar been there. also thinkin bout wavefront to minimise glare afterwards.anyone have this done by lasek.

Miryam - 15/02/2006 09:04

A couple of years ago my friend had laser surgery in Blackrock Clinic, (having gone to a number of consultations with 3 different clinics in the city) and was delighted with it. It wasn't cheap but the pre -op aftercare and consultations were fantastic. Shortly before Christmas a colleague of mine was considering laser wih on of the clinics mentioned here and had got the hgo ahead. Being nervous about this type of thing I persuaded him to have a consult elsewhere just to get a second opinion. It turns out that he had a low grade infection which was never picked iup and havig laser at that stage could have left him wih very seriously damaged vision.

Sophie - 22/02/2006 19:26

I want to do the laser eye surgery,but i don't know whether i suit i would like to check my eyes first.thank you!

Anonymous - 23/02/2006 16:37

Hi, I had PRK surgery on my left eye 4 years ago in Kilkenny, Autheven by a surgeon in Waterford and then 6 months later when the first eye had healed successfully I had the second eye done where in another 6 months i was blessed with 20/20 vision. However 2 years on my right eye deteriorated a small degree, seemingly it hadn't reached its worst stage by the time i had the surgery so I am now booked into the Waterford Eye Clinic to have my right eye redone through Lasik Procedure. Can anyone tell me if they have had the surgery re-done and how successful it is. Thanks

Anonymous - 24/02/2006 23:13

Has anyone had surgery done with Anthony Benedict-Smith, Terenure? He has recommended I get PRK, is this the same as lasek. I was told by Blackrock Clinic that it is very rare to get this type of laser now?? Anyone know anything??

Chana - 27/02/2006 08:46

23:13 - I would say go to a well known reputable clinic and always do et a scond opinion. My friend got hers doen in the Blackrock clinic a number of years ago and was delighted with it.

Anonymous - 27/02/2006 09:20

Hi, PRK is the old form of Lasik surgery. PRK completely removes a % of the cornea whereas Lasik creates a flap. PRK will have a longer healing process and is quite painful after the surgery whereas Lasik has a much quicker healing process and i'm told not painful BUT not all candidates are suitable for Lasik, depending on the thickness of your cornea so I would be going on what the doctor tells you. Its hard to know what to do I am still nervous about whether to go ahead with the Lasik this time round or leave me eye as it is. But having the PRK procedure done on both my eyes and yes it was painful but it was so successful for me that I would def go through with it again if I wasn't suitable for the Lasik.

Sue - 27/02/2006 15:33

I was considering for a long time about having laser eye surgery but I am totally unsure now!! I knew there would be side effects as there are with all surgical procedures but I am finding it hard trying to balance out the pros and cons. When I decided to get contacts the optician said I had a slight case of dry eye not too severe as he still gave me the contacts and didn't even recommend eye drops my prescription is 2.00 im short sighted! Has anyone with a similar prescription had the surgery done that can let me know what they thought...

Ann Marie - 28/02/2006 14:10

Hi Sue (msg posted 27/02/06) I am just approaching 3 weeks post surgery and I have to say everything has gone very well. I had the \'Lasek\' procedure done at the Optilase Clinic on the 9th of Feb. My prescription was 1.52 in one eye and 1.75 in another eye.. I was shortsighted also. I really resented having to wear glasses and only wore them essentially for driving and watching TV (which I can now do spec free!!!! :-)) Contact lenses were not an option for me as I also have a slight case of dry eye and I went through every type of lens with my optician but all irritated the crap out of me so I gave up. I had been thinking about laser eye surgery for some time and I actually came across this posting service and it nearly put me off due to the amount of bad reports on it. But at the end of the day, I chatted to people I work with who had it done and all had nothing but good reports and were delighted with the results to date, So I said \'feck it.. I\'ll go for it\' and I did.. thank god. As I said my surgery was on thursday 9th of Feb. There were 3 of us lined up to have the procedure done, all a bit nervous but excited none the less. The time they set for surgery is like a clinic time and then its first in first done from there.. you sit and wait. My turn came and everyone was very nice putting me at ease and in its entirety the procedure took less than 30mins to do for both eyes. In my case for the procedure I had, it involved having a contact lens placed over each eye to act as a bandage for the eye and allow it to heal, which was fine. When I was leaving the Clinic armed with my goody bag of eye drops, One eye did feel gritty immediately and the other was fine. Went home and hopped into bed and there i stayed...until Saturday the 11th.! In between this time the eye that felt gritty was streaming constantly, which had me kind of worried as I wondered if when I put my antibiotic drops in were they given enough time to take effect before being washed down my face. And I just could not bare any light whatsover, my eyes refused to stay open if faced with any light at all. So I rang the clinic to see if all was well, and all was well, just one eye was recovering quicker than the other, surprisingly the one that was streaming. So in any event, this all stopped as I was told it would by the Sunday and the light sensitivity got more tolerable by then too. My contacts were being removed on the Monday so I went back up to have that done and by the time that was done I was ready to take them out myself, they felt so gritty. One of the opticians checked my eyes over and all was healing fine and any blurryness would fade with a few more days. I went back to work the following thursday after having my laser (5 work days off, which I really needed). Sat in front of my PC only to discover that all the text on screen was entirely slightly double vision. Rang the clinic again..and was assured that this was just the eyes trying to refocus themselves and adjust to their new abilities! This was when I had my first headache too... But in any case its totally clear now. Its great to see things with actual definition now as opposed to blurs across a room.. I\'m due a check up on Saturday and again in a month and then 3 months and after that I should be finished with Optilase. I would recommend them without hesitation, the only thing to remember is to allow yourself time for your eyes to adjust an heal themselves and dont panic. The info on \'post-op\' reactions they give you is true and very accurate of how you will be feeling. Its taken me almost 3 weeks to recover my \'up close\' vision. Distance vision was almost perfect within days of surgery. Cost was 995Euro per eye and worth every penny, this includes your initial and follow up consults. If you\'ve any questions, just reply back and I\'ll be happy to answer you...

cir - 28/02/2006 18:23

thanks sue for ur story. just wondering how was the pain and how for how long . also hows ur night vision.

Ann Marie - 01/03/2006 08:31

I had no pain whatsover with my 'LasEK' procedure... I didn't have to take any disprin or paracetamol of any kind after having this procedure unless it was relieving a hangover.. :-) The only thing I felt was grittyness, alot of grittyness along with the eye streaming. In speaking to my pals in work who had the procedure done themselves, one or two had the 'LasIK' procedure which they said they had to have some sort of pain relief after. Also as that procedure is more 'invasive' with the lens flap being made by an actual incision, it does lead to bloodshot eyes and pain of some degree.. and valium is given pre-op, but has a far quicker recovery rate than the procedure I had (no valium required!!). My night vision is perfectly fine, I haven't had any of the reported 'halo, glare or starburst' effects at all thankfully. Even as I'm sat in front of my PC now.. I'm noticing more of an improvement with my vision... I did worry alot post-op as I started to have blurry vision and so much grittyness when it would all clear up and recover or if I was gonna be stuck like that... but you need to remember you've practically been given new eyes and they need time to heal and re-adjust and re-focus themselves. I'm delighted with my new eyes anyway..

paulac - 01/03/2006 11:48

Thanks for your comments and advice Anne Marie.I went for a consultation at Optilase at end of Jan and they were to call me to arrange a 2nd appointment with the Dr - I still haven't heard from them.Thought they were great and v professional though, until I went to Wellington for an initial consultation yesterday.You meet with your surgeon from day 1 and stay with him for the whole treatment.Also, the guy in Wellington yesterday discovered something about my left eye that had never been diagnosed before (lazy eye).I am -6.25 and -5 (shortsighted) so am pretty dependant on my specs for everything.Can't wear lenses as my eyes get dry, but this does not neccessarily mean you cannot go ahead with Lasik.So...I am booked in for the surgery at the end of April (the day of my 29th birthday!!).I would definitely advise anyone considering the op to see more than 1 consultant and think about the reputation/ history etc of the clinic and the surgeon....Anyone else booked in for surgery around that time?

Ann Marie - 01/03/2006 15:37

Best of luck to you.. I'd say you'll be fine.. and have new eyes for your birthday :-). My consultation with Optilase was on the 10th of December last and they gave me both my pre-op and op date there and then...4th and 9th of Feb respectively. I met the surgeon on the 4th and he rechecked all the assessments that were done at my initial consult which lasted a full hour of tests. A girl I work with is awaiting her surgery date from there now and has been advised of a 3 month wait at the moment.. So demand is high.

paulac - 01/03/2006 16:22

Thanks AM for your message! I am really looking forward to it but obviously a bit nervous as well. Did you see any other clinics or just go straight to Optilase? Yes they seem to be v busy indeed, I suppose the lower cost is a big attraction.Had you been thinking about it for long?

Ann Marie - 03/03/2006 09:14

I was really nervous aswell coming up to my op date.. to the point of wrecking peoples heads. But when the day arrived I didn't feel nervous at all.. I just wanted it done. I suppose I had been really thinking about the idea of having it done for a year or two before hand, I think around the time that I had been doing various contact lens trials to no avail and I then got as much info as I could from the Waterford Eye Clinic (where one girl I work with had her surgery) and its sister clinic in the North of Irl. I had received info from Blackrock Clinic also but never followed through on any assessments with them. I must admit I didn't think of shopping around for assessments..more just for information on what the whole thing involved. I suppose by the time I had actually decided in my mind to have it done, I seen the Optilase advert in the Irish Indo and rang for the assessment and it all happened very quickly after that.. there wasn't really a question of going elsewhere ! first in my mind....It worked for me and I didn't really have any doubts pre-op that it wouldn't in the first place

Alice - 03/03/2006 11:42

Anne Marie, I had my eyes done at Optilase on 10th of Jan (Lasek).I was very happy straigth away after surgery.I could see so well and read from far away (-2.5 for both eyes).I would recommend Optilase to everybody,very good service,professional and not expensive 2000 for both eyes!Amazing! I would say more competition,cheaper price. btw so far so good.everything went so well,so whowever have to spend so much money for lenses and solution,go for Eye laser,you will save lots of money for long term,and You will feel so much better.It is like a Miracle....

Ann Marie - 04/03/2006 10:39

Just went for my check up this morning and been declared as having 20:20 vision which i never had in my life... delighted.!!!

Jennifer(BUU43243) - 08/03/2006 16:10

I've had three assessments at Optilase and I'm still not sure if I'm a candidate for surgery. Apparently an area of my left eye is coming up at 104 when scanned. From what I've been told a healthy scan is 103 and they cant do surgery on anyone who has a scan that reads 107. I presume this means I may be at risk but I'm not entirely sure if this means I'm still eligible for surgery or not. If anyone has any information on the scans or can help me understand this any better it would be a great help. Thanks!

Paulac - 08/03/2006 16:59

Jennifer my advice to you would be to seek another opinion if you are not sure.I am booked in for surgery in Wellington Clinic next month after having attended an initial consultation at Optiliase.The most important thing is to feel comfortable and also to be able to ask as many questions as you need to.Why not book a consultation somewhere else as well for some peace of mind? This is a big decision after all!

Jennifer(BUU43243) - 08/03/2006 17:51

Thanks. I'm waiting for word back from Optilase. If they tell me my eyes are not suitable for surgery I think I'll leave it a while before going for another consultation. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting the surgery if one clinic told me yes and another said no.

Sue - 09/03/2006 10:00

Thanks so much for your message AM. Ive also spoken to alot of people I work with (the company is huge so alot of people have had it done here, alot more then I first thought). From them ive heard nothing but good things and im hyped up again about getting it done but i havent had a steady prescription for a year as they recommend i was 1.75 until november now im 2.00 im also only 21 so alot of people are saying my eyes haven't yet reached their worst stage and getting surgery now is risky as i might need it again in the future with the natural deterioration of my eyes and all. Im just so sick of glasses and contacts the price of them is unreal!! Do you know of anyone having it done at a young age and needing it again later on in life?

Norah - 09/03/2006 10:20

Hi Sue, I got both my eyes done when I was 23 & 24 (6 months apart) and my right eye hadn't yet reached its worst stage and I am having it re-done next month and am very apprehensive about having it re-done but having experienced the results first time round, i just have to go again. I know you are probably sick of glasses & contact lenses, believe me I was too but to wait a few more years could mean an awful lot in terms of how long it will actually last you. Its recommended to wait until you are about 23 especially if you're prescription is changing. I wanted to get mine re-done last year but my optician wouldn't allow it until my prescription remained unchanged for a year. Hope this helps.

Tom - 09/03/2006 23:33

Hi, went to Wellington Clinic today to be assessed and everything went fine very professional however, my tear production is not at the required level I had a reading of 7 and you need more than 15 so I have to go back in 3 weeks to be re assessed after using some tear drops and taking Omega 3. So I think Lasik is out for me However Lasek is an option and I have booked a date for April to have Lasek performed on my left eye only. I have read previous posts but would welcome comments from recipients of Lasek who have had just one eye procedure, and are there less chances of complications with Lasek given my dry eye problem.

Emma(VBX41763) - 10/03/2006 11:03

I had a consultation last week with Optilase. They told me that I am not suitable for the surgery as my left eye is very weak and they wont risk carrying it out on the right eye in case of complications. Which is understandable. I also had a consultation with Orbit Laser (,they moved here from Belfast a few months ago, where they worked with Advanced Laser Eye Clinc. I met the surgeon who carried out my assessment & he informed me that I can have the procedure done on both eyes! I may not acheive great vision in the left eye but it should improve somewhat. I think I will get a third opinion from the Mater or Wellington as I have had conflicting results so far. I dont want to take the risk.

Sue - 10/03/2006 15:03

Hi Emma, Please do get another opinion as your eyes are sooooo precious its not worth damaging your sight because you were misinformed! I didnt go for a consultaton but spoke to the optician that comes to our job and he reccomended that I wait a couple of years as my eyes haven't yet stabilized! I totally understand and have decided to give the surgery a miss untill Im a tad older and my eyesight has stabilized as I dont want to pay for surgery now only to realize in a couple of years that my eyesight has deteriorated. As it is not always possible to have surgery twice i could potentially be back to where i am now glasses and contacts!! but this time it would be forever....

Brown Egg - 12/03/2006 08:50

hi, I recently had an assessment for Laser Eye Surgery. I am thinking of getting LASEK with Wavefront. I moderate dry eye and a pupil size of 8mm which is over the 6.5mm that the clinics prefer but under the 9mm limit. Does anyone know of a website that has statistics/info about pupil size and risk of glare/haloes? I would like to find out how much extra risk do I have because of my larger than average pupil.

batty - 15/03/2006 21:50

Hi, I ws considering going to Optilase for eye surgery but I went for my initial consultation in Feb and I am still waiting for a date for surgery from them,They keep fobbing me off, has anyone else experience this

Anonymous - 16/03/2006 13:42

hi batty!i had surgery in Optilase two weeks ago!like yourself i was waiting for a while!its just there so busy !they got an extra surgeon so im sure they will get back to u soon!

Batty - 16/03/2006 18:21

Hi anom, They have not explained anything like that to me and I am meant to be going on holidays in May and obviusly I can't grt eye surgery and then go onto a gritty beach. I went to the wellington for a consultation and they seemed ok, but the consultant had decided I was having LASIK and when I told him I wanted LASEK and could he answer afew questions about that he said I can ask on the day of my surgery!! Has the disease of bad customer service spread everywhere..if Optilase bad customer service at the moment demonstrates how the surgery will be I think I better try another clinic and I advise anyone who is considering Optilase won't tell you how long you will be waiting. I have rang them every week since my initial consultation and they have told me someone will ring you next week and give you a date, that was 8 weeks ago and zilch,,,

Paulac - 21/03/2006 15:54

Hi Batty - I also saw Optilase for a consultation back in Jan and no word from them since.To be honest I didn\'t bother chasing them up for the very reason you gave. I went for my consultation at Wellington then a month ago and am booked in for surgery end of April (Lasik).This seems to be the preferred method unless there is a specific reason that you cannot have it.Why do you want to have Lasek and not Lasik?

Batty - 21/03/2006 19:03

Hi Paulac, The LASEK is a little more uncomfortable but the cells are scrapped off the eye, whereas LASIK entails a flap cut into your eye. In a nutshell LASEK means less chance of infection and I think reduced chance of "halo effect". Anyhow I am willing to go through the discomfort if it means a little less chance of infection. But I think I will ring around a few more places. Eyes are precious and the price we are paying I think we deserve a little more manners from the clinics !!

Alice - 23/03/2006 00:43

I had Lasek done in Jan.And I assure you it is not as bad as it seems.Recovery time takes longer then Lasik.But then Lasik involve cutting,so if something gets wrong,can not be undone...(with Lasek it only peeling off the first layer and then putting on a drop of alcohol and laser).

Batty - 23/03/2006 19:44

Alice where did you have your eyes done and how would you rate the clinic.

Alice - 23/03/2006 23:24

Batty,I went to Optilase.I choosed Lasek-as no cutting involved and i was only -2.5..Still can not believe in it.My husband sight was -10,so he had to go for Lasik (Lasek it is for smaller prescriptions).He went to Wellington,as he didn't have a choice at that time.He was pleased with surgery,and his eyes are perfect.

Molly - 24/03/2006 09:29

Hi, I'm considering Lasik. Can anyone let me know if they have had it done in Cork? and how you got on. I know of 2 places - Shanakiel Clinic and Eye Laser Ireland in Model Farm Road.

Norah - 24/03/2006 10:17

Hi, Has anyone had the surgery done in the Waterford Eye Clinic. I am having mine done there on 14th April by Dr Riley.

Batty - 24/03/2006 18:56

Alice, I wanted to get LASEK because I didn't want a cut to my eye either, but I have a prescription of -6.00 for each eye, I thought it didn't really matter and both LASEK and LASIK were suitable regardless of my prescription. Does anyone know if it is recommended to have LASIK due to high prescription. I wonder if that is why my surgeon was only considering LASIK for me. It would have been helpful if he had explained that.

Kevin - 27/03/2006 15:19

Hi guys. I had eyesight of -5.00 with both eyes, no stigmatisims. I had LASEK on both eyes at the same time just over a month ago. The day after the surgery I was able to drive back for my checkup without glasses or contacts. I had my monthly review last week and I now have perfect vision!! I know there are probably a few people on this blog who are like me and research every detail on the surgery. My corneas were too thin for LASIK but I was a good candidate for LASEK. Everywhere I looked up about the 2 different surgeries all said that LASEK was safer and more painful. I have to be honest and say I didn't really feel any pain. The day of the surgery I took the sleeping tablets they gave me, put the drops in my eyes and slept for the day. I didn't do anything then - including watching tv, for another 3 or 4 days and kept my eyes closed as much as I could and took the drops at the proper times. The way I see it, if you're prepared to be sensible about it and take the few days rest that you need, you'll have vision that will last you a lifetime. Dont be stupid and think that you are different and dont have to take the drops. Even if you think youre eyes are fine again, you could be doing damage to them from not continuing your dose as long as it is recommended. I'll have to wear reading glasses in my forties but seeing as how I was wearing glasses for everything up to this i think ill be able to survive! The new lease of life is amazing and being able to wake up in the morning and be able to see really is as great as you might think. If i was to give advice, I would say go for the LASEK surgery and do everything that is recommended. There is no pain, just a mild feeling of uncomfortableness for a few days and its definately worth it! I hope this has been a help to people thinking about it and if you decide to go through with it, all the very best!

tommo - 04/04/2006 18:07

IM due to have surgery in may but my optician has found one of my eyes is aiming up and will need to be corrected using a mild prism of 1. I currently have normal lenses (no prisms) and am managing fine although sometimes when very tired i see double (one image above the other as oppossed to normal double vision where images are side by side). Has anyone with this problem had an assessment or eye surgery. My optician says if i go ahead and have surgery i may end up with perfect vision but have to wear glasses to correct tthe prism. Any advice really appreciated. By the way i did not always have this problem. The optician said my old glasses frames were very badly bent which gradually induced a prism which my eyes adjusted to. He says that once your etes move up or down it is very hard for them to return. Is he just scaremongering...?

Batty - 05/04/2006 21:13

Hi Tommo, I went to the Wellington eye clinic and I was told my eyes worked slightly independent of each other, In other words I suppose I could see double vision but mine was really slight and I have never noticed it, but anyhow if it is similiar to your own problem, it means you can have the surgery but you cannot have monovision, thats where they leave one eye less corrected then the other so you can see long sighted and short,I probably am not explaining this well, but anyhow, I hope it might help you and the last piece of advice is I went to Optilase in Dublin, and I would say avoid them unless you want to wait for months in limbo for your surgery and I also went to the wellington and I found I wasn't given enough information. However I have just gotten back from an appointment in Blackrock Clinic and the Dr there was great and I am now booked in for surgery on 2 of May !! Good luck tommy but gather information before you make any decisions.

Sean(NUD45064) - 10/04/2006 11:18

anyone know any thing about claiming tax back on these procedures? how much do you get back .. I have booked with Optilase for a consultation, but just wonder how I an claim the tax back

Mary - 10/04/2006 11:26

You may be able to claim tax back at the end of the year on your med1 form - about 20% but generally tax reclaimation is nly for neccessary mdical procedures and laser is regarded as cosmetic

Sean(NUD45064) - 10/04/2006 15:46

thanks for the reply Mary, but it says on the Optilase website "There is income tax relief available on the cost of this treatment of up to 42% of medical expenses."

Mary - 10/04/2006 16:38

That clears that up then. But up to 42% of medical expense, applies only if you'e paying 42% tax.

Norah - 10/04/2006 16:40

Hi Sean, Yes there is tax relief, you claim it through a med 1 or 2 form. I got my eyes done about 4 years ago and cost £1200 per eye and i got back around £500 in total.

Sean(NUD45064) - 11/04/2006 09:30

Cheers Norah thats for the reply!

tommo - 12/04/2006 19:48

hi all. Just been to optilase for pre-op consultation... all fine procedure due to go ahead im may.. Get this... They now want to reschedule it till the following week after all the hassle i had trying to orgabnise time off work. I heard a lot of people were not happy about delays with optilase and getting the run-around regarding dates etc but always felt happy myself... until now.

Anonymous - 19/04/2006 14:42

I have my first consultation with Optliase next week. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to get appointment for the surgery. Thanks

Digger - 19/04/2006 16:11

Hi all, Has anyone had the lens implantation surgury carried out? Is it worth the risk? I'm about minus 13 and am wondering what's the best option.

kim - 19/04/2006 18:07

hi everyone. my husbent is thinking of having laser on both eye's is anyone here over 60 as he is 61 is it more of a risk as you a older.

BrayLady - 20/04/2006 08:43

My brother was told (at 44) that there wasn't much point in having laser done to correct shortsightedness as the corneal change in a couple of years would man he would need reading glasses anyway.

Norah - 20/04/2006 09:10

Hi, I had Lasik Surgery on Friday in the Waterford Eye Clinic and i absolutely cannot believe the difference. I had PRK surgery (an old form of Lasek) about 5 years ago and my right eye dropped in prescription since so i wanted it re-done. I was expecting like the last time serious pain afterwards, the doctor told me it has been described to him as worse than child birth so I thought I was in for a weekend of pain. I went in Friday got sorted, the procedure itself lasted about 20 minutes and it was uncomfortable, not painful but just not very nice but i got through it, was given my sunglasses and sent home with 2 sleeping tablets which i most definetly took and slept for the day. Saturday i woke up with absolutely no pain whatsoever and I could see perfectly. The last time it took my eyes 6 months to focus properly. I was back for my check up Sat morning and doc was happy with it and again on Tuesday morning and he confirmed 20/20 vision. This advanced method of Laser treatment I can now confirm is amazing. Can\'t get over the difference so Good Luck to anyone who is waiting, Its worth it!

Batty - 20/04/2006 20:33

Hi Anom, About your query regarding the Optilase clinic and when you might have surgery after the consultation, i would say don't wait, if you can go to another clinic, I went to them I think it was in Feb and they still haven't set a date for my surgery, I have rung them lots of times but they just fobbed me off, I am getting my surgery done with another clinic and I was given a date for the surgery on the same day that I had my consultation, so its your choice, but I was really put out by Optilase.

Paulac - 24/04/2006 10:22

I am going for Lasik on Wednesday and am more nervous about the do's and don't's afterwards, than the procedure itself!! Are you supposed to totally rest your eyes for a few days, ie no reading tv etc? I am encouraged by Norah's message above!! Norah how long did you wait before going back to work? Any advice/ comments would be great!

Norah - 24/04/2006 12:15

Hi Paulac, I had mine done on Friday and the Monday was a bank holiday but I would have been able to go back to work no problem. My eyes got tired quick watching tv and looking at my PC but that only lasted about a week. I was given goggles to wear to bed in case I rubbed my eyes but I could only wear them for 2 nights. Bascially you just have to be careful not to rub the eye roughly in case you move the flap but I had no problems afterwards. Always carry your sun glasses with you as some days can seem more glarey to others. But don't be worrying about the aftercare, they just have to cover themselves at all costs and it sounds alot worse than it actually is. I am back wearing eye makeup and I only have my laser done 2 weeks. Naughty Norah! Good Luck

Paulac - 25/04/2006 11:35

Hi Norah, thanks for the word of wisdom! I have to say I am more excited than nervous now at this stage! Surgery tomorrow at 11am and then I am not back to work til Tuesday so I will have plenty of time to recover. Can't wait!

Ryan - 26/04/2006 20:06

I went and had Lasik with Orbit Laser Eye Clinic in Dublin. And all I can say is my life has changed since having this procedure. My eyes were -2.75, i impressed with the staff and surgeon and found it good value for money. I highly recommend.

Olva - 26/04/2006 22:18

I am long sighted so clear-lens replacement treatment has been advised. Has anyone in Cork had it done recently and what was the experience like. I would love to have it done but having read the mixed reports just dont know what to do?

I hate glasses - 27/04/2006 13:21

Hi all. I have just had wavefront treatment on my eyes am completely happy with the results. I have some advice for those thinking of getting it done. If you've read the above comments you will see some people are displeased with the service provided by several places while others are delighted with those same places and your head is probably spinning with the decisions where to go and what to get done if anything. Firstly let me say if you have questions regarding either wavefront, lasik or lasek treatment then you shouldn’t be getting it done. This is not the same as going to the dentist for a filling. These are your eyes and it’s important you go into this with them open. So don’t be naïve. Learn everything there is to know about all the treatments. This will also help your nerves  When you’re an expert on the treatments you will be able to make an informed and intelligent decision. My eyes were -7 and -5 and I had a very bad astigmatism in both eyes. I was tested in 3 clinics before I actually had my eyes treated. This may seem a little excessive but seriously it’s your sight so what’s a few hours out of a few days for some free tests. After studying the treatments and getting the tests done you should be able to decide what treatment you want and where you want it. I choose Optilase and I would recommend it to anyone, in fact I have done. I can’t praise the staff enough. I know people are saying they were ignored and so on but they are the few of many. Again you need to decide where for yourself. I choose Optilase firstly because I was treated professionally and secondly the cost. Some people are saying it’s your eyes don’t take chances but paying more money doesn’t necessarily mean your taking less chances. Research the surgeons, Dr Jain is a reputable Dr and preformed my treatment perfectly. The bottom line is the correct choice for me was to have lasik wavefront with Optilase and I now have 20/20 vision and for those of you that have done the research you will know given my (old) prescription the result is remarkable. For the record I am a week out of surgery, I have no side effects no pain and I am seeing fine. My final piece of advice or my summary is: Do the research and know what is best for you, don’t have to be told and you will be confident and almost fearless on the day. ( if you have any questions feel free to ask) Good luck.

Paulac - 28/04/2006 20:29

Hi all..2 days after surgery and I cannot believe the results!I have had no pain apart from just after the anaesthetic wore off.No dry eye to speak of yet but eyes getting tired v quickly when watching tv reading etc.I have a little blurriness still but this is because of the severe astigmatism which can take a couple of weeks to settle down.Overall I am delighted and would recommend the procedure to anyone.My prescription was in the mid-range of around -6.I would echo the advice given by the posting above - do all of your research and if you have any doubts then don't do it!!Here's to a spec free life!!

Bryan - 03/05/2006 15:41

Am hoping to get a lasik very soon-hopefully end of June. I know ye guys are no experts on this area but would like an opinion! I be heading off on Holidays to Greece for two weeks this August - question is, is it okay for me to get the treatment before then or I am better off to wait till after my hols?

Anonymous - 03/05/2006 16:00

Hi I have had my 1st consultation and was told that I am suitable for Lasek even though I was advised that I have dry eyes. Has anyone else gone ahead and had surgery after being told that they have dry eyes. As you can imagine I am really nervous now about going ahead with the surgery but I really had my heart set on it cos I am so fed up with messy lenses and awful glasses! Thanks

Paulac - 04/05/2006 17:06

Hi Bryan.Obviously as you said there are no experts on this board, but I do know that you have to wait a couple of weeks before taking any long distance flights and also before swimming.Remember as well that you will be very 'protective' of your eyes and need to try not to get anything in them (so that you don't rub them).Having said that, I had Lasik 8 days ago and eyes feel completely normal already even working in a dry office environment so you might be ok.Talk it over with the clinic and see what they think.

NIck - 05/05/2006 01:14

Hi all. Great insights. I went for a consultation today. I have a prescription of -1.75 and astigmatism in one eye. I think I have moderate dry eyes. I do have larger than average pupils. I have been warned there may be risks of halos during the night specially while driving. Is there someone with similar conditions who has lasik ? It will cost me $2000 canadian total. I am doing some research before going for it. Any advice would help. Thanks guys!

Batty - 07/05/2006 21:28

Hi, I just had my eyes done. I went to the Wellington and Optilase and I settled for the Blackrock clinic. I had LASIK done on both eyes and my prescription was -7 for each eye. I now have 20/20 vision, its an absolute miracle. The staff at Blackrock were really great and the surgeon talked me through everything and made me feel at ease. I would recommend it to anyone and I still think Optilase should be a last resort for anyone. Two people who were in the waiting room with me for the surgery had the same negative experience as I had with Optilase and I can't help but think if Optilase, who by the way only have one surgeon at he clinic a Dr. jain, if Optalse has so much work that it can't even set a date for surgery that I would not like my eyes done in a clinic that is snowed under, thats when mistakes happen. Having said all that go to all clinics and make an informed decision don't be swayed only by price, your eyes are too precious. I was told because I had such a high prescription that LASEK was not sutied to me as I would have a very high chance of hao effect after the surgery, this was not explained to me before until I went to Blackrock, so I settled for the LASIK because of this information. So please get all the info you can prior to surgery, by actually reading and gatehring info first and then attend different surgeons and see if what they offer.

Mike(CAG43103) - 07/05/2006 22:36

Hi there, Just been to a second clinic for another opinion regarding laser surgery. They were very helpful, so much so they gave me more options to consider, so I was wondering if anybody else here has found themselves in a similar situation. I'm at the age of 38 which means that the issue of reading glass is a couple of years off, but I'm not the type that would consider any further corrective operations to correct ones sight for this condition when we get older. The consultant explained monovision, with keeping one eye at say -1 myopia to delay the need for reading glasses by a decade and then -2 myopia to entirely remove the need for them. So I'm currently trialling contacts with one eye at zero and the other would be at approximately say -2, -1, 0. It's only been a couple of days at the -2 level and the sight is quite good though it was noticeable at work on the first day (i.e. I use a computer for the entire day). This might improve over time. Now I've had a couple of eye tests recently and between them there has been a discrepancy of 0.5 between the max and min for each eye. Now at the recent clinic they measured me the nearest to zero. Now I could go monovision and sacrifice zero/zero vision, but I’ve noticed over the years when getting eye tests my prescription has always been getting gradually worse (i.e. negative). So would this behaviour continue even after the operation? If so and noting that the clinic gave me the smallest prescription, would it be worthwhile to over-correct surgery so I don’t sacrifice my sight too much over the next decade but that I'd still be lucky not to require reading glass later on in life. So I'm thinking say a correction of -1.5 myopia on one eye and say maybe +0.25 or there abouts in the other based on the recent measurements? God this was a bit of an essay, but I hope I got my point/thoughts across. I'd welcome any comments. Thanks Mike

lala - 11/05/2006 11:54

i had laser eye surgery at the wellington clinic Dublin 2 years ago and it was the best thing i ever did.My eyesight is perfect now.

Paulac - 11/05/2006 14:18

Hi, I am 2 weeks post-Lasik and suffering with pain and discomfort for the past week (1st week no pain at all).The clinic tell me this is due to eye strain as I work in an office (air com + computer).The pain is like a dull, pressure, headache sensation behind the eye, on a scale of 1-10 probably only a 2 or 3, but I was wondering if anyone else experienced similar? I was around -6 in both eye with myopia.

Olva - 11/05/2006 22:38

Paulac how are you doing now. Do you still have headache? I am on migraine medication and I wonder if there are any implications as I am considering lens replacemnet I am +6.50 in both eyes. Has anyone any experiences with headaches?

Sean(NUD45064) - 15/05/2006 09:33

Went to Optiase yesterday for the initial consult. was treated very well and was given loads of information, said I would be suitable for LASIK, I would go with them but the only problem is the waiting list .. said they wouldn't be able to do it untill August .. I don't really want to wait that long.. anyone know anything about Advance eye laser in Belfast?

Jenna - 15/05/2006 10:33

I'm getting my surgery done through Optilase and I have to say I've found them very professional so far. I had two consultations, after my first they rang me promptly to book me in for my second. On my second consulation they told me they would ring me within the week to book me in for pre-op, they rang me two days later and confirmed my pre-op, which took place last friday. They booked me in for surgery on June 2nd, no hassle at all. Extremely nervous but looking forward to it. Choose Lasek wavefront in the end.

Anonymous - 15/05/2006 11:03

Hi I am booked in for surgery with Optilase having lasik done. For those who have had this done did you take much time of work and are you happy with the results??

Sean(NUD45064) - 15/05/2006 12:21

that was pretty quick Jenna .. I have just booked with Optimax in Belfast for the consulation on june 13th then for the procedure (if all goes well) on the 19th. good luck with yours and keep us informed!

Topez - 17/05/2006 11:46

Hi Anonymous Posted: 15/05/2006 11:03. You don't need much time off work. I would say two or three days. You can get a medical note from Optilase so you dont have to use up your vacation days. I took a wednesday thursday and friday off. my eyes were -7 and -5 with a bad astigmatism so I figured i'd need more time to heal but after two days I was fine. Eyes for the first week were a little tired after a few hours but that goes away. To answer your second question, I am delighted with the results. As many have said before me, best decision I ever made in my life. Some advice would be take plenty of vitamins and if you smoke try to quit or cut down.Smoking decreases the blolod flow in your eyes the healthier you are the faster you will heal. Gud luck - hope all goes well

Triona(MRW46889) - 17/05/2006 13:01

Had eye laser surgery done recently at Eye Laser Ireland, Model farm Road, Cork. My prescription was -8. Had Lasik done with intralase (laser to cut flap instead of mechanical blade). It's supposed to be much more accurate and safer. Returned last week for my one month review. I am reading two lines better than 20/20. Cost was expensive €2500 per eye, but apparently they are the only clinic in Ireland with intralase. I would highly recommend this clinic to anybody thinking about eye laser.

Ruth - 17/05/2006 17:04

Hi Triona, I'm going for a consultation in Eye Laser Clinic next Thurs. I'm also going to Shanakiel Clinic, Did you try there before you decided with Eye Laser clinic? I am -8 and -8.75. Great to know that everything went well for you. Great to know of somebody getting laser done in Cork!

Triona(MRW46889) - 18/05/2006 15:25

Hi Ruth, went to Shanakiel also. They suggested I get a contact lense implant operation because of my high prescription. I wasn\'t happy with the idea of going under general anesthetic when I could have the procedure done with laser. So I found another surgeon.

Olva - 18/05/2006 19:38

Hi Triona & Ruth I have a +6.50 prescription and was recommended lens replacement treatment have a date in Shanakiel but would love to talk to someone who had this done.

tommy - 18/05/2006 22:59

has anyone had eye surgery in uk? if so how did it work out? considering having it done but cost in ireland might not allow me to. but dont want to take any risks with my eyes either.would be grateful for any comments

Sean(NUD45064) - 19/05/2006 12:23

Hi Tommy, I'm going to Optimax in Belfast next month (rumour has it Belfast is in the UK!) .. the waiting list is a lot less and price is about 700 strling per eye

Raymond - 19/05/2006 13:26

Tommy, I was also considering going to the UK for laser surgery, but when you take into account travel expenses (usually a minimum of 3 trips)and and accommodation required, I decided that its swings and roundabouts. Also if for example I developed any complications there is additional costs and time from work etc. I am considering Optimax in Belfast as its only around 2hrs from Dublin and the prices are still considerably cheaper than here. I have not seen many people commenting on this company on this discussion board but hopefully someone can give some positive advice. Apart from cost this company also provides the Intralase laser (Femtosecond) as discussed by Triona posted 17/05/06 as she had this carried out in Cork. From what I have read this laser helps reduce a number of the risks associated with cutting the Cornea and therefore I am extremely interested in this. However, I would still appreciate anyones comments on this company. On a slightly different note, I donated blood last night in the Blood Transfusion Board and was a bit put out to find that if I do have laser eye surgery in either the UK or Northern Ireland that I would not be able to donate blood in Ireland again. Can anyone shed some light on why this is the case? Thanks to everyone for comments on this board as I am extremely nervous (as most people are) about this procedure and advie is great.

phillip(MXS31538) - 19/05/2006 17:50

hey Raymond !i had surgery in Optilase a while ago!i paid only 995 euro per eye and got money back from tax!it works out alot cheaper than going to belfast plus it is an excellent clinic.

Sean(NUD45064) - 23/05/2006 16:49

Phillip, I checked with the tax office and it is still possible to claim the tax back if you go to Belfast. Raymond regarding the BTB I used to donate all the time .. but then they said that if anyone lived at anytime in the UK or NI then they would not be able to Donate, I am originaly from Belfast so I had to stop ... don't know about the laser treatment. I am going to Optimax in Belfast on the 13th June for my initial consultaion and I have already booked in for the procedure for the 19th June .. wanna get it done and out of the way

Karen - 24/05/2006 10:36

Hi Triona, I am going for a full assessment in the Cork eye laser clinic on the model farm road. My prescription is also a -8. I was just wondering how quickly your eyes improved. I've heard it can take weeks or even months for your vision to be perfect.

Dylan - 24/05/2006 19:58

I have a prescription of +6.50 and was told by Blackrock Clinic that I wasn't suitable for laser surgery. I see people are talking about lens replacement treatment, have not heard of it before, and are the risk of complications higher? Is it more expensive? And where can I get it done, is cork the only place

Triona(MRW46889) - 25/05/2006 09:47

Hi Karen, I had the procedure done at roughly 5pm on a Wednesday and was watching the 9 O Clock news without my glasses that evening. So I guess the recovery period was roughly 4 hours. When I awoke the following morning I automatically reached for my glasses. I could read the time on the alarm clock for the first time ever without them. I returned to the clinic at 8.00am and couldn't believe how clear my vision was. On the way in the car I was reading road signs and number plates. From what I have been told the recovery period with the LASEK i.e. €995 can take several months. It makes sense as the surgeon is scrapping off the first layer on your cornea.

Karen - 25/05/2006 15:10

Thanks Triona, it's great to hear how someone with a similar prescription to mine got on with this treatment. Anyone I know that's had it done have had a lesser presription than mine. Even though they all got on fine I was a bit worried about the level of success with a higher precription. thanks again

Ruth - 25/05/2006 17:08

Hi Karen, I've just had my first consultation in Eye Laser Ireland. I am -8 & -8.75 and was told that though my prescription is high I am still suitable. I am very nervous and still not sure what I am going to do. Like you its great to hear from someone else with a high prescription getting it done.

Raymond - 25/05/2006 17:09

Sean (posted 23.05/06). Best of Luck. I am very interested in how you get on with Optimax in Belfast and in particular the intralase laser. I have had a consultation with Optilase in Dublin. I am -2 in both eyes and suitable for both Lasek and Lasik, but they informed me that I will have to wait until the beginning of September before I can even arrange a time for the surgery. I am still interested if anyone has comments about Optimax in Belfast.

Olva - 25/05/2006 17:27

Dylan. I have the same prescription as you and have also been recommended lens replacement. I have spoken to two people who have it done one in Cork the other in Waterford. Both highly recommend it and they both had a quick recovery. It is exactly the same procedure as cataract treatment. I am so encouraged by both I have a date for June 7th fingers crossed. Hope this helps

Karen - 26/05/2006 08:35

Hi Ruth, I am going for the full assessment in 2 weeks so I will let you know how I get on.

Donna - 26/05/2006 13:12

I also have a consultation with Eye Laser Ireland in Cork on 8th June. Does anyone else think €5000 is a bit much as i was also just considering going to Optilase in Dublin for the price of €2000. Theres a big difference but obviously i want quality also.

paul(ZTB47309) - 26/05/2006 15:34

Hi Donna, I am booked in for surgery at Eye Laser Ireland in Cork on the 14th of June. I feel I have made the right choice because of the intralase. I have done a lot of research and this definitely appears to be the safest procedure. During the consultation it was explained to me that they use disposable instruments. This was another big factor for me as I am very aware of the infection risks.

Donna - 26/05/2006 17:03

Thanks for your reply Paul. Another thing i was worried about was their lack of experience as i know they are only open since May 05. Did you talk to the Surgeon at the consultation? Did you get a consultation anywhere else before Eye Laser Ireland?

Marie(BCL47399) - 28/05/2006 22:55

Hi, i've had two appointments with Optilase now and i'm waiting to have my Lasik performe in July, was given the oppertunity to have it done before then but with holidays and work commitments i've chosen July. A friend asked for any cancellation dates and he is haveing his done within the week so maybe it is worth asking. I'm very very nervous. squeamish at the best of times.... Has anyboyd got any advice to help me through this. I just think that i'll move my eye or head and end up blind.

Tommo(WYD44783) - 29/05/2006 22:32

hi marie. I had lasek in optilase 5 weeks ago and they were brilliant. Dont worry about moving or anything ... you just dont get time. You are literally in and out in 5 minutes . Just listen to the surgeon and relax. There is loud music playing during surgery which helps you to relax. All the best!!!

cir - 30/05/2006 10:44

hi marie/ tommo, im also booked with optalise lasek in a week. im absolutely bricking it.

Swayster - 30/05/2006 15:10

Im 22 and booked in for the more expensive surgery with Optilase...I get confused but whichever the one with quicker recovery and no cut on works out at 3k and id spend twice that..ive only had glasses for 10 years but im waiting that long to get this done...the thoughts of headin in2 a pub and not having to take off my glasses cos of steam is thrilling....even the amount of glasses ive lost wud add up to 3k!!! not nervous at all...had first meeting in just dying to get on with it...bit p1ssed my recovery time is on the bank holiday but i wont take any risks so il be staying in!

Jennifer(BUU43243) - 31/05/2006 09:34

Getting Lasek with Wavefront in Optilase this friday at 2. Sooooooo nervous now!!! Funny thing is I'm more scared of the discomort of having my eyelids held back than the actual treatment! I'll let everyone know how I get on as soon as I can.

Sean(NUD45064) - 31/05/2006 15:32

Good luck with It Jen and make sure you come back and let us know how you got on .. epsecially the recovery period! I'm counting down the days to mine in Belfast

redzer - 02/06/2006 14:38

hey every1, can I just say something slightly non eye related first. Isn't technology great, this webpage alone contains an enormous amount of extremely useful info for any1 getting eye surgery. There are a huge number of other sites also offering the same. I have an appointment with the wellington in july for the consultation. I am considering the surgery for the purpose of joining the Gardai. i am -1.25, -1.75 with slight astigmatism (can't remember how much but its low). Has anyone else got procedures done for the purpose of joining the Gards or army. I imagine I will go for LASEK due to the fact that the flap created in LASIK never grows/heals back to its original strength. Apparently aftr 10yrs the cornea is still only 28% the strength it was originally. Now I'm not sure how accurate this is but it generally seems to be consistent opinion of experts. P.s. does the consultant that carries out your initial examination at the wellington also perform the surgery?

Paulac - 02/06/2006 15:20

hi redzer in answer to your q on the wellington clinic, yes the same consultant follows you all the way through. I had Lasik done there 5 weeks ago having been -6ish with pretty bad astigmatism and am absolutely thrilled with it.So I have to agree that YES! technology is great! I only wish I'd had the € years ago. Just check your information in relation to the flap as I did a lot of research before having mine done and never came across that one.Ask the consultant when you go, they are so helpful.Best of luck!

Andi - 02/06/2006 16:21

I'm getting epi-lasik with wavefront on Monday at the new Optimax clinic in Belfast. This is an enchancement as I had Lasek done in May 2005 with the Advanced Laser Clinic in Belfast. Unfortunately I'm one of the 3-4% that needs retreated after Lasek. I was -3.75 in both eyes and now I'm -1.25 & -1.00 and need glasses for driving etc again, was a bit peeved that it didn't work they way I'd hoped. I had regressed after 6 weeks and I was to be re-treated with the Advanced Laser Clinic but then they went into liquidation and I had to wait 9 months for Optimax to open and they are going to do my enchancement for a nominal fee as a goodwill gesture to ex Advanced Laser patients, which is very decent of them. At least I know what to expect this time, the pain kicks in after the anesthetic drops wear off but if you take a sleeping tablet as soon as you get home you'll tend to sleep through it. I also wasn't able to drive confidently until the 12th day. Having said all that, I have no qualms with going through the procedure again as I really hate my glasses.

Niall(UDK47594) - 02/06/2006 21:05

Thanks paulac. I will keep the board informed with how everything goes as a future reference for anyone else who is considering laser eye treatment

cir - 02/06/2006 21:21

hi. just had my lasek today, think it went ok so far except for the streaming. will try report back soon.good luck to everyone else.

Olva - 05/06/2006 19:12

Having one eye done on Wednesday in Cork found all the discussion so helpful hopefully will have lots of positive comments to contribute as soon as I am able

Anonymous - 06/06/2006 13:14

I have slight dry eye and am concerned about how it may be affected if i get laser surgery? Does anyone have any experience with this? :)

Sean(NUD45064) - 08/06/2006 09:34

Andi, How did you get on in Belfast? I have my consulation next Tuesday .. and the procedure booked if all goes well for the following Monday

Karen(KMD47187) - 09/06/2006 08:42

Hi Again, I've just had my full assessment and am getting the surgery done next week!. My prescription is worse than I initially thought: -8.75 & -9.75. The surgeon was very good. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. Because of my very high prescription, I will probably not get 100% correction . I should be able to function fine without glasses but may need them for driving. For someone who needs to put on her glasses before getting out of bed, this is totally fine with me. Anyway am scheduled for next week , nervous & excited!

Cleo - 09/06/2006 10:48

Hi Karen, I have a similar prescription to you and was considering going to cork for treatment. Went to see a great guy in limerick last year who told me basically the same thing, ie not 100% correction due to high prescription. I was too scared to have it done at that point, mostly due to the microkeratome part of surgery. However, intralase seems to be much safer statistically. Are you having both eyes done at once? Please let us know how you get on as soon as you're up to it. Good luck with it all!

Andi - 10/06/2006 17:15

Hi Sean, epi-lasek went very well! I had a chat with the doctor before the surgery, and he stated that wavefront wasn\'t necessary as my correction was only minor and my pupils are quite small. I found my doctor very good, he explained what he was doing throughout the procedure, which kept me calm!! Got the bandage contact lenses out yesterday and that was a relief as I found them quite uncomfortable and it was also very hard to keep my eyes open for any length of time. Best bet is to rest and keep your eyes closed to allow them to heal quicker. Today (day 5) my eyes are brilliant and I was able to drive with no problems, which is amazing, considering last time it was almost 2 weeks before I could drive!! The staff in Belfast are great and I would have no hesitation in recommending Optimax. Go for it Sean and good luck, Andi

Olva - 12/06/2006 15:55

Hi Dylan if you are still out there or anyone else thats interested on day 5 having had Prelex lens replacement in Shanakiel Cork. Not a bother no painrelief needed or sedative. Back driving sight way better on the operated eye have to use a contact in the right just to even things up! Slight discomfort in the morning adjusting to daylight but thats all so far I just cant believe it Thank God. Hope this helps anyone who may be worried.Had to buy my first non prescription sunglasses what a thrill!!

Swayster - 13/06/2006 15:39

Well i am nearly 2 weeks post op and it was a great success...same as most here with the bit of uncomfort for the couple of days but i was driving about 5 days after...little bit of discomfort today as its first day back in air conditioned office but it really is a life changing operation...

Sean(NUD45064) - 15/06/2006 09:07

Hi Andi, thats great news congrats with it! .. I was in Optimax on Tuesday for the consultation and everything went well ..I'm booked in on Monday for the procedure! can't wait!

GK - 15/06/2006 09:17

Anyone been thru. PRK? Just had it done at Blackrock clinic (first eye 3 weeks ago, second eye 2 weeks ago). I was -3 in both eyes and while my shortsightedness has certainly improved dramatically, I'm still struggling a bit with close up vision (reading / PC). I'm aware recovery period takes longer with PRK / Lasik than Lasek but I'm beginning to wonder how long??

Anonymous - 15/06/2006 19:33

hey !i am going for an consultation in Optilase on saturday.Has asnyone else been there?

Olva - 15/06/2006 21:27

Had Prelex replacement treatment one week ago all went well. Anyone have this problem when I got a clear lens put into my glasses I cant use them at all. Any my eye gets quite uncomfortable wearing a contact lens. Operated eye no problems at all and I have to wait till sept to get my other eye done!! Help how can I manage any suggestions?

Sparkie - 19/06/2006 13:54

Hi Anybody, I have a pre-op appointment with Optilase and hopefully will have the Lasek treatment on the 27th of July.....I have not got many holidays left and I would like to know how long would the recovery period be. I have to drive to work and I use a computer most of the day????????? Can anyone fill me in on their experience??????? Starting to get a bit nervous now!!!!!!!!!!

Karen(KMD47187) - 20/06/2006 10:25

Hi All, Had my surgery on both eyes last Thursday. Op was fine, no pain just discomfort. Same with the recovery so far. Noticed improvement straight away and was delighted the following morning to be able to see read the time on the alarm clock. Huge improvement in sight, though hazy round the edges. When I went in for my check up, I was able to read two lines better than required for driving licence!!. Back at work yesterday, my eyes got tired very quickly (computer & air conditioned office). Driving is no problem either though am experiemcing some glare & halo effects from other cars with their lights on. Surgeon did mention afterwards that as I have been short sighted all my life , my eyesight might regress. This had not been mentioned before so am a bit concerned about it.Overall though happy with results so far

John - 20/06/2006 12:13

Hi all, I went to the wellington eye clinic last Friday for a consultation. My eyesight is fairly bad (minus 14 in each eye) and they said that I was beyond the scope of the laser treatment. They said that I could have an 'artisan' lens implanted in my eye to correct my vision. Has anyone else had this done? What were the results like? I would be grateful for any advice. John

Olva - 20/06/2006 22:26

Hi John I too was unsuitable for laser but just to let you know that I had prelex lens replacement here in Cork 14 days ago. No pain. Done under local. Driving after two days with a contact lens in the other eye. Instant improvement can read the golden pages! Cant wait to get the other one done hope this helps.

cir - 21/06/2006 13:50

hi sparkey, or anyone else. i had my lasek in optilase bout 2wks ago. vision did fluatuate for week 1 but seems a1 now.i was -1.5 and aigstigmatic(maybe bit dislaxic too)looking at my spelling here. it has taken bt 2 weeks for my near vis to come good but i had 1 eye done so i managed fine. the op and after care was 10/10 even though i was nervous wreck. delighted overall and should i choose to would have no woories goin back to have my other eye done.

Sean(NUD45064) - 26/06/2006 09:36

Hi All. I had Lasik and Wavefront surgery in Optimax in Belfast last Monday. the staff where very nice, the procedure lasted about 40-50 mins and was no paind .. just a little uncomfortable. Procedure went well .. could notice a big improvement that night .. but had to take it easy and not focus on anything ..I have drops to take every hour, there was a bit of imflamation so I had to go back again on Thurs and it had went down a bit at that stage. things are still a bit out of focus at times , its like I have a tunnel focus, hope this improves, have to go back again this thurs for another check up. Very happy so far, had to take a week of work.

Karen(KMD47187) - 03/07/2006 13:14

Hi all, I've just had my post op 2 week check up and am delighted so far with the results. I've gone from a -9.75 and -8.75 to -1.0 and -0.25. The -1.0 will apparently stand to me in the long run as it will delay my need to get reading glasses as I get older. At the moment though, I don't need glasses for anything, not even driving. The haziness or blurry vision is gone and the glare starbust effect is improving the whole time. So far so good. Next check up in 2 months time!

NR - 03/07/2006 14:56

Hi Karen, delighted to hear the surgery has gone well for you. I am booked in for my consultation in the Wellington this Friday 07th July 2006. I\'m -1.75 & -1.25 and will probably get the LASEK treatment instead of LASIK if I am a good candidate.

