Smear test results explained

Smear test results - what do they mean?

In my previous article on cervical smear testing I described the life cycle of a pre-cancerous cell in the cervix or neck of the womb. It is clear from the subsequent flood of comments that the subject of cervical screening is of great interest to our site visitors. It is also abundantly clear that a great deal of confusion exists amongst women about the role of screening in the prevention of cervical cancer.

It is essential for people to understand that a positive screening test does not mean that a woman has cancer. Such a test result simply means that further testing and follow up is indicated. In this article I will explain the meaning of the various terms used in the reporting of smear tests.

Classification system

The current internationally recognised system for classifying smear test results is called the CIN classification (Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia). Intraepithelial means inside the epithelium, which is the particular cell type, that is under scrutiny in the smear test. Neoplasia means new growth. Thus CIN means that one is studying changes inside the individual cells before the cells become invasive and spread beyond their boundary wall into the surrounding healthy tissue.

'The CIN classification is simply a grading system that allows the laboratory technician to classify varying degrees of abnormality in the cells that have been smeared onto the glass slide'.

Essentially the test is designed to detect pre-malignant change. This system superseded the Papanicolou system, which was named after Dr George Papanicolou. The so-called Pap smear, which is an alternative name for the smear test is also named after Papanicolou.

The CIN classification is simply a grading system that allows the laboratory technician to classify varying degrees of abnormality in the cells that have been smeared onto the glass slide. There are three grades of CIN, which we refer to as CIN I, CIN II and CIN III. CIN I is the least severe category of change and CIN III is the most severe.

CIN 1 - mild abnormality

CIN I indicates that the level of abnormality within the cells is mild. There is a high probability that such abnormal changes will revert back to a normal state without any medical intervention. It is also extremely unlikely that such changes would progress onto CIN III and beyond into full-blown invasive cervical cancer. A woman with CIN I does not need to be referred to a specialist and the usual practice is to repeat the test after 6 months. If the repeat test also indicates CIN I then it is recommended that the woman be referred to a gynaecologist. If the repeat test is normal and the CIN I changes have disappeared there is no need for referral and the woman can be kept under observation by her GP.

CIN 11 - moderately abnormal changes

CIN II indicates that moderately abnormal changes have taken place. In this scenario the chances of reverting back to normal cervical cells is low and there is a high probability of progressing onto CIN III. All women with CIN II should be referred to a gynaecologist for further assessment.

CIN 111 - serious abnormal changes

CIN III warrants referral to a gynaecologist because of the seriously abnormal level of change within the cervical cells. There is a very high probability that a woman with CIN III will progress to invasive carcinoma of the cervix if untreated.

Sometimes the GP will receive a report from the laboratory reporting findings that do not conform to the CIN classification and it is important that women be aware of the significance of these findings because they generate much unnecessary alarm. For example the smear test may reveal that inflammation is present. Inflammation does not carry any risk of progression into CIN I and such a report simply indicates that the woman may have had a self-limiting bout of minor infection. Alternatively it might have been due to minor residual inflammation from a recently successfully treated episode of vaginal thrush. A woman with an inflammatory smear result can be followed up at the routine intervals currently recommended and does not require more frequent surveillance.

'Women have to be encouraged and supported to overcome their fear and undergo regular smear testing. Death from carcinoma of the cervix is a tragedy that can be prevented'.


Occasionally there may be evidence of thrush on the smear and it may be recommended that the smear be repeated after eliminating the thrush. Some women become very alarmed by this but again there is no need to worry about such a result and recommendation. There is no great mystery here. The lab technician has simply failed to get a clear view of the cervical cells because the particles of the thrush fungus are obscuring a clear view of the cervical cells.

It can also happen that the sample contains too many or too few cells. If there are too few cells present then the technician does not have an adequate sample upon which he can express a definitive opinion. So it will usually be recommended that the smear test be repeated. It is being repeated because there are not enough cells to comment about and not some vague sense of something being wrong that cannot be discussed with the patient. If the technician doesn’t have enough cells he cannot give an opinion.

Too many cells on the slide can also create technical problems. If the cells are smeared too thickly they may be lying in layers on the glass slide and again the technician’s view of all of the cells may be obscured. It is also important to stress that these technical failures are not due to incompetence on the part of the smear taker. Even the most skilful smear takers will have to repeat a percentage of smear tests for the aforementioned reasons.

Further tests

Women with CIN II and CIN III smear results need further assessment. The current guidelines advise that all such women be referred for colposcopy, which is a technique that permits light illuminated examination of the cervix through low power magnification. The gynaecologist can then take a biopsy of the abnormal tissue and then eliminate the remainder of that tissue with diathermy, which is a special form of heat treatment. The current state of the art technique is known as LLETZ, which stands for Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone. The transformation zone referred to in the term refers to the abnormal tissue that the gynaecologist can see with the aid of the colposcope. The LLETZ technique has superseded the older procedure of cone biopsy.

Cone biopsy is rarely performed nowadays. As the name suggests cone biopsy involves the removal of a cone of tissue from the neck of the womb.

It is worth considering briefly the justification for doing smear tests. If we take a group of women who have been treated for carcinoma of the cervix the overall 5-year survival rate is 57%. Five-year survival rates are the standard measure of outcome for all forms of cancer treatment. If somebody survives five years after cancer treatment it is assumed that that it is very likely that they have been cured.

Survival rates

In relation to cervical cancer a 57% survival rate after 5 years means that just over half of the treated group that were diagnosed with cancer of the cervix have survived. To put it even more starkly 43% of women who have been treated for carcinoma of the cervix will be dead within 5 years. However, if all of those women were recognised and treated before the cells became invasive then the five year survival rate would approach 100%.

The message is clear. We have a reliable screening test and an effective treatment, which can be administered without the need for hospital admission. Women have to be encouraged and supported to overcome their fear and undergo regular smear testing. Death from carcinoma of the cervix is a tragedy that can be prevented.

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sally(mullen) - 11/10/2001 03:09

Clear concise explanation of smear results very helpful

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 09:06

Are you cured after the Lletz treatment or can that show up something that requires further treatment and if so, what is it?

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 10:00

I would like to know why it can take 10 weeks for the results of a smear test to come back. Also, when you receive your results by post, why are there no explanations or advice for the test findings?

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 11:52

my result was negative but i have to repeat smear in 6 months -why?

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 13:28

Yep i have to agree the waiting time is far too long, for peace of mind if nothing else... I have CIN I and must have a repeat next month to see it the cells have reverted back to normal.The 6 mths wait to repeat the test is bad enough without having to wait a further 2-3 months for the results!!

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 16:44

What does it mean when the smear test result is "scant"?

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 17:35

scant=barely sufficient. From the collins english dictionary.It is not a medical term.

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 18:51

"Scant" means that there are not enough cells on the slide. Refer back to the second paragraph in the above article under the heading "Thrush" .

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 19:27

I can't agree that the waiting times are too long. I recently received back a CIN 1 result and asked my doctor to repeat the test after 3 months which she did without any persuasion, and she told me I would have three months to wait for the result, but if I did not receive a callback after two weeks it meant I was in the clear. The smears are checked but the results are slow to be sent out, so if anything is wrong you are called back immediately. I received my callback within 8 days of my last smear, so the longer the results take to arrive the better the result as far as I am concerned. So please don't worry and remember that ignorance is bliss as far as smears are concerned.

Anonymous - 11/10/2001 20:11

I had a D & C done last week and they discovered there was a small polpys. I am going through the menopause. Will my womb be removed.

bridr - 11/10/2001 23:20

how come i got a clear test in 1995 and again in 1996 after me 2 sons were born but in 1990 i had cancer of the cervix and had to have hyster. and radium treatment. In 4 years I had gone from being clear to having full blown cancer ?

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 00:07

It is very important for every woman to have regular smear tests.I have one every two years.Last year i had CNIII after which i had a LLetz procedure.When i went back for my check up I had CNI after which i had a second LLetz procedure in January.I had a smear test in March and i have being given the all clear.I will have to have a smear test every twelve months for a couple of years.To all you women it is vital you have regular smear tests for your own sakes .

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 10:18

I had treatment (cold cauterising - I think) a number of years ago (about 8) for abnormal cells and this was administered without a local anaesthetic. I found it very painful and was quite upset following etc. Is it normal that no form of anaesthetic would be used to alleviate the discomfort?

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 17:09

Regarding the time it takes to get the result of your smear. I would just like to say that I cannot agree with the lady who said that if anything was wrong you would hear within 2 weeks. I had a smear done in July and the Lab had to be rang approx 5 weeks later to be told that they had'nt even dealt with my smear as yet and that they would hope to do it the next week, I already that Lletz done becaues of cin11 so I was anxious to get my results. Which I got after another 2 weeks saying a repeat was advised.

Anonymous - 13/10/2001 20:07

Has anyone been advised following a smear test that they have cervical erosion? Was follow-up treatment recommended?

Anonymous - 15/10/2001 11:59

After my last smear test I was told that I had cervical erosion and referred for a colposcopy. The colposcopy confirmed that the cervix was eroded and I was told that it is perfectly ok and no further treatment was necessary.

Anonymous - 17/10/2001 17:21

An excellent explanation!

Anonymous - 25/10/2001 15:34

I think this is an excellent web site. Secondly, however, in relation to the many articles on smear tests and the resulting comments by readers such as myself I would like to point out that several of us have made comments specifically on the time it takes to get test results. Could someone please please please address this particular issue and explain why we have to wait 2 months for results.

Anonymous - 25/10/2001 16:57

Several women have commented on the delay in obtaining smear test results. There are several reasons why severe delays exist. There are not enough technicians to cope with the volume of smear tests that are coming through the system. Visually inspecting the cells through the microscope is a very labour intensive exercise. It takes time to properly assess a smear sample and there are not sufficient suitably trained personnel to do the work. I hope people are not offended by this comment but looking down a microscope for hours on end is not a very stimulating way to earn a living. Although the work is important it is not particularly attractive both in terms of intellectual challenge and the financial reward that it attracts. Reliable automation of the process should resolve this difficulty in the future.

Anonymous - 30/10/2001 20:36

I had a smear test done in July 2001. Todays date is the 30 October 2001 and I just got my smear result, it was negetive. This took over 4 months, I asked the receptionist if she could forward me written confirmation of my result so that I could see the result for myself. She told me that thier surgery does not provide written results to patients. Is this legal? I have made an appointment to go in and demand to see this from my GP, I think that I have done the right thing.

Anonymous - 31/10/2001 10:24

I cannot believe the above comment. Most reasonable people would be reassurred to receive the good news that their test result was normal. The previous contributor now wants the written evidence sent out to her so that she can see the evidence with her own eyes. These comments are about basic trust not smear tests. It also indicates that we live in a world of escalating expectations that are beyond reason. If I were a GP and this lady came in to demand written verification of the test result I would give her the result and request that she not slam the door as she made her final exit from my surgery. Some people cannot be satisfied.

Anonymous - 01/11/2001 13:34

After getting my smear test done after my third baby, I finally rang to get the results, to be told that the smear was negative, however approx. a month later I got a letter from my doctor telling me to go to my GP to get a repeat Smear and to give him the letter with my previous smears number to compare, I got the results from this Smear to be told I had Cin1 and Cin11, so I am afraid I would like to see the Written proof after that.

Anonymous - 03/11/2001 04:54

i had a smear test done in dublin and it was neg .8 mths later i had one in usa and it showed cin iii.there is no way this had progressed so quickly and was pretty obvious the one in dublin was incorrect.glad i did not wait the 2 years as recommended at the time for a repeat.pap smears need to be done every year at least, as most of the time it can be like looking for a pin in a headstack.i would like to mention to the narrow minded person who could not understand why the previous lady wanted written confirmation of her results even though it was negative.she has every right to a copy of medical is against the law to refuse this to a person now.they are her records so you mind youre own business.

Anonymous - 26/11/2001 15:09

While I can appreciate the labour intensive nature of the lab work to test smears, I find it hard to believe that I am still awaiting the results of mine even though it was taken almost 12 weeks ago! This was my first test and the doctor expressed concern at some erosion visible at the time, saying that he would wait for the results before referring me to a Gynae. Hence, I wait.

patricia(patriciak) - 27/11/2001 19:31

I have been told I have cin1 but i dont understand whether this is serious or not maybe someone could fill me in as i left the surgery in a bit of a daze and had asked no questions.i have to have a repeat in 3months time ,would be grateful for any information.

anna(oakdale) - 14/12/2001 21:11


Anonymous - 19/12/2001 08:44

I had a smear test July 2000, I rang once for the results but they were not back. Due to other pressures I then forgot all about them and in January I was notified that I was due a repeat smear as my results showed CIN 1 which might be due to my age or hormonal. I duly had my repeat and the results were back within the month showing a CIN 111. I was then referred to a gynaecologist for further tests and it was recommended I have a hysterectomy, which I duly did in April 2001 removing ovaries as well. My Mother had died from ovarian cancer some years earlier and given that history, a hysterectomy was the only option for me. I am now in the menopause, hot flushes, very tired, some depression etc., but at least its not cancer. so, ladies do get those smear tests done they are very important.

judyj - 05/02/2002 17:20

I have had three smears within the past 12 months. I am waiting for the results of the third test, after the first two showing 'a possible' or some 'abnormality'. I have just been onto the clinic to check if the results are back yet from the test done mid november last. They advised me they are only now receiving results from tests done mid october. This is absolutely disgraceful.

amaried - 11/02/2002 20:54

I had a smear test two weeks ago and the results came back in less than a week showing cin3. I'm now waiting for a colposcopy. My GP says there's nothing I can do. Does anyone know of any supplements or complimentary treatments that could help?

Anonymous - 11/02/2002 23:19

i contracted the hunam papilloma virus and was treated. have not gone for repeat smear and am now nervous to go back. i am very frightened and need advice of who to approach who won't be as judgemental as i am of myself. someome please comment

Anonymous - 15/02/2002 16:20

I received an abnormal smear test result and was sent for colposcopy and had laser treatment. I had to repeat the smear test the following year and bring the results to the colposcopy clinic. I have just been told that the smear test was fine which is great(I still have to go to the clinic anyway)but can anyone explain why I am experiencing extreme pain during intercourse for the last few months.

Anonymous - 20/02/2002 00:12

do you require smear test after hysterectomy

Anonymous - 27/02/2002 13:31

Smear tests are now available free of charge by the Midwestern health Boards' Irish Cervical screening Programme to women aged 25 -60 by Gps, Womens Health clinic, Newcastewest (who have All Female Staff) & Family planning clinics

Anonymous - 07/03/2002 15:47

I had a smear test almost 4 weeks ago at a clinic , and my results still aren\'t ready. I can\'t understand why the results can take so long, it\'s appalling customer service, but I\'m concerned about the accuracy of the results, given that the sample was taken almost 4 months ago. Can we rely on results of a test down on such an old sample?

Anonymous - 24/03/2002 21:22

My Obstetrician has advised me to have a colposcopy as I had abnormal smears in 1998 x 2 and have been either pregnant or breastfeeding since then. The smears showed "minimal changes" but my Obstetrician says a smear would not provide an accurate result because I am breastfeeding. I am currently waiting for a colposcopy. Is this the normal course of events? My GP has not heard of this before. Thanks Maria.

Anonymous - 25/03/2002 17:46

I received results from a smear teast which indicated the need for a colposcopy. during the wait for an appointment, I got pregnant. The colposcopy was carried out, but the doctor refused to treat me even though I am cin3. I was told by my GP that it is perfectly safe to receive treatment during pregnancy. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anonymous - 26/03/2002 13:44

I was referred for colposcopy about 2 years ago, and on my third visit to the clinic (just this week), the doctor carried out the LLETZ treatment on the abnormal area. He used a local anasthetic and there was only mild discomfort. So to anyone who is waiting for their colcoscopy treatment, I wouldn't be unduly worried - just think that it is good that it is being taken care of at this stage rather than down the line when it might have developed further. I will get the biopsy results in a few weeks, so hopefully they will be ok.

Sheila(SheilaMartin) - 05/04/2002 01:39

I do not know if any one has taken up this subject "smear tests following hysterectomy". I was amazed to hear that the amount of women who had a subtotal hystrectomy, were unware that their cervix was retained, hence they never had smear tests carried out from the date of their operation. This is very serious has there is no detection of possible cancerous cells. In some cases women who have had a total hysterectomy, thought they needed smear tests and had them done, and interestingly the tets came back marked "Cervical Smear Test" normal. When they got their hospital notes and discovered their cervix was removed, and confronted their GP with this, and asking how a smear test had been carried out, as they had no cervix, the GP said it was a Vault Smear Test, and they did not need need to have any further tests carried out. Rather unusual I would say?? Had anyone else had this experience?

Anonymous - 10/04/2002 17:25


Anonymous - 20/04/2002 16:52


Eileen(eilbreen) - 23/04/2002 20:28

I had CIN III eight years ago. I went on to have a colposcopy and then a cone biopsy as the cells were too high up in the cervix to cauterize. My histology report came back as cancer in situ with margins clear. Three months later I had a repeat smear which again was abnormal indicating that the margins were obviously not clear. In the meantime I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and was advised to have a total hysterectomy without removal of the ovaries as I was only 35 (I was in a lot of pain all of the time. I had a hysterectomy then but three years later I had to have my ovaries removed because the endometriosis had spread to my ovaries. I have never looked back and I now have a very good quality of life. What I was wondering was, at the time of my hysterectomy, I was told that I would have to have a smear test done(vault smear) on a regular basis. I am unsure as to how long I am going to have to have these vault smears done. I have had five clear smears once yearly and this is the first time I have had a two year gap. Is there anybody who can answer my question?

Anonymous - 04/09/2002 09:56

I would like to know if you are able to get pregant after going a colposcopy ?

Anonymous - 04/09/2002 14:35

I am due to have a D & C as I have very painful periods. What are the doctors likely to find. My Consultant Gyne advises it is unusual to have such bad pains at my age 34 I had a son by Caesarian Section 14 Years ago. I would like an answer to explain this to me fully.

Anonymous - 04/09/2002 15:00

We are desperately trying for a baby , then all of a sudden I am CIN 111 on a smear test and have to go for a Colposcopy Can any body tell me whats wrong and what do we do regarding attempting to concieve now ? Is there a wait ?

Anonymous - 05/09/2002 22:01

After trying to conceive for almost 2 years, I became pregnant and at the same time was diagnosed as having cin 111. The doctors and mid-wives said that I was not the only case and that cin 111 has no bearing on fertility. However, I would strongly advise you to stop trying to comceive until the cin 111 has been successfully treated as it cannot be during pregnancy and there is always a threat that it could develop into cancer during that time. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and for the duration have had to have monthly colposcopies which are nerve wracking. During pregnancy your cells can change and the doctors have no way of knowing if these changes are signs of cancer. so far i have had to have one biopsy and the 2 week wait for the results were the most painful in my life. Luckily the results were negative, but please don't put yourself in that position. Wait until you've been treated as you could lose the baby through a hysterectomy during pregnancy, or your own life after the delivery due to cancer.

Anonymous - 06/09/2002 09:45 the lady who is having a D & C..this is the best thing you can do as it will clear out everything and give you a new lining !

Anonymous - 21/01/2003 17:42

I find it quite scary that your online doctor notes the "high probability" of those with a CINIII diagnosis going on to develop invasive cancer. I have been informed that the "high probability" only exists if the CINIII goes undiagnosed and untreated for a lengthy period. Can you please clarify this? I have just had results of a repeat smear after a LLETZ treatment which found CINIII. The result is again a mild abnormality. I had previously had mild abnormality in smears for around four years, yet nothing was done. Also, can someone please tell me what happens now that I still have an abnormality? Can they not just remove my cervix to clear all possibility of invasive cancer?

Anonymous - 23/06/2003 13:25

Gr8 to know there r many others in the same situation as myself.

Anonymous - 05/02/2004 18:43

After 4 abnormal smear tests, I was referred to a specialist and had the cells at the neck of my womb removed under local anaesthetic about 10 years ago. I have had a repeat smear every year since,(all clear) but this year my smear was abnormal and repeated again after 6 months, this one was clear. Now my doctor says I can wait a for two or three years before the next one. your views please

Anonymous - 08/04/2004 14:02

When living abroad, I had one abnormal result, was treated and advised to have four smear tests in the next 12 month period and if all clear then once every 12 months. I returned to live in Irealnd during the initial 12 month period I had to fight tooth and nail to have the four tests. Due to results backlog here I was still waiting for the results of the previous test when attending for the subsequent test. On more than one occasion attempts were made to convince me that I could revert to tests every 2 years. I have always had annual smear tests which is the best practice recommendation but not in resource deprived Ireland. I would recommend that you have another test in six months and then revert to annual tests. Be assertive, do not allow yourself to be fobbed off.

adele(GQQ22263) - 04/01/2005 13:49

I ahd an abnormal smear test 3 years ago, I completely gave up my unhealthy life style. Juiced every day, had acupuncture every week and then recieved all-clears for the next two years. Now, mild abnormalities have surfaced again.I feel so wierd about this. I mean why have they returned?

Anonymous - 04/01/2005 14:33

I have a long history of abnormal smears and treatment, including a LLETZ, a cone biopsy and tonnes of colposcopy examinations and other biopsies. Finally, after many years, I have had two successive clear smears. I don't know that healthy living, juicing or otherwise has any bearing on the growth of abnormal cells in the cervix. However, I did make a conscious effort after my last minor surgery to take more exercise and to de-stress a bit. Who knows? I reckon the surgery has more to do with it. The most important thing of all is for every woman to have regular smears - cervical cancer is curable when caught early enough. And yet we still don't have a national cervical screening programme. Shame on the Government for that. Has anyone else explored the possible link between a number of strains of the HPV virus and the abnormal cervical changes? I think this is an area where there needs to be more research and education. Most of us who have gone through the mill with abnormal smears would welcome as much information and education as possible. On the delays with smear results, yes much of it is down to not having enough technicians. However, most hospitals/labs will tell you they get the results back in three weeks. What we also need to be worrying about is why there are then administrative delays in sending the results out and why women can be left frantically wondering where their results are nearly three months later.

emma(SSS21752) - 14/02/2005 12:28

Thank you once again for providing a frank and open explaination of an issue which realtes to every women, an extremely informative and interesting read.

Ruth(PES24479) - 15/02/2005 19:28

Hi. After much searching online, finally I have found something of use. Well Done! After having numerous semar come back as 'inadequate' I got sent for a 'colposcopy'. The letter arrived last week telling me I had 'slightly abnormal cells'. Tomorrow I go for a 'Lletx' procedure. I am so scared. I have not had the results of my smear all I know is that it is 'abnormal' so hopefully the Dr will inform me of the results prior to performing the Lletz. I am dreading this. Also my periods are light and this month, missing. I have to go for a scan for POCS. I really want children and was trying for a baby until now. I am so confused over what is going on with my body.... Can you still get pregnant with POCS or 'abnormal' smear results. Are the two linked to fertility? Anyone????

Anonymous - 18/02/2005 19:10

HPV is usually present in all grades of CIN.Many people carry HPV with no visible symptoms.Certain types of HPV e.g.Type 16/18 are considered oncogenic(cancer causing). In the UK a high vaginal swab can be taken which will let women know if they have hpv. I dont think this is available in Ireland.It is a pity that we dont have a National screening Programme where women have direct access to colposcopy when their smear comes back a few months after been taken with CIN or other abnormal changes and advised to have a repeat in 6 months.In addition some GPs don't realise the embarassment women feel about the topic of smears etc and can be quite judgemental too.

tara(KDK25053) - 26/02/2005 03:05

I am extremely annoyed and frustrated by my own experience. I had a routine smear test before leaving Ireland to go travelling for a couple of years. Three and a half months after my smear, the results were sent to my mother to say that I had dyskaryosis and that I would need a colposcopy. My GP would not disclose what level the CIN was and I was beside myself with worry. I could not get in contact with my GP as it was over Christmas and the clinic was closed. She refused to email me what level of CIN,I was. I then had to book an appointment with a doctor in South America for a colposcopy. My GP faxed my doctor in South America to say I had CIN 3. My travel insurance would not cover me for this and the doctor cost $430 for the colposcopy and no treatment. The doctor also scared the life out of me talking about possible hysterectomys and or chemotherapy, if, the cone biopsy did not work. I couldn´t afford treatment and returned to Ireland for a lletz. I have now been treated under general anaesthetic for Lletz and have been told that I have to wait six weeks for the results of the biopsy. I was also told not to come back to the hospital for a year to have a colposcopy, i was also told that I didn´t need a smear in six months. However this is contrary to all information that I read on the internet which states that aftercare is extremely important and I must have regular six monthly smears. I am livid with my GP for not letting me know for over two weeks the level of CIN that I had and I also think that a three and a half month wait for a smear test that shows CIN 3 is ridiculous and dangerous. When getting pregnant should one wait for the biopsy results to come back clear or wait for a clear smear. I think this is a fantastic bulletin board, I wish I had found it a couple of months ago.

Anonymous - 10/04/2005 11:28

I have been diagnosed with CIN1 twice in a row. my GP told me to get a further smear before seeing a Gynocologist. Is a third smear normal practice or should I ask to be seen by a gyny now?

Anonymous - 11/04/2005 11:38

It probably isn't that unusual for the GP to ask for another smear to be sure. It is still a very low grade abnormality, but it should be monitored. The only problem is that it can take quite a long time for smear results to come back (12 weeks/three months still doesn't seem to be unusual in some areas). This means a further delay which is stressful for you, understandably. If you're not happy, you should just tell your GP you would like to be referred to a gynae immediately. The gynae might do a colposcopy (examining the cervix with a sort of microscope) and possibly a punch biopsy. It's not a comfortable experience, but you wouldn't call it painful. It's much better for confirming any abnormalities that might need treatment. Anyway, don't worry about it unduly because the changes in the cervix generally occur over a very long period of time. But don't be afraid to ask to see someone else - it's your body and your health after all. Ask all the questions you want to as well if you're not happy.

Anonymous - 18/05/2005 01:15

Having received a CIN1 result on Friday & to repeat I was frantic with worry until I looked up various sites. This is the best as I can read other peoples experiences. I went out with a guy for about 10yrs who had genital warts at the start of the relationship which were treated. Could this virus have lain dormant in my cervix til now? Any views/thoughts would be appreciated.

Anonymous - 18/05/2005 12:20

Don't worry about your results. Really, it's good that you've been checked and CIN1 is a very low-level abnormality. It can be kept under review - it might go back to normal by itself or it can be treated if necessary after another smear test. My doc told me that almost every woman who is sexually active will be exposed to what's known as HPV (human papilloma virus) at some stage. There are many, many different strains of this - as many as 100, I think, and possibly more. It is the virus that causes genital warts, but two particular types - HPV 16 and 18 - are believed to be closely associated with abnormalities in the cervix, possibly leading to cancer. There are swab tests for HPV and I think they're offered in the US, but I don't know why they are not offered here. Doctors don't seem to be particularly concerned with identifying whether HPV (of whatever strain) is present when they test women. They are more concerned with the abnormality that shows up in the cervix and with its subsequent treatment. Still, studies on HPV prevalence would probably be useful, if only to allow women to inform themselves properly. Anyway, don't go off worrying yourself by reading too much 'doctor-speak' on the web. Yes, you may have been exposed to the virus a long time ago and it may very well have been in your system with no symptoms. The main thing is, you're having yourself monitored and you'll be just fine...

Anonymous - 17/06/2005 10:33

I have had three different CIN reports in the last 10 weeks. My first letter said I had CIN2, my biopsy showed CIN1 and my smear result CIN3. I have now been referred for LLETZ treatment. Has anyway else experience of being given different readings, I find it confusing

Anonymous - 17/06/2005 10:55

Yes, I had the same problem. Apparently the smear results can be inaccurate - they can show false negatives and false positives. My doc told me after I had a cone biopsy which showed a high-level CIN reading that it may have been there all along and the smears were just showing up a lower level abnormality. A bit worrying, I thought, but to reiterate what other posters say, once it's being monitored and/or treated, you'll be ok so don't worry.

Anonymous - 02/08/2005 12:41

When i had a smear test, the nurse told me that she was just going to "give me a little check". i found what she did prior to the test to be very intrusive as it was not explained to me before hand. Also there was nothing about this in any of the leaflets you can get in the surgery. AFterwards i told my friends and they said it was not normal procedure. one of my friends even has regular colposcopys and has never had this done. Can anyone clarify this for me as i feel very upset by the whole issue

Anonymous - 20/08/2005 18:04

Hi there - you need to clarify what you meant by "intrusive" and also what you told your friend.

Anonymous - 02/09/2005 15:02

After having a Lletz procedure done myself at the end of July, I would like to know, was this just a removal of the bad area and no tests can be done on what was taken and when i get the smear in the new year to see if my CIN level is normal or not, will I have to wait the usual lenghty time for the result? Thanks

Anonymous - 02/09/2005 15:46

Hi... As far as I know, the LLETZ procedure simply just removes a very thin layer of cells around the cervix and I think there's heat or a kind of cauterisation involved. So I'm not sure that they can use any material from it for biopsy. I had LLETZ under general anaesthetic but I think they did a smear beforehand. I later had a knife cone biopsy - that is a treatment for whatever CIN or abnormal cells are present, but they do take enough material away with the knife to allow them carry out a biopsy as well. And yes, sadly I think you will probably have to wait the usual length of time for your smear results next time. You should complain though - none of us should have to wait eight or twelve weeks for such basic results...

Anonymous - 05/09/2005 01:04

I had a lletz done and yes they do a biopsy at the same time of the operation. You can call the hospital about six weeks afterwards for the biopsy results.

Anonymous - 08/09/2005 10:29

I have no problem getting smear tests done and recently had a mirena inserted without aneasthetic (not somethign I would really recommend) so I suppose I have a pretty good pain threshold for that sort of thing. My friend however finds smear text extremely painful and always has spotting afterwards. She has tried switching gynae several times but it hasn't helped and the last time she needed valium just to help her cope. Has anyone else had this exprience or would anyone have advice to offer. Niether of us have ever had a baby or been pregnant.

Anonymous - 09/09/2005 08:50

Hi, I had a LLETZ done there 9 days ago. Since then I am wetting myself, rather a 'leak' for a better way of describing it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience , is it common after LLETZ treatment and when it is likely to go away.

Anonymous - 09/09/2005 12:04

Hi...could it possibly be a slight urinary tract infection? Sometimes that happens after procedures like that... Or it could be just a discharge that's part of the normal healing process. If you've any issue with frequency peeing or any pain or discomfort, go back to your doctor and see if there's a UTC that might need treatment.

Anonymous - 13/09/2005 09:27

I know this is a stupid question but at what age should you start going for smear tests?

Anonymous - 13/09/2005 10:42

As far as I know it\'s 18 - or sooner if you are sexually active before that. And remember, there is only one stupid question and that\'s the one you never asked!

Anonymous - 22/12/2005 10:29

Hi, I had Cin II last year had a coloscopy scan got cells lasered away and biopsy taken. Had to go for a check-up smear in May i was then Cin1. Was told that if i had not heard anything in 6-8 weeks then everything was fine. I got a letter two weeks ago to say that smear results were not clear enough as i had been bleeding a bit inside. You can understand how mad i was, i got this letter 7 months after i had my smear and there was me thinking that i was fine. Well i got my second check-up smear done three days ago. I was told that i might have to back in a further six months as i was bleeding again and the results may not be clear enough. Has anyone else been bleeding whilst get a smear done. Should i worry that as results are not going to be clear how can they possibly tell if something has not developed already!! Very worried about this. Im 25 years old.

nicigok - 29/12/2005 14:41

i recently had a second smear test done after the first showed abnormalities. now this one has shown cin 1 and i have been referred to a gynaeocologist for treatment. is there anything to be worried about?and is there any chance this is due to the mirena coil which i got put in after giving birth to my son two years ago?

Anonymous - 20/01/2006 19:35

i've just been to the coombe for a colposcopy. my smear showed cin111. has anybody else had the LLETZ carried out there? i've to go back in for a day and it'll be done under general anaesthetic. i'm a bit worried about it so any information would be appreciated. i'm 24.

Anonymous - 21/01/2006 01:05

Hi... It's actually more usual to do the Lletz under local anaesthetic. I had one done in Holles Street a few years ago and I was nervous too, so I asked for a general anaesthetic. It was absolutely fine - no pain afterwards and very little bleeding. Don't worry about it - you will be absolutely fine. Do ask any questions you need to about the anaesthetic and so on. The doctor is there to help you and you shouldn't feel afraid to ask about anything you're not sure about.

Anonymous - 23/01/2006 12:07

I'd a LLetz procedure in the Coombe. In my case it was done under local anesthetic and carried out on the same day as the colposcopy. The whole thing was rather uncomfortable so I'm a little jealous of you having a general anesthetic! You'll be fine afterwards.

TC - 25/01/2006 16:16

Can anyone advise me what is the website to get a smear test, I have seen it on posters but I never write the address down.

Mary - 25/01/2006 16:56

TC, any womens health clinic and most GPs will provide a smear test on request.

scared2death - 06/02/2006 16:43

I was just diagnosed with CN3 in southamerica, I got the laser treatment but the doctor says I need to go back 3 times per year. Eventhough he is good, I would like to compare costs of the treatment here in Ireland. Could anybody tell me how much would the treatment cost. And he also mentioned that my husband would need the treatment as well. THanks

Sue - 27/02/2006 16:08

One of the messages from a while back stated that ignorance is bliss but whats up if you haven't heard a thing in 8 months??? I'm only 21 but my doctor suggested a smear test as I was on the injection (Depo provera) for 3 years and didn't have a period in all that time! I came off it due to excessive weight gain and depression. My periods returned to normal after 3 weeks and ive lost a lot of the weight I gained! But still I haven't heard a thing from my nurse or in the post. Is it normal practise for the results to be sent to your house or do you have to request them! I like to believe that all is fine seen as I haven't heard anything but I still want to be told its ok.

Anonymous - 27/02/2006 16:17

Hi Sue, No, it isn't normal that the results should have taken so long to reach you. You should certainly have had a letter sent to you by now, so you should ring the clinic or your doctor and ask where they are. In my experience, it has taken up to three months to get results back, but never that long. More recently, I got results back from a smear in the Dublin Well Woman Centre in just over four weeks, which is the quickest ever.... Please do follow up the's very important to know one way or the other in case you need another smear.

Chana - 27/02/2006 16:20

Sure, if it were me, I would phone your clinic asap just to be sure. I had my smear tests returned after 6 weeks. A Dr. will recommend a smear for anyone who is sexually active, regardless usually of type of protection used.

AS - 01/03/2006 13:08

I just got results yesterday that I have CIN111 and am waiting for appointment in the hospital for further evaluation etc., how long will I be waiting. Also, what happens if cells are cleared and later get pregnant (if I can) could I develop cancer because I'm pregnant?

Mary - 03/03/2006 12:27

A reply to A. S. Of course pregnancy does not cause cancer but oestrogen can have a carcinogenic effect and pregnancy does make oestrogen-dependant cancer much harder to treat bucause as the pregnancy progresses there will be progressiely higher levels of ostrogen in the system. Of course your Dr. or specialist will be able to fully advise you should you want to discus it with them.

Anon - 09/03/2006 08:04

Had my first smear test done in nov and recieved results from a relative a few days ago. Im a CN2.....i'm travelling SEasia at the moment and didn't plan to get to Aus until may/june. My gp said it would be ok not to see a doctor until then but i'm thinking the longer left,the worse it will get?? I'm thinking of cutting my travels short? How quick can a CN2 turn into a CN3? I'm confused....

Mary - 09/03/2006 10:19

Anon, I don't wish to rain on your parade but if it were me, I'd be booking plain tickets home or to somewhere you could get the best treatment, right now.

L - 09/03/2006 23:10

Hi, im just wondering if you get CN 3 back on ur results from a smear, but the smear was actualy taken 6 months ago and you only got the results 2 weeks ago, how likely is it that it could of changed to something more serious, im freaking out and worried sick

Anonymous - 10/03/2006 13:30 the earlier posting from scared2death.. No, your husband certainly won't need treatment connected with CIN. That's specific to women as it refers to changes and abnormalities in the cervix. Is it possible either one of you is actually having treatment for warts? No shame in it, but that's the only reason I can think of that you'd both need treatment and three times a year... More usually, if you have had treatment for CIN and you get a clear smear test, you would revert to having one a year after that. To the last poster, yes, it's possible that there could be a change in the level of abnormality since you had a smear six months ago. But it's nothing to worry about once it's under review - make sure you get the CIN3 followed up as soon as possible. You might need some treatment, but it isn't anything for you to panic about. Just ask your doctor to refer you as soon as possible.

Mary - 10/03/2006 14:21

6 months is NOT an acceptable length of time to wait for results. I think it's disgraceful. I'm not sure how rapidly it develops but if it were me, I would be seeking treatment right away.

