Studies begin on possible 'cure for shyness'

by Jim Clarke

A new drug aimed at curing extreme shyness is to undergo clinical trials. It is estimated that one person in 15 suffers from panic attacks induced by social phobia, or shyness.

Researchers hope that the drug, which is currently used at larger doses to treat serious depression, could alleviate all symptoms of shyness within six months of beginning treatment.

The drug boosts the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, in the brain. The levels of serotonin are believed to have an important impact on mood.

According to consultant psychiatrist Dr Martin Turner, who is conducting the trial in Glasgow, the drug will try and deal with the anxiety and misery that is caused by extreme shyness.

"It's taking that unnecessary fear away so you can do normal things again. It isn't that you're walking on a pink cloud", he added.

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