Tonyh - 03/07/2006 20:38

Prior to my lasik surgery, like many of you reading this, i trawled through the internet to find out as much as i could about the procedure.This was very scary as many of the horror stories that i read related to procedures that were carried out many years ago, before many of the more modern lasers that are now used were invented.Infact, many of the stories on the numerous websites are 4 or 5 years old. It is in my view important to enter into this procedure with your eyes fully open ( excuse the pun) and be fully aware as to the potential hazards.Before you decide to have the procedure, consider what in my view are the most important factors to take into account.They are,What surgeon are you going to use?What type of laser will they use?What is the aftercare and follow up like?I know that everybody is on a budget, but to pick a clinic purely on price is foolish.That is not to say that because somewhere is cheaper that it is not as good as somewhere else more expensive, but as you will have read many times before, your eyes are simply too precious to use price as a main criteria. I recently turned 40, and as i had worn glasses since i was 18, i decided that i would \"Treat myself\" to lasik for my forthieth.I was moderately myopic (-3.75 and -4.00 with moderate astigmatism in both eyes) and my prescription had only stablised over the last 2/3 years.I made an appointment with a new clinic which offered lasik at €995 per eye.I picked this clinic purely because of the price.An assessment was carried out which lasted approximetly 45/50 minutes.I was told i was suitable and i would be contacted in due course for an appointmnet to meet with the consultant.I didnt hear from them for months but was eventually given a surgery date in June.In the meantime i did my homework on the procedure and i spoke to some people who had it done.Alarmingly, i had also read on forums of people who had 2nd opinions which picked up on flaws that would make them unsuitable.I am not suggesting that this clinic are not professional.They were.I know that many many people are delighted with them and the outcome. Because i have a tendancy to over analyse everything and i was very nervous about the whole thing, i decided to have a second opinion before going ahead with the operation.I contacted the another clinic, told them i had already got an appointment with a seperate clinic but i wanted them to check me out.I went to them the following week.The assessment took about 2.5hrs and i was simply blown away with the technology that they used and how thorough they where.I also met with the consultant,who checked my eyes out and answered the many many questions that i had.He also warned me of all the possible pitfalls.I also told that this clinic have the most modern laser in the world.I checked this out by again trawling the internet and found that this was indeed the case(FDA approved in Oct 2003).It fires pulses at 400hertz, which is at least 4 times faster than most other lasers. I had the procedure carried out on June 15th.I was very nervous, not so much about the procedure itself, but more about the after effects and whether it would work out or not.Its like getting married, you are not nervous of saying \"i do\", but it is the fear of the next 40 years!!!!Anyway, they couldnt have been nicer to me.They packed me full of valium to ease my nerves and even offered to hold my hand during the procedure!!It was over in minutes.There was no pain (honestly) and immediately afterwards...i could see!!!At first it was like looking at things through steam but this quickly cleared up.Later that night i could see clearly.I went home with my medication and very reassuringly with my surgeons mobile phone number in case of problems. The next morning at 7am i was like an eejit out standing in the street reading the reg plates of all of my neighbours cars.I drove into the post op check up ( with the consultant)able to see everything.It was just amazing.Two weeks later and my vision is getting even better although i still have to put in eye drops( that is not a hassle).Sorry for going on so much but i hope if you are reading this that it is informative and helpful.Remember, having laser treatment to your precious precious eyes is not a trivial matter and not a decision that you should take lightly.Make sure to do your homework.Talk to people who have had it done ( we are more than happy to talk about it.If anything, as you can guess, i cant shut up about it).Good Luck if you were having done.I hope it all works out great!!

Karen(KMD47187) - 04/07/2006 08:32

Best of Luck NR, Hope it goes well for you!

Swayster - 05/07/2006 12:19

IN fairness everything has been great with mine except for maybe tired eyes. Im 5 weeks after surgery and im actually taking the whole thing for granted. my only worry is a couple of nights i have woken up and my left eye seems to be half shut and a little sore and this a common occurence..ive got a check up next week so hopefully a professional will ease the mind but i just wana make sure...maybe i shud have continued drops for longer but i took them for the reccomended time

dmac - 06/07/2006 14:19

My pupils measure 8mm I know this is a larger than normal and i'm a little worried about night driving also i had a slight eye infection from my contact lenses when i went for my second consultation and was told i wasn't to wear them again for 6 weeks and go back for another consultation which is this weekend, if all is good this time i'm due to get lasek at the end of the month has anyone similar experiences

NR - 11/07/2006 14:37

Had my consultation and am a good candidate for LASEK or LASIK - I am going to be a gard and I don't know which surgery to get. Anyone have any suggestions I'm -1.75, -1.25

Topez - 11/07/2006 16:54

Most people I believe choose Lasik when they are given the choice because the time it takes to heal is somewhat faster. Also another point to take into consideration is the clinic in Cork which now has a laser capible of cutting the lense on your eye which is more accurate then a surgeon would be. Look up the clinic in cork. Look up the two types of laser treatment and learn all you can, then make an informed decision. Or just go with Lasik :)

Rc - 25/07/2006 09:11

I was considering gettin laser eye surgery since i first heard of it years ago. Eventually when i reached my mid 20\'s and had enough cash i decided to go for it! Went to the Mater Private and would highly recommend it. The surgeon conducted a very thorough exam and at the end of it went through everything regarding the surgery from what would happen when i went into the clinic on the morning to what could go wrong. Like everybody else thinking about getting this done i\'ve searched everywhere looking up the pros and cons. In April i had my surgery on the left eye first as it was the worse of the 2 (-5.25) and the following week i had it done on my right eye (-4.00). Each time i was in and out of the hospital within an hour. It was amazing how straightforward it was. The follow up treatment in the Mater Private is excellent. I went back the day after my surgery on both week to get my patch removed and for a check-up. I returned 3 weeks later for another check-up. At this time it was noticed that my eyes were a little dry and had to use gel tears a couple of times a day. But since i went back for another follow-up last month my eyes are no longer dry and only need to use the drops once a day in 1 eye. I don\'t have to return again until October and what is brilliant is all this aftercare is included in the price, which for the price of it you would hope it would be. It was the best thing i have ever done and i agree with Tonyh i can\'t stop telling people about it!! The day after the surgery i was walking around reading out signs and bus numbers and car number plates!! When i wake up on the morning i can see my alarm clock across the room without putting on my glasses or contacts, and i can see the outline of the tress and not a big blur!!! I could go on and on!Its absolutely amazing and i would highly recommend it, but go in with realistic expectations, your eye health is so important!!

R(GUY49916) - 27/07/2006 10:09

Hi everyone. I just got LASEK Wavefront done in Optilase yesterday, and let me tell u...its worth every penny! I had -5.25 and -5,05 vision, and even though it\'s only been a day, I can already see!! Im a little blurred but it will fade out in a few more days. The procedure is completely painless, but feels a little weird at the beginning. My eyes do feel slightly gritty at the moment, but its because of these contact lenses that must be worn for 5 days to allow the eye to heal. But I am able to see the screen as I type this , which is incredible!!! The consultation is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose!

Virgo - 27/07/2006 15:40

has anyone had a consultation in Limerick lately? did you find them good/professional, etc did they charge for the consultation?

NR - 30/07/2006 16:15

Hi all. had lasek surgery on thursday (27th) - going well so far i can actually read car reg numbers from across the street now. (I was -1.75 & -1.25) only thing i\'ve noticed is that my right eye is very blurry whereas for the most part my left eye is crystal clear. I hope this isn\'t a problem. I\'m getting my bandage contact lens out on tues and hopefully it will clear up then... so i\'ve been told anyway. but so far while still anxious/nervous I\'m pretty happy with everything.

R(GUY49916) - 31/07/2006 14:30

NR, I got my lenses out yesterday and now my vision is almost perfect!!!! The blurriness will fade out (trust me!!) but be sure to keep usin your drops!!

20/20??? - 02/08/2006 09:53

Just want to thank you for such an informative site. I am seriously considering going under the knife (laser :-) im 26 and shortsighted -3.75, -3.75. Just wondering about dry eyes. What would give me an indication of possible post opp problems now. i have allways had ithcy eyes (result of hay fever).

Cleo - 02/08/2006 15:27

To virgo, I had a consultation about a year at the wavefront clinic on harvey's quay. The surgeon was excellent, the consultation/examination took over an hour in total. Unfortunately, i'm very short sighted and so lasik would mean thinning my cornea a lot. I was unwilling to risk it in the end. But i would really recommend the clinic, and if they ever offered the lens implant option, i wouldn't hesitate to go back to them and book myself in. The consultation was €130 that time, and the cost of lasik was €2250 per eye. Hope this helps, and good luck!

virgo - 02/08/2006 16:19

Hi Cleo, Thanks for the info. I am -7.5 & -7.0 - is this close to your prescription - I may be inelligible too!?!

Cleo - 03/08/2006 11:23

I'm -8 and -9, so you're a bit better off than me. He was willing to do the surgery, but said that i wouldn't achieve the best possible correction as it would thin my corneas too much. Basically, i might still need glasses for driving etc. I wear monthly toric lenses now, and they cost me about €70 for a 6-month supply (i buy online from an american website). So the surgery works out relatively expensive if you look at it like that. I would want 20/20 vision to spend that much, and it's just the luck of the draw that it turned out this way. Give him a try though; i found him to be very honest and open. Like i say, if my vision could be corrected fully i'd book in there in a heartbeat. Good luck!!

Olva - 03/08/2006 18:43

20/20 if you have itchy eyes enquire further as it is vitally important that you do not scratch your eyes for a few weeks after surgery. I have had lens replacement in one eye and cant believe the huge improvement it has made already.

jim - 08/08/2006 18:44

Got wavefront lasik done yesterday (yes the bank holiday!) in Dublin. Prescription was -7 and -6.5 and today i have 20/20 vision with no probs so far. Would recommend to anyone. Best 3 grand i ever spent!!..

cancer - 14/08/2006 15:32

Jim have same prescription and have appointment for Sept for consult would love to know what clinic you went to. Also have astigmatism.

Melanie - 16/08/2006 14:05

Hi I went for my consultation with Optilase last month and was told I had slight dry eye which may result in me having more dry eye after surgery, I am only interested in Lasik as I cannot handle anything in my eye and would not be able to cope with the contact lense you have to wear with Lasek. Can anyone tell me what it is actually like to have dry eye after surgery, as the consultant explained it to me but I would like to hear exactly what it is like for someone.

cc - 16/08/2006 23:24

Hi all, I've been wearing soft contacts for years and have noticed that I've developed unsightly blood vessels that are very visible in the whites of my eyes. I was told by an optician that this is just 'age'- I'm in my 20's, so that can't be right!! I think that prolonged contact lense wear is making it more noticable and it never goes away, even with eye drop application. I'm becoming quite self-concious of this, has anyone had anything similar? Was considering laser treatment to rid myself of lenses altogether, but these big bad blood vessels might never go

May - 17/08/2006 11:04

CC, I had some thing similar and my opthalmologist did not say it was anythign to do with age - and I'm 35 but called it microvascular regeneration. or somethign like that. It's to do with the existing blood vessels not gettign enough oxygen due to high use of the lenses. I was told to cut down the hours worn and leave them out completely for one day por week. I was also given drops as my eyes had becoem quite dry.

CC - 17/08/2006 20:52

Thanks May. Just wondering what the outcome was, did it clear up altogether?

Sean(NUD45064) - 18/08/2006 10:11

I had my one month check up on Wednesday (it was actually 2 months ago) all is going well .. have 20/20, everything has healed well and no probs apart from Car lights a night time being very bright .. but that is suppose to fade. I got my eyes done in Belfast, staff were excellent and I would highly reccommend them .. cost was about 2500 for both eyes

May - 18/08/2006 10:28

Hi CC, I wasn\'t very comprehensive was I? Yes, it did indeed but it took about 3 months altogether. This was comlicated in my case by the the use of the contraceptive pill which exacerbates dry eyes (have sine switched contraceptives) and thyroid supression medication.

Loulou - 24/08/2006 16:14

Has anyone been to Optilase? I have a consultation with them in 2 weeks and was just looking to hear from anyone that has been to them & how they found them.

Richard - 24/08/2006 18:30

Hi all just had a pre assessment with \"eye laser ireland\" in cork does anyone have any feedback on their service? thanks R

Marti - 30/08/2006 11:37

I had laser eye surgery over 2 years ago in Belfast (I\'m from Dublin) and it was the best thing I ever did - the clinic staff were professional and thorough (as good as friends experienced in Dublin) and my eyesight is now better than 20/20. My advice is to check out the clinic thoroughly, make sure you\'re a good candidate and follow ALL the aftercare instructions.

Redser66 - 30/08/2006 16:04

Hi Richard, I too had my pre-op consultation yesterday afternoon, have you had your eyes done yet. If so, how did you get on? I found the lady doing my consultation very nice, informative and re-assuring.

EOS - 31/08/2006 12:36

HI i had my lasek treatment 3 weeks ago.Everything is going great and I have now 20/20 vision in both eyes. Would recommend

Julie - 10/09/2006 14:53

I had Lasik surgery last Monday and apart from my eyes getting dry which I expected, my sight is not as clear as I hoped. Driving, reading and watching TV is fine but my computer screen is not as clear as with my glasses. Will this improve over the next week or so?

Redser66 - 11/09/2006 11:03

Hi Juile, I hope your sight improves for you soon, can I ask where you got it done and how bad was your vision before you got it done. I am going for my surgery on Thursday afternoon

KM - 11/09/2006 12:37

Redser66, can I assume because you answered earlier mail from Richard that you also went to Eye Laser in Cork?? Am scheduled there for 28th Sep. Let us know how you got on please!

Julie - 11/09/2006 12:44

I got it done at Optilase Clinic on Ely Place. I am going in today for my second check-up so I can ask them if this is the norm

Anonymous - 11/09/2006 13:17

I need to were glasses for reading this has only happened in later years as a result of getting older I was wondering about laser eye treatment ,can it be done for this complaint and does anyone have any information on it and how it cost

HERMIT - 11/09/2006 16:02

Hey I am at 6 weeks post-op (LASEK). My Left eye is 20/17 and My right eye has been slightly over corrected by about .25 Diopeter. Had my 6 week check up on Friday and Consultant has said that this will regress over the coming months. She said the vision in the eye is almost 20/20 but its quite blurry in the distance cos its trying to adjust to the over correction. so its "real time" vision is not as good as my other eye but it will catch up in the next few weeks or something. Other than that I am delighted with results... no dry eye, no serious side effects and no problems of any kind really bar the one thats mentioned above but I know that that will sort itself out in the coming months. the procedure is Much recommended

Redser66 - 11/09/2006 16:26

Hi All, I am getting mine done in Eye Laser Ireland in Cork getting nervous about it hearing from yourselves. Can't wait to get rid of the glasses. To the girl who was wondering about reading glasses, as far as I know laser surgery won't help you but ring a clinic and go for a consulation, its free and staff are very helpful.

Triona - 12/09/2006 17:41

Hi all, Had my 4 month post op visit today. My prescription was -8 and -8.5. I am reading 6/4 in my right eye and 6/5 in my left with zero prescription in each. With both eyes together I am 2 lines better than 20/20. I need to return in 2 months for my final visit. Would have paid double for this. Best money I have ever spent.

Redser66 - 13/09/2006 12:17

Hi Triona, Going for my surgery tomorrow so glad to have read your comment as the nerves were starting but you just reminded me what it is all about. Best of luck in the future

lb - 18/09/2006 22:38

Hi, I had an initial consultation today. The consultant said I would need LASEK due to corneal thickness and high prescription (-9 and -10). A friend was treated with LASIK recently by same consultant, and told me all about that procedure, but I know nothing about LASEK. One concern is comment that you can \"see\" what\'s going on during procedure on LASEK, but not LASIK. Can anyone explain? Also I have a young baby (on maternity leave at moment)but due back in work about three weeks after procedure. If anyone has had LASEK will I realistically be able to cope with baby the day after surgery? Thanks

KM - 19/09/2006 11:03

Hi all, getting nervous now, due for surgery on Thursday week. A little concerned re slightly dry left eye and 8mm pupil size. Would love to hear from anyone that has gone ahead with LASIK with similar concerns. Am a little worried that anyone else that has posted a request for this information never seems to have gotten a reply.........

Redser66 - 19/09/2006 16:28

Hi KM, I Had my surgery last Thursday, I can\'t help you with any info about dry eye or large pupils. My clinic in Cork talked me through everything and were very informative. All I can suggest is talk to your clinic, if they are worth their salt they should be able to ease your fears. I now have twenty twenty vision and they only problem is I keep reaching for my glasses. Can\'t think of a nicer complaint to have. Best of luck

KM - 19/09/2006 19:59

Hi Redser66, Really glad all went well for you. I can't imagine what it must be like to be successfully at the other side of the surgery! I've worn glasses all my life and it will be amazing to be free of them. The clinic have been confident enough about my suitability all along, and I'm doing everything I can to keep everything in order for next week, using my drops etc. I have spoken to them on the phone and they do seem to be conscientious. Thanks for the reassurance... I'm one of nature's worriers!

NR - 23/09/2006 11:58

Hi lb "Posted: 18/09/2006 22:38". I had LASEK surgery 7 weeks ago in Dublin. To begin with my surgery has gone fantastic and I have no side effects from the surgery except for some halo starburst effects with lights at night. These are decreasing week by week tho. I was -1.75 & -1.25 pre surgery - now 20/17, 20/20. In terms of what you actually see during surgery - I would not worry. you receive eye drops and saline solution in your eye (not sore at all) and this makes everything very blurry. you can see shadows of what the surgeon is doing but can't make anything out so there's no real "grose" factor at all. I suggest you check out - fantastic website for LASEK info. I would check again with your consultant or seek a 2nd opinion on your suitability for LASEK - yes it is the only safe choice when you have thin corneas but LASEK is usually only used to treat myopia up to -6.00 - higher myopias carry a much greater risk or corneal haze which can blur vision hawever there are treatments for this that can help reduce it. Secondly, due to changing hormones during prengnancy the shape of the cornea can slightly change and from what I understand people are advised to leave eye surgery for at least 6 months post giving birth. I dont have children my self so I cant help you with info on dealing with a child after surgery - however, at 7 days post op you will pretty much be back to normal and can usually do most things you could do before - however, you must be careful for about 4 -5 weeks post op about getting bangs near your eye and rubbing your eye (LASEK that is its up to 6 months for LASIK) - the nature of a young child swinging arms and being playful etc... may mean that you are moer at risk of getting a finger poke to the eye etc... I am not sure if I am misunderstanding your statement that the consultant recommended you get LASEK due to corneal thickness AND your high prescription - corneal thickness is the number one reason for getting LASEK however, every consultant, surgeon and medical articles I have come across state that LASIK is the much preferred and safer procedure for high prescriptions. I jsut wonder if your surgeon/consultant is giving you completely accurate info regarding the risks involved. As I say I have had a very successful outcome very recently and I am delighted but please make yourself aware of YOUR individual risks as everyone is different. If you have any other questions please ask & i'll trry answer them as best I can. but do check out

Ger - 25/09/2006 14:51

Going for Epi-Lasek with Wavefront in a couple of weeks time. Cornea too thin for Lasik. Prescription is -5 and -6. Has anyone undergone Epi-Lasek with a similar prescription?

Kay - 25/09/2006 21:21

Hi Guys, I\'ve been for 2 consultations with different surgeons, both based on recommendations by friends. I wasnt too enthused by the first guy but on Friday I went to the other and can\'t praise those guys enough! Although I\'m suitable for both LASIK and LASEK, he recommends that I get LASEK as apparently i have some abberations and LASEK will reduce the risk of me having night vision issues. Has anyone else had this comment? I\'m -3.00 and -3.25. Everything I\'ve read seems to recommend LASIK over LASEK ... and to be honest, the more I read the more it scares me! I\'ve about a million questions to go back to these guys with but thought I see if anyone was in the same boat as me and how u got on. Part of the testing also involved dialating my pupils ... suffered from starbursts with lights until well into the next day ... would hate to think that i could end up with that permanently. Any advise / comments are much appreciated!

Richard(UEM51035) - 26/09/2006 20:29

Hi all just wanted to post that I went for an assessment with eye laser ireland (cork)last month and they said I was suitable for laser surgery. Last week I went to have a second opinion in the Mater private and they said I was not suitabe with only a 15 % chance of having success with the surgery I guess this says always get a second opinion.

phillip - 27/09/2006 03:35

hey i had surgery a few months ago and have to say couldn\'t have made a better decision. I have 20 20 vision now. I got lasek wavefront which the surgeon recommended for me.

KM - 27/09/2006 10:07

Richard, What exactly are your stats? What prescription are you and what reasons did the clinic give you for your being unsuitable? Am due for surgery tomorrow and your note has put the wind up me a bit!

D - 28/09/2006 13:48

Phillip, I got lasek wavefront 2 weeks ago. My perscription was -5.25 and -5.00. I have 20/20 vision now, but I am very tired and over the last few nights my eyes have been sore during the night and I have difficulty working with a computer.I have been told that this will go away over the next few weeks. Had you had any of these problems. Overall I am delighted that I got it done.

LJ - 28/09/2006 15:28

Hi Richard, Two years ago a surgeon told me I was unsuitable for lasik. He gave me a 10% chance of a successful outcome. I did not have sufficient corneal thickness and my prescription was -8. However last June he contacted me to say that the procedure was now possible because some clinics have an Intralase which is a laser that is used to cut the flap and is much more precise than the surgeon doing it mechanically. He told me that they can cut the flap at 100 microns whereas with the mechanical method it could be as high as 160 microns. This is why I was unsuitable before and also with a -8 prescription the laser for reshaping the cornea would take away 200 microns of tissue. With the new custom laser 80 microns was the total removed. I have done a lot of research as you can see and in my opinion Intralase is the way to go. I am now 2 weeks out and can see 20/20.

KM - 29/09/2006 18:12

LJ, Thank you for that! I had my surgery yesterday, and cannot fault the care received at EyeLaser Ireland in Cork. I was very nervous, not helped by Richard\'s posting on the day before surgery but the staff were great.

kens - 29/09/2006 21:58

I can see! And I\'m not wearing specs or lenses. Its fantastic.I got laser surgery (lasek)done in August. I was only waiting one month for the surgery after my first consultation.After the surgery I could see better immediately. My eyes were sore for a few days, my vision keep getting better in the following days and weeks. At my 6 week check up my vision was 20/20. Its a new release of life been able to see, all the time. For the first few weeks I kept thinking I had to take my lenses out at night! If your eyes are suited to the surgery go for it.

Den f - 03/10/2006 15:06

I've just started looking into laser eye surgery recently. What put me off in the past was predominantly the price but also all the horror stories from people - but that seems to me now to relate to surgeries done more than 5 years ago and the laser surgery method had advanced much since. I noticed in previous posts that lots of people have had it done in Belfast and Cork and highly recommend it. But as I live in Dublin, I would prefer to do it here in case of complications and for ease of after care. As far as I'm gathering, the choices are Mater Private, Blackrock Clinic, Wellington Clinic and Optilase (the one in Ely place). Optilase by all accounts is cheaper but I gather many people have had to wait a long time for an appointment for the surgery which I dont want to do. I've booked a consultation with the Wellington Clinic - the main reason for this is that the VHI (I'm a member) now offer a 15% discount with a selected few clinics in Ireland (in Dublin the Wellington and Expert Eye Laser Clinic, more clinics participating in Cork, Waterford and Belfast) - for anyone looking for details of this go to (you need to register on the site and send the enquiry to the clinic directly from the VHI website to avail of this discount) and that's a lot of money saved - on a €4000 price tag(€2000 per eye) you save €600. Can anyone who has experience at the Wellington please write (most people on this discussion thread use other clinics? or else don't specify which one they used?) and also state, if you've been to more than one clinic for evaluation why did you choose the Wellington? or why did you choose another? Much thanks.

Patsy(PEF51692) - 03/10/2006 15:48

Hi D, I had Lasik Wacefront done a month ago and I also had difficulty with my computer when I returned to work. It is getting better day by day. The only thing is my eyes get very tired and dry still. I had my monthly check-up on Sunday and was told that it will improve so apart from that I am happy out.

Den f - 03/10/2006 17:53

Sorry forgot to add to my last post, I would like to hear specific recommendations of surgeons\' names from people who were happy (in Dublin area please). Anyone prepared to recommend a specific surgeon, please write to . Many thanks.

D - 04/10/2006 08:31

Hi Patsy, Thanks for your information. I have also been told that my eyes will improve over the next few weeks. I can see improvements day by day.My eyes still feel dry amd I also get very tired. I will have to be patient, it is only three weeeks since surgery.

Sandra - 11/10/2006 16:09

Hi I am getting wavefront Lasek done in 3 weeks time and I am a bit scared about the contact lense that is put in for 5 days after the surgery as I hate anything near my eyes and can't wear normal contact lenses the surgeon has assured me it will be fine but can anyone tell me if it is painful to have the contact lense in .

KM - 12/10/2006 09:05

D, Patsy, How are you getting on now? I am 2 weeks post-op and having similar trouble, in particular with my PC at work. I am trying to take regular breaks and my lubricant drops and gel tears but the eyes are still getting quite dry and tired. I'd be interested to know if yours have improved in the meantime. Also experiencing halos and starburst effect. Am told this will go away in a couple of months. Anyone else have feedback on this?

Patsy(PEF51692) - 12/10/2006 10:31

Hi KM It is over 4 weeks since my surgery and I have to say that my eyes have got so much better. My computer screen is improving every day and my eyes are not getting as dry. I use my drops now in the morning and a night but I don't really need them during the day. I can definately tell the difference. Sometimes in the morning my eyes are tired but they do get better during the day.

D - 12/10/2006 11:19

Hi KM, Patsy, It is 4 weeks since my surgery. My eyes do still feel dry and tired, but I can see an improvement. I am using the eye drops about 6 times a day. They arn't to bad at the weekends so I think that it is computer use which dries them out. I have been told that they will get better so I will have to just wait and see.

Denis - 24/10/2006 14:43

Patsy, Your comments are appreciated and perhaps you will take time to answer one more question. I am due to have my eyes done shortly and one area concerns me. I spend my whole life looking at a laptop screen. I work on my laptop and go home and sit in front of my other laptop for the ret of the night. This is obviously going to be a problem based on your experience yet nothing was mentioned to me at my consultation. Is there anything you could add to your experience of computer screens and the discomfort, tolerance level after the surgery

Marti - 24/10/2006 16:41

Denis, I had LASIK about two and a half years ago and for the couple of months following the surgery found my eyes getting tired and dry using the computer (which I did for extended periods). I found the best way to deal with this was to try to remind myself to blink more often (we don't blink as often when using a computer screen) and also to take a short break every hour - not wait until my eyes felt tired. The advice I was given at my clinic was to close my eyes for about a minute and then just to look out a window or across the room and blink normally for a few seconds. I also found using the lubricant drops regularly and again not waiting until I felt I really needed them helped. Good luck with your surgery - I certainly haven't regretted it once.

KM - 25/10/2006 12:04

Marti, Comments much appreciated. I think post-op you become very aware of your eyes and notice and worry about every change! I was doing well last week and this week they have deteriorated again and are quite dry all the time. How long did it take you before you didn't need to use the lubricant drops anymore? I'm 4 weeks after surgery.

Marti - 25/10/2006 15:39

I think it about about 6-8 weeks before I felt completely "normal" - but I was probably super-sensitive to any changes, etc. for several months afterwards. I think once you've has eye surgery, you do become aware of everything connected with your eyes and can even get paranoid about every twitch or itch. I still very occasionally get dry itchy eyes - but I may have always had this and just not really noticed it. I also think that wearing glasses or even contacts shield your eyes a bit from wind, dust, etc. and that once they're completely open to the elements, they do dry out or get irritated a little more. As I said before, if find even now if my eyes get a bit tired or dry I just close them for a minute and let them rest and they're usually fine then.

Elena - 28/10/2006 10:55

Has anyone information on the new laser vision clinic on Leeson St, The 995 fee includes assessment and aftercare.

Anonymous - 30/10/2006 14:28

hi elena .i havent heard of laser cision clinic.I got my eyes in optilase laser eye clinic in ely place and could have not been happpier.I paid 995 per eye abd this includes ll.The staff are very professional would recommend this place if your lookig to get laser eye surgery.My sister is getting doe next week there asell.any way if u need iany advice send me a message

Elena - 31/10/2006 19:57

Thanks for the response and advice. Laser Vision has only recently opened. I was really impressed with the information on their website but would like to hear from somebody who's been there.

Laura(BMO54410) - 01/11/2006 18:26

Does Lasik sound risky for me? I'm nearsighted -6.5/-6.75. Age 47. Wore glasses from age 10-18. contacts from age 18-40. At 40 I was had to return to glasses due to eye dryness. Tried many high-comfort type contacts but all irritated after 6-8 hrs. Had some initial tests with highly recommended surgeon, which stated that I was a good canidate. Stating that the dry-eye condition I described should not be a problem (as it may have been a few years ago) with the latest technology. Any comments/similar situations?

phillip(MXS31538) - 01/11/2006 20:18

hey of my friends went to laser vision cinic and wasnt impressed.she said it was unorganized and she had to wait an hour because the staff was late.

Frances(IXS54574) - 05/11/2006 15:18

Hello, I'm considering doing the operation and have begun checking out the various clinics. Blackrock & Wellington both cost about 2,000.00 Euro per eye, whereas the Ely Clinic only costs 1,000.00 Euro per eye. Does anybody know why there is such a big difference? I would like to save the money but I will go with the more expensive option if it means a big difference in quality.

Anonymous - 05/11/2006 23:58

Hey Frances. Optilase prices are the standard price in Europe. In my opinion, the other clinics have been ripping off the Irish people and there is no diffrence in the quality. I had my eyes in optilase and I have perfect vision. Best of luck where ever you go.

Lawrence(KNV52773) - 06/11/2006 13:30

Hi Frances. It apears to me having had eye laser surgery that it really is an industry where one does get what they pay for. Technology has advanced so much recently that this procedure is now safer than ever. Having researched eye laser for some time, I must say that I was sceptical in the beginning. I taught about going to the UK where I could have had the procedure done for £500. Having researched further the different lasers and different techniques I decided that this was definitely something I could not leave to chance. I'm sure there are people who have received 20/20 vision for €1000 but 20/20 is no longer the holy grail. I read recently that fighter pilots in the US are getting the procedure done to enhance their vision from 20/20 to 20/12. This is with the Intralase, a new laser to create the corneal flap in LASIK. 20/12 means that they can now read from 20 feet what they previously could from 12. Most of the pro golfers including Padraig Harrington and Paul McGinley have had eye laser surgery. Peoples perception of perfect vision has changed a lot. Having returned recently for a post op visit I am reading 20/12. I paid €2,500 per eye. Yes a lot of money but also the piece of mind that I was getting the best procedure available anywhere in the world by a top Irish surgeon with huge experience. I now have what they call eagle vision. Would I have got this at €1000 per eye? I don't think so. My advise is to do the research and shop around. This is probably a procedure that you will do only once and believe me it changes your life so much. Don't be quided by price alone your eyes are too important.

KM - 06/11/2006 14:54

Frances, the 995 price is for the bare procedure. If you are paying approx. 2000 per eye it is probably including a wavefront scan which "maps" the procedure to the individual characteristics of your eyes and so reduces risk. I paid 2,500 per eye for all-laser procedure in addition to this with Eye Laser Ireland - again extra for newer technology and less risk. My advice is to shop around, ask plenty questions and find out exactly what you are paying for. For example, ensure all your prescriptions and aftercare are included as well as the type of procedure. Good luck!

jen - 10/11/2006 11:49

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the orbit laser eye clinic or know of anyone who was treated there

Tamara(GPU54167) - 14/11/2006 16:35

Hi there. I work for The Afternoon Show on RTE1 and am looking for somebody to come on to talk about their experience next Monday the 20th of November. If you are interested could you e-mail me at Many thanks

Lisa - 15/11/2006 21:32

Hi I want to have Lasek surgery. I have had 2 different consultations. One saying that I am suitable for the surgery. The other saying that my corneal thickness is slightly outside the recommended guidelines. I was advised not to wear my contacts for 2 more mths and if there was no change they would still be able to do the surgery. Has anyone that surgery carried out in Obit Laser Eye Clinic?

pmc1 - 23/11/2006 12:15

i\'ve had a consultation and am booked for surgery in dec for lasik wavefront on both eyes. my pupils are approx 7.5mm. does this sound ok?? I have heard advice on this site of a higher risk of complications on eyes with pupils over 7mm.

Elena - 24/11/2006 19:38

I’m still shopping around and researching various options. It was interesting to hear a hospital doctor slating the commercial clinics on The Afternoon Show last Monday. A girl on the show had just had laser eye surgery in Laser Vision on Leeson Street and was full of praise for the clinic. She said her surgeon was there for both her consultation and surgery and will also be there for her aftercare. The surgeons in these so called commercial clinics are fully qualified ophthalmic surgeons so I’m wondering why I should pay four thousand plus elsewhere?

BOO - 26/11/2006 15:06

It's wonderful to see how we are all supporting one another and how a discussion can go on for 4 years like this one has!! I am considering lazer eye surgery but having read through all of these entries, I'm really left baffled!! Will I have it done at all, could it really change my life?? We have really become so pampered in this society haven't we? I don't know how much the procedure is. Or where to get it done. Judging by this discussion it costs anything from 950 to 2500 per eye, and people are having it done anywhere between New York and Waterford!!! HELP!!!! I'm confused, I have to say I still really want to go for it. Life is all about risk anyway. But I have to say.For 5 grand I'd want to be leaving the clinic with more than 2 perfectly functioning, well focused eyes. For that price I'd want the surgery to have left me with the ability to see through things and to see everything within a 10 mile radius. I'd expect to see around corners and over tall buildings and see into people's minds and know what they're thinking. I'd want to be able to look at someone and see the future. Do you think that will be possible, give technology a couple of years. Soon we'll all be perfect and will all look just right!! Having said all that I'm still thinking..........Maybe. I do like my glasses after all.....

phillip(MXS31538) - 27/11/2006 10:50

hey boo.lase eye surgey is a very safe procedure nowadays so i wouldnt worry too yourself i was worrying but there are so many procedures before u have your surgery that is very safe.i have had my surgey nearly a year now in optilase and it has changed my life.

jen - 27/11/2006 11:25

Hi Boo, I had my laser eye surgery done three days ago. I'm back in work today feeling great. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones. U have to do what makes u happy and be prepared if things don't go the way u would like them to. Once u do your research you will think a lot more positive to the idea of no more glasses

william(KOW56144) - 12/12/2006 21:29

hey all.just had laser eye surgery at optilase laser eye surgery in ely place.i got ik wavefront done.absolutely thrilled with the results.was able to see perfectly the day after the operation.found optilase staff very professional and friendly have a post op tommorow.would recommend the surgery to any one its not as scary as it sounds

Joe - 13/12/2006 18:09

Hi im thinking about getting laser eye surgery.What place offers the best price? i heard an add on 104 or 98fm for a clinic in dublin charging 595euro per eye.I didnt catch the name do has anyone heard this add or know the name of any good places? Cheers

william(KOW56144) - 14/12/2006 11:55

hey i said in my pervious comment i got laser eye surgery in get laser eye surgery at optilase for 995 per eye and the consultation and pre op is free.

Elena - 14/12/2006 18:27

Joe, Optilase and Laser Vision on Leeson street both charge 995 per eye. I’ve heard really good reports on both but Laser Vision seems to be the only one of the cheaper clinics where the ophthalmic surgeon, and not the optometrist, takes both the consultation and surgery. I think this is important. Let us know how you get on.

anon(BGQ56232) - 14/12/2006 18:28

Hi i'm considering having the lasek surgery done and was wondering if anyone knows if it also helps correct squints or if anyone knows of anywhere i can obtain information concerning this?

Anonymous - 18/12/2006 00:07

If glasses correct a squint or turn in the eye then laser eye surgery may do the same.However you do need a particularly good examination and thorough consultation to determine your suitability Speak to an eye surgeon and not just an optometrist ( even for free at the cheaper clinics ) as they are not trained to deal with complex cases.Talk to a specialist and don't take any chances!

Shar - 18/12/2006 10:14

Hi all I had lasek wavefront done on the 1st November and my eyes have healed but my eyesight is not 20/20 i find it very hard to focus while driving I went back to Optilase yesterday for my 6 week check up when i was told that my eyes were under corrected and that I would have to have enhancement surgery done on them, and that they can only do 1 eye at a time this time. Can anyone let me know if this has happened to them as i am a bit scared that they won't get it right again this time. thank you.

Frances(IXS54574) - 18/12/2006 14:15

Hi Joe, I heard that add on 98 FM. I think the name of the company is Orbit...

Lee - 18/12/2006 16:14

I got the surgery done on both eyes in the Orbit clinic a month ago. Apart from a few headaches everything is hunky dorey with my eyes. You hear people saying that they had bad experiences but at the end of the day I think its the luck of the draw. That might seem bad but its the way it is. The only thing I will say is that it is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever done !! But worth every penny (995 per eye + 800 for wavefront) I wish anyone that is getting it done in the next few weeks the best of luck xxx

Anonymous - 19/12/2006 17:10

hey shar,i woudnt wldnt worry.certain people need enhancements .my sister needed an enhancement aswell and now she is perfect.i woudnt worry

Shar - 21/12/2006 09:32

Hi Anon Thanks a million for that did you sister get her 2 eyes done at the one time and did it the recovery take as long as the initial surgery? thanks again

Anonymous - 21/12/2006 21:18

To state that the "cheaper clinics" use optometrists is offensive to the profession. Optometrists are well trained professionals who are used to assessing eyes every day. Laser surgery is a team effort, not just a surgeon.

Anonymous - 22/12/2006 09:35

Granted optometrists are well trained professionals who are used to assessing eyes every day but they are not trained to deal with complex cases, which is why you need a specialist and to speak to an eye surgeon. And the fact is, all clinics use optometrists and at some of the cheaper clinics, you can see one for free.

Billy - 01/01/2007 23:41

My Wife had Lasik wavefront done 2 weeks ago @ Optilase. Eyes can get a little sore and itchy. Eyesight 20/20 though. My wife has been wearing glasses since she was 3yrs old. She would certainly recommend it.

dolly - 06/01/2007 16:56

i m 21 yr old eye sight number is left -3.25 and rte keeps on increasing every year .....i have started using lenses ...from past 5 yrs ....i want to join airline but my eyesight num is too much to join it now i want to operate my eyes (laser surgery)...i have heard that after laser operation sometimes eyesight increases instead of imrpoving or after surgery u get eyes problems .wat should i do?pls suggest

leon - 06/01/2007 18:54

Hi All, I had Wavefront Lasik done several weeks back and i'm honestly 50/50 about it so far! During the day, in natural light, its more or less the same as with my glasses before the op. BUT- my problem is a haze/softfocus while indoors under artifical light and fluctuating starbursts etc at night. These problems are dispersing VERY slowly. So I have a question and some advise for ye all please. Has anyone else experienced this haze effect? How long did it take to clear? My honest advise is to have this done in summer with longer days and more natural light etc. Looking forward to your responses. ...L

KM - 08/01/2007 09:29

Leon, I am now 3 months post-op. I had the same problems with significant halo and starburst effect, especially with oncoming car headlights. Even the glare from the tv was "haloed" and annoying. It has improved a lot though so just give it time - it can take anything up to 6 months for everything to settle down. It's only very slight with me now. While I'm satisfied with my vision, my ongoing problem is dry eyes and I am due for a consultation again shortly. Depending how that goes I may need to go back to my surgeon for plugs in the tear ducts. Has anyone any experience of this and how effective it is?

Redser66 - 08/01/2007 11:58

Dolly, You can't make an informed decision unless you go to a clinic and go through things with the professionals. These first visits are usually free and it will help you decide. One point though I think your eyesight must be stable for at least twelve months before surgery, so they might not be able to operate anyway. But again go and speak to them.

leon - 08/01/2007 17:37

Hi KM, Thanks for sharing your experience, its good to know that these weird light shows etc will go after time! I've been told to wait 6 months also to see my final outcome, this was by the suregon-he says that some people just notice it more than others. KM- I'm not experiencing Dry eye at-all but I've heard that rapeseed oil taken orally can greatly increase natural tear production...I found the info through google...might be worth checking out. L

leon - 09/01/2007 17:37

Sorry Lads, that should have been "Linseed oil" on my last post. I had the plugs put in just after my Op too, its very quick and completely painless- seemingly they dissolve by themselves over a few weeks, but they were effective- my eyes were watery for a while. L

Ian - 15/01/2007 11:01

I have recently(27/11/2006 had Lasek Wavefront done on bith my eyes, for the first 2 weeks I wasn't too impressed by the outcome although I had been told to expect a slower improvement than that of Lasik, now nearly 2 months on I am delighted. My eyes have never seen so well. I had mild shortsight -2.75R and -3.00L. I would highly recommend this procedure which I had done on Optilase, for €2990 both eyes. I am just back from my 6 week post op and I have reached my BCVA but to be honest it actually feels better than glasses/lenses. I would highly recommend this, 15 monutes of discomfort is well worth going through for such fantastic results!

Betty - 17/01/2007 11:58

Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone who has had the laser done with very bad short sightedness?? My vision is extremely bad at approx -14 per eye. I went to the Wellington Clinic a few years ago for a consultation but they told me my sight was too bad to get it done and that it might damage my eyes? do you think i should go have another consultation with another clinic. I know someone who had it done recently in Optilase and is very pleased with the results although is vision wasnt as bad as mine.

KM - 17/01/2007 13:12

Betty, Eyelaser Ireland might be worth a try. They are currently in Cork but are opening a new clinic in Dundrum this month. They are the only ones using laser to create the flap at the first stage of surgery (IntraLASIK) - because they can create a more accurate and thinner flap this way, they can treat higher prescriptions more successfully than others. Although at -14 you might not be guaranteed full correction to 20 20 vision. First consultation is free anyway so might be worth looking at.

william(KOW56144) - 19/01/2007 01:20

i betty.i had my eyes done in optilase and could not be more pleased.from staff to surgeon they were top class.if your top quality i would recommend optilase .good luck where ever you go

leon - 19/01/2007 16:55

Betty, Yours seems like a very high perscription, I know a guy who had about the same, he was also turned down for laser surgury put was able to get special contacts from Japan- please be careful with choosing surgery, there are more risks for a higher correction- consider contacts.

Betty - 22/01/2007 08:51

Thanks guys, Leon you are right it is more risky for higher prescriptions and thats why i havnt jumped into anything. If i had a lower prescription though i think i would defo go for it. What special contacts did your friend get from Japan. I used to were GPs since i was 18 for about 10 years and then recently tried for the soft ones as they are more comfortable. I am using the yearly soft contacts now and find them ok. I dont wear them all the time as they arent that comfy in one of my eyes sometimes and the specialist can find out why? They arent damaging my eye so its fine.

leon - 22/01/2007 14:01

Betty, my mate was able to get high perscription daily disposables from Japan, they widely available there, but not in europe. I honestly don't think you should consider Laser if the Doc's have turned you down- its just too risky- besides if your used to contacts- stick with them. Please let us know what you decide, and good luck!

Marti - 22/01/2007 15:07

I would agree with Leon - even though Lasik was the best thing I ever did, I would probably not have even considered it if I had been able to wear contacts.

Betty - 22/01/2007 15:25

I dont think i will ever get it done as i know the risks are too high. Id like to get the daily disposable contacts as they are more hygenic than the yearly especially the soft contacts. Would you have a website for where your friend got his contacts in Japan Leon? I would appreciate it as it would be good to know i can get them also if i wanted.

Anonymous - 23/01/2007 07:58

I am considering laser surgery. My prescription is -5.75 in both eyes. Does anyone know why there is such a significant cost difference between procedures. Lasek is 995 per eye, Lasik 1500 per eye and eye laser ireland charge 2500 per eye? Has anyone gone to the Shandon clinic in Cork and had Lasik and how was your experience?

Dee - 23/01/2007 10:12

Hi guys, I'm getting some very useful information from this forum & there seems to be some very good feedback re: Optilase. I was contemplating going with either the Wellington Clinic or Optilase. I wore GP's for years but am now using Soft lenses. Do you have to go without your lenses for a few days before the procedure or what's the story and do you have to take much time off work or do can you just go back to your normal day to day routine immediately? Thanks:-)

william(KOW56144) - 23/01/2007 20:15

hi all depends on what procedure you get.with the ik surgery ,it has a quick recovery time and normally your recovery takes 2 to 3 days.with the ek it takes about a week.i got the ek surgery but optilase gave me a letter which gave me a week off work.yeah your contacts need to be out a week b4 your surgery.if u have any other questions feel free to ask me

Elena - 23/01/2007 20:23

Dee, I’ve been shopping around for a while and have finally decided to go with Laservision on Leeson street. I’ve booked a consultation next week and will let you know how I get on. I found their website very informative as it answered nearly all of my questions. For example, they recommend that you do not wear soft contacts for at least a week before the assessment, or one month if you wear hard or gas permeable. They also recommend you take a week off work for Lasek but should be able to return to work after you have been examined the following day after Lasik. Hope this helps.

Dee - 25/01/2007 16:16

Thanks for the advice William & Elena. I've had a look at the Optilase website and it seems very good. I'm just a bit baffled as to the difference in price with other Clinics. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a small price difference but Opitilase seem to be hugely cheaper than the likes of the Wellington/Blackrock Clinic. Should I be wary or have you heard of any reason behind this?? Don't get me wrong, i would have no hesitation paying whatever is necessary for my eyes to be done properly but I'm just wondering what that's all about. Also Elena, i haven't heard of Laservision so I'll have a look at their website. Good luck with your consultation and definitely let me know how you get on. I'd really appreciate a bit of feedback

Elena - 25/01/2007 21:02

Dee, I’m afraid I’m old enough to remember having to pay 250 pounds to fly one way to London! Now we have a choice and can shop around and the same applies to eye laser surgery. Of course you have to be careful and check the credentials of the clinic and the surgeons. I’ve decided to go with Laservision as to my knowledge, they are the only one of the so called cheaper clinics where a qualified ophthalmic surgeon attends the free assessment and is available for both surgery and aftercare. This continuity is important. I’ve also got feedback from two friends who have been to Laservision and they have nothing but praise. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Mossy - 30/01/2007 20:51

Thinking of gettin Lasik done in wellington eye clinic in Dublin, anyone have it done there?

gerry - 16/02/2007 13:07

I had my eyes done over the last 2 weeks. So far ive had no serious side-effects and my night vision is perfectly fine. Here\'s hoping it stays that way!

William - 19/02/2007 14:16

Hi Gerry where did you get it done? I am considering getting mine done at Wellington eye clinic. Been looking around, I know they are expensive but they are my eyes so want the best possible care for them.

Anonymous - 20/02/2007 10:58

Hey William.I got laser eye surgery im Optilase. I got the wavefront surgery. Would recommend Optilase to anyone.

SC - 21/02/2007 09:40

Hi, I went to Optilase at the end of Jan - I\'m still waiting for a call to meet with the consultant. Can anyone tell me how long they have had to wait to get the eye surgery done.

william(KOW56144) - 21/02/2007 11:04

Hi sc. I know how u feel about waiting but it\'s worth the wait. Optilase is a brill clinic. I presume they will be geting on to u soon. Having to wait is a good sign as they must have plenty of demand. I got my surgery done there and like yourself I had to wait a bit. I gave them a ring and it speeded up the process, so maybe do this.

SC - 21/02/2007 12:07

Thanks - Ive phoned them twice but wouldnt confirm anything with me.

SHINE - 21/02/2007 16:38

For the past three years I have been considering laser eye surgery. I have -6.5 on both eyes. Last July I was away on holidays and my eyeglasses just snapped beyond repair. I had to get emergency eyeglasses in London where I was at the time. The optician recommended that I consider laser surgery. I have doctor friends in Germany who also recommend it, but am concerned about the irreversible damage that can happen. I would welcome any advice on where to go in Dublin for the most reliable professional advice and surgery.

Fran - 22/02/2007 15:55

I am thinking of having lazec done and am worried about where might be the best place 2 have it. I looked into Blackrock private which is costing just E4,000-other clinics seem 2 offer better prices. This has me concerned about the standard of work being carried-out has there been anyone else who felt the same but went for other clinics and had good results.

Anonymous - 05/03/2007 15:47

If I was to get eye laser done - would being in front of a pc(work), playing computer games or watching tv make my eye sight worse in a short space of time. If that is the case, then I will have to think twice

fionah - 05/03/2007 16:56

I had LASIK in the Mater Private nearly 2 years ago and i work in IT - no problems, eyesight still perfect. For the first few months i had minor dry eye issues when looking at a screen for a long time, but that was all and it's no longer a problem. Not everyone gets 20/20 vision afterwards (i was lucky) but i think that depends on other factors than computer screens.

SHINE - 05/03/2007 18:10

The thought about laser treatment for my eyes has become more urgent for me because I feel that my eye sight is deteriorating fast. My work includes many hours working with computer. So that is really a good question to be asked: will I be asked to stay away from the computer screen after my laser treatment? Can anyone enlighten me on this. Thank you!

Alice - 06/03/2007 07:16

You need few days off after surgery and then get back to work without any problem.

Brian - 06/03/2007 10:23

I am considering getting mine done. Am a computer programmer so I spend most of my work days in front of the computer. I also have a nintendo ds. So my worry is - would my eye sight get worse quickly because of those two I mentioned above. Am 27 but thinking I should leave it till next year perhaps.

Alice - 06/03/2007 10:38

I use computer every day,10 hours....My eye side got worse to -0.5.I don't know the reason for it.It happens to small% of people. I m fine to use computer.Just sometimes at night,I don't feel confident driving as I used to after surgery. Get your eyes checked,and ask all your questions.Although I ll have to repeat the eye laser,it is worth it to have it done.No lenses,no glasses and for me it's really fine to look at the screen for 10 hours.

Brian - 06/03/2007 12:48

Thanks Alice. Maybe it is an age factor - I hear when one gets older their eye sight will naturally get worse.

Alice - 06/03/2007 14:04

Brian,as far as know,you might need glasses for reading after you 40's only;) .And this is as well,kind of normal,as with age,I would expect to have a reading glasses anyway;). Good luck.

leon - 07/03/2007 17:20

Hi Guys, I recently had my 3 month post-op checkup. My eyesight is still improving-after a bad start thou. Still resifual haze and star-bursting although I'm "20/20"-its not "Clear", esp Computer Screens etc. I was told to wait another SIX months to see how it all goes! Anybody else in this situation after 3months? Is there anything to be doen but wait it out...????

William - 08/03/2007 10:01

Hi Leon - sorry to hear about that. Did you get wavefront lasik and where did you get it done? I will soon be doing mine next month but not feeling very confident at the moment

Gretta - 08/03/2007 11:59

hi all, i had my eyes laser treasted about 6 weeks ago as i am applying for the guards, i had LASIK WAVEFRONT treatment on my left eye as that is all was required, i am delighted with the out come, before the treatment i only need glasses for the TV or driving at night, but now i dont need them at all the best and biggest thing i noticed was driving at night especially long distance every thing was a picture perfect i was back in work 5 days after and i work a computer screen for 9 hours a day, you are instructed to keep certain eye drops in your eye for 4 weeks after - Today i have 20/20 vision and no probs what so ever, i had mine done though Orbit laser eye clinic and i can totally recommend them, they are based on baggot street.Dublin. good luck to all those thinking about it but it has changed my life in more ways than one by helping me get the career i want. (",)

Marti - 08/03/2007 14:46

Hi Leon Even though I had a very good outcome from my Lasik treatment (my vision is a bit better than 20/20), I also felt it took a while until things seemed as clear as it had been while wearing glasses. Some (probably most) of this is just the healing process and the gradual improvement that happens. Another factor I believe is the fact that most people's vision is corrected to better than 20/20 with glasses - so when you get a result of 20/20 with Lasik your vision feels less acute, less focused, less sharp and this takes some getting used to. I'm not sure whether my vision actually improved in the months between 3 and 6 months post-op, but I do think that I got used to the "new" vision and the feeling of normality returned. Many people with less than 20/20 vision consider their eyesight normal because it's what they're used to. I think you just need more time to adjust and for the healing process to complete.

leon - 09/03/2007 16:25

Hi Marti, Thanks for your response. I agree that there is something in the "getting used to the 20/20" bit and still needing a light persciption to be as clear as before-Thats ok and makes sense, but the haze and night-time effects are totally abnormal- they are actually stopping me doing things like driving at night- I also was treated at Orbit with Wavefront (Both Eyes).

Deb - 15/03/2007 19:26

Does anyone know of the best place in Cork to get Laser eye surgery. Model Farm Road has been recommended but i think its also the most expensive so not sure?

Kantilal(FSB60116) - 23/03/2007 10:50

ALICE Th e message is for Alice who had surgery at optilase. I am really concerned with your comment as I worked as consultant laser Eye surgeon till Jan 2007 in optilase. I left in Jan. 2007 with instructions to optilase that if any of my patient have any concern or need further treatment I should be informed and I will make arrangement with optilase for me to come and take care of my patients. If you would like to contact me regarding any of your concern you can contact me by email and my email address is: You can email me your telephone number if you want me to call you back.

Ciara - 23/03/2007 12:14

Hi Deb, I went for a consulation in model farm road. The price is 5K for both eyes this seems to be standard price here. Yesterday I had a consulation in optical express in mahon point shopping center. The price for the same surgery (basic, wavefront, intralese) is 3700. I was delighted with service it was a free assessment taking 2 hours. Model farm road was a quick consulation with assessment taking place if you decide to go with them on another day. 2 points however the price does go up depending on your eyesight mine is -1.75 to -2.00. It goes up by a couple of hundred per eye the worse your sight is. Secondly the actual clinic is in Dublin but all after care would be done in mahon point so you would only need to go to Dublin for a half day. So I still haven't fully decided which to go with. Model farm road is very handy and has excellent reputation. However i was very impressed with optical express and it is 1,300 cheaper.

clucks - 24/03/2007 11:12

I had a consultation with Optical express Mahon point.It took almost 2 hours.I found them very good. The cost is €4,300 for both eyes.I was concerned about having the 2 eyes done at the same time both was told that thats the norm. could anyone tell me if this is the case as I would prefer to get one eye done first just in case things don't go to plan.the laser can be done in Newbridge.Has anyone had their eyes done with Optical express?