L - 12/03/2006 11:18

6 months seams to be the normal time this doc takes, ive had 3 smears with her and the first time she gave me a bs story about there being a delay or something or other and now i know its not true but i dont think there is anythin i can actualy do about it, ive changed drs, but im still worried about my friend, shes gone to get it checked out by some1 else and will have the results in a week or so, so i just pray she will be ok.. Thanks mary

Anonymous - 13/03/2006 14:53

I had a smear test in January 2005, I received the results in May and was told that the test was contaminated as I had bled during the procedure, I had a repeat test in June 2005 and received the results in December 2005 which showed cin1, I was told to come back in February for a repeat test and this test again showed cin 1. I have now been told to come back again in six months. I am worried that as my test in January 2005 was contaminated that the abnormalities could have been missed and that therefore this has been going on for over a year. |I know that cin 1 indicates very mild abnormalities but this doesn't really put my mind at ease and I'm not sure how comfortable I am waiting another six months for a repeat test. Would it be unreasonable to request further tests at this stage or should I relax and wait the six months?

LISA - 14/03/2006 15:20


tara - 16/03/2006 11:27

Hi I had a biopsy which returned cin3 cells on the same day i also had a loop diathermy LLETZ? performed i suppose what i am really wondering about is, is that my treatment done? apart from follow up smears , have they removed all cin3 and if not would a hyterectomy be an over reaction on my part

Mary - 16/03/2006 15:48

Tara, what I would do is wait and see if the follow up smears are clear. In the event that they are not, they may be able to do a cone biopsy (where they remove the outer "cone" of the cervix. Remember, a hysterectomy is major surgery.

tara - 20/03/2006 15:02

Thanks for the reply, i suppose the anxiety over this is there because i am in my early thirtys with three young children and the phrase "prevention is better than cure" springs to mind.

AS - 21/03/2006 21:52

had smear test in dec results 8 weeks later showed cin111 what are statistics that it has developed into cancer. my hospital appointment in a week worried sick ,have 10 month old beautiful son.

Mary - 22/03/2006 16:56

There are 3 stages as I understand before directly pre-cancerous (or dyscariotic) but on the positive side, it has been detected and you have an appointment soon.

Anonymous - 24/03/2006 14:02

AS I'm just after having treatment for cin111. It was completely painless and i've no discomfort whatsoever despite what i was told to expect so dont worry!!

Anonymous - 26/03/2006 12:45

I have been for leitz and results show GIN which i understand is different to CIN. any body got any info on GIN I've searched the net

racheal(XRB44254) - 27/03/2006 10:47

i have just had my results back after a loop excision which says cin 111, it says to go back in 6 months but im getting married in 3 months and want to start trying for a baby, can i request to have the repeat procedure done before the wedding.

Mary - 27/03/2006 11:31

Personally Racheal I think you should have a test done again before you start tryign for a baby.

Brenda - 29/03/2006 13:08

I had a colposcopy on the 5th march after numerous CIN 1 smear tests and I was scheduled for a checkup on the 17th May. but I got a phone call from he hospital yesterday asking me to come in this morning for screening before my LLETZ treatment which is scheduled for tomorrow wednesday. the lady on the phone was under the impression that i knew about me LLETZ treatment but this was the first i had been told?? Would it be reasonable to phone my doctor to ask what the results of my colposcopy were, and why I have to have LLETZ, would the hospital have notified her??

Mary - 29/03/2006 14:05

Yes Brenda, absolutely conact your Dr. I feel she should have contated you to dscuss your resuls / treatmet before the hospital did.

Brenda - 30/03/2006 11:13

Thanks Mary, I phoned my Dr. this morning and she has heard nothing from the hospital. all she could say that i have possibly developed to CIN2 but she couldnt be sure and that i should ask plenty of questions on Wednesday!!

tuesday - 30/03/2006 12:13

I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and have been given the results. I have cin 3. I have come across this site whilst looking for information about the diagnosis. I have read that there is a high chance i will go on to get cancer of the cervix. is this accurate. i have also been told to have a repeat smear in 6 months time - i have read women are having repeats in half this time if they have cin 1 or 2, should i request a repeat sooner? anyone any advice!?

Mary - 31/03/2006 15:01

If it were me, Tuesday, I would request a repeat sooner - just to be on the safe side. Also, I would enquire as to when you are scheduled for further treatment.

maureen - 04/04/2006 13:35

My daughter had a colosphy in February and a bioposy was taken she has to have laser surgery in two weeks just as an outpatient.She is a student living in Cardiff so I dont have any access to her medical records over there as she is over 18. Could anyone tell me if Lletz treatment is the same as Laser treatment? I dont even know if she has CIN11 or CIN111 as she says the doctor has said theres no need to worry!! I feel I should fly over for the treatment but she says this is ridiculous and I dont know if they will give me any info anyway. Any info re the laser surgery would be appreciated as I am very worried about her.

Anonymous - 04/04/2006 18:52

Hi Maureen, No don't worry about her...she'll be absolutely fine. I've had the LLETZ treatment, which as far as I know is the same as the laser. It just involves removing a thin layer of cells around the top of the cervix at the entrance to the uterus. I had the treatment under general anaesthetic and was just fine afterwards. The CIN1 CIN2 and CIN3 are different, progressive grades of abnormality in the cells at the top of the cervix. None of them mean a woman has cancer - they are all pre-cancerous stages and are very successfully treated once they are being kept under review by a doctor. It takes as long as 15 years for cancer to develop in the cervix, which means that once any abnormality is being looked after, your daughter can be treated and monitored on a yearly basis if she needs to be. I've had a number of treatments and was diagnosed with CIN3 several years ago and I've since had a number of clear smear tests, so you've nothing to worry about. If you're anything like my mum, I can understand your worry. But your daughter will definitely appreciate all your support.

maureen - 05/04/2006 12:05

Thanks very much anonymous. You have put my mind at rest with your informative answer. I will be monitoring this precious daughter as she's doing finals in her law degree and has an exam the day after her laser surgery. Thanks again

sandra - 14/04/2006 13:11

hi have cin 3 and something called nhi 3 or nhl 3 i'm not sure what this means. i just found out yesterday. can anyone explain what this means? i have to have an op as soon as they have a bed for me.

Mary - 18/04/2006 09:58

Sandra, give your gyn a ring and ask them to explain what these mean as soon as you can. It's your body and you have a right to know.

sandra - 18/04/2006 20:35

hi mary. i phoned up my gyn. the receptionest said he was to busy to talk. so i phoned the well woman.the receptionest there informed me that they found CIN 111 and GIN 111 cells. when i asked what this GIN 111 meant she said she never heard of it. can you beleive that???? thanks for your reply mary.

Mary - 19/04/2006 11:25

Sanda, if it were me I would prsist and persist. You have a right to kow. Also for reasosn of patient confidentality as well as medial knowledge you have the right for Dr. to give you your results, rather than a receptionist - especially where there is a problem and furthe treatment involved.

Anonymous - 19/04/2006 13:06

I had my LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago and i am a slight bit worried that it may not be heeling properly and i may have an infection. there is still alot of yellowish watery discharge and i have become very paranoid that there is a slight odour?? could somebody please advise...

Leebee - 20/04/2006 10:31

Anonymous I am 21 and I had a full Lletz done on March 6th and for 5 weeks after I had a very heavy discharge and still have a slight one. After attending the hospital in Dec 05 it was discovered I had CIN3 therefore had to get the full Lletz treatment done. I recieved a phone call last week from my nurse after waiting for a few weeks for the results and the tests have shown that I now have Cin 1, which I have been told not to worry about, but cant stop. I have also stopped smoking to try and get rid of this all together. Again I have to go back in September for a post Lletz which I am unsure of what itis. That is how I found this discussion forum in a google search. I would not worry too much about the watery discharge as I had it and healed perfectly fine after it. If it persits though just put a call into your Gyno and ask him/her if it is anything to worry about or normal procedure. Hope this is some kind of help. If any knows what post Lletz is please inform me. I think it is a smear test but am probably completly wrong.

Anonymous - 20/04/2006 18:24

Thanks Leebee, always great to get some reasurance!!! i have being posting queries on the web site since last March and only for the kind responses from people i probably would have went crazy with worry. Best of luck with everything.

age25 - 01/05/2006 17:28

I have just had a colposcopy and waiting for the results of the biopsy to tell if they will do treatment. I think they will though. I have had months of urinary problems. I suspect the two may be linked, has anyone had a similar experience? Also I am concerned that I will continue to have abnormalities and so require more treatment, as I've heard repeated treatments can prevent you from being able to have children, really worried about it.

Anonymous - 02/05/2006 20:20

i had a colposcopy and then treatment for CIN III three years ago now. have had six monthly now annual smears which are all clear. I have been trying to get pregnant now for 6months but no joy, is this a result of having CIN III

Anonymous - 01/06/2006 16:39

I have had CIN 1 results for the last year or so, i was refered for a colposcopy which showed up cin 1, 6 weeks later i was sent for LLETZ, i went yesterday for the results of the LLETZ and was told it was CIN111. i dont understand how this never showed up in any of my previous tests, can it develope from cin1 - cin111 in 6 weeks. i am going travelling in 3 weeks for a year and i am a bit worried as i wont have the results of yesterdays smear test for some time.

Rak - 06/06/2006 16:37

I had my first smear in 2003 came back, 6 months later, as CIN 1. Had to go immediately for a follow up smear. I paid extra to have this test curriered to the UK for faster results. I recieved these results 3 weeks later they were clear. I was advised to have a repeat smear 12 months later. So a year later I had my repeat smear, paid the extra, this came back borderline and advised to repeat the smear in 6 months. Once again I done as advised had it repeated this then came back clear again. Now, last month I had my follow on smear the doctor didnt understand why I had not yet been reffered to a hospital as with each smear I would be in a lot of pain and bleed during and after the test. She told me it looked suspiciuos! I recieved my results last thursday, they told me over the phone "It has come back very abnormal and inflammed we are reffering you to the hospital ASAP". I recieved the written "result" which failed to tell me the CIN level. And I have not been able to get anyone on the phone to tell me my actual results. My stress levels are through the roof. I feel a bit pushed aside, lost and dont know what to do!

Rak - 06/06/2006 17:11

Just finally got the phone call I\'ve been waiting for, Iam now at CIN 111. The worry continues. I have to go for a colposcopy, I find this very scary considering the amount of pain I feel during a smear! How bad is it really??

leebee - 07/06/2006 09:10

Rak it is not all that bad. Just ask the doctor to take it slow. All you will feel is the steel tube they insert to widen your cervic. When I got mine done I was in a bit of pain and discomfort but I told the doctor and he was very considerate. I am not sure if this applies to you but I had to speak to a nurse before I got mine done and I explained to her how nervous I was. I am only 21 after all and I thought CIN 111 was never going to go. But When I explained all to the nurse she was very reassuring. After getting mine done I found out recently that it has gone to CIN 1 which I am happy about. Hopefully you will be ok but try not to worry too much. It is not all that bad.

Mary - 07/06/2006 10:06

Leebee and Rak, do bear in mind that this can be done under general anesthetic which is something you may want to consider if you find smears to be painful. My cousin got it done under general aneasthetic and tho\' she did hve soem bleeding and discomfort aftwerwards she was not in any pain.

Rak - 07/06/2006 10:18

Thanks leebee. Did you find the smears previous painful? I am only 23 myself and worry is my second nature. I find it very hard notto worry when I'm not even 100% sure what is wrong. When they do the colposcopy do the treat the abnormal cells the same day? Did it take long to get the results? Or could the doctor put you at ease at all on the day? Sorry for bombarding you with questions I just dont know anyone who has had the proceedure done and I am scared.

leebee - 07/06/2006 11:54

Hiya Rak, my smear tests were not painful like yours. I had a period like pain. I didnt get my results for another 6/8 weeks after and I was very worried. I recevied ,my results over the phone in work one day and was very shocked and upset to hear I had CIN 111. I was sent home from work because I was in tears. All I knew about CIN 111 was what i had read on the interent and beleiev me it is not the best place to search, I only made myself worse. The coloscopy onyl took a small sample fo cells to be tested and then I had the full Lletz treatment. I was very worried about both procedures but they were not too bad. I think if you explain to the doctor hoe nervous and worried you really are they will talk you the whole way through it. I know its easy to say dont worry but really try not to.

Rak - 07/06/2006 14:32

Does the Lletz treatment leave you with any dicomfort afterwards? All the waiting is just agonising. I found out just before the long weekend had me so upset all weekend. they didnt even tell me the CIN level they just told me it was really bad, I was so freaked out. Thinking the worst. I'm a bit calmer now just worried about the pain aspect. I have a son and the wosrt part of labour for me was the internals, they would have me in tears. and each smear is just as bad.

Muriel - 07/06/2006 14:46

Hi Rak, it sounds to me like having the colposcopy under general aneashetic would be a good idea in your case.

Rak - 07/06/2006 15:11

Hi Muriel, I'm going to ask for some kind of aneasthetic or seditive. I dont think I could bare it in my sense's. It's not that I am a wuss with pain, I have a very high pain treshold as I said I had a son and the contractions were fine I had no problem but in the end I need the epidural for them to be able to do the nessecary intenals. For some reason I am just unlucky with the amount of pain I feel smears, internal etc. The doctor led me to believe the sensetivity is due to the abnormal cells. It all very confusing and scary. But this message board has helped me so much, thank you everybody!

leebee - 07/06/2006 15:25

Rak the only dicomfort I had was a period type pain for the day and then I was ok. Just bled for a while. Nothing to heavy

maria - 08/06/2006 09:17

yesterday i had yet another colposcopy in which they decided to take three biopsies. I had results comfirming that i had cin2 in march 2004 and have since had to have loop treatment. ever since having the loop treatment every colposcopy performed has shown cin1 on smear and 2 on colposcopy. i just feel very frustrated that i dont seem to be getting any further along and every 3/6 months i have to go through the pain of the colposcopy and biopsy. i am also having problems concieving anybody else experiencing the same thing

Rak - 08/06/2006 15:04

This counrty hospitals are behond a joke. I called for my colposcopy appointment to see how long it would be before it was done. They told me the doctor has put you on his urgent list so you should be seen in about 3 months. Since when does 3 months costitute URGENT?? Plus the reason it will be so long is because the doctor is going on holiday's for the next month and a half, what use is that for all us women waiting and stressing. How long did the rest of you wait for your test?

leebee - 08/06/2006 15:31

Hiya Rak, I had to wait six months for my tests. Imagine six months of long anticpated stress. I know what you mena about Irish hospitals been a joke. Sure the nurse shocked me when she gave me my CIN111 results. No descreption of what that meant. As I said earlier I was sent home from work that day cos I was in tears. Gone beyond a joke.

Rak - 08/06/2006 15:59

I'm the same, no explination of what CIN 111 actually means. I've asked so many times but never get an answer. I was told on my lunch break, went back to work shell shocked just sat in front of my computer looking for explinations. Done no work, got no real reasuring answers and couldnt go to work the next day. I've looked into going private the earliest is a month and a half, but will cost me an arm and a leg. I dont have medical insurance I'm on the medical card but it's that or stress for at least 3 months. There has to be something we can do about this. give Mary Harney the same results and see how fast she is seen!! I'd put my money on immediatly. I was told last night one of my aunties has had her uterus removed because of abnormal cells getting out of hand. They want women to go for smears but they dont make it encouraging. They leave you to stew every step of the way. I wonder if the lists are as long in England? I know they get smear tests faster as I get my smears sent there for faster results at my own expense.

leebee - 08/06/2006 19:56

you still shouldnt have to pay yourself I agree with you it is mad.

Anonymous - 14/06/2006 08:28

I had a Lletz over a year ago and have been living in New Zealand for the year. In New Zealand I have been having regular smear tests. I see the nurse and two days later I get the results. As a result I don't have to endure the stress that the women in Ireland have to by waiting and waiting and waiting to see if they are ok. I also get sent reminders by my GP to tell me when my next smear is due. What on earth is wrong with this country? There is no awareness whatsover. I nearly didn't have a smear in the first place and I hate to think what might have happened if I hadn't. All of us have an obligation to tell our friends of our experiences and encourage them to get their smears done as we will be waiting forever for this government to do something about the situation.

Rak - 15/06/2006 16:55

I today recieved a letter from the hospital saying they had recieved my smear results and have been placed on there waiting list. Took 2 weeks just to get this, I got a phone call, after my many messages last week, yesterday telling me that the doctor went on holidays without signing off my file and that means they cannot send me an appointment until he comes back. And now the waiting list is said to be 4 months. If Lletz treatment is needed is it done the same day or do I need to go on another waiting list for that after the colposcopy?

Lorrsi - 21/06/2006 14:41

I had to have a smear test about 2weeks ago, because i had heavy bleeding during had told me i had an errosion on the cervix. the pain after is was worse than labour pains. it was only then he decided i needed the smear. so i questioned him if the coil would be causing the bleeding, he said he wasnt aware i had the coil and that he should have read up on my file!!!! Anyway to make a long story short the lady doctor that did the smear WILL NOT REMOVE THE COIL!! until the results come back!!!!and now i read on here that it could be a wait of up to 10 weeks.. anyone with the coil same problem.?

Chandy - 21/06/2006 15:03

I Lorsi - I too have a coil, mirena iud. Its my second one, I have it about a year or so and yes, 2 months ago, I had what I thought was a period for four weeks!! Now normally my period with the iud was very very scant. But we discovered, having tried abstaing for a couple of days, that intercourse was bringing on the period!! Not painful afterward, there were somewhat unusal sensations. Could not imagine it being worse than labour!!! Anyhow, my gynae siad he could remove the coil at any time, on my request but I would need another contraceptive however the bleeding was nothing to worry about as it was a result (as we found out after a blood test) of very low progesterone. I took a progesterone supplement for a month and I was fine.

clare bear - 24/06/2006 01:18

Hi I am just going through the stages of getting the LLETZ procedure done in the next month, but i must agree with some of your comments regarding the wait on your results I found that in my case I have had quite a few abnormal pap smears in a row and have had no action taken by my regular G.P. It was only when i went to get the results from my last pap smear that I saw different G.P and it was then that I was told I should have been sent to have Colposcopy earlier. I have now been and have found out that I have CIN 2. Although i know that this not cancerous i am a little annoyed that my regular G.P did not send me earlier for the colposcopy and maybe then I may not have ended up with CIN 2

Rak - 26/06/2006 17:02

Hi Clare bear, I had a similar situation, I didnt go to my GP for my smears though, I went to a clinic each time and had a different doctor each time as a result but during my last smear the doctor in that day couldnt understand why the previous doctor hadnt sent me for a coposcopy the year before. I had progress to CIN3 within the year. I went earlier for my follow up because I had random bleeding even though I am on the pill. I am going for my colposcopy at the end of next month and it took a month to finally get an appointment. I\'m very annoyed at so many things. It should have been done last year, it has progress rather suddenly and I just cant seem to get anywhere with having it treated.

Anonymous - 29/06/2006 22:55

was told by my doctor today that i have cin2 from a smear test that was done in aug 04. she said she was very sorry but my results were filed away by mistake and thats how i wasn't contacted sooner. i now have to go for a colposcopy asap. does anyone know how long it takes for it to develop to cin3. also having trouble trying ti concieve.

Rak - 30/06/2006 14:41

It may never progress into CIN3, it could have been an infection at the time of your last smear, there is still every chance it could have gone the other way also! It could have cleared up! I started at CIN1 and 6months later it had cleared. There isn't really a set time for things to change it varies for everyone, It has taken 3 years for mine to go from CIN1 - clear - borderline -clear - CIN3! If you want you colposcopy done fast coombe seems to have the shortest list at the moment. I sent my results to Ratunda a month ago for an urgent colposcopy and still havent gotten an appointment. I got one from the coombe almost straight away. Good luck!

Darky - 04/07/2006 12:36

I have recently had a smear test and the result came back s.dysarytosis - cin3. Does anyone have anymore information on this.

Mary - 04/07/2006 17:16

Darky, have you been refered for a colposcopy? It's important that you get rferred for further Treatment ASAP

Anon - 05/07/2006 00:54

Arrived in Australia not too long ago and went for a smear straight away after being diagonoised a cin2 in ireland, (where it took 3 mnths to get results) it took a week for the results to come through here, i'm now a's going to be 2 months before i can get a colposcopy....these abnormal cells have a lot to do with the wart virus and one thing i know is that viruses like to act up when you're worried and stressed out,so although it may be difficult to relax,while waiting for results and appointments,(not to mention waiting for the people behind the irish health system to get thier asses in gear) don't put extra strain on your body by getting too stressed out.

darky - 06/07/2006 08:33

Yes i have been referred for a colposcopy but it is six weeks away, and because of a history of hysterectomys in my family i am very worried

Mary - 11/07/2006 09:22

Darky, have the hysterectomies in your family been performed due to cancer of the womb? If they were done for other medical reasons, them perhaps that need not concern you so much in relation to this.

Emma - 18/07/2006 12:43

I attend the Well Woman clinic. I had a smear in Jan 06 and abnormal cells were detected. I had the follow up smear in July (performed by different doctor) and I bled during the procedure so the doctor said she would refer me for a colposcopy just to be safe, which I am due in have in 3 weeks. The doctor did alarm me by telling me it looked like I had severe erosion of the cervix. I left the clinic in a bit of a daze. What does severe erosion mean - Does it mean that with time my cervix is just going to disappear?? If it was so severe why didn't the doctor who did the smear in jan say anything? has anyone information on erosion of the cervix?

Shell - 26/07/2006 14:35

Hello, I have just had the worst weekend ever, I have just got married and was really looking forward to trying for a baby. We had only be trying for a week. Then I got a letter saying I had severe dyskaryosis which i belive is CIN111. It really scared me, I belive the doctor should people to come in not to send a letter out, I got it on a saturday so had to wait all weekend before I could see the doctor. has anyone been in the same boat and managed to get pregnant.

Mary - 26/07/2006 16:48

Shell, I know it must be heartbreaking for you but I would say be very carful about trying for a baby with dyskaryosis, just in case it is ostrogen dependant as pregnancy wll result in an awful lot of extra oestrogen in your system.

Anon - 26/07/2006 18:43

Shell, Please believe me. I had Cin III (14 years ago). It is nothing to worry about & is TOTALLY treatable. Don't be scared by the words used in the letter. They will remove the part of the cervix affected and you will be told not to try for a baby for 6 months. After 6 months, your cervix will have totally regenerated & be 'pink & healthy'. Then you can try all you like for your baby with absolutely no problems. The only thing after having Cin III is that you have regular smears. I only have 1 every 2 years now & have never had any recurrence or any other problems. Don't listen to ANY scaremongering. Cin III like all other Cin's is so common & TOTALLY treatable. It is not a 'condition' as such & only means a change in cells & as we all know it is better to have abnormal cells removed rather than to leave them to turn into something nasty! It will NOT affect your ability to have a baby so please do not worry.

Anonymous - 29/07/2006 00:08


Anonymous - 29/07/2006 00:30


Tess - 08/08/2006 15:04

My Gp just rang me to advise the results of my smear have come back abnormal. Needless to say I was quite shocked therefore did not ask any questions. She just told me I need to have a repeat smear in another 6 months. I also have polycystic ovaries. Im sure its nothing to worry about is it??I dont know much about this, so would value some opinions. Thanks

Shell - 09/08/2006 11:01

Hello everyone, thankyou to everyone who gave me some reassuring words of wisdom, I am now just gonna have to wait 6 months and then hopefully get back to tryin for a little one. Thanks again its nice to know that we are not alone in this time of supportive need.XX

Rak - 09/08/2006 11:23

All I could tell you to reassure you would be that your GP didnt seem overly concerned so you more than likely just got a CIN1 or he/she would have refered you to hospital to have a colposcopy for a more detailed look. I wouldn't worry too much but I wouls suggest to compile a list of your questions and then call your GP back as in my experience the minute you get to talk to them you forget everything you had planned to ask. So just relax and go speak to your GP till you are satisfied with your information and your doctors course of action. Best of luck.

worried - 25/08/2006 12:15

I had smear test done in march told i had cin2 still waiting appointment. was wondering how soon cin2 can develop to cin3.

Rak - 25/08/2006 14:58

Hi, I dont think they have a set time for how fast it can develope, but ou have to remember it can go either way it may never go to CIN3. I prgressed quite fast, I went from borderline to CIN3 in less than a year, but I was showing a lot of symptoms so I knew it had progress that was why I went back early. But you realyy have nothing to worriy about CIN levels aren't dealy they are warning signs, you are taking your warning so you have nothing to worry about. Just keep you 6 month check up but relax in the mean time or it can flare it up, stress can be a factor! If your next result comes back any CIN level ask to be refered to the Coombe hospital there colposcopy wiating list is shortest and they are very nice. I know its hard not to worry, I'm still waiting for my biopsy result but you really have nothing to worry about you are taking care of yourself by monitoring your health. Good luck

mar - 25/08/2006 18:46

Hi I had my very first ever smear in feb this year and heard nothing until mid july. 5 months had passed so i thought i was ok. my doc phoned to say i had cin111. she said it wasn't cancer just probably infection and referred me to hosp for colposcopy. I got my hosp appointment (tallaght)within three weeks. The colposcopy was carried out last week and revealed that smear was correct i had cin111 and i immediately had a lletz. from start to finish the 2 procedures took 45 mins.Very uncomfortable. Doc and nurses were lovely. I was told results of biopsy would be sent out in 3-4 weeks.Since then I have had heavy discharge. Does anyone know what the biopsy results will show. Will it show cancer or just confirm what the hosp already told me???

Anonymous - 26/08/2006 14:29

I would have to agree that the Coombe hospital are fantastic. I have been through Lletz and the follow up check up and I have nothing but praise for the doctors, nurses and administration staff there. They are briliant.

Kitty - 28/08/2006 08:57

Mar, you mention that Letz treatment was very uncomfortable. Can I ask, as this carried out under spinal or general aneasthetic. I ask because have a cousin in the UK undergoing this procedure shortly and she would prefer spinal aneasthetic but her care team are anxious for her to be under general aneasthetic as she is quite nervous.

Lizzy - 28/08/2006 14:23

Hi everyone, Finally somewhere that someone may be able to answer some of my questions!I had a smear back in march and the results came through in June with a CIN3.I was referred for a colposcopy straight away and received the LLETZ treatment 5 weeks ago. I think I was pretty lucky in regards to being seen so quickly and I seem to have recovered ok.But I still have a lot of unanswered questions!Like how long should I be waiting for the results?I was told to go back in 6 months. Also I visisted my old GP at home in Cork (as i ahd been referred by my GP in Dub) and he asked me if my boyfriend had been checked out for the genital warts virus as this was related to my abnormal smear?I was in total shcok as I just presumed the smear only looked for pre cancerous cells. The clinic never said anything about this and when I rang them the nurse hadn't a clue what I was on about on the phone. so now i'm totally confused and disgusted because I went to an STD clinic to make sure I had no diseases when I started going out with my boyfriend first. I remeber the doctor telling me I had no warts and my smear came back normal. so how it developed into a CIN3 and the possiblity of having hte wart virus in that short space of time is a mystery to me!I'm more upset over the fact I gave the virus to my boyfriend is it important that we both get checked out for this?

Anon - 28/08/2006 15:59

Lizzy, I think your G.P. in Cork jumped the gun with mentioning the warts virus. Firstly, you don't get results as such with the Lletz. You go back in 6 months for a check up by which time your cervix will have re-grown. In regard to the boyfriend & warts, you should both go and get checked out just for the peace of mind. The fact that your Cork G.P. mentioned warts virus will always leave that doubt in your mind, so you both getting checked out will put your mind at rest once and for all.

worried - 29/08/2006 14:16

hi rak, thanks for your comments really helpful. can i ask what sort of symptoms were you showing hope you dont mind me asking?

Rak - 29/08/2006 15:02

Hi 'worried', Yeah I dont mind, well basically I am on the pill and yet I was bleeding between periods for up to 3 days, I had pain while having sex and also bleeding after sex, these are all problems that indicate abnormalities so I went for my follow up smear early. I got my biopsy results yesterday, still shows CIN3 and severe ablnormal cells so in 2 weeks I go in for the LLETZ treatment and hopefully say goodbay to my problems. I have also dicovered a 'device' to use during my period instead of towels/ tampons! I dont bleed between periods anymore since I got it. Its only available in th UK but you can order it online. Go to and check it out. I think it is brilliant and recommend it to anyone especially people with abnormal cell. Hope this helps you.

Eddie - 29/08/2006 15:20

Regarding the most recent postings: can I just point out that the posting by 'Anon' is slightly misinformed. The GP that mentioned the 'warts virus', i.e. the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) did not, strictly speaking, 'jump the gun' in doing so. Cervical cancer and pre-cancerous lesions have been definitively linked to certain strains of HPV, notably HPV16 and 18. To my knowledge, there are up to 100 different types of HPV, so many women will have come into contact with more than one type, possibly including the one that causes warts. Some people may have had genital warts and not have known it. Most sexually active women will have come into contact with some strain of HPV, although possibly not the strains that cause warts or the ones that are linked to pre-cancerous cell changes. Some strains show no symptoms at all. A vaccine for the HPV strains responsible for pre-cancerous lesions on the cervix is at an advanced stage of development. The fact that you have pre-cancerous changes, such as CINI, II or III, does NOT mean you have cancer. Those cell changes at the top of the cervix are highly treatable if monitored and caught early. I speak as someone who has gone through years of treatments, colposcopies, smears and monitoring, including LLETZ and a cone biopsy. I had LLETZ under general anaesthetic because I didn’t feel comfortable about having it done under a local anaesthetic. It worked out fine for me and there was no pain afterwards. Talk to the doctor again if you are nervous about the treatment and discuss the pain-management options available. I would say no one should be forced into having a treatment under a type of anaesthetic they’re not comfortable with, although please accept your doctor’s guidance and reassurance on what he or she thinks is best for you. Can I also say to the person who said there will be no 'results' from the LLETZ treatment that this is incorrect also. You will indeed get a result from the lab. The LLETZ is both a treatment and a means of diagnosing what changes are present in the cells at the top of your cervix at the entrance to the womb. The thin layer of cells removed during the LLETZ or cone biopsy will be analysed by the lab and should come back with an indication of what, if any, abnormalities are present. Your doctor should then be able to discuss the result with you and to suggest what follow-up is necessary. Normally, after a LLETZ or a cone biopsy comes back with an abnormal result, you will have a follow up smear, probably in around six months, but talk to the doctor about this. Please don't worry about CINI, II or III changes - they can be treated... Best of luck.

Kitty - 29/08/2006 15:31

Hi Eddie, thank you for your response.

Aileen(DUZ51146) - 29/08/2006 18:56

Hi Anon and Eddie, Thanks for your replies. Eddie you seem to have a good understanding of all this and it's great to hear it from someone who's been through it and understands it. Maybe I should ring the clinic again and keep asking questions until I get answers that I understand and feel happy about!Thanks again for your replies, this forum has been a life line for me.

mar - 29/08/2006 19:56

To answer a previous question, i wasn't given an option for local v general but was told I would have a local. It wasn't painful, just uncomfortable with the tugging and they moved the scope a few times to get a really good look and check the area out. I was glad i was awake for the procedure although your legs go into small spasams during the procedure and the main fear I had was that I would kick the doctor in the face!!!! I was a bit wobbly on my feet for half an hour or so but then jumped in the car and drove home. With a general the recovery time would be much longer and I liked being able to hear everything they discussed throughout the procedure. Thanks to the last psoting as it gave me lots of info on the follow up and what happens next.

worried - 30/08/2006 09:06

anybody know the waiting time for the rotunda? or would i be quicker going to coombe. or maybe if i went private how soon would i be seen and at what cost?

Kitty - 30/08/2006 09:25

Thanks for the feedback Mar, I'm going to ring my cousin tonight. When you mention local anasthetic, I assume you're not referring to spinal (similar to epidural) as you were able to walk around and drive home after a short while. I'm just wondering tho', getting injections, for the local anasthetic in such a sensitive area, not extremely uncomfortable? Sorry for all the questions, I'm trying to reassure my cousin as she is quite a bit younger then me and is nervous.

Rak - 30/08/2006 14:13

Hi worried, you will be waiting about 2months for Rotunda that was why I switched to Coombe. Going private isn\'t worth it I looked into it it will only knock about 2 weeks tops off you waiting and cost you a lot.

Eddie - 30/08/2006 16:08

Hi... I don't really recommend going private either. It really doesn't take that much time off getting results etc and it is expensive. It's the backlog in the labs that takes the time. I know at least one of the maternity hospitals with its own lab says it gets results back in three weeks, but in my experience it has taken 12-14 weeks to actually get a letter posted out to me. That may have improved in the past couple of years. I think six weeks is about average but I was always reassured that if anything was wrong that needed immediate attention, the doc would ring me straight away. On the local anaesthetic issue, I don't actually know how they do it but that's the reason I didn't fancy it. I'm extremely squeamish about any gynae stuff and while I was assured the LLETZ wouldn't hurt (just uncomfortable) I didn't want to know what was going on during the procedure. I'm probably the exception to the rule and I'm sure it's not too bad at all, especially if you've gone through childbirth! I do think you should check about driving after the procedure. As far as I know, most hospitals recommend that you have someone to pick you up afterwards and that you don't drive for at least a few hours. Do check that out...

Anonymous - 31/08/2006 13:46

I have a young friend who wants to have a smear test done but is extremely nervous. She has attempted to have it done 3 times but each time she gets so nervous that she starts to cry and scream and the nurse refuses to go ahead with it. Has anyone any experience of this and is it possible to get something to relax her so that it won't upset her to much? Any suggestions?

Eddie - 31/08/2006 14:23

Hi Anonymous, How young is your friend, exactly? The experts generally don't recommend regular smears until age 25 and over, because there isn't any point in doing the screening in younger women due to the slow speed with which cervical cancer develops. Get your friend to check that with the doctor before she gets herself too stressed about the smear. If she's older than 25, she should certainly have a smear, but shouldn't worry too much about it. I know that's hard - they're not pleasant, and I really, really hate them. But you do learn to get used to the procedure after a while and it's fairly quick - uncomfortable rather than painful.

friend - 31/08/2006 14:41

waiting times in the rotunda are up to six months just found out today. this is absolutely disgraceful.imagine got smear in march ,got results in june now have to wait until december before any doctor looks at me and they tell you not to panic!!!!

mar - 31/08/2006 14:45

The local given was directly to the cervical area. It stung like a dentist injection. They gave 2 or 3 to fully numb the area.It only took a few seconds for it to kick in and then I felt no pain.

Kitty - 31/08/2006 15:13

To Anonymous Posted: 31/08/2006 13:46, I had my first smear at 19 after two years on the pill. My cousin tho was a bit like your young friend and her first smear they gave her somethign mild to help her relax about half an hour beforehand. She was still quite nervous but not upset. Just to note tho', while it is important to relax, smears should not be painful. Thanks for your response Mar.

Anony - 31/08/2006 19:23

To Anonymous Posted: 31/08/2006 13:46 I have had this problem too. The fact that your young friend has tried 3 times, she will be more & more nervous at each attempt. If she leaves it she could well develop primary vaginissmus (if she is not now sexually active)as she will become very nervous about any type of penetration. A good Doctor would give her a mild sedative (in my case I was given valium about 30 minutes beforehand) and it worked a treat. Eddie, I would seriously question that advice about not having a smear before the age of 25. In the UK, they do smears from the time a woman is sexually active. Its not just to detect cell changes or cancer but also to diagnose cervical erosion & various infections. I had cervical erosion noted on a smear result when I was 20 & that is not unusual. Smear testing should be done from the time a girl is sexually active.

Eddie - 01/09/2006 12:52

Anony, That advice on not having smears done regularly before the age of 25 comes from one of Ireland\'s top cervical cancer specialists. The practice in Britain may well be different. As I understand it, the average age of intercourse for women in Britain is younger than here, and the average number of partners a woman will have in a lifetime and even by her early 20s is much higher than here, although that\'s probably changing.

Kitty - 01/09/2006 13:03

Eddie, I had my first smear, in Ireland, at 19 (only 11 years ago) having had only oen (current) sexual partner. And I was told it ould be every 2 years while I was sexually active.

Eddie - 01/09/2006 18:34

Hi Kitty, I think I also had mine at about 20, and that was about 16 years ago. The clinic I attended at the time was big into women having yearly smears. I think so much has happened in terms of knowledge of how cervical cancer develops since then that the thinking has changed. Not being prescriptive here - definitely not for me to be telling people how often to go for tests, but I do think anyone very young should discuss it and all the implications with a doctor.

Mar - 01/09/2006 19:23

There is a few messages about waiting times. I only waited 4 weeks for Tallaght Hospital. Does a person have a choice which hospital they go to or does it depend on your home location or where your doc refers you???

Anon - 01/09/2006 21:54

Eddie, well, so much for Irelands leading expert then. As the old saying goes 'Doctors differ, patients die'! With the huge rise in Chlamdyia in Ireland it would be very bad advice to tell any sexually active girl to postpone having a smear until she is 25. I have worked in the Medical Profession for many years and have never heard such advice given.

Anon - 01/09/2006 23:53

Eddie, How can you have an Expert in Cervical Cancer in a country that does not even have a cervical screening programme in place? If this 'Expert' deals only with cervical cancer & not other cervical problems such as erosion, infection etc then is he/she an Oncologist or a Gynaecologist? Gynaecologists would never tell any sexually active female to postpone cervican smears until they are 25. Cancer specialists are only dealing with cancer & would only be stating that up to age 25, cancer may not be prevalent. There is a huge difference.