Ann(ZPP60178) - 25/03/2007 13:03

Just wondering has anyone had lasik surgery in the Waterford Eye Clinic? Having mine done there in a few weeks and incredibly nervous!! Majority of surgeries seem to be in Dublin so seeing if anyone has feedback for Waterford? Thanks

M(RIG60209) - 26/03/2007 14:25

Clucks, what is your perscription, €4,300 sounds expensive.

Anonymous - 26/03/2007 23:15

hey clucks .u should try optilase.i went with them last year.Found them excellent and i paid 995 per eye ,u should give them a look

Ciara(VND60121) - 27/03/2007 11:28

I am sure 995 per eye does not include wavefront or intralese? Optical express quoted me 980 per eye for the basic treatment. Is Optilase in Dublin? With optical express all the after care can be done in Cork, which is essential for me considering the amount of follow up appointments.

clucks - 28/03/2007 20:23

My perscription is -3.25 in both eyes. I know the Lasik, intrlase wavefront costs more than the basic. (€4,300).I still would like to find out if the norm is to get the 2 eyes done at the same time or do people opt for one eye first and the other a few months later

linda(TZJ60419) - 30/03/2007 14:26

Hi Ciara, in response to your optilase in dublin question, i recently had a consultation in Eye Laser Ireland in Dundrum where they offer waveguided LASIK and intralase as their standard treatment.

LIL - 03/04/2007 17:07

I am due to get laser surgery next month. I am wondering if any one knows does it matter if I wear contact lenses in the week before the surgery. I have been told not to wear contacts for at least a week before but I am going away and was wondering if I wore my contacts for a few hours would it matter. This would be 6 days before the surgry.

anonymous - 03/04/2007 19:45

i would to hear from anyone who had contact lens implantion or has any information on this

Marti - 04/04/2007 09:36

LIL, for something as important as surgery to your eyes, you should follow the medical instructions to the letter. Do you really want to take a risk that could affect you for the rest of your life for the sake of not wearing your glasses on holidays? The reality is that you are having laser eye SURGERY - it is a medical procedure and the instructions are there for a reason - to safeguard you and to attain the best possible outcome. Don't take the chance.

Anonymous - 04/04/2007 11:43

Is anyone having problems getting a surgery appointment from Optilase? They seem to be very busy there, and it is next to impossible to get them to agree a date for surgery, taking 3 to 4 months from consultation date.

new world - 05/04/2007 17:27

Just had lasik in wellington eye clinic yesterday 4th April with brilliant results . Very professional and friendly. At my check up this morning vision was 20/20.Was given painkiller drops but had no need for them. Total cost with vhi discount €3,500 and as far as i\'m concerned worth every penny.Would recommend the Wellington Eye Clinic if you are considering laser surgery

clucks - 06/04/2007 10:50

Am I correct in saying that the Wellington eye clinic is now owned by Optical Express?Can anyone answer me on the question - Is it the norm to have both eyes lasered in the one procedure or do have one done first and the other a few months later?

i-surgeon - 07/04/2007 22:00

I am a consultant laser eye surgeon working at a laser clinic in Ireland. I would be happy to discuss in general any medical questions people have about refractive surgery,sucess rates,complications, standard of care etc. I would like to remain anonymous and not mention the clinic I work at nor can I comment about any individual patients treatment by another surgeon or clinic. However I am dismayed by the commercial nature of claims made by certain clinics regrding one form of treatment or clinic being superior to another when the scientific evidence does not support this.Several of the postings appear to be actively using this site to promote individual clinics and purport to be real patients which I seriously doubt.The editor should delete the names of the clinics from all postings so that this forum is not abused.I woud be happy to anwser any questions objectivly from genuine people seeking information or advice who are not presently under the care of another eye surgeon.

lampy - 09/04/2007 20:00

I have recent macular degeneration in one eye and poor vision in the other from birth. would laser surgery be advised in my " poor vision eye" I am 65 years old

Elena - 10/04/2007 15:06

I –surgeon (7 april), this forum has been invaluable to me in providing objective advice on the different clinics offering laser eye surgery. I really appreciated users’ comments and experiences. There is such a wide choice available now and a huge price difference between clinics that it is difficult to compare. I have also become aware that many of the surgeons operating at the cheaper clinics are not based in Ireland and are therefore not available for emergency aftercare if needed. This information should be pointed out to clients. I finally had my surgery last month and am absolutely thrilled with the results. The surgeon who met me for my initial assessment, also performed the surgery. I wasn’t in pain afterwards but one of my eyes was slightly red the next day and I was worried. It was such a relief for me to be able to phone the surgeon afterwards and to know that 24/7 aftercare was provided.

i-surgeon - 10/04/2007 18:14

regarding lampy's post ,there are many different types of laser treatment for eye disease. The laser treatment for macular degeneration is different entirly to that for laser refractive surgery and only effective for specific disease types.It is unlikly that laser surgery would benefit your weaker eye suficiently to benefit if you already have amblyopia or poor vision since childhood .

SHINE - 12/04/2007 18:15

Dear i-surgeon, I am happy there is someone like you available to respond to objective questions like the one I want to present. I have just recently asked advice from three professionals regarding my plan to have laser surgery for my eyes. I feel I have to make a decision sooner rather than later because I have been told by an optician that I am now on the borderline for laser treatment. Both eyes are -6.5 and I am told that -7.0 is the highest for laser treatment. My eye sight feels to me to be deteriorating. I have new glasses now again with this higher prescription and I am experiencing that after reading for 15 minutes everything becomes so blurred that I cannot read anything anymore. I have to rest my eyes and then begin again. My three friends whose advice I have sought discouraged me from pursuing laser treatment -- their main reason being that no study has yet been made on the long-term effects of laser eye surgery. What happens 20 years down the road to those eyes that have had the laser treatment, no research has shown. It is still too new?!? Is there hope for someone like me who is completely dependent on eye-glasses? Reading and computer work are part of my daily lifestyle because I am doing a PhD. Can you please enlighten me on what hope there is for me and my eyes?

ElTel - 17/04/2007 13:43

The Wellington Eye Clinic has moved to the Beacon complex in Sandyford.

EG - 17/04/2007 18:12

Hi Lawrence. Just read your message of 6/11/06. Can you let me know where you went for your surgery and who did it. Thanks.

Olva - 17/04/2007 18:41

I had lens replacement successfully 7 months ago. Just had a review appt where I was told that my sight has slightly deteriorated and therefore should avail of a very minor procedure which will re-tune my reading capability. Has anyone experienced this. I was given the impression that this is quite common but will cost €600! Please respond as I never seem to get comments to my post

EG - 17/04/2007 19:23

Dear I-surgeon, Also happy you are onboard to answer queries. Thank you. My prescription is (R) +3.25 +1.75 and (L) +3.00 +1.75. What would you advise for me?

i-surgeon - 18/04/2007 19:11

You are far-sighted and have a litlle astigmatism as well . The best form of treatment depends on your age and your eye health but if you are young and healthy Lasik treatment may be suitable if your cornea and tear film are normal.The sucess rate with far sighted prescriptions s slightly less and more patients require retreatment than near sighted people but the vast majority get excellent results. You need to be examined and councelled by a refractive surgeon and not an just optometrist to get a definative anwser.

leon - 19/04/2007 13:44

Dear All, Now over 5 months since surgury and although I'm more or less 6/6 (20/20) I'm still experiencing strong side effects! Especially at night. Also experiencing dry eyes at work. I am a genuine case here, and I'm starting to regret the whole thing now. My surgeon just keeps telling me it will get better...I-Surgeon I would like to discuss my case with you in further detail offline- is that possible? If not, can you recommend exactly what questions I need to be asking my doc at this stage? Thanks!

Susanna - 19/04/2007 13:49

Dear i-surgeon, perhaps you could help me wih a query, I am -4.25 in the right eye with slight astigmatism and -3.75 in the left eye. My eye health is good but I have been wearing monthly disposable contact lenses for years and as a result my eyes are quite dry. I'm 35. What would your general opinion be regarding laser surgery. A friend of mine, also a longterm contact lens user, who was -7.5 and -7.75 with astigmatism has laser surgery some years ago (Blackrock clinic), fund it a great success and is urging me to go for it.

Ian - 19/04/2007 16:18

I just thought I'd mention my case as I think this forum seems to be biased towards the bad sides (if any) of Laser. Thinking about it though it does make sense. People who get problems post op would tend to go looking for info on the net and look for advice whereas succesful/lucky procedures rarely get mentioned as the lucky patients have no real reason to go looking for more info on the net. I had both eyes done in November in a popular clinic in Dublin. I was -3.00 r and -3.25. I had LASEK Wavefront. My first check up (after 4 days) was okay but I expected better. I was told all would be fine and then 7 days later for my follow up I was at 20/20. It steadily and gradually got better and just after a check up last week the doc told me I was 20/18. I am so pleased with my result , I could not have expected any better. Just thought I'd let you all know that there are many people in the same boat as me.

EG - 20/04/2007 09:34

Dear i-surgeon. Thanks for reply, I am 47 and my eyes according to last test were healthy. I do think I have slight dry eye. You are far-sighted and have a litlle astigmatism as well. Can you elaborate on: not just optometrist. You need to be examined and councelled by a refractive surgeon and not an just optometrist to get a definative anwser. Thank you.

leon - 20/04/2007 16:33

Hi Ian, You are correct to some extent, its not all negative about the surgury, e.g I do find it very good in good light conditions and great for sports etc. and it beats contact lenses in terms of being more bearable for me. However there are problem areas where I find it is just inferior to Specs- Computer use, driving @ nght etc. Im sorry, but I will not be satisfied until these problems resolve, I'm happy for you guys that don't have any problems- but please understand those of us with less than perfect results.

MB - 20/04/2007 20:29

D-surgeon I'm 56 and would like to know if laser eye surgery can be done , as I have got one lazy eye other is ok. Thank you

Joey - 21/04/2007 15:18

Can you gat laser eye treatment in Galway or anywhere in the west?

KM - 22/04/2007 21:41

Hi All, since Ian is looking for good news stories, just thought I'd follow up. Had my surgery at Eyelaser Ireland in Cork in Sep and nearly 7 months down the line doing great. Vision was -3.50/-3.75 with astigmatism in both eyes. Was 2 lines better than 20/20 2 weeks after surgery. You'll see from earlier posts that I had problems for a few months with halos, starburst effect and dryness. The halos and starburst disappeared over time. I've been given a regime of drops, nighttime ointment and flaxseed oil supplement for the dryness and it's working a treat. Last check up showed 85% improvement and I'm working on the last 15%! Delighted with the results and the care during and after in both Cork and in Dundrum where I've gone for my post-op checks. Worth every penny of 5K.

Shar - 25/04/2007 10:57

Dear I-surgeon I had my wavefront lasek eye surgery done November 06. although my vision has improved it is not perfect although at my last visit to my surgeon he told me i had 20/20 vision. I have problems with distance and focusing especially when driving I cannot see the roadsigns until i have nearly passed them, although if i am looking into the distance i can see the trees/landscape perfect but cannot focuse on numbers/street names. My surgeon has told me that this will improve and to return in august for another consultation, although it is not improving and I was just wondering if you have came across this problem before and if you think my vision has been undercorrected. Thanks very much

leon - 26/04/2007 15:44

Hi KM, Great to hear your problems are resolving, hang in there! I've only ever experienced mild dry-eye after the surgury but I know that it is annoying- I recently discovered a very handy product called "ClaryMist" which I find fantastic for quick treatment of dry eye at work on PC etc. Check out the website: (It is also available in IRL) I can recommend it.

puddles - 27/04/2007 12:10

I am due to get the Wavefront surgery at the end of the month and now i'm startng to get second thoughts, I am fully dependant on my Glasses to see and would really like to proceed with the operation. On the whole do you think the surgery is worth it and if anybody can give me a bit of a boost it would be great.

leon - 27/04/2007 16:25

Hi Puddles, Here is the question you must honestly ask yourself: Is my VISION good with the glasses? If the answer is yes; then my strong advice is to stick with them and maybe try contacts if you find you want a change every now and then. No need to risk surgery! Good luck with whatever you decide. Leon

clucks - 28/04/2007 11:00

Is dry eye a common after effect that never clears up or is it it just temporary for the first few months after surgury? I have an assessment in June for laser

i-surgeon - 30/04/2007 21:33

dear olva , It sounds like you had an enhancement or retreatment.If the entire prescription is not gone after laser treatment ,ie if a small residual prescription is left sometimes an enhancement is advised. There are rare complications associated with this but the benefits usually outweigh these.Most laser clinics will provide this free of any additional costs in order to provide the patient with the best possible resultYou should check this prior to having any treatment done and request that any enhancements required be included in the initial treatment.Generally the rate of enhancement varies from 2% for small prescriptions up to -3.00 ,to 5% for large prescriptions and 7% for high amounts of astigmatism . It is not a complication more of a natural variation because every patient heals differently . To clucks , Dry eye is a common sympton initially after Lasik treatment and can last from days to weeks depending on a patients baseline tear function.It should return to normal thereafter .Patients with pre-existing Dry eyes should not have Lasik performed.This can manofest itself as intolerance of contact lens wear.This is why the assesment for suitability should be performed by eye surgeons and not just optometrists Surface treatment or Lasek is generally free from this temporary problem and is a more suitable option for these patients

FrannyT - 01/05/2007 15:16

Dear i-surgeon, I have been told I'm suitable for Wavefront Lasik; -4.75 (R) -4.50(L) Astigmatism -0.5. I am worried because I have a large pupil diameter of 7.43 (could this make my current nightblindness worse?); my corneal thickness is 522 (I have read that the average is about 555); I also have very slight dry eye in my left eye. Should I think twice or maybe trice about having surgery???!!!!

puppy - 04/05/2007 16:35

I am seventeen (eighteen this month) and my contact lense perscription is -2.50 toric in my left eye and -2.75 (normal) in my right eye. I am contemplating laser eye treatment this Summer, in Cork. Would one recommend this?bearing in mind my age (17)... Any help would be much appreciated :o)

leon - 09/05/2007 15:25

Hi Puppy, Im sure you must be older to receive the Laser treatment. Maybe "I-Surgeon" can confirm this? Your eyes are not settled yet and your perscription may change, I would wait if I were you; in fact, unfortunately, I'm not in a position to recommend the surgury to anyone. Sorry. I had it in Nov 2006 and still having ongoing side effects, and I'm not alone.....stick with specs! Leon

i-surgeon - 09/05/2007 23:45

dear Franny, were you seen by a surgeon or an optician? I think the best advice about suitability is probably given by a fully qualified and experienced surgeon and I wont trust any lesser degree of evaluation and reassurance dear puppy refrative sugery would not be advisable by a lot of surgeons on an 18 year old as the refraction may not be stable.Why dont you wait and see in 12 to 18 months ?

Olva - 10/05/2007 17:11

I had lens replacement 8 months ago and I deem it a hugh success no side effect, fantastic vision. But now after a recent check up I am told that my vision has slipped and it has been suggested to avail of an enhancement ( a very minor procedure) But then I was told it would cost €500! I was shocked as I have already paid 7,000! I feel if I dont go ahead I will be going against the surgeons advice! any comments?

i-surgeon - 10/05/2007 19:00

Dear olva, most laser centres and surgeons dont charge patients for enhancements but this is explained before the initial surgery.It does seem a little greedy

Reme - 11/05/2007 09:15

Hi, i had laser surgery on monday, E3990 for Intralase wavefront lasik surgery in Optical Express(prescription was -2.25 and -3.75 with no astigmatism, but i do have large pupils). i decided to go with a surgeon i'd gotten a personal recommendation for as opposed to a clinic, made me feel more at ease throughout the whole prodecure. So far so good, no side effects and only painful for about an hour after the surgery while the numbing drops wore off but that passed and once it did i was able to open my eyes fully and see perfectly. I went back to work yesterday and although my eyes felt tired and sensitive if i stared at comp for too long no major inconvenience. My reading focus is perfectly sharp yet but it's improving every day. Just thought id share my experience:)

PIO - 13/05/2007 21:05

I want to go for Laser Eye surgery, I have perscription of -5.5 and -6.5. Could I still be suitable with that perscription? Also do all clinics in ireland charge a consultation fee? Is it refundable?

Anonymous - 14/05/2007 13:53

Does anyone have a list of all eye laser surgeons/clinics in ireland and a price comparison for each? Many Thanks

leon - 14/05/2007 16:45

Hi PIO, Yes most will refund your fee if you are deemed unsuitable for the surgery. However, cost should NOT be your motive to have it done. If you are happy with your VISION with glasses-don't risk it, it doesn't always work out for everyone. Trust me, I now know that. I would honestly go back to glasses and let them keep the money at this stage! Leon

william(KOW56144) - 16/05/2007 21:31

hey anom.i would recommenf Optilase for you .its only 995 euro and from sergion to reception is top class.I had it done there and thrilled with the outcomes

PIO - 16/05/2007 22:30

Thanks Leon, no money is not my motive, My first question was the main one I answered, is there a limit to what eye laser can recover your good sight, are -5.5 and -6.5 too strong a perscritption?

Anonymous - 17/05/2007 16:20

I was wondering if any one was pregnant having laser eye surgery?

leon - 17/05/2007 17:28

Hi Pio, your prescription does seem moderate to high and therefore the risks of a less than fabulous outcome are greater in your case, if you add in astigmatism the risk increases again. I had a less strong correction at-4.5 (x2). Please think carefully about this, it it worth the risk? You don't want to be kicking yourself like me 6 months down the line....good luck anyway! leon

pebble - 17/05/2007 21:33

Had PRK on rt eye April '97 Mater Private. -10 and a bit of astigmatism. Brilliant......for 1 mth. Cloudy, had to start with drops every HOUR, then down to once a day after about a couple of weeks. Cleared up OK. A year later cloudiness again. Operation repeated: exactly the same result. It was not recommended to repeat again and neither would I either as the cornea is thinned by the process. RESULT? From -10 to now -1.5 is an improvement; but I have haloes round lights at night and don't drive at night. It's impossible in lit areas as the lights mean you actually can't see properly. Some days it's cloudier than others. I wouldn't advise or discourage anyone; but I would wish anyone to hve both sides to enable them to make a better decision. I knew 6 people before I had it done who were all successful which may have given me a one-sided view. I didn't know anyone for whom it hadn't worked. Was it painful? No, just felt warm and as if I had a lash in my eye for the rest of the day, but next morning not a thing and 100% vision. I had everyone bored to tears telling them all the things I could see with no glasses! Can't and wouldn't get it done again and no I didn't get my left eye done. Hope this helps someone.

Anonymous - 18/05/2007 09:01

Thanks William, Any side effects afterwards?

Marti - 18/05/2007 10:06

Laser eye surgery should not be performed on pregnant women (my clinic specifically asked the question). Personally, I wouldn't use any clinic that didn't check this.

Sean(NUD45064) - 21/05/2007 15:07

One year on. Hi There .. well its almost a year since I got my eyes done in Optimax in Belfast, I had been wearing glasses since I was about 8 years old and now it feels like I have never worn them, Have had no problems apart from the Halo lights a few weeks afterwards. I work in front of PC all day and am a photographer in the evenings so use my eyes a lot (and who doesn't!!) - best thing was going swimming in pool and beach and being able to see everything! .. also new baby daughter not grabbing glasses all the time! .. go for it!! Optimax just sent me some voucers to give 200 euros off and a free consultation to anyone I recomend ... anyone interested?

Cathy Lewis(JXC62147) - 21/05/2007 18:30

I just had my surgery March 28, 2007. I am experiencing halo and starburst but they are slowly going away. I have read some very bad experiences that other people have had. I only had one eye done though. It recieved monovision and was treated with PRKmaybe this is what made the difference in my outcome. I am doing a speech on Lasik and have been searching the web for information on opposing views. well i found them. I can honestly say I am a success story. I believe now from reading some of the unsuccessful outcomes of this surgery I could only give a more personal view with my speech. There are successful outcomes with this surgery but for those who don't suffer any complications they won't have a reason to look into the unsuccessful ones. If it had not been for this speech I would not have ever known there was so much that could go wrong with it. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

Anonymous - 22/05/2007 09:19

Marti, why is this?

Marti - 22/05/2007 11:23

From what I can remember (it was 3 years ago!) I was told that a pregnant woman's body reacts differently to procedures and also that eyesight can vary in pregnancy - even if your prescription has been stable for the previous few years. I don't know if there are more technical reasons that I wasn't told. Either way, it's only a few months to wait if you really want the surgery - personally I wanted to have some form of laser eye surgery for about 15 years but couldn't afford it.

Sand - 23/05/2007 15:44

Im getting Laser Eye Surgery this coming Friday. I have to say thanks to those who wrote their sucess stories on here because after reading a few of the not so good ones I was feeling very nervous indeed. Fingers crossed all will go well!

Pablo - 27/05/2007 14:42

Sean, are those optimax vouchers still on offer? How do i contact you? Cheers.

Ciara(VND60121) - 28/05/2007 14:04

I had laser done on 25th of May (last friday) in optical express clinic in Kildare. I have to say I am amazed the results are amazing I don't know how I managed before. I have had no side affects at all. I was perfect the next day. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of this procedure to go for it.

Elena - 28/05/2007 18:47

Pablo If you fancy a run next Monday there are Marathon vouchers with 15% off LaserVision.

Anonymous - 29/05/2007 01:47

pablo i would recommend optilase as its a free consultation

effie - 29/05/2007 09:19

hi i am interested in getting laser eye surgery done in limerick (harveys Quay) ,just wanted to know if anyone who had it done there has any comments on it?

Sand - 29/05/2007 10:32

I got Lasik Wavefront done in Laservision in Leeson Street last Friday and the results are amazing! No pain thank goodness, eyesight is improving all the time. Id highly recommend them to anyone!

Sand - 29/05/2007 12:15

Laservision also provides a free consultation

puddles - 29/05/2007 13:50

I'm getting my surgery done tomorrow in Optical Express in Newbridge, Kildare. I'm so nervous. Any tips on how to calm yourself down before the procedure?

Ciara(VND60121) - 29/05/2007 17:43

Hi Puddles, the staff in kildare are lovely and the surgeon is great you just know you are in very capable hands. My advice would be to just trust them they really know what they are doing. Also it is over in 15 mins and it isn't painful I promise just slightly uncomfortable. It will be over really quickly and the results are so worth it. Good luck!

leon - 30/05/2007 10:17

Hi All, I just had my SIX month post operative checkup recently and I'm getting very frustrated that I still have on-going side effects at this stage. Hazy vision and starbursts/Halos. I've now been told that it may take another SIX months for all my symptoms to clear up. Thats a YEAR folks. ...I'm really losing confidence in my clinic at this stage and I'm wondering if people would recommend me to wait or get a 2nd opinion now? leon

Michelle(athtrasna) - 30/05/2007 14:06

Is there anyone to complain to about poor treatment at a Laser clinic? My sister regrets having hers done last week, she was in agony and is having nightmares about it. The big issue seems to be putting in anaesthetic drops while she was standing up and starting on her eyes immediately. They discharged her really quickly without any painkillers or other medication. She thought the staff were very professional at her consultation but not so at her appointment. She complained at her check up but the feeling is that they have her money now so don't care. She wants to warn other people about the clinic and also complain officially - but who to? Is it a medical council issue?

lil - 30/05/2007 20:24

Hi All, I had Lasek Wavefrot treatment last week at the Optilase in Ely Place in Dublin. The proceedure was painless just uncomfortable afterwards and I was suprised that I had to take a week off work. I went back up for my 5 day check up a little disappointed that my sight wasnt better. They removed my protetive contact lense and said they were happy with my progress. This is when the true benfit of the surgery started to show. Within 24 hours of the removal of the lense I could see everything it was unbelievable. I read every REG number of every car we met on the road home ( we live in wexford - a lot of cars) It was another day before I could drive but now 8 days later I am so thrilled with it all including the service and the staff. There was a few uncomfortable days but once you keep taking your drops and get plenty of rest you deal with it. I was also covered by Vivas health for this procedure, 8 days later i got my refund of EUR1000. I would 100% recommend Optilase.

leon - 31/05/2007 13:27

Michelle, I hope your sister is ok, sounds bad? The big question though is; How is her Vision? any side effects? I also felt that the first month or so that the vision was very poor-but please let her know it does get better- but it may take time. I'm over 6 months in and its still not cleared completely....she needs to be very patient with this. Leon

cheryl - 03/06/2007 08:43

My 27 yr old daughter had a re do surgery last week. She developed severe sands of sahara (DLK), would like to hear from anyone who has or has had this. Greetings from South Africa.

NikkiE - 04/06/2007 12:04

I had LASIK surgery at the Optilase Surgery in Dublin and it's the best decision I ever made. I am now able to play sports, swim. play with my kids and genreally have a much freer existence due to not having to scramble for glasses or contacts. It was a little bit painful at first but that subsided quickly (my friend who had the same surgery at the same clinic had no pain whatsoever - apparently it varies from person to person) and I have had fantastic aftercare at this particular clinic too. I was able to get a substantial subsidy on this surgery by signing up to Vivas Health before the surgery (they are only affilicated with Optilase). i say go for it for anyone unsure. You will be fully screened anyway to determine your suitability and if you are suitable and go through with it you will never look back! (excuse the pun).

AL - 05/06/2007 20:29

Hello, If anyone has had eye surgery performed by Optical Express could you please let me know how you got on. Am considering having it done and would love to hear your view on this company. Thank you

Reme - 06/06/2007 10:21

Al, i had lasik eye surgery in optical express on wellington road a month ago+found them very good. Had my one month check up yesterday and i have 20/20 vision i couldn't be happier with result and service i received:)

puddles - 06/06/2007 13:50

Hi AL, Had my surgery in Optical Express in Newbridge on 30/05/07, a week ago today. Have to say it's the best thing I've ever done. The staff were excellent and the after care is great. I have a slight inflamation in my left eye which means it's just slightly painful but the attention I'm getting for that from the staff is great. Was really nervous on the day, thought I'd pull out but the need to get rid of the glasses and contacts made me go through with it. If your thinking about it but are still unsure all I can say is that the freedom is brilliant. I have two lines better than 20/20 vison, apprently this may vary until my eyes settle down but from what I was it's brilliant. Go for it you won't regret it. Oh and thanks to Ciara for the few words of encourgement the day before, it made all the difference.

leon - 06/06/2007 14:30

Hi Nikkie, I don't agree that everyone who is unsuitable is screened out before the operation; and even if you ARE deemed suitable, as I was, you can still have complications and side effects. From my research only 4 in 5 people are completely happy. Don't risk it folks! I'm sorry to be negative but its been my honest experience and I reget the procedure now. Cheryl- I'm praying your daughter will recover...I understand & sympathise completely. Tell her Good Luck from me. Leon

Nicola(FAH61423) - 06/06/2007 15:27

I'd be really interested to see where you got your figures of 4 in 5 people aren't happy.? That doesn't sound scientific at all. I know many many people who have great experiences and for the first time in lives can see properly without glasses or contacts! Everyone who is unsuitable for the surgery IS screened out (in terms of their vision) - I have rung every clinic in Dublin and in London. This doesn't mean that the odd person will have complications as is the case with all surgery (I am a GP). The risk for eye laser surgery is very low - again as is the case with all surgery. I know that I was screened very carefully and had all the risks explained to me and had terrific aftercare and followup treatment.

Sand - 06/06/2007 16:08

Leon I have to say I disagree with you. Of course as with any procedure there are risks and undoubtedly people who end up regretting the decision, but thats not to say the majority of people dont end up being very happy with it. I got the procedure done and it was the best money I have ever spent. I know quite a few others who also got it done and they are also delighted with the results. I wouldnt tell people to decide against it, I would tell them to think about the risks carefully and make sure the decision they make is a very informed one. In my own experience, it was well worth the risk even though I dont mind saying I was terrified going into the surgery.

leon - 07/06/2007 11:49

Dear All, I'm not a GP, however nor are most people turning to this site for help in their decision. I'm giving my honest and objective opinion having been through this surgery and recovery. I was told by my surgeon that 10% of his patients have a prolonged recovery lasting up to 24 MONTHS and beyond. Plus some 1% of unfortunates will have (serious)complications, just like the Girl from South Africa above. All this for an elective procedure....! I just want people to know that its not all happy stories and you are gambling with the odds when you go for this Op, yes most plp are happy- just you may not be one of them. If my contribution to this site makes one person avoid the trouble I've been through I'm comforted in a way. I am Irish and I was operated in 2006 with the latest Lasers. Leon

JANET(IAX34924) - 08/06/2007 09:10

HI Got Lasik wavefront on sat 1st june in Opitlase Clinic. On Sunday had perfect eyesight. There was no pain involved at all . Never felt so good to get rid of my glasses . The staff at Opitlase were brilliant.

Claire(HHC62603) - 09/06/2007 10:45

Hi there I am getting PRK done today. I will let people know how it goes ;o)

SHINE - 09/06/2007 15:35

Dear Leon, I have read your messages and I always valued your guidance and insight. I feel you deeply care for others and would want to help people avoid unnecessary suffering if they could. For a while, I myself have strongly considered having laser treatment for both my eyes, but I am now able to take comfort from the fact that the glasses I cannot do without are still much safer than the surgery that could lead to irreversible damage to my eyes. Thank you once again for your wise and caring thoughts. SHINE.

Ray - 11/06/2007 17:16

Hi All. Just for those who are nervous about getting surgery. I was last on this site about a year ago and researched in great detail all options for eye surgery, different clinics, went for consultation with Optilase (Ely Place) and even tried contacts for a while (but these were not comfortble). I came up with all sorts of excuses to back out of the surgery (basically based on caution about damaging eyes even worse etc, like most peoples concerns). My prescription was only -2 & -2.25, but was fed up with glasses (steaming up, sports etc etc). I am 34yo and have been wearing glasses for about 16 years. I had Lasik (with wavefront) on both eyes in Optilase on Saturday 24th March. I was really nervous, could not concentrate on anything else at work for days before, hardly slept the night before etc. I went in for 8am and by 20 past 8 was back out getting my lift back home. The procedure was so quick with a nurse swabing around my eyes with iodine, anethetic drops and the laser was only on 20 - 22 seconds per eye. It was really quite cool watching the procedure being done and honestly the staff were very relaxing. I did panic a bit when handed a foam pint of guinness with thoughts running through my mind of putting this in my mouth to bite down on for the pain (sort of torture scenario), but it was a stress aid and actually helped as a bit of distraction as well. Straight after operation I was better than driving standard (eyes a bit watery due to drops under cornea flaps). Follow up consultation next day was great (better than 20/20 vision) and went back to work on the Monday morning (office job on computers). I took all of my drops as instructed and wore the eye guards at night etc and have been over joyed by the reults. I have had no pain or discomfort or dry eye etc. I had a follow up on 23rd April and again eyes are excellent and have another follow up next week (3 month). I have previously read other messages on this discussion board about different clinics and great service etc etc and to be honest I was sceptical about how genuine some of these messages were. But speaking from first hand experience I can fully recommend this process to anyone (even weraing my non prescription arnette sunglasses, which were bouth 4 years ago in Oz but not fully utilised until this summer has been a joy). I can also recommend Optilase as a clinic and do not agree that the more you pay the better the results or service. Also for the wavefront I took out Vivas Health Insurance the night before the operation for €503 for the year and they refunded me the €1000 for the wavefront within 2 weeks of the surgery and I believe I can still claim tax back on the remainder of the costs. I hope this may be of some comfort to those still considering the procedure. The only regret I have, is not getting it done sooner. Ray

Anonymous - 12/06/2007 12:34

Lil, You seem to have great success, I am interested in your procedure as i have signed up for the same (Lasek Wavefront) in 6 weeks with Optilase, how bad was your prescription, mine is -6.5 and -5

Claire - 12/06/2007 14:08

Hi there I had PRK on Saturday 9/6. I could have had lasik but my eye surgeon recommended that prk might be better suited to my eyes because of pre-existing allergies (risk of dry eyes), my high prescription and my astigmatism in one eye. He said that lasik could be done but he felt that although initially more painful, prk would provide a better result. Saturday, I felt great. Straight after the op, I was able to see so much more but not 20:20 but there was quite a lot of blurring due to the swelling in eyes and anasthetic. Little did I realise quite how doped up with local eye anasthetic I was!! Sunday was alot more painful and I was waking up every hour during the night. The main source of pain I think is the bandage contact lenses you have to wear 24 hrs for 4-5 days after the surgery to protect the eye and promote healing. Thru yesterday and today I am improving. As someone who was very short sighted, I can see the differences for myself. I am only reaching for my SUNGLASSES as this current good weather is not easily tolerated due to the brightness!!! Its better today though. Check up tomorrow. I would thoroughly recommend the surgery, but do your research. I will let you know what my final visual result is. I may have 90% of this by the end of the week but the rest may take up to 3 months so it will be a while yet. I will know tomorrow whether I can drive.

leon - 12/06/2007 16:00

Dear Shine, You have really made my Day! Thank you so much for your knid words, its great to know that not everyone reads up on everything and decides just to "go for it" anyway...and risk all in the process...I make a point of complimenting people on their glasses now, its a much more postive way of encouraging them way from the surgury and the inevitable risks etc. You could not have put it any simplier: Glasses are SAFER. I'll continue to update everyone on my struggle to regain my full vision and I'm very encouraged to know that I'm not a lone voice in the wilderness with a different story to tell. It's hard to be a differnt voice. Thank you once again!! Leon

Ray - 13/06/2007 14:06

Leon and Shine, will you two get a room please (ha, ha). Leon from my understanding from reading your history you are suffering a bit from unclear eye sight/blurriness (I hope I have this correct). I hope this will clear up soon for you and you will benefit fully from your operation. I have to question a lot about the figures/statistics you have been quoting. I have personally spoken with 8 people (work collegues, friends, acquaintances) who all had laser surgery and have all been very happy with their results. Also not one of these people knew of anyone who had a long term negative result. This helped play part in allaying my fears of the procedure. As with any surgical procedure of course there are risks. My God how many women go through child birth with great risk to their own health. Should we stop reproducing and the last time I checked this is a selective procedure (i.e. having a child). With regards to the girl from Africa having Sands of Africa, it is not clear from the message whether the surgery actually caused this condition and I have not read anywhere that this is a possible side effect directly from the surgery. I myself have Sands of Africa in both eyes and first noticed it about 3 years ago (thankfully not spreading to pupils) and at no stage have I been advised that the surgery could make it worse or cause it to spread, (neither by the clinic, the surgeon, my contact lens optician or another optician). With regards to glasses being safe, maybe you should speak to my cousin who was blinded after he was hit by a stray football and his glasses broke into his eye. He is blind in his right eye since. Also have you any stats on people walking in front of cars etc due to glasses steaming up etc. I know this is an extreme example, but I am sure somewhere some domestic/industrial/vehicle accidents have occurred due to moisture on glasses, glasses steaming up, glasses falling off etc etc, so just saying glasses are safer is maybe not quite as straight forward as it sounds. I do truly hope that your eyes improve and I do appreciate that I may be lucky to have had no side effects what so ever. I feel the benefits out weigh the chance of a negative result, but this is a personal decision for each individual and it is good that as a discussion board there are varying types of comments. But everything must be kept in perspective.

Cath9010 - 21/06/2007 17:39

Unsuitable for Lasik as prescription too high (-7 & -8) & cornea too thin, but have been recommended for Lasek using Mitomycin C to reduce risk of haze. Has anyone had this procedure in Ireland? Would welcome any advice, comments.

Lou - 22/06/2007 18:28

I had my surgery at Optilase in Dublin on 5th June. I had lasek wavefront. I was terribly nervous going in but it wasn't bad at all. Bit uncomfortable, more squeamish than painful as I knew what they were doing, but it was over very quickly. I couldn't believe the improvement immediately after surgery. I was however one of the unlucky people who suffer fairly extreme pain for a few days. On the way home, the anaesthetic wore off and had to wear a coat over my head because it was so sunny and I couldn't handle any light at all! Nearly panicked with the pain but by day 4 I was fine. At 5 day check up I was able to read 2 letters on the 20:20 but was told this would improve. Last week my vision was improving all the time but for the last few days I'm finding it has regressed a bit. I called the clinic yesterday and was told that it varies for person to person, that it is extremely unlikely that I am regressing but that its probably normal fluctuation. I'm a bit worried as my vision is quite blurry. Nothing compared to before (-5 in both eyes) but still blurry. Very little dry eye, no real haloes or anything but still very light sensitive in the morning. It is now 17 days since my surgery. Has anyone had this experience with Lasek and if so, how long did it take for your vision to reach its best and stabilise?

Sand - 25/06/2007 11:53

Its been 1 month since i got lasik wavefront in laservision. It was painless and the only problem i did have was that my left eye felt a bit dry for the first week. I also felt that my eyesight got a bit blurry and it worried me. But after the first week or two that settled and my eyesight improved every day. Now after my 1 month check up, I have 20/20 vision, no problems with dry eye/starbursts etc and am really happy I decided to go for it.

clucks - 25/06/2007 13:48

Lou, I had the same surgery as you in waterford a week ago today.I experienced all the same recovery symptoms as you did, sensitivity to light for first 2 days.irritation and discomfort for first 5 days.My eyesight has been on and off blurry for the last few days.sometimes clear and sometimes not.I'm going for my 1 week check up today so I hope to find out more and hope that things will improve when the lens is taken off today. I was -3.25.I will keep you posted of any changes or improvements.

Lou - 25/06/2007 18:54

Thanks Clucks. Guess I'm just a bit worried when its almost three weeks and still a lot of fluctuation. Have my one month check up this day week so hoping it will be better by then. Hope you notice improvement when you get the lens out.

rory(DUK62982) - 27/06/2007 05:09

i heard about the new blade free laser eye surgery , i also got price of 5000 euro in ireland for both eyes , this surgery sounds better and suposed to have less problems , does any1 know about it or had it done especailly if in ireland email me with facts before i have it done ,[email address removed], only about the blade free eye surgery if u had it done only, i read up on it , they use a laser to make the flap instead of a blade sounds great ,thanks talk soon

Sean - 28/06/2007 13:45

Hi - Like Rory I have just heard about the Wavefront Laser V's Wavefront blade surgery. At the consultation they said that WF Laser was far more successful with 99% success rate V's 90% for normal blade. Not sure if this is just a selling technique. Does anyone know if there are significant advantages ? I am just at the beginning of investigating which way to go but one thing which is immediately evident is the amount of companies in Dublin who provide this service on an almost 'production line' basis. My free consultation was quite impersonal and wouldn't have inspired me to go back. The 'sales' assistant was pushing me to sign on the dotted line almost immediately. Granted it was free but I believe the treatment during consultation is a real reflection on how the patient is viewed by the company. I won't be going back.

Dee - 05/07/2007 13:16

Hi Guys, I know this question may have been put to you before but can anyone tell me the reason for such a huge difference in pricing. I'm interested in either trying the Wellington Clinic or Optilase, however, it seems Optilase are quoting 995 (depending on type of surgery) and the Wellington is over 2 grand. I'm not actually trying get a cheaper rate as, like everyone else on this forum, my eyes are very important to me. I'm just very curious as to the reason behind this. Can anyone enlighten me?? And if anyone had surgery in the Wellington, I would welcome any feedback. Another thing, my sister is also hoping to have her eyes lasered. She finished working 8 years ago when she had a family. Her husband is in full time employment and is paying 42% tax. Does anyone know if she can claim the tax back through him?? Thanks!

Reme - 05/07/2007 14:10

I'd hazard a guess that the E995 prices is for basic Lasek surgery while Lasik Wavefront Intralase would be a lot more expensive. the cheaper advertised price is used as bait. I got my eyes done in optical express and their advertised prices start at 595euro but my actual surgery which was Lasik Wavefront Intralase cost 3960euro for a mild presciption of -2.25 and -3.75 so the price would increase further if your presecription was worse than that. the surgeon that set up the wellington Dr.Lavery is now working Optical Express (hence why i chose them, i went with a recommended surgeon instead of clinic) but i haven't heard any bad reports back about the wellington clinic when i was researching where to get my eyes done. as for tax situation i'd assume your husband could still claim for your surgery, the form is the Med1 form and you can download it from

Anonymous - 05/07/2007 17:01

hey dee, i had my eyes done in Optilase and would defo recommend optilase the service and staff is excellent, i don't know why theres a diff in price. with regards to claiming tax back through your husband i not too sure but give Optilase a call

C(ORC61134) - 06/07/2007 12:39

Hi, getting my eyes done in Optilase in two weeks, very nervous!!!! I opted for Lasek with Wavefront so works out at €3,000 all in. Reply to question about claiming on husband's tax, this can be done she will be claiming on MED1 form at the end of the year as 2 people (or more) tell her to include all doctor expenses throughout the year for them including the eye surgery (as she is claiming on her husbands PPS No. she will be claiming for the two of them and therefore the first €250 is exempt so it's worth putting the year's other medical expenses through).

TC - 06/07/2007 14:22

Hi all, I am hoping to get laser done, my perscription is between -6 & -7. However, I had a consultation in optical express in Newbridge over a week ago and they were to confirm my surgery date the following day - I have yet to hear from them. On waiting for them to call, I phoned one company and learnt the same procedure (Wavefront Lasek) was 2990 (plus 1000 towards that could be claimed back from Vivas) - Another company quoted me 3990. They told me I was suitable for the surgery but after having my consultation, i have been told I am borderline and therefore will not know if I can get it done until the Surgeon looks at my data. I felt as though the staff were were doing a 'sales pitch' so now I am so glad I went to see another company as the first have not even had the courtesy to call me back yet plus they didn't seem to have any reservations about doing the surgery on my eyes. I have to say, I found one company very professional and thorough in talking about the pros and cons and they made me very aware of the cons. Just my opinion, but

Sonia - 07/07/2007 16:53

Hi all, I am also hoping to get laser done. Like TC i've had my consultation with Optical Express (but in Dublin) last monday. The procedure I'm suitable for is the Wavefront Lasik intralase which is going to cost 4280. My question is does anyone know of any other eye clinic in Dublin that proforms the intralase procedure? And has anyone had it done?

Dee - 09/07/2007 15:30

Thanks for the feedback guys. Good to know that my sister is eligible to claim tax back through her husband. I'm going to sort out a consultation with both the Wellington and Optilase so i'll let you all know how i get on......fingers crossed hey:-)

leon - 10/07/2007 17:21

There are alot of "cons" in this operation. I had it done in late 2006 and still have "cons"! It's not a case that those with unhappy outcomes are all from years ago or abroad. BUYER BEWARE. Vision is inferior to glasses, misty and poor at night; Don't rationalse your choice on economic terms. Stick with specs for better vision. Save your money and dont risk your vision.

janeoc - 13/07/2007 10:38

I've just read through the last years worth of comments and one thing I've noticed is that nobody has mentionned Limerick for laser surgery except for one person who had a consult but was unsuitable for surgery. Does anybody know anything about laser surgery in Limerick. Cork isn't too far away but if possible to get it done in Limerick that would so much handier. Please advise

Sand - 13/07/2007 12:19

Leon, while I agree people shouldnt rationalise their choice based on economic terms, I dont necesarily agree with sticking to specs for better vision. Theres risks for everyone but with glasses I had misty poor vision every time it rained (often in this country), couldnt see from one end of a swimming pool to the other and got a terrible glare from headlights when driving at night. Now I have perfect vision, and while I acknowledge Im lucky in not having any bad side effects I think its an option people should consider.Its made the world of difference to my life and that of many others I know who have gotten it done. Money well spent.I am sorry the cons outweighed the pros in your case but thats not the situation for everyone.

Lou - 13/07/2007 13:49

I'm almost at the 6 weeks post surgery mark. Massive improvement in last two weeks. At the one month check up I was told that the fluctuations were due to haze and should clear up. It caused a prescription of +0.25 and +0.5 but this will normalise - I wasn't overcorrected. My eyesight is improving gradually. I also have dry eye but I had that before so it's only a problem in the morning, causing some abrasions when I wake up - alot of pain for a few mins but ok once I put in the drops. Still light sensitive but not as bad.

william(KOW56144) - 16/07/2007 14:31

i just had laser eye surgery in optilase paid 1990 euro in total. absolutly thrilled with results , would recommend the surgery to anyone

clucks - 16/07/2007 20:06

I'm 5 weeks post surgury after Lasek on one eye.I am experiencing a little dry eye when I go outside and its windy.Its making my eyesight a little blurry.Has anyone experienced the same.Will things improve as the healing process continues.Otherwise I'm very happy with the results.This seems to be the only problem I have.

Elena - 16/07/2007 22:18

William, you have posted several times to say you have just had laser eye surgery in Optilase e.g. 16th May. Do you get laser eye surgery done on a regular basis???

Ray - 17/07/2007 12:59

Elena, very good spot. I noticed that William has also recently had laser eye surgery on 21st February 2007 and 12th December 2006. I hope my laser results do not wear of as quickly as Williams as I could not go through the procedure 4 times a year. I would consider going to a different Clinic William.

Julie - 19/07/2007 09:06

To those who've had surgery - Once you have the surgery - and if it's not immediately successful, eg your eyes take a few months to settle, do you have to get new lenses in your glasses, as presumably this would add dramatically to the overall price? Going for initial assessment tomorrow, and whilst price isn't top priority, i notice the clinics' blurbs don't deal with this.

Anonymous - 19/07/2007 14:38

Hi all I had Lasek eye surgery done a month ago. My left eye is recovering well with good vision and minimal dry eye but have a lot of discomfort with my right eye due to dry eye - is this normal after a month? Will it improve over the next few weeks as Im really beginning to become concerned now that it won't improve at this stage - is it too early to say after 4 week or does it just need more time?

leon - 19/07/2007 16:51

Hi Julie, The quick answer to your question is "Yes". I got a new Glasses perscription a month after surgery when I realised I had a less than fantastic outcome. The strenght of the glasses is very small and it did help a little especially on computer work etc I didn't need them all the time. But Please be aware that glasses cannot & did not correct other side effects I have like haze, (mild)dryness, starburst and loss of contrast; these are only dispercing very slowly over many months. In other words you cannot just go back to glasses if it doesn't work out...Still fancy trying it out??! Good luck with your decision. Leon

Larry(CJA61839) - 19/07/2007 19:54

Hi all. I have been reading ur posts for about 6 months. I posted earlier but it did not make it to forum. (Must hav said something wrong). Booked for consultation end of May and had it this week at Wellington Eye Clinic. Impressed with setup & staff. My prescription is -2 Right & -1.5 Left. According to clinic if i get procedure on one eye (monovision) I will have 85% sight of 20/20, but with haze/halo at night (defo dont fancy that). If I get both done by the age of 42-45 i'll need glasses for reading (I'm 31). Nobody seems to hav mentioned that. Is that the norm? Was everyone who had procedure happy with that?? Really want to get it done but now i'm close i'm thinking of reasons not 2 hav it done...

Sand - 20/07/2007 10:24

Hi Larry, its perfectly normal that someone would need glasses for reading at a later stage. Laser eye surgery will correct your vision but it wont stop the natural deterioration of sight that comes with age. This is something that Ive seen explained on all websites and brochures for the places I checked before going ahead with surgery. Ive had lasik wavefront and consider it the best decision I have ever made. My prescription was a little higher than yours. Its made such a difference to my life. Its now been almost 2 months since I got it done and I am fortunate enough not to have experienced side effects that some people have. I know it will differ slightly from person to person but from my own personal experience, I would recommend it.

Larry(CJA61839) - 21/07/2007 13:53

Thanks Sand. The doc mentioned that my eyes were a little on the dry side. He examined and said that the some pores were blocked and recommended I get Flax with Omiga-3 to unblock pores. He still doesn't see it as a problem anyway. That makes me a little weary about dry eye. He says not to worry, that it is mainly in women that it occurs.?? Any one had a similar diag.

Sarah - 21/07/2007 20:27

I'm considering lasik eye surgery, due to have final examination next week. Mono Vision lasik is what was recommended to me at my first consultation, that is one eye corrected for reading and the other for distance. Im 47 and the reason I'm opting for the surgery is because this "old age" vision is setting in along with my myopia! My problem is deciding should I go mono vision or get distance correction in both eyes and wear glasses for reading. Any views?

cheryl - 22/07/2007 12:13

hi,has anyone developed sands of sahara from lasik surgery?? my daughter did and 8 weeks on is suffering with no vision in one eye and 50% in other???

Dee - 24/07/2007 13:48

Sonia, I am booked into the blackrock clinic for intralese surgery. I went to optical express and decided i wasn't happy. So I decided to go to the blackrock clinic. I met with the surgeon and he told me all the cons of having surgery, which really scared me, but i really want rid of the glasses, so i guess i want to take the risk. i am getting it done in two weeks, fingers crossed it will go well. i am really nervous.

Anonymous - 24/07/2007 14:21

Hi Larry, just wondering how long ago you had your procedure done and if you still have dry eye (hopefully you don't!). I had Lasek done over a month ago, still have dry eye in one of my eyes though I have been drowning my eyes in drops and gels and taking Flaxseed capsules etc etc etc and still no improvement...

Larry(CJA61839) - 24/07/2007 19:18

Hi Anonymous. Haven't had the procedure yet. End of August. I am taking Flax as a precaution. I am going to ask for the dry eye test again before I go ahead.

leon - 25/07/2007 17:00

Cheryl, Please pass on my very best wishes and prayers for your Daughter's recovery- I have had miserable post Lasik side effects too, but they seem minor in comparison to her case. One thingh I've learned is that the eyes are VERY slow to heal after invasive surgury so you must keep hope and give time. Leon.

Pat L - 25/07/2007 19:45

Hello, I had Lasik surgery done 3 weeks ago and I have no improvement in vision. Very disappointed. My vision is less than before I had it done and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same outcome. Is this typical and will my vision improve? Seem very disappointed and disheartened at the moment. Would like to hear other's opinion. Kind regards. Pat L.

Sonia - 31/07/2007 07:51

Hi Dee, Well since my last posting i've booked myself into optical express. I should have read your comment first :-( What was it that made you decide against optical express?? It looks like we're going to be getting our procedures done around the same time. Like you i am very nervous, not about the op so much but the weeks afterwards. I'm just hoping everything goes well.. I've just got to the stage in my life that i fed up wearing glasses & contacts so i'm willing to take the risk. I wish you all the best & i've my fingers crossed for both of us that it goes well. See you on the other side Dee.....hopefully :-)

leon - 31/07/2007 16:40

Hi Sonia, It sounds like you've made up your mind there; Good luck and please feed back and let us know the results either way. Pat- I was exactly like you 7 or 8 months ago, very disappointed and frustrated with the outcome- however we must accept it and await the recovery; my vision IS continuing to improve as the months drag on and I honestly hope you can report the same in the next while mate.

dmac - 08/08/2007 15:07

Hi, Has anyone had an astigmatism corrected on one eye, i had an assesment 18 months ago and was told my right eye wasn't suitable then but to come back for another assesment. i will go back for the assessment and if the right eye still isn't suitable then i was wondering if i could get my left eye done, even just improved so that when i wear contacts i get the same benifit from them in my left eye. For the last few years wearing contact lenses has loss its appeal as they don't correct the sight in my left eye very well, and to overcome the difference in the two eyes when wearing lenses my optican gave me a weaker lense for my right eye thus giving poor contact lense vision overall, and finally if they corrected my left eye only would it be like just wearing one lens.

Sonia - 09/08/2007 02:32

Hi Dee, Just checking in to see have you had your procedure done yet?? It has been a couple of weeks since your last posting. I hope everything's ok? I'm having mine done on Friday morning. Surpisingly enough i'm not as nervous as I was. Positive thinking I guess!! Maybe the morning of it might be a different story:-) Leon, thank you for your good luck message & I'll definitely keep you posted on the outcome.

Pat L - 09/08/2007 07:55

Hi Leon, Thanks for the info. One day my vision is better but not perfect and the next it is bad again. I was expecting it to be perfect within a couple of weeks so I AM disappointed. It has now been 5 weeks. How long does it take to become good? Pat L

Triona - 09/08/2007 10:05

Hi, I've been considering getting laser eye surgery for some time. Which clinics would people recommend?

Sand - 09/08/2007 10:08

Hi Triona I would recommend Laservision on Leeson street myself. I had lasik wavefront done there at the end of May. I was very well looked after and my vision is now perfect. Their free consultation is very good and they go through everything you need to know.

rory - 09/08/2007 18:26

Hi does any1 know where to get the new intralase blade free laser surgery ,its pricey at 5000 euro is there anywhere cheaper, this new blade free surgery seems a better option any info anybody let me know email me on [email address removed] thanks

Dee - 10/08/2007 10:16

Hi Sonia, Sorry i didnt get back to you. I was out getting the surgery done. I got it done two days ago. i was fine yesterday, but feeling a bit strange today. Maybe it's just the horrible feeling of being back at work!!!!! But it all went ok. I was not very relaxed during the surgery, my eyes were going all over the place, but the nurses and surgeon were so kind to me, that i was grand after a while, it was hard to concentrate on the light. maybe that was just me. my eyes look sore to look at but they are not sore at all. i wouldn't say the procedure was sore at all, so at least that is one good thing. You have prob just got it done now as it's friday, so hopefully you will be ok. Relax for the weekend. Rory, i got the intralese, and it cost me €4,400 with the blackrock clinic. it is worth it, for the blade-free, as the blade would freak me out. if you have any questions about it just ask me. Dee

rory - 10/08/2007 17:31

Hi Sonia id like to talk more about ur surgery as thats the surgery i wanna get done, canu explain the procedure also, and what prescription u had, i have a bit of dry eye and astigimatism , and cant even watch tv without glasses and im only 26 so what about u , email me on [email address removed] if ya can thanks rory

Steve(FFS64042) - 10/08/2007 21:35

I've been researching for years now and Im still considering. I was wondering if any knows any good video sites regarding laser eye surgery. So far the best one I found was anyone know any other good ones?

Sonia - 10/08/2007 21:48

hi, Well the surgery is all over,yipee!! Had it this morning about 9.30. I wasn't nervous at all going into the treatment room. I was just so excited with the thought of NOT having to wear glasses anymore. When I lay down that all changed :-) My tummy started to do somersaults!! Like you Dee i found the creating of the flap (intralase) & the actually laser correction (wavefront) part COMPLETELY painless. What I wasn't to keen on was the pressure that was put on my eye when doing the procedures. Freaked me out a little bit if I'm being honest. But then again no one really likes their eyes been touched, never mind putting pressure on them :-) I was in and out with 10 mins. The actually lasers only took under 2 mins.50 secs for the intralase for both eyes and 57 for the wavefront for both eys. Crazy when you thing about it. So for the sake of a little discomfort for a couple mins, to not having to wear glasses I definitely thing it was worth it. My vision was a little blurred afterwards & on my way home. Eyes very sensitive to light but when i got home put my eye drops in and took a nap I felt a lot better:-) I could feel my vision getting better every minute. I was reading car regs all the way :-) something i could never do without my glass on before. Got a get kick out of that!! I've been wearing my shades for most of the day. Back in the morning to see how good it really is. Looking forward to been told that i have 20/20 vision or close too :-) Fingers crossed that the next few recovery weeks go smoothly. Dee,I can't believe you're back to work already.I'm impressed! I'm in no hurry 2 go back yet. Going to take a few days of just to get use to it myself. It feels so weird not wearing glasses after I've been wearing them all the time for the past 18 years. I'm so glad the surgery was a success for you too. My eyes feel a bit tired now and again but i'm using my drops which helps a lot. Please keep me posted on how you get on (if you can) over the next few weeks and I'll do the same. Congratulations!! Rory,I had the Lasik Wavefront intralase procedure also and it cost me 4280euro with Optical Express in Dublin. My prescrition was -4.25 in both eyes. Like I said i wore my glasses all the time so watching the tv without them was never an option. Blind as a bad I was :-) I only got dry eye when i wore my contacts to long so i'm hoping i dont start to suffer from it now. I'l drop you an e-mail tomorrow after my check. If you have anymore questions I'll answer them as best i can.

rory - 12/08/2007 07:55

Hi Dee can u email me and explain the procedure to me in detail ,thanks my email is [email address removed] thanks so much rory

tinkerbell - 12/08/2007 14:25

Hi just had a consultation at Eye laser clinic Cork done a couple of days ago and told that i have thin corneas and large exit pupil very borderline for surgery, disappointed. What are my options for the future or is there a clinic out there which specialises in surgery for people with these symptoms? I would appreciate any information on this subject. Regards Tinkerbell

leon - 13/08/2007 13:32

Hi Pat, The truth;Heavy side effects tooks 3-4 months to clear, now its moderate, low level light conditions and nightime still a persistant problem. I got special night vision glasses to help. At the current rate of recovery I'm hoping to the side effect free with another 6 months or so- but I kinda accept its never going to be completely back to the quality of glasses......hence my strong advice to stay with glasses...

Lizzy - 16/08/2007 23:07

Hi everyone, I've been researching this surgery for quite a while now. Have heard great stories but also really scared about bad effects I've heard too. Think I would be really angry with myself if the surgery went wrong and it wasn't a necessity. Am 23 and have been wearin glasses from about age 6 and monthly contact lenses for about 6/7 years. I would love not to have to wear contacts as I play sport, swim and have a long working day when I often have contacts in for a long period. I would like some more advice on this. I am considering consultations in Northern Ireland if anyone could advice me of some reputable places, but would also consider the South as well. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

Pat L - 17/08/2007 12:35

Hi, Cheers Leon. Just went back for another check up and was told I had to go and have surgery again. Bit worried because I don't want to have dry eye or any other side affects but because the surgery wasn't a success first time round and I've paid the money I want to correct it. Has anyone else had to go and have surgery a second time round and what side effects did you have if any. Cheers Pat L

Andi - 17/08/2007 13:24

Hi Lizzy I first had Lasek in Belfast Jun 05 and the results were not what I had hoped for....went from -3.75 in both eyes to -0.75 R eye -1.00 in L eye with laser induced astigmatism and had to wear glasses again but they said they would re-treat FOC. But then the original company went into liquidation (nightmare!!) and Optimax took over and agreed to re-treat me for £190 (Epi-Lasek)...which was great considering they were under no obligation to do so!! Had my surgery Jun 06 and had my final check up May 07 and I'm perfect in R eye and -0.25 in left eye (I had this level at 6 weeks and it has remained stable). Optimax (Lisburn Road) were great and totally professional and I would recommend them. But......there are side night vision is still not great although it is getting better and even after all this time my eyes are still pretty sensitive (can't bear salt water, which was a pain on holiday!!) but having said that, I would still have gone through the surgery as its brill not having to wear contacts/glasses. If I were you, go for the Epi-Lasek option as its less invasive and there's no flap. Yes, recovery time is longer but you end up with the same results as Lasik.

Pat L - 19/08/2007 10:08

Andi, Did you have bad night vision and sensitive eyes after the first surgery or was it after the second time round you got these side effects? Look forward to hearing from you. Pat L

Frances - 19/08/2007 15:00

Hi I have recently had a consultation with Optilase and have been told im a perfect candidate for either Lasik/Lasek. I am -4/-4.25 and have my pre-op appt. in two weeks where I've been told that the surgeon will check all details and advise the best surgery to go. I am really thinking of getting it done but just wondering if anyone has been in a similiar situation (i.e had the choice of ek/ik) and what did they go with? A friend recently got Ek done and said that if I can get Ik done then I should but i worry about the flap=more complications. Any comments appreciated. Thanks, Frances

Andi - 20/08/2007 15:11

Hi Pat L, My eye's are more sensitive after the second time but it dosen't really bother me, I just need to make sure that I use mascara for sensitive eyes and avoid sea water LOL. But one good thing is, they're not as dry this time round and I very rarely have "pain on waking" that's when your eye is dry and sticks to your eyelid and it only affects my R one but this would only happen once every couple of months!! As for my night vision, it is only marginally worse eg: the glare from oncoming headlights on unlit roads but it its not often I drive on these type of roads so not a big problem. I found the second time getting Epi-Lasek was a far better experience, even the pain wasn't as bad and my recovery was a lot quicker. Hope this helps Andi

Julie - 21/08/2007 09:00

I've decided to take the plunge next week - Wellington Clinic. Lasic. I formed a good impression of the clinic from the initial consultation, and like the consistency of seeing the same surgeon on each visit. Will definitely be taking the valium. I'm worried about negative effects on night vision and dry eye - but having dithered over this for years, it's time. I've been wearing glasses for 25 years (-4.5).

Larry(CJA61839) - 22/08/2007 09:46

Hi Julie. I am in there myself next week and now the time is approaching i'm very concerned about negative effects. But sure that's to be expected. Hope all goes well. Best of Luck

Julie - 22/08/2007 16:11

Thanks Larry. Hope it goes well for you - particularly given your dry eye!

Robyn(HAA15443) - 23/08/2007 18:27

Hi I had both eyes done Oct 06. I was -6.95 in the left eye and -7 in the rght. To say I was nervous having the op and the test is an understatement. Best thing I have done. Would definitely recommend it. I had it done in the Galway Clinic and while it was more expensive than going to Dublin, I wanted to have the consultant nearby if there were any problems. Would recommend anyone who is considering it to have the test and talk it over with your consultant and then decide

Anonymous - 26/08/2007 00:05

Hi Frances, A number of things need to be considered when deciding between lasik and lasek. Firstly you need to ask your doctor or optometrist your corneal thickness. Because the laser is reshaping your cornea it is effectively removing tissue. Most lasers remove about 20-25 microns of tissue per diopter of short-sightedness. In your case the laser will remove 80-100 microns. This means that your cornea needs to be sufficiently thick enough to begin with. The FDA recommended guidelines are that a cornea should be more than 500 microns thick to consider creating a flap. Most microkeratomes (mechanical blades) for cutting the cornea can cut a 160 micron flap, this added to the amount of tissue that the laser will remove should not leave you with a residual bed (cornea left after flap cut and laser ablation) of less than 250 microns. This is recommended again by the FDA, however most clinics will use 300 as a safety net in case the need arises for an enhancement. Lasik is much more appealing because the recovery time is much quicker, usually 6-12 hours. Lasek involves scraping the surface so the pain is more intense and the recovery period is longer. Long term the visual results are very similar. If you go for lasek it is extremely important that you only get one eye done at a time to reduce the risk of a bilateral infection. The introduction of intralase femtosecond lasers means that blades are no longer needed and intralase can now cut flaps less than 100 microns with consistent accuracy. This now means that because you can cut a thinner flap you can have a thicker residual bed after the laser procedure and the Visx customvue laser now only takes 13 microns per diopter so for lasik this is a good combination. The only negative is that this procedure which is now all laser is quite expensive but it is without doubt the best and safest option available for lasik. The results of lasek completely depend on the surgeon’s skill and experience as his input is much greater with lasek; therefore if lasek is your choice then get the most experienced surgeon. I hope this has answered your question. Thanks

Irishgirl - 27/08/2007 14:27

I have an appontment with Optilase this evening to see if I am suitabe for laser eye surgery or not. My right eye is -175 and my left eye is -1 -150 axes 180 its kinda shaped like a rugby ball, i hope laser surgery will work for me. Will let you know how I get on with optilase and what I think

leon - 27/08/2007 18:05

Just read the stories above; people risking their night time vision and other activities just to get rid of their glasses, Ask yourself; Is it rational? I had wavefront (latest and greatest) lasik in Nov 06 and still have lingering side effects and problems I now know will never really go away. Please, Please Please think, think, think! If you have good VISION with your glasses-STAY put and try contacts if you fancy an odd change. Dont become a statistic. You don't know what you got-until its gone! Elective surgery should equal no thanks.

Anonymous - 03/09/2007 12:56

I have been recommended by Optilaise to get LASEK instead of LASIK. Does anyone know what are the main differences? And, do alot of people that get LASEK need to get a second treatment?

Larry(CJA61839) - 05/09/2007 16:24

Hi Anonymous. I got Lasik last week. At the moment all is good. It was suggested I might need Lasek as my tear count was quite low that may cause Dry Eye. Lasek is a safer option. From what I understand with Lasek there is no cutting of flap more a scraping of the eye??? You then need to wear a contact lense for 5 days. The recuperation is longer and takes longer to be full strength. Again this is only a broad understanding. Ring one of the clinics and they can send you literture. I could see nearly 20/20 the next day after Lasik. I'm hoping the next few weeks dont bring any problems.

Anonymous - 07/09/2007 10:16

Thanks Larry. I hope all continues to go well for you.

Julie - 10/09/2007 13:53

Hi all. Had Lasic a week and a half ago. On balance positive - not yet 20:20, as it's a bit fuzzy, but getting better all the time. The surgery itself went fine, I was out in less than 2 hours and no pain whatsoever. I was quiet worked up before though, but the valium (extra dose) helped. I wouldn't be in a hurry to do it again mind! It seems my eyes are small which meant the flap didn't want to re-seal itself - so they put in bandage lenses for 24hours. No problem since. Minor dryness in left eye, but liposic eye gel works a treat. I could have gone back to work 2 days later, but had booked time off just in case.

Sand - 10/09/2007 14:22

Just had my 4 month check up after Lasik wavefront in laservision. Thank God all is fine. my vision is now 20:20 and I have luckily had no complications after the initial dryness in my left eye which lasted a week or two. Very glad I got it done.

Pat - 10/09/2007 16:12

I am due to go back for a second laser done on both my eyes. It's been3 months since I first had laser surgery and my eyes are no better and when tired they are worse. I am regretting getting laser surgery done. Hopefully the second operation will clear things up. Bit afraid to get it done again. Has anyone else had 2 laser surgeries done and how are the results?

Larry(CJA61839) - 11/09/2007 09:19

Hi all. I also had it done the same time as Julie. All went well at surgery. I am finding now that when I am waking up I am rubbing my eyes without realising. Had anybody else this problem and did they do any permanent damage? It says not to rub eyes for 3 months and here I am after 10 days doing it.

Emma(EYX22523) - 12/09/2007 16:09

Hi there, I had it done in 2002, 6 months later it had to be repeated, and now 5 years later I have had to revert back to wearing glasses for driving and long distance things like going to a concert or play etc... Real Bummer after paying out money! I was told that getting it done a 3rd time is too dangerous as the layer is far too thin now !

janeoc - 13/09/2007 14:08

Just a small query - when taking leave from work to have consultations/surgery done - have you taken it as annual leave or sick leave?

Sand - 13/09/2007 14:41

I had to take annual leave though my boss did also give me a couple of days sick leave, they aren't obligated to do that though.

Pat - 13/09/2007 20:32

Emma, I'm just wondering if you have any side effects from getting the surgery done twice? ie halos, bad night vision, dry eye etc. Pat

Julie - 14/09/2007 08:57

Well, janeoc - you're not sick......... It's not a necessary surgery. My view annual leave - there's a lot on this on boards

Lemmy - 14/09/2007 10:28

I had laser surgery done recently too, according to the HR department in my job, that yes you are getting surgery so you are entitled to certified sick leave, make sure your surgeon gives you a note.

Reme - 14/09/2007 11:23

I took the consultations as annual leave but i got the surgery done on bank holiday and took two sick days afterwards to recover. I told my boss what it was for and he was fine with it. But technically it is elective so without a sick note (which most clinics don't give) your employer is not obliged to give u days as sick leave.

junior - 16/09/2007 17:02

I-surgeon - are you still posting? If so would you comment on my situation please. I'm booked for a bi-lateral epi lasek next week in Belfast. Reading from my specssavers prescription I'm -5.25 and -4.75. A slight astigmatism showed up at opticians but was not apparent at consultation. I'm 51, female. The surgeon told me my corneas were thin and he would prefer to do my eyes one at a time, 4-6 weeks inbetween, to see how successful it would be. Any comments? All comments gratefully received.

junior - 16/09/2007 17:14

Anonymous, Just read your very comprehensive post. Any comments on me re prescription, age etc. I realise now why they want to do one eye at a time. My son, however had the job done approximately 1 year ago and they did both eyes same day - he also had epi laasek and wavefront. It was very successful. Does age have any bearing on the procedure?

ryner - 17/09/2007 12:52

I'm 62 years of age, does anybody know if age effects recovery rate on laser treatment. I have had my first consultation, and was told I'm ok for both types of treatment, but I'm still a little concerned because of my age !

Pat - 17/09/2007 16:05

Has anyone had surgery done twice and if so did you have any side effects after the second surgery ie. Halos, dry eye, poor night vision etc. I have to go and get surgery done again as it wasn't successful the first time and didn't have any side effects but am a little concerned the second time round there might be some. Cheers

monarch - 20/09/2007 17:07

Surely, there must be updates since 2002

Julie - 21/09/2007 11:45

Monarch - poats are up to date (as of 17/9/07) - depending on your browser all posts are on one continuous page, or you need to click on newer pages at bottom of page. My 3 1/2 week up date, is that the dry eye is by and large cleared up, but the sharpness of my vision is not what I'd like. I question whether I should be driving. I've a check-up in 2 weeks, so I hope to know just how successful it's been then. But reading the posts here, by and large, it seems to me that the results for lasIK are immediately clear, so I'm a bit downbeat. That said, I was -5 before, at worts, I'm probably -1.5 - so a definate improvement.

Reme - 21/09/2007 12:53

Julie, I'm currently at the 5month mark after having Lasik surgery, and while i was lucky enough not to suffer dry eye i did notice that while my distance vision was near perfect my close vision wasn't sharp at all+my eyes seem to drop out of focus at times. however the sharpness has improved every week since the surgery, so while i know it's frustrating it does take time. I'm currently -0.25 in one eye and +0.25 in the other:)

Larry(CJA61839) - 21/09/2007 18:10

Hi Julie. I'm at the 3 week mark and hav a post op check up in 3 weeks. A bit of dry eye if I wake in the night (Tanx to my 3 month old baby) but not in the day time. My vision is better in the left eye than the right eye. Still not as crystal clear as when I wore my glasses. At night when driving I have a haze around car lights coming towards me. Hope this goes soon as I drive a fair bit. I still have red marks on eye where surgery was. Does anybody know when this should disaapear?

Julie - 24/09/2007 11:48

Ah, thanks guys...just having doubts! It's hard from day to day to notice an improvement, and easy to doubt I guess. Larry, like you I still have the red marks on my eyes. Also, at night I would defintely struggle - beut i notice my eyes are more tired by then anyway, as I use computers a lot during the day

Reme - 24/09/2007 12:52

The red marks take a few weeks at least to go im afraid!

Anonymous - 26/09/2007 11:40

If you are attending for a medical or surgical appointment / treatment Julie - elective or otherwise, then you are entitled to certified sick leave. The "neccesity" of medical treatment is not your employers call and you can NOT legally be forced to take annual leave for it. Make sure that the clinic provides you with a letter.

Sand - 26/09/2007 12:35

Anonymous, companies are not obliged to provide sick leave to their employees. It is at their discretion under current labour laws. Many companies do offer it but there are also many who dont and who simply deduct pay for days taken while you are ill. It is quite simply down to the generosity of your employer! Ive worked for some who offer it and others who dont. My current employer gave me 2 days sick pay with my letter from the clinic and I took the other 2 days as annual leave when I got the surgery done.

Julie - 26/09/2007 14:13

Point taken Anonymous - but it doesn't mean they have to pay you for it - depends on your contract. In addition, whilst I've only been to one clinic, I know some have a policy of not providing sick certs for check-ups - I've had 2 so far, and know I'll have to commit to 2 more.

Leon - 26/09/2007 17:04

Dear All, Its been a wee while since my last post; so I thought I'd update ye all. Now at 10 months post Op and Side effects continue to dissipate; less ghosting and glare at night and less haze overall. Vision still not perfect but much improved I'll admit. Was able to drive long distance at night for first time in 9 months recently. Hoping to be haze free by 12 months. However my advise is unchanged: Stick with Specs as recovery time is just way too long. Fot those of you experiencing problems after surgery, please give it more time and patience, you will come through with any luck. I'll update again in a few months. Leon

jenniemilnes - 27/09/2007 21:28

I had laser surgery 5 years ago and have had no problems since then. The surgery has improved the quality of my life immensely and I now enjoy diving, swimming and skiing without having to use prescription lenses for masks, goggles and sunglasses. Having my vision corrected was the best decision I ever made but I realise from reading other people's experiences that I am very lucky in this regard.

Anonymous - 30/09/2007 11:34

Had Lasik eye surgery in both eyes, initally the sight improvement was amazing as l was quite shortsighted. Within 6 weeks my sight deteriorated to the point where I could not drive, see people within a short distance. This was quite frighting as every day I got off the deterioration was evident. I spent weeks on steriods on and off until the surgery had to be done again. I again suffered the deterioration after the second surgery but to a lesser degree. I have had neuromus courses of steriod eye drops. I now require glasses for driving ,when l am outside and lectures ,presantations etc. I have problems at dusk and night time Also I get very disorientated in large spaces i.e. airports , shopping centres etc.My eye surgeon wanted to repeat the surgery a third time but I declined.He said my problem was extremly rare and could give me no explanation or further outcome. I thought hard and long before undertaking this surgery. So be very cautious before undertaking this surgery!

bertie - 02/10/2007 15:50

I had my laser eye surgery done in March 2006 and have never looked back(excuse the pun). I was told I was the perfect candidate also but not for the surgery I had. It was suggested I have Lasik surgery but instead I requested Lasek. This was because I was too lazy to wait 7 days for my vision to get better. I wanted instant results. Well, for €3000 I wanted my moneys worth. Thinking of it now, is an extra 6 days really enough to wait to make sure my eyes we perfect. It didnt matter really. My eyes were perfect the next morning. I mean perfect or at least i think so. It was a long time since I remember seeing things without glasses that Im not sure whether my vision was better or just the same. Nevertheless, Im more than happywith the results Im still experiencing. The surgeon said I had dry eyes so not to expect much difference. I never knew I had dry eye so if I currently have it, I have never known the difference so thats not really an issue. I live in Limerick and opted for Laser Surgery in Optilase in Ely Place. I paid €2990 for the best surgery they had. Vivas healthcare repaid me €1000 and I was able to claim 21% of 2990 from the government using a P50 at the end of the year so really my eyes only cost €1300 Im happy to recommend people for surgery because Im one of the sucess stories of it. I do warn people to make up their own minds with a lot of research. I was not sure myself whether or not it was a good idea. Its certainly not an organ of the body you want to break. questions about Optilase. You can always email if you need to know anything.

Anonymous - 30/10/2007 23:56

Hey Frances, I actually got surgery at Optilase. would defo recommend it. I got the ik surgery as the doctor said that would be the best surgery for my eyes. i am really happy i got the ik but i would advise you talk to the surgeon. He knows what's best. best of luck. You're in good hands in Optilase.

Larry(CJA61839) - 01/11/2007 20:44

Hi all. It has been 2 months since I had surgey. I had my six week check up 2 weeks ago and now have 20/20 vision. I still have a small bit of haze at night time but is improving every week. It doesn't bother me or impair my driving. I stopped using drops last week and don't seem to need them. Still a small bit dry if I wake in the middle of the night but very little. So all in all things are going according to plan...

Shell07 - 05/11/2007 14:57

I had ek surgery in Optilase on the 19th September. It was very sore for a few days after but since that i've had no complaints. Sometimes if I wake during the night I get a stabbing pain but that's the only side effect I have so I can't complain. I would advise anyone thinking of getting it done to go to a consultation before you make any decision. Well worth the money!

bertie - 05/11/2007 15:21

Well done Larry. Onwards and upwards. The haze or halos around street lights and headlights will go away so slowly you won't even notice. It goes as mildly and slowly as your vision probably went. I'm a year and a half on and could never look back(excuse the pun)!!!!

Barbara - 06/11/2007 14:52

Hi!I had operation 6 months ago and now it's ok!But in the night for example when I'm driving my car sometimes I can't look at the other cars because of the lights that are too strong for my eyes and it disturb me!And also when I try to read a book in the night it's a little disturbing for me because of the light is too bright on the white pages!Someone know if it's normal?

Julie - 07/11/2007 09:09

Good news Larry. Having had my surgery at the same time - thought I'd give my tuppence worth. My vision is not 20/20, rather -0.5 on left and -0.75 in right. (legal driving limit is -1.0 so I'm ok there). I was -5.0 in both, so it's a dramatic improvement. I had dry eye for c. 3 weeks, but no problems now. Night vision improving. I've to go back to the clinic in December to see if there's been any improvement, and if not, to discuss re-enhancement. I have no regrets.

misty - 13/11/2007 16:56

Hi all Had laser eye surgery 2 months ago in Optilase and have suffered severe headaches since, anyone else suffer this. Have had myself medically checked out and to no avail and Optilase tell me that I have the perfect 20/20 vision, even though my night vision is terrible with glare and starbursts and have still yet to drive myself at night. Found the staff in Optilase to be quite off with me when I told them about my problems, have been up there more times than I was originally scheduled for and even was examined by the surgeon to seem to act a bit like he was insulted I was questioning his work.

Conor(YWS66390) - 13/11/2007 23:24

Hi - Thought I'd post details of my own experiences since this site proved very helpful to me when I was considering laser eye surgery. I got LASEK at the Wellington Eye Clinic just over 1 month ago. I got both eyes done on the same day (bilateral). I was -7.0 in both eyes (based on my contacts, -7.75 with glasses). I am now 0.0 in one eye and -0.5 to -0.75 in the other. The doc is very pleased by my rapid improvement. I am completely blown away by the results! Given my high prescription, there was a reduced chance that they'd be able to get me back to zero without a subsequent enhancement. Despite some discomfort (read: strong pain) for a day or two after the procedure and relative dryness during the first week of recovery, I've had no other complications or issues. I'm delighted that I don't have any problem with dry eyes as I understood that this was probably the most likely complication. In fact, before the procedure, my eyes were often sore (perhaps from excessive contact lens wear over the years?) and since the operation they feel great (better than ever). I'm unsure if my "bad" eye will recover further (forgot to ask at my last check-up) but as it is, I can function fine without glasses. I do notice that my vision tends to deteriorate slightly late in the day. The doc advised that my eyes are still healing and the tear film breaks down over the course of the day and that the effect of this on vision should not be underestimated. I do notice that my vision is particularly sharp in the mornings walking to work. Night driving on unlit roads is relatively difficult but I still feel comfortable and confident enough that it doesn't stop me. I seem to strain a bit at reading but it is difficult to compare to my pre-op vision with glasses because at this stage, I can't remember what that was like. I'm now wondering how close I used to have to hold a book before I could read it, etc. Overall, I'm delighted with the procedure and consider it money well spend. This is because I'm one of the lucky ones who has had his vision corrected from "blind" to "practically perfect" and without any complications. I am still reluctant to recommend the surgery to anyone as I understand that there are serious risks. Please, if you are considering LASIK/LASEK, then read up on it, get a second opinion (second consultation), understand the likely outcomes (good and bad) and the less likely ones. In hindsight, bilateral was probably not the safest way to go but it suited me much better for practical reasons. All the best if you decide to go for it. Hope you are as lucky as I consider myself.

Geraldine(FHO46566) - 20/11/2007 10:19

I had laser eye surgery nearly 5 months ago, and I have to say it has given me a new lease of life. It is a major undertaking, one which I thought about long and hard for years. The "what if?" I am one of the unlucky ones kept coming into my mind. But in the end, because I couldn't see a thing without glasses, and hated contacts, I decided it was worth the risk. I was surprised at how long it took for me to recover in terms of vision - I had to take 2 weeks off work in total, but well worth it now. I can go swimming, gym, and walk in the rain without any problems! I just love it!! I went to Optilase, and got the 2990 treatment, with 1000 off with Vivas Health too, and looking forward to getting my TAX refund in Jan. I cannot recommend it highly enough, but it is because it worked out fine for me. Good luck to anyone who is thinking of it.

bertie - 20/11/2007 12:29

After reading the last posting I thought I would reply with views people rarely think of before or after having eye surgery. I had mine done in May of 2006 so I'm well over the after effects. I already made a posting a few weeks ago but have been watching this post ever since as this is something I am glad to help or assist in when people have questions about it. Only until I read the last post did I consider the things that happened wearing glasses that bothered me but were not a consideration for surgery. The decision for surgery for me was not clinical but was more as I hated wearing glasses. Im probably shallow, who knows? Your glasses steam up when you walk into a pub or club or generally warmer place than where you came from. In cold weather your glasses mist up also and can be a danger when driving. Dropping your glasses, sitting on your glasses, doing the thing of pushing your glasses back up your nose because they were sliding down. Playing sports can be hard, swimming a nightmare. Anything thing where you need to run is horrible. Contacts are just not the same and are just time consuming putting them in. I used to wear my contacts once a week at most as I worked in a dusty lab contacts were not an option during the week. I was not used to putting them in so really annoyed myself taking 30 minutes or so poking my eyes to put them in. The pro's for getting glasses are endless because YOU want a different outcome or want them done for different reasons. The cons are prevalent because they are a very high risk. Your surgeon will tell you whats good for your eyes. Go with his reccomendation for peace of mind. What the hell. Your reading this so your interested, you can do no wrong by having a free consultation. Yes, I had mine done in Optilase whom have a big media advert running right now from €795 per eye. Like the last person, I paid €2990 and got the rolls royce of surgery and I'm the happier for it. Your eyes are your most precious organ. Treat them well and they will last forever.

Wicked - 20/11/2007 22:40

Thank you to all past and present contributors to this site, it has been a great help in helping me come to my decision to have surgery next month. I am over 40yrs and it has been suggested that if I dont want to wear reading glasses for approx. 10 years that I should try Monovision, has anyone had the experience would love to hear comments

marie(PYQ66936) - 02/12/2007 19:40

Hi all. I had a consultation in Optical Express in Belfast for surgery two days ago. The optician has recommended LASIK and Wavefront due to the size of my pupils (7.2 x2). Since I had the consult (with the drops etc ) I have suffered from starburst at night which I never suffered before. Does this mean I will suffer from starburst when I have the surgery? My prescription is quite mild at -1.75 and -1. I am interested to hear from anyone in a similar circumstance to me. I suffer slightly from dry eyes also. Maybe I am just having last minute nerves (the surgery is booked for late Januray 2008), and am looking for reassurance. However, having read some of the horror stories on this site, I am now wondering if I am wise to continue. Have things not improved greatly in the last decade? Is my prescription too mild to risk my eyes? All replies will be appreciated.

Angela(JDQ66987) - 04/12/2007 13:52

I am 60 and short sighted - can read perfectly well without lens or glasses. If I have laser do I lose what I have i.e. my reading vision?

Pippin - 06/12/2007 08:40

I had laser Surgery in Waterford on the 19th and the 26th of November and I would recommend it to anybody. Its painless, maybe a little uncomfortable during the procedure but nothing too bad. My vision is now 0 in one eye and -0.5 in the other and hopefully this will improve even more. The cost was 2000 per eye but for piece of mind I would prefer to pay a higher price after all they are your eyes, and we don't get another pair. The aftercare there is amazing. The haloing at night is improving every day so hopefully it will go away fully. Just one question did anyone experience slight blurring or deterioration of their vision as the day goes on? I work on computers all day so maybe that is the reason but feedback on the above would be great.

mac - 08/12/2007 12:25

i have applied for a job as firefighter and have passed every stage till now. i have a medical friday and if i pass that i am in. which is a dream. i went to an optician just to have my eyes tested and it turns out my left eye is well below the grade and will not be passable for the job. I am at my wit's end - is there anyone who knows a very reputable place anywhere in europe who could laser my left eye between now and next thursday evening?

Anonymous - 10/12/2007 11:10

Anglea, laser eye surgery for vision correction is contra indicated for anyone past their mid-40s. Mac - absolutely not as the healing following surgeryt can take for months to weeks and it would have to be declared on your next medical / cert, obviously.

Anonymous - 12/12/2007 11:43

Hi, in reply to the other 'anonymous posting regarding age ruling you out of surgery'.... being over your mid forties is NOT a direct contra-indication to eye laser surgery. Yes in your forties your eyes undergo a natural age related change called presbyopia causing increasing difficulty reading up close. This consequently creates a need for reading glasses, perhaps multifocal glasses such as varifocals of bifocals or for those short sighted people they may begin to remove there specs to read. It is true that eye laser surgery cannot stop you(your eyes) from getting older but upon your consultation the examiner involved should take into consideration a number of factors , firstly what are your visual demands ie occupation, hobbies,lifestyle, secondly your individual prescription and considering the persons age rule out any ocular health/age realted complications. Taking the results into consideration, the Examiner has a duty to the patient to outline the realistic expectations/outcomes that you can expect from the types of surgery available . For example people in their mid forties and older may choose to correct their distance vision removing their need for glasses for fulltime wear and be happy afterwards to continue to wear glasses for reading. There are also treatment options which try to correct both distance and reading glasses, however it is important to realise that eye laser surgery for presbyopic people may involve some form of compromise with your vision. If these compromises are outlined clearly to you before surgery and you are fully aware and informed of the expectations of surgery then you will be happy with the results.

EP - 14/12/2007 11:38

I had Lasik done in Optilase 01 Dec (2 weeks ago) and the exerience has mostly been positive. The surgery was painless and my eyes had very little discomfort at all afterwards. I know It's only been 2 weeks since the procedure but I still have quite dry eyes and seems to be going through loads of eye drops. Driving at night is made difficult because of the starburst/halos around car lights and street lighting. I found that if I put the airconditioner on and adjust the vents so that the cool air hits my eyes, this makes them more watery and the driving gets easier. My left eye is very good and I can read small print from a distance but the right eye is not as good. Forget about reading small prints and even big text seems to be slightly blurry (out of focus) I was told by Optilase this could be because the left eye is healing faster than the right eye. I was able to tell the difference right after surgery so I'm really not sure if that is the reason. Is it possible that they have undercorrected the right eye, and if so will I have to go in and get the eye corrected again? I'm also wondering how common it is to have to go and get the procedure re-corrected a second time? All in all so far I am pretty pleased, though I wish the right eye was as sharp as the left, but fingers crossed that will correct itself over time...

bertie - 14/12/2007 15:34

Congrats EP. Dont worry about your eyes healing over time. I'm well past the healing process now and was happy with the time scale. Before surgery my right eye was weaker than the left so it would naturally take longer to heal. Starburst and halos will go so gradually you wont even notice they are gone. Its like when you started losing your sight. You probably never noticed until well into the problem.(If you can call needing glasses a problem). It quite common for one limb or organ(especially muscle) to heal faster than the other and that's all limbs and organs not just the eyes. Optilase put you on a 12 months check up (12 months warranty) as a person's eyes could take that long to heal. My eyes were trouble free within the first 30 days. I couldn't see halos, reading and TV were perfect and driving is a dream. No more driving at night wondering whether its your glasses that are dirty or if its your headlights. I would say by Christmas day the effects of the aftermath of surgery should have mostly worn off. By the way, RE: Dry eyes. The exact stuff they give you in Optilase for your eyes are on sale in Boots. Enjoy your sight.

misty - 14/12/2007 16:05

EP I also had lasik done in optilase, it's 3 months ago today. Both my eyes were slightly overcorrected but have come back to 20/20 in the last month. I also have issues with night driving and dryness, had to go to another Opthlamic surgeon to get the dryness finally sorted out as Optilase failed to pick up on how severe it was but thankfully its beginning to sort itself out now.

rory(DUK62982) - 14/12/2007 16:47

Hi does anyone know where to go to see an eye specialist straight away to get a procedure done to block the tear duct in the eye area, as i have to wait until january to get it done but cant wait that long as it's affecting my everyday life and work, and i can't have laser eye surgery till i sort this dry eye out otherwise i would be blaming the surgery on it, and can't find anything on tear canal r duct blocking in this site ,can anyone help,asap please thanks,email me [email address removed]

Marie - 17/12/2007 20:22

Hi Rory, I got laser surgery few weeks ago in Laservision on Leeson Street. Noticed they do full eye care so should be able to help you out. (and my surgery went great!)

Julie - 18/12/2007 08:54

EP, like the others say, I wouldn't panic yet. Dry eye - I tried liposic - a gel available from chemists that lasts longer that the drops. It cleared up within 4 weeks or so. My right eye has not improved since surgery in August (now c. -0.75), so I'm having it re-enhanced in February - but my vision is fine for now, and I'm enjoying life without glasses!

Mark(SSW67303) - 19/12/2007 16:52

hi all, i had the ik laser wavefront done in Optilase yesterday and i can see perfectly today, i was amazed how easy the surgery was. would recommend it to anyone................!

bordercolly - 20/12/2007 14:44

Hi All, just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on Optical Express Dublin? Am thinking of having lasik with intralase there. thanks

rory - 20/12/2007 15:31

hi all , i got an appointment from the wellinghton eye clinic ,and doctor says i dont have dry eyes at all they did all tests and tear test , the problems is another condition i never heard of , to do with dry skin ,the skin on my eye lids and around the base of the eyelashes are dry and flake off and irratate my eyes so they are becoming inflamed and thats what it is its called Blepharitis, so they gave me prescription for all these new things i have to do ,drops and use nizoral shampooo on head atleast 2 r 3 times a week just the head , and then everyday use johnsons baby shampoo with the no tears formula so if it gets in my eyes it wont sting etc, ive to use the johnsons shampoo on a cotton bud around my eye lieds and lashes to get the flaky skin off and clean it up etc, and use one of the drops to lubricate the skin and inside the eye lids and moisturise the skin again and keep it like that ,alot of work to do everyday but hope it works , and the doc is right coz i studyied my eye lid and lashes closely and can see the falky skin at the bottom of the eyelashes , so if anyone has the same condition , let me know and check thm to see for urself ,it mite not be dry eyes at all people ,no other doc told me about this, so these where good docs ,even the eye and ear hospital told me it was dry eyes, u cant trust anybody these days , talk soon , email me also [email address removed] as i checm my email daily thanks

Corcaigh Abú - 21/12/2007 15:35

60 and shortsighted... This could make you an ideal candidate for correcting one eye for distance vision. This is referred to as MONOVISION and any surgeon should discuss this option with you. You should undergo a contact lens trial to see how adaptable you are to MONOVISION. I am currently undergoing such a trial and I'm very pleased with results so far. Normally the dominant eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye would be left untreated and you could maintain your reading ability without glasses indefinately... The brain adapts very well to MONOVISION in over 70% of people. Crossed MONOVISION is where the non dominant eye is corrected for distance vision. You should trial both options with contact lens first and remember it can take a few weeks for the brain to fully adjust to monovision. I'm 50 and I'm seriously considering this option.....

Leon - 02/01/2008 11:38

Dear All, Now over 13months since my Laser Op and have decided to update ye all. Haze almost gone, glare reduced, dry eye under control. Persistent problems with night driving still (starburst). I'm hoping this will go over the nest year or so. Anyone who has read back far enough knows that I had loads of problems after surgury and my advise all along has remained unchanged. If you are happy with your vision with specs-say with specs! Why risk surgery and months (perhaps Years in my case) of a recovery, its simply TOO long to wait. Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion before you go through with the op, consider your lifestyle and how it could be threatened if you have a negative outcome or protracted recovery. Do NOT decide for cosmetic or financial reasons. I will keep updating every few months to let ye know the progress. Happy New Year. Leon

Cazaroo - 04/01/2008 13:47

hi all - interesting reading here. Have been doing my research and Wavefront seems to be the way to go... there's a lot of talk about problems afterwards like dry eyes, vision still blurred, night vision terrible etc etc the one thing that disturbs me about eye surgery in particular is the fact that they have to cut back the flap on your eye.... does this ever really heal completely? has anybody heard of any problems,such as it not being put back in the right place, or coming detached again after a number of years or anything like that? Thanks. C.

Brendan(EHW67548) - 04/01/2008 15:12

Hi all, after reading a lot of posts on this forum I decided to go ahead with the op and have the Lasek Wavefront procedure done in Optilase. I have to say the difference is unbelievable! I only had a modest prescription (-1.5) but I found sports were a pain and I'm too much of a sissy to deal with contacts. The lasek treatment involves a little more discomfort but the result is worth it - just had my second post op appointment (operation done on 18th Dec 2007) and I now have better than 20/20 vision. Also, because of the non invasive treatment, there is no scarring and my eyes carry no evidence of the procedure! Would recommend it to anyone. On the financial side, if you are with Vivas you can expect to have your insurance claim process and money received within 2 weeks. I have already received my €1000 euro cheque (issued 5 days after op!) and I am now submitting my med 1 form, so the op will work out around €1300 all in all. Best of luck to anyone who goes through with it, read up on the subject as much as you can, follow the medication regime and you will be fine.

Mark(SSW67303) - 04/01/2008 16:20

hey cazaroo. i got laser eye surgery not so long ago in regards yo your question on cut back the flap of your eye, you do not have to have that type of surgery, U could opt for the ik surgery which i had and they don't do it but one of my friends got the other surgery and had no problem . the flap of your eyes does heal and i have never heard of any problems. Laser eye surgery is a very simple procedure as you will find out if you have the surgery. If you any other questioinbs feel free to email me.

lolo - 05/01/2008 23:27

Hi All I am reading this forum with great interest as both my husband and I going to start checking out the laser surgery. I have to say I am a more anxious about it than he is. From what I am reading most of the problems seem to have occured in the early days. Do you agree? I think we might check out both optilase and wellington clinic. Is it a good idea to have a consultation with both, that way you are getting a second opinion and one may find some flaws that the other has missed. As it is early in our research I would appreciate any advice.

Brendan - 07/01/2008 10:43

Lolo/Mark, I got the EK done and thats where they don't cut the eye, the layer of skin over cornea is loosened and laser applied - skin is brushed back and contact is put over to allow skin to heal for 5 days. When contact comes out the dead skin basically just gets blinked off as new skin forms underneath and you're left with a perfect eye. See my post below, has worked out v well. Do as much research as you can, however I would definitely recommend optilase.

bertie - 07/01/2008 13:38

For anyone considering getting it done and looking for second and third opinions. Look around the eye clinic offices and bear in mind that not all the staff have had the surgery. A lot including some of the surgeons have never had it done. You may find it curious. They're eyes are simply not suitable for the surgery or for others reasons do not want it done. If you want a non biast opinion, then ask your optician. They wont want you going away from glasses but at least they are not making a profit from meddling with your eyes. I had IK and still happy with the results since May 2006. I have never looked back(excuse the pun) so highly recommend getting it done. Some of them are now offering frills like hotel overnights and the best aftercare medication. Remember, all the medication(the exact same stuff) can be bought as easily as in Boots(where I bought mine when it ran out). Make sure you get regular post op care. The price should be no more than €3000

Aoife - 07/01/2008 18:33

Hi Lola, I'm also thinking of checking out Optilase and Wellington Clinic and I'd be interested to hear how you get on. I have consultation with optilase on wednesday so I can let you know how I get on. Also does anyone know how long are you supposed to not wear contacts before the consultation?

Larry(CJA61839) - 08/01/2008 09:35

Hi Lolo. I was very nervous about getting Lasik. I was fine until it came to actualy making the appointment for surgery. A very nervous month waiting. I took your view that most "complications" occured with earlier procedures, so, I got it done over 4 months ago and feel great. I cant even imagine wearing glasses now where they were stuck to me for driving, TV etc. I had it done in Wellington and they made me feel very at ease. Professional with a friendly approach. But do shop around and get 2nd, even 3rd opinion if it makes you feel better. It's a big decision, but in most cases life changing for the better. Good Luck

Julie - 09/01/2008 11:37

Hi all, thought I'd post this, as it's a bit unusual. I had lasik done in August, as my previous posts relate. My partner was so impressed with my recovery, he went to the Wellington for a consultation. They said there was some discolouration in the back of both his eyes, and before having lasik, they referred him to a specialist. Some weeks later, the consultant informed him that both retina's were streatching so much, they were close to detaching and if he didn't have corrective surgery quickly, he'd be blind within 2 years. They said the cause was simply that his eye balls were large! Naturally, to say we were shocked was an understatement. He was told that a regular optician would not have the equipment to pick up on the retina problem - which was why it was not noticed before. A few stressful and worrying weeks followed. He's had the corrective surgery now - and is awaiting a follow up consultation to clear him for lasik surgery. So all's well. Can't help but wonder though, if he hadn't gone for the first consultation, would thinks have turned out a lot differently.

Brendan(EHW67548) - 09/01/2008 15:03

Anonymous, I had lasek done and you will notice no change, however I'm not sure about the IK procedure.

bertie - 09/01/2008 20:06

I had Lasik done(cutting the eyeball) and had discolouration in the eye afterwards. This was blood on the eyeball, not uncommon as a bloodshot eye. This lasted about 3 weeks and it was only mild. As I said, It a simple case of bloodshot eye and was obviously caused by my eyeball being cut with a scalpel. Please excuse the bluntness of my reason but that's the reason..............

Ger - 14/01/2008 15:27

Hi all, I'm thinking of having laser surgery and wonder does anyone know if "astigmatism" is a contra-indication. Also my Optican told me that there are 20 clinics doing laser surgery in Dublin and to be very careful where I went. any advice welcome.

Anonymous - 15/01/2008 11:32

Hi, Just wanted to make a comment to the user's of this site. Every individual eye is different, every patient's experience, dependant on a number of factors, will vary widely throughout their LASER experience from their initial assessment, the procedure itself and their subsequent recovery. When considering eye laser surgery it is imperative that you are fully aware of the risks and the recovery involved, in that way you can make an informed decision to proceed therefore taking some personal responsibility of the outcome. It is not a commercial/financial decision it is a surgical decision with very real risks, yes the risks are extremely low but it is surgery, there are no guarantees!! By all means take on board any personal recommendation from a friend or colleague. However the best advice for people considering laser eye surgery is to do your research, attend a number of consultations/clinics to obtain as much information/opinions as possible. . when you are full informed of the recommended procedure type, its risks/recovery implications to you, your life/lifestyle then you may proceed with surgery at the clinic which you personally feel is right for you.

Elena - 15/01/2008 14:32

Ger My sister had slight astigmatism and had Wavefront Lasik in Laservision last Friday. She had no complications of any nature and only a slight discomfort for about three hours afterwards. She’d her post-op check the next day and was told she now had perfect vision and could even drive home without glasses - she has never driven before so this wasn’t an option ! She had been extremely nervous before her surgery but said the whole procedure was way easier than a visit to the dentist. She was full of praise for Laservision and said the surgeon and his team were so confident and caring at all stages that she didn’t feel nervous at all.

mac - 17/01/2008 10:09

l had the luck and pleasure of dealing with the people at laser ireland. I was desperate to get my eyes done in time for a medical for a fire fighter's job. These people came up trumps, i had my laser treatment done a week before christmas. I had all initial treatments done in limerick.. they are first class there. the actual laser treatment was done in cork, a little sore and not cheap (but i would be wary of 'cheap' eye laser surgery - the cheap one's the dear one as they say. the results are perfect.

Dellers - 28/01/2008 15:37

Hi, I had Lasek done last May on both eyes but my left eye gets very dry and my distance vision in it wouldn't be great. I've been told I can get it redone upto April but it might be risky or get glasses for distance but isn't this defeating the purpose? Has anyone had it redone within the year of getting it done or had problems with dryness?

bertie - 31/01/2008 19:14

Hello ICD. I considered getting my eyes done on finance through one of the clinics. It was through an agent for a finance company but the rates were astronomical because there is no collateral for them to repossess if you stop paying. Speak to your bank itself and inform them its for surgery and they will have a good rate for you. Around 9% is a good moderate rate. I had a loan from the Bank of Ireland spread over 24 months for my eyes costing €2990. My repayments were €137 per month and using the variable rate I was able to pay it off early. Finance companies that most clinic use will be fixed interest repayment and there will be high penalties to finalise the loan early whereas your bank with a variable rate cannot charge you all the interest until the end of the term, nothing but what is left be paid. Long story short, speak to your bank manager.

Elena - 03/02/2008 16:42

ICD, re finance –VHI offer a 15% discount on laser eye surgery at the Wellington and LaserVision. Not sure of exact prices but think Wavefront bilateral is 4,500 at the Wellington and 3,000 in LaserVision.. Most clinics also have Easy Care payment option.

Yv - 03/02/2008 22:16

Hi Just wondering if anyone has had the surgery done at Optical Express in Newbridge. I just had the consultation and they recommended the wavefront Lasik for €2800 and then also the Intralase for an extra €900. I know they're new I havent heard any reports.

Lemmy - 04/02/2008 09:27

those "Easy Care" payment options have very high interest rates, on a par with credit cards (16-18%), if you're a member of a credit union (6.5% interest rate), that's your best option for a loan, also, when I had my laser surgery last year, I was curious as to why one of the clinics was at least 1000 Euro dearer than everyone else, I assumed it was the level of care, however, my girlfriend's sister had her surgery there when they were at a different address and it cost her around 3000 Euro, I get the feeling this clinic is charging the extra 1000 Euro to pay for their new clinic

Anonymous - 04/02/2008 12:57

hey all i paid 3000 euro for the wavefront treatment. I found it great because it is more accustomed to your specific eyes. found the clinic v.professional.

Anonymous - 04/02/2008 14:10

Hi Anonymous ,what clinic did you go to?thanks

Anonymous - 04/02/2008 14:17

I paid 2990 for Lasik Wavefront in Laservision on Leeson Street. Excellent treatment. Fortunately I had saved up for this but had I not, I would have gone for a Bank or Credit Union loan as the easycare interest rates are too high. Also just just got tax back on the procedure.

Gar - 04/02/2008 16:47

I just epilasek with wavefront done with Optimax in Belfast (Dr Maske) and I was very happy with my treatment. Lovely people and seeing as I was travelling from Dublin they were very flexible and were able to recommend a b&b for after the surgery too. The b&b was a good idea because there's no distractions and it just let us focus on sleeping and putting in the drops, of which there are a lot. I was about -4 in both eyes with no stigmatism. I had the epi done because I have large pupils and I use my night vision a lot. I had none of the pain afterwards that people talk about and the surgery was actually easier and quicker than going to the dentist. I was very light sensetive though and was very glad of the grade 4 (near black) sunglasses I'd brought. The right eye was 20/20 after 3 days but my left eye has been a bit slower taking about 2 weeks to come up to 20/20. I'm avoiding driving at night for the moment because there's a lot of glare from headlights still but hopefully that'll clear up soon. I should have done this years ago and can highly recommend it. My vision at the moment is amazing and it great to be free of the glasses. Gar

Anonymous - 04/02/2008 19:04

Hello Everyone, I thought I'd give you my experience of eye laser surgery. I had Lasek/Wavefront surgery last Thursday. The procedure cost €2990, but I will be receiving a contribution of €1000 from Vivas Health in the next few weeks. I also expect to claim a considerable portion of the cost back in tax at the end of the year. Sooo as to how I faired.. The procedure itself was completely painless and not one bit uncomfortable. I was given a valium and anaesthetic drops before going "under the laser", I concentrated on a blinking orange light and felt absolutely nothing. The most uncomfortable part of the 5 minute procedure was the removal of the tape that held back my eye lashes. I actually found the initial pre-op assessment more uncomfortable. In fact I have had more stressful eye-exams! In the next few days I experienced very little pain - I preferred not to use the anaesthetic drops that I had been given as they made my eyes heavy, but more than anything I didn't feel that I needed them. As the weekend wore on I experienced some discomfort and light sensitivity due to the clear contact lenses that were put in my eyes to aid healing. Contact lens wearers will recognise the feeling - imagine you have worn your contacts all day and night and every time you blink you are aware of them. As soon as I had the lenses removed today I could see perfectly. I was blown away by how perfect my vision is. It is far better than it ever was with glasses or contacts. All in all my experience of eye laser surgery has been very positive (so far) and I would reccommend it to anyone. The cost seems steep but if you take into consideration the lifetime cost of lenses, solution and glasses it really isn't that much. Best of luck to anyone considering this procedure. I understand from the optomotrist that I had a fairly easy ride and that many people have a tougher time, but it's good to get both sides of the story.

FiFi - 05/02/2008 11:31

Hi, I've recently got my eyes done in Eye Laser Ireland in Dundrum Dublin, The surgeon prefers to do one eye at a time which i was in total agreement with!!... I am so pleased with the results, it was completly pain free.. i had a little discomfort after my first eye, that night my eye felt a little gritty but other than that it was great!!.... i recommend anyone to get it done.... I did ALOT of research before i got this done and had consultations in many other clinics but by far this one was the one for me..

Mary(FAO62794) - 05/02/2008 12:12

Hi all, Considering having eyes done but as with everyone I am very nervous, Does anyone know someone who has had it done now for a few yrs, I have this fear that in 20 yrs from now something will go wrong and I have worse or no sight.....

bertie - 05/02/2008 14:08

Hi Mary, I had my laser Surgery done in May 2006 if thats any good to you. None of my family or friends knew of anybody before me that had it done. I think its more popular now that more and more people have been able to talk about their experiences. I had a painful 24 recovery and it took about 4 weeks to get past the halo effect from oncoming traffic at night but other than that its the best €2990 I have ever spent in my entire life. I recommend anybody to get it done. I have never experienced one negative thing from having the surgery and my vision is supposedly better than 20/20(if such a thing exists). I can honestly say that I have never spent so much money on something and gotten so much use from it. I spent a lot more on my house but only see that for a few hours a night. You have to live with your eyes so getting it done right and being happy with it is paramount. I used Optilase but I know people now who have gone to other places and are as content as myself. Bear this in mind, there are more people who go onto to websites to complain and moan about things than there are people who go onto websites to praise people. It will all seem negative. Do your own research and speak to as many people as possible. Most initial appointments are totally Free!

Lis - 05/02/2008 16:29

I had laser eye surgery in early 07. It cost €3800. I found the procedure terrifying and very uncomfortable. Since having it done, I have suffered with very dry eyes, so bad that I wake at night with the discomfort. I have never heard of this happening before, although I was warned it could happen. The opticians have been great, i have monthly check-ups and they supply me with drops and eye gel free of charge and have promised that they will sort me out...fingers crossed eh?

Anonymous - 06/02/2008 12:07

Hi Lis, where did you get your surgery done?thanks

George(PQP68701) - 10/02/2008 21:40

hi all, got surgey last saturday. I was suprised by the ease of the surgery. The day after the surgery my sight was perfect. I got the wavefront ik surgey. I just cant get over it all, it's so weird not wearing glasses anymore. If any one has any questions feel free to write to me

bertie - 11/02/2008 15:19

Well done George. I felt the same way. Welcome to a new world and stop trying to push your glasses back up your nose, they are not there anymore!!! Once you get past the halo's at night off oncoming traffic it will all be worth it. The halo's can be a pain in the a**.

P - 12/02/2008 15:56

Hi I had laser eye surgey on the 15.12.07. I need an enhancement in both eyes in March as my distance vision is really bad. Has this happened anyone and has the enhancements worked ?

Dellers - 12/02/2008 16:26

Hi P I got my eyes done in May 2007 and I'm thinking of getting glasses for distance vision because they won't re-do my left eye as they don't think I need it re-done.

p - 12/02/2008 17:20

Hi There The first month after my laser the vision was great but then it got worse. They say they will do both eyes and that should sort it I hope. If you get glasses for distance will you not end up depending on them full time ? After paying that amount of money I would hate to think I would have to wear glasses again.

Geraldine - 12/02/2008 17:26

Hi Dellers and P. I think I may be in the same boat as you. I had my surgery on 29/6/07 and up to 2 months ago had perfect vision. It has defo deteriorated for distance in my mind (clarity not there) but when I went to get it checked they claim I still have 20/20 cos I can read the chart. I am due to go back in another 2 months for a checkup so we will see (excuse pun) what it is like then. Has anyone heard about dehydration being a possible cause of deterioration? I heard this may be the case. Also I wake up every few weeks or so with a stabbing pain in one of my eyes. It could be just a eyelash or something but this never bothered me before. Thanks.