Eddie - 04/09/2006 11:15

Hi... The expert, is a consultant obstetrician who treats a lot of women with cervical cancer. I think that despite the fact we don\'t have a cervical screening programme in place here, that makes the person in question an expert in Irish terms. I\'m not interested in an argument and I\'m not going to use that doctor\'s name on this forum, but I imagine he would be bemused to have his credentials questioned. I\'m only telling people what I\'ve been told and, as someone who has been through these procedures myself over a long number of years, I\'ve also done quite a bit of research. Don\'t get excited about it - I\'m sure no doctor is going to refuse a woman a smear because she\'s under 25. What I did say is that the expert I spoke to said there was little point in screening women regularly if they are under 25 because of the length of time over which abnormalities typically develop. Everyone on this forum is concerned about women\'s health and about the prevention of cervical cancer - let\'s just exchange information without getting sarcastic with each other, thanks.

Kitty - 04/09/2006 11:48

Eddie, are you saying then that a woman in the UK is on the pill from whne she is 16, then she won't be offered a smear at her 6-monthly check-ups until she is 25? This I find not onloy worrying but very surprising, not just from the point of view of ersion and other problems as a previous poster pointed out.

Eddie - 04/09/2006 13:38

If the editor will permit the link, this article in today's London Indie is worth reading for anyone interested in the vaccine:

Anon - 04/09/2006 16:39

Eddie, I was not being sarcastic with you & neither to I wish to argue with you but having read your response I think you took the 'Expert' too literally. I think he was talking specifically about cancer & yes, he would be correct in general (though there are always exceptions) in saying that regular screening before the age of 25 would not prevent cervical cancers due to their slow growth rates. BUT I am 100% sure that if you asked him the same question about smears in general as a detection method for all other problems other than cancer, he would say that any girl who is sexually active, regardless of age, should be having regular smear testing. Of course, if screening was carried out regularly we wouldn't have any deaths from cervical cancer & we wouldn't need the vaccine either.

Eddie - 04/09/2006 17:54

Anon, Not to harp on about this: the very reason we have smear tests IS specifically to detect pre-cancerous changes, not to detect erosions or other problems. In fact, repeated biopsies carried out during colposcopies, LLETZ treatments and cone biopsies leave the cervix very damaged and scarred. I know, I've had them all done and they weren't pleasant. Better than having cancer though. I don't want to hypothesise about what the expert, without the inverted commas if you don't mind, MIGHT say if I asked a different question about smears in general. I'm an intelligent person who dealt with this doctor in a professional rather than a personal capacity, so I think it's safe to say I didn't take him 'too literally'. Just for the record, the following are two paragraphs taken directly from one of Dr Condren's own pieces on smear testing on this very site. Quote 1: "The current guidelines from the Department of Health are that women should undergo regular smear testing from the age of twenty-five years. The test should be repeated the following year and repeated at five yearly intervals up to the age of sixty." Quote 2: "Regular smear testing in accordance with the current guidelines is our most effective tool in the battle against cancer of the cervix. If you are twenty-five or over arrange to have a smear test if you have not already been attending to that aspect of your health. It could save your life." I won't ask you what your own particular expertise is, because I'm going to sign off the forum permanently now before I lose my reason trying to explain something that started out being very simple...

Kitty - 05/09/2006 09:14

Eddie, smear tests DO have a function in detecting erosions, lesions and other problems. Any gynae can confirm that for you. Also, the comment on 5 yearly intervals in dirent contrast to what both mu own clinic and my GP adheres to, which is every 2 years and 5 years - respectively, from the point of being sexually active until menopause.

Anon - 05/09/2006 16:27

Eddie, Sorry now but I am a little puzzled probably due to the fact that I am not sure where you are coming from but you are speaking from experience. I have had a cone biopsy also. It doesn't leave the cervix damaged as the very act of having a cone biopsy involves taking the affected area of the cervix away. The cervix can fully regenerate & that only takes about 6 months for it to grow back completely healthy & normal. Again, your posting re Dr Condren was interesting but as Kitty says it only concerns cancer & smears are not only done to detect cancer. It would all be a bit pointless really as the best prevention is to detect cell changes before they become cancerous. In regard to cervical cancer here in Ireland, the cases are rising in contrast to the U.K. where the cases are dropping, solely due to their early detection rates and cervical screening programmes.

Kitty - 05/09/2006 16:32

I wish to correct a point I made earlier. Mu own clinic and my GP adheres to a policy of smears every 2 years and 3 years - respectively, from the point of being sexually active until menopause, after which a smear every 5 years is recommended.

Anonymous - 08/09/2006 10:59

my daughter had her first smear test done 5 months ago. She is 20. She was told the results would be back in 10 weeks. When we rang the surgery we were told it was not back but if she did not hear anything back, then she could assume all was well. Excactly 5 months to the day she received a letter stating that there were some viral changes and she was to return to have another smear. She is now due to have the smear in a few days. I am absolutely furious with this long delay as I have had pre-cancer of the cervix,which is now clear butmy sister had to have a cone biopsy as the changes went from abnormal to CIN 3 within 2 months. I am worried sick and i am so angry with the delay. The excuse I got was that the lab changed their testing from platelette to liquid testing and this delayed the process. Can anyone out there please tell me if this has ever happened to them and give me some reassurance. I dread the wait when she has it done again, although she will now be 'priority'.

Anonymous - 11/09/2006 20:56

just found this website and am amazed how many people in the same boat as me.just found out im cin111 and im going crazy with worry.can anyone tell me if cancer was already there would it have shown on smear resuls or am i worrying needlessly.have colposcopy in 4 wks and am so sick thinking bout there a possobility the smear could be wrong?if treated does that get rid completely or is this a constant worry?sorry to be such a bore but im up the wall.thanks

Anonymous - 12/09/2006 15:20

I'm in exactly the same boat as u anon. just found out at the weekend, worried sick ever since. CIN3 also. But i have been reassured by nurse in coombe that it would take years to develop in to cancer. colposcopy in 6 weeks, still going to worry til then though. Anyone any happy endings?

Sallie - 12/09/2006 15:39

Anonymous, DON'T WORRY! Cin 111 is just the category of cell change BEFORE it turns into a possible cancer. Cin 111 just means the cells need to be removed to stop it turning into a cancer but it doesn't mean you have cancer now, you don't! It is fully treatable, they will take the abnormal cells away and your cervix will regrow back into normal, healthy tissue. Please don't worry, it is very common and the treatment is fast & painfree. It just sounds far worse than it actually is & will be over in minutes. Truely just put it to the back of your mind as best you can. To tell you the truth a visit to the Dentist is worse. Don't let it consume your every thought as after you have been treated you will wonder why you were so up in a heap about it. Good Luck & Please don't worry.

Anonymous - 12/09/2006 20:40

thanks very much sallie,that sounds very reassuring.its horrible when u dont know anyone else who has gone through really helps to hear from someone who knows whats happening and is positive.hope the other anon post takes that on board too.thanks a million.

Rak - 12/09/2006 23:16

Hi there,I had my LLETZ treatment done there yesterday and it was extremely painful! Not just uncomfortable, extremely painful! I was given 4 local anisthetic injections into my cervix then they proceeded with the LLETZ which was painful even with the anesthetic which was meant to numb the area! After that was done which only took abou 10seconds then came the removal of the injection needle's, all four of them, while removing them they had to try stop the bleeding. I was in agony, felt everything. Now nobody can say I have a low pain treshold because I dont! I went through child birth without a problem but I was in floods of tears with the pain yesterday, then I was sent home still in agony, no amount of pain killers numbed it! I was laying on my bed the entire day unable to even think of moving. And today I still cant walk normal, If I try stand up straight or walk normal it feels like someone is stabbing me! I was told I would bleed for about 2 weeks, but I'm yet to shed a drop of blood! Is that normal? Now I'm not trying to scare poeple but I do think everyone should be informed that not all of us are so lucky to just feel a bit uncomfortable. If you find smears painful then the sad truth is you will find LLETZ 100% worse.

Mary - 13/09/2006 14:09

Oh Rak, you poor poor thing. When you told them it was hurting at the start why oh why did they not stop, give you a spinal aneasthetic or transfer you for general before proceding. As you say, you've been through childbirth so you don't have a low pain threshold. I'm extremely concerned that they would have discharged you while still in so much pain too. My cousing had Lletz done about a hear and half ago. She had general aneasthetic as the idea of spinal scared her a little (she hasn't had children) and she only bled for a day or two afterwards and was told it was normal so that may reassure on the bleeding front. I guess your story is good to note for all other ladies facing Lletz so at least they know to discuss aneasthetic and pain medication options and choose what they willbe fully happy with. Not that that helps you at this stage but I guess at least it's all behind you. Take care of yourself.

ash - 13/09/2006 15:27

God Rak. That sounds horrible. You poor thing. Where did you have it done? Are you given the choice of a general or is that only if you demand one? I am to have this done in 6 weeks. I too have had a baby and know what pain is but hate smears.

Rak - 13/09/2006 15:37

Thanks Mary but i did ask for other options and local anesthetic was the only thing they would offer. They simply put things down to me having a low pain treshold which I know is a load of bull! My mother and my son dont respond well to anesthetics but I didnt think I was the same as I have had operations before without a problem. My mother needs a higher dose of anesthics as she has actually experienced waking up in surgery! And my son it has the opposite affect on him right from the start, he becomes hyper with most anesthetics. This was my first experience were it seemed to fail!

Rak - 13/09/2006 15:59

Hi Ash, I had it done in the Coombe. And I wasnt given any choice! But I find smears quite painful, but I can just grit my teeth and breathe thru the pain most times but the LLETZ I tried every pain technic I knew and still ended up in tears! I was also told it helps if you take neurofen a half hour before you go in as it also helps numb the pain, I tried it adn as you know it didnt work! I really dont want to scare anyone, I'm probably just unlucky nut I do think people need to be prepared in case they too are like me, very able to handle pain but very unlucky with the amount of pain felt during these proceedures. I wouldnt blame the hospital or dorcor for any of it, she done what she had to.

Mary - 13/09/2006 16:28

That's unbelievable Rak, and astonishing too. Did they just deny your request for general or other method of aneasthetic / pain relief? Just a note to other ladies who are worried about the pain aspect - the hospital has no right to deny you general / spinal aneasthetic without a very good medical reason (such for example as severe breathing dificulties). Indeed it was my own gynae who advised me that there was no reason for me to be in pain even during a smear - tho' admittedly I am very relaxed during smears and don't find them a problem which is lucky. Perhaps this advice won't help as it's not for exactly the same thing but I was advised before my mirena insetion to take two ponstan forte 40 minutes beforehand to help with the pain. Bear in mind I didn't have aneasthetic of any kind for the insertion as I as very wary of local aneasthetic around the cervial area and really hated the thoughts of going to hospital for the procedure (due to prsonal issues unrelated to gynae in any way) at the time. Not the same thing as Lletz at all I know but as it deals with the same area, I just thought I'd mention it.

Rak - 13/09/2006 17:22

I was denied more so as ignored what I was asking! I asked is there anyother way to have it done and I was told "ah you'll manage, sure you went thru child birth didnt you" I informed her they ended up using the epidural as I had blood pressure problems and they ad to use ventoes to deliver but it went ahead! Half way thru the nurse asked was I ok to continue but at that point what else could I do!

Mary - 14/09/2006 08:46

Oh Rak, that as awful - to put you thru that and more or less ignore your requests. I guess other ladis should take note - to insist on having another type of aneasthetic (unless of course there is a very good medical reason not to) if you have the slightest reservation or doubt about feeling comfortable with local. It must have been horribly truamatic for you but thank you sharing your story.

Anonymous - 14/09/2006 14:32

im due to get lletz done soon also and im wondering if rak had a bad experience or has everyone been like this,otherwise i will insist on general aneastetic

Rak - 14/09/2006 16:08

Hi Anon, I really dont want to scare anyone! I think if your ok with your smears you should do fine with the LLETZ treatment. When I was prgnant the internal exam\'s used to kill me, then smears turned out the same so I seem to have a highly sensitive cervix, maybe more than most. But if your afraid and you do find smears very painful, insist on more options rather than taking thre word that the local is all you\'ll need. It\'s your body, so remind them of that! Good luck and sorry if I scared you.

Anonymous - 14/09/2006 22:46

thanks rak,no problem.have to say have always found your posts very helpful and informative.hope you keep posting.its nice to know the outcome of all this.sorry you had such a bad time and hope you feel better soon.good luck with least you know your finished now.worse part over.whats the follow up like?when do you go back and what for?

Anon - 15/09/2006 12:52

I had this procedure and I am an extremely anxious person. I find smears alone very stressful & uncomfortable but I had absolutely no problem with the procedure (had Cin 111) and cone biopsy under local anaesthetic with no pain. In fact, I didn't even realise they had done it, in that it was all over before I even realised what had happened.

Rak - 15/09/2006 13:57

I'm free now for six months, they take the removed tissue to the lab and find out what the problem was, my biopsy was insufficient or something so the couldnt tell me what the abnormal cells were. I feel a lot better today almost back to normal, I still get slight twinges when I stretch or bend to pick anything up but a lot better than a couple of days ago. Though unfortunate for me I was on an antibiotic fro 2 weeks prior to the LLETZ for an apsis ( cant spell that!) and as a result I had a dose of thrush when I went for the LLETZ, I thought it would effect the treatment but I was told it wouldnt, so just in case anyone comes into the same situation it doesnt mean they cant do the LLETZ and you can still use the thrush treatment before and after the LLETZ. When I went in I was worried they would tell me to come back in 2 weeks when it was cleared after preparing myself for the LLETZ that day but I'm glad its over and done with now. Well untill the repeat smear in 6 months, but the doctor was happy she got everything. I think the hospital needs 3 clear smears before you can go back to you normal yearly/2nd yearly smears with your GP or clinic. My aunt was unfortunate that on her 3rd smear she was CIN1 again, So fingers crossed that life wll go back to normal.

Carla - 15/09/2006 15:02

i Ladies, just to note that cervical sensitivity or motion tenderness can be the result of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease so do this checked out also and have it treated as it may not have any other symptoms at the time.

Rak - 15/09/2006 16:02

Hi Carla, I've never heard of this? Would the doctor not look out for things like that when doing smears and colposcopies?

Anonymous - 15/09/2006 18:36

thanks rak for all the cone biopsy and lletz the same thing?i didnt realise they could tell what the problem was with the cells,thats good to know...i think.rak,sorry to bug you again but did you get colposcopy and lletz all on the first visit?roll on 3 wks till this is over.

lena - 17/09/2006 21:17

hi rak,hope you dont mind me asking.just looking at all the posts and wondering how long you waited for colposcopy and did you have lletz the same day?how come you had to wait for results of biopsy,was that same day also.sorry for all the questions but to repeat what you asked,is everyhing done on same day?do you wait long for results and were the doctors able to reassure you on the day?once again sorry.i have colposcopy in 3 wks and really worried.just got smear results 3 wks ago.ive never had any problems with periods or bleeding,but can you believe in the past 3 wks since i found out i have been bleeding now and then,and also have stinging at the very bottom of my finding this so weird and wondering if im bringing it on myself cos im co stressed.once again sossy for bugging you.

Carla - 18/09/2006 09:37

Hi Rak, contrary to popular belief, Pelvic inflammatory disease is not automatically picked up on a smear or pelvic exam unless your gynae is aware of it and specifically examines you for it. I don't mean to alarm or worry you or any of the other ladies posting but is is something worth noting.

Rak - 18/09/2006 16:25

No problem about asking questions, I dont mind. A cone biopsy and LLETZ are ment to be similar but the LLETZ proceedure is replacing the cone biopsy as It can weaken the cervix, I think. I had a smear & biopsy (a small tissue sample) on the first visit, got the results 4 weeks later on the phone and had the LLETZ 2 weeks after that. so altogether it took 6 weeks from my fisrt colposcopy to get the LLETZ. They can decide on the day to do it straight away on the first coploscopy but they felt I had already discomfort with the biopsy so they left it for after the results. As for starting to bleed and have pain, It sound Like you may be over stressing. Stress can be a factor with CIN levels so please believe me its best ti relax and remember it's not cancer! CIN levels are not cancer they are warning signs that you are taking notice off. As for the pain, you dont really get spontaneous pains its specific pains or discomfort. Mostly during intercourse. You just need to relax, my therapy go spend money on something you cant afford! Just go treat yourself and dont worry, you'll be fine, trust me, I know. Good luck, and let me know how you get on aswell.

lena - 18/09/2006 17:28

thanks a million rak,i feel like im cracking up at the moment.the pain is not spontaneous,i get it every month at period time and where wound from section is.just so happens got periods twice this month,althogh i did mention this pain 2 doc before and he said its not related.i know i just need to chill,i worry to much.thanks for the info and kind helps a lot.

Rak - 18/09/2006 18:21

No problem Lena, I know exactly how you feel, I worry about everything so when the doctor seemed concerned with my smear results and the fact that I wasnt referred a year earlier, I freaked out, but I have calmed down a lot about this, I wont pretend I like it or look forward to it but I just get on with it as you have to. Seriously evrytime I have a smear or similar I treat myself to something nice. But something I was told was if a bath is the way you relax dont use perfume oils or foams in the bath 24 prior to the examination as it can affect any samples and end up needing another sample to be taken. So just stick to the nice warm water and candles the night before. best of luck, I\'m totally back to normal now no pains, but you cant have intercourse or use tampons for 4-6 weeks after the LLETZ so just be prepared, bring you own sanitary towels as you\'ll need them straight after, I do put one on in the hospital toilet before going in to try keep a bit of my dignity, with it hard after lying back on a couch , legs in the air with a microscope between your legs!!! But seriously they do supply pads but its more comfortable to use your own, theirs are like matresses! Good luck :)

lena - 09/10/2006 22:12

hi,just want to say thanks to everyone for all the info and advice,and rak for answering all my questions.had colposcopy on thursday followed by lletz in the rotunda.the whole procedure took about 15 mins and i didnt find it any worse than a smear test.wasnt painful,just uncomfortable.that was my experience.i know everyone is different,but just want anyone who is waiting to get this done know what to expect and try not to worry to much about it.i know this is easier said than done because i was up the wall over it as you can see from pevious posts ,but now realise there was no is easily treated and not as bad as i thought it would be.once again thanks to all.

Sun_sparks - 11/10/2006 15:17

A useful source of information and advice is a website called Jo's Trust (Fighting Cervical Cancer). It's a UK charity, but they have a brilliant bulletin board where you can post questions. Everyone there is affected by precancer or cancer of the cervix. They also have a medical panel that will answer confidential questions if you have them. Finally, they are organising a day in Ireland soon (30 Nov) which will allow women with concerns about precancer and cervical cancer in Ireland to meet up!

Sinead(GYT53341) - 11/10/2006 16:46

Sorry forgot to say that Jo's Trust is at

Lola - 17/10/2006 06:33

Hi i recently had a Lletz for cign 111, what is the difference between this and cin 111. Excellent site - very informative. Thanks!

lena - 17/10/2006 18:34

hi lola,sorry,i cant help you,ive never heard of there not some confusion with cign3 and cin3?maybe someone else will just wondering after lletz is it okay for the brown discharge to be a little lumpy?also do you get the resuts of the biopsy soon after the treatment or approx when next appt is,i was told it would be sent out in post.thanks

Rak - 06/11/2006 13:15

Hi everyone, I am just wondering if someone could help me out with a little problem I'm having. I had the LLETZ treament done about 8 weeks ago. I was advise not to have sex for 4-6 weeks and so thats what I did. Now I have another problem and I was wondering if its normal and if you think I should contact the hospital for advice. Now as I said its been 8 weeks and when I tried to have sex with my partner I got pains, Bleed slightly and felt no pleasure what so ever. Does anyone know if it take a while before it feels good again? Thank you

Anonymous - 10/11/2006 00:07

recently after 15 years I picked up the courage and went to my doctor for a smear test. She told me to come back in two weeks time when she wasn't quite as busy and I said I would knowing that I would not let myself be knocked back again. While in conversation recently I heard another woman repeat my exact same story, same doctor. She is going out of town to another doctor while I have decided I'll be okay. Why do doctors do that? Don't say change my doctor as I have a medical card so its not so easy.

Rak - 10/11/2006 10:38

Hi anon, I have never heard a doctor do that but I decided not to use my doctor for my smears mostly because I have an old male doctor I too have a medical card so what I donr was go to the well woman clinic, you need to make an appointment but they take a medical card and they are dealing with smears all the time so they can give you a good idea of what to expect in your results. I'm not sure which one's take the card, I use the one in the northside shopping centre, but I'm sure most take it too. I hope that helps. Good luck.

ash - 10/11/2006 14:05

Hi everybody. I had lletz done about two weeks ago. Wasnt nice but so glad to get it over with and the staff in the coombe are so nice. Just a question. The doctor told me that the biopsy result would be ready in two weeks and it would be posted out. When I phoned the other day to check they said this was not the procedure and who told me this so on so forth. Anyone else in this position when did you get your results and how. Just want them so I can get on with my life and stop worrying for five minutes!

Rak - 13/11/2006 08:31

I had my LLETZ in the combe about 2 months ago and I was told I would hear nothing till my follow up 6 months after the proceedure. And I have never recieved any results from my LLETZ. So I dont think you will get any results of hear anymore about it until you go back.

ash - 13/11/2006 11:07

Oh right. I'm just wondering why the doctor on the day told me they would be posted out to me. I dont have to go back for 10 months. I had CIN III and just to have a result would kind of give me closure if you know what i mean. I wonder can you request the result?

Alice - 13/11/2006 11:41

I may be wrong, but I would think you can request this result thru your GP or clinic.

Rak - 13/11/2006 11:54

I had CIN III too, I had a biopsy 6 weeks before the LLETZ was done, I got verbal "results" from that but nothing posted. I tought 6 months was the norm for the check up, 10 months seems an odd waiting time, I've never heard that. It cant hurt to call and ask for more information, I'd wait till about 4 weeks it took that long for them to get my biopsy results back. The worst they can say is no, but I cant see how they could be allowed to deny you results of you own health.

lena - 17/11/2006 18:12

hi ash. just to say i had lletz in the rotunda for cin 3 in oct and i was told i would definetly get the results,they would be sent to the gp.I had to phone the clinic regarding another matter 2 weeks later and by chance they had my results which they told me over the phone.They were happy enough with the result thankfully.Anyway they told me the gp would also get the result which i havent checked because i know already.They also sent me an appt for April which is 6 months later,and wot i thought was norm.You can ring the colposcopy clinic and find out the results.I know it is very worrying,good luck with everything.Can anyone advise me about period,i still have not had one,Has anyone been quite late getting theres and does it return to normal after?

ter - 05/01/2007 14:25

Interesting discussion,which I've come across because I had a smear test on 7th December in a Well Woman annual one, having had a LLETZ procedure in 2002 for CIN2, after which everything was ok till this year's smear. I now have CIN3. What worries me is that the result came back quite fast from the clinic - the doctor did say she was putting it through as a priority because of my history + I had some bleeding after sex during the year. And the Coombe Colposcopy clinic has give n me an appointment already, a day after they got the referral. The appointment is for next week. I'm swaying between thinking it's all just routine and will most likely be fine, and then thinking that they've been so quick to respond that something must not look good! Anyone out there whose had a similar pattern? I was fine the last time I had the LLETZ but I'm wondering should I bring someone with me this time...what if it's bad news?! But I'm generally optimistic and positive and best not to worry about these things till they happen. To anyone who's had a smear in a Dublin Well Woman clinic, based on my past experience, they seem to be efficient at getting results back if follow-up is needed, so don't worry much if you're waiting a while.

Rak - 05/01/2007 14:43

Hi Ter, I had my LLETZ done in the Coombe, It wasnt that quick for me, I had my smear in well woman too, ot the results in just over a week my appointment in the coombe was another 4 weeks or so after referral. But I think it's just because its not your first time to be referred for this problem. My Aunty has had LLETZ done 3 times now and after her first it all happens quite fast. I wouldnt worry just be thankful there not making you wait. Best of luck, hope that helps.

Sallie - 07/01/2007 23:04

Ter, Don't worry. Its only because of your history and the speed in which they are treating you is normal and the way it should be in all cases, so be glad about that. If they had left you waiting they would have left themselves open to a malpractice suit in light of your history. Wishing you the very best of luck and please don't worry as you will be fine. Best wishes, Sallie

ter - 08/01/2007 10:45

thanks for the reassurance, I'm sure too that it'll be fine! ter.

ter - 10/01/2007 19:41

well, I had the colcoscopy today...was told I have some abnormal cells that are CGIN - which is different to CIN. Found some info about this at and Not jumping to any conclusions just yet. It sounds a little more worrying but very nice doctor (female this time, which was nice:)) said not to worry though I do have to go back in 2 months to see the consultant. He was supposed to be around ttoday but they couldn't find him (wonder was he off doing his private consultancies??). She said he might decide to see me sooner than that. Anyone else been told they had CGIN rather than CIN?

Catherine - 23/01/2007 08:49

No Sallie, it's not an Irish invention at all or any invention indeed. CGIN stands for: Cervical Glandular Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Ter - 23/01/2007 13:49

Yes, I found some information on the internet ( . The abnormal cells are glandular rather than skin cells in the cervix. The doctor said something about the cells being in the womb which slightly worried me but what I read on the internet was different so I could\'ve misheard (it\'s difficult to have your wits about you in that position!). I gather also that these abnormalities could lead to a different type of cancer called adenocarcinoma (glandular cancer). So all in all, I guess/hope the consequences are similar to having CIN 3.

Sallie - 24/01/2007 22:25

Ter, yes, I have checked it out and basically it is just a reclassification of the existing Cin 1/2 & 3. Check this site - cancer screening dot gov dot au Nothing more worrying than a Cin 111. Just needs to be treated. Car, cell changes can happen without any abnormality being present so please don't worry about it. The cells in the cervix do not turn dangerous overnight. In most cases it takes years. You could ask them to do a smear test after the baby is born. Please don't worry about it. You are upsetting yourself for nothing. Everything will be fine. Just concentrate now on your pregnancy and don't worry about the smear. After all, had you not had the smear done a few months past, you would be none the wiser. Its just now that you know about it you are worrying about it. If the cell changes were important they would not be telling you to wait until the baby is born to have treatment. Truly, you will be fine. Stop worrying. Keep us posted as to how the pregnancy is going and the very best of luck to you with this baby.

Anonymous - 25/01/2007 10:44

I find it extraordinary that doctors are refusing to treat a women becuase she is pregnant. Surely it is even more important to treat in that situation as some cell changes can be oestrogen dependant and as the pregnancy pogresses so will the level of oestrogen in the body. In the UK, doctors will treat as needed regardless of whether a patient is pregnant or not.

Sallie - 25/01/2007 14:07

Anonymous, No they won't treat a pregnant woman with cell changes during pregnancy in the UK. For a start the cell changes are just that, cell changes. They only need to be monitored and that is exactly what will happen. Cell changes can occur during a normal cycle and next smear would be totally clear. What on earth do you want them to do? Take half or more of the cervix away whilst the woman is pregnant? That in itself would threaten the pregnancy. You are confusing cancer of the cervix with cell changes. Car, don't worry. Please. Cell changes are nothing to worry about.

Anonymous - 25/01/2007 15:06

I would have thought that the least they would do - as they do in the UK, is do a repeat smear in three months to monitor the cell changes, which is exactly what they would here do if the women was not pregnant.

Anonymous - 05/02/2007 11:20

I\'ve been in and out of hospital for the past 3 years now, my first result was cin111 so I had to have them burnt out. Than I was going back every 6 months for smear tests. Had my last test at start of Sept 06 and just got my results back last week (which I think is way too long a wait) any now my smear showed up cin1 this time so I\'m going back to hospital next week to discuss treatment. My query here is that Im bleeding between periods and I\'m on the pill also. What does this mean and is it connected to the smear results? Quite worried now. By the way I\'m 34 and have 2 kids.

Rak - 05/02/2007 12:02

Hi Anon, I had the same problem of bleeding between periods while on the pill. An dit does seem to be a link to the CIN as it was alsways a concern ith my doctor also bleeding after intercourse seems to be part of it, but you should worry it's another treatment of LLETZ and all should go back to normal.

Anonymous - 08/02/2007 20:36

hi ladies, i only had my first smear test done on 19th jan 07 and there was fresh blood found in the sample and since then i have had brownish reddish discharge since then everyday. i rang my g.p. and she told me that she will ring through the lab and rush the results and i have to ring her next week. i'm very worried. should i be? i would really appreciate yoyr opinions and stories please.

Rak - 09/02/2007 11:39

No dont worry, I am the same I bleed during and after my smears. It can be just a bit of break thru bleeding. I have had CIN111 and LLETZ and been in your postion and there is no need to worry, just take it one step at a time. Do you mind me asking your age?

Ann - 09/02/2007 16:20

To Anonymous Posted: 25/01/2007 15:06 The fact is Anonymous, the woman IS pregnant. She will be monitored. Thats what happens in a pregnancy. As Sallie said, what do you expect them to do? In fact, in the UK they would not do it any differently. Cell changes are cell changes NOT CANCER. You are completely jumping the gun here and causing worry where no worry should be.

ingrid - 09/02/2007 21:28

dear Rak, i am the girl you kindly answered my mail about the bleeding following the smear. my name is ingrid and i am 28. i was always afraid to get one done but i miscarried a year ago and i never got a d & c done i had tablets to help me instead. i still dont have any children yet but that because we are holding off for a bit. the dicharge has now finished and i am due my period today but they never came. i think i will end up worrying myself into an early grave. i really do appreciate your comments Rak. thank you.

hi - 02/03/2007 21:16

i had a smear 5 weeks ago, just had my results back saying moderate dyskaryosis and to go back to my gp, does this mean its a CIN , if anyone has had this , please comment as im very worried.

Rak - 05/03/2007 11:30

Hi Ingrid, I hope all worked out for you and that you are being taken care of by your GP. I am looking for a bit of info myself today so... Hi everyone, I am due back for my 6 month follow up after the LLETZ, Can anyone tell me what to expect on this visit. Thank you.

Anonymous - 08/03/2007 12:32

Gardasil vaccine not proven safe for little girls Vaccine Center Issues Warning (Do google search) The Washington Times February 3, 2007 by Gregory Lopes

tos - 15/03/2007 19:49

I was here before, just thought I'd update....I had LLETZ a few years ago, then abnormal smear again last December, with quick call-in to Coombe for colposcoy. After that, they called me back for a hysteroscopy (under general anaesthetic, day patient) in early March. After that, the doctor told me I still have high level abnormality of cells (CIN II) and it could be glandular hence all this treatment. They did a NETZ treatment with the hysteroscopy - anyone had/heard of that before? It's excision of cells at the neck of the womb. Next step is a transvaginal scan in a few weeks and hopefully a fuller discussion as to what all this means. THe doc said the scan is part of this routine aggressive approach to the abnormal cells so I guess it's no more to worry about. Anyone else been called for this tv scan and what happened after that for you if you did have it? thanks, tos.

jo - 19/03/2007 15:43

Hi, this is a fantastic site, best Ive found and I\'ve been searching for ages! I got a moderate dyskariosis result on my smear test on friday which I think roughly translates to CIN 11. Have been terrified since, especially as my last was normal only two years ago. Am going for a colposcopy next week but wondered if any one else in the same boat at the moment?

Kylie - 22/03/2007 14:59

Hi there. Was just wondering if anyone can help me. My sister was diagnosed with CIN 111. She was pregnant at the time, but miscarried just before she had the cells lasered off. She is now due for her 4 month check-up to see if the cells are gone, but has just discovered she is pregnant again. She is about 3 wks gone and needs her check up in a week, but she is very scared that the check-up will harm her baby.. Can anyone give me some information regarding this situation? I would be very grateful... Thanks a lot

Gillian(IOQ61441) - 29/04/2007 12:09

hi i am to have a colcoscopy in 2 weeks time and i am so scared. i find it very painful to have a smear done,and i canot relax either when it is being done. can i insist on being knocked out when i have my colcoscopy. p;ease hep gill x

Anonymous - 30/04/2007 10:42

Absolutely Gill. You are the patient and you ae entitled to have the pain relief that is suitable for you. So tes, you are entitled to insist on general aneasthetic if that is what YOU feel you need.

Rak - 30/04/2007 10:44

Hi Gill, I'm the same as yourself and I've had colposcopies and the LLETZ treatment. I wont lie it is painful for poeple like us who experience pain during smears. I would have liked to have ben knocked out but the option wasn't there. The Colposcopy itself doesn't hurt, its only if you require treatment or a biopsy that you'll feel something. I would advise you to take a couple of neurofen about 30-45mins before your appointment to help, this will not affect any anisthetic they may give you, Just be sure to voice your fears before the proceedure.

Anonymous - 30/04/2007 10:49

Gill,ring your treatment centre and check that General aneasthetic will be available for your appointment and state that is a requirement of yours. The Rotunda are particularly good in this way a good friend of mine had her IUD fitted under general and they even did a smear test for her while she as out! She had general becuase she also found smear very painful.

tos - 30/04/2007 14:42

Think about it this way - if you get general anaesthetic, you'll probably be there for most of a day. But if you take the advice above and take some strong painkillers beforehand, you'll be in and out more quickly. Also taking up less of hospital resources! I've had smears and colcoscopy and the colcoscopy wasn't much worse than the smear really. But then the pain didn't bother me much. I've also had hysteroscopy which required (I didn't ask) GA, as a day patient. Had to wait around a few hours after I woke up, till the doctor did his rounds to discharge me. Would prefer to have left earlier as I was feeling just fine! But if you really can't cope with the pain, go for it!

Gillian(IOQ61441) - 30/04/2007 16:13

thanx for all your comments, i live in england, so i hope i will be able to be knocked out. any way i will ring my hospital and ask them. i will let you all know. i am a nervous wreck xxxxxx

Anonymous - 30/04/2007 20:29

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me i have CIN 1 and and thats after the repeat smear i have to get a coloscopy and i'm really worried and scared....Anyone else know about it is it sore etc....what could cause the abnormal cells thanks.......

Gillian(IOQ61441) - 01/05/2007 08:24

hi tos, thank you for your comments, but every one is different, and i can't help it if i ca'nt go through with this with out a GA. I don't want to waste the hospital's time, but on the other hand i have had such bad experiences with smears that i feel there is no other way. may be i am just a coward, i don't know, but the worry of it all is making me ill. i car'nt even sleep at night. sorry to go on. xxx

Anonymous - 01/05/2007 08:38

For some, being in hospital for most of the day is vastly preferable to being in considerable pain for a number of hours. As for taking up hospital resources - we are tax payers and we are entitled to the treatment we need, including the type of aneasthetic and pain relief that is best for the individual.

Anonymous - 01/05/2007 10:48

Gillian, if you feel you needa GA, then you are entitled to it. It's is not a waste of the hospitals time - no medical issue is and you should certainly never be made feel that way. You are by no means a coward. The last thing you need at a time like this is worry and sleepless nights on top of everything else. Never be afraid to make sure you get what you need - be it a GA, spinal, local or pain meds.

Rak - 01/05/2007 11:08

Hi Anon, You have no need to worry you will fine. CIN1 is the lower grade of abnormal cells forming. Anything can cause these change, Foreign objects being in contact with your cervix would be most likely (ie your partners penis) An infection can cause cell changes, Its advisable not to use soaps in that area as is can cause infections or flare ups like itchyness. But to be honest you cant really tell what has caused your cell change, sometimes even stress can be a factor, just be thank full you found out at an early stage. You will be fine, Dont be afraid if it being the big 'C', its not. The abnormal cells are like a warning thats why they are monitored and you can now take care of it beofore it comes even close. I had CIN 111 and I'm fine now, had my LLETZ, this was painful for me, just like smears, I had my follow up in March, All clear, no abnormal cells left and my cervix is still healing but is all healthy tissue. I know its nerve wrecking, but do your fav thing to relax the night before, mine is spend money on treating myself to a new outfit, yours may be a bath. And take some neurofen 30-45mins before your appointment and you'll be fine. Good luck

Gillian(IOQ61441) - 01/05/2007 16:29

Hi girls, thanx for your comments, you have made me feel a lot better, beacuse i did start to feel guilty about wanting a GA. i'm not sleeping very well at the moment, so what with stress and lack of sleep, i'm not at my best at the moment. Also my daughter is geting married in Turkey June 9th and i am so worried i won't be there for her. because i might have to have other treatment. Is't all the unknown at the moment. any way take all of you. gill xx

Anonymous - 01/05/2007 16:36

No way you should feel guilty about the GA. You and every women is entitled to the pain relief ythat is best for you. As for your daughters wedding. Take things as they come and take it easy for now. Try not to worry unneccessarily.

Anonymous - 17/05/2007 16:22

Hi all, I had a smear on 6th April. Got my results back last week (thursday) and was told I had CIN 3. My GP referred me to a Consultant. Last Friday (next day) the Consultant phoned me with appointment for the following Wednesday. The panic started as I was thinking why was it all being done in such a hurry. I was expecting just to go and meet him in his offices and discuss procedures. 30 mins I was on my way home after the LLETZ procedure. The procedure itself was not painful in the slightest but is a bit uncomfy after. When those results came back I was expecting it all to be really stressful with loads of visits to doctors etc but I was so lucky it worked out the way it did. I was discharged for a year!!!

Anonymous - 18/05/2007 15:14

Im 29 had a smear test done mid January and only got results back last week to say I had CIN 1 and I have to go for a repeat smear in early July will I have to wait so long again for my results, any other way of speeding it up? and cause I am so new to this, How is CIN caused, Ive only had 5 sexual partners in my life time? thanks in advance...

Anonymous - 18/05/2007 15:17

The HPV virus or vervical damage are two causes. I am actually surprised women aren't screened for HPV here.

Rak - 18/05/2007 15:20

You can ask them the send your test to the UK and you will have to pay for the courrier (€60 I think), and you'll have your results in 2-4weeks usually.

Anonymous - 18/05/2007 15:26

Hi Ask your GP to get them back as quick as possible!!!! That is all my doctor did and I had the result back in less than 3 week. Dont panic though! From CIN1 to cancer my consultant told me it takes 15 years!! And from CIN3 to cancer it takes 10 years so dont worry!

Anonymous - 21/05/2007 09:34

Bear in mind, the screen procedues and techniques in the UK are not the same as here.

ash - 21/05/2007 10:28

Hi. I've had CIN 3, had the LLTZ procedure and now six months later had my smear, which is all clear. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Another one in August so please God it will be clear. Anyway if u ask ur GP to send ur Smear to Claymon Laboratories here in Ireland you can get the result in less than two weeks. There is a fee but its only about 40 euro I think, well worth it for peace of mind.

Sals - 21/05/2007 19:01

God, This country is worse than I had ever imagined. I can't believe that even with routine smear tests that there is a 2 tiered system ie. you can get your results back quicker if you pay. That is a scandal in itself. To think that private labs are making money in this way. We are ALL entitled to proper health screening and nobody should be entitled to quicker results over anyone else. What is going to be done about this? And what sort of health screening is this where it all comes down yet again, to money. I'm shocked and most certainly do not find this acceptable AT ALL.

Rak - 22/05/2007 09:07

It is disgraceful, but I always pay the extra, not happily, because I waited 6 months for my first results and they came back CIN 1 and had to go for an immediate repeat smear and was told Id be waiting the same lenght of time for those results if I didnt send them to the UK. What I dont understand is, there is a bigger portion of women in this counrty not having regular smears and they want that to change. The health minister urged women last year to be getting checked regular but if every woman did how long would we be waiting then, there is no way Irish labs could cope. Its unbelievable and I hate the Irish health care. Its all about money.

Gillian(IOQ61441) - 25/05/2007 18:45

hi i had my colcoscopy, and i have cin 3, so i am booked for june 25th to have the lletz treatment, but i got my own way and they are going to do it under GA. i have got my daughters wedding june 9th, so i am trying to forget about treatment for the time being, i come back from turkey june 18th and then hospital the following monday the colcoscopy wase't as bad as i thought it would be. love to all you girls gill x

Annie - 25/05/2007 19:05

Unfortunately Rak, for as long as people think it is alright to pay, the system will never change. When you get a smear you should insist that the results are back promptly WITHOUT having to pay extra money. If we all did this, we might get somewhere. I have never paid, I have had Cin 111, (treated) 15 years ago and have regular smears ever since. If I don't go for my smear, my G.P. rings me to remind me. The longest I waited for my results was once for 4 months. Cin 1 will not go to Cin 111 in 6 months and Cin 111 will not turn to cancer in 6 months but nevertheless 6 months is a long time to wait and I am not condoning that. Paying extra for your results is only literally feeding the system and not solving anything.

Rak - 28/05/2007 08:50

Annie, I dont want to pay extra for my health. When I got my first result, I was on the lone payment benefit and the courrier option took almost half my weeks payment but because of fear of the unknown and knowing that women in my family have had hysterectomies later in life due to not monitoring there cell changes. I told the doctor my fears and my aunty working in that same clinic and was undergoing her second course of LLETZ in under 2 years. Twice the doctor "fast tracked" my results but this still took 6-8weeks, unfortunately money talks in rip of Ireland. And that will never change becuase there is always going to be the people with the money that can say money is no object when it comes to health and the health system allows for this. So us who just insist will never be treated the same as those who can put there money where there mouth is. I dont like it but thats just how it is in this country.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 30/05/2007 14:05

Hi, I received results from my doctor on Monday. twas my second smear that was taken in April and results are CIN3. I sent referral letters, two to private places. Do you be waiting long for an appointment. Im quite anxious about the whole thing. Just want it over with. Am watching my phone waiting for it to ring. very worried:( does it cost alot if you get done private? and are you called quicker?

Annie - 30/05/2007 20:25

Aoife, First of all stop worrying. Cin 111 takes years to turn into full blown cancer. It is just Cin 111 now and that just means that there is cell changes that need to be treated and those cells removed. I have also had Cin 111 and most likely had it for years before I went for a smear and it was detected. Next, Did your Doctor (G.P.) not refer you to your local Gynae clinic? That is the normal procedure and they will treat you in a speedy time. You will probably be treated quicker if you go public now as I cannot see how going private will make the slightest bit of difference. I would suggest you go back to your G.P. and ask him to refer you to the nearest Gynae clinic and just ask him to put 'Urgent' on it. Once your G.P. sends that letter, ring them up and ask them when the appointment will be. Good luck and please please don't worry. You will be fine. Let us know how you got on too.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 31/05/2007 10:28

Hi Anne, thanks for reply. She sent one referral to Coombe public clinic for me and the rest i did myself. rand rotunda and holles b4 hand and they said to send referral in and then they would get back with an appointment. Sent referrals to two private places in Coombe too. she told me to send them all. not sure why she didnt do them all or what story is. havent heard anything yet. just wish i had concrete appt set so i knew im actually getting something done. only got results monday so i getting over anxious, i know. doc told me to take first appt i can get. so here's hoping i get a call soon. if i get a private appt will it cost alot to have it done. not that that matters, your health is your wealth:) but do you know cost?

Rak - 31/05/2007 11:08

Hi Aoife, I was the same as you I had to send my own referrals out, but I did ring them as a follow up a few days after and told them how worried I was, they should be able to tell you over the phone what they think your appointment will be. When I was refered my appointmant was 6 weeks after my referal was recieved. And that was exactly the same as yourself, CIN3 and marked urgent. I found the best waiting list was the Coombe public, private was almost the same waiting list length but more pricey. I did look into the cost but found it to expensive for the few days earlier. You can call the private clinic and ask the cost, they will tell you. I would call the hospitals again stress that you are worried and they should give you an idea of your appointment date. Accept any appointments you get and if you do get another that is better for you be sure to cancel the other one so another woman as stressed as yourself can avail of your time slot. I found the Rotunda terrible for an appointment, I finally got my appointment 3 months after referral, but I had already been to the Coombe and been treated in that time. And even though I called to cacel the appointment which was 6 months after my referral letter was sent they didnt record it and called me to ask why I missed my appointment. No organisation. Anyway, best of luck and get onto those hospitals until your happy woth your date.

Anonymous - 31/05/2007 12:42

The private waiting lists may be no shorter but do you get better cared for in private - plenty of time taken, everything clearly explain, your own choice of pain control GA, Sedatives etc, rather then being pushed into having local which you may have great reservatiosn about, better follow up care?

Aoife(JIL62371) - 31/05/2007 13:33

hey Rak, Cool thanks for info. Its nice to know I not the only one. Coombe rang earlier and were asking why they had recieved a referral for public and private clinic. I told them my doctor told me to send all so I reckon they gona ring her up now and give out loads. appt they were giving me is clashing with my holiday to Egypt. just going for 1 week. Anyways if appt isnt for 4-6 weeks ( as was yours)nothing can happen in that time to worsen the CIN3. im just worried that I wont get seen in time. Holles said they will send appt out to me by next friday, they are waiting for doctor to review my referral. they said if i dont hear from them next week to give them a buzz. so will do. Its the waiting thats the worse. dont care about getting procedure done at all. cant wait to have it done so I know what the score is. and your right if diff between public and private is only few weeks no point breaking the bank:)Thanks, Aoife

Rak - 31/05/2007 15:01

Actually Aoife when I was looking around for mine it was only a diference of a few days! I wouldnt put off my holiday for it, a week wont make a difference. I know the waiting is the worst, its just limbo land, nobody likes it. But trust me the weeks will fly by and before you know it you'll be leaving the hospital wondering why you worried so much. But I guess it just in our nature. Let us know how you get on, and enjoy your holiday :)

Lottie - 01/06/2007 13:20

Hi,im 25 and about to have my second lletz procedure next month,the other lletz was done 10 months ago, I had planned to try have a baby soon,but am scared now. Been reading up about it on the internet and there's high risk of having a prem baby and you could also need a stitch during pregnancy to keep the baby secure inside. But all these women only had 1 lletz. Has anybody out there had 2 lletz treatments and had any problems with pregnancy. Id appreciate the info.

Annie - 01/06/2007 19:38

Aoife, Glad to hear that the Coombe have been in touch with you and that Rak was able to answer the question re public versus private. My only advice to you would have been to ring the Coombe (as Rak suggested) & explain that you are anxious and want to know when your appt is. Keep on top of them! Anonymous, That is, pardon me saying so, but rubbish that you get more time etc etc if you go private. You simply do not. A Lletz is a treatment that to any Gynae is considered routine. The treatment is exactly the same, no matter where you get it done. You paint the personnel in the public system as monsters if you think that because a patient is public that they do not get the procedure explained to them. As far as the nurses are concerned, there is no difference between a public or private patient. Lottie, once you have the treatment done, you need to give your cervix 6 months to re-grow. Once it has re-grown and you have a check up smear test, you will then be in a position to try to get pregnant. Don't attempt to try to get pregnant before 6 months as you need to give the cells in your cervix time to recover and regrow. Other than that, there is nothing that means that you would have any problems getting pregnancy and carrying the baby without any complications. Your Gynaecologist will advise you on when it is appropriate to try to get pregnant. Follow that advice. Good luck and stop worrying.

lizzy - 03/06/2007 20:52

hi im 32 and waiting for the results of my most recent smear test. Ive had the lletz procedure twice. the last one being 5years ago after 4 normal smears i was gutted to find that this smear was showing minor abnormalitites so i had to return 6 months later for anouther one,im terrified just as i thought it was over it returns and im woundering what treatment they'll give me this time. Does anyone have an idea how it can return after this lenghth of time? hi lottie just to say i had the lletz done then fell pregnant didnt have any stitch granted she was 6 weeks early but shes 11 now and fit and healthy.

Rak - 05/06/2007 11:44

Lottie, I think you may be thinking of a cone biopsy rather than LLETZ. I was told LLETZ will not affect my chances of pregnancy, in fact after my 6 month check up the doctor told me my cervix was perfect to try for a baby, should I want to! And as for premature babies, I had my son 3 weeks early and that was before any kind of proceedures so that is always a risk. And he too is fit and heathy and now 5.

Lottie - 05/06/2007 21:23

Thanks guys for all your help, feeling a lot better and more positive about the future. Not as worried as I was.

Sophie - 06/06/2007 13:33

Hi I had cin1 year before last so was told to wait 10 months then went for another colp and had cin2 so they did the lletz treatment there and then. Had my follow up smear yesterday, getting results in 2 weeks as paid the €30, have another smear in oct then colp in dec to see both results. Should my smears return to normal now that I've already had the lletz treatment? If not will they need to do lletz again? Am beside myself but trying not to worry.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 06/06/2007 14:22

Hi, I cant seem to get an appointment at all. just heard from private place there and they cant fit me in for another 6 going to Eygpt on July 1st and apparantly you cant travel after treatment so he cant take me. I thouight id get in sooner going private. duno what im gona do to get an appointment. nearly cried on the phone to her. am outa my mind with worry.they say with CIN3 your supposed to get seeing to in 3 weeks. its not looking likely. duno what to do, are appointments always this booked up and did ye hear about travelling thing before? also does pill have some link to this?is it safer to be off it?

Rak - 06/06/2007 14:42

They should now be normal if they done the LLETZ right first time. The LLETZ is literally cutting the abnormal cells from your cervix and leaving you with a healthy surface. You do need to go and make sure they got all the abnormal cells but you should be ok. If you do still have abnormal cells I think they will remove again. Lucky for me, mine was normal so it was just a smear to be sure. I think it is rare to go back and need LLETZ again so soon.

Rak - 06/06/2007 15:23

Aoife, thats the first I heard about travellling other than dont drive for about an hour after the LLETZ, and yes its always that bad, I had CIN3 too and had to wait 6 weeks for my appointment then a further 6 weeks for the treatment. As for the pill dont think it makes any difference. My aunt has had CIN3 and LLETZ 3 times now and she has a coil not the pill.

ash - 06/06/2007 15:59

Hi Aofie, I had CIN3 last year, was waiting three months for an appointment, like you I was panicking but the nurse in the Coombe assured me it takes up to a year to develop in to anything. When you say you cant travel after the treatment, is it the LLETZ you are talking about?? Because I know some people have that and go back to work the same day, I did feel pretty rough the day I had it but the next day i was fine, dont know why you couldnt travel?? Anyway try not to worry too much, my latest smear was clear so there is light at the end of the tunnel x

Ann - 06/06/2007 20:56

Aoife, Of course, you can travel after it. There is no reason why you can't. Who told you that you had to be seen within 3 weeks? Finally, I thought you had been given an appt by the Coombe? If not, get back on to them. Please stop worrying. As you will have read, there are many of us on here who have been there ie. had Cin III and we have survived unscathed and with no problems. Please don't worry and don't be getting upset over it. Just make that phone call and pin them down to give you an appt. Good Luck

Aoife(JIL62371) - 07/06/2007 10:20

Thanks for your comments. Coombe can see me on July 11th. I just wish twas sooner so I knew how bad/good it is. wanted to get seeing to b4 i went on holidays. waiting around is the killer. They could of seen me week after next only the consultant says he doesnt see patients who are going to travel within 2 weeks of seeing him. I have been referred for a colposcopy, so im not sure what type of treatment i'll get. but as you say i heard too that there isnt much side effects after treatments, my doc told me id get laser treatment if needed. they all sound so serious about it on phone, it freeks me out. am okay today tho. ya would think waiting lists for things like this would be shorter but then thats life I suppose. glad to hear others were in same boat tho. have went off pill for the moment. just wish twas over and i knew what was happening.

Anonymous - 07/06/2007 10:35

I believe the concern with travel is related to bleeding clotting but I urge any woman having treatment to make sure that her letter for work coers her for two sick / medical leave days so that she has enough time to recover. No hospital should have a problem with this.

Rak - 07/06/2007 10:56

Hi Aoife, I wouldnt let this ruin your holiday. You just have abnormal cells, not cancer.I know the big C word is always in the back of your mind during the waiting but believe me youl'll be fine. Ask your doctor own about the travelling thing and if he/she says it would be ok call the Coombe back and tell them you'll take the appointment. Dont tell them about your holiday. If your like me your looking for anything to help your cervix to be healthier from now on so I'll tell you what I found to help me, as i went from CIN3 to CIN2 without treatment but had the LLETZ to completely eliminate the abnormals. I discovered the mooncup. If you use tampons or pads they have chemicals in them and can build up bacteria in an area youd rather not have bacteria which can cause some problems. I found the mooncup to be more natural. You can order online at I know I'm sounding like an advertisment here but really its so good all round, better for you and the enviroment. Look into it. I recommend it to everyone.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 07/06/2007 11:53

Hi, that sounds very interesting. i looked it up and I see they are available from Boots stores. will def look into it. will ring my doctor and try sort it out:)

Ann - 07/06/2007 22:11

Aoife, The treatment ie. Colposcopy/Lletz is exactly the same as having a smear. Nothing worse. Please don't worry. When I had mine done I thought they were just looking at the cervix and I was chatting away to the nurse. Next thing they said, "Right up you get, its all done". I hate having smears done. I'm quite an anxious person but to be perfectly honest, I didn't feel a thing and they took a huge amount of my cervix away. I went back to work straight away. My Boss told me to go home. Later that night I had a few abdo cramps like you would get with a period. A little bleeding but nothing else and was back at work the next day. To be completely honest, the Dentist is far worse. I waited a few weeks for mine. I know the wait is awful but you probably have had this Cin III for quite a long time and because you didn't know it, you weren't worried. Ignorance is bliss as they say. Go and enjoy your holiday and please, don't give it a second thought. You only have a few weeks to wait and when it is over, you will honestly wonder why you were worried in the first place. Happy Holidays

Anonymous - 08/06/2007 10:12

The difference with a smear is they remove a couple of cervical cells, for testing with a smear - like a cheek swab. A colposcopy or Llietz is a surgical procedure, requiring aneasthetic where is required and part of the cervix is removed, requires rest aftewards and can result in cramping and bleeding.

Ann - 08/06/2007 21:07

Anonymous, The treatment for Cin III is no different to having a smear test. Why are you confusing the issue? You certainly do not need an anaesthetic. 20 years ago they would take you to theatre for a colposcopy before the advent of laser treatment but not any more (unless you are in a hospital that is still in the dark ages).The only reason they would tell you to take time off work was because of the anaesthetic not the procedure. I had a colposcopy as I described above and was back at work the following day absolutely no worse for wear. The after effects were exactly the same as a mildly uncomfortable period. The difference between a smear and a colposcopy is that in a smear they scrape away some of the cells and in a colposcopy they remove an area of cells. It is exactly the same procedure though. It doesn't require any specific after care other than the advice of not attempting to get pregnant for 6 months until the cervix re-grows.

Anonymous - 11/06/2007 10:10

Amnn, are you telling me that no aneasthetic is required for removing a sufficient area of abnomal cells by laser, in order to eliminate the CINIII? In that case you or your medical care team, are quite wrong. If it is anticipated that the discomfort is sufficient that the women will require an additional day off work a letter from the hospital to cover this should be provided, without question. After a smear there is no need for the cervix to regrow before attempting to concieve.

Rak - 11/06/2007 10:17

Sorry Ann but it is a medical proceedure that requires at least a local anasthetic unlike a smear. And each person is different some would require a general. Not everyone would be as lucky as yourself. I had LLETZ with a local but wish I had the general, I was in a lot of pain through the treatment that I could not hold back the tears which I have to tell you embarasses an embarassing situation so much more. I was unable to go back to work I could hardly walk by the time I got home.I could not stand straight for at least 24 hrs after. I was in bed in pain even with pain killers for the rest of the day. And I was out of work the following day also. As I've said before I have a high pain treshold but unfotunately I find smears, biopsies (in that area) and LLETZ very painful. And you are told to take the day off work and rest for the rest of the day.

ash - 11/06/2007 10:48

Hi Ann, I have to agree with anonymous. There is a difference between a smear and a LLETZ. I had my LLETZ in October. The colposocopy is the same as a smear but when it comes to the lasering they have to inject your cervix with local anaesthetic. This is the part that caused me discomfort, dont want to alarm anybody its not unbearable but it was uncomfortable. I certainly would not go back to work that day as I had a lot of cramping and bleeding but the next day you should be fine. Everbody is different though. I know some women choose to get this procedure under a general. So to say it is exactly like a smear is a bit misleading.

Anonymous - 11/06/2007 14:15

My point exactly, anaesthetic - at least local aneasthetic is required as a pain control measure. This is never required with a smear test. A smear should never cause bleeding or cramping and a woman will be able to return to work immediately. For some women local aneasthetic may cause varying degrees of cause discomfort and for others it may simply be an inadequate measure and general anaesthetic is required and should be used - even in hospitals which are not, to quote Ann - still in the dark ages. I think we would do well to note Rak's experience with local aneastheic rather than adopting the 'ah you'l be grand' attitude which some members of the medical profession seem to adopt in brushing of womns very real concerns. I'm sure there were very good medical or personal reasons for it but I would be concerned in your case Rak as to why the treatment under local was not stopped and continued under general.

Rak - 11/06/2007 15:19

To be honest I dont know, it was never offered. I told them how painful smears and internal exams very painful. And hw painful the biopsy 6 weeks before had been. But the just assured the biopsy was the worst part becuse ot was in my senses but the local was going to make everything better. Once they started and realised the amount of pain I was feeling they just kept trying to make small talk and saying, "not much longer now, nearly finished". If I ever require treatment like that again in the future then there is no way i will be settling for a local. And I advise everyone here, if you smears are painful LLETZ willl be so much worse, insist for what suits you dont be talked around because once they start they'll continue through your tears to finish the proceedure.

Ann - 11/06/2007 20:13

First of all you have completely mis read my posting. I NEVER said that you were given any advice post smear not to get pregnant. I NEVER said that smears caused cramps or period like pain. Both of these were in relation to having some of your cervix removed and it still applies ie. post lletz. Secondly, a colposcopy is a medical term for what used to have to be done under general and can now be done by laser, without a general. Removal of part of the cervix is now done by laser. Laser does not hurt in itself. It does not hurt any more than a smear. If you don't have problems having a routine smear then you won't have problems with laser treatment. I mean, laser is used to remove hair from peoples faces in the comfort of their own homes without any pain whatsoever. Rak, like yourself, I find smears very uncomfortable in themselves. It is not the lletz that hurts its the actual internal whether it be for a routine smear or anything else. Strangely enough, people who find smears as bad as you and me are in the minority and people like us probably would need a general anaesthetic but that is because of our anxiety levels not because of the actual procedure. I do sympathise with you on this because I, being the same, find it agony. However, when I had my colposcopy done using laser treatment it was before I had allowed myself to become 'anxious' and it was no different to a routine smear.

Anonymous - 12/06/2007 08:41

To my mind continuing any procedure - particularly a proedure in such a sensitive area - for any patient, when they are in pain so severe as to make them cry is simply unacceptable medical practice. I would also, find it highly questionable, if it were me, that they took a biopsy without applying anaesthetic at all??

Mel - 12/06/2007 10:25

Ann, you stated that a smear and Lletz were the same. They are not. A smear removes a number of cells for testing, is done in a clinical setting, requires nothing in the way of aneasthetic, does not cause cramping or bleeding and allows a woman to return to work straight away. Lletz removes part of the cervix - the part where the abnormal cells are. It requires at least local aneasthetic if not general. It requires some time off work, can cause cramping and bleeding and requires that a woman delay trying to concieve for 6 months after. If Lletz did not hurt, then it would not have left Rak and others (many of whom have had children) crying with pain despite local aneasthetic. This is something every woman needs to be aware of. I am sure we would all prefer general aneasthetic and the minor incovenience of a little longer in hospital rather than local being inadequate and leaving a woman crying out in pain throughout her treatment. There is a big difference between anxiety and agony. I find going to the dentist a terribly anxious time (stomach cramps, nausea, sweating - due to a bad experience as a child) but my dentist has never hurt me. I am quite calm in relation to smears and wll chat away with the nurse while the doctors is doing one but found IUD insertion very painful, despite how relaxed I was.

Rak - 12/06/2007 10:30

Anon, they claim in there leaflets a biopsy does not need anaesthetic in that area and you should just feel a slight pinch. After having it done I would have to presume it was a man who wrote that. Ann, I'm unsure why you keep refering to laser treatment as LLETZ is not laser treatment. LLEZT stands for Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone which is a loop that is heated to cut through the tissue while corterising( or sealing) your blood vessels at the same time. And It is in fact the procedure that hurts. It hurts me when there is something at the opening of my cervix. As with the internal when I was in labour, smears scrapping at the opening and LLETZ actually removing part of it. If LLETZ didnt hurt then they wouldnt need to administer 4 local anaesthetic injections into your cervix before begining. Now it may be the case for me that aneasthetic dont work as well for me. My mother has woke up in 2 operations because the affects of aneasthetics arent as affetcive on her. My son gets giddy with aneasthetics instead of sleepy. And I felt every little bit of LLETZ, each needle and every movement of the loop.

Mel - 12/06/2007 11:51

Yes, they claimed in my case - and bear in mind I had no problem with smears - that the IUD insertion, which is in no way as serious as Lletz, would be uncomfortable but not painful and may cause cramping. They thought again when they saw me stiffen with pain and heard me cry out. I am not saying that it was my gynae's fault any more than it may have been your medical teams fault but I would much rather any woman be aware of the fact that for some women, local anaesthetic is inadequate - as in your case you you could feel the procedure being done and were in pain and thus be aware also of the option of general aneasthetic rather then go into it unawares and be in such pain the way you were. If it were my daughter, I would prefer she as inconvenienced by a night in hospitals rater than in agony for the procedure and in pain for two days after.

ash - 12/06/2007 12:16

I agree with Rak. It also hurt me and if I have to get it again I will request a general. The actual administration of the anaesthetic four times into your cervix hurt the most. I too was crying. I dont want to alarm anybody, some people sail through it. I have had a baby so I know pain! The colposcopy is like a long smear test but the LLETZ is what hurt me. So I just think for Ann to say LLETZ and smears are the same is quite misleading for people.

Ann - 12/06/2007 21:05

Mel, You are continuing to mis read my posts. I never said Lletz and Smears were the same thing. I said the 'procedure' is the same, which it is. The actual PROCEDURE is the same. If you take note, Ash stated, what most people will also find, the anaesthetic hurt the most! Mel, Have you had this procedure done? If not, then why do you continue to make assumptions when there are those of us that are talking about first hand experience. Removal of part or in my own case 3/4 of my cervix was done without any anaesthetic and without any pain. Yes, it was Lletz but it was done by a Senior Gynae/Obs Consultant. I am now assuming that it is the Practitioners' experience and technique that makes the difference. After my procedure I was back at work the next day. I was advised not to attempt to get pregnant until after my 6 monthly check in order to give the cervix time to regenerate itself. Mel, Having an IUD fitted is uncomfortable but should not be painful and is not so, for most women, otherwise they simply would not have it done. Therefore your experience was a personal thing.

loramum - 13/06/2007 02:08

I got results of smear taken 11weeks ago. Doc mentioned presence of a viral infection and mentioned herpes. Have to go for colposcopy now. Wondered if anyone else had similar result as I thought herpes was sexually transmitted and have been married to faithful partner and have had previous smear all clear.

Mel - 13/06/2007 10:56

Ann, the PROCEDURE is not the same. A smear does not require anasthetic nor does it use a loop to excise (cut away) and cauterize part of the ervix. One is a routine testing procedure - the other surgically removes an area of cells which are shown to have CINIII. For most the administation of the aneasthetic hurt the most but as you can see for some the procedure still hurt - to the extent that it had some womne in tears and I, for one, would ,much prefer that women going for Lletz were aware of this and aware of their options with regard to aneasthetic than be reduced to tears and spend two days in pain when this is totally avoidable. Yes, I have. It was also done by a senior cons who had performed them on a regular basis. The medic was the same - but women are not. Are you saying that they performed a loop excision surgery to your cervix, removing a large part of it without any anaesthetic at all? If you did not experience any pain, that is great. But every women is not the same and women need to be aware that there are different experiences regarding this. For me an iud insertion was painful. This is not uniquely my experience - I know several other women - unrelated to me who found it exactly the same. They did indeed have it done again (5 years later when a new one as required) but under genral aneasthetic as its action and suitability made it an extremely effective contraceptive for them. loramum - genital herpes is an STI but it can remain dormant in he system for many years.

Ann - 14/06/2007 01:07

Mel, I can't help but feel you are being over dramatic. What is painful for one may not be for another but if I had just been told I had Cin 1, 11 or 111 and read your posts I would top myself. To think that you have a duty to warn women about this being such an intolerable procedure is admirable but quite frankly, had I never had this done myself and was facing into it after reading your posts I would be crapping myself. I had this procedure done without anaesthetic before it was even ever done in this country so my experiences are as valid as yours. I am not particularly keen on even having smears done as I find them uncomfortable but having 3/4 of my cervix removed was no worse than having a routine smear. I reiterate, the actual procedure is the same as for a smear. That is my experience and that of many others. If it was as bad as it was for you and if that was the case for the majority of women then the Doctors just would not be able to conduct this treatment without giving the woman a general anaesthetic. The fact that this treatment is routinely carried out without having to use a general anaesthetic means that for most women they can in fact, tolerate it. Sometimes giving accounts of bad experiences is not helping women at all and is in fact, making them un necessarily anxious about going for such treatment. Yes, you are totally correct, every woman is not the same. That applies to your experience and also to mine. We 2 individuals are obviously not the same. If you found having an IUD fitted painful then that was your experience but not necessarily the experience of others. Pain is relative. What you call pain, I may well call discomfort. If IUD's were 'painful' for all women they, also, would not be done without anaesthetic. Can't you see that point? I am not arguing with you but I fail to see the relevance of scaring people without reason.

Mel - 14/06/2007 13:53

The attitude especially coming from another woman ands one who has been through the procedure is one that is also typical of many of the medical community and possibly the fact that some women are also guilty of this is the reason why those in the medical community are so slow to change their attitudes regarding procedures and pain control. Strange but in a similar area this also the taboo of some (not all) midwives. Then you mention topping yourself - now who is being overdramatic. I would certainly rather having plenty of views and that women of different experiences were honest with me and so be aware of the options avaailable than to spend a procedure in aginy and a cuople of days in pain it is ttally unneccessary and avoidable by having a diffferent form of aneasthetic. How could having part of your cervix surgically remoived be the same as a routine test?? Some women can be fine with local, some need general and there is nothing wrong with that and in your case you need no aneasthetic whatsoever, which is great for you. And it would be nice if all women where like that but they are not.

Ann - 14/06/2007 23:23

Mel, Up until the mid to late 80's the only treatment was to go to theatre for a colposcopy under general anaesthetic. Since the advent of laser treatment bringing women to theatre became unnecessary. I know women who went for routine smears after being told they had Cin I, II or III and after getting off the table thinking they just had another smear to check, discovered that the procedure was all over. This is what happened to me. Had I known that they were even going to attempt to excise any part of my cervix I would have lost the plot with nerves. The fact that I didn't know, goes to show that alot of it is nerves and 'perceived' pain. This is the same going to the dentist for some people. If any Doctor and/or Nurse seen that a woman was clearly in pain and could not tolerate the procedure they most certainly would not proceed. For a start off, they would not be actually able to proceed if the woman was in pain, tense and moving about because it would obstruct their view of what they were doing. It is dramatic to talk about having part of your cervix 'surgically removed' because if you go in thinking that is what they are going to do, you expect to be in pain before they even start. Lets face it, in time past, to prevent miscarriage in women with incompetent cervixes, they used to put in a shirodkar suture. That, to me, is far more painful than excising a part of the cervix. The use of the word surgery implies to a lot of women the use of scalpels, cutting away sensitive tissue etc. The thoughts of that alone is painful. It is just simply not like that and nothing is cut away as such.

Mel - 15/06/2007 11:33

Ann, as has been explained before Lletz is NOT laser treatment. It is a Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone. Where the loop cuts away the cells and cauterizes the area. You would have the lost the plot and therefore would prefer not to know what was going to happen as is your perogative. I and others have the right to know exactly what is involved in any procedure or surgery. In fact knowing would have displelled any nerves I might have had, had I not known what was involved. I think tho' it is highly disingenous of you to suggest that a lot of what I experienced was nerves and "percieved pain" - as tho you have somehow come up with the idea that I was not in actual pain depite that fact that you do not know what is going on in my body (and indeed you do not know me at all). Nor was I nervous beforehand and thought I would be fine - which I was not. Conversely when I was at the dentist, I was bundle of nerves but was never once in pain. You are quite wrong when you say that if any Doctor or Nurse seen that a woman was clearly in pain and could not tolerate the procedure they most certainly would not proceed becuase in Rak's case they did proceed despite the fact that she was in tears from the pain. It is not dramatic to talk about having part of your cervix surgically removed because that is exactly what happens. I have had surgery before and did not expect to be in any pain and nor was I. That is what analegsic and aneastetic is for in this day and age. I am not familiar with the shirodkar suture but I know that these of late a cerclage is used. Of the women know who have had it, who required only local aneasthetic and experienced only mild discomfort afterards in one case. But if you are in pain when the suture is being applied then you are entitled to appropriate pain control, just as I and other women are during Lletz. A loop not a scalpel is used during Lletz and any woman will be told that if she asks. nothing is cut away as such?? How can you say that. In your case 3/4 of the cervix was excised. For other women it would be less and time is needed for the cervix to regenerate. What else would you call that?

Rak - 15/06/2007 12:32

I'm sorry Ann but I find your story very strange. There is no way you didn't know what they were doing if you were having LLETZ as it is the doctors resposibilty to inform you of the procedure before they start. And as for them not using anaesthetic, also I can't believe this. They must give anaesthetics for this. Now maybe you didnt feel the aneasthetic and nothing after that, this I may believe but there is no way you went through this in your senses as you would have known about it. I may have been nervous but I have a high pain threshold and can handle most pains, including labour pains!! But this was painful becuase thats how my body is made, my cervix is sensitive. And they did nt stop seeing how pain full this was for me, nor was more aneasthic offered to me. Now I dont want to scare women and I always tell people that this was just my experience and everyone's is different but I do believe women desrve and want to know what they may expect. My story may be extreme but I find that when the women I tell on this go for theres they are grateful to know my expeirence as they can ask for a general and not make my mistake when they know like myself that there cervix is sensitive or that they go in and come out thinking that wasnt as bad as hers.

Mel - 15/06/2007 12:48

They didn't offer to top up the aneasthetic? Oh my Rak, that is apalling (and sounds very unprofessional on their part - but then I know a woman who had to be literally at screaming point during labour before they would call an aneasthetist to top up her epidurial)! . I was at least offered that as they initially thought in my case, I may just have been one of these people for whom local anaesthetic wears off quickly (but that was not the case). It may be in Ann's case that a topical anasthetic was applied to the surface area of the cervix so that she did not feel the needle for the local aneasthetic - which worked perfectly in her case for the Lletz and she didn't feel a thing. Which is great for her but that is not every womans experience. I understand Rak, you are not trying to scare women, nor am I and no would would but you are right, all women are entitled to the full facts and I would certainly rather know all the facts and be aware of a number of womens experiences and what the options are than be blindly ignorant to them.

Anonymous - 15/06/2007 14:14

It is obvious that Ann is confused as to what she had. It obviously was not a Lletz but a colposcopy - and examination of the cervix using a colposcope - this procedure-wise is very similar to a smear, where the cervix is examined and sometimes a cell sample (biopsy) is taken - which can be very uncomfortable for some women (but not all), who may require a short-acting local aneasthetic, altho' for general to ever be needed for this would be extremely unusual (but not impossible of course). No doctor anywhere will perform diathermy (Lletz in this case) without proper aneasthetic. I would indeed much prefer a woman to be nervous and know the facts or request a G.A. rather than wind up in tears half-way through any procedure.

Sophie - 18/06/2007 20:39

I'm getting my smear results back tomorrow. I had the lletz done in Decemeber for cin2. I'm really scared that tomorrows result wont be normal and that I'll have cin2 or 3..I was told that lletz increases your chances of misscarrying. Is it serious if I dont have a normal smear result tomorrow having already had the treatment?

Mel - 19/06/2007 10:26

No Sophie, don't worry. The chances are your results will be normal but in the unlikely event that you have CINII or CINIII, it will most likely simply be a case of repeating your treatment - Lletz in your case. Thsi can happen for some women but provided you allow sufficient time for your cervix to regenerate it should not cuase any problems at all with regard to concieving or carrying a pregnancy to full term but indeed your results may well be normal and you wll have nothing to worry about.

Sophie - 19/06/2007 12:52

Thanks Mel.. I just got them back... NORMAL! Its such a relief, havent had a normal smear since 2005. I read on a few websites that the lletz treatment is 95%-98% successful so obvioulsy its a good thing to get if anyone is feeling hesitant about it.

Ann - 19/06/2007 18:18

To Anonymous Posted: 15/06/2007 14:14 Sorry for raining on your parade but I know exactly what I had. I told you, they showed me 3/4 of my cervix in a jar when the procedure was over. Yes, they more than likely applied a topical anaesthetic prior to the procedure but had I known what they were going to do, I would have needed more than that, I can assure you of that. Perhaps, the difference in my treatment was that it was done in the UK by a Consultant and his nurse before this procedure was ever even thought of here. I have (touch wood) never had a recurrence. It was not a biopsy because a biopsy is not necessary after a diagnosis of Cin III. He did tell me he was just going to look to check that it was a Cin III (I had been referred to him by my G.P. who had received the results) As for the general anaesthetic, if you are going through a procedure and cannot tolerate it, you will not just be given a general anaesthetic. You will have to be booked in as a day case or an overnight prior to the appointment. You cannot just decide on the day that you want a G.A. Finally, Sophie, I was delighted to read your results are clear. Well done and celebrate!

Anonymous - 20/06/2007 08:44

They would have applied a topical anasthetic prior to administering local aneasthetic and this may have been why you didn't feel the needle for the local aneasthetic - which would most definitely have been required for Lletz or any form of diathermy. That said, there are situations where a topical aneasthetic may not be used prior to the administration of local for all patients due to sensitivity / alergy issues The aneasthetic required would not be any different depending on what you had or had not known about the procedure. Knowledge or lack thereof does not increase the physical or medical requirement for aneasthetic. The treatment would have been no different when performed elsewhere or performed as a new technique There are people, granted, (my own father as one such) who prefer, by their express wish, not to know the details of a procedure or surgery. In cases such as these, their next of kin or a family member are usually informed.