Dellers - 13/02/2008 16:43

Hi P & Geraldine If I decide to get glasses it definitely defeats the whole purpose since I spent so much getting the laser done. They claim I have 20/20 too because I can read the chart and have penciled me in for a check-up in 3 months. My left eye is very dry (which is my worse eye) so that would make sense regarding the deterioration. My eyes are very dry after I have a shower and feels like I have an eyelash in them for about 20 minutes. So what are we to do guys?

Nessie - 13/02/2008 21:26

Hi Everybody, I'm new to this site but it makes for terrific reading. I'm 33 and I've wearing glasses since I was about 10 or 11, and in the past 6 or 7 years I've been wearing contacts on and off. I am -4.25 in both eyes. I've trying to weigh up the pros & cons of laser eye surgery for about 2 years now. I am dying to get it done, but scared too. There's so many clinics and offers available. I'm afraid I'll go down the wrong road with this. I've also heard something about claiming back tax with these ops... has this changed since the introduction of tax credits or how does it work? Thanks for reading guys.....

A - 14/02/2008 07:59

Hi, I got Lasek in one eye. everything went fine and I'm waiting to get the other eye. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced nausea in the days after and is this normal? I also sprained my back while getting the surgery and am also hoping that this will heal. Would like to hear some other people's experience if possible. Thanks.

bertie - 14/02/2008 12:08

Hi Nessie. The system for claiming back tax has not changed. This can be done using a P50 at the end of the year. You will get back whatever rate of tax band your are on. So, should you be on 43%, you will get a return of 43%. Its as simple as that. I was on the lower tax band and received my refund. However, I apparently owed the tax office money so they just kept it anyway. I will bite my tongue on that one, thats another whole box of frogs altogether. There are now many clinics in the country also. I noticed one underneath Dunnes Stores in Limerick and another one next to Tesco. Its crazy. I got mine done in Optilase in Ely Place. Remember Nessie, most consultations are free so if your willing, try some of the ones that have been in business longer. Bear in mind, in Optilase anyway I was not allowed drive after the consultation due to the process they used on my eye. I was to be honest a little blind after the consultation for a few hours. Everything was a blur, its was like I needed both reading and distance glasses. I could not count the change in my hand in the shop. It was weird and embarassing.

Nessie - 14/02/2008 12:11

If anyone wants to e-mail me with their opinions or advice I'd be really grateful.. Thanks...

Anonymous - 14/02/2008 12:14

Hi A, I'm getting the surgery done in 2 weeks...I'm curious how you sprained your back?

p - 14/02/2008 12:27

Hi All Im just going to wait until my appointment in March and get the date for the enhancements and then hopfully after that I will be able to say it worked for me. I had no trouble after the operation ,no dry eyes and because my eyes were a high perscription -5.00 and -5.50 they said there would be a chance I would have to get it redone. As for the tax back ,I have just sent of my p60 and im hoping to get a cheque in the post soon..

Felicity(XPC68550) - 14/02/2008 12:44

I can't name where i got my laser surgery done as the editor left it out on my comment, but if you would like to email me i can fill you in!!!

Benny - 14/02/2008 12:54

Nessie, with regard to tax you just fill in the claim form the clinic will supply you with and within a month (mine was 2 weeks approx) you will get your tax back from revenue. I was paying tax at the highest rate and on a €2990 op with €1000 back from VIVAS, I got a total of €810 back in tax, so thats Lasek Wavefront for €1180 - not bad!

A - 14/02/2008 13:27

Hi Anonymous, I think I hurt my back by over-tensing while waiting on the laser to operate on my eye. Obviously I was quite nervous and had tensed up more than I realised. Just maybe something to be aware of when getting the surgery. The surgery itself was grand.

Anonymous - 19/02/2008 12:07

Question for all the ladies who had the surgery done.....i am getting the surgery next week and it says on the literature 'No eye make up for 7 days after' and 'No rubbing eyes for 3 months'...just wondering if wearing eye make after the 7 days does removing the eye make up off not clasify as rubbing? Any comments appreciated?

Lis - 19/02/2008 12:51

I wore eye make up after 7 days but was told rather than rub it off, to wet the cotton wool with eye make up remover (i used the l'oreal liquid for sensitive eyes) and dab rather than rub. Also dip a cotton bud in the remover and gently sweep off!! hope that helps

Nessie - 21/02/2008 16:00

Hi Bertie, I see you got treated at the same clinic that I am thinking of attending. Thanks for your helpful comments. Did you have to take long off work? And was there many follow-up visits? I'm not living anywhere near Dublin, so I am just wondering... Thanks, Nessie

bertie - 21/02/2008 16:55

Hi Nessie, I live in Limerick. There was none in Limerick but now there is one now. I had a one month check up, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month check up. Unfortunately for me I was let go from work the day before the surgery so really did not need any time off. You could only imagine my shock at losing my job the day before forking out 2990EURO and going to Florida for 2 weeks one month after surgery. Nightmare!!! I was told that about 1 week would be enough but not to work in a dusty or smoky environment. I had planned on a week off work(as I work in engineering) but my employer had other ideas. Their loss.

Nessie - 21/02/2008 18:02

Hi again bertie, God, what a Bummer for you!!! I'm based in East Galway. When you say there's one in Limerick now, I presume this does not have the advantage of being tied-in with the Vivas deal? Someone has told me it's now available in Galway, but I haven't had much luck finding info or reviews on there. I will probably end up going to the same place as yourself. You're very helpful, thanks a mill...

bertie - 22/02/2008 09:09

I remember hearing before that the one in Limerick is just a screening office for surgery and they do the post op check ups there and the surgery is actually done in Cork. Maybe that is what is happening in Galway. I joined Vivas to have the surgery, I was with them 3 months, had the surgery, got my €1000 and cancelled my policy. I was suprised there was no rule saying you must stay with them a minimum of 12 months or something. Im sure by now they have closed that loophole.

elviseen - 28/02/2008 01:56

Hi all, I've just recently thought about maybe having this surgery as I am hitting the big 30 and have been wearing glasses/lens since I was about 12. I figure it would only take me about 2 years to recoup the price of the surgery as it would for me to supply myself with lens & solutions. The thing is I'm heavily pregnant at the moment and intend on brestfeeding for a couple of months From what I read in some of the websites, pregnant & nursing mothers are not suitable candidates for the surgery because of hormonal imbalances etc, does anyone know how long after nursing would I have to wait as it would be great to be able to get it done while I am on maternity leave. And also is there much of a waiting list? I'm living in Galway but could travel to Cork, Dublin or Limerick without any major difficulties. I hope someone out there can advise me, I won't be able to go for any consoltations for the next month or two when the baby arrives! Slán.

Elena - 28/02/2008 11:27

Elviseen, no, pregnant women cannot have laser eye surgery and it is advised to wait for at least 3-4 months after the birth of your child as your eye prescription can fluctuate.

Lisa(TIH69582) - 10/03/2008 19:14

Hi everyone. So glad to have found this site! I'm 22 years old, and I'm considering having laser surgery done but I'm a bit scared about the risks, esp. after reading all the horror stories here! Just wondering, does it make a difference what age you are getting it done? Some people have suggested I wait until I'm older, but my vision hasn't deteriorated the last few times I've been to the optician so don't know if there's any point in waiting? Also, if you are claiming your surgery with VIVAS health insurance, can you apply for tax relief as well?

Anonymous - 11/03/2008 09:59

Hi All I just had my eyes lasered at the National Eye Centre on Parnell Square - the cost was 1500e per eye for wavefront Lasik - the whole experience was super !!!!! my vision is already excellent and I got a 15% DISCOUNT with VHI.

bertie - 11/03/2008 18:29

Hi Lisa, I used Vivas and got 1000EURO towards the surgery. You can claim your tax back at the end of the year using a P50 claim form. The surgery can give you this form already pre stamped.

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 09:35

Hi Bertie, re claiming tax back...are you sure its a P50 form...on the web that seems to be 'FIRST CLAIM FOR TAX REPAYMENT DURING UNEMPLOYMENT'...assuming you are not unemployed, I would of guessed that you just claim the tax using the normal Form 'MED1 Claim for Health/Medical Expenses Relief'..

Ellen(MVM69630) - 12/03/2008 10:15

Hi everyone! Does anyone know whether Lasik can be done on a person with a prescription of -14.5 and -15.5, I'm 24 and really would love to be able to wake up in the morning and be able to see something without having to fumble around with lenses first!! If anyone can it'll be much appreciated!!

p - 12/03/2008 10:49

Hi Ellen My eyes were -5.00 and -5.50 and I had surgery in December and that was classed as a high prescription. Unfortunately I have to get enhancements in both eyes again in a couple of months as it didnt work for me ,this can happen to people with high perscription so make sure you get good advise before you get surgery, P

Dellers - 12/03/2008 11:16

Hi Did anyone have enhancement done? I'm contemplating it in my left eye which was -6.00 before I had the laser treatment, my distance vision isn't good at all.

Ellen - 12/03/2008 11:30

Hi P, thanks for that, i've been researching this for ages and i can't seem to find anywhere that will do, optical express said they would under certain circumstances but they would only go up to a -12, maybe it's just not for me then! i hope all goes well for you!

p - 12/03/2008 11:37

Dellers I went from a -5.00 to -1.00 in each eye now . I need glasses for driving . The surgeon tells me the enhancements should work but have to wait until my eyes settle down first. Have you been given the option of enhancements ? P

Dellers - 12/03/2008 12:48

Hi P My consultant said he can go back in but is reluctant as he doesn't think I need it done. I was bowling the other night and couldn't even see my name on the board, I can't even read posters that aren't too far away. I don't know what to do.

p - 12/03/2008 12:54

Hi Dellers Do you know what your perscription is now ? Im the same way and I wear glasses now for driving as I am under the driving standard required. My surgeon said I would definetly need the enhancements . You should look into getting enhancements if its still within a year since you got the surgery .

Dellers - 12/03/2008 14:14

Hi P My consultant says I'm -0.50 but I went to an optician for a second opinion and they say I'm -0.75 and when they're left me walk around with the glasses oh my god the clarity was brilliant. I'd get the enhancement done if I could be guaranteed the clarity but I don't know anybody who's had it done.

p - 12/03/2008 15:33

Hi Dellers If you wait a few months hopefully I will be able to tell you it was a success . Hope I dont end up regretting it.Il keep you updated on my progress. P

bertie - 12/03/2008 17:36

Hi Anon, Ooooppps my mistake. It is a MED1 form. My Fiance recently became redundant from her job so I was looking up the site recently concerning a P50 form.

okikek - 13/03/2008 09:02

Hi all The form for claiming back tax is known as med1 . I claimed back after getting my eyes done at The National Eye Centre - 3 weeks on i am at driving standard and better after being a -6.00 and a-6.25 after much research i found the technology and quality of the laser is what to look out for .

Anonymous - 13/03/2008 09:37

Hi all, I recently had wavefront Lasik done (2 weeks ago), and so far it is just great apart from my eyes been very tired in the evenings. I now have 20 20 vision. However, my close vision took a few days to settle. I work with computers and my eyes get very tired as the day goes on. Im hoping it gets better as time passes.

Julie - 14/03/2008 07:56

Hi Dellers. Had my right eye re-enhanced 3 weeks ago. Now 20:20 in it. I had gone ftom -5.0 to -1.0 at the first op. They said it was my choice if i wanted re-enhancement, and as it's my dominant eye i got it done - no regrets. Easier process as they used the same flap and I had no dry eye like I did when I had both eyes done first in August last year.

Dellers - 14/03/2008 10:20

Hi Julie It's so good to hear from someone who's had enhancement work. My optician told me I'd only get 10 years good vision if I had enhancment done, did your consultant say anything similar? My eyes get very dry as I work on a computer all day. You have me tempted now!

Julie - 18/03/2008 08:01

Dellers. Nothing like that was mentioned to me. It was pointed out that if I didn't get it done, then I would effectivly have mono-vision, which would help me for reading in later years - ie mean I wouldn't need to get reading glasses so soon. That wasn't an option for me. I also work on computer a lot - it's been great since I've has the eye re-done.

p - 18/03/2008 11:05

Julie Great to hear yours was successful. I'm getting my both eyes enhanced in a month or so. I went from -5.50 to -1.00. Have to wait for them to settle down first before I have the surgery. P

Anonymous - 19/03/2008 15:57

Hi all, I am a medical professional working at a laser eye clinic. I log on every couple of weeks or so just to read the comments. It is amazing and also pretty frightening to see how mis-informed people seem to be regarding laser eye surgery. Firstly, to deal with some of the fundamentals. Laser eye surgery is not a commodity. The only way to eliminate complications is not to get the surgery done. However, we live in a commercial age and medicine and commercialism do not mix very well. Dublin is now the most competitive market in Europe for this type of surgery. The 3 most important elements for choosing this surgery are 1 the surgeon. 2 the surgeon and 3 the surgeon. Everything else is secondary. OK using the intralase all laser method for cutting the flap does make the procedure pretty much fool proof but what if you are not suitable for the procedure in the first place. What if your corneas are too thin or too steep? Get the surgery done and you will get a good result yes but what about 4 or 5 years down the line when ectasia develops. This eye condition is so serious that contact lenses can't be worn. Glasses will also not improve the quality of vision. Think about it, 2 or 3 years of spectacle independence for a life time of misery and a possible corneal graft. I don't think so. I read that a treatment maybe possible for a -12. Absolutely, we have gone to -24, but not with a laser. An implantable contact lens is the only answer for a person with a prescription greater than -8. Do laser on a -12 and the risk of a retinal detachment is greatly increased. Imagine seeing 20/20 after having a prescription of -20. It is possible, this is the greatest treatment in the world for patients but I must stress laser like a lot of other medicines has its limits. Any reputable doctor has the patient’s interest as his or her top priority. Maybe the most relevant question to ask the surgeon is the percentage of patients he see's that are not suitable. Again, I can't stress enough. It's all about the doctor!!!!!!

Dellers - 20/03/2008 12:16

Hi Anonymous Would you recommend enhancement?

Anonymous - 20/03/2008 13:46

Hi Dellers. The enhancement rate for laser eye surgery is roughly 5-7%, so it is pretty common. The main reason for needing an enhancement is not that the laser didn't work but that your healing reaction differed with the norm. I was in the US recently where they did an enhancement for a -0.25. The lowest we would go would be between -0.75 and -1. Obviously I can not comment on your particular case without seeing your scans but assuming your corneas are healthy, the main question to ask your doctor is what is your residual bed thickness (Cornea left after cutting of flap and laser ablation). Assuming you had LASIK with a blade your corneal flap may have been around 150 microns (90 microns with Intralase) With a -6 prescription the laser would have taken away roughly 15 microns per diopter 15x6=90 microns 150+90=240 microns. The preferred residual bed thickness is greater than 300 microns so assuming your corneas were thicker than 600 to begin with then you should have no problem after the enhancement. This is why you should ask at your clinic for your scans pre op. Also in later life if you need a cataract procedure these pre op scans are essential for a correct outcome. Substitute 60 microns for 150 microns if you had LASEK done. One of the advantages of LASEK and intralase is thinner flaps so if an enhancement is needed there is a greater possibility of doing so. As for your optician saying that eye laser will only last for 10 years. The laser permanently changes the shape of your cornea so effectively it is a life long procedure. Everybody, whether you have a prescription or not will have to wear reading glasses at some stage. The average age in Ireland for this condition called presbyopia is 48.

Anonymous - 20/03/2008 14:15

Hi All I also work in a laser clinic and agree totally with anon - our clinic turns away at least 30% of patients who are not suitable for many different reasons and also agree that the market is very competitive , also read your consent form thoroughly - we have had patients who came to us after going to another clinic that did not tell them about any complications that might arise only all the pros of surgery so be careful . On the issue of enhancements we have not had one yet that is not to say we wont !

bertie - 20/03/2008 15:07

RE: Anonymous and the choice of Surgeon>>> I made this point but wish to concur and further the point Anon made about the choice of surgeon. There are many places out there offering surgery being performed, not by surgeons, but by trained technicians. Im sure these technicians could be brilliant and in some cases better than a surgeon but I would always prefer for peace of mind a surgeon to perform the intricate and highly dangerous surgery.

johnmc - 30/03/2008 11:42

Well, I got mine done yesterday morning. All went very well. my eyes were -7.00 and -7.5 with a -2 and a -1.75 astigmatism. I had no pain or discomfort whatsoever and the staff there were really brilliant. I was booked in for 8am, and was home again by 9:20. I was back in for my checkup this morning, My eyesight is not 100% after it, but they expect it to get better over the next few days. Saying that, I am still impressed at the level its at already, in lay-mans terms I'd say my sight is about 95% at this early stage. The surgeon told me at my pre-op that I will probably need a second blast to get to 20/20 anyway.

Anonymous - 31/03/2008 13:25

Hi everyone, I had bi-lateral lasik done just over 4 weeks ago and my left eye vision is quite blurry. If I hold my hand over my right eye the vision in my left eye is blurry and if I hold it over my left eye the vision in my right eye is crystal clear. Just wondering did anyone else experience this? I have read some sites and say it could be dry eye but not sure. I am back to the clinic in 2 weeks for a check up so i guess I will hear more then. Any any info on this.thanks.

florance - 01/04/2008 01:55

thanks johnmc for sharing this great all went well for you,good luck with the rest of the checkups.Anonymus sorry to hear you have blurry vision in one eye hope it gets better soon.did the eye surgeon say this wuld happen?iam planning on getting this done and really worried about the outcome.

Anonymous - 01/04/2008 09:54

Hi Florance, No eye surgeon didnt say the blurriness would happen but i am back in two weeks so will hear more then.

johnmc - 01/04/2008 11:07

I have a little bit of blur first thing in the morning, but it usually goes after I put my drops in - so I'd say this is down to dry eye. My surgeon did tell me at my pre-op that I may need a second blast in a few month seeing as I was so blind. I'd say now (3 days after) that my sight is 98%, and I find that my sight improves after every night sleep. My left eye is slightly weaker than my right, but my left eye was slightly worse to start with anyway.

Dellers - 01/04/2008 12:11

Hi guys Just reading your messages. I had my eyes done a year ago and my left eye is still weak. I was -6 in that eye and -5.50 in my right. Surgeon says i've 20/20 vision but I definitely don't think I do, I can't read anything in the distance so if I start driving I'll definitely have to wear glasses. Surgeon said he could do enhancement on my left eye but doesn't think I'd notice much difference, I don't know what to do. I have dryness in my left eye so use drops every day.

p - 01/04/2008 12:47

Hi johnmc I had my Lasik surgery in December . I was a -5.50 in each eye. After the surgery vision was great but has detoriated since and im going to have enhancements in both eyes in a couple of months. But Like you I knew there was a chance a would need more laser due to the high perscription. Everything else is perfect , no dryness,ect. Im now a -1.00 in each eye and hoping the enhancements will improve it.

Geraldine - 01/04/2008 21:16

Hi Dellers I had the same prescription pre-op as you and have now the same story - told I am 20/20 by the clinic but have my own doubts, so am going to get my eyes tested by my own optician and see what they say. Will keep you posted.

Yv - 01/04/2008 22:29

Hi, I had my right eye lasered on 10th Mar and due to Paddies and easter falling between had the left one done monday last 31st.I would highly recommend it. Have 20/20 in both eyes, no dry eye or halos etc.. Got Valuim to take before hand and sleeping tabs to bring home. I feel so well cared for so there are good stories out there as well... Good luck to those considering it.. Go for it..

Dellers - 02/04/2008 12:36

Hi Geraldine I went to my optician who said I'm -0.75 now in both eyes, she left me walk around with the glasses on and I could see everything so clearly, yet when I said it to the consultant he said he didn't agree.

okikek - 03/04/2008 09:59

Hi Geraldine and Dellers What is the name of the clinic you got your eyes done in ???

Geraldine - 03/04/2008 21:20

I would have said it in a previous post - I was lasered at Optilase.

Dellers - 11/04/2008 11:43

Hi Anonymous I have a copy of my notes from the clinic where I had my surgery done. Would anybody be willing to take a look at them and advise on whether enhancement would be successful for me.

Anonymous - 17/04/2008 17:04

Hi Dellers. By all means, email me for my contact details at However, it is unlikely that another clinic will take you on as a patient after having the procedure done elsewhere.

Geraldine - 17/04/2008 19:22

Hi Dellers just to update you - went to my opticians - am -0.75 and -0.25 in left and right eye respectively. not 20/20. My opticians thinks it is still a great result from being so short sighted initially which is true as they did warn me in the clinic that I may not get 100% 20/20 going from such a strong prescription (6.00 and 5.75). Am now almost getting used to not being able to see crystal clear!!!!!!!!

p - 21/04/2008 10:16

Geraldine Just wondering do you wear glasses for driving? My eyes were -5.00 and -5.50. I'm now -1.00 and -1.50 but i'm getting my enhancement surgery in 2 weeks time. I wear glasses for driving.

Dellers - 21/04/2008 11:11

Hi Geraldine & P I'm going back tomorrow for my final check-up & to discuss enhancement. I really don't know what to do, if I started driving I would definitely need to wear glasses. I kind of had accepted the blurry vision too even though I wasn't happy with it.

Andrea(PBK63603) - 22/04/2008 20:09

Yv where did you get yours done? I have an appointment with optilase for a first consultation and wonder is this the best place to go on reading Geraldines experience

okikek - 23/04/2008 10:00

Hi All My advice to you all would be shop around - literally- most have a Free Consultation and are nearly all priced in and around the same.

Yv - 23/04/2008 12:54

hi andrea, not sure why but it wouldnt let me put up the name last posting. anyway if it doesnt work this time i'll give my email address. I had both eyes done separately as consultant prefered it that way and 2 b honest so did i. consultation was €120 but i had done a free one already so i knew i was suitable. i just wasnt at ease with having it done there as the doc has 2 fly in etc.. I went a different eye clinic. It was €4k in total to have both eyes done and worth every penny. Optilase wouldnt look at me until June as I had my second baby last Dec and they wanted to wait till he was 6 mths, other clinics said 3 mths.. I can wear eye makeup this fri night as Im going out and cannot wait cause havent worn it for 7 weeks in total (4 from the second eye done).. Yipee!!!!

johnmc - 23/04/2008 22:40

Well, its almost a month since I got mine done, and so far I have no regrets. I’m getting to the stage where I don’t fumble around my bedside locker anymore to find my glasses and I am looking forward to my first hair-cut this weekend where I can actually SEE my hair being cut!! My sight is not perfect, which is no great surprise as the surgeon told me that it probably would not be seeing as I had such a high prescription. My sight is very good though – a “DIY eye chart” thingy I downloaded from the net tells me that I can just about read the line above 20/20 – which is a far cry from a month ago when I would do well to see the wall that the eye chart was on! My left eye still stings me a bit when I get tired, or over-do it at work – I’m in for my monthly checkup at the weekend, so I will ask him about this. The surgeon at my pre-op did tell me though that seeing as I was such a high prescription, the laser would leave a fair “bruise” which would take a bit of time to heal up. I still have pretty bad night-glare. I drove for the first time last night on the M50, and I was glad to get home. The red tail-lights are a bit*h. Everyone tells me though that this takes a few months to get over. All-and-all I am happy. One question though – does anyone know how long it takes to get your 1000 back from Vivas??

Dellers - 24/04/2008 11:49

Hi Geraldine & P So I went back Tuesday for my final check-up. My consultant gave me the name of different eye drops he reckons might make my vision clearer and daily disposable contacts -0.50 for my left eye, he wants me to wear them in different situations e.g. in work, on a night out. If I notice a big change then he has no hesitation in doing the enhancement. I'm to go back in 2 months.

ICD - 29/04/2008 09:19

Hi, I'm getting Lasek wavefront done next week and was just wondering how bad you feel after it, or are you able to get back to normal life easily. Anyone out there who's had it and can let me know their experience? They told me I'd need a week off work cause my work involves working with computers all day long, but now I'm kind of worried how well I'll be during the week. I live alone, so should I ask a relative to come stay with me or will I be fine for taking care of myself, making food, etc? Also, for who's had this done, since you can't really watch tv or read, how did you keep yourself busy during the week of recovery? i really don't want to die of boredom. Thanks for any help.

Anonymous - 29/04/2008 11:02

Hi ICD, Although I had Lasik and you are having Lasek, I'm sure the recovery is much the same. You will be able to see and cook for yourself just your eyes will be tired and least that was my experience. The only time you really need someone is to collect you after the surgery as then of course you will have shields on. I work with computers all day also and I had the surgery on the wed and returned to work on the Monday...(I drove myself 30min) it was difficult at the start as the computer is glarey and near vision has to settle now also since I corrected my distance vision but you have to let that settle and get used to it.Hope this helps

Geraldine - 29/04/2008 19:27

Hi Dellers Sounds like you got on well at your consultation. I would be interested to hear how your new drops help. Good luck with the contacts too, and hope you get sorted soon. ICD - I had Lasek and took 2 weeks off work. I could have gone back to work after a week but was nervous of driving (40 mins) and like you spend a lot of time on a computer. Even after 2 weeks I found it took a while for my eyes to adjust to computer work. I was fine to cook and all after a day but just took it easy - very little housework other than bare min. You should manage fine. Good luck with it!

Elena - 30/04/2008 20:52

ICD My two sisters had LASIK Wavefront. I drove each of them home and was just amazed at how well they were immediately after surgery. One of them went to bed for the 4 hours recommended, had a shower and headed off to a dinner party that night! However, all the clinics recommend a minimum of 4 days off work after LASEK. The clinics can provide a cert and you really should take this time away from an office environment with computers, air conditioning etc.

ICD - 01/05/2008 13:29

Thanks for that guys. Looking forward to it now, can't wait to not have glasses!!! :) Happy bank holiday weekend to everyone and thanks for the tips

johnmc - 02/05/2008 22:37

Has anyone here got theirs done through Vivas Health? Any idea how long before you get your money back from them?

Dee - 06/05/2008 23:35

Hi John hi all- You should recieve the money back from vivas after about 6 weeks, thats when I got mine back in the post. Give the clinic a call and they can prob give you an update? I got my eyes lasered two months ago and I am absolutely thrilled with the results-over the moon. had worn glasses since I was 10- had a -4.5 prescription and now have 20/20! Incredible. Dry eye was annoying but is getting alot better. In relation to your clinic, its all about the surgeons, do your research! Glad i didnt read this chat room before the surgery as its quite daunting!

Andrew(CGX71108) - 07/05/2008 13:10

Hi I wanted to ask what are the reasons for problems. Is it because of surgeon mistake taking off flap (choice between manual and Intralase) or is it because of laser type (basic or Wavefront)? Which to chose?

johnmc - 07/05/2008 15:32

Andrew, I went for the dearest option. You only get one chance at this, you are as well to get it done right! Like Dee, I am 100% happy with mine. I have 20/20 vision in the right light conditions, and my night vision is getting better by the week. My left eye gets a bit dry, but the drops sort this out.

Sand - 12/05/2008 10:40

Hi Shaz, well best of luck with the surgery first of all. You are bound to feel nervous but its over so quick you wouldnt believe it. Just relax as much as you can, listen to all the surgeon says as they explain everything as it happens so you know what to expect. That makes it a lot easier! I just had my 1 year follow up and was officially discharged. All went great and my vision is brilliant. Best decision I ever made, am so glad I did it!

Deirdre - 13/05/2008 12:04

Hi all, I had Lasek surgery done 2 months ago and it's probably the best decision I've ever made. But thats not to say it wasn't a rocky road! Lasek takes a while to recover from and I'm not sure I was fully prepared. I expected the few days of sore eyes and managed pretty well. But it took a good 6 weeks for my vision to settle down, I had varying degrees of double vision and my site was very poor in dimmer light, even normal artifical light. I did get quite disheartened at times but it gradually sorted itself out and now my vision is almost perfect. Considering I was minus 6 to start with, it was worth the wait! So if you've had lasek, or are about to have it, be patient and don't give up, it's a life changing procedure, go for it!

Cat - 13/05/2008 12:10

Hi - it will be 2 weeks on Thur since I've had wavefront lasek done,my sight is not so good. Its very blurry and fluctuating greatly - trying to work on my pc is noticably the worst. My surgeon says my eyes are very dry and the skin is still loose on them, I am really starting to panic that they are not going to get better, although my surgeon says its pretty normal what i'm experiencing and they will be ok - if anyone has had the same surgery as myself done can they tell me some more about the healing, how long did it take etc...When i put my artificial tear drops in, sometimes I can see very clearly for a few seconds?? Thanks Cat

johnmc - 13/05/2008 17:10

Cat, I'd say it was about a month before my sight got stable. It does take time. I'm about 6 weeks done now, and my sight is more-or-less perfect, though they do get tired and need drops during these sunny days. Keep using the drops, and dont panic!

Deirdre - 13/05/2008 21:33

Hi Cat, I was the same, I was told the eye drops make your vision clearer because when your eyes are dry the surface is uneven. Just keep using them as often as you can and things will get better, at 2 weeks I was finding the computer difficult too but 6 weeks on it was perfect. It took time, don't lose heart!

Cat - 14/05/2008 10:02

Deirdre & John, thank you sooo soooo much, you really dont know what both your messages meant to me this morning, I am so relieved about hearing this and have relaxed somewhat a little since reading both your replies. I think i am panicking because a friend of mine had the lasik done 18monts ago and is still having difficulty!! Even though both types are different I couldnt help but think it was going to happen to me too. Again a huge thank you to both, hope I'm as happy as you's for getting it done too. x Cat

johnmc - 14/05/2008 11:29

I think we all forget that this procedure is an invasive surgery which will take time to heal, like any surgery. You wouldnt expect to go running a marathon 2 weeks after getting a new hip. Maybe the eye clinics are a wee bit guilty of giving the impression that it will be all over-and-done in 48 hours, they wouldnt bring you back for a checkup in 1/3/6 months if this was the case. Its still a brilliant procedure though, even if it does take a month or 2 to settle down.

shaz - 14/05/2008 13:02

hi sand thanks for the message all went good anyway. eyes are a little sensitive but really happy with the result so far !!!!!!! congrats on being signed off !!!! i am happy i went ahead with it anyway.

Sand - 14/05/2008 14:42

Glad it all went well so far Shaz! It will feel odd for a few weeks I'd say, you wont know yourself soon when you realise how clearly you can see! Best of luck!

MARY(WTG71413) - 18/05/2008 22:54


Cat - 20/05/2008 11:23

I had my 2 week follow up today and the surgeon was not really pleased with my progress,he thought it would be much sharper than what it is, he said it was only 80% and it should really be 90-95% at this stage. he says they are v slow at healing. I think he said my prescription was -.75 at the min (it was-3.25 when i got it done)-as i said before its still v blurry and now i don't know what to think. i have to go back in 2 weeks again, he says it should be much shaper then - he hopes! I don't think this is v positive and am really scared now that they are not going to get any better - did anyone go through the same please? Thanks, Cat

Deirdre - 20/05/2008 17:09

Cat! Don't panic yet, your healing might be a bit slower then most, but give it another 3 or 4 weeks and you'll see improvement. Hang in there I know its really hard not to think about it, I spent about a month testing my vision, constantly looking at sign posts and closing one eye to see which one is better!! Hope you're not too stressed out, I really sympathise.

SJ - 20/05/2008 19:41

I'm due to have my surgery carried out in 2 days (Thursday!) and i am starting to think twice about it :( Don't get me wrong i'm really looking forward to a life without glasses but the thought of the actual surgery is terrifying me. Any comments would be greatly appreicated!!!

Cat - 21/05/2008 10:02

Thanks Deirdre, yeah I am kinda panicking, was v upset yesterday when left the clinic, cried the whole way to work, which probably didnt help my eyes.......have cheered up a bit today though, i just hope they come sharper and i can see the detail that I was used to, thanks again, Cat

Cat - 21/05/2008 10:35

SJ - the surgery itself is a doddle, really, your eyes will be anaesthetize so you wont feel anything, & because they will be numb you wont feel the need to blink - so dont worry either about the little clamps they use to hold your eyelids - it sounds much worse than it is, they are not uncomfortable and as I said because your eyes are numb they wont bother you at all. The only bit that I found a weird was watching them actually working on my eyeball - it only lasts a few seconds, but for this stage i would advise just a few calm deep breaths! Cat

Mrs. S. - 21/05/2008 12:10

My daughter had lasek 2 months ago, her vision was -3 prior to op. Its now -1.5 so not successful as she still has difficulty with road signs etc. Very anxious about follow-up surgery, anyone been in this situation and what was outcome?

Cat - 21/05/2008 16:29

I had mine done in Laservision - but my eyes seem to be healing v slowly, so its very frustrating and it can be quite disheartening.

ICD - 21/05/2008 16:41

Hello everyone, I had mine done in optilase 2 weeks ago and I'm delighted! It all went really well, I can see better than ever before with glasses or contacts and it's really been lifechangeing. Optilase were great, really caring and very professional and they have great after care.

Cat - 22/05/2008 11:48

hi SJ - yea i choose laservision cause the surgeon is based here and is not travelling to and from the uk & i had heard from people that had it done there that the aftercare was brillant. Have 2 agree with them and they have no hesitation if like mine your eyes are slow at healing at bringing you back v regularly until thy are happy with them. Good luck with yours - also little tip keep the tear drops in bed beside you and if you wake during the night try not open your eyes too quickly, done this one night after i had them done and almost pulled the eyeball out of my head, my eye had obviously dried during the night and was v sore - just keep them as moist as you can especially in the warm weather.

Jamesie04 - 26/05/2008 15:00

Hi, I'm having lasek surgery this Friday in Laservision. I have four days off work after it so am hoping that will be enough - I work with computers so it may take a while to get used to!!! Just wondering, from people's experience, how long did it take you to get back exercising after lasek? Obviously non contact sports such as jogging and light weights?

okikek - 26/05/2008 16:27

Hi All I am having lasik surgery this week - anyone got any info or tips for me on Lasik ? Cheers

Anonymous - 26/05/2008 16:52

i am getting laser eye surgery in july. I went for an assesment and was suitable. I chose my clinic over other clinics because it carries out more surgeries than any other clinic so obviously they are pretty good and they have very good surgeons. another reason was because my sister got it done there. i recommend to anyone to check out who the surgeons are. You can check their history.

johnmc - 27/05/2008 19:04

hi okikek. Go for it! its well worth it! But it does take time to get over it.

Anonymous - 28/05/2008 14:49

Hi Okekik. Had a very interesting case last week. An enhancement 6 years after original surgery. The corneal flap lifted as if the surgery was done the day before. Scary really to think that the flap never heals. However, with the Intralase (computer controlled laser to create flap) a new incision has to be made 3 months post op if needed. I know what surgery I would be going for. The blade is outdated in my opinion. My advise would be to spend the extra money to have intralase surgery. Good Luck

Sand - 28/05/2008 15:48

Anonymous, there may be new treatments coming in but lasik is still a very good option. I had it done myself and known many others that did, some as much as 10 years ago. The results are still fantastic and well worth it. To Okekik I would say relax and look forward to being able to see! Its nerve wracking but its all well explained and as long as you follow your after care instructions you should be fine. Dont let that story scare you off!

Anonymous - 28/05/2008 19:01

I agree. Lasik is a very good option. However Intralasik (lasik using intralase) is a better option. Imagine the blade cutting across the cornea. Usually at the centre it is roughly 140 microns thick. However in the periphery it can be anything up to 220 microns. This makes the cornea bio mechanically unstable. This is why it never really heals. The blade also induces more aberrations (imperfections) when cutting the cornea so a person with a -2 prescription could very well end up -2.25 thus the laser would under correct by .25 dioptres. The beauty of the intralase flap is that it is planar which means that it is the same thickness all over, making the customvue laser procedure more predictable. This is why we are getting better results now with the intralase than we ever did before with the blade. This was recently backed up by NASA. Intralase has now been approved to treat astronauts. Blade or Laser? Give me the laser

Sand - 29/05/2008 10:59

Had the intralase been an option where I was getting the surgery I probably would have chosen it as it is less invasive. But it wasnt and lasik gave me excellent results. My vision is perfect, far better than I or even the surgeon expected, and my eye has healed also. I know I am extremely lucky to have had no problems or complications but I doubt intralase could have given me better results all round than I already got through Lasik.

Elena - 29/05/2008 16:34

I don’t think the term ‘intralase’ is still used –they are now calling it ‘all laser-LASIK’. I agree with Sand, my two sisters have both had standard LASIK with no complications whatsoever. .However, the ‘blade free’ option is available at some of the clinics (Laservision, Mater, I think) and is of particular benefit to patients with steep, flat or thin corneas, some of whom are not eligible for LASIK surgery performed with a microkeratome. Best to ask your surgeon at suitability assessment to advise..

Anonymous - 30/05/2008 10:34

Elena, you can ask your surgeon all you like. If he doesn't have intralase he is not going to recommend it. Intralase is now the standard practice in the US.It is likely that Ireland will eventually follow. It is prohibitive to clinics because of the capital and running costs. I have 8 years experience in the laser theatre and the intralase has made the biggest difference in that time. We are now pretty much complication free. By the way neither of the 2 clinics you mentioned use all laser lasik.

Elena - 30/05/2008 11:38

Anon, sure a surgeon will hardly recommend all laser –lasik if the clinic does not offer it. However, I don’t think it is correct to say this is the only option, standard LASIK has worked for lots of people without complications. Most of the clinics have audit results and these can be checked. I’ve just looked at the two clinics’ websites: I can’t find the all –laser Lasik on the Mater website, but Laservision have it listed as an option on their procedures page. Blackrock clinic also list it.

Anonymous - 03/06/2008 09:53

Elena, I am not saying that Intralasik is the only option. I am saying that it is the safest and the best option. The question has to be asked. Is it ethical for a doctor to offer a sub-standard treatment based on price alone? Remember this is still medicine. I would be amazed to see audited results for any clinic in Ireland. I do not believe this is the case. This is still a completely unregulated industry. I heard recently where a doctor in Dublin bought a laser on e-bay. The website you are referring to is an American site. This does not represent any Irish clinics. A very useful website is On this website you can see if a surgeon is on the specialist register and if any restrictions apply. This information is available to the public

Cat - 03/06/2008 10:13

Hi I have just come back from my 3rd visit since surgery and thankfully my vision has improved a wee bit again, although there was a stigmatism on my right eye to begin with and this one seems to be a bit slower at healing - but they think that because my eyes are so so dry that this is causing the bluriness - it has been a month now since I've had it done, I am noticing little improvements each day - but anyone any suggestions for dry eyes. I am using tons of the artilec drops and am now starting on clarimist? thanks, Cat

Anonymous - 03/06/2008 11:44

Hi Cat, I was using the artelac also but at night you should try a more viscous eye drop/gel...for example, liposic, visidic, lacri lubre etc etc. I found these great and some can be used in the day if it doesn't make your vision too blurry as very greasy. hope this helps.

Anonymous - 03/06/2008 11:46

Hi Cat, restatis very expensive drops but best on the market.

Elena - 03/06/2008 13:03

Anon, I was referring to, an Irish clinic in Leeson street, Dublin 4, not an American website. I had noticed the Laservision clinic’s audits are available to download from the website.

Tony - 03/06/2008 13:10

Hi all, I've been wearing glasses / contacts for nearly 20 years. I also suffer from hayfever which at this time of the year makes my eyes quite sensitive. Last week while struggling with my contacts and streaming eyes I finally decided to take a serious look (excuse the pun!) at corrective surgery. From reading the previous posts it would appear that the IntraLase, to me at least, seems like a 'safer' option. Have many of you used this method? Is it more expensive than the others? Any feedback / experiences of one over the other would be very welcome. I am very much looking fwd to getting rid of the specs but like many people am nervous about the procedure as we only have one pair of eyes. I have booked an assessment for this Friday and will make a decision if I'm suitable. My prescription is -5.25 and I suffer from a slight dry eye condition when wearing contacts, especially in warm weather Thanks a lot T

Cat - 03/06/2008 13:56

thanks everyone for types of drops, i definately need a more viscous one, as i dont think the artelic are moisting my eyes enough, ta again, Cat

Nessie - 03/06/2008 16:38

Hi all, Great to see all these comments are still flowing about this subject. It's a good few months since I first left a comment here. Today, I finally took the plunge and booked an assessment at the Galway Clinic for next week. Any of ye attend there? I'm a little nervous and hope I will be deemed suitable for the procedure. I was advised by girl in clinic to do up some questions that i would like answered at the assessment - Is there anything in particular that I should ask do any of ye think?

johnmc - 03/06/2008 19:51

hi Nessie, My sister got hers done in Galway Clinic last November, she had no problems whatsoever - and had a fairly high script.

o'Donnel - 04/06/2008 14:17

Hi , i am having this surgery in Optilase this week end. For some reason i am not apprehensive. loads of my friends have had it done in Optilase so i am confident. I am getting the wavefronk ik surgery. Will tell how i get on

Nessie - 04/06/2008 18:50

Thanks johnMc - what exactly was your sister's script, if you don't mind me asking. I'm -4.25 on both eyes....

shaz - 04/06/2008 22:21

Hi tony i had the wavefront intralase done almost three weeks ago. the surgery itself was fine and very quick how ever i was very nervous beforehand it is only natural to feel that way but i have to say i was made feel at ease by both the staff and surgeon.I had mine done at optical express in newbridge and i am sure the staff are the same no matter where you get it done. My prescription was -1.75 in both eyes and i now have 20 20 vision i am not suffering with dry eye at all but i never did beforehand. The price of mine was 3700, i did get a cheaper option that was witout intralase but i chose the more expensive because at the end of the day we all only have one pair.

shaz - 04/06/2008 22:24

hi o donnell best of look with the surgery i had wavefront lasik done three weeks ago in optical express and i am very happy with the outcome good luck!!!!!!

okikek - 05/06/2008 09:27

Hi Odonnel I got mine done last week at The national eye centre, it was also a wavefront Lasik treatment, the best thing i have ever done ! Enjoy it

Tony - 05/06/2008 14:35

Shaz, Thanks for the feedback. Funny, my appt is in Optical Express, Newbridge for tomorrow. How was the aftercare? Guess I'm just showing my nervousness, but I have a list of questions to ask them. Just hope I get the nod as being suitable. Were you in discomfort for long after the procedure, how soon were you back driving / at work? thanks again for the info T

pat(GOC70936) - 06/06/2008 09:41

I have my surgery 10 days after. not a bit apprehensive after meeting the surgeon at a new clinic in Fitzwilliam place.

Ann(SBS69382) - 06/06/2008 12:14

Tony u must be so excited about your appointment today. Eye surgery is definately the way to go, I got mine done in Eye Laser Ireland, Dublin and have never been so happy, it's truly life changing. one thing I advise you to ask about is the aftercare however, not to frighten you but I was listening to Spin talk on Spin FM just the other day and heard some awful horror storys of customers who had effective surgery with Optilase but whos aftercare was atrocious. Make sure they only offer you the best you don't want to come in the following day and have a problem and for your surgeon to be out of the country, as apparently the majority of surgeons fly in at the wknd, do 20 procedures and don't come back for a week. Meanwhile you get an optician's feedback and not the surgeons. Good luck!

okikek - 06/06/2008 13:19

Ann I got surgery in The National Eye centre 3 weeks ago they offer 24/7 aftercare with emergency telephone no etc , it is important yes but like you i have heard some horror stories - but people ie irish surgeons who are very few are banging on about surgeons flying in and out this all boils down to money and profit for them not necessarily the patients . Anybody i have encountered in the eyecare profession whether they be a surgeon or an optician are well able to diagnose or treat any issues or problems that may arise after laser eye surgery

shaz - 08/06/2008 23:25

hi tony hope you got on ok at your appointment !!!!! to answer your questions i didnt feel a lot of discomfort after the procedure just a little for the first 24 hrs as they tell you. I didnt drive for about four days after as i was a bit nervous to even though my vision was quite good i waited anyway. Although the recommendation is that you will be ok to go back to work in two days i myself do feel that at least a week is necessary so i waited till i had my weekly check up and then went back to work . Although i did not have much discomfort after the op i had light sensitivity for almost the whole week i think the fact that we had so much sun that week might not have helped me but once you wear sunglasses you will be fine. good luck anyway if you are going ahead with it !

shaz - 08/06/2008 23:34

hi again tony forgot to mention the aftercare !!!! I was treated very well in my aftercare both the 24 hr post op and the weekly post op but i will tell you it was not the surgeon that saw me. That was fine with me but i didnt have any complications however i had just presumed that the surgeon would be there for the 24hr post op.

Anonymous - 09/06/2008 14:08

Hi Shaz, €3,700 at optical express. What happened to €595 per eye?

Anonymous - 09/06/2008 14:32

Shaz. No surgeon for 24 hour post op. This is criminal. It is not uncommon for debris or ephithalium ingrowths 24 hours post op. We refloat flaps 24 hours postop frequently. DLK is also another common problem 24 hours post op. If this is not treated at this crucial stage, the adverse results can have a lasting effect. Lets be fair. With the technology now so advanced a 12 year old with play station experience could do the procedure. The vital input from the surgeon is pre and post op. If you are considering surgery it is vital your surgeon has an input pre and post. Also a lot of these surgeons flying into Ireland are unemployed in their native countries. Surely the clinic could pay for the surgeon to stay at a hotel. After all €3,700 is a lot of money to pay if the surgeon is not around for follow up. By the way these surgeons get less than €50 per case. Regulation is well overdue. This procedure is now being sold as a commodity. If you are not suitable and proceed the long term effects can be catastrophic

okikek - 09/06/2008 14:52

i have heard some horror stories - but people ie irish surgeons who are very few are banging on about surgeons flying in and out this all boils down to money and profit for them not necessarily the patients. Anybody i have encountered in the eyecare profession whether they be a surgeon or an optician are well able to diagnose or treat any issues or problems that may arise after laser eye surgery

shaz - 09/06/2008 22:33

Hi anonymous, agree with you on the 24 hr post op, i believe the surgeon and the team were doing procedures in dublin the day following my procedure in newbridge. That is the only thing i could fault them for everything else i was more than happy with. The price with optical express starts from 595 per eye however everyone varys and not everyones eyes would qualify for this price. I could have had mine done for 2800 but i chose to have the intralase too. i did get 150 euro off for travel expenses so it ended up being 3550. all in all i am very happy with the result and glad i went ahead with it !!

Tony - 10/06/2008 07:51

Hi Shaz, Anonymous, thanks for the input. At my assessment on Friday last I asked about the 'surgeon flying in / flying out' scenario. I felt this is not acceptable, and I was assured that the surgeons are based between the Dublin and Kildare offices of this particular provider. However, Shaz I was also not aware that the surgeon is not present at the post op stage. The optometrist I saw for the assessment seemed very capable and well able to answer my questions, assuring me that any problem would be dealt with promptly. Not working in the field there are obviously potential problems that I would be unaware of, in view of the above am I being naive in trusting this provider??

Anthony - 10/06/2008 12:12

Hi everybody, I plan to go ahead with a wavefront lasik operation, with a certain clinic that I can't name here. Could anyone give me any feedback about the surgeon in this clinic? In addition, does anyone have already any kind of complication, or any disapointment with this clinic? My email is Thanks in advance.

Tanners - 12/06/2008 13:16

I have to agree that intralase is definitely the safer option and i had intralase wavefront done two months ago with a prescription of -4.25 in both eyes which have now been corrected to 6/5+ which is better than 20/20. its the best money ive ever spent!! so anyone considering laser eye surgery should definitely go with wavefront intralase because you cant afford to take risks with your eyes and the risks are dramatically reduced with this type of procedure.

shaz - 12/06/2008 19:43

Hi tony i do understand why you feel a bit apprehensive about the whole situation , all i can say to you is that at the post op check up the optometrist was very capable of answering anything i asked and i had no doubt that he knew exactly what to look for while checking my eyes, he also made sure i was using my drops properly and told me all about the aftercare again. I am sure almost any optometrist would be able to detect problems and deal with them promptly and efficiently. although it is what ever your comfortable with. If you do decide to go for it i wish you all the best!!

Elena - 13/06/2008 10:29

Tanners, Just because a femtosecond laser LASIK procedure (Intralase) is more expensive does not make it better. Indeed recent research by Dr. Stephen E. Pascucci (I’ve been googling!) suggests that LASEK is safer and better than LASIK (Intralase or microkeratome). The benefits of different technologies differ with different categories of patients which is what the consultation/assessment is all about. The surgeon advises the best treatment that suits the individual patient.

Ann(SBS69382) - 13/06/2008 14:56

Hi Tony, Personally I do not think you are being naive, for eye laser surgery in Ireland has not been regulated and thus any surgery which has gone disastrously, or even anyone who has experienced unncesseary discomfort, do not get to put their case into writing! none of us know the statistics as the government have given us nothing to work with. I think you just need to expand your search and go for the best, defintely not the cheapest. The Irish Daily Mail featured a half page article only this morning, which is well worth a read. I wouldn't go with anywhere less than Eye Laser Ireland after talking with the surgeons there, but everyone feels differently. Good luck

okikek - 13/06/2008 15:53

Ann I do truely believe you are reading from the same hymn sheet as the surgeon quoted in the daily mail this morning .The surgeon in question was also on radio yeaterday - again what it boils down to is PROFIT at least twice he has mentioned there are 20 clinics now in Ireland and only 8000 procedures being done in Ireland last year !The same surgeon also launched an attack on a fellow surgeon in the daily mail last year - how professional was that ? why do that ? because it simply boils down to money , NO where in Ireland is a technician doing the surgery - it is a load contrived, jealousy that is being talked about , the same surgeon also mentioned advertising leading the way for the downfall of laser - the clinic you mentioned advertise heavily and frequently !!!!!!!

Anonymous - 13/06/2008 19:57

So much for an impartial consumer led forum, it is blatently obvious that this forum is saturated with employees/representatives from laser clinics who are taking cheap shots each other and playing upon peoples genuine questions and concerns to promote their clinics!! Do yourself a favour, do your research, obtain a number of opinions by visiting different clinics/surgeons and make your decision based upon your own opinion, which clinic or surgeon you feel provides you with the best level of clinical care throughout your laser journey!

Song - 14/06/2008 09:54

Hi Everyone, Does anyone here has similiar experience like me?One eye clinic asked me to wear 6mths of glasses before they offer the surgery. The main reason is I have astigmatism, but I didn't correct it by the glasses I wear. My current glasses are only for short sighted correction. Another clinic said that is it not true I can have it now. They insist i can book the surgery at once. Really confused by their feedbacks, any advice from you will be highly appreciated! Thanks, Song

Tanners - 15/06/2008 14:48

Look Elena, I am merely casting my opinion on my experience of laser eye surgery and MY research on the subject and i don't remember asking for your opinion so back off please and go hinder someone else thank you!! If anyone else has any questions on the surgery, don't hesistate to ask.

Tanners - 16/06/2008 13:17

well said anonymous!!!:D

Elena - 23/06/2008 16:34

Anonymous has already stated he is a laser technician with a clinic offering Intralase and that nobody should consider any other treatment / clinic who do not offer this. The suggestion that comments should be impartial is a bit rich coming from him. Of course this may be a different anonymous contributor!

Anonymous - 24/06/2008 17:19

Hi Elena, firstly he is a she. I never suggested that I was a laser technician. I merely stated that Intralase was a much safer option. You are however right about one thing. That was a different anonymous contributor. From now on my impartial comments will be under the name KK to avoid unneccessary confusion. Thank you.

Papa - 25/06/2008 10:51

I was thinking of getting it done but was a bit worried about the risks. The thoughts of dry eye, or your vision getting worse was putting me off. I now use contact lenses that you can wear 24 hours a day for a month. These are a great compromise and now I wouldn't bother with the surgery. Obviously not as good as perfect vision, but you can go off on holidays without any problems

Elena - 25/06/2008 15:37

Sorry KK, when you mentioned you had ‘8 years experience in a laser theatre’ I assumed you were a laser technician. Maybe you are an Intralase sales rep:-)

Leon - 01/07/2008 12:09

Hi Guys, Had wavefront Lasik in November 2006 and vision has honestly never been same since, lots of protracted side effects, crappy dulled vision for months & months and many many regrets. This surgery is a huge risk to take, dont gamble with your vision- it's just so not worth it.....& learn from the mistakes of others please.....don't dismiss our advice lightly. Leon

Cat - 01/07/2008 12:58

Hi Everyone, I totally agree with Leon, think long and hard before going ahead with any procedure on your eyes. I had wavefront lasek at beginning of May, up until 2 weeks ago my sight still wasnt great, it took weeks and weeks for it to settle, and at times i was convinced it was never going to get better, i couldnt see properly for ages,infact it was so bad that i couldnt even see the bus numbers until it was almost in my face. i only had a -3.75 perscription, so it wasnt even that bad - Thankfully after my 3rd follow up this morning, its perfect, infact its better than 20/20 - HOWEVER, if i had the chance to do it all again, i dont think i would, nor would i recommend the procedure to anyone, because those weeks that you cant see is extremely traumatic. Everyone is different and everyone's healing time is different and those people that have perfect sight immediately, well my question to them is, what exactly is their defination of perfect and what standard of vision is perfect to them? Its your eyes and unless you completely hate the though of wearing glasses again or are as blind as a bat, then i wouldnt be rushing into it. Cat

Leon - 03/07/2008 15:18

Hi Cat, Fair play for your honesty on all this too, there is not enough Caution injected into the debate on Refractive Surgery, intead (& alas) the debate focuses on Clinics, costs and Tax rebates...none of this stuff matters when you vision is damaged through your own actions. Stick with specs.