Mel - 20/06/2007 09:12

Ann, you really are contradicting yourself. First you say that if a doctor or nurse sees that a patient cannot tolerate a procdure, they will stop - which was absolutely not true in Rak's case and then you say that if you are going through a procedure and cannot tolerate it, you will not just be given a general anaesthetic., Whist do you think they will do, stop and leave a woman with her cervix half-operated on? Leave her in pain? There are many cases where procedures - such as Lletz and diathermy and even biopsies are halted and transferred to theatre. My own was one such and mothers' was another (internal biopsy - non cervix related). For anyone reading this, please do not let this scare you. If you are in this situation, you will not be sent home to wait weeks for another appointment - altho' there might be a bit of waiting around, nor will you be coerced into having a procedure in circumstances where you are going to be in pain. And be firm about this if you need to but you shouldn't have to. You can arrange with your GP (referral) in advance, to be treated under GA and unless there are co-existing conditions or complications there should be no need to be in hospital overnight. As for booking in as a day-case. What do you think Lletz patients are booked in as, except day cases. Great news on the all clear Sophie

Anonymous - 20/06/2007 09:14

Anonymous Posted: 14:14 here again. Also, for diathermy and minor surgery ( I know it doesn't seem minor for any woman, and I am not trying to make light of it in any way) to be transferred to theatre due to complications - including intolerance of pain, aneasthetic, technique or other reasons, while uncommon is by no means impossible and to say so, is not only incorrect but may well frighten a woman who has misgivings - founded or suspected - about having any procedure under local. Ideally, yes, hospitals would prefer that a woman is booked in and prep'ed in advance but life does not always happen that way, unfortunately. A woman will not be turned away simply because her choice of aneasthetic was not decided in advance. Granted she might have to wait some time for all the resources to be in place. I say this, not to put any woman off, by any means but simply to be informative.

biddy - 20/06/2007 12:36

im just wondering about gettin the leetz procedure done. i have to go for it in a couple of weeks time. i had a colonoscopy done in march but have to go back again for treatment. think i have cinii or ciniii cells. im in the process of trying 4 a baby also. im just wondering how soon after this procedure do u think that you can have intercourse, especially because im trying to conceive. thanks

Mel - 20/06/2007 13:04

I think it depends on the area removed biddy, but any women I know as told to wait 6 months before trying to conceive. It coud be different for different people so do ask. As for how long to wait until you can have intercourse with suitable contracepetion. We waitEd six weeks and used a barrier method (in addition to my IUD) but do seek advice on this too as every woman's case is not the same

Rak - 20/06/2007 13:42

Hi Biddy, unfortunately you will have to put trying for a baby on hold after LLETZ and wait till you follow up and give your cervix time to regenerate, which would be around 6 months after LLETZ.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 21/06/2007 14:12

Hi, Got appointment for July 10th for colposcopy, doctor had mentionned that they will prob treat it on day too with laser, i persume that is the lletz procedure. anyways heading to egypt on Sunday week for a week. All appts i was gettting were for while i was away but its week after now so delaying it for week so I can go on hols isnt too bad. Rak about the Mooncups, can you use them while swimming etc? just trying to figure out what to use on my hols.

Sonya - 21/06/2007 15:36

I was diagnosed post smear test(s) & a colposcopy as having CINII & CINIII so was duly booked in for LLETZ under general anaesthesia. I wasn't given any other option of anaesthesia & find it hard to see how else it could have been carried out quite frankly! I was an in-patient for a full day & apart from having to wear maternity pads & very rustley attractive paper knickers for the following few days, it was a fairly comfortable experience all in all, although you will have what feels like quite bad period pain. I had the bottom crescent of my cervix removed & have been left with a cervical erosion, but it doesn't bother me at all really. I was told if it does cause any noticeable inconvenience, then I could be operated on to repair it. Since then (this all happened about 4 years ago) I had 6 monthly smear tests x 3 with only one showing slightly abnormal changes. I was assured this can occur shortly after surgery until things 'calm down'. I have had yearly smear tests after that & will continue to do for a 10 year spell. It all sounds a bit daunting but it's such a common procedure these days - about 5 of my friends have come to me saying they've had notice to go in for colposcopies & my strong advice is to spread the word about having regular smear tests done. I hate to think what would have happened had I not been so vigilant in getting my regular smear appointments booked. I still have that knot of worry whenever I have a test done now & I'm waiting for the results to come back, but I've always been clear & felt happily relieved!

happymum - 22/06/2007 21:20

Just want to say that my smear came back with CIN 1 changes. I went for a coloposcopy last week, which I was very nervous about. The poor girl who came out before me was snow white and clutching a sick bag. In the event, it was just like a smear, but longer. Coincidentally, I had back pain and had taken Nurofen Plus before I went in. I did require any treatment, but the doc took a biopsy, which she said would hurt. I didn't feel anything, which I think might be down to the painkillers. I have a feeling these things are a bit more traumatic if you haven't had a baby. Anyway, my tip would be take painkillers before you go in and don't look at the screen. Focus on a point on the ceiling and try to breath deeply. I have to have a repeat smear in 6 months. I found the whole thing alot less painful than I was expecting, but then again I was lucky and didn't have to have any treatment. The only nasty thing was the smell of burning as the doc cauterised the area where she took the biopsy to stop bleeding. I have to say the consultant & nurse in Drogheda were very kind and reassuring.

Jo - 25/06/2007 13:17

I received my second smear result in 10 years. I didn't go because i thought one had to be sexually acitve, ie not using a condom. Is there any other way of getting it other than with sexual contact? The letter from the well woman clinic i believe was a disgrace stating that my result was received from the lab and is "abnormal", further investigation is required and a colcoscopy referred for. I believe that there is a lot of time wasted , that a phone call should be made to the client as there is such a long wait for result of smear. Anyway i rang the nurse who explained it to be a CIN 3. When I rang the Rotunda last Friday i was told the wait would be 5 to 6 mths wait. I'm going private with The Beacon hospital and being seen tomorrow thank God. And Thank God i have the money to go private. I was told it will be a local not general so hope thats ok?? Its an awful worry as you dont know how long it takes to go from Cin 3 to invasive, I keep thinking the worst of course. I cant believe so many others have CIN 3. Reading the above has helped me alot to understand some of it.

Rak - 25/06/2007 14:46

Aoife, you most definetly can, just the same as you can a tampon, except you don't need to worry abouth that darn string making and embarrassing appearance. You will feel a lot more at ease with the mooncup you will forget you have your period. Have a great holiday.

rocha - 27/06/2007 11:57

hi i had a hysterectomy done last year {age 30}Due to heavy periods.i had the results of the histology that was done on my womb,he said the cells in the glands of my womb were changing.and i was very lucky to get it out when i did!! as i would have needed to get it out becausehe called it a long name that i cant remember! does anyone know does this mean i was borderline on cancer?

happymum - 27/06/2007 18:30

Hi Rocha. Your GP should be able to tell you what was wrong with your womb. If not, you are entitled to a copy of your medical records from the hospital where you were treated. You just write to the hospital administrator asking for a copy of your records under the freedom of information act. Maybe it was endometriosis?

mh - 30/06/2007 11:51

i'm just wondering how everyone felt when they first got their abnormal results bcause i simply cant beleive it, im not even worried im just very very angry and i dont know why. im only 23 and although i was told by the nurse and doctor that i should just wait until i was 25 i still went as i just wanted to set my mind at ease, and the ruddy thing came back abnormal! im gutted i really am. i havnt told anyone as i dont know anyone else this has happened to, infact, people just dont discuss smears full stop. and to think that i was really scared about going in the first place as im very funny about "down there" but i thought, well its only one in 3 yrs, but of course its now every 6 months and possible treatment followed by countless more smears. so what if id left it until i was 25! im furious.

mh - 30/06/2007 12:56

hi jo, in relation to your question about being sexually active / or not. i dont beleive condoms are much use against the hpv virus, its skin contact not fluid. you know what really annoys me? when i was at school / college not once was hpv mentioned, it was all pregancy prevention and the other sti's. i've only really become aware of it in the last yr or so. i didnt even know cervical cancer was caused by a virus! i thought it was just like breast cancer, just one of those unlucky things that happened. too late now.

Sonya(PDL22162) - 03/07/2007 14:57

Hi mh. Your reaction is a very common one, I'd say.. I was in my mid 20's when I was diagnosed & it felt so unfair that this happened to me. I think I was more scared than angry at the time, because I knew that this could be the start of something very serious but the more I researched & found out about CIN1 - 111 & the treatment that goes with it, the more calm I felt. In a weird way, it makes you feel a bit better knowing there are so many women out there with abnormal cells too, & that you're not alone. With the right care, the better the chance you have of getting your body back to normal & the fact it was noticed early is a good thing.. Your abnormal changes may even have settled back down by the time you have your next smear. Don't worry, you're having this dealt with now & as you said - what if you had left it until you were 25? But you haven't. I hope all goes well for you, & this is why this site is so good - any fears, concerns or just to chat to women with similar experiences is always a massive reassurance. I hope this forum comforts you a bit in the fact you're not on your own & we've all been in the same boat.

Rak - 03/07/2007 21:41

Hi MH, I felt the same. I was 20/21, cant really remember now, when I had my first smear. I decided to have it done because I had a child. But if I had waited till 25 god knows what would hav been there because, first I was CIN1 then clear then borderline then CIN 111 So here I am 24 and had LLETZ by the age of 23 so the guide line age is wrong. You need to monitor your cervix health as soon as you become sexually active. And has anyone else heard on the news how they have discovered that the option I always opted for and paid extra for was giving false results. The option of sending you smears abroad for faster results was giving people the ok as I was when they really had abnormalities. I always wondered why mine came back clear then by the next smear they were back again. Very annoying.

Anonymous - 04/07/2007 08:36

mh, I cannot believe you were told to wait until 25! Whichever doctor told you that is absolutely wrong. The right time to have a smear is whenever you become sexually active. Be it at 18 or 25. What annoys me also is that there are no tests done for the detection of HPV in either men or women unless specifically and explicitly requested.

Anonymous - 04/07/2007 14:34

Jo Can you please tell me how you arranged your appointment for colposcopy in the Beacon as I have been ringing them and nobody I spoke to knew what the procedure was. Also how long did you have to wait for appointment. I have two small children & CIN II from a smear test done in feb, am worried sick.

mh - 04/07/2007 18:18

If i do have a hpv then I'm pretty sure I've caught it from my current (newish) partner, ive had nothing but trouble since i started seeing him and ive never had problems before. He's also the only person ive been with for 3 yrs and im finding it hard to beleive that the abnormal smear is a coincedence. if the next one is abnormal im worried that i wont be able to keep my temper even though i know it's not his fault. I just know how wound up I can get about things. I've had mental health problems since I was about 16 and I had just got my life sorted. I hope this doesn't throw a great big spanner in the works.

joanne(MUQ26871) - 04/07/2007 19:41

Ring Beacon hospital and ask for Womens Centre. Ask then for Dr Ayres - he is on hols but back on the 9th, he has a colleague who may make an appointment on your behalf.

joanne - 05/07/2007 17:00

MH, My consultant says its not only through sexual contact/skin contact, it can just happen, cells in the cervix can just change. it may not be as a result of being with your current partner

Sonya(PDL22162) - 05/07/2007 17:38

Some interesting info I've just read in a magazine: 'The Government's current policy on being advised to wait until women are 25 to have a cervical examination is based on the findings of Cancer Research UK's scientists. They recommended that the frequency of smears should be reduced to once every 3 years from the ages of 25-49 & every 5 years for women aged 50-64. In order to afford this, the lower age limit was increased from 20 to 25 because it is extremely rare to cervical cancer to develop before this age. But this shouldn't stop women of any age seeking advice about unusual bleeding or period problems.' (I've just had a reminder letter through today oddly enough, for my annual cervical examination. It's now been clear for years, but it doesn't stop that familiar lurching feeling in my stomach..)

Anonymous - 06/07/2007 10:37

Bear in mind also MH that these things can lay dormont in your system for a numer of years. Has anyone considered getting the cervical (gardasil) vax in order to try and prevent future re-occurances?

Anonymous - 06/07/2007 14:14

The right time fo a woman to have her first smear is when she becorems sexually active - be that 18, 25 or indeed 45. Rarity of instance is a small comfort were any women to wait 5 or 6 years only to be told the situation had become serious

mh - 06/07/2007 17:16

i know , and i hate thinking like that, but i have had problems lately, dont really wanna say what they were. sometimes i really hate being a woman, (not that i wanna be a man or anything!) i know that hospitals obviously refuse to do it without good reason but what would the after effects of having your cervix removed? i dont think the vaccine is readily available is it?

Anonymous - 09/07/2007 08:57

MH, your cervix may not need to be completely removed. Lletz may just involve removing a portion of it - the area with the problem cells. The only side effect I know is havign to wait some months before you can have unprotected intercourse - i.e. before trying for a baby so that your cervix can regenerate. As far as I know gardasil is avaiilable privately - at a cost of about €600. Not sure if it is available publicly or on the medical card.

Ann - 09/07/2007 16:29

mh, The cells that are 'abnormal' are removed and that will include taking some of your cervix away. Your cervix will re grow. That takes about 6 months. Any woman who is sexually active (as already stated in previous posts) should have regular smears. It is not your boyfriends fault at all. Just being sexually active with more than 1 partner in a life time leaves us open to cell changes. That is why having regular smears is recommended for ALL women who are sexually active.

Anonymous - 14/07/2007 21:40

i had letz done around january for cin3 and finally had a follow up app on thurs (after 4 app changes from hosp) Doctor told me the procedure was "'marginal' and they didn't know if all the cells were removed and was i thinking of having kids ( i'm 41) as i may have to have a hysterectomy"-then he did another smear and a biopsy-but i have to wait 2 months for results to know if i have cervical cancer of what(is this because i am on a medical card?). as i went into near shock i forgot everything i wanted to ask him and left non the wiser-as i'm totally on my own i don't know where to turn-my gp seems to know nothing about it-all he said was i was the first woman he'd seen with it! help, from desperate

Anonymous - 16/07/2007 10:30

Anonymous, I am puzzled as to why you are being treated that way. If the Lletz has not removed all of he cells, why can it simply not be re-done and why is the doctor calling for something as drastic as a hysterectomy. I think you need to go back to the doctor performing the procedure and look for answers.

Rak - 16/07/2007 14:47

When in doubt call the doctor. If you have questions, fears etc. you should call the hospital you had the proceedure done in and ask your questions. Ask for the doctor you were referred to or someone on his team. Maybe before you call you should write a list of all you questions to be sure you wont forget anything again. I know the feeling it always happens to me. If they start to talk rings around you and confuse them tell them to stop, sloe down and explain it better. Remind them they are not speaking to someone with a medical background, as I think they tend to forget that when they speak to there poeple. Good Luck

kaz - 17/07/2007 23:08

hey... after my first smear came back as CIN 1, had another ,,which came back as same...6months later. getting sent for a colposcopy now..waiting for appointment. just getting a little anxious bout all the HPV talk...should i be chatting to my boyfriend bout it?? (with him 9 months now) ... getting worried that i may have passed something to him? bit confused.... do all CIN results come hand in hand with HPV's??? after i found out had a STI screening straight away...and 2 months later still waiting for the results! any help would be appreciated! :)

Aoife(JIL62371) - 18/07/2007 11:10

Hi, Had my colposcopy done last tuesday. its was okay getting it done, just bit uncomfortable. had bad pain in my tummy for few days after. they said that it was not a very convincing CIN 3 but never the less they did a lettz procedure to remove cells and im not called back for smear till next January. Will get the results from my colposcopy in two months they said. but they said it didnt look like much to worry about. so hoping ill be okay now. thanks for all the advice.

ABC - 24/07/2007 18:57

Hi, im 19 and my first smear has just come back as CIN 1. I'm absolutely petrified as I feel I'm very young to have this. Only got word about it yesterday and can't go to see my doc for another 2 days as im working 9-6. i can't believe it. the only reason i got a smear test was because i had an STI screening as i found out my boyfriend had been sleeping around behind my back. my doc was saying it was because of a warts virus, i just can't believe it, iv never had warts nor see them on my ex-boyfriend but she said u do not neccesarily get external warts. would like to know is this warts virus the sole reason for my CIN 1 result? I was so shocked at the news i wasn't really listening to my doctor at the time and now I'm scared stiff. I have only ever had the one sexual partner and he had assured me he got checked out and was fine. all info greatly appreciated, thanks.

Rak - 25/07/2007 11:40

Hi ABC, I was 20 when I had my first smear came back CIN1 too. Dont worry this can be from many factors, even using fracrance soaps and deoderants in that area can cause slight changes which can read as CIN1. The use of tampons and sanitary towel are foriegn to your body and contain small amounts of bleach in them with can cause changes. Which is why I have changed to using a mooncup no chemicals. My CIN Level went from 111 to 11 in 6 weeks of using this. I've mentioned this before on this site but for you new comers I recommend trying this you can buy online at, not available in Ireland. There are so many things that can cause these slight changes including stress. But the fact that your partner was unfaithful it is likely that an infection caused the changes. But rest assured these are minor changes that can clear up without any treatment.

Ang(ELM63681) - 26/07/2007 12:02

Rak (31/5) talks about the wait in the Rotunda to be seen. I had a borderline smear in May 06, followed by a CIN3 with dodgy endometrial cells in November 06. The recommendation was for colposcopy and dilation and curettage. This was lost in the system and emerged at the end of May 07. I was already being seen in the Rotunda for abnormal bleeding but all they ever did was diagnose polycystic ovaries and tell me off for not taking the pill (my GP had wanted an endometrial biopsy or at least transvaginal ultrasound to examine the endometrium). My (different) GP told me I should be seen for colposcopy within a couple of weeks, but when I rang the clinic after this time I realised that this was unrealistic. In early July, with still no date from the Rotunda, my GP referred me to the Coombe public clinic and I got a response days later, giving me an appointment for early September. Finally the Rotunda have got in touch with an appointment for the day after, but I am cancelling. The Coombe gave me the quickest appointment available, but between all the different delays I've experienced it's nearly 10 months for me between the smear and the colposcopy, and still no suggestion as to when or if I will have an endometrial biopsy. Any comments would be useful...

Rak - 26/07/2007 14:13

Ang, that's terrible. It took me almost 3 weeks to get my smear results, then about a week of trying to get my referral seen to in the Rotunda, then tried Coombe got an appointment within days of send my referral for six weeks later, had a repeat smear in the colposcopy and a biopsy and had to come back in another six weeks for the results and lletz. So in total from my smear mine all took almost 4 months. But to have to wait 10 months, I would have lost the plot.

Ang(ELM63681) - 26/07/2007 15:20

It's great to find this page. I guess from reading these messages that I shouldn't go to the appointment by bike... If anyone knows more about what it means to have problems with cervix and endometrium together, I'm interested. Although hoping that mine will turn out to be very simple and easily dealt with. Or some kind of mistake.

ABC - 29/07/2007 20:07

Thanks for your advice Rak. also would like to know is it true that if you have the HPV virus, there is no treatment for it and you are liable to pass on warts to any furture partners with whom you have unprotected sex?

Rak - 30/07/2007 14:25

Hey ABC, I'm no expert about HPV, to be honest I know very little about it but I found this site very helpful an easy to understand, Maybe you might like to take a look!

Rak - 30/07/2007 16:48

Sorry ABC I had site address in that last post but seem you aren't allowed to as the address was removed. All I can say is look it up on the net. Some minor HPV virus can clear up itself.

ABC - 31/07/2007 14:53

Thanks for all your help Rak, it's great to hear from people who have been through this. I came off the pill in early may and still have not had a period since. Do you think i should be worried now that i know i have CIN 1 because that seems like quite a long time for my period not returning???

Rak - 31/07/2007 16:07

Hey ABC, no problem I like help out all I can. I know how stressfull this waiting around an not knowing what to expect. That does seem a long time, I cant see it having anything to do with CIN 1, but I do think you need to talk to your doctor about that.

Lena - 07/08/2007 23:58

Hi I noticed someone asked about the gardasil vaccination.As far as im aware it cannot protect you against the strain of hpv you already have but can protect you from other strains and certain cancers.My approach is it won't harm you and may actually help you so why not get it. I have been treated for cin 3 and first post lletz clear. My Consultant recommened the vaccination to me. It costs 200e per vaccination of which you need 3, and then whatever the doc charges. I know in England it has just been approved on the nhs so hopefuuly that follows suit here. Hope this info helps someone. Lena

Anonymous - 09/08/2007 16:09

I had a smear test done 6weeks ago and I'll have to wait till mid-October to get the results. I had CIN1 last time but my letter from the dr didnt say that at the time, it just said "mildly abnormal, repeat visit in 1year." While waiting to have my most recent smear done I was given my chart, and I got quite a shock to see 'CIN1' was the result of my last test. I know so many people on here have much worse results than that but any kind of bad previous result coupled with a 16wk wait for these ones is enough to make me anxious!!! I understand why the results take so long (staffing in labs etc) but it's an incredible wait really. And the free smears on the Government Screening plan is still only available in the Mid-Western Health Area...

Jennifer(DII28799) - 10/08/2007 09:02

GARDASIL is for girls and women ages 9 to 26. GARDASIL works when given before you have any contact with HPV Types 6, 11, 16, and 18. If you've already been infected with HPV, you may still benefit from GARDASIL because it is unlikely that you have been infected with all 4 types of the virus covered by the vaccine. HPV Types 16 and 18 cause 70% of cervical cancer cases, and HPV Types 6 and 11 cause 90% of genital warts cases. GARDASIL may not fully protect everyone and does not prevent all types of cervical cancer, so it is important to continue regular cervical cancer screenings. GARDASIL will not treat cervical cancer and genital warts, and will not protect against diseases caused by other HPV types.

lena - 10/08/2007 21:18

Hi Jennifer Very informative post. Of course i should have said you definitely still need to get regular smear tests. My consultant has reccomended gardasil to me even though I'm nearly 40. I've also spoke to some women in America and Australia who have cervical cancer,are over 26 who have also got it. They were told it may help prevent vulva cancer and certain other cancers,along with other strains of hpv.I think if it can't harm you why not get it if you might benefit from it. I'm aware 70% of cervical cancer is caused by hpv,wot about the other 30%? Ive been treated for cin but hpv has never been mentioned to me. How do you know if this is the cause,should they tell you?

Anonymous - 13/08/2007 09:22

Why is Gardasil only available for women up to 26 when in reality it can protect women of all ages??

car - 19/10/2007 00:40

Hi, just got smear results three days ago and now have cin3. I'm being referred to the coombe. i havent slept or eaten since. i work for a gp so know a bit about various illnesses. my last smear was 6 years ago after the birth of my baby. i have put off going back for one since cause i find im 2 embarrassed. now im raging with myself. I just got married last year and decided around 4 months ago 2 try for another baby.for the last four months ive prayed that my period wont arrive now this month im praying that it will!! just wanna get the treatment and get it quickly. I've read all the comments on the site but my biggest fear is the pain aspect of all the getting mixed signals from all the various opinions.i suffer from osteoarthritis in my hand and suffer enough pain with that.will d docs do this for me under general as i really dont think i can handle local.any advice would be appreciated .iv never been as scared in my life but just to see that other women go through this is a big help so please help me out here.thanks.

Anonymous - 19/10/2007 10:41

Yes, car they will indeed do it under general at your request. Make sure your GP advises them of this also. But think about it, you've had a baby - one of the most painful experiences most women ever go through so your pain threshold is probably higher than you think.

Rak - 19/10/2007 11:01

Hi Car, I would presume it is my posts that has you scared of the possible pain. I have to say I never wanted to scare anyone but just want women to know everyone is different. It could be painful. A couple of questions I would like to ask you is, do you find smears painful? During internal examinations while pregnant, did you finfd these painful? Also, if youhad your waters broke did this hurt? If you fond these painful chances are LLETZ will be painful too. But most of all, stop beating yourself up. There are so many women embarrased when it comes to smears. I'm unfortunate enough that I've had abnormal smears since my first so never really got to put it off. Just put the would of, should have, could have, thought to the back of your mind. I wasnt given the option of a general even though I told them about my painful experiences. If you feel ocal isnt enough, please do not let the doctor push you into it. I was told, 'We'll see how we get on with the local' Which is obviously a stupid statement. As the chance of administering a general in the cubical of the out patients if the local wasnt enough just wasnt going to happen. So I have to grit my teeth and even cry through the pain, not wanting to make a sound to scare the women outside. Just dont be scared and go in confident and set onwhat you want. If you decide you need the general you may have to wait longer for an appointment as a day patient. Good luck, and sorry if I scared you.

Anonymous - 25/10/2007 14:41

Hi I had a smear test last week and will have to wait 18 weeks for the results but i have come of my pill and plan to get pregnant by christmas should i wait for the results or go ahead with the preganncy plan

Rak - 25/10/2007 22:56

Hi anon. Did you have anything abnormal that made you get the smear in the first place? In all honesty I dont think you need to wait. If it comes back abnormal you are recommended to have a repeat smear in 6 months. But if you are pregnant I'm sure it can wait till after the birth. Abnormalities don't change that fast. I went for 3 years before they felt done the LLETZ and my first smear was abnormal. But perhaps you should call your doctor and ask the question. I'm almost 100% sure that there would be no complications if you get pregnant between now and the results, but as I'm not a doctor or really know your background this is just my general opinion. Best of luck and hope it all works out well for you.

Anonymous - 26/10/2007 08:51

Anonymous - definitely wait for the results. Most likely there'll be nothing to worry about but you don't want to be trying to cope with the possibility, small as it is, of an abnormal smear and protect your pregnany at the same time.

joanne - 31/10/2007 09:53

Hi Following a colposcopy for removal of cells at cIn 3 level, i received a normal result. This was done privately. I am obviously delighted but still worry about the result what if they got the classification wrong. I have a public visit coming up end of this month for a colposcopy can i ask what people think of going for it again even though my result was normal. is it better to be tied into the public system for follow up. i had no pain at all but wonder can it cause problems having it done again Advice would be great

joanne - 31/10/2007 13:36

Just read my message and i suppose i must clarify my anxiety around the result. My friend's aunt had a smear which was sent to an american lab. it came back normal but they recently found out that their classification system is different to here. Anyhow hers has progressed she is in her early 50's . I worry cause i dont know if the smear was done in a lab outside ireland

Mary(NHW57429) - 05/11/2007 17:22

I want to urge all women to make some noise about the inadequacy of cancer screening services for women in Ireland. I myself decided to go to the UK for traetment for CIN when a GP in Dublin advised me to let CIN progress to cancer as they would at least be able to treat it then. I am not misquoting him. A bird brain. The experts in the UK were aghast at the stone age provision for screening for cervical cancer here, the crazy delays for accessing biopsy results and the lack of choice for women in determining their preferred course of treatment. Look at the disgraceful legacy now visited upon more women in the breast cancer screening disasters in Portlaoise. get off your backsides and join me, I am not media shy, am highly educated and well informed. Contact me at or 086 3040778. I have no problem making my name etc public. As far as I am concerned the likes of the HSE, Doctors who bungled my results and lied to me and Prof Drumm and the mInister for Health all need to get real. I await your responses...don't be a typical Irish shrinking violet. get with it.

Anon - 06/11/2007 22:11

Car, For a woman who has had a baby, the lletz will be a piece of cake. It is not in the slightest bit painful in itself so please don't be worrying about it. I would suggest you postpone getting pregnant and get the treatment. Then you will have to wait for 6 months before attempting to get pregnant again but it will all work out fine. I had Cin III too and although am an anxious person and hate smears I found the whole lletz business painless. The thoughts of it were far worse than the actual procedure and other than a few minor period type pains afterwards for a short (very short) time, I was fine and back to work the very next day. Please don't let other people's experience put you off. If by chance, you feel any pain whatsoever, then tell the staff but if it is being done by true professionals, then you won't feel any pain at all. (If it was normally a very painful procedure it would always be done under a general)

Anonymous - 07/11/2007 10:54

Not quite true Anon, I am not trying to put peple off one bit. It is a very important procedure and it absolutely should be done when required however Rak and other women who have had babies have still found it very painful - to the point where general aneasthetic would be required. It's important to keep this in mind is all i am saying. The odds are you'll find it painless but every women is different and bear in mind that general aneasthetic is a definite option if you feel you need it - true professionals will be aware of this and offer it if you need it.

ash - 07/11/2007 11:08

Hi i had CIN III last year and had the lletz treatment for it. Just to say to say that it is not in the slightest bit painful is a bit misleading, i found it quite uncomfortable and I have had a baby in the past. Not trying to scare anybody and I suppose everybody is different but I would advise to take Neurofen before the procedure. It is not agony or anything like that but it did hurt me personally. I would also like to ask anyone on here, the doctor told me on my discharge that if i become pregnant in the future that I could possibly have to have a stitch put in my womb as the lletz treatment would have weakened it and I would possibly not be able to carry a baby to full term without it. anyone any experience of this? Thanks for your help.

Anonymous - 07/11/2007 11:17

Hi Ash, it would depend on the extent of the cervix that was removed. In most cases the cervix recovers and regenerates within about 6 months so pregnancy is contra-indicated in this time-frame. But yes, in certain cases a cerclage (stitch) will be required for a future pregnancy to prevent the risk of miscarriage due to incompetent cervix. Again, this is nothing to worry about. It is a small procedure performed in a hospital setting uner local anaesthetic. As the pregnanct progresses, bedrest may be required for a number of weeks and the stitch will be removed at a point when the baby is viable and can be delivered safely. This used to be around the 32 week point but this may have changed. Not to worry tho', your care provider can answer any questions you have as soon as you are ready and have decided you want to try for another baby.

Rak - 07/11/2007 11:22

Anon, I cant help but think that your post is mostly refering to me and my experience and even advice! I have had a baby myself and I have a high pain threshold, I had a difficult birth when I had my son, lots of internals during labour, 3 blood tests preformed on my son head through my cervix during labour so I do know pain and I still stand by my expeirience. I think it's great that you felt little pain but that does not mean it's the same for everyone else which was why I shared my experience. I find smears and internals to be painful and I always advise other women to realise that LEETZ will be similar and to consider your pain relief suitable for you. Obviously I had mine done by a professional but this was still painful for me and this was under local plus I took Neurofen 30-45 mins before the procedure. Its not something to worry about, you wll survive (as I and many women have) but everyone is different and everyone's needs are different.

ash - 07/11/2007 14:16

Thanks a million for that advice anon.

Anonymous - 17/11/2007 20:39

Hi I'm 21 no and my doctor wont send me for a smear test but I'm worried that I should have one as other females in my family had problems with theirs.. Can anyoen give some advise do you need to get a refferal from your GP or can you just get one?

Rak - 19/11/2007 09:11

Hi Anon, I never had a referral, I went to the well woman clinic for all my smears. I never even spoke to my GP about it. Also if you have a medical card some well woman clinics accept them too. The one in the northside shopping centre was were I went and the used to take the card but you may want to look into it as its been a couple of years now since I went to them, I've been in the coombe for my follow ups since my LLETZ. I would defo say if your worried make an appointment with them. I've been told before that it doesnt run in the family but a lot of women in my family have had the same trouble and worse than me. Better safe than sorry I say. I was 21 when I had my first smear and it was abnormal, by 24 I had CinIII and LLETZ was needed so I completely disagree with the age of 25 for your first smear. God knows what mine could have progressed to if I had of waited the 4 years fot my first. Its your body you look after it as you see fit.

Anonymous - 19/11/2007 10:37

Your GP needs to provide a damn good reason why he won't take a smear test or refer you to a GP who can take one if he is unqualified to do so. I have been having mine since I was 19 , at the IFPA (Everywoman) clinic.

Anonymous - 19/11/2007 14:38

Hi All, Thanks for helping me with that... I've had a few problems with my GP & have another one aswell but she was telling me that I was too young to have one, I think I'll just make my own appoinment altogether and get it sorted...Does the Family Planning Clinic do it does anyone know?? Thanks Again

Anonymous - 19/11/2007 16:26

The 'too young' excuse is nonsense to be honest. The only criteria in that regard is that you are sexually active, be it at 21 or 41. I myself had my first smear at 19, The IFPA (Everywoman) Family Planning Clinic does them. and you can make an appointment yourself.

joanne(MUQ26871) - 19/11/2007 17:25

I tell you one thing annon i would be making a complaint to the medical board about any gp who refused your request for a smear. There is no national screening in place and no irish recommendations so i would say your gp is treating many others and a complaint or even a query should be made around this issue. northside well woman have a huge waiting list i would reccommend any where but the northside of dublin as the list is longer than other places. Ring and find out what the wait is if not go private. much quicker. Obviously it should not be this way but that s all we have at the minute

Anonymous - 21/11/2007 14:32

Argh! I am 23 and have just been treated for CIN 3 which is a bit scary as I am so young! Does anyone know if it is likely to have been cleared up now...I had LLETZ done last week and awaiting biopsy results. I'm just not sure statistically whether I am going to need to go in again for more!

joanne - 22/11/2007 12:21

yes 23 is young. i just dont understand, the medical profession say that it takes almost 10 years to reach cin level 3. Obviously this is not always the case.

ash - 22/11/2007 12:36

Hey I had CIN III treated last October with LLETZ and my next two smears have been normal, so I'm all clear. So dont worry too much, as long as u have ur follow up smears you will be fine.

Rak - 23/11/2007 09:15

Hi I am 24 and had LLETZ for CIN III and 2 follow ups so far. All was clear and still is. The follow up will be to check that the got all the abnormal cells and affected area. You should be fine but continue with your follow ups as it doesn't mean its gone for good.

Aoife(JIL62371) - 12/12/2007 13:27

Hi, I had a colposcopy last July and they said they removed abnormal cell. Am due for my checkup smear in the hospital again in January, so hope its clear.

jill - 22/01/2008 22:46

i have just been diagnosed with cin3. .i am going for the proceedure nxt wed. . .i have found this site very helpfill and informative but still have questions id like 2 put to other people going through the same thing. . . cud the docs poss diag you with this and it poss turn out to be worse?. . once you have to have treatment is there a strong chance that it will occur and that treatment will be needed for the rest of your life? . .at some stage will you not be able to have any more treatment?....very scared and worried...

Rak - 23/01/2008 10:51

Hi Jill, there is no reason to believe it will come back after treatment. It can but doesn't always. I had CIN 3 and LLETZ and 2 follow ups so far and it was successfully removed but I should still be checked regularly to make sure it is treated if it comes back. I'm not sure if there is a limit on the amount of times LLETZ can be preformed.

V(DTL66632) - 23/01/2008 11:46

please don't be scared...I am sure you will be ok. I was treated for CIN 3 in November and everything is ok so far. I think the thought and waiting is definitely the worst part. Its good that they have caught it now, remember its to catch pre cancerous cells. Thinking of you x

ABC - 23/01/2008 15:43

hi all, just found out the results of my 2nd smear test have come back abnormal and am now being referred for a colposcopy. i am really disappointed as i really had hoped my cin1 cells from my first smear would have returned to normal by themselves. i am only 20 years of age and quite anxious about the colposcopy as i am aware a biopsy may have to be taken and would appreciate to know if this is very painful? also, i would really urge everyone to encourage younger friends, sisters, cousins, etc to go for smear tests as i, like many others who have posted messages here was told by my GP for over a year that i was "a bit young for a smear test yet" and the only reson i had one was because i had an STI screening because of an unfaithful partner. so i suppose in a strange way it might have been a good thing he was unfaithful as it could have been many more years before i had my first smear and my cin1 result could've been much worse! i got quite a shock when i heard about the colposcopy from my GP on the phone and just wondered if anybody knows if my result must be worse than cin1 for me to be referred for a colposcopy??? all i remember my GP saying was "repeat abnormal result". all information greatly appreciated!

Rak - 24/01/2008 10:39

Hi ABC, the chances are your results came back either CIN 2 or 3 to be referer or your doctor may just want further investigation for a repeat CIN 1. Unfotuntely for me my abnormal result went from CIN 1 to CIN 3 over 3 years before I was sent for a colposcopy and I was told I should have been sent after the second abnormal result. The biopsy shouldnt be too bad, you tend to gt like a period cramp as they take the sample. If your smears dont hurt that much you'll be fine. I have painful smears, found the biopsy painful but the pain doesnt last. My biopsy confimed the abnormal cells to be CIN 2 but LLETZ was still recuired to remove these. If you require LLETZ talk to the doctor about pain relief, I had a bad experince and urge poeple not to be shy or take "we'll see how we get on" as an answer because once it is started if its painful its tough they just have to finish with you in pain. I would take neurofen a half hour before either the biopsy or LLETZ, and maybe try rescue remedy if you are really nervous. I hope I have not scared you in any way. All will be fine. Good luck x x

breda(ABW33999) - 28/01/2008 16:57

i had laser treatment over 10 years ago due to abnormal cells all has been clear ever since. The important thing is to have regular smears and don't put them on the long finger

kath - 29/01/2008 07:42

my second smear came back cin 1, so i was refered for a colposcopy, the waiting list was crazy in dublin at the went to galway and got it done within a couple of weeks. (i would have had to wait 4 or 5 months for the rotunda, forgot to cancel it and they rang around the date anyways saying they had to put it off for another couple of months! wouldnt really be putting your mind at rest if you were waitng that long!) I didnt realise he was going to take biopsies...but he took three....kinda took me by surprise! it was just a pinching feeling... its all very quick thats the good thing. it depends on your doctor i guess. i found him a bit off putting... didnt really explain in language i'd understand. one biopsy came back cin 1 again, so got another smear done a few weeks ago...and if thats still cin 1 i have to go back for another colposcopy. anyway.... was just replying for ABC, the colposcopy is not that bad. only took 15 minutes in all... its uncomfortable..but bearable! hope it all goes well k

Karina(KYY68629) - 07/02/2008 22:08

I read in this month's U magazine (not sure how reliable?!) that it's painful to have sex for up to one month after having the colposcopy procedure. Is this true?

Rak - 08/02/2008 09:17

They will advise you not to have sex for a 4 to 6 weeks after a colposcopy.

Anonymous - 08/02/2008 10:01

Karina, it is not advisable to have sex for 6 weeks following a colposcopy in order to allow the area to heal.

D.O. - 14/02/2008 14:57

hi i got results back from a recent smear test this week and I am CIN 3.. I am now waiting for an appointment for a colposcopy in the coombe but i am just unclear about a few things.. will i definately need to get a LLETZ or cone biopsy done because of my result and if so wil it be done on the same day? and because the result came back CIN3 does that mean it is pre cancerous? i am 21 and was really shocked when the doctor told me the results, so am just worried about what to expect next when i go for the colposcopy.

ABC - 24/02/2008 00:46

just want to say to kath and Rak, thanks a mill for all the advice, its all been really helpful and has helped me feel a bit better about the whole thing now that i understand better whats ahead of me. thanks!

Rak - 25/02/2008 11:38

D.O. With your results being CIN3 I'd have to say, Yes, you will get LLETZ. They can do it the same day or the can just take a biopsy, only a small sample not a cone biopsy. And have you come back 6 weeks later for those results before proceeding to LLETZ. I think that all CIN levels are called pre-cancerous, but that just means there are changes in the cells it doesnt mean you have cancer. I know how you feel I was exactly the same, 21 with abnormal cells! Try not to worry, very hard I know, retail therapy helps me :) And be sure to discuss pain relief with your doctor and be happy with your choice.

Ciara(cpoleon) - 27/02/2008 10:05

Hi Lucy, first I am not going to say 'Don't worry" because I Know its human nature. I do think your doctor behaved in an unprofessional manner like that by just handing the results of an abnormal smear to a non-medical person to read and try to understand. That was very unfair. What you may have seen was - severe dyskariosis, which as you correctly surmised, is CIN3. It's normal to be scared - that's human. But This does NOT mean that you have cancer - I cannot emphasize that enough. What it DOES mean is that you must have the abnormal cells treated - and thus ensure that you minimise the risk of your life being cut short in this way, as you fear. I know what you mean, some families just aren't that great at talking about certain things, but I would encourage you MOST strongly to sit down and talk about all of this with your fiance, afterall, he is man you are going to spend the rest of your life with and the one who is closest to you and therefore, you have got to be able to talk to him about literally anything, as both partner and confidante. With regard to the doctor - keep askign and asking and asking and asking until you get answers. It is YOUR body and your RIGHT. It was my own doctor who said to me that the only stupid question is the one you didn't ask. Do discuss your fears about the treatment with your doctor, and your fiance if it puts your mind at rest. Absolutely specify what kind of anasteatic you want. As Rak pointed out, this is extremely important. Be as assertive as you have to be to get the pain control which is right for YOU - NOT convenient for the doctors. What you do not want is to have inadequate pain control measures and only realise this when the treatment is taking place. No, it's not silly at all. If nervousness is something that you feel will be a problem for you, you might like to consider a mild sedative beforehand as well. If you have any questions, I'm sure all posting here will do their best to try to answer them.

Ciara(cpoleon) - 28/02/2008 10:28

You're most welcone Lucy. To be in shock at the result is perfectly normal and sometimes I think doctors deal with abnormal results so regularly it almost becomes routine and they don't take a patients shock into account. Absolutely DO talk to your fiance about it - afterall the man you are spending the rest of your life with will be the support through bad times and good and heaven between you and all harm, in times to come you need to be able to rely on and confide in one another no matter what. Havign him go to the doctor with you is a good idea as he may think of things which haven't crossed your mind at that stage and it may also put his mind at rest. Let us know how you get on.

D.O. - 03/03/2008 17:14

Rak, Thx for ur comment was very heplful! i have been called for an appointment this week so in a way i hope they do what ever they have to do there and then and this doesnt drag out for 6 more weeks! its all scary at first when the doctor tells u the results of ur smeat test but i have found the more people i talk to the more i find out and the more i realise this happens to lots of women and is very common. to lucy i think u shud talk to ur family i was the same but so glad i told them! plus this is sumting women need to be aware of, so many out off havin a smear test done but they are SO important it cud make a female member of ur family go and get one done. best of luck

Rak - 04/03/2008 10:58

D.O. A word of advice, if you want the LLETZ done the same day, try not to show your nerves. If you seem very nervous they will put it off till they have more results. I was very nervous and I was experiencing a lot of pain during there smear and biopsy that they didnt feel they could preform the LLETZ the same day. You are expected to be nervous but just try relax before you go in, try the rescue remedy, and take neurofen a half hour before you go in to help with any discomfort. Good luck x x x

kia! - 11/03/2008 14:54

i've been sexually active for 2 an half yrs (im 20 yrs old now). iv only ever had 1 sexual partner who is my current boyfriend an i was his 1st and only also. iv been on the pill for the same length of time(we haven't used condoms in the last year),iv never had any side affects. so basically what im asking is, is it really bad that iv never had a smear test done?my sisters are constantly on at me to get it done,but i very rarely go to the doctors (unless im extremly ill,which is not often).i would be quite anxious about gettting it done especially as i no that when 2 of my friends had it done they were told to strip off completely, which i find quite bizarre!? would i be safe leaving it for another year or so? or should i get it done asap?

Anonymous - 11/03/2008 15:30

Kia, while the risk of cervical changes may be lower given your age and history, it IS important that you get it done. Preventative medicine is a great deal less trouble and cost than cure. Don't wait until you are extremely ill, basically. And no, there is no medical requirement whatsoever to strip completely for a smear, just as there is no requirement to strip completley for a mammogram. I fact I would question this and question it most strong if any medical professional requested it. If you are nervous, bring someone - a sister or your mum even, with you.

kia! - 11/03/2008 15:45

this maybe totally irrelevant and not necessarily true but i was told that the doctor that done the smear test, on the 2 friends i have told you about, is homosexual (it was a female doctor). i no it could be just hear say but i would be quite anxious about going in aswel as the fact that my sisters results showed she had abnormal cells,i dont know the severity but i don't think it was that severe, but she would only be 4 yrs older than me. how long does the test take and how much do you know, you would be very helpful!

Anonymous - 11/03/2008 16:00

if you are not comfortable going to a particular doctor, for whatever reason, then change clinics. Tho if your sister had abnormal cell changes I would do this sooner rather than later. The test only takes minutes. The lst time I had it done, as alongside an IUD inserted and regyular appointment so they were all billed together. But the time before as far as I know, was around €20 or €25 + the usual consultation fee,which you'd be paying anyway when getting your pill perscription.

kia! - 11/03/2008 16:58

right well i suppose i may do it sooner rather than later,its just going in to the doctors to make the appointment that will be the job for me,i am suppose to go in every 6- 8 weeks for blood tests and i think the last time i had 1 was about a year very bad when it comes o going to the doctor,but i am definitly going to make the effort because the smear test has been on my mind for quite a while now!tanx for help by d way!

barbie86 - 11/03/2008 19:19

Kia: Current UK guidelines recommend that a woman does not have her first smear test until she is 25. This is because the cells on the cervix are often changing in younger women, which can result in a 'false positive'. This in turn results in perfectly healthy women having to go for regular smears and in some cases colposcopies and biopsies, which can cause a great deal of anxiety unnecessarily. Unless you have any symptoms which suggest you might have a problem (for example, bleeding during or after sex) it is not advisable to have a smear until you are 25. I've been going for regular colposcopies and biopsies since the age of 17; however this was because I was bleeding every time I had sex, sometimes for days afterwards, and I do have some slightly abnormal cells. It is extremely unusual for women this young to have problems like this, so unless you have symptoms, in my opinion, it is not worth going for a smear.

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 09:01

Kia, you don't mention the condition that requires blood tests every 6 - 8 weeks, but if this is somehting that needs continuous monitoring, it might be best to set up a schedule for it that really suits you and that you can stick to. But on the plus side, I haven't found smears to be as uncomfortable as injections at all. Just relax and you'll be fine.

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 09:58

Barbie, that is an entirely false premise and a potentially dangeorus one. Women here have been diagnosed with moderate to severe cell changes at 21 - yes indicative of pre-cancerous changes. I am not trying to frighten anyone but prevention is better than cure and the right time for a young women to have her first smear is when she becomes sexually active. I had my first smear, here in Ireland, at 18 - as recommended by my doctor. PLEASE NOTE: The symptoms of cervical cancer are rare to manifest themselves until changes are actually at the cancerous stage and it is that, which detection (smear tests) and treatment are designed to prevent. Again prevention is better than cure. Surely Barbie, given that you have experienced abnormal cells at a young age, the advice to wait until you're 25 is not the sort of advice you ougnt to be giving to young women. Yes, it is unusual for women this young to have problems like this - but not impossible. So again, the inconvenience of a smear (detection) is so much better than cure further down the line.

kia! - 12/03/2008 10:20

Barbie86, my thoughts were the same on that i remember in school been told that mid 20's was the recommended age thats why i thought there was no rush but then when people began encouraging me more to do the test i became more anxious that maybe i should get it done,an in relation to sypthoms iv never had bleeding before after or during sex, including the 1st time.thank u for your comment i feel more at ease now an less anxious that i haven't had a test done yet.i will probably consult with my doctor just for reassurance but i will be less worried!tanx! anonymous, oh its not a major condition its just to do with my thyroid iv had this condition for about 12+ yrs an have had 100's of blood tests in my life time!tanx for ur advise i feel more prepared in a way for it now (for when ever i get it done)!!

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 10:45

Well Kia, when I was in school, they started to tell us about periods at 14, beuase that was the average then. Now, any parent will tell their daughter at a much younger age. Medical science has moved on a similar vein. The symptoms of cervical cancer do not manifest themselves until a late stage. Which is why prevention and detection is impotant. No need to feel anxious or worry - the odds are that you'll be fine but it is important to have the test done. Snap! I have a thyroid problem as well - but mine is underactive so only need an annual blood test, luckily and daily medication.

kia! - 12/03/2008 11:11

oh really ok this is kind of the topic of smear test but i was always told that i had an underactive thyroid and im on eltroxin for it for the rest of my life, iv been on it for about 6 yrs!i had my right thyroid removed nearly 3 yrs ago because it had over grown which was called a goitre an i always thought this was as a result of an overactive thyroid an also i have the sympthoms of an overactive thyroid, like lots of energy, can eat loads an not put on weight etc. but stil to this day im been told i have an underactive!???can u help at all on that!?

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 12:02

Hi Kia, maybe we shoukd set up a Thyroid discussion :-). Yep, am underactive too and im on eltroxin for it for the rest of my life also, I'v been on it for about 8 yrs actually but never had any nodules or goitre thankfully. Goitre can occur with underactive thyroid also as the thyroid becomes swollen from trying to overwork to produce enough thyroid for the body. Having lots of energyand being able toi= eat loads an not put on weight etc alog with not needign much sleep are all symptoms of an overactive thyroid and it could be that the remainder of the gland - your left thyroid is compensatign for the loss of the right of the gland and so the addiiton of medicaiton is giving you too much and making you overactive. But if your bloods indicate that you are undeactive then it may be that you simply have a naturally high metabolism

barbie86 - 12/03/2008 14:06

UK guidelines state women should NOT go for their first smear until they are 25 because of the reasons I have stated: that cells are constantly changing and false positives are common, resulting in perfectly healthy women going for smear tests and possible more invasive procedures such as biopsies unnecessarily which is traumatic and worrying and as I said, unnecessary. Previously women were called at around 21; this led to a huge number of healthy women being called for unnecessary repeat smears, and in many cases biopsies and colposcopies, which are not pleasant and cause a great deal of anxiety. The age limit was recently changed because of this, and unless a woman has symptoms such as any unexplained bleeding, she should not have her first smear until the age of 25. Yes, I DID have abnormal cells at the age of 17; however this is VERY rare, and was picked up because I had symptoms (bleeding after sex every time I had sex, sometimes for days). If a woman under 25 does not have any symptoms she does NOT need to go for a smear. I would ALWAYS tell anyone with any unexplained bleeding to have it looked into, whatever their age. In accordance with guidelines however, I would not recommend a woman go for a smear before the age of 25 due to the reasons I have outlined, UNLESS she has symptoms.

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 14:29

Barbie, my doctor holds the principle that a smear should be done when the women is sexually active. As I have already pointed out women have had moderate to severe cell changes, requiring treatment - at 21. I would much prefer to have a smear test, which is certainly not traumatic and a biopsy and be safe than risk, the albeit small risk, of cervical cancer - which is far more traumatic and unpleasant than any biopsy - and completely preventable when detected. Any gynaecologist will tell you than abnnormal cell changes and even pre-cancerous cells rarely have any symptoms untill well established. Again I say this not to frighten - cervical cancer is completely preventable - but ONLY if it is detected and this is what smear tests are for. Yes, they are inconveninet and rather unpleasant, but rather that than risk cervical cancer. Yes, abnormal cells are very rare in someone so young but not impossible but are RARELY symptomatic. Of course you are right in that anyone with any unexplained bleeding at any age should have it looked into.

kia! - 12/03/2008 14:34

ah i see,because anybody who asks me about it i usually tell them i have an overactive. it was first found when i was about 7/8 by my GP and originally i was told it was an over active because even from the age of 10-16 i was very thin but ate like a horse,so thats what i put it down to!ur lucky u didn't have to get anything removed although i wasn't to bad because i only got the right 1 removed,i no there was another girl there who had to get the 2 removed an wud need HRT.

Anonymous - 12/03/2008 16:02

To the best of my knowledge spomeone with an overactive thyroid wouldn't be perscribed thyroxine (the active ingredient in the meds were on) unless of course part of the gland ws removed as a result and this resulted in them thyroid becoming underactive. You were lucky in a sense that your GP was so conscientous. I was a young adult by the time my Dr. picked up on it. I am indeed. If you have your entire thyroid removed (left and right lobes) you need medication but so as not to confuse anyone, the medication you need is exactly the same meds as we take - thyroxine. It replaces the hormone your thyroid gland would produce or in our case produce enough of - this of course is nothing to do with the conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which is perscribed to women who have had their ovaries removed (ovarian cancer) or are menpausal.

Ellen - 13/03/2008 10:17

Hi everyone, i'm 23 years old and had my first smear test done about 8 months ago, the results came back as CIN1, still waiting on the results of my second smear but my GP is talking about a colposcopy, does this hurt and are there any risks involved?!

Katey - 19/03/2008 14:48

Sorry Barbie, I completely disagree that women should not have a Pap smear before age 25. Pap smear testing saves lives. If more women had regular pap tests, research suggests that 90% of cancer of the cervix would be prevented. A little unpleasantness and anxiety is worth taking care of yourself and possibly saving a life. My mother took me in to have my first Pap smear when I was 16 (the year my period started) as well as a complete physical exam. I have gone every year since for both (I am now 45) I was taught to take control of my own health and that I was worth the cost/time and anxiety. I am teaching my children the same.

sinead(KOV70126) - 01/04/2008 22:20

hi all! The results of my smear have stated that i have CGIN. I have to go for a colposcopy. Isn't this type more serious than CIN??? Has anybody else had this type? If so, what other treatment will i have to go for?

Kez - 04/04/2008 22:00

Barbie86 i cudnt help noticing how stubborn u r being in detestin d fact that women shud not go 4smear tests under 25 unless completely necessary. I am afraid i am going to have to completly disagree with that as i am only 19 n my doctor has been insisting that i have a smear test from i became sexually active regardless of symptoms or no symptoms!!!!!! n while on d subject i had my 1st test recently n now have to wait 4-6wks for d results which is a pain but what the heck its worth it for piece of mind!

Nat - 14/04/2008 17:30

I am 29 and had a smear test done on the 26th Novermber last and to date (14/04/08) i still not had my results. Is this normal? I have rang the surgery a few times and they keep fobbing me off. At this stage i am not sure what to do. I really want to start trying for a baby, do i need to wait for the results to come back first. Then again if there was anything abnormal in the results would i have heard before now.

Anonymous - 15/04/2008 11:06

Nat, I have heard of waits of 4 - 6 weeks but 5 and a half months is totally and utterly unacceptable. if I were you I would refuse to be fobbed off by the GP. Arrive at the surgery in person and politely but insist on knowing why there is such an unacceptable delay and what the problem is. It is amazing how suddenly available a Dr becomes when faced with implacable refusal to go away. Frankly tho', I would switch clinics for next time around if that is an indication of their level of service. I would say yes, wait for the results to come back first before trying for a baby - just to be sure. If there was anything abnormal in the results, and most likely there isn't but you are not going to know until they come back.

annab - 08/05/2008 12:38

hi i just wanted to ask someone who may have had a similar circumstance. i'm 6 weeks pregnant and just got results back that i am cin 2 from smear result, waiting for date of gynae review. does anyone out there now if it can be successfully treated during pregnancy or is it just closely monitored?? also how likely is it that a smear that shows cin 2 could show carcinoma on colposcopy.

Rak - 08/05/2008 13:33

Nat, I had a similar wait for my first smear which came back cin1 after 6 months of waiting and I had to go back immediately for a repeat smear by that stage. Since then I pay to have my test curriered to the uk to have my results within 2 weeks. Annab, I think they will wait till after the birth of your child before treatment as LLEZT will weaken you cervix for about 6 months. Afer LLETZ your advise not to try for a baby for 6 months to allow the cervix to heal so I would presume it would be similar that LLETZ wont be preformed on a pregnant woman unless is was severe circumstances. CIN2 are abnormal cells but it takes some time for it to progress to CIN3. But This is all just from what I was told at my colposcopy/LLETZ so if you have fears or questions pick up the phone and ask you doctor, dont stress yourself and your baby with what ifs and maybes, just be up front and ask. Good Luck

Anonymous - 08/05/2008 13:53

Anna, it's unfortunate that you couldn't have got your results back before you decided to try for a baby. This country is a disgrace that way but I would presume CIN2 should most CERTAINLY be treated pregnancy notwithstanding and your colposcopy should indicate whether immediate treatment is warranted.

barbie86 - 08/05/2008 15:08

Annab: they won't treat while you're pregnant as it weakens the cervix and can increase the risk of miscarriage. I've been living with CIN1-2 for the last 3 years. I haven't been treated yet because I haven't started a family; they're concerned about treating too soon, in case I then need a subsequent treatment, which could make conception difficult and increase my risk of miscarrying (one treatment tends to be fairly safe, but repeat treatments can have complications; as I'm only 21 and won't be having children until I'm in my 30's, they're trying to buy some time). What I'm saying is, although CIN2 does mean you have pre-cancerous cells, these cells won't develop into cancer over-night (on average it takes around 13 years for cancer to develop), so it will be perfectly safe to wait until after the birth before they treat; so please try not to worry. Hope all goes well for you x

barbie86 - 08/05/2008 15:25

Kez and katey: These are the current English guidelines. These guidelines are drawn up by people with a great deal of experience in the area, and have been drawn up because many women before the age of 25 get 'false positive' results. This can have serious implications, including unnecessary treatment which could affect a woman's chance of conceiving, and increase her risk of miscarrying. Cervical cancer mostly affects women in their 40's; it is almost unheard of in women under the age of 25. If you don't believe me, please see the following website:

Anonymous - 08/05/2008 15:53

Barbie, that will depend on the advancement of the CIN2 and how quickly it's likely to progress. This is my experience here. Treatment is never withheld on the grounds of pregnancy. Also there is no way a doctor will refuse treatment on the grounds that someone has not yet had children. That would run the risk of a prEson being diagnosed in their 21 and not having children until their 30's and subsequently running the risk of developing cervical cancer over the subsequent decade and possibly during pregnancy at that! A ridiculous and medically unjustifiable practice.

Anonymous - 09/05/2008 08:40

It is VITAL that CIN is treated early. This is the gold standard in treatment here. By treating it you run only the same risk of developing it again, as someone who has not developed it. By not treating it, you run the risk of developing CIN3. personally I find Barbie's doctor's advice questionable and would seek a second opinion if it were me. The standard advice is to refrain from trying to conceive for 6 months to allow the cervix to heal. The rarity of a repeat treatments having complications is nothing to the complications involved in allowing the situation to worsen. True, the cells won't develop into cancer over-night but it is entirely possible and has been the experience of some women, for CIN2 to develop into CIN3 in less than a year. Also in situations were the problem is more advanced during pregnancy it is not unsual for doctors to deliver early specifcally to prevent to effectively treat and prevent the problem worsening. As to it whether it will be perfectly safe to wait until after the birth before treatment - for anyone in this situation, seek expert medical advice following the results of a colposcopy.

Mary - 09/05/2008 08:44

Barbie, with regard to your last post, the guidelines are different here (also drawn up by people with a great deal of experience in the area) and women are advised to get their first smear within a year of becoming sexually active and indeed many clinics, when perscribing the pill will also stipulate this. Personally, I would rather have to get a second opinion from a colposcopy to confirm whether the positive as false or not ( which does NOT have serious implications with reegard to fertility or miscarriage ) than run the risk of cervical cancer. The treatment for CIN1 and 2 require that a women does not try to concieve for 6 months following treatment to ensure that the risk is removed with regard to chances of conceiving and miscarrying. It is not unheard of for women in theoir 20's to be diagnosed with CIN 1 or 2. Unusual certainly but not unheard of.

barbie86 - 11/05/2008 17:30

My doctors advice is not 'questionable', nor are they 'with-holding treatment'. Many women under the age of 25 with CIN find it rights itself within a few years. The two options for treatment are LLETZ and cone biopsy. The former is relatively safe if only carried out once; but not if carried out more than once. The latter frequently results in difficulties conceiving and an increased risk of miscarriage, as it weakens the cervix. Thus treating a woman as young as 21, who doesn't want children for some time, is risky. It is also not necessarily necessary: indeed, my condition fluctuates between CIN 1 (which doesn't generally need treating) and CIN 2. I have regular (6 monthly) check ups, where I have a colposcopy and biopsy. Thus the condition is being monitored extremely closely, and of course, if it progresses to CIN3 there will be little option but to treat, and treatment will be carried out immediately. As of yet, it has no progressed to CIN3, and so treatment at this stage is not advisable in my situation. Anons suggestion seems to be that my doctors are withholding treatment because they want to play games with my life; not the case. They are monitoring the situation VERY closely, and will treat if necessary. At present, treatment is not strictly necessary. Chances are, I will have to undergo treatment before I have children. In which case, if they can delay this for another few years, hopefully a repeat treatment won't be needed before I complete my family. If they treat now, chances are, a repeat treatment WILL be needed before I complete my family. Regarding the pregnancy situation: treating a woman at 6 weeks pregnant will very likely lead to miscarriage. Now, if we're talking CIN3, or full blown cancer, that is a risk that might have to be taken (though of course, it would ultimately be up to the woman to decide). However, with CIN2, it is unlikely to develop to cancer within the course of a pregnancy (9 months). Most doctors would not want to treat in this situation; the condition would be monitored to make sure it wasn't worsening.

Annie - 19/05/2008 16:47

I recieved my smear test result today , which i had done in feb this year. It said i have shown some mild abnormalities. Im very very worried that this may lead to something more sinister. The letter states a repeat smear in 6 months time , but i can't wait that long. I am worried sick. I have no pain or discomfort and have regular periods. Is it possible an infection of some kind may give a 'mild abnormality' result??? I am a 28 year old woman, hoping to try for a baby soon, will this result affect this??

Lee - 22/05/2008 16:36

I received a phonecall on monday frm the nurse who took my smear test.She said that my smear showed cell changes and that i will be sent an appoinment 4 a colposcopy!!! can they tell from my smear what stage im at or do i have 2 wait!!! im confused about my results!!! can anyone help??? im 21 and wasnt expecting this!!!

Anonymous - 23/05/2008 09:00

Lee the smear should be able to indicate what type of cell changes are involved,ring your doctor and have her explain the lab report to you.

Dee - 23/05/2008 10:13

Lee, i was in the exact position as u, 21 and got told my smear results showed cell changes and was told they were CIN2 to CIN3 and needed to go for a colposcopy, but i went for this and ended up needing no treatment as the results came back that i was in fact only between CIN1 and CIN2, this only happened 2 months ago so now i just have to go back to the coombe in 6 months for a repeat examination, so dont worry too much as in women our age it isnt that serious but best to get checked anyway!

barbie86 - 23/05/2008 16:38

Lee: a smear will detect abnormalities, but will not normally indicate the extent of the abnormalities, as a bigger tissue sample is needed. The colposcopy will highlight the changes, and they may also take a cervical biopsy too, to see the exact extent. As you're 21, if there is a problem, it's unlikely to be CIN3 or even CIN2; it's more likely to be CIN1, which doesn't need treating. Also, in young women, these changes can revert back to normal by themselves (this is why in England they don't do routine smears before the age of 25). Hopefully the results of your colposcopy won't show up anything too serious, in which case, they will probably want to monitor you very closely, normally asking you to come back for tests every 6 months. Try not to worry; now a problem has been identified, they will keep a close eye on you, and will treat when necessary. Treatment for CIN is very effective, with an almost 100% success rate, so the outlook needn't be a negative one. Annie: mild abnormalities are generally nothing to worry about too much, and are rarely treated. If you're concerned, make an appointment with your GP to discuss it with them, and perhaps request a colposcopy if this would help put your mind at ease. Abnormalities in the cervix take years to develop into anything serious (on average, it takes 13 years for CIN1 to progress to cancer). Most clinics will ask you to come back every 6 months, as this is more than regular enough to monitor the condition. As soon as the condition becomes more serious (developing to CIN2 or CIN3) they will propose treatment. I've been going every 6 months for the last few years now, and as of yet have not needed treatment. Please try not to worry too much.

melissa - 23/05/2008 23:20

i am 21 years old old and recently had a letter saying some abnormal cells were detected and may need further treatment. I am so scared of what they will tell me when I get there. Has anyone ever had the same who can give me some advice? thanks.

Ann(TSQ71433) - 28/05/2008 16:43

Barbie 86, thankyou for your advice. I did see my GP and she explained the lab report. My changes were so mild that it could be my hormones that caused them. The cells in the cervix are super sensitive so any wee minor change will be detected!!! Thank goodness for that , however i will be going in 6 months time for another checkup. Thank you for you advice it was very reassuring. And anyone else who is worrying , best see your GP if you have any concerns. They are more than happy to help and worrying about it won't help.

Amy247 - 04/06/2008 14:01

Barbie, I really think you should read up before giving out advice. I had a normal pap smear done 4 months ago and went to see a gynocologist for symptoms of endometriosis. My Thin Prep came back and said that i had CIN3 cells and i was sent in to have a colposcoply done within 2 weeks. I am 19 years old so you never know what is around the corner. All i can say girls is the silent killer (cervical cancer) doesnt care how old you are, if your unsure of something or sexually active then get a pap smear done every year without fail. I actually went to have a bone scan done on my spine after a bad car accident and that picked up a mass in my pelvis which was what actually gave me the kick up the bum i needed to see the gynocologist. I had been 'waiting' to go and see him about the endo but after hearing i had a mass (which they still dont know what it is) i went to see him. How lucky i was, if i hadnt of i might have ended up childless with full blown cervical cancer at 19 or 20 years old. Considering my sister had full blown cervical cancer and a hysterectomy at 25 i am thanking my lucky stars. Here in Australia our GP's recommend any female that is sexually active should be getting a pap smear every 2 years at the very least. I hope this helps. Amy :)

barbie86 - 04/06/2008 14:43

Melissa and kk, I'd just like to try to offer you some reassurance. Changes in the cervical cells are VERY common in women under 25 (hence why they now wait until 25 in England before testing). They are VERY rarely anything to worry about, and MOST of the time, they go away on their own. I had bleeding after intercourse at 17 (cervical erosion linked to the pill). I was sent for a smear and colposcopy, and for the last four years have been going every 6 months for check-ups. The condition has fluctuated, and now has nearly reverted back to normal. It looks like I'll be going again in 6 months and hopefully it will have gone, so then it'll be a year before the next one, then back to the standard one every 3 years. Unfortunately I'm not alone, and many women like myself are going through unnecessary stress and anxiety. My advice would be to take it one step at a time. First of all, see what your doctor says when you go back, and see what the results are. If changes ARE shown, remember that it's HIGHLY unlikely these are anything to worry about, and it's very likely the changes will revert back to normal in time. It's likely that any changes will be CIN1 or 2, which will need monitoring, but treatment shouldn't be proposed. Talk through your concerns with your doctor, and if anything is unclear, ask them to explain it to you in a way you can understand. Hope that helps.

Anonymous - 04/06/2008 15:53

Barbie, while your initial advice is good, to say that treatment shouldn't be proposed for CIN2 is entirely in error. I know three women - in their 20's and another in her earlier 40's who have had tratment (LLETZ) for CIN2 - with a full recovery. But of course, talk through any concerns with a gynae and if anything is unclear, ask them to explain it to you in a way you can understand. Amy, Best of luck with your own health concerns and indeed here also, my gynae - and staff at the clinic recommend a smear within a year of becoming sexually active and every two years after that - whether you first have intercourse at 16 or 36.

Trish - 04/06/2008 16:56

hi, I have just fot a CIN II Smear result - they said that its a strain of HPV. I have been with the same partner for 10 years. If I treat this, is it possible that I could get it back again if he is a carrier???

Kk - 05/06/2008 07:07

Barbie86, You've actually calmed me down quite a lot, huuuge thanks to you for that (also from my boyfriend!!) I was the same with the bleeding after intercourse and it was because of the erosion of my cervix due to the pill and as a result they changed my pill from Dianette to Yasmin. So, i'm just going to play it day and see what happens. Thanks again, Kk...

Anonymous - 05/06/2008 10:06

The most common causes of CIN are from 4 main strains of HPV, so yes, both parties in a relationship should be tested. It puzzles me as to why HPV testing isn't carried out in conjunction with smears. Especially now that the vaccine is available.

barbie86 - 05/06/2008 11:01

HPV testing: It isn't carried out as routine with smears, because the majority of sexually active women have it. Although certain strains CAN lead to CIN and then to cancer, this obviously won't always be the case. Also, HPV can't be cured. Therefore testing wouldn't really achieve anything. All it would do is cause unnecessary worry. HPV isn't CIN, so testing positive for HPV would simply mean you where one of hundreds of thousands (80%) of women with the virus. It wouldn't determine whether you would go on to develop CIN or cancer. RE. my comments regarding treatment of CIN2. Each case is different. GENERALLY, they won't want to treat CIN2 in a woman under the age of 25, especially if she hasn't started or completed her family, because generally these changes will revert back to normal. Therefore treatment could put a woman's fertility at risk for no good reason. After the age of 25 it's a different story, as changes are very unlikely to revert back to normal, and more likely to progress in seriousness to CIN3. Therefore, in slightly older women, treatment would more often than not be proposed, although again, personal circumstances have to be taken into account. It's worth remembering that cervical cancer is very rare in such young women. It's also worth remembering that generally speaking, these cases won't be prevented by smear testing as it develops so quickly. Smear testing is highly effective for older women, whose bodies have developed, as it often prevents cancer. It is not so effective in young women, and can do more harm than good, causing women to go through unnecessary procedures with long-term implications for their fertility, without offering significant protection against cancer. I think this thread says it all really: there are tons of very worried young women out there, who face the possibility of (possibly, depending on the case) unnecessary treatment, simply because they've gone for a smear earlier than most countries now recommend

ash - 05/06/2008 12:17

Hi I had LLETZ last year for CIN 3. I was never told that this procedure could affect my fertility. Is this true Barbie, you have frightened me now.

Trish - 05/06/2008 12:21

Could CIN2 be cancer ??

Anonymous - 05/06/2008 12:22

Barbie, HPV can't be cured but it can now be vaccinated against, So logically women who test negative for HPV could be vaccinated so as to greatly increase their protection against cervical cancer. Altho' it can't be cured, there should be certain measures, in terms of autoimmunity that could assist women in clearing the virus from their system. In all of the three cases of women under 25 with CIN2 whom I knew - none of them had had children (tho' all planned to in the future) but all of them were successfully treated. To say however that treatment would a woman's fertility at risk and for no good reason, at that, is erronious. Following LLETZ a women needs to wait 6 months before trying to conceive - to allow the cervix to heal and regenerate - after which there is no affect on her fertility. Cervical cancer is indeed rare in very young women - but it does occor so again, to say that these cases won't be prevented by smear testing as it develops so quickly is not only completely wrong but erronious advice to give to any young woman - as is evidenced by both Amy and her sister's case. Had she not had a smear at such a young age, like her sisters case, she could have ended up with cancer - whih quite obviously is far more devastating than a simple smear test. I would certainly rather have the tiny inconvenience of a smear at 17 or 18 than risk cervical cancer at a young age - however rare it may be. However as for saying that such procedure don't offer significant protection against cancer - is quite frankly, wrong. The entire REASON that LLETZ is done is BECAUSE is removes the cells and prevents further changes before they have a chance to become cancerous - there for to ay that it is unneccessary is quite honestly, potentially angerous advice were certain categories of women to follow it. In Amy's case, if she had delayed going for a smear until the age that is recommedned in the UK - she could have been with the same very serious complicatons as her sister by the time that age milstone was reached. I personally prefer to follow my clinics advice on smears and would follow my gynae's advice on what they think is necessary treatment, regardless of my youth.

Mary - 05/06/2008 13:49

Ash Please do not worry, niether LLETZ, colposcopies nor cone biopsies affect fertiliy and any gynae can put your mind to rest on that. The precuation must be taken that you do not concieve for 6 months after LLETZ to allow the cervix to heal and regenerate. Trish CIN2 is not cancer but signifies significant or Grade 2 changes to the cervical cells. There are three grades of changes CIN1, CIN2, and CIN3 before the pre-cancerous (dyskariotic) stage. Some cases of CIN2 revert on their own and some require treatment. It depends on the type of changes (this can be determined from a biopsy),the situation and the individual. So in a word Trish - No. CIN2 cervial cells changes do not indicate cancer.

Amy247 - 05/06/2008 14:35

Hi Anonymous, Thanks for your kind words, i am battling along over here in Aus. I found out today that my body isnt healing very well and i actually have an infection in my cervix from the lletz procedure. Nothing antibiotics cant fix though. I too would rather have the inconvienence of having a pap smear done at a young age rather than winding up with no children. In Australia not only are they recommending we have pap smears as soon as we are sexually active which over here is around 16, they are also saying that we should be asking for a thin prep rather than a pap smear. A thin prep is similar however it is more detailed. My pap smear came back normal and 4 months later when they did the thin prep they found CIN3 cells so i guess it is true that they are better at picking things up. I too bled very badly during intercourse and constantly had stomach cramps, hense the reason i first went to my GP and was refered to a Gynocologist. My gyno told me then that i had a very sensitive cervix and the smallest touch on it would make it bleed (it took about 4 go's to get a pap smear that they could read without blood). When i had my colposcopy done my entire cervix was covered in blood, has anyone else had this? Amy :)

Anonymous - 05/06/2008 16:19

Good to hear you're battling along Amy. Infection shouldn't be anything to worry about provided its treated - as is being done. And of course it's not a HAI A good deal more serious than delaying or neglecting smears and winding up with no children, is the prospect of winding up dangerously ill. It may be different in Aus but here there are over 70 women every year who die as a result of cervical cancer. These are deaths which had the correct tests and treatments been done - as is being done with yourself and other ladies posting here, are completely and utterly preventable. Clinic here advise the same - average age here is around 17. The thin prep precaution is excellent advice and something many women might like to take on board. rather than a pap smear. A thin prep is similar Cervical sensitivity is not a problem for me and the only stomach cramps I've ever had are following IUD insertions. Tho there are women who suffer with this. Tho' I did have breakthru bleeding while on the pill - but that is different of course. But I have bled on one or two occasions when smear samples were being taken.

barbie86 - 05/06/2008 20:24

Cone biopsies can affect a woman's ability to conceive and increase the risk of miscarriage. Generally a stitch will be put in the cervix when a woman who's had a cone biopsy becomes pregnant to reduce the chances of miscarriage. LLETZ does not reduce the chances of conception or increase the risk of miscarriage, unless it has been performed several times. Any procedure carries a risk and some methods of treatment can also cause the cervix to fuse together (this happens in about 1% of cases) making conception difficult or impossible. Obviously, it is WELL worth taking the risk in many cases. However in same cases, particularly cases of younger women, the cons of having such procedures CAN outweigh the pros. Only a doctor will be able to advise. Anon: you are totally missing my point. CIN does NOT equal cancer. In the VAST MAJORITY of women under the age of 25, CIN rectifies itself and disappears without treatment. Treating a woman under the age of 25 can be an unnecessary risk. I myself was recently considering pushing for treatment. I'm SO glad I listened to the experts and didn't, as it appears to be going away on it's own, as this the norm for women my age (my gynae was not at all surprised to find it had gone from severe CIN2 to very mild CIN1 over the course of a year) Evidence shows that smear testing tends not to prevent cervical cancer in very young women. So, testing women under 25 for the most part leads to unnecessary anxiety, and unnecessary treatment. Generally, CIN1 or 2 in under 25s should be monitored carefully, not treated willy nilly. If monitored at 6 month intervals, any further changes can be noted, and then if the condition progresses, treatment can THEN be proposed.