SH - 18/07/2008 09:26

Hi, ive been to Optical Express in Newbridge for my Consultation. They say im suitable for Lasik Intralase Wavefront. 2 comments they made were that my eyes are 'a little dry' & my 'pupils quite big'.Since then ive read online that these 2 things could possibly be a problem afterwards.My brother had Lasek there over a month ago & he's fine. But i keep changing my mind every hour on this! im now so scared of ruining my vision/ eye health that im thinking its not worth the risk. im going back in to speak to them, but have feeling they'll just wash overt all my worries. Anyone any suggestions on what else i need to be asking / researching? thanks

Sand - 18/07/2008 10:59

Hi SH. I had Lasik Wavefront over a year ago now and I was also told at the time that I had a little dry eye and very large pupils which could lead to a bit of starburst effect at night after the surgery. I went ahead with it anyway after alot of thinking! Im glad to say mine was a complete success. The dry eye that followed cleared up within about 3 weeks with the use of the drops I was given and the starburst effect wasnt too bad though it took a few months to go. I still have it a little but not very noticeable now. Just do what feels right in the end, you could always try a consultation in a few other places and get a feel for them. Only go for a place where you are fully comfortable. Good Luck!

SH - 18/07/2008 14:26

Hi Sand, thanks.i suppose theres good & bad stories out there. i just dont want to be one of the unlucky ones!

Cat - 18/07/2008 15:34

Hi SH - I was told that I was not suitable for the lasIK because my eyes were quite dry therefore would be even dryer afterwards - this is why the surgeon opted for the lasEk instead.....

greengirl - 21/07/2008 21:20

Hi there, had the surgery almost 3 weeks ago. My right eye is fine and I can see pretty well but at my check-up on friday I was told that my left eye was exactly the same as before I had the surgery! I am now in the no man's land of waiting to see whether my left eye will improve or as suggested by the optomotrist that I may have to have that eye re-done..

SH - 22/07/2008 10:48

Hi Greengirl- what procedure did u have ? wavefront? intralase?

Anonymous - 24/07/2008 23:20

Hi Everyone, Firstly I dont work for any laser eye company. Now, my wife had surgery done last September and her vision has gotten worse since. She has been fobbed off with feeble excuses every time we have gone back up, which is usually once a month. She had a second blast of surgery to help her because the sun was making her squint badly, and now that too is so bad that she has to nearly permanently wear sunglasses. We were so upset we went for a second opinion, and we were told that basically the company had not used the more up to date equipment, and she was left with "central islands" in her eyes, and he had not saw this condition for about 12 years as it doesn't happen with the latest equipment. When we asked if anything could be done, he said "no". "But it might and might not heal itself." So she is left half blind and cannot stand the sunlight. My advice is if you really want it done, go to somewhere like the Mater Private, and not these private companies.

George(PQP68701) - 25/07/2008 16:07

Firstly i hope you wife gets better. But i disagree with your comment on the private clinics. I had my surgery in Optilase which uses the most up to date equipment.So you cannot just say a comment like that because it isnt true, there also other private companies that use the latest technolgy. if i was recommending anything about laser eye surgery, i would recommend to do research on the surgeon.

S - 25/07/2008 16:26

Hi all, I've just booked in to get LASEK done next week in Mater Private. Has anybody any advice for me? I do have dry eyes which is why I chose EK over IK. I find it difficult to wear contacts for a prolonged period. Is there anybody in the same position who wouldn't mind putting my mind at ease, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks

Leon - 25/07/2008 17:01

Even one person having an bad outcome is too many; there are no proper standards and there is no plan B if things go wrong; this is scary in 2008, hence the more logical conclusion is to avoid the risk and stick with your glasses. Turst me, you'll wish you didn't risk it if it goes wrong or if you experience prolonged side affects- it's turns your life upside down. This is an elective procedure, do yourself a favour & elect to stay well clear....Leon

william(williamfoley) - 25/07/2008 19:47

To George, Firstly, I would like to thank you sincerely for you kind wishes for my wife's sight, but, I have only written what an "expert" in eye laser surgery told us. Therefore I feel I can say that the equipment was not up to date, because we were told that the expert had not seen "Central Islands" for 10 or 12 years as they dont usually occur with today's equipment. Perhaps I am drawing the wrong conclusion from what we were told, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that my wife's vision is now seriously impaired since our date with laser surgery. And I did research the surgeon beforehand and found his credentials to be fine.

Elaine(LPZ73279) - 29/07/2008 11:49

I had LASEK done two weeks ago. The op itself wasn't sore at all, and only lasted about a minute per eye. You just have to try to not think too much about what is happening! I didn't think the pain was too bad at all. Didn't need any pain killers, just used the pain eye drops they gave me every so often. Had to wear sunglasses most of the first week & eyes were very watery. But the second week, once the contact lenses were taken out, I had no problem with bright light or pain. Eyes still not 20/20 but getting better each day.

Anonymous - 29/07/2008 14:03

William, I feel terrible for your wife and the situation she is now left with but I have to agree with George. It isnt fair to say avoid private clinics altogether. I used one myself and found them to be excellent. Perhaps some clinics need to be more up to date but it isnt fair to say all of them do! And Leon, while I respect your point, there is no need to keep repeating it! As you state, its an elective procedure so if some elect to go for it, then its their choice. Some may not end up with the result they want but many do, me and others I know included. Rather than recommend to stay clear of it, I recommend you do your research well and make your own choices!

Anonymous - 29/07/2008 16:40

hi anne, i had surgery with optilase and found their aftercare service amazing. I would definitely recommend optilase to any one. Best decison i have ever made

okikek - 30/07/2008 08:52

Hi All I had laser surgery and the results were super, the aftercare was excellent and the staff extremely professional.

S - 31/07/2008 09:17

Hi Elaine, Thanks for you comments re LASEK, I'm getting one eye done at a time so I'm expecting at least a month to six weeks of healing time. Did you have dry eyes and have problems wearing contacts before you got the operation?

greengirl - 04/08/2008 19:53

I had wavefront surgery. The eye is still the same. I need to arrange another appointment to check whether there is any improvement but there certainly doesn't seem to be any.

Mand - 05/08/2008 23:29

Hi Guys, I am booked for intralase Lasik at the end of August in Newbridge, anything that you think I need to know, am planning staying over night in hotel in Newbridge and driving myself the next day or am I being a bit optimistic? Script is only - 2 both eyes, dont have any problems with dry eyes or what not at the minute, is there any one in the same boat?

Marti - 06/08/2008 11:12

Mand, I had Lasik in Belfast (about 4 years ago now) and I drove home to Dublin the next day - I was -3.5 and - 4.25. You should check with the clinic but you will probably be able to drive. You should definitely have a really good pair of sunglasses (wrap-arounds if possible) as any little bit of glare can be difficult to deal with. Give yourself enough time for frequent stops (every 30 minutes or so) and rest your eyes, put in lubricating drops, etc. Even so, you should have a backup plan in case your vision isn't adequate to drive - can you stay an extra night if necessary? Can someone pick you up?

Mand - 06/08/2008 21:02

Thanks Marti, was just worried that I was really out on my estimation of driving back. I have a back up plan. I have someone coming up to meet me in the evening of the op and they will drive my car back the following day. Do you have any problems with your eyes since, been reading the postings and some of them are a bit daunting but my understanding is that they are people that have had EK not IK.

Tim - 07/08/2008 15:14

There is a huge amount of information on this page. Many thanks to all of the people who have contributed. I myself am considering going for Lasik/Lasek sometime in the near future. In fact I have my first consultation on Saturday. I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 and am now over 30. My prescription is -9.5 & -10 and has been pretty stable (-1 change) for the last 10 years. Anything I should know about? I'm intrigued by Intralase but it's not offered by the clinic that is currently my first choice, so will have to see what they say. I might consider talking to someone else as well. It sounds like getting several opinions is highly recommended. Anyway, I will post up my experiences on this page to help others as well. Fingers crossed. Definitely a step not to take lightly.

Anonymous - 07/08/2008 18:42

hey tim , you should check out optilase. i recently had it done there. i got the ik wavefront. The day after the surgery my sight was perfect.

S - 14/08/2008 09:50

Hi All, I went for LASEK surgery last week and I must say it is much better than I thought it would be. The surgery itself wasn't too painful. It was a bit painful for the first few days but it isn't painful or dry at all now. It is still quite difficult to see out of the eye and because I only got one eye done it is difficult to focus at the minute. I am getting the second eye done next week so it should be a lot better then. In terms of advice Tim, I would suggest going to a few places before you make your decision. I went to 4 clinics in total before I finally decided on a clinic. I got conflicting prescriptions from different clinics, and was told I was suitable for different types (IK and EK). A lot of clinics offer free consultations so there is no harm in spending the time to go to a few of them to make sure you are happy with the clinic you decide on.

Dee - 14/08/2008 15:17

Best Of Luck with the surgery Tim!- Where are you going? I log on here every now&again to hear the stories- I had Ik wavefront in Optilase a few months ago and it was the best thing I have ever done. I know the nerves are there but in hindsight its easier than a visit to the dentist :)

Leon - 14/08/2008 16:45

Hi "anonymous", I take your point about me repeating my advice to others- but that's the whole point in a way; I've lived with the recovery of a bad laser experience and fought the side effects for far too long to ever recommend it, and have not altered my opinion throughout; I'll continue to post up my experiences and warn others lest they should make the same mistaken assumptions that bad Laser Surgery experiences are from years and years ago, they are not. Leon

Marti - 15/08/2008 10:25

Hi Mand, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I've had no problems with my eyes at all. They do take a few week - even a few months - to settle down and sometimes it can feel that they'll never feel right, but you get there. I also think it takes a bit of time to get used to a different quality of vision than with glasses. Also I was completely paranoid about following instructions before and after the surgery - I practically had an alarm clock for my drops and wore the goggles the clinic gave me at night for the full 2 weeks. My clinic also told me not to wear eye makeup for at least a week before and to clean my eyelids/eyelashes in a very mild solution of boiled water and baby shampoo to get rid of any makeup or other residue and I didn't wear makeup until my eyes felt completely normal. Good luck with the Lasik!

Mand - 03/09/2008 19:41

Hi Marti, I've had the surgery and I must say am delighted with the result, have had no problems whatsoever so far, only day 3 but have had no discomfort with my eyes, they havent even been dry or gritted like they said I could expect ,had a bit of head ache using the computer at work first day as use them all day and doing accounts but just opted to wear sunglass in the office and that solved the problems, same as you am staying well away from the make up and have been wearing my rather attractive goggles, thanks a mill for all the info was a great help.

Nessie - 05/09/2008 20:37

Hi everyone, I has Lasik done in the Galway Clinic in July. Have to say I'm absolutely thrilled with the results, wish I had done it years ago! Had no pain or discomfort afterwards and my vision was almost perfect that night. Through the little holes in my goggles I could actually see Fr Ted on the bedroom tv!! To everyone out there considering it, I would totally recommend it - Good Luck!

Dellers - 08/09/2008 11:55

Hi guys I had both eyes done over a year ago & still don't have 20/20 vision, my consultant wants to redo both eyes which I'm a bit apprehensive about. Anyone have a similar experience? Thanks.

Tony - 08/09/2008 14:15

Hi again. I had my surgery in late June in Optical Express, Newbridge and am very happy with the results. I opted for the Wavefront w/Intralase option. I would like to thank everybody here for their many contributions which helped me make my decision. I was wearing glasses for over 25 years and the prescription was -5.25 in each eye. My vision is now excellent. I did have some dry eye in the early days and still to a slight degree, but that's improving every week. I also understand that I was one of the lucky people and an ideal candidate and that there are others who are not so lucky. On balance I would recommend you to really make sure and do your homework and that you are happy to undertake the procedure. Do not simply dive in to this without taking assessing the pro's and con's prior to your treatment. Best of luck to anybody considering the surgery-for me at least it has worked out very well!

p - 11/09/2008 12:55

Hi I had wavefront laser eye surgery in Dec 07 and had to get an enhancement in both eyes in June 08 .Thankfully it was a success and i have better the 20/20 vision . I suffered very little from dry eyes and was thinking about not using the Blink dry eye solution anymore but for the last week my eyes seem to have become very dry and sore, Has this happened to anyone or has anybody any advise to offer ? Cheers

mootie - 18/09/2008 10:23

Hi everyone. I recently had a consultation for laser eye surgery but due to my high prescription (-10 & -10.5) I was unsuitable. They recommeded I have intraocular lens surgery. Has anyone had this done,or have any info to pass on about this?

Tim - 18/09/2008 14:56

(Mootie) Hi, I wrote a few weeks ago and have been very bad in not replying to everyone. Thank you those replies. My prescription is strong, -9.5 & -10 (plus -1.5, -1 astigmatism), thus equalling about -11 (in terms of what the laser will have to do). The initial place I visited (Wellington) were happy to go ahead with the procedure. I also went to Optilase (since somone in work had gone to them) but they wouldn't accept me. I believe this is due to my high prescription. Some clinics may only go for lower risk cases. This is only my feeling. In my case, I have researched the surgeons involved and the reports have been favourable. I do know the risks and while some people suggest leaving alone what is not broken, I am happy to go ahead with the procedure. The long terms risks are still somewhat unknown but we can only hope. Next Thursday! One week! It has also been explained to me about the Phaik lens implants. These were my 3rd option after Lasik and Lasek. One advantage is that this is fully (as your cornea is being lasered) and can be used for people with higher then -14 prescriptions but the procedure is more complicated and would be carried out in a full operating theatre. Carry out all your own research. The surgeon's skill is very important in my opinion. For example, Wavefront will not be used for my initial operation because they have found better results without for higher prescriptions (I believe the act of Wavefront analysis burns away more of the cornea then without). It may be used if a touch-up is needed. Will keep everyone updated of my progress. Especially for people with high prescriptions who may be interested. Still, we are all individuals and each case has to be treated that way. Tim

Anonymous - 19/09/2008 16:46

Hi all, i got wavefront ik surgey in Optilase. The operation was painless. I was in and out of optilase in 1 hour. The following day my vision was a bit blurry but the following day my vision was perfect. I found the staff at Optilase very professional and i would recommend them to anyone.

Leon - 19/09/2008 17:07

Prospective candidates for eye surgery need to think long and very very hard about how their vision/lifestyles etc will be affected should the outcome be unexpected. The snellens scale (eye-chart) is only one measure of eye-sight. All our personal standards of "good"vision are not the same; one person's "fine" is another persons "problem". The "quality" of vision is so important, and this IS affected by the Laser. I am almost 2 years post-lasers now and although things improve slowly they have still not returned to "normal" for me, maybe another year or so...? Who know's? It's your own personal stanard involved... Leon

Cat - 19/09/2008 17:22

Well said Leon. Tim - I would be extremely concerned if one place did not accept you and then others did - to me this would be a big red warning sign!!! If you were suitable for surgery why did they not accept you?? Is this not telling you something? I would definately recommend that you think long and hard about this procedure before going ahead with it and discuss why you were not suitable with one clinic and are with another. Luckily my surgery turned out ok, but again it took 6 long emotional weeks before i could even see the bus numbers in front of me - if i had the chance again, i would rather wear glasses than put myself through those 6 weeks of pure torture. Cat

okikek - 21/09/2008 09:00

hi all I had laser eye surgery at The National Eye Centre it was exactly as it was explained to me ,the next day my vision was v good and got better and better. A clinical professional staff made it easier

campbellini - 22/09/2008 16:07

I'm booked for Lasek surgery on October 3rd and I'm freaking out a little about the actual procedure. There's an option to take valium - does this really calm you down ? I have an image of my head being in a vice and wanting to run away ! Please don't tell me not to do the surgery I can't wear glasses/contact lenses anymore - just want to know more about what its actually like

phillip(MXS31538) - 22/09/2008 22:16

hey dont be worrying about the procedure. honestly, it is very quick and painless procedure. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me . I got mine done in Optilase a while ago. What procedure are you getting done?

campbellini - 23/09/2008 09:49

Thanks Phillip, I had a chat with two people who said it sounds worse than it is, so thats good to hear. I'm getting Lasik plus wavefront in Orbit eye clinic.

Elena - 23/09/2008 12:22

Campbellini I came across a detailed account of the procedure on the laservision website. It is under the case study section –no, it’s not gruesome at all! The girl said it was all over in seconds. She also mentioned your fear of being caught in a vice but she said the valium worked magic!

thelad - 23/09/2008 16:55

I had Lasik done in one eye in 98 at the Mater Clinic. Was -5.Surgery went well and had 20/20 vision after the operation. After about 5 years I started to suffer night time glare which progressively got worse. I contacted the clinic which informed me that this was highly unusual.This problem normally occurs directly after the surgery. He prformed another operation free of charge on the eye which was the Lasek procedure and this made a huge improvement. My vision never disimproved over the years but it pays to spend the extra money to get peace of mind just in case something does wrong.In my case the Mater clinic was top class.I was able to get a problem sorted after 6 years.

Chalkie - 24/09/2008 10:14

Hi Phillip, I am interested in getting laser eye surgery in Optilase? I am meeting the surgeon next week for a pre op. What surgery did you get done in Optilase? Thanks

campbellini - 24/09/2008 16:28

Elena, Thanks a million - read that article, it sounds like the clamp is the worst bit, wish I was at the other side of it but feeling a bit more courageous, half blind but courageous :)

Mand - 24/09/2008 22:21

Hi Cambelini, I am 4 weeks post surgery and like you was a bit nervous about the clamp thing, and I worried about nothing, it was a little uncomfortable but no way painful, more pain in going to the dentist. My only regret is that I left it so long, have better than 20/20 vision now and I had that from the next day, no regrets...... and don't panic, the whole procedure took around 30 secs max per eye!!!

phillip(MXS31538) - 24/09/2008 22:30

hey Chalkie, I got the wavefront ik surgery done.I am not too sure if you know but if you are a member of a health insurance you get a 1000 euro for Optilase. Its well worth it.

Mar Mar - 27/09/2008 03:06

Hi all. I was wondering if any advances have been made regarding stigmatisms ? I went to a clinic about 2 years ago and they could not preform the surgery because they said that the distance between the front of my eyeball and the back was too short. They could not take the chance on it. I was very disappointed. Are there any developments in this area yet?

campbellini - 29/09/2008 10:56

Hi Mar Mar, I'm getting an astigma corrected in my right eye with Bi-Lasik plus wavefront on Friday. It might be worth going back for another consult or even phoning up about it. My sis can't get laser surgery done with Orbit cos she's got bi-focal eyesight - anyone know of another clinic that might treat people with bi-focal ?

Elena - 29/09/2008 11:26

Mar Mar Not sure where you got that information. Laser eye surgery is used to correct astigmatism – the laser beam modifies the corneal shape in different regions. Best to get a consultation and ask for advice in one of the clinics that offer treatments for all eye conditions. They will then have the full picture and expertise to help you decide on best option.

Marti - 29/09/2008 12:45

Mar Mar, could it be that the thickness of your cornea that is "too short" i.e. too thin rather than the distance from the front to the back of your eyeball? This is one of the contraindications for laser surgery.

Tim - 29/09/2008 14:47

Hi all, I had LASIK done last Thursday at the Wellington. I was about -10 in both eyes with slight astigmatism (-1). I would be at the high end of what can be treated (max ~ 12, though people with -14 have been done before). So far so good. I could see the clock on the wall right after surgery and identify the figures but they were blurry. The next day my vision was much clearer and I was happy to look around. Currently, I'm very happy with the procedure. My eyes are comfortable and my sight is no worse then it was when wearing glasses. Better? It's hard to say. I think a few weeks more is needed but I'm 20/20 at least! I have been driving over the weekend and can read road signs clearly now (they were a little blurry on the first day, after a short drive). I drove at night yesterday and that was an experience. Definite halos but something I could handle when taking it easy. These should settle in the next few weeks. I was very happy with this clinic. I noticed some people getting check-ups after cataract surgery and this is somewhat reassuring about the level of professionalism the surgeons have. Technically speaking, I underwent Waveform optimised. The doctor perfered not to use Custom for my level of short-sightness, as he has found better results without. If an enhacement is needed (fingers crossed it won't as long as the eyes stay as they are) then custom can be used to fine tune the procedure. Leon & Cat: Thank you both for your comments. I went into the procedure knowing what could possibly happen. The decision to under-go surgery must be made knowing the risks and I was / am ready to accept complications if they arise. So far I have been lucky. Also, to note, if you have had a bad experience, it could be an idea to get a second opinion. You never know what the outcome could be. Just my tupence worth. I have no knowledge of refractive surgery apart from personal experience and reading articles & news groups on the Internet. In other words, just an average Joe and not an expert in any way.

Cat - 29/09/2008 16:33

Hi Tim, glad to hear that all went ok for you. And as time goes on you should notice little improvements every day. Fortunately for myself i didnt have any halos at all so I cant advise on them. Regards Cat

campbellini - 02/10/2008 15:26

Tim how's the sight two weeks later ? I'm getting mine done tomorrow - excited and nervous !!

Tim - 02/10/2008 18:26

Well, only one week down so far. Still pretty happy with it. Eyes are comfortable. The actual vision seems slightly more blurred over the last two days but I think this comes under the heading of "fluctuations" and also I've been working this week at the PC again. The sight is still perfectly acceptable, it could actually be my expectations getting higher! ;-) Good luck with the operation. Remember to take it nice and easy for the first few days.

campbellini - 06/10/2008 10:36

Got the job done on Friday - couldn't believe how simple it was, totally painless and just like watching a really cool light show. Great to get rid of the glasses and lenses - vision is blurry for reading and using my phone but hopefully that will ease. Sitting at work with shades on at the PC - look like a plonker but its more comfortable for now, so what the hell ! Thanks so much Tim, Mand, Elena & Phillip - you stopped me freaking over the 'procedure' - even the term surgery and procedure goes no where to describe it - it was actually pretty cool, the worst part was dreading it beforehand - all for nothing.

campbellini - 08/10/2008 10:05

I am wondering if anyone has experienced my post op problem. I'm 5 days post op and my right eye is perfect other than a little blurry from time to time, my left eye can't seem to be able to focus. This makes using PC and reading very difficult and is causing some awful headaches. Does anyone know if this is normal ?

Tim - 08/10/2008 11:06

Hi Campbellini, If you are experiencing any issues, it's best to contact your surgeon to check everything is okay. Nearly 2 weeks down for me and so far so good. The halos are greatly reduced at night time and the vision doesn't seem as blurry in the evenings as last week. All I can say is to maybe try and take more breaks away from the PC during the day and in the evenings try to rest the eyes for the first week. I found watching TV last week a bit of a strain. Not too bad now. Good luck! Tim

campbellini - 09/10/2008 11:51

Thanks Tim, Met the surgeon yesterday, he said the next 3 weeks should make all the difference. Apparently the muscles in my eye are getting used to being able to 'see' and I have noticed it because I was so short sighted. Funny though cos u were worse than me. I've to continue the drops & go back for a follow up in 4 weeks - good after care with Orbit I must say. Feel a bit better about it - will update then to see if it has improved thanks again

Lucy - 15/10/2008 21:39

Hi. Just logged onto this site, I am getting Intralase Lasik with Wavefront on Friday 17th October in Optical Express, Newbridge, was fine the last few weeks about it but now I am dreading it.

campbellini - 17/10/2008 11:24

Hi Lucy, I was terrified & there was absolutely no need to be. All you have to do is look at a light, you don't 'see' anything gross or weird - just this light and they give you valium which really relaxes you. The worst part of it all is how you are feeling right now and its all for nothing, I got rescue remedy to help the nerves coming up to it, but trust me, you don't feel a thing - actually it was a bit of an anti climax because it was so simple and so fast !

Lucy - 18/10/2008 18:49

Hi Campbellini. Thanks for that, yes you were right it was very quick and absolutely painless, slightly uncomfortable but not at all sore. This is day 2 and getting better, no more glasses, Yipee!!! Thanks again.

Marie - 20/10/2008 20:01

Hi All just found an ask the eye surgeon section on the laservision site - very handy - can get answers on all eye problems as well as laser surgery.

Neil - 23/10/2008 13:50

I had my Lasik surgery yesterday in one eye, the second is next week. Have to say, was really impressed with how straightforward the procedure as well as the results, I had expected some post-operative discomfort while healing but nothing so far. My consultant was excellent, she was fully engaged with any concerns I had beforehand and talked me through step by step as she performed the surgery, which I found very reassuring.

campbellini - 23/10/2008 15:07

Welcome to the club Lucy and Neil - hope your next surgery goes well Neil. My sister had a consult with a clinic for bi-focal correction. She was advised not to do it before as it would leave her with reading glasses - but this Clinic can correct her sight without the reading glasses by 'under-correcting' the eyes - interesting I thought !!

Lorna(NSI77638) - 08/11/2008 12:40

I had laser eye surgery done in a Dublin hospital. I had my right eye done two weeks ago and my left eye done this week. I had Lasek. The surgery was ok but afterwards was very painful especially my second eye. The aftercare was awful. I could not sleep for two nights with the pain. There was no one to see me when I was in pain and I had to wait until the next day to see a consultant at which stage I was told the protective lens in my eye was dirty and was the reason why I was in pain. You would imagine that if you are in that much pain that they would see you straight away but all I got was that it was normal and it sure as hell wasn't normal. There attitude of some consultants were unsatisfactory especially for the money I am paying them for this service. My vision in one eye is ok but blurred up close and I have yet to see an improvement in the other eye. I really regret my decision to have my eyes done in this hospital.

mootie - 13/11/2008 08:44

Does anyone know anything about intra-ocular lens implants? I was told my prescription was too high for laser surgery but this was the best option for me. It seems to be very invasive quite like cataract surgery. If anyone has had it done or knows anyone who has i'd appreciate the feedback.

Tim - 13/11/2008 12:19

Hi Mootie, I had Lasik done 2 months ago and I was a similar prescription to yourself. I would consider getting a second opinion. See my previous posts for some more information. I have a relative who is a retired Ophthalmologist, so was able to enquire about the clinic I used as well as having a backup sources of post-operative check-ups. Be aware that the Pharik lens (I assume) that you're talking about involve a more invasive operation, in a full operating theatre. The surgical risks would be greater because of this. However, having said that, they probably have benefits too. I was offered this as an option but preferred to stick with Lasik. For myself, so far so good. I had my 6 week check-up last week and everything is looking good. I don't believe I will be needing a touch up or glasses. The eyes have settled nicely and I haven't noticed any major (if any) side affects. I'm still using the drops occasionally but that is normal. It takes up to 6 months to a year for the cut nerves to fully regrow, which is why the eyes are not tearing as much naturally. I made sure I used plenty of drops for the first 3 weeks anyway, to promote healing and because of my high prescription. Good luck with whatever you decide. Btw, Lorna, I hope things improve for you. It doesn't sound a nice situation to be in but be patient. Tim As always, my opinions and views are from a layman's perspective and cannot be compared to proper medical advice! ;-)

Leon - 14/11/2008 14:25

Dear All, I'm coming up on TWO years now since my procedure. General vision continues to "clear" and I'm noticing less and less nighttime disturbances on lights and bright objects, cannot wait to be side effect free after so LONG now...time heals all wounds eh? If you're happy with your vision with glasses>>>stay with glasses, sorry, but can't say it often enough lads.

Elena - 14/11/2008 19:31

Leon, I am glad that things are finally improving for you. I have noticed your regular postings and concerns. I cannot find your original posting and my apologies if you have addressed these issues already. Could you answer some of the following questions for the benefit of other people using this forum? I know you can neither name the clinic or surgeon for legal reasons but did you visit a reputable clinic / hospital? Was your surgeon a fully qualified Ophthalmic surgeon and on the specialist register of The Irish Medical Council? Were the risks explained to you? Was the surgeon available to meet you afterwards and on a regular basis to address your concerns? Why did it all go so wrong for you? I am asking because several members of my family and numerous friends (a bit of a ripple effect) have had laser eye surgery over the last 12 months or so. All, without exception are absolutely delighted with the results. Two spent about five weeks adjusting to new vision and had slight dry eye, they are perfect now. Other than that there were no side effects. The clinic they had their surgery at had audits available and they were able to check on past surgery results and there were no horror stories. The surgeon was also available for any aftercare appointments. I think it is important and in everyone’s interest to identify what went wrong for you Leon or were you just terribly unlucky?

Mar Mar - 14/11/2008 23:57

Hi everyone. I'd love to get my eyes done, but because of my rugby shaped eyes I've been told that it would be impossible to have the op. Has anyone come across this problem ?

Go-go - 15/11/2008 13:22

Hello All, Delighted to get this site and get everyone's view. I am also getting Lasik Wavefront done in Newbridge Optical Express and was very interested in responses from Tony and Lucy. I have not opted for the Intralase as it is quite expensive. My procedure is described as Mechanical. Just wondering what the difference is? I was also told that they would undercorrect one eye to enable me to go without reading glasses after procedure. Has anybody else had this done and would they recommend it??

Cat - 17/11/2008 10:18

HI Elena, I have also been keeping up on Leon's progress and I dont think you can say he was "unlucky", as this procedure never mentions anything about being the unlucky one to get caught out. i think in Leon's case, it went horribly wrong for him and luck just doesnt come into it. lots of people like myself get the surgery and (well eventually), it works out ok, but we just do not hear enough about the people that it doesnt work out for. these people might be in a minority to the people that it works out for, but do we really know this - ? NO, i dont think so, because we do not hear from these people enough! I think Leon's experience has been awful and can only imagine what he went through, but thankfully his sight is improving, and i think he should continue to post here with updates and warning people of what can go wrong !! Cat

Go-go - 17/11/2008 13:56

Hello Mar-Mar, I heard that Blackrock Clinic will treat patients that were considered "out of the normal" elsewhere. I would love to give you the name of the Doc. but am not sure if I am allowed. It is certainly worth the consultation and asking his advice.

Lucy - 17/11/2008 21:24

Hi Go Go I am nearly month after getting surgery done in Optical Express Newbridge. First week when I was back at work on computers I was very pessimistic as I wasn't focusing on screen 100%. Went back for 1 week check up and was told this was normal. Now its just about perfect. Staff and aftercare was superb. Have my 6 week check up on Sat. Hope all goes well for you too.

mootie - 18/11/2008 08:59

Hi Tim Thanks very much for your comment. Its the surgical element of the implants that worries me. If you dont mind me asking what was your prescription?

Go-go - 18/11/2008 11:03

Good to hear from you Lucy. My prescription is about -5 in both eyes, I was wondering what yours was? I understand that the weaker your eyes are the longer you leave it for everything to settle down. Glad you had a good experience.

Lucy - 18/11/2008 19:41

Hi Go Go, My vision was -4.5 & -1.75. I havent heard to be honest about strengths and time frame for recovery. Have you surgery date set or still thinking about it?

Tim - 19/11/2008 09:37

Mootie, I was about -10 & -9.5 and with mild astigmatism (-1, -1.5). Have been swimming over the weekend and last night. What a joy! Using googles to be safe for the moment. Tim

Go-go - 19/11/2008 11:04

My date is set for Monday 24th November so it is very much on my mind at the moment. Kindof excited though. Find it hard to believe that I may be able to go without glasses altogether especially if this under correction on one eye works. If it doesn't, I was prepared for reading glasses anyway so no matter. In awe of op. Just hoping all will go well.

Leon - 19/11/2008 14:50

Hi Elena. To answer all of your questions: Yes, off course! I did lots of research before my op in 2006 and both clinic and Surgeon were considered highly reputable. I was treated with modern technology (actually paid extra for Wavefront) and I followed ALL pre and post-op advice. Everything was explained to me up-front and I cant argue about that. I was a totally routine case for the operation but I knew immediately afterwards that I had made a BIG mistake- I attended all my follow-up clinics and was told that I'm an "unusual" and "interesting" case. At my one year check-up last year, I left the cliinic in no doubt that I wasn't happy with the whole experience. I had about 1 year of persistent "haze" with contrast loss, and glare/starbursting, the first 6 months of which were really hard going at work etc. The second year has seen gradual improvment up to a point where I only have some residual night-time issues. It's a very long road back, please believe me, and a worrying/regretful time in my life. Where did it all go wrong?? Deciding the have Lasik and signing that consent form I guess.....Leon

Lucy - 19/11/2008 21:43

All the best Go Go for 24th, coming from someone who was extremely nervous it was over in less than 10 mins and as I said before totally painless. Let us know how you get on!!

Patricia1 - 20/11/2008 16:44

Leon, I am seriouly thinking about getting my eyes done in Dublin, but I need to know which clinic you attended? Good and bad experiences need to be share.

Patricia1 - 20/11/2008 16:46

Which clinic did you go Leon?

Go-go - 20/11/2008 20:09

Thanks Lucy I will certainly let you all know how it went, still pinching myself that I will be glasses free.......................fingers crossed

Go-go - 21/11/2008 10:15

Hello Leon,

I am really sorry that it has been such a frightening experience for you but delighted that there has been an improvement, even after so long. I hope it will continue to improve until you are totally happy with your eyesight. For me, I have fingers crossed, but just cant throw away the chance to be glasses free. I understand it will be very blurry at first until I adjust (muscles) etc. especially for near sight. I am supposed to have reading glasses afterwards but they are trying a proceedure where they undercorrect one eye to enable me to focus near as well. I will let you know how I get on.

Leon - 21/11/2008 17:11

Good luck Go-Go, I hope you get what you want out of the op. Please update us on the results. WinkLeon

helen001 - 22/11/2008 16:02

hi...has anyone had to have an enhancement after lasik wavefront.. my eyes were -6 and i had surgery 1st october and seemed they to have healed great but i have to wear glasses for driving and doing aerobics (anything 5ft in front of me) which is very frustrating....very nervous of having it re-done being as something obviously went wrong the first time??? thanks

K1 - 24/11/2008 11:00

Hi all,

I have appointment for consulation in Dundrum this week. I was advised last year in Newbridge that I was suitable for LasIK with wavefront and Interlase, but didn't suit to go ahead at the time. I play a good bit of gaelic football is this the advised treatment?. Script is -4.25 (-1.25) and -4.00 (-1.25) according to the box of soft contact lenses, I mostly wear glasses as contacts tend to dry out after prolonged use especially looking at computer all day in work. Newbridge said this was not dry eyes just contacts preventing oxigen getting to eyes. It'll be interesting to see what Dundrum says. Sorry so long - nervous will be going ahead this time i think, just looking for feedback, Thanks. K

p - 24/11/2008 11:20

Hi Helen

I had lasik wavefront this time last year and then had to get laser enhancements in May this year and now my eyes are better the 20/20 and I have one appointment left before im signed off.

This is not unusal when you have a high perscription . Mine was -5.00 and -5.50 when I started so thank god so far they are great


mootie - 24/11/2008 14:57

Hi Tim

Can you tell me where you got your surgery done? Its just i've been to two clinics in the past two yrs. Optical Express in Cork said I was a prefect candidate for the surgery, but the nation Eye Centre in Dublin told me I wouldnt get a good enough result. Would really love to have the laser rather than the implants but confused!!

Tim - 24/11/2008 18:31

Hi Mootie,

I had it done at the Wellington in Sandyford. I preferred to spend the extra cash for some extra peace of mind.

My reasons for choosing here were:

- Longest established,

- Suregones had been practicing there since about 2002 and had a good reputation within Opthalmic circles.

- Links with Beacon for ability to provide extra care if required.

- Good explanation at consultation, especailly why not using Waveform for me and why they didn't use all laser (for making flap). Had used it in the past but found a better flap was made with physical blade.

- The surgeon I used had written several articles (available on the web) in relation to Lasik and other procedures and current practices both in Ireland and international.

- I got a more professional feel off them then other clinics I'd visited. Just a personal feeling.

All my personal feelings.


MikeM - 24/11/2008 20:24

Hi All,

I am going for laser eye surgery in Optilase in Dublin next week. I have been wanting to get laser eye surgery for a while but only decided to get in done a few months ago. i had my pre op the other day and i am having the Ik wavefront surgery. I will keep everyone updated on how i get on.

Mand - 24/11/2008 22:54

Hi all I had Lasik with Intralase in September this year. I had slight night glare after but that has since rectified itself, used to have problems with dry eyes with contacts but have had no side effects what so ever with surgery. Only delighted that I had it done, but strangely keep going to push my glasses up my nose even thought they are no longer there, strangest feeling ever but the best one!!

okikek - 25/11/2008 09:20

Hi Mootie

I would always be concerned if one clinic said I would be suitable and another said they doubted you would have a good result , this is actually a good sign that not all clinics are pushing people through and are putting the patient first . You could get another opinion , also find out from The National Eye Centre why they turned you down? and what was the difference Optical Express found to deem you suitable.

Go-go - 25/11/2008 13:13

Hello All,

I had my Lasik Wavefront surgery yesterday. I did find the pressure uncomfortable but no pain and it was very quick. Today I can hardly believe I am so good. My eyes are quite comfortable and I CAN SEE. Because they undercorrected one eye I can also read which would have been impossible for me with ordinary correction. I nearly feel too good (half expecting something to go wrong) I had my check up today and all is fine. Thanks for all the support and your encouragement. Will keep you all updated on how I progress.

Lucy - 26/11/2008 21:39

Hi Go Go

Congrats!!! Glad to hear all went well for you. No more glasses, is'nt it great? Should get better every week.

helen001 - 27/11/2008 22:10

Hi P, many've really put my mind at rest. I'm from england and had mine done at sheffield optical express, their service etc was fantastic but they never went into detail about post op what to expect/can happen. Really glad yours has worked out for you, thanks again

Leon - 28/11/2008 16:40

Good for you, Go-Go, you're part of the lucky majority it seems that have a good experience and move on easily with no regrets to speak off. Unfortunately not everyone has this experience and the effects linger and can be very disruptive to lifestyle. Candidates for surgery must remember that this is elective surgery and you can avoid all risk of a bad outcome 100% by staying away. Lots of people's glasses really suit their owners and contacts can give options if you want an odd change from time to time....Leon

Go-go - 28/11/2008 22:28

Still cant believe it Lucy and look for my glasses on my nose. It is still a little weird with the monovision but will give that plenty of time to settle (at least three months). Glasses are on my locker at this stage and gathering dust, Yippee...... I can understand your reservations Leon. It is after all your eyes you are talking about, not something you can replace. Contacts are no good to me at this stage as I would still have to have reading glasses and use them very frequently. It will take the driving a little longer, especially at night but I am so excited I can not tell you. Keep us posted Leon to let us know if you experience continued improvement. (sure hope so)

Maria4 - 01/12/2008 20:01

Hi, has anyone been to Optilase in Dublin for their surgery? They're currently offering e1000 discount off Wavefront for VHI members and although I have two friends who had their eyes done with them earlier this year with great outcomes, I'm still a tad wary...

tubbey - 01/12/2008 21:17

Hi I am new to this site but found the discussions on laser eye surgery fascinating. I am contemplating have laser treatment - my prescription in -3.25 & - 5 but am a little nervous and understandably having read some of the posts. Part of my reluctance is that I am based in Cork and would like the treatment in Cork due to follow up visits etc. I know a number of people who have had treatment but only in Dublin/Belfast or London. Has anyone used a clinic in Cork?

Many thanks

phillip - 02/12/2008 20:12

Hi Maria,

I had surgery in Optilase . I found them amazing. They are very professional and i would defintely recommend them. The surgery is very simple . You only realize afterwards that need not be worried.Best of luck and keep me informed how you get on

Ray - 03/12/2008 09:59

Hi Maria4. I had Lasik with Optilase in March 2007. My prescription was -2 and -2.5. The next day after surgery I had better than 20-20 vision and I have never looked back (pardon the pun). Honest to God It was the best thing I ever did. Although it actually took me a full year to build up the courage to get it done from when I had my initial consultation. The actual procedure is very quick and only in the theatre for about 3 or 4 minutes. I also have a friend who had her eyes lasered in Optilase and her vision was slightly worse than mine and she is so happy to have done it as well. I just enjoy all my activities much more, surfing, kayaking and cycling as now I can see where I am going (ha, ha). I am not pro Optilase or any other company, but all I can say is I had my surgery done there and am very happy with results. All the Best. Ray

Patricia1 - 03/12/2008 11:51


I went to Optilase last night for the first visit and I found them very professional. Each day I feel I have more courage to go ahead for the final day, but I have to say still feel a bit shaky when I think about it. I will probably get the Wavefront treatment as it avoid the blurry vision when driving at night.

Dellers - 03/12/2008 16:14

Hi, i had both eyes done well over a year ago now, i was -5.50 & -6.00. i had my final check-up last week but im not happy with the results. im now -1.00 in both eyes but my consultant doesnt think i would notice a big difference if he redid my eyes, does anyone have any views on this please?

Maria4 - 03/12/2008 19:56

Hi guys, thanks for your very positive comments. I'm going to book a consultation with them & see how it goes...the discount is too good to miss out on!

okikek - 04/12/2008 11:46

Hi Maria

I went to The National Eye Centre last month I was a -6.00 R&L . I was there yesterday for my monthly consultation and am absolutely thrilled to say I am seeing better than ever. The aftercare is excellent and the procedure from start to finish was super!

Cat - 04/12/2008 15:38

Maria - as I read earlier in one of your posts, you said you were a "tad weary" - if this is the case then I wouldnt base my decision on an offer that was too good to refuse ie...just because Optilase are giving a great discount, i wouldnt necessarily go for them. After all remember this is your eyes you are talking about and no discount will ever be good enough if your sight is not right. I would think long and hard before you make your decision, ie... do you just want a cheapie job and save costs or is your sight more important than money???

Elena - 04/12/2008 16:18

Okikek, do you get laser eye surgery done on a regular basis in the National Eye Centre? You have posted several times to say you had recent surgery. For example, you posted on 13 March 2008 to say you had just had surgery 3 weeks previously. And now you have just posted to say you had surgery last month.

Mark4 - 04/12/2008 16:35

Hi Cat, Optilase have one of the best reputations in Ireland that is why so many people to go them. I did not just go to them because they were cheaper than other places. In fact, i went to various clinics and found them the most professional that's why I choose them. Money was not an issue for me at the time. As you said they are you eyes after all.

Ray - 04/12/2008 18:10


That is ridiculous scaremongering.  There is no evidence that just because you pay more in one clinic that you will get a better surgery or aftercare, than another clinic advertising a deal or lower prices.  It's like buying a coat in one shop for x amount and then seeing the exact same coat in a big department store for x+y and buying the department store coat because it cost more, so must be better.

It is a marketing skill like any other (including advertising on radio or TV or in magazines.  Whats the point having different clinics and competition if they all charged the same amount.  Each clinic will have different overheads, wages, insurance, staff levels, advertising costs and rents (dependent on when they started renting and what part of city, which can vary dramatically).  So if one company can offer a lower price than another it can simply be down to the fact that the company has lower overheads.   

As for the deal that Maria refers to, its a deal with the medical insurance companies and let's face it, they are no mugs and don't normally get associated with dodgy clinics.  I availed of a similar deal last year when VIVAS refunded me directly the €1,000 wavefront costs within a week after my surgery.  I had only taken out the policy the night before the surgery so it was a no brainer. 

As I said before I am not pro Optilase, I just had my surgery there and was very pleased with the procedure, the results and the after care.  And I do not agree one bit with the addage that if it costs more it must be better.  Most of the clinics use the same equipment and carry out the same procedure.  I spent a good year researching this before I got my surgery including reading every post on this site and if you read back over them all you will see positive and negative posts about nearly all the clinics, so I do not believe in your statement at all.

Rant Over.

BC - 05/12/2008 12:27


I just thought i'd add my experience.

I had Lasek done in the Mater private. First eye was done 3 weeks ago, 2nd eye was one 1 week ago. My prescription was -5 in both eyes. I was told I was suitable for both Lasik and Lasek but I choose to go Lasek even though i was advised that its more painful and has a longer recovery time.

The surgery itself was quick and painless. The surgeon and nurses were very good at putting me at ease and I definitely recommend the valium! I had a lot of pain after the surgery but i was warned about this by the surgeon so it was expected.

I was given anesthetic drops to take home with me in case the pain got too bad. I recommend using the sleeping tablets to just sleep through the pain for the first 24 hours! Both eyes now feel absolutely fine, they get a little tired in the evening but as i'm sitting at a PC all day that's to be expected and it has only been a few weeks.

I can now read down to the 3rd last line on the eye chart (previously i could barely see the large letter at the top!) so i'm chuffed. I've been told by the surgeon that my recovery is completely on target and my vision will keep improving over the next couple of months.

All in all I'm absolutely delighted with the results so far.

Leon - 12/12/2008 17:10

Hi Ray

Competition is generally good, but this is a very serious surgery on your eyes we are talking about, not a simple commodity like buying a coat..>? I would also beware discounters or bargain based deals and would not choose on cost. Look at the experience of the surgeon (major sucess factor) and dont forget there is no going back after this op, to extend your analogy, you cant take the coat back to the shop and get a refund if it all goes wrong, you'll be stuck with the after effects for ages, perhaps life. I think Cat's caution is warranted in this debate. Leon

Cat - 15/12/2008 10:12

Hi everyone including Ray,

Firstly Ray, would you mind going back and reading my post again, because all i simply said was, dont JUST go for the offer of a good deal. Not once in my post did i say that if you pay more you get better surgery, infact I dont think this at all. I infact had my surgery done in Laservision and will get approx €1000 back from health insurance, this was not a factor though in my decision for which clinic i chose, infact I also went to Optilase and had a consultation there, in the end i prefered Laservision because I was more comfortable with their initial consultation and the staff were very professional and friendly. And also they are only around the corner from where i work, therefore i knew if i needed them i could pop over in 5 minutes. If you will re-read Maria's post, she said she was a tad weary, therefore I simply was advising her, if she felt a tad weary then dont let the fact that she could get cheaper surgery sway her view to which clinic she chooses. Therefore there was no real need for a rant at all Ray, as I dont really think i warranted receiving such a long rant in the first place. Maybe you just didnt understand what i was trying to say?? Anyway at the end of the day, too many people are annoyed at those of us who are only offering our honest and truthfull experiences at this procedure, why should we stay silent when our surgery didnt exactly go according to plan and those of you who did can scream it from the mountain tops.

So for those of you who are about to get this surgery, very best of luck & a happy christmas to all including you Ray!! Cat

Ray - 15/12/2008 10:40


I think you have struck the nail on the head with your comments. One of the most important things if not the most important thing when considering laser eye surgery is the experience/success rate of the surgeon/clinic. My example of buying a coat was just to emphasise that it should not be as simple as Cat was implying i.e. if you pay more it must be better. There was no evidence in Cats argument that the Higher Costing Clinics have more experience/success rate than any other Clinic who can carry out the same procedure for less money and may in fact have as good if not better experience/success rate.

I can think of one Clinic that opened just last year and is one of the more expensive in Dublin. I am not at all implying there is anything wrong with this Clinic as I have no actual experience of this Clinic, but this is a prime example that Cost does not necessarily mean you get a better result or a Surgeon with more experience or a Clinic with a long History of success.

Costing more does not necessarily mean a better surgery.

By the way, its good to read your eyes are eventually getting better.

Cat - 15/12/2008 11:23

Ray - can I ask you where in my post did i imply if you spend more you must get a better deal - ? I'm getting extremely annoyed here, because AGAIN i will state, i did not and do not think this!! Unfortunately Ray you are misleading this post by letting people think this is what i said, when really you have just interpreted the post incorrectly! Cat

Ray - 15/12/2008 12:40


Your too quick at posting messages for me to reply and there seems to be a bit of a time delay on message approval. I apologise whole heartedly as I did mistakenly misread your previous post. Now that you have explained your message I can only send my apologies for my error. There are a number of others on here who unfortunately spout the price rubbish. There are also mysteriously a few limited others who have appeared to have had numerous eye laser treatments, hmm.

Please note that I have never shouted my results from the roof top. As you have said it is a discussion board and merely posted my opinions as you indeed have posted yours.

Please accept my sincere apology for the misunderstanding. Wishing you and everyone on here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Leon - 16/12/2008 14:46


Fair play for clarifying that misunderstanding and also for your comments on my recovery. Cat has genuine concerns about this surgery (as do I) having been through the Op and the recovery process. There is something unsettling about clinics offering discounts and deals for eye surgery in my opinion. In fact, in some countries clinics must sign -up to a code of practice to not advertising their services as a commodity as this can mislead the public. I encourage prospective candidates to read through all the comments on this valuable forum and think long and hard about the potential risks and percieved benefits of this serious procedure, before proceeding....and be careful what you wish for, as you may indeed get it. I'll check back in here in 2009, until then, Happy new year all!

Cat - 16/12/2008 15:47

Ray apology accepted! Have a lovely Christmas and NY and as Leon says, will chat to you all in 2009 XX Cat

Ian - 02/01/2009 15:54

Woooooaaa, I came on here thinking this was about laser eye surgery pros and cons. Didn't realise this "cat" person merely uses it to vent her anger.

emmie - 04/01/2009 23:19

Hi to all,

I have just come across this site and thought I would add my own experience to the rest. In May 2008 I regretfully had laser eye surgery in a clinic in the republic of Ireland. My surgery was a horrific experience and the aftermath was a hundred times worse. Since then I have had surgery repeated three times in total and still am worse than when i started out in May. I travelled to a London clinic in October and had a procedure which they call a T Cut, six weeks later I had another appointment only to be told that my trip to London and the surgery carried out was unsucsessful. I am currently waiting to have more surgery done now in the coming weeks.

If the experience of all this going so wrong for me wasn't bad enough I have had a terrible time with the staff, which time and time again proved themselves to me to be unsupportive unhelpful and generally unprofessional in their jobs, that ranges from optomitrists down to receptionists.

I hope anybody that reads this does not think I am looking for a cheap shot to speak badly of the company but my concern for others is from the heart. I would not like to think anybody would have to go through what I have in the past nine months.

Bear in mind it works for some but I started off just wearing glasses for college now for the first time in my life (I am 27yrs) I wear my glasses at all times.

Good luck to all

Leon - 09/01/2009 16:03

Hi Emmie,

Wecome to the forum & I'm really sorry to read of your experience. Can you give us more detail on which of the side-effects you are having most trouble with? or is just general bad vision/outcome. Can you describe the vision problem? Ghosting/haze? Starburst? Dryness maybe? Indidvidual side effects need to be tackled case by case but I'm truely SHOCKED that you were advised to undergo repeat surguries so soon after the initial op, as this generally is not recommended. I have to say you were brave to try it a 2nd and 3rd time, there is NO way Never that I'd go through that post-op recovery again. Please give us more details and maybe we can help you at this time. Leon

emmie - 13/01/2009 16:40

Hi Leon,

I kow it must sound crazy to think that I would carry on with surgery, however financially I am not in a position to go elsewhere and also I feel now my only option is to try and give it one last go.The company have assured me (well tried to) that I am now in very capable hands of one of the worlds top eye surgeons???

The symptoms I now have are little focus, blurred vision and bad night time glare. Most things I read now although may be visable at times will 9 out of 10 times be unclear ie: shadows or unfocused.

Today I was given a date for four weeks time to travel to London for my surgery, I will keep you posted.

Wish me luck :)

Go-go - 14/01/2009 20:45

Sorry to hear your story emmie. I am sure it must be very disheartning. I hope that things will improve for you. I had surgery done about 7 weeks ago. I had Monovision surgery, which means they corrected one eye fully and undercorrected my weaker eye so that I would not have to wear reading glasses. They did say, to give it 3 months for my brain to adjust and I am aware that I am not near that yet, but my vision is still quite blurry in the distance and I feel it is not good enough for driving (reading signs etc.). I was wondering if anyone else out there had monovision surgery and how did they find it.? Would be really interested to hear further comments. My prescription was about -5.25 in both eyes.

Dellers - 15/01/2009 17:26

Hi Go-go! I had both eyes done in May '07, they were -5.50 & -6.00. I can't see things clearly in the distance & would definitely need glasses if I took up driving. My consultant says he doesnt think I'd notice a significant difference if he redid my eyes so I've left it at that cause I'd be afraid something would go wrong, but needless to say I'm not impressed.

Go-go - 20/01/2009 13:48

Hi Dellers,

Thats terrible news for you. You hear so many good stories it must be awful to be a year on and to still not be satisfied. It was explained to me that the muscles need to re-learn to focus properly especially when you have a high prescription. You would think that a year on your muscles would have learned. If this monovision does not work I can get my weaker eye done again to full vision and I can see myself going that route. I dont like facing the proceedure again but if things do not improve drastically in the next few weeks, I dont really have an option.

Tim - 20/01/2009 17:55

Emmie and others with difficult experiences of eye surgery.

I'm sorry to hear of your experiences with your eye surgery. Sight is one of our most relied upon senses and should never be taken lightly. I do hope you find a resolution to your situation or that at least it improves to an acceptable standard.

I was fortunate with my experience and thankful of the choice of I made when chosing my surgeon. Could I suggest, that if you're having trouble, don't be afraid to seek a second opinion, especially when it comes to serious complications. Consider also where you seek this second opinion. I

Some links that you could consider:

Irish College of Ophthalmologist - Training

Medical Council - Doctor registration check

For me, I am now 4 months in and have gone from -10 to ~ -0.75. My vision has been stable and I have been very satisfied with the outcome. I continued to use wetting drops till about Christmas, just to be safe but have stopped using them this month as I think the nerves have now grown back enough to keep the eyes moist on their own and don't feel any excess dryness.

All the best and good luck,


emmie - 21/01/2009 21:04

Hi Tim,

Just wanted to Thank you for your message, I will definately look into those options for a second opinion.

Secondly congratulations on your sucsessful surgery!!!

Take care

ScaredyCat - 30/01/2009 01:37

Hi everyone,

Im having Lasek surgery next week in a reputable clinic but after reading the horror stories im starting to get really scared!!!(Hence the name) Is the aftermath/recovery as bad as people say it is?

Ive had problems with my eyes due to over wearing of contact lenses so i opted for the surgery.

I was seeing a man after i supposedly got a condition called terabitus(i cant find anything about it on google) i had ulcers in my eyes,it was pretty disgusting.

The consultant in the laser clinic said that i had no such condition anymore,but i did have dry eyes but he said id be a perfect candidate. What if hes wrong though?!?!?!Im seriously freaked out now but i want good vision. I heard you can take valium if you wanted,has anyone done this?Would you not be all spaced out during the thing(is that a good thing?!)