Mary - 06/06/2008 10:48

Barbie, I must correct you. Cone biopsies most certainly do not affect either fertility or conception. However, the 6 month period is mandated in order for the cervix to re-generate and heal so that the situation of incompetent cervix - where an existing pregnancy is not retained and results in a miscarrisge - does not occur. Of course at a 6 month check-up the woman will be told whether the healing process is complere and whether it is medically advisable to try to concieve. In all cases of incompetent cervix - and not all of these result from come biopsis nor does a cone biopsy result in cervical incompetence in every case - a cerclage (stitch) is used to prevent miscarriage resulting from cervical incompetence. You comment in relation to LLETZ is also in error. LLETZ will and should always be performed when it is needed. The cervical healing is slower with repeated procedures - as is the case is all procedures and as we get older but incompetent cervix is not an inevitable result by any means. All procedures carry risk. Cervical fusion risk - and thank you for raising this - is tiny, but is easily diagnosed and is treatable. As you say, the risk versus benefit just as the pros in most cases weigh on the side of treatment - as per gynae's advice. I know this wasn't addressed to me but testing women under 25 for the MOST part - and MOST is the vital word here leads to unnecessary anxiety but Amy, her sister and women and like them were not part of that 'most' category and in their case treatment was far from unnecessary but life-saving. My smears, from my teens have always tested clear as has been the case for all my peers bar one - who was treated successfully and didn't need a second procedure. But I know she, just like me, would rather the test and the treatment (and the worry) than the risk of not knowing and not treating. CIN1 in younger women is not usually treated here unless there are severe or mitigating circumstances. With CIN2, it depedns on the stage, the pattern, the progression (which in some unusual cases can happen in as little as 4 months) the woman and the medical circumstances - and this will be advised by a gynae consultant.

Amy247 - 06/06/2008 11:20

No i think you are completely missing our point Barbie. Doctors in Australia recommend: CIN1 - Closley monitored CIN2 - Treatment to abnormal cells CIN3 - Extensive treatment to abnormal cells My gyno has pretty much told me that if i had of waited another 12 months then i almost certainly would have had cervical cancer almost certainly resulting in a hysterecomy and = never being able to have children at the age of 20. They call it the Silent Killer for a reason and people like you that give false or misleading information about people under 25 not needing pap smears does not help the situation. Anon - I completely agree with your coments, i guess whne you have the more severe type of CIN cells you see things in a different light. Barbie - your comment about a vast majority of women's CIN cell rectifying itself does not help the women who are you and have abnormal cells that do not rectify themselves. What are they meant to do, wait silently in the corner for their 25th birthday so they can go and have a pap smear and find out they have full blown cervical cancer. USE ME AS YOUR EXAMPLE GIRLS. YOU DONT WANT TO WAIT UNTIL 25 TO HAVE YOUR FIRST PAP SMEAR, I HAD MINE AT 19 AND IN 4 MONTHS IT WENT FROM NORMAL TO CIN4!!!!

Anonymous - 06/06/2008 12:15

True for you Amy and Similar here Amy, CIN1 - Closely monitored CIN2 - Monitoring and Treatment where required depending on the case CIN3 - Extensive treatment to remove abnormal cells You case, while rare, is not unheard of and even more seriously, where young women delay more 12 or 18 months then not only has cervical cancer resulted in a hysterectomy and never having children but more seriously metastasising to other parts of the body. I would rather the inconvenince of smear, the worry, be it unnecessary or otherwise and the treatment with the advise to wait 6 months before conceiving than risk cervical cancer or worse. Wise Advice.

Lexie - 13/06/2008 12:52

Hi Ladies I would like your advice please! I am 27 had my son 16 months ago. 2 years ago i had a normal smear (for those of you working out dates i was only pregnant for 6 months little man was premature so obviously would prefer not to do anything to cause preterm labour!!) Anyway had a smear 3 months ago earlier than recommended! And the results came back CIN2, so went for my colposcopy and got biopsies done which i got the results of yesterday - CIN3 and i will have lletz done at my next colposcopy apt. My problem is my next colposcopy appointment isnt until the end of September! Does that seem very far away for cells that are obviously changing very quickly from a normal to cin3 in 2 years? Also im getting married in oct so if i were to get an infection afterwards and was out of the country on honeymoon it wouldnt be the best plan! I dont seem to be able to get an earlier appointment should i go privately somewhere else (there is no private colposcopy option in galway) Any advice greatly appreciated.

Anonymous - 13/06/2008 14:32

Lexie, yes, September does seem far away considering your rapidly changing cells so yes, I would try to go proate if it were me. Also, you are plannig to get married in October so bear in mind that folowing LLETZ you will not be able to have intercourse for 6 weeks in order to allow the cervix to heal and of course to prevent infection so you may want to consider puttign off your honeymoon plans. Consider too that if you are planning to have another child, you should not concieve for 6 months - until you get your all clear.

barbie86 - 16/06/2008 18:28

Lexie: I think September seems a little far away personally. I know that generally they like to treat almost immediately in cases of CIN3. I'd speak to your doctor asap and voice your concerns; if you speak up, maybe they'll be able to fit you in sooner. If not, seriously think about going private. I'm not sure how much LLETZ would cost private, but as a general anaesthetic and hospital stay aren't needed, and it's a fairly quick procedure, I can't see it being a colossal amount. Plus, it's probably worth it for peace of mind.

Anonymous - 18/06/2008 10:22

Barbie, unfortunately for Lexia, she may have to take the same route as Joanna becuase as Joanna pointed out - CIN3 is not treated almost immediately in the public system despite the fact that it is best medical practise to do so. I know from experience that even voicing your concerns to your GP or clinic will at best mean getting a cancellation - if you're lucky. For most cases a general aneasthetic and overnight stay will not be required but even if they are, it is well worth whatever the cost is (and private health insurers will cover most of it if you're insured). It's definitely worth it for peace of mind.

Lexie - 18/06/2008 15:25

Thanks ladies for all your replies. I have spoken to my GP who seems to think that September is not too far away at all except it is close to my wedding so she told me to ring and see if they could bring appointment forward. I rang hospital and they wouldnt. So i am very concerned as all the research that iv done states that treatment should be done as quickly as possible for CIN3. I have no problem going privately or paying whatever it takes but how would i go about it? There is no private colposcopy clinic in Galway so does anyone know about Dublin or Cork maybe?

Anonymous - 18/06/2008 16:31

Oh Lexie, your GP seems very lax about it indeed. I don't know the cork area. Would you consider coming to Dublin at all - even it if meant overnighting - as I don't imagine they'd discharge you to drive yourself home the same day.

Lexie - 19/06/2008 14:51

I know she seems very lax and she is driving me mental! If nothing else it is stressful waiting so long for an appointment. I would have no problem at all going to Dublin, just how would i go about getting an appointment, do i just ring? What hospital does it privately? I would be grateful for any info.

Anonymous - 19/06/2008 16:04

Have your GP refer you privately to the rotunda. If she refuses have her state her reason in writing.

joanne - 19/06/2008 22:10

Lexie, Ring the Beacon Clinic, sandyford, dublin and just ask for an urgent appointment to have colposcopy as you are Cin 3. What ever you do donot wait cin 3 is serious. Pay no heed to your G.P. in fact i would advise you get a new one if he/she thinks september isnt too far away. Best of luck. joanne

Anonymous - 20/06/2008 10:13

Lexie, on second thought, Hoannes advice re: the Beacon is probably better than mine

Lexie - 24/06/2008 11:07

Thanks ladies, ye are very good.

kath(IRB63490) - 24/06/2008 15:34

Lexie. was just reading your posts..I had a problem last year with getting an apt in dublin.waiting list crazy. i'm from galway..and on the off chance rang the portiuncula hospital (ballinasloe), they got me an apt for colposcopy within the week. the colposcopy clinic there is open on monday. worth a try...i was public too.. k

AAE - 13/08/2008 22:12

Hi, recently had been with a partner, got an informative call from him after we broke saying he had contracted chlamydia from an ex of his so he had passed it onto me. Went to doc, told him what happened and gave me antibiotics to clear it, went back two weeks later for a swab and was due a smear test, results of test came back negative and got results for smear back on friday and as a result I have having chlamydia anything to do with CINIII and abnormal cells...

Mary - 14/08/2008 10:44

AAE - CIN or cervical cell changes are linked in causation to four main strains of HPV - so no, there is no link to chlamidia, tho of course one should recieve treatment for it also if tested positive.

AAE - 16/08/2008 18:08

Thanks. With CIN3 can you get period like pains or maybe stinging when you urinate??

baby - 21/08/2008 00:05

hi to all the woman on the site ive been reading yer messages for some time now, as i too had been so worried about my smear results. They had came back as cin11, had treatment & im due back in nov i cant help still feeling so worried about my results.Im 25 have 3 children.Im a bit clueless in the sense of what questions id like answers to. I would like to add that all the woman on this site with their messages are very brave to share their thoughts and views and experiences to help each other.

Anonymous - 01/09/2008 12:50

hi, i dont really have a good understanding of the smear but i went for one and i have the CIN 1 - mild abnormality type and am due for another smear in six months? but how exactly did i get it?and does this affect intercourse in any way?do i need to tell my partner?

MsMinx - 01/09/2008 19:38

Hi all, I had my first smear test in January of this year. It returned mildly abnormal results so I was asked to come back in 6 months for a repeat smear.i have just received news today from my GP that the results have shown up C3 lesions and basically I am being referred immediately to hospital for further examination. I see you are all referring to CIN 3 results and other CIN results. Does anyone know what the difference is between what you have been told and what I have been told?

Lisa - 13/09/2008 14:14

Hi, I recieved the news yesterday that i have CIN1, i was so worried but after reading a few websites on it i feel a bit calmer. I have been told to come back for a repeat smear in 6 months but im not going to wait that long and ask for a colposcopy. I have read about horror stories about CIN 1 spreading to CIN 111 in a matter of months and smear tests are only screening tests so they do not give a diagnosis.

MsMinx - 15/09/2008 17:36

Hi all, I had my diagnosis clarified and what it was meant to be was I went from CIN 1 to CIN 3 (not C3) in less than 6 months. I have been refered for colposcopy but I hand delivered my referal letter to the clinic in Drogheda and two weeks later I am still awaiting word. My husband rang today and they said they are trying to shuffle around patients to accommodate me but that it will be another 2-3 weeks before I will be given an apt date! Its now a total of 8wks since I had the smear done and received my results and I am no closer to having an apt. My husband rang around all the Dublin hospitals today and the Coombe said if we faxed through the referal letter before Wed they would issue me an apt letter by Friday and an apt within 2-3 wks. We are pursuing this avenue now. Whilst my GP has assured me that I will probably just undergo laser treatment etc I am more worried because I am 30 yrs old and the smear that showed CIN1 back in January was my first ever and to have my second smear come back so quickly with CIN 3 is quite upsetting even though I know this isnt cancer yet. I have no reference point however for how long I was CIN1 for and I could have been at this stage for many years without ever knowing which is why I am so anxious to get seen to asap in case the cells that are currently pre-cancerous decide to break free and become cancerous. If anyone knows of any hospitals that are quicker please let me know.

Mar Mar - 27/09/2008 02:57

Hi everyone. I was CIN 3 and I had a calcospy done on 1st Sept last. The lady doctor did the laser op. straight away. For all you ladies out there going for this procedure, don't worry. The injection to numb the cervical area did not hurt at all. And once this is done there is nothing to it. I couldn't believe it was all over so quick and painless. I'm now CIN 3 free and there is no sign of any precancerous cells left. So don't be afraid of going for it!

mb - 29/09/2008 10:21

Hey ladies, I was the same as Mar Mar there, I got my test results after a very long wait (they went to the USA to be tested!?!?) and had a CIN3 result, went into Tallagh hosp, they were brilliant. I didnt get the lletz done that appoinment as i was getting married the following week and going on honeymoon after so the week after i got back, i went in, it wasnt sore or awkward again the staff were fantastic. I had lletz done, not a bother. got some follow up check and I'm now completely clear and 11 weeks pregnant. I know its easy for me to say its not a bother now and it kept me up a few nights worrying about it at the time. I hope everything goes well for you all.

danny - 30/09/2008 12:06

hi everyone, i am 21 and i am really worried. i had my 1st baby last yr, a little boy. i had a pap done for the 1st time 6 weeks after giving birth and the doc said there is a lump so i got another one done and results came back i am stage 1. what does that mean? after i got the 1st pap done i had to get those injections that spose to stop cervical cancer. does any one think that it would of helped or would it have been to late to stop getting worse. please please can some one help and tell me more

Anonymous - 30/09/2008 12:28

Danny, congratulations on your baby. You need to contact your doctor straight away and get clarification on what was meant by stage 1. If this was CIN1 you may need to get a repeat smear. It may go on its own, which often happens or it may progress which is why you may need a repeat smear. You may want to investigate your treatment options also. You need your gyne or doctor to advise on this. If the injections You refer to are vaccinatiosn against HPV (SUCH AS GARDASIL OR CERAVAX) these are only effective in women who have not already been exposed to HPV - which is why they are recommended before a girl becomes sexually active. If you have cervical cell changes and these are resulting from HPV, the vaccine against HPV will be largely ineffective to my knowledge.

tracy(OJV48583) - 05/10/2008 00:34

hi all 5years ago i had a smear test done and they found some abnormality, i was then referred . i think by then i was on stage one, cant remember much was only 18 at the time, was told to came back every 6month for check, never did go, felt i was too young to develop cancer cell, as they tell smear test should be taking from age i ve had bleeding after sex and was told to ve a smear test. scared to bits, don't know want stage i am , fear of being in stage 3 because of my previous finding,. feel stupid now don't think of this things when your young til it bites you. am only 24 and hve 2 kids, does anyone know how long you get your test result back

Anonymous - 06/10/2008 09:55

I would not take the advice of waiting until 25 to have the first smear. I had my first one within 6 months of becoming sexually active and I know abnormalities can develop well before 25. However, tracy, cin1 changes can become normal again on their own but bleeding after intercourse is something you definitely should have attended to. In the unlikely event that you have CIN3 this is NOT cancer and it IS highly treatable provided it is diagnosed. If you have CIN3 - knowing will only change one thing - not its existence but your ability to have it treated. Results can take up to 4 months but I understand its a lot quicker now with the tests being done in the U.S. and UK.

loui - 06/10/2008 19:03

ncer at all, just the level of abnormal change in cells. i had to see doctor, and he had a look with camera,took a sample, sent it to lab. then i had to see him again,and he took away the bad cells. 6 mts later i had smear, july 08, and results are abnormal again. im not worried at all, as CANCER takes a long time to form, and if i didnt have smear i would never have had the treatment, i need a smear again in 6 mts. so PLEASE go to doctor, as prevention is always better than cure, and cervical cancer is treatable. let me know how you get on, i'm here for you. xxx

tracy(OJV48583) - 07/10/2008 12:54

hi loui thanks for your reply been for the test and waiting for the result in 3week time, so finger crossed, let you all know what the out come is.

Kevin(KAN76369) - 10/10/2008 13:20

Anyone know what the process is with CGIN. high grade glandular dysplasia, I think it is. My wife had a Lletz procedure done and waiting on results. Not quite sure what this really means. Is the lletz a diagnostic procedure or treatment?

loui - 11/10/2008 18:41

hi kevin i had lletz, and i think its both, they took away the bad cells, sent them away, and i got all clear results in the post. i just had bad smear results again, but im not worried, i was told it takes a very long time for cervical cancer to form, thats why smears are VERY important. BAD SMEAR RESULTS, DOSENT MEAN CANCER. i nearly went crazy with worry until i asked the doctor and nurse. ALWAYS ask questions. xx

ash - 11/11/2008 12:09

Hi all. I had treatment for CIN III last year, I have had a subsequent clear smear result. Went in for a repeat smear yesterday and they found a polyp. They said not to worry if I had no symptoms, ie bleeding irregularly. Anyone any experience of this, cant help but worry about it.

Rak - 11/11/2008 14:12

Hi, Mary Harney has decided to withdraw the cervical cancer vaccination programme for all 12 year old girls and it is now in place that if the girls choose to get the vaccine they will have to pay €600. Ray D'Arcy has today announced that if you log on to Today FM website and go into the Ray D'Arcy section there is an email ready to be sent to Mary Harney for all those against the vaccination being withdrawn. All you have to do is type in your name and email address and press send!

liss - 14/11/2008 02:41

Do any of you know if the doctors will remove my IUD for a LLETZ procedure? I am going in for my second one in 3 months, will this ever stop??

scared - 26/01/2009 22:54

please someone help me. i'm going out of my mind with worry. i had a smear test done in june 08. before that it was 8 years ago. 8 years ago my test came back fine but in june it came back cin1 so i had to have another smear done in dec 08 and i have just today got the results, it is now cin111. whats the likely hood of it being cancer?

Anonymous - 27/01/2009 10:11

Scared, CIN3 is not cancer but it is indicative of a high degree of cell changes. Contact which ever clinic did your smear immediately and find out what treatment they are referring you for and where (it may well be Lletz). Go private to speed things up if you can at all.

Rak - 27/01/2009 10:49

Its ok, you dont need to be worried.

I had similar results, mine changed from CIN1 to CIN111 and I wasnt sent for treatment staight away. A year later I was still CIN111 and the doctor couldnt figure out why the previous doctor didnt send me for further investigation.

So she sent me as an urgent case, which was a 6 week waiting list for a Colposcopy & Biopsy, some hospitals would only see me in 3 months but the Coombe had a much shorter list.

I had my biopsy which showed CIN11 not CIN111 but they decided LLETZ was the best option as it was progressing, 6weeks later I had my LLETZ and I've had 3 clear results since.

So as hard as it may be try relax and take it easy for a while, I believe stress can just make it worse.

Good luck x x x

Rach xxx - 29/01/2009 15:24

Is there any signs that you should look out for if you have a CIN111? can you still have children?? does anyone know where there is a clinic I can go in dublin? xxx

Rak - 30/01/2009 08:21

The coombe run a smear clinic on tuesdays I think it is. used to go to Northside Shopping Centre well woman clinic, but any well woman clinic and any GP will do a smear.

Normally a sign to look out for is bleeding between periods and after intercourse. Pain during intercourse.

Anonymous - 30/01/2009 08:41

Hi Rach, CIN111 can be symptom-less, which is why we should all have regular smears. Your gynae or gp can do one or you can make an appointment to have one down at the IFPA or well woman clinics in Dublin.

In the case of CIN, you will need to wait six months following treatment and have a clear smear, before trying for a baby

janeymac - 10/02/2009 23:36

hi, i recently had a smear and my doc found a growth that she was concerned about. she referred me 4 a colposcopy which i had 4 weeks later b4 my smear results came back. i was given the all clear at the colposcopy and the doc said that my smear results shud come back 100%, received the results this week which said i had borderline nuclear abnormalities and to go for another smear in 6 months. can anyone tell me what this means pls??

janeymac - 11/02/2009 17:42

i forgot to put.. borderline abnormalities(squamous) OR hpv

flippin'eck - 22/02/2009 22:30

thats what i had Janeymac. it is just a grade above the abnormal smear which requires no treatment. I had a colposcopy which came back inconclusive so had to repeat that three times. I don't like smears as I find them quite painful, I really really don't like teh hospital I attended which is like something out of the dark ages, and I really don't understand why people working in this area seem to refuse to accept that it is a difficult and emotional thing for women to have smears or colposcopies. The hospital has been a hellish experience for me, to be honest, the way they tell you to strip from the waist down and then you can be left like that for ages, to the way they tut if you seem upset or uncomfortable. The doctor I saw is no doubt a great gynae but could work on her people skills, just because she sees a million ladygardens a day doesn't make it less awkward for me!!! I do find it uncomfortable both physically and emotionally and THATS ME! I have been having smears since I was 17 and it has never gotten easier to strip off and have it done. Especially in this hospital with the nurses aids and the doctors walking in and out like we're cattle at a market. The doctor herself made me never want to come back for my follow ups when she called in another doctor to look at some "great example" of something on my flipping cervix.

Anyway I've my last smear in that hospital now tomorrow after 5 years of treatment there and I hope never to be back!! I'm going to go to the well woman yearly, despite my giving out, I think smears are so important, even more highlighted with Jade Goodys story, no matter how much I hate them I will always just get it done, its such a great feeling when its done and dusted!

Great site, nice to touch base with others in the same boat!

Rak - 23/02/2009 13:35

I've a feelingI know what hospital you are talking about as they had similar attitudes when I was in having my son. I was 19 at the time so they treated me different to the other older, married women on the ward.

I have attended a different hospital for my colpscopies and my LLETZ. The doctors and nurses where great, i just had a bad exprience due to pain. I've never been left after being asked to put the gown on. When i am called into the room there is a part sectioned off for you to change then you come out have your colposcopy done. And you should always be asked for your permission to have another doctor or nurse join the room.

Good luck with your last smear anyway, I dont blame you wanting to be out of that place, sounds awful.

taz - 23/02/2009 23:42

hi, i had my first smear 3yrs ago and found i had a wart on my cervix and i have HPV. i felt disgusting and had no clue how i got this and had to have colposcopy. By the time i was seen the nurse said the wart was nearly gone but she would preform LLETZ anyway, this i found very painful like a bad period pain. leaving the clinic dazed and sore i spent a few days in bed depressed but i got the results of the bioposy and it was all clear and i thought it would be the end. not able to face that clinic again i went for a check up smear a yr later in dublin and im CIN I again and have to wait 6 months for another smear if this is abnormal. i have to have colposcopy again. i cant face going for colposcopy again and i never returned to normal after the first treatment and am wondering why? would me and my partner be reinfecting each other with HPV which is causing abnormal smears for me?

pima - 12/03/2009 17:47

Hi,just wondering if anyone knows anything about vin its the same as cin but the v stands for vulva so its precancer cells outside its graded the same way but its quite rare im not sure if my doctor doesnt know much or just cant be bothered answering my questions but ive been attending the coombe for two years now had numerous painfull surgeries and still feel im in the dark

lorri - 14/04/2009 21:41

Hi girls, I would just like to thank you all for all the good advice on here. My daughter has just had her results back, C111 and I have been so worried. I had the same happen to me 25 yrs ago and ended up having a hysterecomy because of complications but I just wanted to refresh my memory of what happens in this situation and ofcourse find out if treatment has change much since I had it. I have found all your posts so helpful and my mind seems a bit easier now, thank you again x

butsy - 16/04/2009 01:18

my daughther 23 is cin 3 she is to have a lletz. im worried cause i had same and had to have hysterectomy. worried cause she has no kids yet. mostly scared of losing my daughter. feel abit more reassured after reading all comments

tinas - 09/05/2009 02:28

hi girls.

i have had my 1st smear done 3 yrs ago & last year had cin3 & got laser treatment since then i had 2 check up smear tests & recently received a letter sayin I had borderline nuclear abnormality & have to go back in aug this year ,can anyone explain to me what this mean as i am extremely worried about this.

janeymac - 12/05/2009 13:00

Hi tinas, like you I had a smear come back saying that I had borderline nuclear abnormalities. I had a repeat smear done last wednesday and the doc told me that it not serious and the cells will more than likely go back to normal. Will let you know the results when they come back in 3 weeks time.

tinas - 12/05/2009 23:31

hey janey,

well thats re-assuring i hope everything works out for you,do let me know!! i was worried about it but u have lifted my thoughts about it now thanks

jktasker - 28/05/2009 10:50

In 2001 I had colposcopy, to remove abnormal cell, in 2006 I got pregnant for the third time. My previous two pregnancy were normal so I was shocked when my waters ruptured at 30 wk, at 31 wks I had a beautiful baby girl nine wks early. Iam pregnant again even with a contraception rod implant in my arm to prevent this (another story) but I have found out from my Consultant that the reason I had a premature baby in 2006 was due to the LLETZ and that I am at risk of having another premature baby again, I was never told this before the LEETZ or during my third pregnancy.

Has any one else had a premature baby after LEETZ I would like to hear your experiences and to inform others of the risk.

Kacey - 12/06/2009 19:57

I got letter from the family planning clinic yesterday saying I had cell changes and was being referred for colposcopy. It was late when I got the letter and when I rang they could only give me an appointment for next Monday to get this explained. Its been 6 years since my last smear. Obviously, I was in bits and attended my own doctor surgery today to get some answers. It was only a locum that was on and she in fairness did ring the clinic who told her that it was borderline nuclear abnormalities. I took this word borderline to be ok but since I've been searching on the net about this it seems that borderline changes and borderline nuclear changes seem to be two different things and the latter being more serious. Can anyone explain this to me. I've gone through a hundred different emotions today!!!

janeymac - 15/06/2009 16:36

Hi, mine also showed nuclear borderline abnormalities and i had a colposcopy which showed up clear and i had to wait 6 months for aother smear which i had and the results came back last fri sayin that it was clear. it also said that i have to have another smear in 6 months time. I hope everything goes ok for u

lorri - 18/06/2009 14:38

Hi girls,

just an update on my daughter. She had laser treatment yesterday to remove pre cancerous cells, they also did a D & C and found some polyps in her womb which they removed. They are going to test more cells and the polyps , hopefully the results will be back in 6 weeks. Still abit of a waiting game but atleast she is being seen to at last.

The only problem I have is that my daughter is living in Cyprus at the moment so I'm not able to be with her.

23female - 25/06/2009 16:15

Hi i was wondering could anybody help me - im 23 and had my first smear test done on the 3 april 09 - i was told i would receive the results within 6-8 weeks - (i got in done in a clinic not with my gp) after 8 weeks i got no phone call so i rang and no results were received from their labs. So this morning after thirteen weeks i called. they had received my results 2 WEEKS AGO and no body called me - my results showed up as 'unsatifactory' and have to go in again  Can someone tell me why they might show up like this - i am an awful worrier. I booked myself in for another smear next week as i will be mid cycle then but i am going away for nearly 2 months travelling next sat and i know this will be constantly on my mind - please help. Thanks so much 

Anonymous - 26/06/2009 08:51

Hi 23, 13 weeks is an awful wait but I've heard that up to 3 or 4 months is considered normal - which is not acceptable at all. Aa unsatisfactory smear can mean that they just did not get enough cells to test properly when they took the smear. That happened me on my first smear also.

JamesH - 26/06/2009 11:37




According to the CervicalCheck website you should receive your results in 4 weeks. In addition if you require treatment it should start in 4 weeks for high grade changes and 8 weeks for low grade changes.

23female - 26/06/2009 17:36

thanks a mill for your replies - i knew 13 weeks was a crazy time to wait. I booked in for another smear next thursday. hopefully it will be okay. Im just a terrible worrier but thats a million for your help. x

Anonymous - 29/06/2009 09:26

James, it;s like all HSE "Guidelines" and seems to bear little relationship to reality. I know women waiting 8 and 10 weeks for results.

JamesH - 29/06/2009 15:20


At present CervicalCheck does not come under the HSE, but rather the National Cancer Screening Programme, the same as BreastCheck. I know that BreastCheck have similar time standards and they do adhere to them and publish figures in their annual report. I would be hopeful that Cervical Check can deliver a similar high standard as BreastCheck, but don’t know.

vworried - 29/06/2009 21:55

Hi , I had a smear test 3 years ago and all was normal. I had a second smear test last year and it was inconclusive , I then had a repeate smear test and was then told I had mild irregularities. I was referred to a gynie and a coloscopy was performed. He said that there was quite a large 'white area' and that it may have been due to mild irregular or immature cells.( 1 am 26). I then had a letz treatment and a biscopy was taken. That was last november. I had my check up coloscopy after the letz and all is fine , he was happy. My biscopy showed however that I had cin 3 in my and a viral wart.

I was so shocked when he said that  , that i didnt even ask for details on the Cin 3 and whether a HPV test was perfomred , which strain , or should I get one done?  I could n't understand how it had progressed like that. I suppose I should be postitive that the coloscopy was clear after the LETZ 6 months ago. I am back for a check up in six months again. I am worried sick about the whole thing and am trying to find info on the net , i was so stunned when I was told I did nt ask any questions , all I could ask was 'should i worry ?' and I was told no.

I'm worried  will  cin 3 come back?what I can do to prevent re-occurance?and also if they do come back , how many letz can I have?

Rosie Dee - 30/06/2009 10:12

Last year, I had a pelvic ultrasound which showed up clear. My first ever smear was done in February of this year by my GP. Came home from holidays to have a 'handwritten' letter from my GP stating results were abnormal (the word abnormal was underlined twice). It was my first smear test - age 29. I was referred for colposcopy where I had repeat smear, lletz and biopsy done all the same day. Was told they'd be in touch in about 3wks and would see me also in 6months for repeat smear. Heard nothing, so 5wks later rang back. Was told results were in since Mid June (rang on 29th June) yet they hadn't contacted me,  and that a nurse would call me. Secretary rang back to say nurse couldn't give me results and as I was a 'private' patient, I would have to contact the Consultants secretary the following morning. Did that this morning and she said I have to come in this Thursday morning but am none the wiser. Don't know if I am cin 1, cin2, cin 3 or worse or what I have. I am thinking the worst and am having slight panic attacks with fear and worry. I can't even sleep at night I'm so scared. Don't know what to expect or do. Anyone else not have their results given to them over the phone?

sue7 - 07/07/2009 20:14

vworrried, I am sorry to hear that.  You must be up the walls.  can you ring back the hosp you attended and ask the questions?  If they told you not to worry I think you should be ok.  But still try & get in touch with someone.  I just had a cone biopsy done last wk - I was CIN2. I had complications with heavy bleeding & another procedure was done to stop it.  (i never even asked what!!) And the same as you I forgot to ask any q's.  I am 30 & am wanting to try for family asap.  I've had 3 MC already.  But anything i have read on the net is saying that Cone Biopsy is rarely used & that it may cause probs in pregancy.  Ive to go back to hosp in 6wks for post op check but cant get apt til 9wks. nitemare waiting ;(

has anyone got Preg after Cone Biopsy?  Im very stressed over it..

Rosie Dee - i got my results over the phone by the nurse so thats very strange.  They should be able to tell you either way! Did you get them yet?  Hosp's are terrible leaving you waiting for results when obviously your up the walls.  Only thing is that when its bad news they are on straight away! So hopefully you are ok..where did you go private?? I couldnt find somewhere to go private when i starting going in 2007.


cyle - 10/07/2009 08:49

Hi, I had a smear test back in April 09 & it came back minor abnormalitities, just went for my repeat this week & when I went in to the nurse she said it was borderline, I was first told nothing to worry about, but really different attitude when I returned 3 months later, really worried, has this happened to anybody??

cyle - 11/07/2009 10:39

What does GCIN mean I think my results are abnormal GCIN??  It this worse than normal CIN???

sue7 - 11/07/2009 20:23

hi cyle, yeah the same thing happened to me.  I was borderline for years.  They say that it may change back to normal itself. But mine didnt. They repeated smears and eventually it changed to C11/C111.  I got a cone biopsy to treat it.  So dont be worrying.. it should be fine.  Very quick to repeat smear in 3mths so at least they are on top of things.  But do ring back the nurses if you need them to answer you questions & you are worried.  I use to ring the hosp several times and they were always so nice & answered my questions.

Take Care


cyle - 13/07/2009 23:28

Hi Sue7, thanks a mill for your reply - I did ring back the other day & they said it was slight abnormalities nothing to worry about?? She also said if it was serious they would have sent me for further investigations straight away, Im thinking now will I just go private & start the ball rolling myself!  Feel like Im going insane, I had no symptoms just went for a test, My period is so regular, I have no iregular bleeding, nothing at all, was a bit taking back by it all!! as Im sure everybody is when they get a borderline result.  Did you have a coloscopy after having acouple of borderlines???

sue7 - 14/07/2009 17:05

Hi cyle, I have had abnormal smears for years (since I was 19 and im 30 now!) I kept getting normal and some borderline. I wanted to start a family so they last borderline I got was in 07 then i insisted that i got a letter from GP to get further investigations. I got another smear done by the hospital HS and then i got a coloscopy done (unbelievably the dr had not suggested it after all these yrs!!) I know HS are fairly quick - 6wks. They do provide a great service & nurses & dr's are so nice. I was the same as you and was freaked by the whole thing at the time. I tried to go private then but they said the coloscopy clinic was a public service. That was in HS - they may be different to other hosp. I really dont think you have anything to worry about with the results- but i would make sure you keep on top of everything & go back for repeat smears. I think i got another 2 borderline by the hosp before they did the coloscopy. Even when i got the coloscopy done, they were borderline still & they did a punch biospy. Biospy came back clear and I had to go back for another smear 6mths later. I had a few MC in between so i missed the 6mths one (by only a few mths). I got another smear done then in april and it had gone to C11/C111 so they arranged for a lletz to be done 6wks after the result. But the area was too vast and difficult to do so they brought me in for the cone biopsy. I have to go back in 7wks now to see was it successful in removing everthing & results of biopsy - so fingers crossed!! I want to get started on a family again.. :)

Have they send you a letter out for another apt in 6mths to repeat smear?

cyle - 15/07/2009 10:38

Hi Sue7,

Thats crazy all thoes years going through that!  I had my smear test back in April, got abnormalities result in May & was called back 3months later, so just had another smear last week, Im 34 and have 3 children!!!  & I think thats the hardest thing that you hope everything is OK, I have no probs conceiving only have to look at my husband! (3 kids within 5 years - worn out!!!) and I think its mad because if I didnt go for my smear I would have been none the wiser no systoms at all thats the real scary part.  Its great to hear other stories & that your doing great now, but you must of had a pain in your arse with it all, they told me if the next smear comes back abnormalities that I was going for a coloscopy for further investigation, so I think Im going to just hang on for the next results (fingers crossed).  I know a girl who was trying for years to have a baby & it just wasnt happening so eventually they went for firtility tests, it turned out she was at CIN111 really bad, and 3 months ago had her first baby girl and all is great, so you have nothing to worry about.  I will keep you posted on how the next results come back (sh*tting it!) but I did ring back my GP & she told me if there was anything really bad at the moment do you think that we would have you sitting at home! so I just keep that in my head to keep me sain.

Chat later - hope to hear soon that a little bump is on the way!!!Smile

sue7 - 16/07/2009 20:44

Hi cyle, thanks for that. great news about you friend.. good to hear the good news :) 3 kids - god that will keep your mind of things!! 3 is just perfect. Thats what i'd luv ;) yeah its really scary to tink no symptoms at all. But at least with getting smears you know if there is a prob. I have friends who I nearly have to drag into the dr's to get them done! its soo important. do chase hosp up if you dont hear from them. To tink if i hadnt decided i wanted to be referred i'd be still waitng. I wouldnt mind C is in my family history (parents & 2sisters) so you'd tink they'd be watch me more closely!! I'm just a bit stressed over the fertility thing after the cone biopsy. But I had no choice but to get it. Disgusted the surgeon & dr didnt mentions complications to bbe beforehand. dying for the 7 weeks to be up. ;o)

let me know how ya get on & dont be worrying.. all will be fine ;)

have a great weekend..


cyle - 17/07/2009 17:59

Hi Sue7,

Just a quick mail to tell you to stop worring!! the worst is over, Id say it will take maybe a bit longer for your body to return to itself, after all even you have been through so much so hormones are probably flying, try not to think about having babies & I bet you will become pregnant!! They have found the cells and treated them so start thinking positive!

I am really in shock that this was a family history & all the years that you have been burdened with this - they have alot to answer for. Did you have symptoms??

Enjoy the weekend - have a few beers & goodnight with the other half (you never know!!!)Tongue out

sue7 - 27/07/2009 22:17

hi cyle,

you are gas.... ;)

 yeah c is in my family but not cervical.  No symptoms whatsover..

Yeah i am a bit like you.  All my hubby has to do in look at me and i get preg! :) Just have the prob holding onto them.. But next time hopefully. Fourth time lucky!! I've two furry kids that compensate for now... two very spoilt furry kids ;)

back in 5wks and counting.  Rang today to see if biopsy results were back - they aint.  And could i get a cancellation over next wk or two.. but unfortunately not - so have to wait... I'l keep ringing back the results tho.

Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for all the good advise and good wishes. ;)

Talk soon


Dudette - 11/08/2009 23:18

Hiya Guys

Was wondering if anyone could explain this ta me.

Had smear test done in docs results came back as CIN111. Doc sent me for colposcopy results came back CIN11. Was called back a year later (May) and have just received the results which were borderline nuclear abnormality.

I have no idea what this it better or worse than CIN11!!! Also my gyne was urging me ta get the vaccination but not sure as dont really understand that either!

Anonymous - 12/08/2009 14:35

Hi Dudette, given that CIN11 is unlikley to revert on its own, why were you left a whole year without being treated? Also why is the gyne encouraging you to get vaccinated as the vaccination  is ONLY effective in those who haven't already been infected.