Anyways sorry for rambling but any reasurrance would be brilliant!!!

P.s Im 22 and i think i have -3.50, 3.75 vision,Its around that anyway!!!

BC - 30/01/2009 14:01

HI Scaredycat,

I got lasek done and had the valium. All it really does is relax you a little before the surgery. The same effect as a couple of glasses of wine really!

Leon - 30/01/2009 14:59

Hi ScaredCat,

Well Lasek is the better option if you already have dry eyes as Lasik can bring this on big time and you don't want to go there. I would not recommend any eye surgery to you, but If you're really determined to proceed follow every bit of pre and post op advice and aim your expectations at maybe how you're sight will be in say 6 or 9 months from now, people can panic when they dont see the "big amazing overnight" outcome that some people claim; it can be long process to come back to normal, remember your eyes could still be healing for months/years afterwards as in my case. Like I say there is no shame in changing your mind last minute, it's your eye, money, decision...but if you do proceed remember there is no going back so make the most of of luck to you! Leon

Go-go - 30/01/2009 19:16

Hi ScaredyCat,

My sister got valium when she got Lasik and she thought it was brilliant. She was very nervous beforehand.

ScaredyCat - 30/01/2009 19:22

Hi BC and Leon,

Thanks for the posts. Hopefully i wont have the complications most people have with lasek, only time will tell!! My eyes have improved a lot since i stopped wearing contacts and only really get dry late at night when im sleepy :D But thanks a mil for the support, fingers crossed !!!

Eamonn - 23/02/2009 11:01

I got a very good result. But what about having had surgery at a place which is now supposed to be in financial trouble according to the papers. What happens if they go out of business?

rasher - 25/02/2009 23:08

Hello all I am a new member thinking of getting laser eye surgery done. I have been told I am only suitable for lasek.  Has anyone eles been thru lasek surgery and how it went for you.  Also would love advice on weather to get both eyes done together or one at a time.  HOW BAD IS THE PAIN?

Go-go - 10/03/2009 11:15

I had Lasik, Monovision done last November. This is a proceedure where they correct one eye fully and undercorrect the other eye to enable you to read as well. They said to give it three months for your brain to adjust. I am now four months on but have discovered that they did not fully correct either eye. I am very badly able to read road signs and make out a persons features in the distance etc. I was not over concerned before this as I thought it was just my brain adjusting to the change but I can not see as well as when I had spectacles.

googles - 17/03/2009 22:31

hi all,

im considering getting lasek wavefront. my prescription is pretty high -11 to 11.5. just wondering does anybody have an experience getting this done?

all opinions needed


Dellers - 18/03/2009 10:19

Hi Go-Go. I have the exact same problem. I got my eyes done nearly 2 years ago & I can't read road signs or distinguish people coming towards me. I had on-going follow-ups with my consultant & I explained all this to him, he gave me disposable contacts to wear on & off for 2 weeks but I didn't notice any difference so he said it wouldn't be worth re-doing my eyes. So I'm left in limbo-land!

helen001 - 18/03/2009 12:21

I had lasik in october it took me from a -6 to a -2; it is now a different surgeon and last week he gave me an enhancement in one eye using lasek; I cant wait to have other done as I feel disorrientated but I have to wait a month. The lasek procedure was not as intrusive as lasik and I had a little pain more like being uncomfortable for a few hours where my eye just streamed; I personally found lasek better for this but vision is fluctuating at moment and Im struggling to time wil tell

Go-go - 18/03/2009 12:52

Hi Dellers,

Thats awful to be left like that. At the moment I feel I should really have spectacles driving. When I went back for my 3 months check-up she said my eye-sight was 20/20. I mentioned about the road signs and she said I should get a sat-nav......... Thats hardly a solution to my problem.

I will contact them again next week as I am not happy to be left like this. I did not push my opinion last time as I felt I was still settling with the monovision.

I explained that my vision was worse at night and she said the evenings were getting longer anyway..........Again, hardly an adequate answer.

helen001 - 20/03/2009 14:53

Does anyone know anything about astigmatism?

I've just had lasek enhancement in one eye so far (no pain hardly and its healed really well after a week) only problem is I've now got an astigmatism ; the optician didnt explain what it was or if anything will be done about it; all I know is that reading text is abit blurred...does anyone know anything about it and what should be done ? Im worried, would it stop me wearing contact lenses in future should I need them? will it get worse? should the opticians/laser specialist put it right if they can? thanks, Helen

ScaredyCat - 20/03/2009 22:30

Hey Helen

I got this link it might inform you better

Or just type in google ''astigmatism'' it brings up loads of results.

My loan just came through and im having LASEK done next friday,but this forum is really making me think twice. People dont really have a lot of good experiences with laser, wonder if im doing the right thing? Theres no point in me doing it if i still have to wear glasses, i would be so dissapointed!!! Anyone have anything positive to say about LASEK and especially the aftermath of it???

wadirunner - 23/03/2009 23:48

Hi. I had LASEK on 12/12/08. Before, I was -5, now 16/20. V. happy with result so far. Daytime, nighttime, distance, driving, reading - all good. Sharp V.A. No pain afterwards, just tired - and I have a low pain threshold. Vision was fair on post-op days 1&2, but dropped for days 3-7, (explained beforehand, as being c/o protein buildup due to protective C/L- distance manageable, closework difficult) but on Day 8 there was a big improvement, from where the acuity has only improved. I feel as if my sight is better than what I had with glasses, and am v. happy that I had it done. As in life, there are no guarantees, but you can only increase ur prospects by choosing a reputable clinic & surgeon. The price may not necessairly be a 100% barometer, but beware of a false economy. Do ur research, and if possible go to a few different clinics for a pre-op evaluation; and hopefully they'll all be singing from the same hymn sheet. It could be worth the various pre-op fees. Good luck.

helen001 - 25/03/2009 21:31

Hi Scaredycat,  thanks for info on astigmatism; aparentely its called "induced astigmatism" ..."Induced astigmatism is astigmatism that is present after laser eye surgery but wasn't there before".

I just have to say, I only had surgery on the 11th and the closeup/text work is getting better by the day, Im not so worried now.  I still have to have other eye done again by lasek but fingers crossed.  Because I only had one eye done, Im wearing glasses for the other eye (one lense taken out!) and to be honest, theres hardly any difference in vision ...very impressed.

I wish I'd had lasek first and not lasik. Yes you have to wear a contact lense for 4 days which feels like its in the wrong way but at least you know your eye is healing and protected.  Also, theres not as much cornea taken away so therefore more chance of having it done again I guess in years to come if needed and no flap complications and also the surgery isnt as intrusive and theres no pressure suction.  I do think my healing so well is down to having lots of oranges for vit C and a daily Berracca for 2 weeks prior and after.  Just touch wood now that the other eye heals so well !  Good Luck

Ian - 26/03/2009 12:02

Hi, for those people that have come to this page to see the pros and cons before having laser done I would like to add a bit of balance. I had my eyes done in November 2006 and have had no problems since, the best few grand I have ever spent!! Please remember that people will generally only post here if they have had problems with the surgery as they will be looking for people with similiar symptons and advice on how to manage problems whereas people who have had success will more than likely not go onto website to share their problems hence there aren't any websites dedicated to laser surgery success stories where people can talk about how great their vision is post op.. I do sympathise with the people who haven't been as lucky as me but I think it is more fair to be balanced.

eamonn - 26/03/2009 13:23

Hi Googles

For -12 the treatment is called a clear lens extraction. It is a different type of operation to the Lasiks or Laseks.

dryeyevictim - 27/03/2009 12:14

Had surgery five weeks ago in Mater Private. I was told I had a 95% chance of success. Thought I was going to a good clinic and a good surgeon. Well while my day vision is good my night vision is poor. The biggest problem I have is dry eyes. I have actually been unable to sleep due to constant stinging and burning and having to fill eyes with drops every few minutes. I fear this condition may be permanent. The surgeons are dismissive of this in the hospital which really disappoints me. I had to leave my college course in computers as a result of the surgery. I'm starting to feel really depressed now and don't know where to turn.

dryeyevictim - 27/03/2009 12:37

Dry eye is a serious debilitating complication.

ScaredyCat - 31/03/2009 22:57


Im so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I just got my right eye done with Lasek and everything seems to be going really well so far. i've only had it done about five days now. Can i ask you if you had Lasik or Lasek done?

My night vision has always been bad so i cant comment on that but the right eye seems to be doing really well, things are a bit blurry up close and there's a bit of glare on things sometimes but its still early days. Im very happy with my first eye so far, just hope everything goes to plan with the second one.

helen001 - 01/04/2009 13:11

hi scaredycat, glad its gone well for you...seems your right eye is healing same as mine did...its much better now for close up so hopefully will have other eye done soon. My optician told me I should still be using drops on my left eye which I had done in October even tho I felt no symptoms of dry eye and and within a couple of days of me using drops again, my eye felt dry and as tho I needed more drops! ...ive been reading up on natural remedies and one of the things to eat was simply bananas as dry eyes can be a result of low potassium. 



dryeyevictim - 04/04/2009 20:28

hi I had LASIK done

Miss_Keano - 06/04/2009 13:21

Hi all,

I'm new to this! :)

I'm 24, I have my pre-op booked for 18th april and op on 19th April... My eyes are -2.25 in both and no problems were reported at my consultation. Im beginning to get nervous now...I have pupils a little larger than normal - this is what the optician told me at my consultation but I haven't seen a surgeon yet and won't until my pre-op. I heard that there are complications for people with larger pupils - is this true? Also I can't decide to go for IK or EK...unless the surgeon rules out did all of your guys decide?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!! :)

Cat - 07/04/2009 09:45

Hi - i haven't written here in a while, but need to now as I need some advice. I had the laser eye surgery almost a year ago now (beginning of May), and was experiencing what felt like tearing on my right eye mostly, sometimes left, but this was happening during the night when i woke up and opened my eyes quickly - so went back to the clinic yesterday and i have two problems. i have to have enhancement surgery done on my right eye as the sight has gotton worse and i have what i think the surgeon called cornea abrasion. my lens never fully healed and therefore didnt stick properly to my eye and its quite loose. hense why i feel it catching on my eye and tearing at night. so i have to have this fixed. There was a 1-2% chance that this could have happend, and unfortunately I got it! I rang my surgeon this morning who assured me that there was no risks with enhancement and that i needed to have this other little thing done to fix my lens. whilst i trust him completely, i am worried sick. it didnt work right the first time, so it might not work right again - Has anyone had enhancement surgery or this problem with their lens being loose and could they please send me some advice if they had - many thanks, CatCry

Tim - 07/04/2009 12:09

Hi Cat,

Oh dear... I do feel sorry for you. I feel that this should have been picked up within a few days, not months but that's just my opinion. I'd possibly suggest getting a second opinion, from a well established eye surgeon. €100 is not too much for some peace of mind. He/she will probably just say that it's normal and there's nothing to worry about and to go right ahead.

I am now six months in and am very happy with my procedure. From -10 (-11 including the mild astigmatism) to ~ -0.25! Have had no need for glasses and fully enjoy swimming these days. I continued to use the drops until Christmas, longer then the 6 weeks period they advertise but played it safe. The eye's love moisture for healing, you can't really use too many drops. Have a look at some of my past posts for more detail on my op. Was very happy with my surgeon. I had Lasik btw, if anyone's was wondering.

Good luck Cat!


p - 07/04/2009 12:40

Hi Cat

I have lasik enhancements completed in both eyes 6 months after my original surgery and so far I have no problems. My last appointment is in June this year. It was easier than the first time around as the flap was already there. So far my eye sight is great and have no complaints.

I just had dry eyes after it but it cleared up.

I have never heard of your other issue but hopefully all will work out for you.

Miss_Keano - 07/04/2009 13:34

Hi Tim,

Just wondering how u came to the decision of choosing between IK and EK? I'm new to this and my pre-op and surgery are in 10 days...pretty nervous! Cry

Cat - 07/04/2009 14:15

Thanks Tim - i've been asking advise all morning from different people and i actually emailed my surgeon via their website and got a detailed response that has put my mind at ease. so in 2 weeks time i will be getting it done again, enhancement on my right eye and the cornea corrected so it sticks properly this time.. Apparently my surgeon said its a very rare complication .1% and surely i had to be the .1%. I do wish now that i had never had the surgery in the first place - but its done now and I cant go back........again thanks Tim for your reply. Cat

Tim - 07/04/2009 15:58

I choose IK mainly because it was recommended by my surgeon. From my own research, I believe because I was quite severe on the eye sight IK is more practicsed because of the amount of cornea material removed. Having this covered by a flap for healing may be better.

I was lucky because I had a retired eye surgeon advising me, who could affirm the reputation of my surgeon. Unfortunately, surgery is like any other profession; some people are better then others. There are regulations in place but knowing someone who is linked to a teaching hospital can be benefical. My surgeon was a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, which gave me a lot of confidence.

Have a look at


ScaredyCat - 15/04/2009 03:31

just got my other eye done with lasek on friday,it was so much painful than my other eye!its still blurry and its kinda right eye healed brilliantly and i have better than 20/20 vision in it now, crystal clear.I hope the left eye heals just as well.....

Miss_Keano - 15/04/2009 12:54

Can I get some advice on how you all chose either IK and EK...I can't decide. I think IK.

Thanks Smile

Go-go - 15/04/2009 13:44

I have Laser done since last November and one of my eyes was to be corrected fully, the other undercorrected to be able to read as well. I was to leave my eyes settle for 3 months to adjust to the change but I now find that neither eye was corrected fully. My vision is not clear for reading signs, especially driving and even for making out features of someone approaching. I have requested an appointment to sort the problem but I was not happy with my last visit and the answers I got to my various concerns. I sure hope they will take this seriously and be able to improve the vision I have. Right now I feel I need spectacles for distance and reading small primt. I am nervous of further surgery now in case they will not be able to solve the problem.      

Cat - 15/04/2009 15:49

Hi Gogo - as you will see from an earlier post of mine, i too have to have enhancement surgery on one eye, both my eyes vision has regressed already and its only been 11 months since i had surgery.  I am extremely annoyed for deciding initially to go for the surgery, cause now i believe that my glasses were not that much hassle at all.  I also have to have another procedure on my right eye because my cornea is loose and tearing at night.....  Like you, i am nervous that having surgery might not correct it again..... But i need to have the cornea fixed and my surgeon is able to do the two procedures on my right eye together, so at this stage i just want to have it over and done with...however i think that i unfortunately am going to be in the % of people who this didnt actually work for, and would say if after 11 months my sight is getting worse already, then it probably wont take long for me to be back in my glasses again, i hope not, cause alot of money was spent and alot of tears and anguish after the op.  Fingers crossed for you too, hope it goes well! Cat

Go-go - 16/04/2009 11:41

Hello Cat,

yes read your earlier comments and was quite shocked at your experience. It must be an awful worry for you. My sight may have regressed as well but I cannot say for sure. It is not good at all for night driving. Still when I went back for a check-up I was told that my vision was 20/20. I told her about road signs etc. and she suggested getting a sat-nav. I also mentioned about night driving and she said well the evenings were getting longer anyway. I will be quite annoyed if this problem is not taken seriously by the clinic this time around.

Please keep us informed about your progress. I would be very interested. Best of Luck to you too.

Cat - 16/04/2009 13:33

Oh my god GOGO - that is the most unprofessional thing i have ever heard - sat nav, evenings getting longer - its actually disgracefull that she even said this to you.  I hope we are not with the same clinic!!!!!  I hope your appointment goes well and i will keep posting when i have mine done, its a week from tomorrow!! Cat

Go-go - 18/04/2009 12:46

Thanks Cat, My appointment is on Tuesday I will let you know how things go.

helen001 - 17/05/2009 23:46

Hi all, well I had lasik wavefront in Oct 2008 which took me from -6 to -2.  So in March this year I had an enhancement on my right eye and last week had the left eye done by lasek wavefront.  The right eye seems perfect and the left eye good already although alittle blurry for reading but at last I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I can stop stressing which is what Ive done now for so many months....hopefully going to book a holiday and swim in the sea!  oh and can now recommend surgery to people and use my money off vouchures which I was loathe to do....yippee at last can breath a sigh of relief and feel like a weight has been lifted. Good luck to everyone

dryeyevictim - 18/05/2009 20:37


As someone that was foolish enough to have LASIK on my eyes let me make it clear that this surgery damages all eyes. You only have to read an online medical textbook on LASIK to find this out. If you scan through one of these books you will read factual information on LASIK complications. It is scandalous that the surgery is routinely carried by ophthamologists who know this information. For it to be carried out for reasons of convenience is shocking. Unfortunately these online books were only made available recently and I had not come across them. Hence while doing research on the internet I was not sure what was true or not. I had mine done in the Mater Private three months ago (a so called safe clinic). My eyes still feel like they have dry contact lenses in them which irritate me all day long and feel much worse at night keeping me awake for much of the night. The night vision is still poor which makes night driving dangerous.

They tell me I have had a good outcome. Maybe if they had surgery on their own eyes they would know the meaning of severe dry eyes and poor night vision. They really don't understand.

Go-go - 19/05/2009 09:49

Delighted to hear things went well for you Helen, good to hear the positive.

My second appointment went well enough. The Clinic have recommended that I try a contact lense in my right eye to show me how I would be with two eyes fully corrected. This I will try for a few weeks before deciding whether or not to get my right eye enhanced. The disadvantage is, I will be unable to read any print unless I use reading glasses or see anything clearly up close. My left eye appears to be 20/20 but you need both eyes to focus properly which is why I was having problems with it.

Hope your proceedure went ok Cat

Cat - 19/05/2009 13:57

Hi gogo - I have my 3rd appointment tomorrow to see if my cornea is healing properly.  So far so good though, my eye sight is perfect and i have had no dry eye at all, infact even after the procedure it was as if i'd had nothing done, i think this was because my surgeon put a little synthetic plug into my tear duct, so instead of my tears running down the inside of my nose, they pool up in the eye keeping it very moist - i am hoping that this is a good sign that i've had no bother at all with it, but tomorrow will tell the tale...................  Cat

Tim - 19/05/2009 17:52

Hi Cat,

It's great to hear you're having some luck at last. It seems like you've been through wars. I hope things keep improving for you.


Sorry to hear about your problems. It's a shame the surgeons are not being more helpful for you. If someone has dry eyes before surgery they usually either proceed with caution or don't go ahead with surgery at all.

Keep faith though, things will get better. Keep using the drops, as much as you want to feel comfortable. I continued using mine for about 4 months (more then the 6 weeks they tell you) but after that dropped back and stopped using them.

When the flap is made, the nerves are cut around the area. It can take up to a year for them to fully heal and this is why the eye may not tear as much as it should do... but keep faith and as the nerves grow back, the eye will start naturally tearing again.

This was my experience anyway. Now 8 months in and happy so far.

Good luck.


Miss_Keano - 20/05/2009 09:40


I had lasik surgery on both eyes 4 weeks ago and have better than 20:20 now. I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with dry eyes - mine have been good so far and I'm weaning myself off the the drops at the moment...only using 3 times a day now. I dont have problems at night, they are just dry when I wake up but not painful. Whenever they feel a little dry after working at a computer all day or watching tv for hours, I just make sure I blink more as we have a tendency not to blink as much when we stare at these for hours!!

Also, during my recovery I decided to take effervescent vitamin C and Zinc tablets that dissolve in water as well as flax oil in my cereal/foods - I went to a Health Food shop and this is what they told me is good for your eyes. If you got lutein and zeaxanthin tablets too - they are specifically for your eyes. These little tricks have worked for me as I had one dry eye a week after the surgery but 3 weeks later they seem perfect. I hope this helps.

ScaredyCat - 20/05/2009 12:44

Hi all

Everythings going well for me now. Ive had it done about 1 month and a half. Sometimes though my right eye seems blurry, mostly at night after a long day but it sorts its self out the next day Smile

To keano, The doc normally decides which one would benefit you most. Personnaly i Would recommend Lasek because i had it done and had pretty much no complications. It may be a longer recovery period but you are far less likely to get dry eye or further complications as you do with Lasik. Hope this helps :)

Go-go - 26/05/2009 11:03

So good to hear that things are going well for you Cat. I hope the last appointment was to your satisfaction and all is healing as it should. I have started inserting my right contact lense but it will be another few days before I decide if it is a good idea to fully correct the right eye or not. They have suggested if I dont want the surgery that they may make up a pair of spectacles for me just for driving...............decision time.

dryeyevictim - 15/06/2009 22:09

Still have very dry eyes nearly four months since op. Pain in right eye. Serious trouble with reading, tv and computers. Floaters more pronounced. If there is anyone out there experiencing these complications can you contact me? My email is [email address removed]. The procedure should be banned before any more healthy eyes are damaged like mine.

dryeyevictim - 15/06/2009 22:17

I had LASIK but I recommend anyone to do LASEK. There is no flap so if you play contact sports it's safer. I play soccer and was told by my callous surgeon not to get a poke in the eye after the surgery. What is she trying to tell me now that if I get a poke in the eye and the flap is dislodged I could go blind? Thanks for the warning Doc but you should have told me that beforehand.

dryeyevictim - 15/06/2009 22:23

Ok as someone that did LASIK and had a bad result I ask myself the question how stupid was I? The procedure is experimental. The long term results are unknown. Why are people including myself offering their eyes up to these surgeons to be butchered in aid of research. The surgeons are treating human beings like lab rats for two reasons money and research. I am an intelligent guy which is why I will never forgive myself for this. Anyone that gambles with their eyes is dumb. By the way I had surgery done in the Mater Private in case people think that I went to a backstreet merchant.

Cat - 16/06/2009 11:53

Dry Eye Victim - i really really feel for you going through this, as its not that long since i went through bad experiences with the op myself.  I had the LasIK, because my eyes were dry beforehand therefore not suitable for the EK.... It took my eyes a good six weeks before i saw the improvement, i was lucky in one way though that it was only six weeks - however these six weeks were what i can only describe as horrifying, i couldnt see properly for these six weeks and my sight fluctuated daily, in return i came on this message forum and said what i thought and told my experiences and my concerns, only in the end to get a quite hurtfull message from one of the posters saying i was using this site to vent my anger and rage - i stopped posting after that, as i was quite offended.  However, 11 months after my op I decided that i needed a check up on my eyes, as my sight seemed to be getting worse, and i had problems with one eye, i thought this was just the aftermath of the surgery, but how wrong i was, i had corneal erosion syndrome in my right eye, ie... the cornea was loose and was tearing on me, resulting in terrible pain and watering.

I ended up after 11 months from the initial surgery, having to have 2 procedures on my right eye, enhancement and ptk or pkt (cant remember the correct name) to fix the cornea.  The result this time has been much much better and i have had no problems with the outcome.  My sight is now 20/12 or 20/15, and the cornea has healed.  The surgeon also put a little synthetic plug in my tear duct to help keep my eye moist and this has worked wonders....

I do think people need to come on this site and tell their experiences, some people it works for them and some it doesnt, and this is the chance you take when you get it done.  I do wonder though that after 11 months first time round my sight started to deteriorate, how long before this might happen again?  I can definately say that if my sight deterioirates this time, i will not have re-enhancement done, it took two goes for it to work for me, with alot of heartache and misery.  If your eyes are extremely dry, ask your surgeon about the synthetic plug for your tear duct, i had mine done in laservision and i think maybe if i had had the plugs first time round it might have caused me less bother. 

The healing process takes time and is so different from one person to another, i know its frustrating and you think you'll never get there, but you will, just hold in there, i hope this helps, good luck and keep posting to let us know how your getting on.  CatKiss

Go-go - 19/06/2009 09:52

So sorry "dryeyevictim" your experience has been so bad. It is a scary time and very uncertain. I had Lasik done myself 7 months ago and though I had problems it does seem to be improving. My night-time vision is still not great. I really hope your situation improves for you. 

ScaredyCat - 22/06/2009 17:18

Dryeyevictim Im really sorry to hear your bad experience with laser. I also got mine done at the Mater private but have had little complications so far(Its been about 3 months) Although I was in absolute agony for the first 3 days it got better. Although sometimes my eyes get very blurry and if I go outside into bright light everythings white,it takes time to adjust.

I hope your condition improves, Can i ask if they have helped you at all(Mater)? Im just wondering as I would like to think that being a former patient myself that they would????

dryeyevictim - 01/07/2009 22:02

There's an old saying that the worst lies of all are lies by ommission. I think that certainly applies to refractive surgeons. For example according to their own research paper in the Mater Private "5-year follow up of LASIK for all levels of myopia" a full 24% complained of poor night vision or glare. According to another study in the same document it states that 75% reported night time glare. 4% were still taking eyedrops after 5 years. Stability among the higher myopes > 6.0 shows that only 33% were within -0.5 after five years. Hence after just five years there is a 67% chance your sight will have regressed if you are > 6.0.

It's no coincidence that there two complications happening to a large number of LASIK patients

dry eyes

night time glare

As someone that did laser I would say expect the above if you take the plunge.

The 95% figure they bandy about includes the people with glare and dry eye problems.

Another important point which could lead to an epidemic is when we, the innocent (some might say naive) victims get old. Of course the refractive surgeons will not be around to see the damage they have caused so why should they care.

dryeyevictim - 14/07/2009 15:19

Listen let's be realistic. These surgeons create complications that they know can't be fixed hence the procedure should be banned.  I'm extremely concerned about every patient that has this done and not just myself. THE LONG TERM RISKS ARE UNKNOWN. Should this be written on the consent form? Most definitely.

By the way still suffering with severe floaters, sore dry eyes, poor night vision. Are these frequently reported complications? Yes according to wikipedia. Can we trust wikipedia for our information on LASIK? Yes we can due to the fact that statistics are referenced from journals of ophthalmology.

jackson - 15/07/2009 13:19

Hi All, I went for LASEK surgery last week and I must say it is much better than I thought it would be. It is still quite difficult to see out of the eye and because I only got one eye done it is difficult to focus at the moment. I am getting the other eye done next week so i hope it will be a lot better then.In terms of advice, I would recommend going to a few different places before you make your mind up. I went to 3 clinics in total before I finally decided on one clinic . I got different prescriptions from different clinics, and was told I was suitable for different types (IK and EK), which was initially confusing. Many clinics offer free consultations so there is no harm in spending the time to go to a few of them to make sure you are happy with the clinic you decide on.


BC - 15/07/2009 13:46

I had Lasek done in the Mater Private 8 months ago. I now have 20:20 vision and am absolutely delighted with the results. I was told beforehand I was a higher risk for night time glare issues but decided to go ahead anyway and its been fine.

Dryeyevictim - it is on the consent forms that the long term risks are not proven.

dryeyevictim - 16/07/2009 17:04

On the LASIK consent form that I signed there is no mention of long term risks. I don't know about the LASEK consent form.

jackson - 17/07/2009 10:00

The consent form that i signed ( mentions all the risks. To me, it is worth getting it done. the benefits far outweigh the advantages. just my opinion.

Skenny - 18/07/2009 16:54

hi jackson,I am booked in for surgery next week for surgery at Optilase. I had my pre-op today.Cant wait to get it done. What was your recovery time like?The surgeon told me the Ik recovery time is quicker than the ek.

dryeyevictim - 19/07/2009 03:29

I've made a huge mistake doing this elective surgery but I'm writing here because I don't want anyone else to be deceived about the high level of risks involved with laser surgery. Please take this seriously. My eyes have aged about 20 years since this operation. The cornea is sliced like an onion and the tissue vaporised beneath it with the slice put back down after. Is this really healthy for our eyes even if our day vision is 20/20? From the research I've done since which is too late for me but may not be too late for you this procedure definitely damages healthy eyes. We're all going to look back one day and realise how dumb we were to not to understand that this could do damage. It's like how dumb were people not to understand that inhaling tobacco into the lungs might harm them? It should never have even taken a research paper to cop this.

The thing that bothers me the most is that I believe what I now know is almost on a level with what surgeons know about the procedure since I've read medical textbooks on it. I've also come across some decent ophthalmologists out there who can't believe this laser industry is letting loose on patients eyes. I am also embarassed as a mechanical engineer who should know for example that the eye is going to be structurally weakened after a procedure which destroys the collagen bonds in the cornea.

Yet the surgeons routinely carry it out knowing how unsafe it is. Yes after seeing the damage it is doing now and potentially in the future they are blithely carrying on doing it. They should be ashamed of themselves.


dryeyevictim - 19/07/2009 15:17

Yeah I agree with some of the posts above that LASEK is safer. I really wish I had that done but it wasn't presented to me as an option until after I had one eye done. I think LASIK should be banned. The flap sucks to the eyeball but the collagen bonds are broken which is why the flap contributes little to the biomechanical stabiliy of the eye.Think about a car tyre. If you slice a thin layer of rubber off the surface and then try to glue it back on. It's never going to have the same structural integrity as an intact car tyre with the molecular bonds intact. Ever wondered is the flap not just dead tissue like a contact lens? It is until some nerves grow back into it after about six months to a year. So expect to have a sensation of dry pair of contact lenses on your eyes that you can never take out for along period. These are the infamous flaps. Of course if you have a flap that is dislodged it will never be living tissue. That's right a contact lens that is glued to your eye forever.

Don't forget the eyeball is a pressurised vessel. Hence if you were to remove too much cornea your eyeball would bulge outward. This is a sight threatening condition called ectasia.

The nerves are also severed in creating the flap which is why so many people suffer from dry eyes for months or years afterwards.

Of course ophthalmologists know all this stuff which is why very few have it done themselves.

dryeyevictim - 19/07/2009 22:01

I really am struggling with a host of LASIK complications. I had a great life working, playing sport and meeting friends. Since the operation everything has been an uphill struggle, in fact life has been hell after LASIK.

There's a mention of no guarantee of long term visual outcome on the consent form but no mention of long term risks. That's because this only became popular in mid to late 1990's so they are unknown.

To all the people across the world and indeed in Ireland I owe you an apology for not heeding your suffering. I just hope my suffering can prevent someone else's. I left my email in a previous post should anyone wish to contact me.

Cat - 20/07/2009 13:54

Dry Eye Victim - i really really feel sorry for you - I can totally understand where you are coming from.  I had the surgery done a year ago last May in both eyes together.  I had the one where they soften the cornea and then move it back, i think this is EK as i wasnt suitable for IK because my eyes were already dry.  It took 6 weeks of not being able to see properly, very dry eyes where i was constantly spraying or putting drops into my eyes to relieve the discomfort.  Then suddenly after 6 weeks they sight was perfect.  Roll on not a  full year, in April this year after experiencing some horrific pain in my right eye during the night, this was accompanied by the cornea getting stuck to my eye and upon opening a tearing sensation with floods of water coming out - i went back to the clinic and discovered that I had corneal erosion syndrome.......  So not only had my sight deteriorated hugely in my right eye, i now had this syndrome that apparently only 1% or people get.  I had to have enhancement surgery done in my right eye and a procedure called PTK to fix the problem.

Thankfully this has worked and i have no bother with either eye now.  My surgeon did however put a little synthetic plug into my right tear duct to keep the tears pooling around my eye and not down the back of the duct into my throat - this I believe has made the world of difference and I have no dryness at all - maybe you should speak to your surgeon and get him to put these plugs in as they really do help.  I have had mine in since the op in April and my last app to see the surgeon is 1st September.

Even though my eyes are perfect now - had i known about the turmoil and problems that I would have been faced with, then I would not have it done, nor would I ever recommend anyone to get it done again.

I know its difficult, but hang in there, you will get there!  Cat

jackson - 20/07/2009 14:07


my recovery time was three days, I was in no pain. optilase were very good and professional. i have been reading the posts from dryeyevictim. I feel sorry for you if this is true. but you have posted so repeatedly and frequently about the same thing, it makes me wonder. on other forums that i have been on some people (who we later discover are opticians) continuously exaggerate the risks to put people off laser eye surgery. is this a conflict of interest?

dryeyevictim - 20/07/2009 22:33

No Jackson. it's just obvious that LASEK is much safer than LASIK since there is no flap. however LASIK was the one my surgeon suggested for me. there is no doubt that the cornea is significantly weaker and open to infection after LASIK. this doesn't apply with LASEK. in my opinion LASIK should be obselete by now.

dryeyevictim - 24/07/2009 13:13

The laser surgeons tell people that they are unusual or interesting making the patient feel like there is something wrong with them rather than the surgeon or surgery. Somewhere along the line the surgeons forgot they were deaing with humans rather than mice.

helen001 - 24/07/2009 20:41

Well I must agree with dryeyevictim in that lasik doesnt appear to be as safe as lasek...ive had both (first the lasik and wish I hadnt).  I do have 20/20 or better in my left eye now and in my right they tell me its 20/20 but I have a haze problem, i can still see well with it but its not as good as the left so alittle frustrating; they have given me various drops/gels etc but not holding out hope on it working (but guess i have no comeback and have signed my rights away so its just a good job my left eye is good!)

I did point out to the surgeon that i dont think they did wavefront on my right eye (not sure if thats the reason ?) 

As anyone else had this problem?

gilly1 - 07/08/2009 13:12

Hi Helen

I found some useful stuff on a website for laser eye clinics, they seem to have a list of laser eye surgery cinincs in ireland.

Sadia - 07/08/2009 16:45

Hi All,

I am an optometrist and I used to work for a chain of laser clinics in the UK. As regards which is safer: LASIK or LASEK, they both have serious risks associated with them. For LASIK the risk is that if the cornea is too weakened after surgery, it could start to bulge forward in what is known as ectasia. This could eventually require a corneal graft (replacement donor cornea). For LASEK the risk is of permanent visually debilitating scarring on the cornea.

These risks are however very small. Patients used to ask me if I would have it done and I explained that I could not give a definitive answer because I do not wear glasses myself and so I can't imagine what a bind that must be. However I got free treatment for my best friend and my sister in law and I would not have done this if I really felt there was a serious risk of them loosing vision.

dryeyevictim - 12/08/2009 21:25

It is important patients are aware that all the risks on the consent form apply to them. Patients should research each individual risk very carefully and ask themselves would they be able to cope if any of these risks applied to them. For example could you cope with the most common risk of all, permanently dry eyes? If you are told you are a good candidate this does not mitigate the risks. I was told I was a good candidate and I am still experiencing dry eyes, severe floaters and poor night vision a full six months after my surgery. To say the last six months have been a nightmare would be an understatement.

djn - 20/08/2009 09:06

I would just like to echo what dryeyevictim has said below. I had laser eye surgery in January. I was told I was a good candidate and Lasik was recommended for the best chance of success. The risk of complications was put at happening to c. 3% of patients and I foolishly thought "It won't be me", not thinking what would happen if it was me. I now have near 20/20 vision, but only in bright daylight. In medium to low light conditions my vision is blurry, I see starbursts around light sources (day and night), I have dry eyes and my eyes get tired very easily. In addition to this are floaters (which they don't even see fit to warn you about), every time I'm outdoors my field of vision is filled with cobweb-like floaters which definitely weren't there before surgery. Going to the pub, cinema, restaurants, negotiating an airport or any other night-time/low-light activity has been turned into an endurance test. I took a stupid risk with my eyes and am likely to pay for that decision for the rest of my life, I would feel slightly better if I could make other people think harder about the risks they are taking with their eyes. I am stuck in a nightmare.

I thought I was putting the hassle and expense of glasses behind me for good and instead the only way I have any chance of recovering good vision is expensive speciality contact lenses which I'll probably have to travel to the US to get. In addition is the constant regret, depression and reduced quality of life that has followed my decision. The links below will give you a better idea of what can happen when Lasik goes wrong (wish I'd seen them beforeFrown):

And just before anyone accuses me of being alarmist (or an optician with too much time on his hands), I know laser eye surgery can and does have good results for a lot of people (my sister included). I'm just trying to let people know the other side of the story.

dryeyevictim - 20/08/2009 17:21

I agree with djn. If you are have a poor outcome you can't help but ask why the surgeon would do this in the first place. I thought the same thing-that it would not happen to me. It is not good enough that there are victims. The procedure is therefore unsafe. By the way even though djn's sister is happy now there is no guarantee of the long term safety or effectiveness. I was a fool also but I no longer blame myself so much.

At one post op checkup I pleaded with my surgeon to resolve these problems but she simply told me there was nothing she could do and shepherded me out the door. She then went straight to the waiting room where I heard her call out the name of her next customer. I felt like going into the waiting room and screaming at everyone to get the hell out of here. How can they continue doing LASIK when LASEK is obviously safer? However I wouldn't recommend any eye surgery as I'm sure LASEK carries serious risks too.

dryeyevictim - 21/08/2009 00:20

The question that arises is who's more responsible for what has happened to my eyes? It has to be the surgeon. They can see first hand the damage they are doing. What kind of a world are we living in where doctors are putting financial gain ahead of patient safety? If safety was the priority they'd politely turn everyone away. A safer alternative exists in glasses and contacts. By the way the argument that laser is safer than contacts is complete cr*p. That's only if you wear them all the time and don't look after them. If you apply common sense then glasses and contacts are way safer and effective than this ridiculous laser surgery. I find it bizarre when I hear people say that their surgery went well and then when you dig a bit deeper they tell you their night vision isn't great. how can this be a success? I am honest about it. dry eyes is a b*tch. poor night vision is a b*tch. massive floaters are a b*tch if you get them. there is so much denial about laser surgery from patients and doctors. when are the surgeons going to cop on to themselves. they should use their education for the greater good of society rather than risk harming people now and in the future when even more complications could come to light. I'm no optician. I've just read the facts. There are medical textbooks to read freely online regarding LASIK. It's horrific what surgeons don't tell their patients. 

By the way LASEK is making a comeback. Why? Because the surgeons are only copping on to the damage they've done with LASIK. If a safer alternative to LASEK comes out then that too will be the next big thing. It's all experimental and sadly I'm just another guinea pig.

Cat - 21/08/2009 09:56

At the end of the day its up to every individual to decide whether or not to go ahead with this treatment. I myself was warned profusely against it by a friend who had the treatment and almost 3yrs later is still experiencing difficulties etc...with the outcome - had i listened to them, i might not have put myself through 6 weeks initially of thinking i would never see properly again and then a year later having to sit in that same chair and have ptk done to correct a corneal erosion and enhancement surgery in one eye........

BUT every individual knows the risks, its your eyes for gods sakes, of course there are risks and if people are willing to go ahead with the surgery then thats the chance they have to take, no surgeon can guarantee 100% that you will be ok afterwards and have great vision with no complications.

I knew the risks but i still went ahead, thinking "it wont be me" - however I was very wrong..................

Some people this surgery works great form and others it simply doesnt and they are left with problems for ever afterwards, so even though after everything i have went through and now my vision is perfect and i can see everything near and far, i would never mess with my eyes again and would definately not have this surgery!

dryeyevictim - 21/08/2009 13:43

There is some fascinating/eye-opening information available in medical textbooks online. google have kindly scanned in these books. for example how many people are aware that it takes 12 months before an individual starts blinking normally after LASIK? my surgeon had the cheek to try and tell me my problems were due to the fact that i just wasn't a good blinker. what utter nonsense. the truth is the corneal surface is desensitised after LASIK which is why only when the nerves grow back signals are sent to the brain to tell you to blink. it's a reflex action driven by the nerves in the cornea. just another example of how refractive surgeons cannot be trusted. if a surgeon tells you that you are not blinking enough you know they are lying to you. i've heard of other patients who were told this by their doctors. in a healthy eye you would never need to remind yourself to blink.

i would urge all laser surgeons out there to please tell your patients all the facts. don't wait for them to ask questions that they would never think of. tell them everything PLEASE. don't act like used car salesmen when you're dealing with human eyes. there is a huge difference.

scapegoat - 21/08/2009 15:50

Folks, We all need to remember that laser eye surgery is cosmetic and voluntary but it is surgery and as such carries risks.

I had it done because I hated wearing glasses and not being able to do "normal" things such as go for a swim or even see when entering a warm room until my glasses had cleared. I could not get out of bed without my glasses and I couldn't wear contacts. I am 100% happy with my outcome, but I was fully aware of the risks and had read about every problem outcome I could find including all the websites referred to in this discussion. Having done the research, I felt that the risks were minor once proper precautions were taken. I made sure that I was a suitable candidate - I checked the clinics test results myself and didn't just take their word for it. I followed pre and post op instructions to the letter which included pre-op hygiene instructions. I only opened my eyes for the first 20 or so hours to put the drops in, which I did at exactly the times I was told to - I have heard people talking about watching TV the evening of the op whereas I was told that I should completely rest my eyes until the next day. I used copious amounts of the lubrications drops when I needed to and wore the goggles at night for the full 2 weeks after surgery.

Having said this, I advised a friend AGAINST having lasik or lasek. She wore contact lenses and was one of the fortunate people who could put them in at 7 a.m. and go out until the early hours and not be bothered by them. If I had been in the same position as her, I would have felt no need for the surgery. 5 years on it was one of the best decisions I have ever made but it is not for everyone and anyone considering it should make an informed decision and decide if the inevitable risks are worth it for them.

SamSam - 21/08/2009 16:09

In every medical procedure there are two sides the negative and the positive side. It's because medicine is a continuing research, a life time discovery. Anyway back to the topic, eye laser surgery is one of the most effective method to correct eye problems, many people it has like 80% of chances to treat eye problems and the rest remains a mystery that's the negative side which often people viewed as untreated. But in the real world of medicine it's a puzzle that needs to be solved.

dryeyevictim - 21/08/2009 18:34

Scapegoat which procedure did you have LASIK or LASEK?-was a blade used to cut the flap?

dryeyevictim - 22/08/2009 01:44

I really am hoping for a miracle. These complications are having a huge negative impact on my quality of life. I implore anyone to go about their normal activities with dry eyes, floaters and poor night vision without going insane.

scapegoat - 24/08/2009 13:10

I had LASIK and a blade was used to cut the flap.

I had it done in Belfast in an excellent clinic which has since closed, I believe due to the amount of "cheap" clinics opening.

dryeyevictim - 24/08/2009 16:59

does anyone what happens to people like me who have a bad outcome. i guess we are just a statistic that no one can help. is it right that in a civlised society these surgeons are creating casualties? my quality of life is very poor with these very serious complications and my surgeon does not care because i signed that consent form. so after telling me i was a suitable candidate now it's all my fault that it's gone wrong according to her. 

dryeyevictim - 21/09/2009 16:20

djn are you still having problems? my problems with dry eyes, floaters and poor night vision are still causing me huge distress. is there anything that can be done for us?

D1m0n - 10/10/2009 18:33

RE: "I have ever made but it is not for everyone and anyone considering it should make an informed decision and decide if the inevitable risks are worth it for them."

You can do all research in a world but the bottom line is:  it is not up to you to predict how the sergery will end up.

All the knowlege in a word would not help you with an eye sergent who actually performs the sergery.

People like you are often saying " make an informed decision", what you mean by that scapegoat ?

For the last 10 years I hold myself back and pfefer contacts because the risk is still there, and this is only my "informed decision" so far.

dryeyevictim - 21/10/2009 18:19

I would be the first to admit I was wrong to get involved with this laser business. If only for the simple reason that there had been other people left with debilitating complications before I arrived at the damn clinic. Therefore I was adding money to a business that has the potential to wreck eyes. Misinformed patients do this for cosmetic (not a valid reason for any surgery), for convenience (not really valid either) and for safety (again glasses and contacts are safer). What I can't figure out is that having seen the disaster cases with their own two (unlasered) eyes how these refractive surgeons can continue doing it. There are certain things I would do like back up a colleague etc. However what I do know for a fact if I was an ophthalmologist seeing that there are poor outcomes from laser I would not blithely carry on doing it. I am more sensitive to patients' hurt than that. I would find other areas of ophthalmology to earn money from and I would advise people against having the surgery rather than trying to promote it.

dryeyevictim - 27/10/2009 00:03

Again I would urge patients to go to google books from the google homepage. Type in LASIK and read the complications sections online via the search mechanism. You can search for all references to "dry eye" for example. These books are written by doctors so you can take it they are reliable.

scapegoat - 27/10/2009 13:28


Just saw your post today - I've been away for a few weeks.  When I said that people need to make an informed decision I meant exactly that.  I had considered getting laser eye surgery of some variety for over 15 years before I finally had Lasik.  I had followed the progress in the surgery and equipment and read all of the information I could access - including all of the risks and possible poor outcomes.  I researched clinics and their reputations and also checked out what suitability testing each clinic did.  The clinic I went to did far more testing than the high profile private hospitals which did the surgery in Ireland at the time.  I checked what test results were considered "suitable" and checked my own results to ensure I was well within the most conservative range - not just borderline.  They also had more follow up appointments than other clinics.


scapegoat - 27/10/2009 16:18

My previous message was chopped in half and does not reflect all of what I wished to say, however I'm not going to rewrite it now!

micko - 28/10/2009 18:57

for scapegoat 

what clinic did you go to ??

scapegoat - 30/10/2009 11:07

It was a clinic in Belfast that has since closed down - I believe due to the number of cheap clinics opening in Dublin.  At the time, there were very few clinics offering the surgery in Dublin.  To be honest, I'm not sure of the name as it was nearly 6 years ago.

dryeyevictim - 04/11/2009 18:19

As regard the long term risks patients should be aware that after eye laser surgery ophthalmologists will not be able to do a proper intraocular pressure exam (used to screen for sight threatening glaucoma) nor will they be able to find the correct lens for a cataract operation. what this means is that glaucoma could go undetected. there is also the possiblilty of having multiple surgeries when cataracts inevitably develop with age. this is known as "refractive surprise".  i had LASIK in a major Dublin hospital 8 months ago and it's been the worst decision of my life. there's a massive amount of information they don't want patients to know. It's all about short-term gain with these people.

helen001 - 05/11/2009 10:36

just wondering if anyone knows if after having surgery and "hase" appears, it can be rectified? I'm finding it really frustrating having one eye good and the other not as it puts me off balance as good

John09 - 19/11/2009 14:14

Hello everyone, I have got Lasik more than 3 months ago, and I can say for sure it was the biggest mistake of my life. I did some research, unfortunately i didn't check this blog, but I kept on searching different clinic websites to try to understand better the Lasek and Lasik procedures. I also managed to read a very positive review about the clinic were I arranged my surgery, on a forum (at that time was the only one review): the anonimous writer describes in details how wonderful the eye surgery experience was, and how incredible the staff was; I decided to read the same review after my surgery and I realized that the review was defenetely written by one of them. I felt I've been foolished! Those people, after the surgery, they don't want to listen if your vision is permanently damaged with night starbusts, blurred vision poor indoor vision etc, but they insist instead (and trying to convince you) of the positive outcome: in my case they showed me they have cured my myopia; wow, fantastic! ...Their target is giving back the 20/20 (when it's happening) which it's only the "quantity" side of the surgery. But vision needs also a "quality" result, for god sake! Before the surgery, the clinic was all after me (=my money). I felt my eyes were like a product on sale in their supermarket: once I place them at the til, I pay, and I go, goodbye. On the day of my surgery there were other 15 people listed with that surgeon!!

Since then my life has changed, and in every moment of it, when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed and try to sleep few hours, I'm thinking about this horrible life experience and I am worried about my psycological state, how much I can cope with post lasik permanent damages and first of all I am worried about the future of my eyes. Days after my eye surgery I read some Lasik reports from american medical studies: they were so negative that I had to lie down in bed because I felt I was fainting...

John09 - 20/11/2009 15:05

I am horrified by the fact that some clinics make TV ads to convince people to undertake a surgical operation. Have you ever heard of rinoplasty or breast enlargement surgery advertised on tv? never.Unfortunately I fell for one of this clinic, expecially for the one that told me that I was suitable for Lasik, where some other told me that Lasek would have been better for me. I simply didn't want to feel the pain, disconfort and the slower recovery that Lasek gives. With Lasik instead I could also opt for the Intralase (for a much higher price) which is supposed to guarantee a better flap recovery and less risks related. I am actually deeplty concern of the all idea of them hiding from us some negative reports and the studies carried about lasik, that underline the real dangers of this procedure (see attached file). The consent list the usual side effect (halos glare dry eyes etc) but doesn't effectively communicate to us the real danger reported in the Lasik Report studies. I feel I was tricked by the optitians in this clinic and I think that all the eye surgery clinics hide the harm and the danger they are going to give to their clients. They are doctor  and they should have a ethical code of conduct,  because safeguarding health come above the greediness of making fast money. In my opinion they failed in that.On the visit the optitian told me: "you have large pupils, but because you choose the Custom Wavefront tecnology, then you will be fine" and I fell for. How can they give me evidences that I received the Wavefront?  Is there any legislation that give a limit (maximum diameter of pupils)  to the suitability for this surgery?Thanks for reading this letter, and I hope to receive some information, some support, or simply your point of view 

dryeyevictim - 03/01/2010 03:45

My life is still hell after my surgery ten months ago now. Sore eyes 24/7. Large floaters and night glare leaving me visually impaired. My surgeon does not want to believe it but it has literally wrecked my life.  One day the truth will come out. One day this will be banned. One day. It will happen. The truth about these surgeons will come out. One day. I just wish it had been banned before I let that inhuman surgeon wreck my eyes and my quality of life.

Elena - 02/02/2010 10:35

I used this discussion forum when I was researching laser eye surgery. I found the wide range of diverse comments, the pros and cons, questions to ask all extremely helpful. What a shame it has now become a platform for a sustained diatribe from one disgruntled individual. There are many very happy and satisfied people out there, including a number of my own friends, who have had very positive experiences of laser eye surgery and have had no side or ill effects whatsoever. Do your research, ensure your appointments are with a qualified Ophthalmic surgeon who is available to meet you before and after surgery to explain any possible risks and to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. .

dryeyevictim - 03/02/2010 00:49


With due respect what research have you done? I have several research papers from a Dublin university library showing just how risky this surgery is and believe me noone reading this stuff would do it. The risks are a lot greater than the 5% failure rate these laser surgeons will have you believe. For example 36% of people who do LASIK will have dry eye syndrome (which can be extremely debilitating) for a minimum of six months. Then there are those who have permanent dry eyes longer than one year at 4%. Yes that's right almost one in twenty will have dry, irritated eyes for life. This is a disability, believe me I know all about dry eyes and it's not fun.

You obviously think it's acceptable that there are victims of eye laser surgery. Well it's not. I went in to the clinic thinking would these people be carrying out laser surgery if it wasn't safe. But yes these surgeons continue to ignore the victims. How many victims does there have to be Elena? Is one bad case not one too many? Or maybe you're one of those people that think there are no bad cases.

Research? I've done more research than you'll ever know and what I've found out makes me wonder how this surgery hasn't been banned a long time ago. I didn't do this research prior to surgery and I had left that to the professionals. But my poor result meant that whatever time I could tolerate using a computer I dug out research papers written by ophthalmologists. I was trying to figure why my eyes are sore and why I am visually impaired with large floaters and night glare.

By the way Elena my surgery was carried out by a fully qualified ophthalmologist in a private hospital. As far as I'm aware the surgery was carried out properly although there were some flap adjustments. So if I'm left with severe unresolved complications eleven months afterwards then that proves that the real problem is the procedure itself. The LASIK procedure is damaging many patients' eyes in my opinion.

Yeah I'm disgruntled, yeah I'm angry, yeah I'm pissed off with the fact that I was lied to both verbally and in writing by the laser surgeon and clinic. I suppose you know the long term risks Elena? Well no actually you don't and neither do these laser surgeons. Judging by the damage done to my eyes in the short term I believe that your happy friends may well find themselves unhappy in the future. You don't know, I don't know and the surgeons don't know. What I do know is the surgeons are willing to completely ignore all the victims so far. So what does that say about them? Where do their morals lie?

For example if one children's toy for example is found to be defective then all these toys are recalled. You would think the same would apply to laser surgery in that one victim is one too many. But no because ethics and morality do not apply to eye laser surgery.

Elena, you have no idea what victims are going through and all you can do is worry about my postings. I will keep posting here and I will be getting all the facts to as many members of the public as possible.

Cat - 03/02/2010 12:14

To Elena and Dry Eye victim

Firstly I have to say that I am quite appalled at Elena referring to Dry Eye Victim as a disgruntled person. How can you say this to someone who is clearly extremely distressed and who is still reaping the non-benefits of this surgery!! This board is here for people to post their storys whether good or bad. Do you think Elena just because Dry Eye Victim has posted lots of times he should merely shut up about his eye condition now. Well I dont, infact Dry Eye i think you should post as often and as many posts as you feel you need to. Eleana incase you hadnt noticed, this is someones eyes we are talking about, we only have two of them, and they are needed for everything, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, so having this partially taken away from you, like Dry Eye has must be unbearable, and to think that you are shooting him down when he is just trying to get some answers, sympathy and maybe someone that may be able to help him out, is just unforgivable.

Ok so yeah this surgery is great and lots of people have great success, a few friends i know have had it done and think its the bees knees, however one friend has also had it done and 3 years later, yes ELENA 3 full years later, he is still experiencing difficulties, especially at night with night vision. Imagine being told before surgery that you might have side effects and your eyes might not go back to normal for a full 3 years, would you still opt to do the surgery?? Unfortunately I didnt not take the advise of my friend, and went ahead and also had it done, in a very good clinic with top surgeons. In less than one year i developed corneal errosion syndrom, which i think is self explanatory, the pain of this was just indescribable, also in the same eye, i noticed the sight not near as sharp as at the beginning of surgery. In less than a year my sight had started to deteriorate. I went back to the clinic and had to have two further operations on this eye - 11 MONTHS AFTER INITIAL SURGERY.

I am now 8 months post my second surgery and i have to say the sight in both my eyes are deterioriting again. So all in all this surgery did not even last me one year! HAd i been told this at the beginning, I would not have went ahead with it, had i been told that i would have excruiting pain in one eye and my cornea erroding away for a full year, i definately would not have went ahead with it and I had listened to my friend who after 3 years is still experiencing difficulties, i certainly would not have done this, but no, i went ahead, thinking this wont happen me, but it did. Now apart from having the occasion dry eye and my sight not as clear as it was, i dont really have any other problems, not unless i accidentally stick my mascara wand in my eye, and if this happens, i may as well have been poked in the eye with a hot poker, or if i accidentally sweep my fringe into my eye, again hot poker comes to mind. The surface of my eyes are so extra sensitive that that slightest touch is sooooo sore, i just could not describe the pain.