NoName79 - 15/09/2009 20:13

Is HSIL considered CIN2 or CIN3? I had a smear test done in May 07 and it came back normal and I was told my next one was due in May 09. I only had it done in Aug 09. Is it strange that I was told 2 years instead of 3 if my test had come back normal in 07? Now my result has come back as HSIL. Does this automatically mean I have HPV or are there other things that could cause HSIL? I have not got a colposcopy apointment yet but rang the clinic and was told it would be at least six weeks. Do they prioritise based on the letter of referral and smear results?

afica - 06/10/2009 23:36

i had a smear test done, and got the results back as moderate changes?? ive now been refered to the hospital?? for some kind of carma test?? could someone please explain, what this all means, im guessing its not to good? but what is likly to be the promblem???

thanks Afica.

Anonymous - 07/10/2009 15:39

Hi Aafica, you need to ring the clinic where the smear was taken and find out of it is CIN2 or CIN 3.

Also you need to establish with them exactly what tests will be done in the hospital (probably a colposcopy) , which the lilkely outcomes are and how you will be treated further based on those.

Glowing - 07/11/2009 07:12

Hi ladies,

I had Lletz done about 4 years ago when I was 26.  I actually found it fine.  yes there's a bit of blood afterwards and you shouldn't have sex or use tampons for up to 6 weeks after it, but everything was fine.  The gyno told me he'd only cut a very small piece out so i could still have babiesand yes, there was a TV but they asked if I wanted to watch the surgery and also if I wanted to see it at the end (which I did).  Ever since then every smear has been healthy.  At first it's a pain because you have to get them done so often but I feel really happy becasue every one has been clear, since. 

i have also just found out I am pregnant straight after coming off the pill!  I'm a bit nervous because i have heard having Lletz can increase a chance of a miscarriage but I am seeing my doc next week, so will let you know what she says.  Anyway good luck ladies, and honestly, it's really not a bad treatment!

barbie86 - 09/11/2009 12:16

Probably a bit late but dudette:

Your gynae may be urging you to have the vaccine as cervical abnormailities or CIN aren't always caused by the HPV virus and can sometimes show up in young women who are still developing. I would however seek clarification from them or your GP on why they are recommending this before going ahead.

As far as CIN goes, it sounds as if your cells have reverted back to near-normal on their own. I had abnormal biopsy results ranging from CIN I to CIN II for four years, and my gynae said this was almost certainly down to my age (it started when I was 17) and so decided to monitor me closely rather than treat, as she believed the results would eventually return to normal. Low and behold, they did about 18 months ago and I've since had another normal smear. As young women's bodies are still developing, cervical cell abnormalities are quite common, but cervical cancer is extremely rare, and in almost 100% of cases of women under 25, abnormal cells will revert back to normal (hence why in England they now test women later). Again, seek clarification on this from your doctor. If your results do go back to normal, you will still need monitoring once a year for 3 years before you revert back to just once every 3 years.

barbie86 - 09/11/2009 12:24

Afica: moderate changes usually indicate CIN II, but they are likely referring you on to get more accurate results.

The camera test you refer to is called a colposcopy. During this procedure they will paint your cervix with a solution (this may sting very slightly and feel a little cold) and then use a colposcope (a magnifying camera; this is positioned a few feet away from you, it isn't an internal scan or anything) to show any abnormalities (abnormalities will be a different colour). The image will be projected onto a screen next to you so if you are squeamish, ask them to turn this away so you can't see.

They may also take a cervical biopsy to provide them with a larger tissue sample if changes are highlighted. This involves taking a piece of tissue from the cervix, about the size of a pin-head. This can hurt a little, so it is worth taking a couple of standard painkillers such as ibuprofen an hour or so before your appointment. You may also get some cramping afterwards, so I would recommend booking the whole day off work if possible so you can go home and rest. You will also get some light discharge for up to a week; it is important to avoid using tampons or having sex until this discharge stops, and it's also a good idea to shower rather than bath, and to avoid swimming.

Hope that helps

Emz - 20/01/2010 16:37

Hi Guys, just had a 2nd abnormal smear test of the year Had a colposcopy and biopsy in june which showed immature cells .... have to go for another colposcopy now but im a bit worried what this means... does anyone know what causes immature cells ?

cj310 - 03/02/2010 01:16

Hi i have recently had a cone biopsy, the results have not yet come through so the nurse rang the hospital and she was informed that they were being sent out and that my gyne wants to see me again in 6 months time, how serious can it be?

Emz - 04/02/2010 00:25

Hi cj310,

Your results must be very mild changes and nothing to worry about as they are not calling u back for 6 months. If it were serious they would bring you in straight away for treatment.

6 monthly check ups are routine as they will not discharge u until you have a normal smear test again.

I had my 6 month visit in december where i was given another smear test which was abnormal again this time so ive to have another colposcopy and either another biopsy or lletz treatment

Hope this helps


Anonymous - 05/02/2010 08:33

Hi Rak, I just wanted to say that I have noticed the cervical screening program but had no idea it meant that cervical checks would now be scrapped under the medical card system. I think that is most unfair and frankly underhanded and likely to affect people in your situation who need yearly checkups due to medical history.

I found out about it when I went to book a smear with my clinic (ifpa) and I was told that I shoiuld register under CervicalCheck and I would be entitled to a free smear test every three years - which is fine as I'm lucky enough to always have had normal results.

But if this means that those on a medical card who needs more regular smears cannot get them I feel the scheme is lilely to cause harm as well as good. I wonder seeing as ytou have a medical card could you attned your GPL lilemthe way you would for an ordinary appointment and have the intervening smears done there - that way you;d only have to pay for the actual lab test (between 10 and 30 euro every year) and the appointment would be on your card.

Rak - 05/02/2010 21:47

I was told when I was trying to make the appointment for this year that I cannot have smear tests done on the medical card anymore. It is full price If I dont have the letter from cervical check. I assume the GP would say the same thing. And I'm not really comfortable with having my smears done by my GP. I feel it is very underhand too to bring in this new programme and talk it up to be something amazing that will change womens lives for the better, when in reality for people like myself who depend on the medical card will suffer.

I think this flaw needs to be addressed.

Kirst01 - 22/02/2010 19:35

Im going for my first smear test this week and i wondering what they check for, is it just cervical cancer?

Anonymous - 23/02/2010 10:50

Hi Kirst, they will check for abnormal cervical cell changes. These can be Level1 (mild) or Level 2 (mild to moderate) or Level3 (moderate or severe). These are not cervical cancer it mist be emphasised. But do highlight changes which could lead to pre-cancersous cells if they are not treated. For the vast majority of women, the smear test results come back clear. But in the event that there are any chnages, it is most important that these are followed up and and advised treatment is attended.

If you are concerned about any other infections, please be sure to discuss this with your smear taker who can arrange for other tests to be taken.

mg123 - 23/09/2010 20:05

Hi Everyone, I have read all posts and happy to hear I am not the only one who is a worrier. I had abnormal smear results twice and went in for a biopsy, got results of that start of Sept 2010 saying I have CIN3 and had to go in for LLETZ. I was in an awful state, thought I was the only one, went to my local doc who was great and explained it all in detail. Didn't want to talk to anyone about my goings on down there, but eventually said it to a few girlfriends and people I know, and wow, its such a common thing to happen to people! each person I spoke to knew someone who it happened to. I feel there isn't enough awareness and support for girls and women going through this, I know its just normal procedure stuff, but smears, coloscopys, biopys, LLETZ its not nice! Women in Ireland need to talk about it more and there should be more support (I'm thinking of setting up a website solely for this kind of thing,being an IT head and currently unemployed, what do u think?? - suggestions?) I went in on Monday and had my LLETZ. The doc was good, told me chances of it going back to normal after this is 95-97% (fingers crossed) and that I need to stop smoking, he has seen that this is more common in smokers. I have cut down to 3 a day since I had the LLETZ done on Monday - very proud. I plan to completely give up. The LLETZ itself was ok, little bit painful. went home and was off for about 2 days, depressed, tired etc. The doc did say to me that he wanted me to buy a book - probably because I was so inquisitive and had so many things to say.. Its called Every Woman. He said women in Ireland do not know enough about all this and their bodies. I think I agree. Now I am hoping my CIN3 is gone and next smear will be normal and all will be well from there. Doing the LLETZ took away 1cm of my cervix, I was a bit put off by that, he said it was ok to do. Only thing is if I do get pregnant I may have it earlier. I know a girl who had LLETZ done and was 10 days overdue..!so everyone is different. Let me know your thoughts. I got that book he suggested.Its great. Everything you want to know about your body. M

magnolialicious - 29/10/2010 16:12

Hi Everyone...  I've had my first smear test in 14 years and its come back as:

Atypical Endocervical Cells, Borderline Nuclear Abnormalities Glandular

I've been referred for Colposcopy.  Can anyone tell me what this result means.

Laineebaby - 01/11/2010 16:33

Hi Everyone!

I dunno if any of ye can shed some light on this for me, I had my first smear back in Feb of 2009 it came back with CIN3 it said, so I was referred for colposcopy which I had in April 09' which showed something & they did a biopsy which came back to say I didnt have CIN3. Anyway was told to come back in 3months which I did & the doc said it didnt look bad that it had changed for the better, back again in 6months which my doc then that saw me said he couldnt see anything at all but smear came back with Mild abnormality again & went back this August 10' and came back last week with very mild abnormality again.... I would rather a treatment was done to remove any dodgy cells but because of my age 24 they wont not yet anyways... Im looking to get a 2nd opinion as we want to have another baby but my GP is saying not to untill I get an all clear smear.. Has anyone any experience with pregnancy & abnormal smears??

Anonymous - 02/11/2010 09:16

Hi Lainee, if the results are going from CIN3 to mild abnormaility to very mild then you're going in the right direction, tho I cannot see to be honest what your age would have to do with it, if treatment is needed at any age then it is needed and should be done and the earlier the better - I know several women in their 20's who had treatment (LLETZ, LEEP etc. ) tho' in your case it may not be needed from what you say. I would say your GP is absolutely 100% correct and this is what a specialist or gyne would also tell you - most definitely do not try for another baby until you get the all clear. Cell transformation can be rapidly and aggressively exacerbated during pregnancy, sometimes requireing treatment which can be extremely tricky indeed and which would othwerwise have been avoidable had the woman waited for the all clear. Even if treatment were required at the moment, then you would most definiutely have to wait at least 6 months before trying to conceive anyway.

barbie86 - 02/11/2010 12:28

Lainee: what you've described is very common in women under 25; this is why they no longer screen all women under 25 in England. Basically, in almost 100% of cases, any changes revert to normal on their own, without treatment, so good gynaes prefer to monitor closely rather than treat willy-nilly, as while treatments like LLETZ are low risk, they do still carry risks, and treating young women can increase the risk of multiple treatments, or more involved treatments like cone biopsies, which can have implications. So, they are doing absolutely the right thing in monitoring and not treating.

I first had CIN2 at 17; by 20 this was CIN1, and by 21 I had my first clear/normal result. I've since had 2 yearly smears, both with normal results, and need one more before I go back to going every 3 years.


rosewood - 11/03/2011 12:04

Hi, I am not sure if this page is still being read but I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on this?

I had my first smear test when I was 23, I did not get the results back from my GP at the time, they said if there was a problem they would contact me.

In September 2010 (age 27) I went for a smear test as part of the cervical screen check. Got the results and it was mildly abnormal. 6 months later I went back for another smear test in February this year.  Just got the results today and I was told that the results are mildly abnormal again.

She told me that I need to come back in another 6 months again.  If the results are ok the third time, then they will want me to just come back once a year for repeat smears.  If the results from the third smear are abnormal then I will need to get the colposcopy.

I'm just wondering if this sounds normal, in the doctors article he says that after 2 abnormal smears he would refer someone to a gynaecologist.  Should I ask for this, or get this done privately?

Trying not to get too worried but its hard not to.

Cross roads - 13/03/2011 12:39

I need to get your opinion on the topic of smear test resultsLaughing I really want to kjnow what you think...

To cut a long story short I have never ever received normal smear test results bar once, since the age of 18. Hence I go for smear tests every 6-9mths. For the first time ever I received a normal smear test in June 2010. I had just finished breast feeding my son Dara who was 4mths old. I thought maybe breast feeding had a positive influence on my body. It is meant to be great. Laughing

Currently we are trying for our second baby. Always mindful of the fact one day I might have to get treatment we wanted to start sooner than later. I went for my smear only because I hadn’t fallen pregnant Cry. The smear came back CIN 3 Surprised. I was extremely shocked. I went for a Colposcopy. The doctor is not convinced and ordered took another smear. He said there are definitely abnormal cells there but confined to a small area, however he wants a second smear done in a different lab to see what the results are. He was not convinced I required LLETZ treatment.

I am due to ovulate this week. I am asking your opinion. Should I try for a baby?

I only went for the smear because I hadn’t yet become pregnant. If I was pregnant I wouldn’t even be aware of this issue and it all would be sorted out after the pregnancy. Also LLETZ has its own risks and if I go down that road there is no coming back. Once part of the cervix is removed new complications arise about pregnancy and I would have to put it off for 6-8mths. It could then take longer to get pregnant and by then the cells could have returned - considering I have never had normal cells bar that one test I am almost assuming they will return, but who knows.

Not every one with CIN 3 goes on to develop cancer. Not only can that it take years. I think I am crazy to put today’s dreams on hold based on a whole pile of ‘’but’s and maybe’s’’ and that if in a year from now I am still not pregnant I will be kicking myself for not going with my natural cute instinct and just going for it again this month.  

Anonymous - 14/03/2011 11:48

Hi Crossriads, my advice would be absolutely NOT. Wait until you get the all clear. Even women who have been treated have to wait 6 months before trying for a baby.

If you were pregnant you would be ignornant of the problem. but not 'all be sorted out after the pregnancy'. Given your hsitory, it would have been picked up by a smear during your first pre-natal, possibly neccessitating Lletz to be done during pregnancy which could endanger the pregnancy or worse, it may have been greatly exacerbated by pregnancy possibly requiring more aggressive intervention afterwards, which if treated now would be totally unneccesary.

Certainly Lletz has its own risks but these are tiny compared with delaying treatment. Now sure what you mean by 'if I go down that road there is no coming back'.

Lletz is a highly successful treatment and every woman is required to wait 6 mths to allow the cervix to heal and prevent complications.  No, not everyone with CIN 3 goes on to develop cancer - becuase they are treated, as it does mandate treatment, Yes, it can take years but in some women it can take only months and pregnancy and the high hormone load that results from pregnancy can greatly exacerbate that. What would be crazy is to put your health and maybe life in jeopardy needlessly for the sake that of not having required treatment and waiting 6 months for the all-clear. In a year from now you may not be pregnant but you will be treated and healthy. Being pregnant and ill and all the stress that that bring on does not serve either you or your family.

Cross roads - 14/03/2011 19:04

Firstly thank you for taking the time to give me your opinion. Your answer is so sensible and you are thinking like a rationale person. I on the other hand am an emotional wreck. Up to two weeks ago I was a newlywed planning to have a baby and excited with anticipation. Now I am looking into the unknown.

Can a doctor guarantee me if they carry out the LEEP procedure on me that it will not lead to any complications further down the road? NO.

Is there risks? YES

Is there a guarantee that the cells won’t return? NO.

Could I need a second treatment? YES.

Is there a guarantee the cells will spread and turn cancerous if left for nine months while I have a baby? NO.

Is there a risk they will? YES.

I want a baby so badly. I am so sad right now. I feel full of fear and the thoughts of not having a baby or not knowing when I can even try is making me sick. The thought of cancer is making me sick. I am so emotional and just two weeks ago, I was so happy. That’s why I put up the post for people to tell me what they would do. I really appreciate your comment. I still don’t know whether to follow my HEART or my HEAD. Either way this is a difficult time.

Anonymous - 15/03/2011 10:20

You're welcome. Some other questions which you might consider, just for yourself.

Does CIN3 ever usually resolve on it's own - No

Is there a risk that is will be greatly exacerbated during pregnancy - Yes

Could that neccesitate Lletz being required during pregnancy - Yes.

Could this put the pregnancy at risk - Yes Possibly.

If Lletz is delayed by 9 months to a year, could this greatly aggravate the condition, jeopardizing future fertility and even your health - Yes.

Is there a possibility that the cells will spread and turn cancerous if left for nine months of pregnancy  - Yes, there most definiutely is that possibility.

Can you continue to concieve after you have had treatment and recieved the all clear ? Provided you are still a young woman - Yes, definitely.

To be full of fear and comflicting emotion is normal. If it were me, I would have the treatment now, hence avoiding the possibility that it could threaten a pregnancy, my health or my future fertility which delaying and possibly the need for more agresive treatment could. I'd have the treatment as soon as possible and look forwards to having a healthy pregnancy when I got the all clear, rather than needlessly complicating the pregnancy, risking it if treatment became neccessary or trying to cope with recovering from childbirth, more agressive and possibly higher risk treatment and caring form a small baby and your son all at the same time - while worrying about your health all that involves.

Cross roads - 15/03/2011 19:46

Okay my emotions are starting to calm down and I have copped on. It is just a struggle at the moment day to day. I am waiting on a second result now. It won't be back for another 2 weeks. That is what is driving me mad. Although all of this is so urgent the doctor told me that it could take 2-6 wks to get the second smear test result which again angered me because what the HELL are we delaying for if it is so urgent Yell

Your so right though if the next result confirms the original result then I need to bite the bullet. It's like I have moved into the stage of acceptance.

I have lost so much sleep over this. blogging has definitely helped. Wink

xxworriedxx - 26/10/2011 13:41

hi all i just joined up to the group taday and im hoping i can find someone that has been through the same, im a 41 yr old mother of 5, about 3 months ago i went to doc because i was having very slight bleeding between my period she did a smear,( id never had one), anyway it came back as cin 3 i went to hosp and had a colospicty( please excuse spelling)  ive been suffering really bad back ache and around my waist i dont know if its connected anyway i had LLETZ treatment that day it took alot longer than id been originall told it took 40 mins also i had stitches , at the moment im waiting on results of biopsy they should be in any day now as this is the 5th week since treatment, i feel so sick and tiredness i cant even explain sometimes im so tired i find it exhausting to even breath, anyway why im here is because i feel i already know the results of the biopsy i feel so scared the thought of my children they are 12, 13, 14 . 15 and 18. can anyone tell me if they had these symptoms and what the outcome was and also if cancer is confirmed what happens then, i havent told anyone only my husband the thought of telling my family makes me feel so ill, please help

extremly worried

Anonymous - 26/10/2011 16:12

Worried, first let me say that the anxiety you are having is normal under the circumstanes but CIN3 is not cancer. If there is anything wrong, be reassured in knowing you have caught it in time. You have already had tests, LLETZ treatment and a biopsy. On nthe subject of the tiredness, when you nare as worried and anxious ans you are and when you've been in pain following treatment, that can have a profound effect on your physical wellbeing as well.

Rak - 27/10/2011 10:23

Dear Worried, I know how your feeling. I have had CIN 3 twice, and LLETZ twice. I too was exhausted and in pain after my treatments. I had back ache, tummy ached and felt everything was such an effort.

Being in pain al the time is very draining. I found it hard to move around after my LLETZ. I felt the need to support my tummy with my hand as tighening my tummy muscles was a chore. I would be breathless after climbing the stairs. But rest assured this is normal.

As for your results I know nobody can put your mind at rest but the doctor. But if the doctor had felt your CIN 3 had progressed to cancer you would have been advised and prepare for the chance of more treatment on the day of your LLETZ. You seemed to have a really bad treatment with a lot of tissue removed so take it easy and take care of yourself. I know its hard while your in limbo waiting for results but take some time to do something for you, something you enjoy.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope you get the all clear soon Smile

xxworriedxx - 27/10/2011 20:49

thanks so much for replying to my message, u both made me feel alot better i didnt realise that they would of said something on the day of treatment, i feel so much relieved since reading that, thanks for taking the time to answer me hopefully i will have some news soon ill let you know

butterfly53 - 29/10/2011 05:45

Hi there , in 1998 i had LLETZ treatment for repeat cin1 smears , and thankfully all have been normal up until 18 months or so ago . Iv just had a letter from my gynae to say that once again my result has shown a very mild abnormality cin1 . He would like a 2nd opinion by another consultant and is sending me to him in the Mater Private . I go every year privately for my smears as i have a very complicated medical history and have had 7 bowel ops for Crohns Disease and its very hard to get access so have to go to the colposcopy suite as they have easier access with the stirrups ( uggh ) Anyway what i would like to know  is if anyone else has has so many repeat smears coming back with cin1 and not been sent for LLETZ treatment ? My mother passed from cervical cancer , so im totally worried now that he may think i have cancer :~( Please reply if you have any advice for me ... Thanks xxx

imkindalost - 16/03/2012 20:09


Im hoping people can help me...! In sept 2008 I had my son and at my 6 week check I had a smear, that came back with CIN III but the secretary forgot to contact me regarding them so I did not get the results until January 2009, I went for a proceedure 2 weeks later.

6 months, July 2009, I had a CIN II result and so again had a proceedure.

6 months, January 2010, I had a clear smear.

1 year later, January 2011, I had a slight abnormality which no proceedure was needed

A year later, February 2012, My results came back abnormal again.  I am having a proceedure in 2 weeks again.

I am 28 years old and this has been going on since I was 25.  It is getting pretty draining emotionally. Not to mention, my periods have not returned to normal either, they are getting better (I was bleeding for 20 days with a 10 day break, now its about 12 days with 3 week break)

Why does it keep coming back? And so quickly? Is there anything I can do to change it? Should I be worried? And is this what it is going to be like for the rest of my life?

Any advice is welcomed...

joanne - 01/07/2012 23:56

Hi imkindalost (I see you posted in March so not sure if you still on here) I was just looking back on here to 2007 as that is when I had my first cin 3 result. And all have been clear up until this year. Result came back as being abnormal but not at cin 1. And I have the same queston, why the hell is it back. Tomorrow morning I go to the Rotunda for a colposcopy. What will they do - I have no idea, I am preparing myself for a letz but would they do a letz when it is not at CIN 1, will find out tomorrow. I agree it is a worry. I understand now why they have you come back for 10 years. Jo

imkindalost - 02/07/2012 23:36

Hi Joanne,

The coloscopy in the rotunda is pretty grand...! You get called in and they look at you closer with a camera and if they see anything warrenting a biopsy they go ahead and do one.  I went in for a coloscopy on the 3rd may and am still waiting for the results...! When I rang they would not give me results but did inform me that I have to have another coloscopy and biopsy in november! Appears I have skipped the smear stage...! :(

For me the worry is that it has been CIN of some sort for me almost every time for the last 4 years...! Is it never ending and is every smear going to come back with these results forever? 

Good luck with everything...Xxx

confusedinclare - 31/08/2012 23:05

hi everyone

hope someone can help me out here. i had an abnormal smear June 2011...the nurse who gave me the results didnt say anything about CIN, just that the changes were very minor but id have to repeat the test in 6 months. my next smear was clear in Dec 11 but i had another in june 12 which showed the same abnormal cells so i was referred for colposcopy. i have to say the procedure was fine, the biopsy didnt hurt and they actually had to do it 3 times cos they kept messing it up. i had to cough and i just heard a click when they took it (i had taken two nurofen though) but the worst bit of the whole thing for me was when they put the iodine on to show up the stung like mad, like really bad cystitis. the doctor wiped some off when she was finished and it started to go away but i didnt think that would happen....did anyone else have that??  i have to wait 6 weeks now and im getting really anxious. reading the stories on here it seems you can go from having minor abnormalities to full blown CIN III :( after colposcopy. id appreciate any advise or personal experiences. Thanks

bubbles22 - 14/09/2012 22:14

hi confusedinclare,

just thought I'd share my experience so far with you. I had my first ever smear in 2009 which came back clear. I was called 3 yrs later for my routine smear in April 12. It came back abnormal so I was referred for a colposcopy in May. I was told at this appointment that my smear results had come back with "abnormal glandular cells" which is apparently less common result. So they took a few biopsys at the colposcopy and i had to wait a further 6wks for the results. The results arrived in the post and came back as cin3. The letter also contained details for an appointment for a lletz treatment for another 6wks down the line in Aug. So I arrived at my appointment the morning of the treatment and was seen by a gyne/onc. She had a look at my cervix and decided that because of the glandular involvment in my cervix a cone biopsy was the best treatment for me instead of the lletz. I then had my bloods taken and was sent home with a date for the cone biopsy 4 wks later. I've just had the procedure done almost a wk ago now which involved 2 nights in hospital. I'm due back in 6 wks time to discuss results and check up so fingers crossed that will be the all clear that day and an end to the journey!!Smile

xxworriedxx - 30/10/2012 19:32

Hi i first wrote on this forum a year ago id had lettz treatment after a CIN3 smear result. 6 months later I had another CIN3 result and another lettz treatment. I had a 3rd smear done 4 weeks ago and just received results which are CIN3 again however this time instead of been giving an appointment for treatment ive to go see the consultant in the Rotunda. Im just wondering what to exspect at this appointment. If anyone has had the same experiece id be really greatfull. 

Thanks suzanne

Ac679 - 20/11/2012 18:33

Hi...Im 22 and i got a smear test done and it came back abnormal and going back to discuss the results should i be worried ?iv also cystic ovaries ? thanks

Amanda24 - 14/05/2013 05:43

Hi i am 24 years old had my first colpocopy done in November of 2012 i have not gotten my results yet but have an appointment on June 10,2013 one day after my daughters 3rd birthday i have been getting abnormal results ever since she was born... I am freaking out cause i dont understand why i am being referred to another doctor i am thinking the worst cause this is my first colpocopy results and i am confused with the referral! Has this happened to anybody else????

Sj8 - 07/06/2013 12:24

Hi does anyone know the waiting time for smear results?

Anonymous - 07/06/2013 13:33

Hi, under the National Cervical screening program, I was waiting 2 - 3 weeks, from what I can remember.

Sj8 - 10/06/2013 16:56

Thank you for the reply, it's been 3weeks and 4 days still not back, my last smear was abnormal a year and half ago, due to pregnancy I had to wait for a repeat so I'm stressed waiting on these results. 

Anonymous - 11/06/2013 08:23

I'd say give the clinic - or wherever you had it done, a call. There's probably not a lot to worry about tho'. If it had been serious a year and a half ago, they would surely have had you back for a repeat smear within 6 months.

cork90 - 17/06/2013 13:22

I'm 22 and had a smear test on April 18th but still havent received my results in the post. Had the test at my local GP and rang two weeks ago and they told me I should get my results soon but still ahvent received anything, is there someone else I could call to find out my results?

Anonymous - 19/06/2013 08:50

Hi Cork, 2 months is not an acceptable length of tie to wait, I had my results back in 2 - 3 weeks and I attended a busy city centre clinic. I would say the give the National Cervial Screening Programme (their number will be on the letter you got)  a call to see if the delay is at their side.

cork90 - 19/06/2013 20:10

I didn'y get a letter from them, my GP advised me to get the smear test and so I did it with them and they sent it away, should I still ring them and see what the story is?

Anonymous - 20/06/2013 15:17

Sorry, Cork, my mistake - I had presumed this related to the smear tests which are done every 3 years under the National Screening Porgram. If your GP advised you to have one done routinely, then you should definitely insist on the results asap - 2 months is an unacceptable waiting period. If however, the GP advised a smear becuase they are trying to detect something very specifi, then it is possible that it was sent to a different lab so it may take longer but the delay is something you wuld ned to question the GP on - why the lab in question is taking so long.

ji - 16/09/2013 10:50

Hi, I had a smear test in another country. I got my result and I was suggested to have colposcopy. I am wondering how much does it cost as I have no insurance and how do I go about it? Do I need to have another smear test done again here?Thank you

JamesH - 16/09/2013 14:49

JI if you are in teh age group 25 to 60 you can get a free smear from CervicalCheck.

edunne - 21/01/2014 13:34

Hi everyone,

I've just had a smear test on the 11th of this month, I had the lletz treatment three years ago so am always worried.

I was checking on the cervical check website, entered my details and last week it said that they were awaiting information (I'm assuming they were waiting on my test) I've just checked today and it says I'm not due for a recall or repeat and my next one is not due until November. I'm assuming this means they had looked at my test and it's clear? otherwise it would give a closer date?

I have not yet recieved the results and I'm worried so just wondering if anyone has come across this before?


JamesH - 23/01/2014 12:12

Edunne, best option is to take the guessing out of and just ring CervicalCheck on their help line.

mollie1 - 30/07/2015 20:36

I had colposcpy done after a the second smear also skin removed for analysis and the stuff they put on me I was burning with pain I also got an infection and was slow to heal.  I still have the slight abnormal cells more than three years later awaiting on results of smear again since last month.

I feel I didnt need the skin removed as itcaused me severe pain and I dont have a cervix so I was wondering. I have an abnormality since I was born but perfect otherwise.The Gynaecologist that referred me to the other Gynaecologist doesnt give an answer about it but I feel my life was turned upside down with the pain and infections kept coming back.I have a friend in Canada they did lazer on the abnornal cells and she is ok.

mollie1 - 10/08/2015 18:11

what is the cervical check phone number please.

Mary87 - 27/01/2016 10:52

Im 29 never had a smear and only heard of it recently from my sister, im now very worried, i cant stop thinking of it, as Ive looked up the symptoms and I have the most obvious ones!! I always bleed after sex with my boyfriend and although I havent had a lot of partners my last being 4 years ago (1st boyfriend) im still very worried! 

how long on average does it take for results I have myself worried sick, its just the type of person I am I simply can not focus my mind n anything else until i get word that i have the all clear!

Nicole Ratliff300 - 04/05/2016 08:26

Okay, I'm mentally drained from searching the web. I'm causious about google, and I think we can all relate to that. But after several weeks I found on my online portal through my doctors office, my results. It doesn't give specifics though and when searching I'm finding that all these people haave a 'stage' or whatever for their cells after their pap smear. I haven't really gotten anything from my doctor. Which let me se say, I love him and he's one of those super intelligent men with no common sense or bedside mannors. I think bad news makes him uncomfortable so he doesn't realize when he gives me information in termonology that I don't understand so the few questions I could think of quick enough he did answer. So, to get my point...I apologize. Back in December I had a pap test (crazy story actually) and it came back abnormal. He said not to worry it was probably nothing and anything could have been the cause. Okay. Well, he schedules me for a colposcopy for a couple of weeks later which I had to put off until last month in March due to an insurance battle I needed to clear up. During and after that test he assured me it wasn't serious and didn't go too into detail well, he found concerning cells and did several biopsies. Again, assured me it was no big deal but the info he did give me was conflicting. I think he's just bad at lying to me. Well, he's not untruthful he just seems to not want to worry a patient until he has all the answers. Well, that test came back a week later and he was surprised that it showed precancerous. He said there were cells on the outside of my cervix I believe, at the opening and I guess in the vagina but what was concerning to him was the cells the biopsy found inside of my cervical canal. He explained something important and that he couldn't see how far back they were, or if they had spread etc. He said he wanted to go ahead and start treatment right away and scheduled me for the LEEP test two weeks later, coming up monday May 9th. When I asked if it was cancer, he said it's definately precancer! and we want to get it out because there's always a risk of it causing more problems so it's just a precaution....From what I have read if it weren't serious I wouldn't of even gotten the second test and would of waited 6 months or so before being checked again to see if they had gone away on their own. Now, I'm having surgery...I'm missing information and the anxiety is killing me. My online portal says this: Problems: Cervicovaginal Cytology: Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion Status: Active Source: Encounter 

Oh, I'm 23 and my husband and I have one 2.4 year old! :) I wish I had more information for you guys, but I'm just praying someone can clear even a little bit of this up for me. I just feel like I'm going through this already and this situation is making it was harder than it needs to me. I would really appreciate any help, Thank you!

joanne - 04/05/2016 11:34

Hey where are you attending? 

joanne - 04/05/2016 11:36

Nicole can you ask the cancer society to assist in interpreting terminology can ring them? 

Or or can you just ask doctor for a copy of findings? 

Nicole Ratliff300 - 04/05/2016 18:26

West Virginia, US 

I have copy of records, that's the issue they're very vague.

joanne - 05/05/2016 14:22

You need to speak to your doctor pronto 

Nicole Ratliff300 - 07/05/2016 18:27

I can't ever reach him, but I did speak to a nurse and got a little cleared up, but not everything. According to her it's classified as LGIS but had originally told me before we got disconnected and she called me back hours later that her results in the computer said low grade endometrial cells...both contradict each other because ones cervical and the others uterine...I have surgery tomorrow morning so maybe I'll know a little more then, but will still have to wait 1 week for those results to determine specifics.

joanne - 09/05/2016 12:03

Get in writing what diagnosis is prior to signing consent. 

Bloominheck - 06/01/2017 19:38

Hello, I'm hoping for a little guidance as i feel very in the dark and incredibly emOtional. I had a smear with gp in September last. My gp said he wanted to send me to colposcopy as the smear result showed some inflammation but nothing to worry about. My colposcopy app was 15th Nov. The doctor/gynae said all looked fine but because of my smear result he would do a biopsy. I asked 'why what was the result of first smear?' and he said it was high grade abnormality! I thought that was odd as gp said it was just inflammation. Anyway result came back and I had to go back for treatment On 20th Dec. On the day, I was told it was LLETZ I was having done and there was a small chance of miscarrying if I become pregnant. TBH I was a bit shocked and overwhelmed. I'm 37 and have no kids yet but was hoping to over next yr or 2 (I know I'm leaving it very late!). So I had the treatment and have been so emotional since. I don't know why. I started crying when it was done (even though the treatment was absolutely fine). I just think I wasnt really prepared. I got letter today saying lab confirmed the expected abnormal cells on cervix and I must go for a smear at colposcopy clinic in 6 months. That was it. This 'abnormal' phrase seems to be used all the time but I don't know what it means. After reading up online I keep seeing this CIN 1,2 or 3. Do I have one of them? Or is it just 'abnormal' cells. Sorry for long lost. Only my boyfriend knows, he's a star but he can't answer my questions. Thank you x

MJVW82 - 06/07/2017 23:13

Bloomingheck, did you get any more info? I have had a CIN II and went private even though I could get free treatment, meant it was a bit quicker and when pay for health insurance I want to get benefit for it. I had 2 colposcopy's, each 6 mths apart and both repeat results were CIN II, they thought by looking at me that I was young and told me that if I was posative again they wouldn't do anything because it would probably come right, then when they reviewed my results and my file they realised I was over 30 and because of my age I had to have LLETZ. I went back for another two colposcopy's after the lletz and both were negative, I was then referred back to my gp 6 months later and had another negative result, I now have smears very year.

When you get LLETZ it can shorten your cervix and can result in increased chance of pre-term labour, it is important to go to the gynae as soon as you are pregnant and get them to check if your cervix is short, if it is, they can put a stitch in to prevent miscarriage. Sometimes they only do this if you previously miscarried, it is important to fight for this.

adnerb - 01/08/2017 13:11

Hi Bloomstick I to had CIN111 and had to have LLETZ procedure done to remove the cells. I have since had 2 pregnancys, both going to full term with no issues. The first birth was c-section and the 2nd was natural. The only effect the LLETZ had on the pregnancy was I could not go to the MLU unit. My Dr never seemed to be concerned that I had the LLETZ done and I continued to have a normal pregnancy.

NCirish - 14/08/2017 14:46

Hi Bloomingsteck, Your post was quite a while ago but I feel not enough information is available on the topic and wanted to share my experience.

I had CIN II results after my colposcopy and Biopsy initially and in the irish public system was referred directly for LLETZ treatment - I cannot comment on the risks of this procedure as I am not a doctor, but based on the letter I received, I would be restricted from flying for a few months and other strenuous exercise; which wasn't convenient for me and for this reason, as I was shortly moving abroad, I went and discharged myself and admitted myself to a gynaecologist in Switzerland, where I now live. 

I was surprised to see on day 1 that the Swiss Gyno had a completely different approach, she said because of my age (26), and the fact that I was not planning a family, LETTZ was not needed and a more sensible approach would be to observe closely and to have another biopsy every 3 months (in case of becoming high risk, we would reconsider LETTZ) until results were clear, then every 6 months there after and every year if they were totally clear.

She also explained the differences in the results. 

CIN 1, 2 and 3 - these are the degree of risk that the 'abnormal' cells will develop into cervical cancer, 1 being very low risk, 2 in the middle and 3 the highest. Worth it to mention that she said if I was 3 there would be more of a consideration for LLETZ. She also mentioned (not in all cases but some); sometimes a biopsy can cause the body to produce some white blood cells/antibodies (as it fights off an infection as a result of the insiscion) and can actually result in you body fighting off any abnormalities that are here and reproducing normal cells again. I'm hoping this is what happened me because next visit my results were clear, now I'm due back for the 6 month checkup which I think I will try with the private sector in Ireland as I return shortly.

It is well worth a discussion with your gyno/doctor/GP if you are worried, and even in the public sector at home they were open for questions but unfortunately they just don't have the time to give the care that the situation deserves as my GP had already warned me before visiting but I also got lots of info from my GP before I went for the initial biopsy which helped me prepare for what they were doing (which is a very very simple procedure But could have been daunting).

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