So Dry Eye, whilst my probelms are not anywhere as bad as your's, i completely sympathise with you and if its any consolation my friend who had the surgery 3 years ago, is still noticing improvements in the problems, so hang in there and time will probably sort things out for you. Annoying i know, but what else have you got?

As for Elena, i am glad that if you had your surgery it went ok, because believe me, if it hadnt, i bet we would hear from you alot more. Now please be kind to the people like Dry Eye, who are quite clearly at their wits end with this and might not have anywhere else to turn to. Cat

D1m0n - 03/02/2010 12:37

Re:'I used this discussion forum when I was researching laser eye surgery'

There are a few questions here:

The first is why she did a 'research' in a first place? And what the particular results of this research? Are you a student or just did it for yourself because you want to go for Lase(i)k? And if you satisfied with your research why you didn't go for a surgery yet?


John09 - 03/02/2010 13:06

I want to give my full support to Cat, Dryeyevictim and all the people that were tricked by those clinics that don't really care about your eyes, but only about your wallet. In my opinion, all those clinics hide the real danger of the Lasik procedure. People that are thinking of undertaking Lasik NEED TO KNOW the truth. And the visit post-surgery? A complete joke!

Living with "new" eyes after Lasik means living with a new reality, with no coming back. I previously wrote my story in this blog. And yes, after realizing I am suffering from permanent side effects post Lasik, I do feel that a part of me (which was my normal sight with the glasses), died and will never be back, it's like loosing somebody you care. Without taking in consideration how this may affect your social life, your sense of security, your concentration and much more. By the way, I already have some difficulty in near sight (like reading and looking at photos) and I am not yet 40.

buzz - 03/02/2010 14:29

Yeah I think its really bad form to advertise things like "€495 per eye" etc. My optician recommends only two clinics (the rest are basically at my own risk they said) and both are quite expensive but at least they do a proper job.

I suffer from dry eyes anyway, and need lenses due to astigmatism and myopia. Always thought about laser surgery as contact lenses are fairly expensive but something always held me back!

buzz - 03/02/2010 14:42

Range of diverse comments, the pros and cons, questions to ask all extremely helpful. What a shame it has now become a platform for a sustained diatribe from one disgruntled individual.

What a ridiculous thing to say. People are entitled to relay their experiences (good or bad) if they so wish.  Personally, I always appreciate people like this coming forward with their experiences.

Elena - 10/02/2010 22:00

Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anybody. Of course it is important to have positive and negative experiences (this is a discussion forum) but 29 posts complaining about side effects of laser eye surgery from one person is a diatribe, not a discussion.

Re Research –no, I’m not a student, I was referring to the normal research one does before shopping / surgery etc and I emphasise ‘before’, not after. I was helping out two non Internet people who had asked me to check out side effects / risks of laser eye surgery and the different clinics.

Redstar, yes, great post and looking forward to reading the responses. I know two people who had laser eye surgery years ago (about 12 years ago) I’ve never heard either of them talk about side effects of the eyes but they both separated and divorced soon after their surgery –seems to me that new clear eyesight and no glasses / contact lenses and a new self confidence can lead to other problems but maybe a separate thread needed to discuss this!

Cat - 11/02/2010 09:50

OMG Elena, would you just listen to yourself, 29 posts. You have actually gone back and counted how many Dry Eye Victim has sent in! He has worse vision now than before he went for surgery and you think 29 posts is too many! Obviously your eye sight must be absolutely perfect and I hope that it stays that way, but for others who have had terrible outcomes from this surgery, have a little bit of respect for them please and do not undermine what they are going through by calling them "diatribe".

I myself being one of them. I had yet again another follow up after my 2nd set of surgeries since April and my eyes are both so dry now that my sight is still fluctuating not even a year later! I can hardly see a bus number in front of me!!!!!!!!!!! I have now to have a second plug put into my eye to keep it moist.

This has been the worst thing i have ever done in my life. Would i recommend laser surgery, no way, definately not, i was just too stupid to really listen to others beforehand and went ahead with it anyway.

dryeyevictim - 11/02/2010 13:17

There's a lot being said here about research. What I suggest people do is read carefully the research papers provided by the Mater private. You can walk in and collect these anytime whether you're a patient or not. Read these very carefully.

I also suggest using the Google books facility as I've mentioned before. Run a search for books on LASIK. These are written by ophthalmologists. Run a second search for various complications within these books. For example type in "dry eye" for example. Browse through some text in these.

If you are in a university or know someone in a university get them to dig out research papers written by ophthalmologists on LASIK complications. This amounts to a straightforward search of the online catalogue of ophthalmologoical journals.

Anyone just browsing random websites or forums might be left more than a little confused. However following the steps above should make everything clear.

Think this is too much hassle? Think again. You only have one pair of eyes and if this goes wrong you will be left paying the price long-term or permanently.

The fundamental thing people should be aware of is that there is not enough medical research on eye laser surgery for it to be deemed safe.

Legally the consent form protects the surgeon and clinic even though this does not quantify each individual risk. This therefore should not be considered an information document.

There is no government protection for patients getting eye laser surgery. It is a private industry much like all cosmetic surgery so therefore the HSE and Department of Health want nothing to do with it.

As there is no government involvement there is no simple information leaflet provided by an independent body on eye laser surgery. This is shameful given the numbers of people doing this and how heavily it is being marketed.

I am interested in forming a group for people who have bad experiences with laser surgery in Ireland. We should have a voice. Why should we sit idly by and accept this crap? Why are we not having our cases talked about more in the media. This madness has to end. It's not acceptable to have victims of this surgery brushed under the carpet.

The most important thing of all is that as victims of this procedure we can prevent other people from being injured. We would also promote awareness and information. At the same time we would hopefully put some surgeons and clinics out of business.

This needs to happen. NOW.

My email is [email address removed]



Cat - 12/02/2010 11:36

Dry Eye - being in a similar situation as yourself, ie with very dry eyes...what are you doing to help the dryness? I have a plug in my right eye to keep the eye moist, now have to go back for one in the left eye. Even though my surgeon told me last week that my eyes are very dry and this is what is causing my sight to fluctuate, i myself feel that my sight is definately regressing ALREADY! To be honest, my eye sight is quite bad at the min! Anyway I am using the artelec single drops but they make my eyes so blurry that its just not worth using them especially whilst am in work on my pc....

Have you any advise, seeing that you have done so much research? Thanks a mill.

dryeyevictim - 12/02/2010 15:54

I am trying to a Master's in computers Cat. After LASIK this is proving extremely difficult. Today I went in to a lecture and both eyes were heavy, gritty with vision slightly blurry. I had also large floaters moving slowly across the projector blurring the whole screen. They still maintain I've had a good result in the clinic where I got surgery. Can you believe this? I poured a full vile of Artelac into the eyes but it only gave relief for about 5 minutes then I was back to square one. I think a lot has to do with the environment. If I'm outside and away from computers and air conditioning the eyes are not too bad. As soon as I'm on computers they get irritated. For me the only way my dry eyes will get better is time. As time goes by I hope they will improve more although it's been a full year now. The drops aren't really worth a damn for me. Ophthalmologists will have you believe that drops are a simple solution. Yet another example of these inhuman people not listening to their patients. It actually takes years for the corneal nerves in the eyes to regenerate. When these nerves regenerate the eyes are more sensitive to the environment and you will blink a lot more. What they don't tell you is that everyone that gets LASIK does not blink normally for a full year afterwards.

Like I said the lack of independent regulation on this surgery is a disgrace. A further shameful indictment on the HSE and Department of Health in Ireland. The surgeons are making the rules as they go along in an experimental procedure with victims.


organiclady - 12/02/2010 19:47

I had glasses since I was 17, i finally took the plunge last year to get laser eye surgery. I rang around a few eye clinics first to get prices, I choose a clinic as they have a good reputation. I got a loan from the credit union and paid nearly €2000 in all, but the job was right. I was quoted far cheaper prices by many other companies but felt safer in the long term...a site i found useful in my quest for better vision was it had loads of companies on it.

Cat - 15/02/2010 10:44

Dry Eye - thanks for the info. Have you tried getting your surgeon to fit the little stents/plugs into the tear ducts in both your eyes?? I have had one fitted already and awaiting hopefully this week to have the other fitted. This made such a huge improvement to the dryness of my eye. The stent blocks the tear duct, letting tears/lubricant pool around the eye, instead of draining down the tear duct. Therefore keeping the eye more moist. This might help the dryness for you? Cat

dryeyevictim - 15/02/2010 17:30

Does anyone know anything about the risk of early onset of cataracts post eye laser surgery? I've seen a few posts and websites saying that laser surgery can cause cataracts. I'm wondering if this is true. It wasn't mentioned on my consent form but then neither was ectasia which is a well known risk.

John09 - 16/02/2010 00:29

Please everybody just search for "the Lasik Report" a pdf file, it may be interesting also for people that had a successful Lasik surgery (it explains about complication that may appear after few years).

Another thing: if you are looking for reviews of certain clinic, if you read properly certain incredibly positive reviews, you can deduct that those reviews have been written by themself! I did fall for that, unfortunately....

dryeyevictim - 16/02/2010 18:37

Does anyone know whether there is an increased risk of early onset cataract formation in people who have had LASIK? I saw a post from a guy who had a cataract at a very young age after having laser a few years previously.

eyedidn\'tdoit - 12/03/2010 22:15

I have just cancelled my surgery and decided never to go ahead with it, will stick with the glasses, mainly because of the opinions expressed on this forum.

I was assessed and am considered a perfect candidate for the treatment and have been gauranteed a 100% success. I have been thinking of the treatment for years and did not go for it until now because of the cost. I was scheduled for the full custom wavefront lasik for €2150, after discounts & tax rebate, which was around the price I had been waiting for, I had always figured I would go for it when it was going to cost about €2000.

It was only when I booked the consultation that I really started to research the results seriously. Your experiences and comments below have completely detered me from proceding and I have now had my deposit refunded and put the whole idea to bed forever, I am 45, so it was now or never. To be honest I could not find anyone with a bad experience, everyone I spoke to had a great outcome, all described it as a miracle. I managed to enquire of 7 people who had it and hear from them of another 4, all 11 said absolutely no problem and perfect results and best money ever spent. Some of them were a GPs familly.

For myself in the end it came down to justifying the need against the consequences should I be one of the unlucky ones and it was then a no contest. It was just not worth even the slightest risk of a negative outcome.

I am shortsighted, -3.25 & -3.00 and slightly asthigmatic.

Elena - 06/04/2010 18:01

Worth looking at an article in today’s Irish Times, some interesting facts: laser surgery is ‘always successful’ redoing dependency on glasses, but about 1.7% of patients will require follow-up treatment, it is eight times safer than wearing contact lenses.

dryeyevictim - 06/04/2010 19:03

It drives me mad when I talk to individuals who told me they were a "success" before the procedure only to later tell me they still use eye drops or their night vision is poor. Like I said above even the so called "success" stories are experiencing difficulties. Maybe they fear losing their jobs if they're honest about it.

scapegoat - 07/04/2010 12:27

Dryeyevictim, I appreciate very much that you have had a horrible experience with laser eye surgery, and my heart goes out to you. I don't deny that there are many people who have had problems following these procedures and that some of these problems are devastating. However I don't accept your suggestion that everyone who has has laser eye surgery has problems. I am one of those who have had what I consider to be a perfect outcome - not judged by a clinics test results, but by my own experience and day to day life. I have no problems with my vision that I am aware of, I don't use drops, and I am perfectly happy with my eyesight. I do think though that people need to hear both side of the story, both the disasters and the successes in order to make an informed decision. I am however one of those who advocates that people be extremely cautious when evaluating whether laser eye surgery is right for them - or not. I believe that for many people, it is not the right way to deal with their vision and that people need to evaluate the risks and possible negative results and balance these with the effect wearing glasses has on their lives. In fact as I have stated earlier, I have recommended to some friends who were lucky enough to be able to wear contact lenses all day and night that they shouldn't have surgery as the benefits for them would be minimal for the risk involved. For those who do feel that it is the right thing for them, they need access to balance information on laser eye surgery. Yes, there have been absolutely disasterous outcomes, but there have also been total successes. What we need is cooperation to try and identify the causes of the poor outcomes and for the suitability tests to be improved to ensure that the changes of having your vision damaged are practically eliminated. Personally I would not have gone to many of the branded clinics now operating (are these franchises?) who seem to have a conveyor belt system and instead chose a small, low volume (not low cost) clinic which unfortunately has now gone out of business, I suspect due to the volume of large scale low cost clinics. You get what you pay for and ignorance is not bliss. To anyone who is considering laser eye surgery, it may be the best decision of your life - or the worst. Make sure that you have as much information as possible and don't make this decision lightly. Take responsibility for ensuring that you are suitable, regardless of what the clinic says and if they are not interested in discussing it or explaining the criteria, go to someone who is. Don't forget that laser eye surgery is REAL SURGERY and can have real consequences.

dryeyevictim - 08/04/2010 14:43

Sadly there is nothing in this Irish Times article that tells people the true statistics regarding dry eyes, posterior vitreous detachment, night vision problems and infections. The article focuses more on the opinion of a laser surgeon. It talks about a retreatment rate of 1.7%. What treatment is that? Enhancements? If that is the case the article makes it sound like the only thing patients have to worry about was getting an enhancement.

You are saying that what the laser doctor saying is pure facts. That's his biased opinion as a laser surgeon based on his experiences.

To say that laser is "always successful" is pure nonsense. For example there is a research paper within the Mater clinic (you obviously haven't been reading the facts) which says quite clearly that there has been cases of patients presenting to the Eye and Ear hospital with serious eye infections post LASIK. That's right -the worst possible complication. I have no doubt this is rare but it is happening.

The best thing for people to do if they want an honest opinion is to go to the Eye and Ear hospital and consult with the ophthalmologists there. They will tell you as they told me that they are "sick of people coming in there with dry eye problems post laser surgery". Why do patients do that? Because they are being ignored by the clinics that did the damage in the first place and are left with painful dry eye syndrome.

Incidentally I had to go to the Eye and Ear hospital three times because I was being ignored and two of the three ophthalmologists were wearing glasses. My friends' brother in law also wears glasses even though he is a laser surgeon.

Like I said folks don't just take my word for it that this surgery is totally unsafe. Talk to the people in the Eye and Ear. Talk to your GP. Read factual information only.

If you listen to a laser surgeon you will get a distorted picture of what they deem "success" rates.

Oh yeah don't be fooled by the "eight times safer than contact lens" statement. That's in relation to one risk only and that's infection. Wouldn't it be great if infection was the only risk associated with laser and this was extremely low (as it is).

Contact lenses can be uncomfortable but if a patient looks after them then along with glasses they are far safer than running the risks associated with this dangerous procedure.

dryeyevictim - 21/04/2010 15:13

Take a look at the website

This is a hearing before the FDA showing victims of this procedure (some went to top clinics) and doctors who are opposed to it.

I am happy that the FDA offered these hearings and I hope that every prospective LASIK patient watches these videos. I maintain there was serious corruption in the FDA approving LASIK in the first place.

The chair of the panel, a laser surgeon "wouldn't take the risk of laser surgery" herself.

dryeyevictim - 22/04/2010 16:36

Cutting a flap in a healthy cornea and burning the underlying tissue, then putting the flap back down is a "vicious assault" on the human eye.

I have put the words "vicious assault" in inverted commas because these are the words of an ophthalmologist I saw in London for a second opinion. She sees many post LASIK patients with serious complications.

John Von - 03/05/2010 18:56

I would not use the word burn to define remove corneal tissue with the Excimer laser because there is no sign of heat after the procedure.

Please check

pinkmonkey - 12/05/2010 23:53

John 09, where did you have the surgery done??

I find this forum so confusing.  I really want to get it done, yet feel very scared that i will be unlucky also.

Is there any resource that highlights outcomes in various locations so consumers can choose base on actual success rates?? Do you  ever wonder if the same outcomes were experiences by others under your surgeons?? If we knew who they were, we could stay away. It seems like people who have had bad experiences are also coming out of the "elite" clinics, and not the high street ones, so you can never be safe eh??

So confusing. There are millions of people who are happy out with no problems, but when it goes wrong it really destroys lives..... is it worth the risk?? OK i know you are going to say no........... but i am still tempted. I hate contacts, surfing is destroyed, i spend so much money on contacts, and contacts are giving my eyes little scars....................I know it sounds very shallow but it's true...agh confusion. does anyone ever get one done at a time??

John09 - 13/05/2010 20:11

For pinkmonkey (and everybody undecided) Is it worth the risk? you know that I'm going to say no? Ok, I can say yes to you if you really like the risks. Check this video: 

Please also search in Google for "the lasik report", print it and read it all. I choosed to receive the Wavefront option for reducing the risks and paying an extra €1000. Check in this report what it says about wavefront: it is true believe me, and there is no comeback. You can choose Lasek or Prk, but you can still end up like me with poor quality indoor sight, starburst and glare at night, and also night scenes in films (tv but expecially on cinema screen!).

Lasik is the more dangerous than Lasek or Prk (and with these you can still suffer from drye eye for the rest of the life) but It's the one with the fastest recovery, and aso the procedure that allow the clinic to "sell" the intralase option. And don't forget that complications may occur in successful eye surgery. The surgeons know (all) about the danger but they have to find ways to make money, that's why they create new options like wavefront, that's why they hide informations that would make anybody think twice

I won't be allow to tell in this forum where I did my eyesurgery. I actually think the optitians do have a look at forums like this,  and write positive words about eyesurgery; or writing somewhere else (and I know where) wonderful reviews regarding their own clinic  

Big D - 22/05/2010 07:12

Hi Everyone.  I just read through many of the postings.  I was all set to go to my Lasik consultation next week, but I will cancel that plan for sure.  I was not aware that there are so many possible risks, complications and uncertainties associated with this procedure.  The unknown long term consequences of this procedure bother me the most (besides getting my corneas sliced off).  I have decided to continue wearing eyeglasses.  I feel more at peace now after reading your comments.  I don't know why I was even considering getting this done (peer pressure to have it done?, vanity?, convincing marketing ploys from Lasik Clinics?).  My circle of friends (many of which just got Lasik done without doing any research) are really trying to get me to do it, but my gut feeling tells me otherwise.  Thank you for providing this helpful site.  God bless you all.

Lizzie - 02/06/2010 09:44

I had the Lasik procedure last week and it was the best decision of my life.  I had a -7.5 prescription so couldnt get out of bed without glasses.  I have recovered well and I CAN SEE which is amazing.  I am glad I didnt listen to the comments on this forum.  I made my own decision.  I knew the risks but I would prefer to see and have some problems then not be able to see at all.

dryeyevictim - 03/06/2010 15:51

At the moment the situation regarding LASIK is this - there are good cases, bad cases and mediocre cases. However for an unnecessary surgery should there be bad cases at all and should they be as high as 5%? I would say no but maybe a laser surgeon would disagree.

Also here's two more facts based on medical reports written by ophthalmologists on the subject:

Corneal nerves never return to full pre-op levels after LASIK

The cornea is biomechanically much weaker after LASIK

What I'm saying is common sense really. That slicing the eye open and then removing more tissue with a laser is obviously damaging to the eyes.

You know it's ironic really. The labelling information for lasers on the FDA website advises surgeons and medical personnel that "the laser can do damage to skin and eyes so avoid direct contact". So a surgeon who reads this label then proceeds to put the laser directly into patients' eyes.

D1m0n - 04/06/2010 19:28

RE:" I knew the risks but I would prefer to see and have some problems then not be able to see at all." The only problem is when you put your glasses on you would see perfect but after Lasik no glasses will help you if you will get "some problems"

Also you said "I am glad I didnt listen to the comments on this forum." You've been on this forum for the last 2 years and if you didn't ' listen to the comments' - what is the point?

dryeyevictim - 04/06/2010 22:02

Hey Lizzie could you not see with your glasses on? I play a lot of sport myself and I wish I had got those prescription goggles for swimming and prescription comfortable wraparound goggles for football. That way there would never have been a need for contacts. People wear contacts for sport and cosmetic reasons. But for sport they can the goggles I mentioned and well the other reason is just vanity. So there it is. One need never have the discomfort of contacts and therefore there is absolutely no reason why people should damage their eyes with a laser. The other I've noticed is there are thousands of different styles of glasses now and I must admit some look really cool.

I feel stupid for having done laser and I deeply regret it. I'm still paying the price with dry eyes, floaters and night glare. It's been 15 months..

D1m0n - 05/06/2010 10:56

I have higher prescription than Lizzie and prefer contact lenses but not consider myself blind without them. I wear daily lenses from Acuvue and only hassle I have is 20 sec. to put them on in the morning and 5 take them out in the evening. 

scapegoat - 08/06/2010 10:37

D1m0n - That's fine if you can wear contact lenses, but I couldn't. I wasn't as high a prescription as you and Lizzie but I definitely couldn't function at all without my glasses. I needed to wear them from the moment I got up in the morning until the minute I went to bed. On the couple of occasions that I needed to have them repaired, I had to sit in the shop waiting as I couldn't step outside the door without them. Dryeyevictim, there is no way in hell I would go to the swimming pool with my nephews and nieces wearing prescription goggles or on holidays! I stopped doing aquarobics because it wasn't practical to wear my glasses in the pool and I couldn't see the instructor without them. I understand where Lizzie is coming from. I did a lot of online research before I had lasik and even though I was fully aware that there were risks, I felt at the time that for me the quality of life benefits outweighed the potential risks.

dryeyevictim - 11/06/2010 15:45

I agree with D1m0n in that if you get "some problems" after LASIK the laser surgeon will downplay them even though they are annoying as hell and can't be fixed.

So prospective patients ask yourself do want your vision fixed with "some problems". Remember there is absolutely no way of knowing whether you will get these. I went to an experienced surgeon in a very reputable clinic.

lasereyesurgery - 19/07/2010 15:26

In general we receive about 10-15 complaints each year to our website from  patients that have had laser eye surgery in Ireland. In most cases the problems that occurred during the procedure have been resolved. We are setting up a forum on the site next month were you can post and read information regarding LASIK and LASEK Eye Laser Treatment.

Dr Damien Lynch

dryeyevictim - 27/07/2010 00:54

I will be creating my own website to add to all the other negative websites about LASIK eye surgery.

This one will be straightforward. It will simply contain the research papers written by doctors with information that laser surgeons would not dream of telling their patients. It will also contain references to medical literature and the FDA website.

To sum up I have three sources of information. The research papers, the labeling information on the FDA website and books written by laser surgeons.

There is enough evidence out there to prove that these reckless surgeons are doing serious harm to huge numbers of people.

helen001 - 31/07/2010 19:12

Hi, I had lasik in october 2008 but it wasnt sucessful and only took me to -2.  I therefore had an enhancement of lasek in march 2009.  My right eye seems fine (touchwood!) however my left seems to be really bad apparentely caused by haze (at first they said it was a stigmatism).  They are planning to do surgery yet again to get rid of the haze (as antibiotic drops didnt work).  Has anyone else had haze? it scares me of how many times they keep messing with my eyes.  Is there anything i should be doing to protect myself before the next surgery?  thanx

dryeyevictim - 30/09/2010 14:47


I'd like to reiterate what I said previously about research. What I suggest people do is read carefully the research papers provided by the Mater Private. You can walk in and collect these anytime whether you're a patient or not. Read these very carefully.

I also suggest using the Google books facility as I've mentioned before. Run a search for books on LASIK. These are written by ophthalmologists. Run a second search for various complications within these books. For example type in "dry eye" for example. Browse through some text in these.

If you are in a university or know someone in a university get them to dig out research papers written by ophthalmologists on LASIK complications. This amounts to a straightforward search of the online catalogue of ophthalmologoical journals.

I am still suffering with dry eyes, floaters and poor night vision and it's been 20 months now since I had it done.

This procedure should have been banned a long time ago. There is enough evidence out there to prove it is fundamentally harmful to human eyes and the complication rates are too high also.

I doubt my life will ever get back to normal with these eye complications that haven't gone away and probably never will.


Holly2linda - 01/02/2011 23:23

I had laser surgery may 2010,  I'm sorry I got it done worst thing ever.  My eye sight dropped 3 months later back wearing contacts again my eyes are so dry and I can't see at night.  The clinic want to do the operation again and they say it is alright for your eye's to get it done again.  They are pushing me into getting it done again.  I paid 4000 pounds to get it done.  Now they are telling me I shouldn't be wearing contacts because that is what's making my eye's dry.  I'm thinking about taking this further and going to a solicitor about this.  They have ruined my eye's.  Can anyone tell me if they brought there case further and got anywhere with it.  

John09 - 02/02/2011 11:51

Hi Holly2linda,

I would suggest you to ask for a second opinion before you undertake legal action against your eye surgeon. It's better that the oftalmologist has really nothing to do with the eye surgery business. You may need to ask if, after you have been visited, there are any evidence of negligence caused by your eye surgeon or evidence of bad practice (if there's a damage that it has developed after your surgery). Just ask if it's ok for you to wear contact lenses (probably after only 3 months that can actually cause more dry eye symtoms). Think twice about being operated again: you eyes may be subjected again to the chance of having side effects which, like in my case, can be permanent. After my researches I realize that eye surgery carried by certain private clinics (that I cannot mention the names but please use your immagination) it's like taking a serious gamble. It's the biggest regret of all my life.

Good luck

Holly2linda - 02/02/2011 22:53

Hi John09

thanks for your comment I'm going to get a second opinion on this and going to bring it further.  They can't get away with this after spending all that money to have 20/20 vision and come out worse than you went in.  It's really annoying that I can't drive at night and my eye's are dry all the time and blurry vision.  Why wasn't I told about all these side affects before hand.  They will be hearing from my solicitor and I want a full refund.

Anne-Marie - 07/02/2011 10:54

I am very short-sighted with prescription of -8 and -10 and also slight astigmatism. I can wear contacts but usually stick with glasses for work etc. I'd love to be able to see without depending on aids, but am afraid that I would be stuck with problems afterwards (dry eyes, poor night vision and floaters). There are no guarantees. Has anyone heard of a surgery where they implant a corrective lense in the eye, I think it's called intra occular lense surgery. (IOL) I saw a programme on tv a couple of years ago. It was an american show. Is this available in Ireland? Maybe it would be safer, as you could have lense changed if vision changed?

Jamie - 07/02/2011 12:15

Anne Marie, funny you should mention that lens implant. I was talking to someone who said their friend in England had it done, but there was problems with it and they had to go back and get it redone. Obviously you should do more research that rely on that bit of info, but as with any medical procedure, there's always risks. I would love not having to wear lenses or glasses, but I'm afraid to take the risk of laser. Like John, my Auntie had laser surgery to correct her vision in a famous clinic in dublin. She now needs 2 pairs of glasses, has trouble driving and had to go to the Mater to get it sorted because the clinic didn't want to know. I'm not sure what forms people sign when they go in, but you really have to assess the risk. On the other side of the coin, I know a guy that would walk past you in the street his eyes were so bad, and he got treatment and his eyes were perfect.

D1m0n - 07/02/2011 22:18


Anne-Marie, there are risks associated with lens implants although not as much as with other types of laser surgery.

Stick with contacts. I got used to them and sometimes I feel better in them then without them (LOL). But to be honest I really start to hate them after 12 hours of wear. Another factor is a price. There is no silver bullet out there. 


Jamie - 08/02/2011 10:54

D1m0n, contacts used to tire my eyes out at the end of the day, but i've started to use monthly ones and I've no problems. They stay in for a month and are gas permiable. No taking in or out every day. Very handy if you're staying over in someones house or you're going on holidays. You wouldn't even know they're in. They cost me about €100 for 6 months.

D1m0n - 09/02/2011 12:02

 Silicone Hydrogel lenses you are talking about have higher modulus and not as comfortable as my dailies, and I can't sleep in any lenses. No point for me, but I like biofinity

empathy - 17/03/2011 22:32

Hi I am new to this website and have been thinking of laser eye surgery for years.  Really appreciate all you comments and will be thinking long and hard before I make a decision. think dryeyevictim should set up a help website and appreciate all his information. Did any of you victims have your eyes done in any of the two most recommended hosps is the country or was it done in commercial clinics. wud really appreciate this infor.

dryeyevictim - 01/05/2011 23:46

26 months now and still suffering with dry eyes, large floaters and night glare. I don't think laser surgeons give a damn about the level of damage this has done to me.

KF - 14/07/2011 12:36

I had Lasik two days ago in the Mater eye clinic on my right eye. I woke up the next day with 20/20 vision (my prescription was - 4.25) and no side effects (dry eye, glare etc. so far). Am delighted with my experience and looking forward to having the second eye done next week.

maemae - 15/08/2011 13:57

Sincere thanks to all who have written on this topic so far. I was contemplating laser eye surgery but will now not go ahead. Having read through all the posts, I realise that there are many great success stories, but there are also really bad and scary ones, too. Not knowing in advance which category I would end up in is just too risky for me, so I've decided to wait and put my faith in future technological advances which might do away with the risks and provide me with 20/20 problem-free vision. And otherwise, my family will just have to resign themselves to putting my specs on the coffin!! Dryeyevictim, I wish you the very best of luck sorting our your problems. You're a strong advocate for not making any hasty decisions, although that's probably cold comfort to you!

John09 - 15/08/2011 15:07

Hi Maemae, I am kind of glad that you decided not to go ahead with the eye surgery. As I said before, eye surgeons don't care about you and your eyes after the surgery: it's just business and making money with promises.They can be good and experienced (how many times I heard at that time that such surgeon performed thousands of eye laser operations), they can give you the 20/20 vision, but but only after receiving the surgery you might realize how poor night quality vision you have gained, how irritating is watching (and not enjoying) a film on big screen, expecially films with many scenes taken at night time. There is not coming back for that. Without talking about the floaters (they are there, even when you are not thinking about them) and the increased sensibility to light on a sunny day.

helen001 - 15/08/2011 22:55

Hi, I kind of agree with John in that I wish I hadnt had surgery but mainly because I had both eyes done 3 times and the stress of this was not worth having it done!.  I think everyones results can be different in my case I am now light sensitive and have to wear sunglasses in the sun (whereas before I could cope without them).  My eyes actually work better in the dark! Because I've had it done 3 times I still get stressed in case the results change again when really I should be happy!  I still have haze or scarring as the surgeon put it which may or may not heal (when I had haze before it got worse so much so that they had to laser it !  My left eye is better for long distance but not so good at reading and my right is the opposite (this is not what was planned by the surgeon so its pretty scary what percentage is actually unforeseen....

Not worth the some designer glasses and contacts instead...

wille - 22/11/2011 10:50

Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and it's quiet intersting to know more about lasik surgery and their benefits,cost details,complications and etc..,

Cull - 28/11/2011 12:48


Hello all. I’ve had a quick scan through some of the comments and am surprised at the number of negative comments regarding the surgery. I had it done a few months ago with a clinic in Cork. Everything was great. The actual laser treatment is a little scary, but it only last a few minutes. I wore glasses for about 20 years. In wearing glasses and contact I was used to having perfect vision which wearing them.

After the surgery though – My eyesight is at 110% in both eyes, basically better then 20/20 and as good as it was with glasses. I’m sure there is a little of the halo effect with night driving, but it’s way less than what I was getting with contact lenses. I don’t have any dry eyes, and I haven’t had an eye infection since, was a right pain in the posterior  as they were regular enough when messing about with contact lenses.

My prescription hasn’t changed in 10+ years and hopefully it won’t change again. But if it does then yes I’ll do it all again, and I’d recommend it to anyone.


Mighty expensive though. Most of the companies seem to advertise a price of 495. When I asked about that in the consultation I was told that that price wasn’t available at my prescription, and had that price option procedure described to me: Horrific, barbaric and Can Opener are what comes to mind. Least said about that the better. The option I went for was over 5 grand. But don’t let the price put you off. You can haggle. After your initial consultation phone them back and offer them half price for the top level of surgery. If they don’t move on the price then move onto the next company.

Remember you have the money so you have the power. 


dryeyevictim - 12/01/2012 13:18

As mentioned above this is one of the victims of this industry who testified before the FDA.

Miss_Judy - 30/05/2012 13:41

From the one side, laser eye correction is a great option to forget about glasses and contacts, from the other - it is still a huge risk. Check this info, for example: LASIK side effects. My husband was planning on doing LASIK. A few of his friends did it and are very happy with their results but after reading more about the procedure he decided to wait.

madde - 08/01/2013 11:31

Been thinking about doing laser eye surgery some time.  My mum had it done and I know many others who did and are very happy with the results.

I've found this discussion very useful, I'm wondering if any of the people suffering dry eye syndrome are atopic? I.e. have asthma, eczema, allergies. It seems that atopy might increase patients risk of dry eyes. Any opinions?


snowballs - 12/01/2013 06:00


I had lasik surgery in 2003 almost ten years ago now , my advice to anyone that is thinking about the procedure is to get one eye done first it saves a lot of hassle and it was standard procedure when my operation was performed, it was't straight forward for me as i had a re-op but 10 years down the line it was the best discion i ever made, i can get slight glare from streetlights but it is not an issue for me as my sight was so bad pre-op

independance - 22/01/2013 09:33

I had Lasik surgery done twice now. I had a high astigmatism in both eyes. The first time I had it done It was unsuccessful at fully fixing my eyes. I was still left with 1.0 in both eyes. I had the surgery redone again in November, and It still hasnt worked. I was told by my clinic that my eyes were perfect , but I knew they werent. I had my eyes tested at the local optician and they said that both eyes are at 0.75 ??? I cant understand why the clinic would lie about this. Twice now I have had this done, and tomorrow I am going to the clinic to see what they say. I am going to keep quiet about my local optician testing my eyes as I want to hear what drival they will come out with. All in all I do not trust these companies/surgeons. They will say anything to get you out the door. I am now in the position as to if I am offered again do I go through with this ?

ryannnnn - 20/03/2013 12:46

I am long sighted...+4.00 and +4.50 with astigmatism of between 1 and 2 in both eyes.....would you recommend eye surgery.....and is there ANYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS SIMILAR PRESCRIPTION TO ME WHO HAS HAD IT DONE AND IF SO WHAT IS THE OUTCOME???

helen001 - 20/03/2013 20:28

Ok, so I had -6.50 in both eyes and had to have surgery in both eyes 3 times! this was 3 yrs ago now and since then I suffered with dry eyes and fluctuating vision.

Now carefully think about whether or not youve got any other health issues??

Ive had graves thyroid disease for 10 yrs but was told that shouldnt affect results of eye surgery, however, in January this year I was also diagnosed with celiac disease (another auto-immune disease which is common in patients  with thyroid, crohns, rhuem arthritus etc)..

Anyway, once I went on a strict gluten-free diet (for life) and included daily flaxseed (for a month) my eyesight is now perfect and no dry eyes Laughing...even my optician was shocked as he was going to fit me with glasses.!!

Ash121 - 05/06/2013 11:17

Hi, I am interested in getting laser eye surgery but am hearing conflicting stories about who to get it down with. What are peole's experiences with the hospital versus an commercial place? Thanks.

Witofire - 09/06/2013 10:09

Cull says, "My eyesight is at 110% in both eyes, basically better then 20/20". Is this possible?

My neice had this procedure done and is delighted with the result but having read through the postings here I will not.

pinkmonkey - 10/06/2013 16:22

Hi all. I wrote on this forum back in may 2010. You can see how confused I was when I wrote! I was really put off and too scared to get laser. Anyway I got it done in may 2012 and it's been amazing, I am so happy I did it, and it felt right for me (was still quite paranoid before and for a while after due to the fears of side effects!). My eye health is much better than when I wore contacts- contacts web the best dried them out so much. I went to ultralase in Dundrum. I have no complaints. People reading this probably only see horrors and fears so I though I'd add the good too!

John09 - 05/09/2013 20:00

I totally agree with the previous post. Obviously somebody can have great result with laser surgery, with a little bit of luck, because that's what is about: luck.

I had Lasik surgery 4 years ago, and after all this time I still regret it. I think this kind of surgery that has no come back, side effects can stay forever and it's not stressed during the pre operation visits. I suppose, thinking now, a person should suffer at least -8 or -10 miopia to decide to take chance of being left with pain from dry eyes, visual aberration as starburst and glare at nighttime, and many other irreversable side effects. I would compare Lasik surgery like crossing a motorway with closed eyes. If the other side is reached, then, of course it was safe and easy! And even easier to spread the news to everybody about how safe and great it was!

When things went wrong for me, no support at all was offered by the clinic, only lies and false hopes: the surgery is done, the money is paid and the patient is not any longer needed, definitely not a "moaning" one

D1m0n - 06/09/2013 11:48

Hi John,

did you use to wear contact lenses before sergery? Just wonder to know how dry eye caused by contact lense wear compare to the one caused by laser sergery.

John09 - 06/09/2013 23:35

No, I have never worn contact lenses. The only side effect which I haven't suffered is dry eyes because I had chosen an option for Lasik surgery called Intralase, which the corneal flap is cut in a non manual way, with a with blade free method, which the depht of the cut is pre calculated, knowing the thickness of the cornea. This option costed me an extra €1000 at that time. Still the Intralase method didn't guaranteed to have 100% chance of not having dry eyes after the surgery. And infact I paid extra also for the Wavefront option, which it's suppose to prevent glare and starbust, but I got them both, big time

Mand - 09/09/2013 11:48

I thought I would add to this discussion as I havent posted for a number of years.

I originally joined this site like most to weight up the pro's and con's or laser eye surgery.

I can gladly say that I had my surgery in around 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.  After surgery I had glare on night time driving but after a couple of months that resided completely. I have had no problems with blurred vision or dry eyes.  

I have had my 5 year check up with my local optician and my vision is still 100%, to say I was happy would be an understatement. Laughing

John Von - 09/09/2013 14:12

Hey Witofire

In reference to your question about 110% eyesight outcome, let me tell you this; When people has better outcomes than 20/20 vision after the procedure, is because they were overcorrected and from a clinical point of view that is not good, in fact, that procedure is considered a failure, even though the patients is happy with the results. If you want more information about this subject you can take a look at the following article! Which has extensive information about quality vision after LASIK surgery


dryeyevictim - 09/09/2013 20:46

Every patient signs the same consent form which outlines the serious risks. Both patient and surgeon sign up for these risks. Now, given that some of these risks occur frequently according to laser surgeons' reports then they are performing mindless surgery purely for financial gain. 

LoftyK - 29/10/2013 04:08

This has been a very useful thread. I have been scouring the net this past week for reassurances about getting LASIK done for myself. Read several blog posts about individual experiences. Most of them say positive results. But many of them also mention side effects (some of which go away after a while but others that remain and are worrying). Since this is a thread that has gone over 10 years, I could read about several experiences. Although there are several disappointing experiences cited here. Working in the US now and intend to get it done in one of the clinics here. Got a pre- test done and they say I'm a good candidate. But I'm concerned about the long term effects. It is great to read some people who have come back after 5 years and posted how they have no trouble with their visions today. 

I've been reading from several sources about the risks, side effects or complications that could arise like those mentioned here- and also in this thread.. Now this is what worries me. Obviously, it varies from case to case. But still, is it worth the risk? I have been wearing glasses and later lenses since I was in my teens. It is a bother when I engage in any sporting activity, swimming, etc. This is why I'd like to get this done. But it surely isn't worth it if the chances of any complications are high. Please leave your opinion on whether I need to do this since I'm 34 now.

texasdoll - 18/12/2013 18:47

i had replacement lens surgery carried out in November and was wondering how long the glare and holos last when driving at night, the clinic said about 6-12 months but were a little vague

John09 - 19/12/2013 13:46

Given the fact that replacement lens surgery is different form LASIK, I still feel that these eye surgeons tend to guess because, pratically, they know as much as you as every surgery can have its own course. In my situation, but I had LASIK surgery, they said that glare and halos would go after 1 month; after they said 3 months, after they said 6 months. And after (and I swear I'm telling the truth) an , during the last free post operation visit, had the guts to invent that halos and glare may disappear in the number of years that correspond with the degree of myopia that I had prior the surgery: The optician meant that, because  my myopia was approx -3, then the halos and glare would have disappeared in 3 years time, unbelievable!

Regarding your concern, what I can say, according to my personal experience, that this side effects may disappear or reduced in the next few months, but they can also stay forever like in my case (more than 4 years now)

texasdoll - 19/12/2013 21:45

thanks for your reply John...seems i can only wait and hope for the best....i hope yours gets sorted out very soon, will keep my fingers crossed for you.....i know you said you still have them but they even reduced in the past 4 years? 

John09 - 20/12/2013 10:56

Thanks TDoll. My side effects are permanent, and there haven't been any change since I got the surgery. That's why I wanted to share my experience when you mentioned that your surgeon said side effect will decrease in 6 months, 12 months etc. In my opinion they are simply guessing. But because every operation has its own course, then I will hope you will have a full recover soon

texasdoll - 21/12/2013 11:13

Thanks again John, may i wish you happy christmas ans seasons greetings

LIGHTWORKER - 29/01/2014 04:59

Please educate yourself if considering this.

Thomas O\' Connor585 - 05/08/2014 22:41

I have been meaning to give my view online on laser the past while. 

I read a lot of forums before doing it and reading through it there are a lot of posts from people within some of the laser companies recommending their company so be wary. 

It is not a nice procedure, very uncomfortable and you are feeling pretty crap that day.  Seeing stuff after laser though is amazing. 


I had it done about 5 months ago, eyes were -3 and -4.  I had it done with Optical express.  I have a combined better than 20 20 vison.  One eye is stronger than other now.  I am happy with the procedure.  I was back in work on the Monday, had the procedure on Saturday, and worked a few shorter days that week as eyes tired. 


Glare can still be bad enough and halos at night.  There are a lot of risks involved and it can go wrong.  You will need reading glasses quicker if you get it done. 

Blackrock price is similar to others or even cheapest if you have a strong prescription (They have a fixed price per eye).


My view is do not do during winter.  Driving at night is difficult post surgery due to glare/ halos.  If you do in winter you will be constantly driving in dark.  Spring is ideal/ Autumn is probably good too.  Long evenings and not to sunny is best. 

You need a good pair of Polaroid sun glasses after.  I am still a little dazzled when I go outside on sunny day.

In terms of tax back, late in year is best as you will get the 20% back quicker. 

Most health insurance plans do not cover anything.  However a lot of laser providers do give a discount based on who you have insurance with.  This discount is purely given by laser provider though. 

In terms of price, push them push them push them.   They are increasing prices by about 100 a year.  Do not sign up on first day, they are likely to drop price more to entice you.  I was with one insurer, said I was renewing soon so would change to insurer with higher discount and was told not to bother as they would give me full discount (25% I think).  I got Lasik, intralase with wavefront.  My starting price was 4100, with insurance discount about 3100, then told 3000.  About a week later 2900.  Asked for 2800, was told they had to ask head office and got confirmation a day or two later.  My refer a friend got 100 Euro too who split it with me.  Optilase and Optical express do refer a friend programs (probably others too.)  Make use of them, if you not know anyone who got it done with a voucher find someone who does, just ask. 

In terms of aftercare I have had it after a day a week, a month, 3 and 6 months.  Think it is yearly as well. I have had unlimited drops included (10 or more bottles now probably).  I was told to come back if I wanted more last time.  I am still using drops a few times a week due to dryness.  I was a little unsure about my eyes given a sizeable difference in strength.  I went to specsavers for a second totally unbiased opinion and to reassure myself as much as anything.   This for 15 Euro was worth a lot to me.  They told me one was far better than ‘perfect’ (a lot better than 20:20) and other was almost 20:20.  This I feel is well worth going to your own optician if you have any doubts.  Your laser provider is very biased. 

Try get something like free sunglasses thrown in when making the deal.  Big discounts available after cancellations if surgery isn’t full on a date coming soon.  If you are flexible try this.  Tell them you are getting a price from their competitors. 

As for which company is best, I really don’t know. They will obviously all tell you they have the mot hi-tech equipment.  Obviously it is best if you meet your surgeon before the day you have surgery.  This doesn’t happen with Optical Express (and also with some others I think). 

Reading forums the one eye versus two eyes a time is a big grey area.  I really don’t know.  I had both done together.  I would hate to have to go back a second day but if it goes wrong and both eyes are done you are in a worse situation.  

It is meant to be cheaper up north if that would suit. 

Overall I was happy with service provided.  That’s my random thoughts on laser.  Any questions just ask.  My main things are be careful the time of year you do it and if you do choose to do it push them on their price.  Read up on it, you sign a scary disclaimer form of the 101 things that might go wrong.  

Thomas Sadler933 - 04/03/2015 11:57

In terms of price, push them push them push them. They are increasing prices by about 100 a year.  Do not sign up on first day, they are likely to drop price more to entice you.  I was with one insurer, said I was renewing soon so would change to insurer with higher discount and was told not to bother as they would give me full discount (25% I think)

That's a really good point for the larger, more competative high street clinics but does it work for smaller, perhaps more prestigious clinics? 

From my experience (i run a laser eye surgery review website in the UK) these sort of clinics are far less likely to use bait and switch techniques and more likely to provide single price points per eye. 

ChannelZ - 27/03/2015 23:27

John09, I feel your pain. I had custom Lasik using microkeratpome  8 months ago and since then I am experiencing severe halos, glares, decreased contrast sensitivity at night and photophobia with no improvement. I am unable to drive or cycle at night due to incoming headlights of cars and this has greatly affected my quality of life. Have seen several opthalmologist, have gone for contact lense fitting, glasses etc... all which did not help. Tried pilocarpine, alphagan, tear drops to moist the eyes. Nothing seems to work. It has affected my work, and life quite severely. I am so light sensitive now after lasik that I can't even go out in the day without a hat and sunglasses. I can't go out at night because of the screaming car lights. So the only time I am able to go out is during a cloudy day in day time. Been having to do this for the last 8 months.I can't even watch a movie without having rays of the screen shooting downwards. Even in the day i notice these glares.I fear it is permanant. People keep telling me that I need to be more positive towards it. But heck, it is hard to stay possitive when there isn't one person you can find who improved significantly after 8 months of having terrible glares, halos and starburst.John09 I know it has been awhile since you posted. But I do want to know your progress. It seems like we both share very similar symptoms.

John09 - 30/03/2015 22:14

Hi ChannellZ, I feel sorry (and angry) to hear your story and I can truly believe from your words that your side effects are severe enough. I have done the surgery more than 5 years ago, and now my main strenght is the capacity to cope year after year. But I would say to you not to feel defeated straight away, for example are u sure you are totally unable to drive at night, even going slowly and making sure you feel safe?

In my case, in all these years (as I realized after few months) there hasn't been any improvement regarding my glare and halos, but it didn't get worse either. And also in the last few months my close distance eyesight started deteriorating more than before, but that's a normal consequence of this surgery. I have to think that I have now a new pair of eyes. And after all the things that you have tried, I'm wondering if somebody in the future will invent a solution for decreasing these permanent side effects post Lasik, I wish the science may come with something.

In this kind of physical and psycological difficulty (even the sense of regret and remorse for taking the chance and going for that surgery) it's vital to talk about this problem, if a friend or a person with sensitive and emphatic capacity to understand (it's not enough to say "be positive"); and I cannot exclude couselling with somebody professional, for some people can help believe me, thay can heal traumas, beherevements, they can listen and advice, but it's better not to stop to the first one, if he/she's not the right one.

I sincerely respect your feeling right now, even if unfortunately I can't give big solutions

Irina Busareva343 - 07/04/2015 19:02

Hi ChannelZ,

Have you ever heard about scleral lens? This kind of lens help people who have these problems with night vision after LASIK. The name of lens is PROSE.These lens also are helpful for dry eyes.Hope this help. 

Tammy Corbett154 - 24/07/2015 00:52

New advances in the last two decades have introduced the new and improved LASIK, known as LasikXtra which is said to dramatically reduce the risk of infection, regression, and eptheial ingrowth. 

Chaku - 20/08/2015 16:28

5 senses are equally important to all healthy people ..i had very high myopia (-5) in both eye..i gone thru lasik last april and from tht day i suffer from double vision and glares or halos wtever you say,,its difficult to explain hw it seems..agree to all become worse at gave me alphagan,,steroids i.e. furosine and lubricant i tried tears drop,,optive..and used eyemist gel...had nt helped become worse in digital screen lik tv and computer..other ppl also had lasik bt they dnt have such they also dd nt had high myopia so m confused..night time driving is diffcult when too much traffic is there ..i wish i nvr had suffer myopia and nvr dependent on specs..for nxt lifttime i wish this...

D1m0n - 21/08/2015 11:47

What's the point to wear scleral lens if the whole idea of eye surgery to make people free from contact lenses? If I wear one type of contact lenses now and aftet lasik I'm suppose to wear another type of contact lenses it makes no sense to me.

Glendaglendareyes - 31/12/2015 00:43

This an old thread but the content and comments posted here are very valuable and great reference. I just like to add for those who under go and scheduled for Lasik here are Do's and Don't after operation

Sasha Rodoy781 - 21/03/2016 23:17

My name is Sasha Rodoy. 

My eyes were irrreparably damaged by Lasek surgery in 2011. 

I am one of estimated tens of thousands left with problems.

I am now a patient advocate and campaigner calling for government regulation of the refractive eye surgery industry.

Please google my name.

Fingo - 15/05/2016 11:58

I requested a copy of my medical records from a company who performed failed Lazer Eye treatment on me. They charged me €25 for these records. I was of the opinion that the maximum cost for this should have been €6 does anybody know if this is correct. I am in the process of taking a claim in the Small Claims Court and I am aware I will need exact details before I commence. If these people are trying to make it difficult for me by inflating a basic charge I may consider putting this in the hands of a Solicitor and go to the district court. Any info would be appreciated 

Sasha Rodoy781 - 16/05/2016 11:48

Have look at the converstaion here and see OERML for more details

Di Collins908 - 29/11/2016 21:39

Hi! I'm PRK in Cork. Having PRK as I play contact sports. Really nervous! Any tips?  

pinkmonkey - 30/11/2016 23:33

Hi, I posted here in 2010 (pre-lasik- questioning if I'd do it), and in 2013 (after having it done in 2012, very happy). Just thought I would add my two cents to give an update, to warn people to really consider the likelihood their clinic will not 'go bust', and to seek advice if anyone has it. 

Overall my vision had been good especially the first 3 years or so. I have loved the freedom of no glasses these last 4 years. However I noticed my vision was getting worse. I have always felt so secure knowing I have a lifetime guarantee for aftercare and follow up surgery. I bit the bullet and called my clinic recently for the first time since my 6 month review. Turned out the clinic had 'gone bust' in 2013. The phone number -oddly- rang through to optical express (not the clinic I had it done, which was Ultralase), who told me Ultralase closed down and they had looked after the ultralase follow ups immediately after. But they couldn't answer if my lifetime guarantee was now valid with them. An expensive assessment was offered. 

I decided I'd go to Specsavers first as they said they do full exams including long term post lasik. I have since had to get glasses at -1 prescription(~). To be honest I am grateful to have them now and I realise I really did need them.

Its very annyoying having paid and gone through the surgery in the setting which i researched fully to be the best in Ireland at the time- for it to then throw you out on the streets! I feel betrayed by them and a scared about the future in terms of my eyes. I suffer from dry eyes, though I always did before surgery anyway. 

Make sure you do your research before you agree to lasik and push them for a back up in the case their clinic shuts its doors. If anyone has any advice please do let me know thank you ✨

Fingo - 02/12/2016 14:35

I got the Bilateral Lasik with a company in Dublin on 30/1/2006. At the then age of 53 I was informed it would last the rest of my life but I will always need glasses for reading. I accepted this as my main concern was for night driving. I paid €1,800 and I find that I am back to square one 9 years on and in need of the same again. When I contacted them, they informed me their Lifetime guarantee has only been adopted since my operation and does not apply to me and I would have to pay again. I refuted this and subsequently paid them an additional €25 to receice a copy of all my records. For obvious reasons there was no record of a lifetime guarantee even though this was discussed back in 2005-6 but not recorded. Why would I pay €1,800 for a procedure that was only going to last for a few years. Personally I feel cheated and betrayed by them. Definately notes were missing from the records not one single copy of a receipt for the money paid I am thinking of taking them to the small claims court. Any advise woyld be appreciated. On my way to get Glasses for night driving. 

billiswilling - 07/03/2018 01:16

I used to have  6.5 myopia in each eye, and had my first lasik in 2001 (I was 25 y.o.), I came out seeing perfectly! But regressed to 1.5 myopia in a year. Then had a 2nd surgery in 2003 to correct that. Still myopia came back in a year with 1.5.

I decided not to have a new touch up tho, and thank God I could still have a very good vision with glasses. Bottom line, lasik reduced my myopia a lot, but not perfectly. Doctor said cornea has "memory", and at that point you cant fight nature and genes The most important thing Id say is studying your cornea very well first, if you have keratoconus, or a very thin cornea, lasik may not be appropriate. Or if you do lasik on a very thin cornea, you may get ectasia.

billiswilling - 07/03/2018 01:21

Fingo, touching your cornea too much is dangerous, read about ectasia. Id let sleeping dogs lie on that , but would go to court about the money... cheers!

D1m0n - 12/03/2018 09:47

I think because people have problems after LASIK eye clinics life time guarantees schemes started to loose them money. As result they are rebranding themselves or closing down and emerging under different names. As usual Irish regulators want to know f* all about this.

kinogam - 06/05/2018 15:19

As I read I have to wear glasses and I'd love to get rid of my glasses. I plan to perform laser eye surgery to eliminate the disease in my eyes. happy to read your article! 

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